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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  December 20, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> now i don't know which i like better, when the goat screams or that reporter screams. if only we could see them side by side. oh, we can, let's. >> would you not eat my pants? >>. [ laughter ] >> nothing like ending a long week by repeatedly watching someone get knocked over by a goat and watching a goat scream, have a great weekend, everybody, and watch your backs. >> tune in monday for number four. "ridiculist" countdown. hard to beat the goats. that does it for us. that does it for us. piers morgan live starts now. -- captions by vitac -- this is piers morgan live, i'm s.e. cupp in tonight for pier piers. welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight i'm joined by a man so controversial, so success schl,
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sofa mouse and infamous, he has his own television network. you either know him and love him or loathe him with every fiber of your being. i bet you don't actually know him at all. after tonight, you're going to. he's a media icon whose built a radio television and online empire, founder of mercury radio arts and the blaze, forbes puts his influence ahead of kanye west, john steward and jerry seinfeld and put his earnings at 90 million. he's got a book out called "miracles and massacres." i contribute to the blaze, glen beck is my boss, if you think that means i will go easy on him, you're wrong. buckle up america, an interesting hour. thanks for joining me. >> e wewe were talking in the g
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room. >> you are vladimir putin and i'm the whale. >> it's not going to be that bad. i want to talk about your book but i have this rare opportunity to talk to you about conserve 'tis m and i know you put a box on both houses, and i get that, but it seems like conservatives spend a lot of time talking about whose more conservative, whose the most conservative, this purity testing -- >> is that -- >> is -- >> maybe. i don't think people are looking at it the right way. this is the conversation we should be having in all parties in all walks of life. what is for maximum freedom and maximum personal responsibility? i don't care if you're a conservative, if you're a bible believer, if you're an atheist, i don't know. i run "the blaze" i asked you o contribute. faith play as huge role in my life, what does faith play in
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your life? >> i'm a non-beliefer. >> we have maximum responsibility and maximum freedom. >> let me play you something you said on your radio show where you talk about players i want to get into. go ahead. >> but i don't want another lindsey gram, i don't want another mitt romney or the lesser of two evils, i don't want that. anybody like mike lee, ted cruz, they are walking around right now with giant targets on them, both the democrats and the old guard gop progressives want them gone because they are a threat to their power and existence. >> who are the old guard gop progressives? who are you talking about? is wrong with them? >> carl wroth, what's his name, newt gingrich, mitch mcconnell, everybody that can make my life a living hell as i have a network. all the people in hatch.
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all these people who have had power for a very long time who say they are against these government programs but seem to have no problem creating supporting and paying for all these government programs. the government programs should be there to help people who really need help. only when it is the last resort, last resort, and always closest to the people. >> give me a for instance of one of those. >> you have people that are old and firm, that -- and don't have a church, don't have a family, don't have anybody to go to, but that i think is for the local community. when the local community can't do it, then last resort is the state. when the state can't do it, last resort. but it always should start the closest. where instead, we started way up here. there is no compassion. they aren't even close enough to the problem in washington to be able to see a solution.
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>> well, you like michael e. a utah senator, i like him as well. he said in a speech we conservatives need to spend more time identifying converts than heretics? is he wrong? >> i don't. the light in pointing out that what everybody has accused me of of saying, you know, he's against the president. he just doesn't like the president. he doesn't like republicans. no, i don't like progressives. the progressive party was started by theodore roosevelt, somebody that a lot of republicans really like. >> sure. >> there are a lot of things roosevelt said that i like. there are speeches i can read of the presidents that i like. i like that. pay attention. it's the progressive. it is the idea that the constitution is a flawed document and the power should be concentrated with the elite and there are people smarter than everybody else. if you don't think the mitch
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mcelder mcconnells, we'll say we're for this and get you elected and do what we have to do. >> status quo. >> i had really shocking big figures in washington, and in media tell me look, glenn, we love the constitution but there are things we have to do. no, no, we love the constitution period, and we stay within the frame work of the constitution period because it puts shackles -- if anybody thinks that, well, when my guy gets in, well then you'll see. then we'll use this apparatus. no, that's the point. that's the problem. it becomes about destruction. it becomes about i can control your life. no one should control your life. you have the right to think and be and live the way you choose. >> well, speaker boehner
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recently seemed to take the gloves off and smack the tea par par party caucus around a little. >> the leaders of the wig party were not afraid of the republicans when there were 20 of them, and a congressman stood up and started speaking out against slavery. he was only one of 20 republicans, and a member of the house comes over and beats him almost to death with hiss cane. the wigs, nor the democrats stop him from beating a fellow senator to death. why? because they didn't like these republicans. there is 20 of them. that's 1853. what happens? in seven years the wigs are over, and there is a republican president. i say the republicans are going the way of the wigs. this is their lost hooray.
