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tv   Crossfire  CNN  December 20, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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that's it for us tonight. i want to thank piers for the chance to sit in and glenn. thanks for coming back to cnn to join me. i'll see you on cross fire weeknights 6:30 p.m. beyonce, finding her destiny starts now. the following is a cnn special report. beyonce always goes big. from a secret album sensation. >> beyonce dropped an incredible album. stock the worldwide stage. >> nobody else is singing like she is. nobody else is giving the energy she is giving on stage. >> it's a path that started with a shy little girl. >> beyonce was really a quiet kid. kind of to herself. >> whose father launched her
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career. >> she stood out. everybody would say that. >> r & b royalty, fashion icon, mother and music mogul. beyonce as you have never seen her from the people who know her best. beyonce ended 2013 with a spectacular surprise. >> i think it's one of the reasons why i wanted to do a visual album. >> dropping a self-titled album of 14 songs and 17 videos. it was one of the music world's best kept secrets that surpassed the marketing machines. >> you can attract people's attention a number of ways. it comes back to, is this worth talking about? beyonce dropped an incredible album.
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>> a big end to a huge year. >> i barack obama do solemnly swear -- >> it started with inauguration day with beyonce singing the national anthem. ♪ who brought stripes and bright stars ♪ >> it was a moving moment. >> every time i look at her, you know, singing for the president and performing worldwide, then i think, you know, that was my baby. >> darla johnson was her childhood dance teacher. >> i know she's beyonce. i know she's worldwide and everybody knows her and screams. when i see her, she's still my ♪eyonce.
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>> a proud moment that didn't last long. >> did beyonce fake it at the inauguration? >> the question on a lot of lips today. >> beyonce and her lip sync stunt. >> did she? didn't she? >> does it matter? this was beyonce's response posted to instagram, online and on air. >> i'm saying, leave her alone. >> was it live or on tape. >> she became a hot topic of conversation. >> i'm not surprised she did lip sync. >> i don't think she did, though. >> i think people think there has to be something else behind who she is. >> gayle mitchell writes for billboard magazine. >> no one is really that nice. no one is that gracious. maybe that's why people attacked so hard at the inauguration lip syncing. >> she had used a prerecorded track.
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>> would you mind standing? >> at a press conference ten days later. ♪ oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light ♪ >> beyonce fires her critics. the punch line? >> any questions? >> not likely. >> matthew knowles is her father. for decades managed her career. >> 15, 16 years old, you don't quite yet have the maturity to understand or to take criticism. >> i messed up. if i messed up, y'all -- >> no, it's cool. >> she's gotten older.
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now she's a grown woman. you know, she understands it. >> beyonce feels this is her time. >> i feel like 30 is the ideal age because you are mature enough to know who you are, have your boundaries, standards and not be afraid, too polite, but young enough to be a young woman. i'm very aware of who i am and i feel great. >> for beyonce knowles-carter, lately, it has been one hell of a run. in the summer of 2011, there was a tumy rub at the video music awards. by the next january, the singer/dancer/actor/film icon was mom. with the birth of her baby became a burst of creativity. >> you get a new strength of purpose, whatever.
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i think it's jailed with her in having blue ivy. next thing, super bowl. it's one, two, three, let's go. >> beyonce emergeed from a four-month break ready for reinvention. >> as an artist, you have to constantly reinvent yourself. >> she's a friend of the couple. >> it's a job, you are always under construction, working to be relevant, make a comeback and not compromise who you are as a woman, as a person. >> there could be no bigger stage for her next act than the halftime show at super bowl. >> the crowd's reaction was, not the real show is going to start. it's like, i felt like the football team was her opening act. >> unmatched energy and eye-popping look. >> she is a superhero. scantily clad, it was salacious.
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>> it was only women on stage for beyonce, a dream come true. >> i feel that it is my job to empower women. i remember having a dream my band was all females. i told the males, sorry, you are all so talented, but you are not women. >> neocollaborates with beyonce. >> beyonce evolved into a being where great isn't good enough anymore. >> a co-incidental metaphor for the lights out performance. >> how do you think she did? >> how about exceptional. it's difficult because you don't have a long time to rehearse. you are in front of 140 million people. >> does it get any better than that? >> i would be just as proud of her if there were ten people.