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quite honestly, the last hoorah of all authoritarian minded people of the world. this technology is changing things so much, and this is why they are doing this power grab. technology allows us to communicate with each other and be maximum free for the first time. if the government doesn't control us, we don't have to go through the parties to find our information, they lose their control and money and nobody in business is coming to them to give them money to help them do things. they can't have that. >> do you think that's ultimately going to benefit free market conservatives or regressives. who will harness that? >> it should help all man kind. no matter the ideology, we should all be free. you know, i know that again, purest and the real purest in the libertarian movement really
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killed me. the ones the whole point of libertarian is we can be who we are. [ laughter ] but libertarians are the future. that is everybody be cool to each other. everybody live responsibly and live free. >> that sounds really good, but let me ask you about -- >> because -- >> no, let me ask you about the real world. chris christie is the real world. >> he is. chris christie is almost -- >> a nightmare. he is a nightmare. >> glenn, he's almost certainly going to run for president. >> don't care. >> he's beating hillary clinton. >> we don't want to win? >> no. >> conservatives don't want to win -- >> he's not a conservative, he's a progressive. >> tell me how he is. >> have you looked into his
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nightmare of global warming? global -- have you looked into that. >> yeah, okay. >> do you see where he stands on that? >> so he's too cozy with the upa -- >> you look at him on unions and you think to yourself, listen to what he's saying about unions. i kind of like that. he's for freedom, no, no, no, look at the way he looks at guns. you should be well aware of where he stands on guns. >> i am. >> are you comfortable with that? >> i'm not, no. >> there is one thing to say about conservatives. you can be conservative and lib ter y tar yin. the key here is are you for maximum freedom? >> yeah. >> when he says we love the constitution and this is what he's saying but guns are out of control. no, no, no, let's try to enhance people's personal responsibility.
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let's teach people they need to be responsible. i really don't think we -- i'm done playing the game of, well, that means if we don't vote for that guy we have to get this guy. we play that with john mccain -- >> so who would you like for 2016, if you could anoint someone today? >> i don't know. i don't trust any of them. i spent more time with ted cruz' father than ted cruz. >> you like ted cruz a lot. >> but can he win? or do you care? >> i'm not going to play the game of -- i'm not going to sell my principles out anymore. >> right, but your principles, i assume you want your principles and your values and your policies enacted. who does that if we don't get conserve tichs elected? >> conservatives won't get elected because republicans don't stand for anything. they don't stand for anything. what do they stand for? we're absolutely against big
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government health care. they defended because millions of people are going to lose their health care. >> yeah. >> defund it. no, then if we try to do that, then we'll lose. well, you said you're against it. what you're for is another version of big designed by you. you're not for the free market. you're designed by things by you. george bush. where did george bush get out. the big spending by republicans but when they were in we had 9 trm trillion in debt. >> you sound like a democrat. >> they are spending and spending and spending and they get in and we have 17, soon to be $24 trillion in debt and get republicans in, we got this huge debt, this is i'm moral, this is wrong, we put them in and the next thing we'll hear is we
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can't really do that because we have to win the presidency. sure we won the house and senate but we have to win the presidency, too. >> but if it's hillary clinton and chris christie and the election is tomorrow, do you tell the viewers at home stay home, don't vote. >> no, i find the viewers to find somebody they agree with, hillary clinton, chris christie, a lib tertarian or bob the dog. stop listening to the media. stop listening to me, you, or anybody else that says don't, you've got to vote this way. no. vote for what you believe in. >> don't stop listening to us yet. glenn, next, i want your views on income, equality, and santa [ male announcer ] this is george.
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. fix health care, you get the government out. free the market and you let the health care providers that were in on this whole thing and getting rich off it feel the raft and if they collapse so be it. >> i'm s.e. cupp in for piers. that chalkboard gets a lot of action. >> i couldn't call it work. we talked about the gop. let's talk about democrats.
6:18 pm
obama's recent poll numbers are really, really bad. what is your assessment -- >> only second to nixon. >> really bad. what is the second term looking like to you? >> i don't care. i've been done with washington for quite sometime because i realized that the whole thing is a game. i mean, i thought there would be a few honest people and there are a hand full. but the answer is not going to come from washington by any stretch of the imagination because you see the collusion. you see the collusion. when barbara walters said on this show, this week, when she said, you know, we thought he was the messiah. well, there is your first problem. she's like i don't think you should say that at christmas. barbara, honey, i don't think you should say that at any time. she said, you know, we expected more. it not working out well. no, it's not that it's working out well.
6:19 pm
he lied. the biggest lie ever from any president. it's not like a fib, a misspeak, a calculate lie, and if we don't care about somebody who lies to us, as long as the thing works, no. >> and you're talking about obamacare and if you like -- >> what he was saying if i like your health care, if i like your doctor, you can keep it. it's all about integrity, and nobody is really getting that yet. it's up for the democrats and republicans. there is one party, the progressive party. then there should be former democrats, formerer ereer repub long before i figured anything out, those are the other people and they have a choice. they can either check out and say, you know what? screw them all, i'm not going to do anything or they can say i'm
6:20 pm
going to find and support the people that won't play the game. hi here is what they can do, get involved. article five of the contusion has the last lever. they are genius. they built the trip wirers in the constitution. the last one that happened at the end of the kons tug l convention. wait a minute, are you telling me that you think if a government goes corrupt, they will vote on an amendment to limit the power? that doesn't work. in case the government goes really wrong and won't limit the power, the states have a right to do it. you need 34, 38 to ratify and what they are talking about is things we agree on, term limits. you want to fix washington?
6:21 pm
term limits. term lites, same scenario where people go, boy, we didn't put term limits on congress, why? because congress had to say, you know what? we should get out of here. do you think they will do that? they won't do that with their own health care. they don't care. >> your argument about fundamentally bomb bop's integrity, do you think there -- that was a betrayal? >> i think honest ones will. this is where i get my hope, in 2004, i was like, you know, john kerry would be a nightmare and i think we're seeing that demonstrated globally now. john kerry would be a nightmare. i'm for george w. bush but i got problems with george w. bush. i think this whole war thing is going off the rails.
6:22 pm
by 2005 i was saying wait, we've got s got serious problems. 2006 i was calling for impeachment. what was happening? i woke up. i've been lied to. this has been a game. the democrats now have that opportunity, and they are just starting to wake up and go wait a minute, wait a minute, i don't think this is right. in a year or two, hopefully, they have the same kind of epiphany, the honest people, the gop had and not everybody in the republican party and those in power, not everybody. there is a lot of people like you newt gingrich is my guy, not mine. if you understand what the problem is, progressive, he's definitely not your guy. we still have this opportunity where republicans, democrats and independents all come to the same conclusion. wait a minute, george washington was right.