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>> what's next for the hottest star and where did it all begin? >> the whole audience was rocking her name, beyonce, beyonce, beyonce. that was when she was 7, 8 years old. >> that story, next. ♪ with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can make better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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♪ before she was the diva, before she was the queen bee, she was just beyonce knowles, a little girl in houston. >> beyonce was really a quiet kid, kind of to herself. >> hoping to get beyonce to come out of her shell, matthew and
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tina knowles sent their daughter to darlette johnson's dance studio. >> when you first saw her and she first came in, did you notice her? >> i noticed she was very shy. what's your name? beyonce knowles. you could barely hear her speak. say again, sweetheart. beyonce knowles. >> on the dance floor -- >> she would dance so hard she would lose her costume pieces. she was fierce. >> it was here she created her famous ultra ego. >> on stage, she was a different person. >> no one knew beyonce had a secret. >> i hummed a song and she finished it. it blew me away. i stopped and told her to sing again. she wouldn't because she was
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quiet and shy. i promised her a dollar. she sung again. i was floored. her parents came to pick her up and i said she can sing, she can really sing. >> a mull million dollar star was born. >> i remember her, she was looking up at me. i said you watch. ♪ the world looks good at me. >> at local talent pageants, she quickly made a name for herself. >> before beyonce's name was called, the whole audience was rocking her name, beyonce, beyonce, beyonce. ♪ >> judy took beyonce to many of these pageants. >> she always won the competitions.
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we may have had 500 plus junior talents. she always stood out. >> adorable. are these all the trophies she won from doing the talent shows and the pageants? >> this is from the pageants, yeah. >> no one imagined at this young age, beyonce would face the ugly side of fame. >> in school, there was jealousy because she was beginning to be a local star. there was jealousy of girls and they said mean things to her. >> the bullying didn't stop her. fame came knocking at the door of her mother's salon. >> some ladies said you know what? we would like to form a version of en vogue, but a younger version. we would like to have beyonce be the lead singer of the group. >> girls time was born. beyonce teamed up with a group of six girls including her
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cousin. >> beyonce was the pilot of the group. if they got tired, she got them. she was the energizer bunny. she kept going and going. >> from the local spotlight to the national stage. >> these girls, girls tyme went to "star search" competed against 40-year-olds. they lose. they are crying their hearts out. i go over to ed mcmahon and say mr. mcmahon, the kids are crying, what do i do? all i know is those who lose, they go back, rededicate, refocus. >> that's what matthew knowles had them do. in 1995, he resigned from his corporate job at xerox to manage them full time. >> i couldn't go back and say give it your all if i didn't.
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>> this is how you dedicate yourself to this craft? >> yes. and it was difficult. >> all they wanted was a major record deal. that meant lots of hard work. here is rare footage of beyonce working on early recordings. >> dwayne wiggins was their producer. >> beyonce stood out. everybody would say that. she simply was a very focused young lady. >> that focus paid off with a big record contract. michael mulden was an executive add columbia records. >> we could tell she had pipes. again, they were young pipes. that's what you want to do, find groups you can put in the incubator and develop. >> the group settled on a name, destiny's child and the hits started coming like "no, no,
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no." ♪ they were on the express ride to the top until -- >> the girls wanted new management. it was tough for beyonce because her father is manager. >> the two members who wanted her father out were quickly replaced. >> beyonce was the one who got the black eye for it, very, very unjustly. >> beyonce became public enemy number one with fans and the press, being called a blood sucking diva. the criticism was nothing new for the girl who was bullied at age 9 for her talent. now, ten years older, beyonce was stronger. her song said it, she was a survivor. ♪
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>> the publicity from the scandal was seemingly priceless. people couldn't get enough of destiny's child. by the 2001 grammy's, destiny's child seemed unstoppable. or at least that's what everyone thought. when we come back, beyonce goes off on her own.