6:23 pm
the problem is the two-party system will begin to collude because they can vote themselves more money and power. that's the problem. >> well, the democrats have put forth a number of agenda items, health care, immigration, income and equality and talk about raising the minimum wage. >> no, they are talking now about having a minimum wage for everybody, that you have -- what, calling it a min -- i can't remember a. new thing this week, but basically, right out of the soviet constitution where everyone is paid by the government, whether you work or not. so you have the standard of living and then you can make more on top. excuse me? that's directly from the soviet constitution, and that's what we're now talking about that. so we're way off the rails. >> so what would a conservative solution for income and equality look like? because you admit that's a problem, income and equality is
6:24 pm
real. it's widened under obama or no? >> no, i think the problem is, again, that those with real money and real power, the george sorrors of the world have tremendous access and use the -- the governmental institutions around the world as their personal banking machine, their personal stockbroker, and i've seen this with people. i met a billionaire who is in texas, and he -- when i moved to texas he said come on, i want to take you around texas and show you some texas stuff. i'm like okay. we're up in his helicopter and he's like this is texas and all this land is mine, and he's got, there is a highway that runs through it and two lanes and all that highway is carved and i sat there and thought to myself, all that land is yours and i bet you
6:25 pm
you were instrumental in making sure that that highway ran right through your land. so if you have lots of money, you can use the government for good or ill to be able to make -- that the where the rich get richer, l real money -- >> what about the real world, though? if you're a consecutive trying to implement policy, what's an idea? what's one thing conservatives should be talking about? >> you're not going to solve it through government. you cannot take money. it's inmoral to take money from someone else and give it to someone else. it's inmoral to do that. what you do is a, stop telling people that they are always going to live at that station. >> uh-huh. >> you're never going to get out of it. then you stop trapping them in failing schools. so you empower them. you give them the strength and power to say you can make it.
6:26 pm
here is an idea. the government can buy everybody george -- a booker t. washington book up from slavery. you think you're trapped? read that one. read the childhood of winston churchill where his father was a nightmare, thought he was retarded. said my boy is retarded, it's winston churchill. wants to get him away, takes everything from him, yet winston church hill succeeds. look for the people who say no, i'm not that. i have a chance. i have a right. i'm going to succeed, and they do. so you look at people like booker t. washington and inpower them and make sure the people with money do not have more access or cloud with power. everybody is the same. >> okay. glenn, when we come back, i want to talk about your career successes and let's be honest,
6:27 pm
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i'm s.e. cupp in for piers. back, my boss, glenn back. in 2011 you launched gbtv. you got 300,000 subscribers to pay $10 a month and in your first year, you generated over 40 million in revenue. in 2012 -- >> how much did we spend? >> that's another question.
6:31 pm
i've seen it. in 2010 "the blaze" became available to dish subscribers and now is available on 35 providers. "the blaze" has -- >> 24 million unique viewers. >> those are numbers people would like to have. what are you doing right? >> i don't know. i think that we are -- we are open to different voices, and we are not playing the republican democrat game. in fact, you're going to see some market changes, i think, in the next year that we have a faith section, and i also have a love pen. if i could hire a pen gillette to hire full-time, i would. >> smart guy. >> descent, honorable man. doesn't agree with me on religion but doesn't want to
6:32 pm
shut me down, nor do i want to shut him down. that's the secret. i think when you say, you know what? i can get along with anybody as long as we're not trying to trample somebody else's right to believe something or feel something. i think that's -- i think there's a hunger for that. >> well, and you left -- you left cable news. >> yeah. >> for your own network, which you started online and a lot of people think that's the future. katie couric got a lot of money to work for yahoo but eventually, you migrated back on tv with "the blaze" tv. what's the end game? >> to be there as possible. this being, you know, what it has been when we were growing up. >> uh-huh. >> that's over. i don't know when it's over, and i said when we launched gbtv that we're about five years too early, maybe seven years too early, maybe three years too
6:33 pm
early. i don't know. we need to be where anybody is watching, and so we will be on cable. we'll be on your phone. we'll be on, you know, your ipad, wherever you are, we want to be. >> you will be there. so you've said some controversial things in the past. >> me? >> yes, you. saying controversial things has a lot of currency about this building whether about sarah palin or santa claus. have you ever said anything you regret, went home -- >> never. not once. >> i don't believe you. >> not once. i don't know any of these people who don't -- they go home and question. >> i know -- >> they go home -- >> you're a deeply contemptive guy. you go home and talk to tonya and talk to god and i know you think about the things you said and the influence you've said. what have you said that you wish you said that better? >> if i had a priest, i'd tell
6:34 pm
him. i've already talked to god about it. i believe we have all made mistakes, and if i had my life to live all over again, i would try to do things differently, but then again, doing things the way i did, even being an alcoholic, which is on the top five stupid things i've ever done, starting to drink brought me to the understanding of where i am today, and where i am today is a much better place than i've ever been in my life. i -- i believe that ghondi and martin luther king were absolutely right, and if we can find a place to where, yes, even jesus turned the tables over once in awhile, you know, even
6:35 pm
martin luther king and ghondi were clear of what they believed but did it with love. anything i've done to cheapen the idea that we are -- we are all in the same family, and we all have to treat each other with respect. those are the things i regret the most. >> so you think that we as folks with a platform or some level of influence have to be more responsible about the kinds of things we talk about and the way we talk about them? >> i think so but i think everybody is different. everyone has their own line. if you don't like it, everybody has an on, off switch so i think the society that shuts people up, of any -- you know, martin basheer said what he said, i wasn't calling for a boycott.
6:36 pm
i think it was despicable. that's what he believed, that's fine. if people want to watch that, watch that. i don't think you should. but to run people out of our society because they have a difference of opinion from us and a difference of approach is absolutely wrong, we become a -- i mean, look what we're doing. this week we're debating a "duck dynasty" comment and whether or not santa claus is white or black. >> are we too sensitive? are those not debates we should be having? >> is that a serious question? >> it's an attempt at a serious question. >> if you have kids in the room, turn the tv off for 20 seconds. i'm going to give you time. turn it off, find the remote. it's probably sitting next to you on the couch. time is up. santa claus isn't real. he's a fictional character. i don't know what color your
6:37 pm
imaginary friends are. okay. you can tell the kids to come back on. what are you nuts? that's the conversation we're having? we're talking about "duck dynasty." do you know what happened last week in russia? one of the biggest stars on television said that homosexuals should be put into the oven's alive. i didn't think you could make the holocaust worse? why the gas chamber? that's too humane. let's put them in the ovens. >> i'll stand up with anyone that will stand up and say that's crazy, that's dangerous, that's what that is. and we're talking about "duck dynasty"? really? really? >> okay. stay with me, glenn. coming up next, i want you
6:38 pm
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. this is the actual compass of george washington. he owned it when he was 13 years old and had it the day he died. it's amazing because there is a thumbprint right here and you can see where he wore it down and had it everywhere he went. >> george washington's compass. you collect this stuff. why are you so fascinated with these old-time artifacts? >> i think history is -- history has been made into facts with dates and memorization of names and places where we've lost the story, and, you know, it's one thing to talk about, for instance, tokyo rose, and it's another to tell the story while sitting behind the microphone she used. i just received steward ship of
6:43 pm
tokyo rose's microphone. radio tokyo was burned town and the guy that went to go kill her, took the microphone. it's a good thing he didn't kill her because he would have killed an innocent american, and we talk about it in the book "miracles and massacres," where if you don't know history, you are going to repeat it, and for instance, tokyo rose, most expensive trial in american history. the government actually paid people to purger themselves, and she was pardoned by gerald ford in the '70s, but i don't think pardoning goes far enough. she needs to be exonerated. she was an american citizen, later -- pow -- jail, and later
6:44 pm
the american pows testified and said, look, she actually helped us. she smuggled food and medicine into us and she was putting in messages of where the japanese were going to bomb to warn the americans. she was on our side, and -- but because the president needed a -- needed a bump in the polls and the press wanted a good story, they just ran over this woman. >> what about thomas edison? >> there is stuff -- >> i don't like thomas edison. it's personal. i started liking him. american inventor -- >> sounds like a good guy -- >> no, he's not. not a good guy. >> how so? >> google top see the elephant. it's thomas edison electrocuting an elephant in front of a crowd, an elephant horribly abused and
6:45 pm
did it to prove how bad westing house really was because he was for battery power or direct current which would put a power plant every mile and a half. absolutely unworkable. tesla, the real genius and westing house, they gamble and they are like no, no, no, it's alternating current. that's what gave us the plugs in our wall is tesla and westing house. but because edison was good with p.r. and good with politicians and good with wall street, he had this great machine built up, and he was not going to be vested by them. so he funded elect cushions of animals, cows, horses, dogs. the guy would travel around and say look, i want to show you what westing house will do to your family. >> worst nightmare sounds like. >> awful. he then was the one that started the electric chair, edison did
6:46 pm
and he did it to show you how bad electricity under westing house would be. he was never called into answer for what that first electric cushion was like. it was a nightmare. nobody said anything because he was the man with power. good news is he loses in the end. >> well, it's a fascinating read. lots of stories that you might think you know, but don't entirely. it's "miracles and massacres". i know your personal story, glenn, because i work with you but i bet a lot of people don't. next i want to talk about your journey. it's a fascinating story, as well. >> sure. across america people are taking charge
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this is the problem that we, i think, are facing. our love for money and what we are willing to do. these are two coins, two pieces of silver, there were 28 others. this is from the year of the crucifixion. you'll sell your soul for money. >> i'm s.e. cupp in for piers.