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let's go. let's go. give it here. dance like a star. >> listen carefully. >> harder. harder. >> darla johnson's girls, the ones she calls the next generation of beyonce's are dancing to "crazy in love." >> don't we all wish we were. >> it's the first single off beyonce's first solo album, "dangerously in love." it's the song that launches her
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as a solo star and ends destiny's child. >> i knew it was going to take her soaring. >> and it did? >> it did. ♪ >> beyonce's part two, the solo career begins with jay-z. he's in her first solo hit and their personal life from dating to wedding to baby blue, the public doesn't learn a detail until beyonce is willing to spill it. an approach she learned from her father. >> i'm not going to talk about beyonce as a mom. >> what about you, the papa. what do you like to do? >> i'm not going to talk about that. >> it's a philosophy beyonce applies to her professional and private lives.
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nobody learns anything about "b" until she's ready tell them. let's talk about "dangerously in love" it did well. >> yes. >> it debuted at number one and sold 11 million copies. >> an album that did well and what am i thinking? tour? >> studio, tour, more singles. now. >> normally, when an album does very well, you do a tour. >> there's a small tour, beyonce's first as a solo artist followed by three more solo albums and a total of five number one hits including 2008s "single lady." movies. >> because i'm foxy and i'm a whole lot of woman. >> a fashion line.
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>> my mother would make all these beautiful clothes. after so many years, my fans were like okay, we have to buy these clothes somewhere. >> and numerous endorsements, including a new one with pepsi that will pay beyonce to advertise and pay for her projects. >> it's a huge deal. it says a lot about her as a brand, her about her music and pepsi would do something like that for a black female artist that is tremendous. >> it's a deal that demonstrates she is as good a businesswoman as she is a performer. >> my father was such an incredible entrepreneur. any and everything he said he would have, he worked until he had it. he taught me, there's no such thing as no. >> my personal opinion is she watched. she watched her dad. she watched her mom. her mom ran a hair salon.
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she has a business savvy that a lot of people, a lot of creative types are one side. >> now, beyonce is on her own, announcing years ago, her father would no longer be her manager. >> i wonder, where can she or where does she go from here? >> i think it's a question you should ask beyonce. i think she has the ability, the talent, passion, fans that she can, quite frankly go wherever she would like to go. >> where she went next was hbo. a documentary that aired this spring. >> i was not given to you. you have to take it. you are playing a part in a much bigger show. and that's what life is. >> we learned more about the personal details she usually withholds such as the miscarriage before blue ivy.
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before that, she was becoming freer with information. >> if they are posting it, you are supposed to know it. not posting it, you ain't supposed to know it. >> after the doc, there's a world tour. using her married name. what could be next? writer, producer neo said it would push her creatively. >> she's not afraid to take a risk or a shot. go like this. if you hit you hit, if you don't, you don't. >> he wouldn't say anymore. >> i'm not going to be the one to let the cat out of the bag. y'all ain't gonna get me in trouble, no sir. nobody can wait for the greatness.
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if you take the time to wait for it, it makes it that much better when you get it. >> as the world waited, beyonce worked on the best kept secret in the business. >> she did it to silence critics. there's a lot of chirping, beyonce doesn't know what she's doing. >> everyone thought i was crazy, but we are doing it. >> the move was big, bold and created tons of buzz. she used facebook and instagram to announce she had a new album. no pre-album hype. no promotion. straight from beyonce to her fans. >> this is how she rolls. launching an album, people wait for it. it's just as exciting when she brings it out through social media. everybody is talking about it anyway. >> 800,000 copies sold in three days at an itunes worldwide record. more proof beyonce is in control
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of her own destiny. tonight on unguarded with rachel nichols, mike tyson confesses how being the baddest man on the planet left him empty inside. >> i didn't like the person i was back then. i couldn't get anything done. my kids never saw me. i was a horrible father. >> unexpected. >> where can you find a champion like me talking about dennis rodman in north korea? >> here. >> mike wallace with the inside story of how miami went from a locker room scandal to poised. >> your team has had one of the more controversial seasons in


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