6:51 pm
my guest tonight is glenn beck. for those of our viewers who might not be as familiar with your story as i am, you have led a remarkable life of lots of ups and downs. you lost your mother and stepbrother early. you have an adopted son. you spent 15 years as an alcoholic and drug addict. you went through a lot. by your own account, you barely survived. is yours a redemption story, a survival story? how do you describe your life? >> redemption, not survival. i'm not a survivor, i'm a thriver. you come to a place where you either live or die. you either give up and then you just become nothing or you give
6:52 pm
up on your way and you surrender and you just say, i just want to be happy. i just -- i don't want to live with all of this and i couldn't make it. i found god and he had found me long before, but i didn't want to do that god thing. that's not cool. it's not fun. quite honestly, i know what the atonement is. i know that it's the holiday season and so be it. i don't know if cnn will cave in or fall into a sinkhole when i say this, but the redeeming power of jesus christ is phenomenal. for a guy who needed it, it
6:53 pm
changed my life. >> a friend of yours encouraged you into mormonism. have you encouraged others? is that a mission of yours? >> no, i find living a good example and showing people who are miserable, there's an easier way. just surrender. there's an easier way. it really leads to happiness and being content. i go back to what franklin, he raised practically thomas payne who is an atheist. when payne came to him and said god, there is no god and should be no churches. franklin said how dare you? you may not need it, but other people do. look at the benefits it's brought so many people. don't cut down what they do and believe because you believe
6:54 pm
something differently. find what works for you. i believe that jesus is the savior. he was born to redeem us. that's what i have found. but if you do your own homework and you are like it doesn't work for me and find another faith, that's okay. let's just be good to each other. i see god as a dad. and i think -- i think when i come into a room and my kids are arguing and neither of them have done what i told them to do, they say but dad, look what she's doing. he looks, she did this. i look at both of them and say i don't care, i will deal with your sister and i will deal with your brother separately. you do what i told you to do. that's who god is. did you do what i told you to do? don't tell me about your sister.
6:55 pm
i'll deal with your sister. that's who he is. just do what we are supposed to do. be good to each other. >> what's left in life for you? seems like you have accomplished so much. you have come to a good place and you said your story is a redemption story. >> we'll be talking about a new movie. we are going to go into filming. i bought 150,000 square feet of studio sound stage. >> yeah it's massive. >> we are story tellers. the human story needs to be told, but not in the way i think it's always being told. imagine if -- imagine if we all lived a life where we weren't afraid to cry and laugh. if we actually did what we felt,
6:56 pm
as long as it was based in love, if we actually didn't pause, if we called the person that we have been avoiding because it's going to be too hard to apologize. i'll do that later. if we actually made that call. if we actually kissed the girl and didn't wait, we would be in a different place. let's be humans and tell that story. >> stay there. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] the new new york is open.
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that's it for us tonight. i want to thank piers for the chance to sit in and glenn. thanks for coming back to cnn to join me. i'll see you on cross fire weeknights 6:30 p.m. beyonce, finding her destiny starts now. the following is a cnn special report. beyonce always goes big. from a secret album sensation. >> beyonce dropped an incredible album. stock the worldwide stage. >> nobody else is singing like she is. nobody else is giving the energy she is giving on stage. >> it's a path that started with a shy little girl. >> beyonce was


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