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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 22, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> i'm curious about the transaction sns. >> as a mother, i can promise you that she'll be fully dressed at all times. and she will also not take the lord's name in vain or attempt to disrobe mr. anderson, mr. cooper. >> you don't have to call him mr. anderson. >> is she reading from the cnn contract you were forced to sign? >> yes, she is. she doesn't normally read contracts. >> all right. thafgs anderson cooper and cathy griffin and maybe even mom will be there new year's eve right here on cnn. they will be live in times square starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we've got so much more straight ahead in the news room. and it all restarts right now.
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hello, again, everyone. here are the top stories we're following in the cnn news room. the death toll climbs from a severe winter storm and the danger isn't over yet. ice and snoep are creating treacherous road conditions for tens of millions of holiday travelers. americans are air lifted, meantime, out of south sudan as violence there spreads. but many are still stuck. hear what the ugs is planning to do to get them to safety. >> and the dying wish of an iowa woman is kept secret for two years. find out what she wanted. it's a story you won't forget and it's happening this hour. >> first occupy, up, snow, ice and flood waters. about 180 million americans are dealing with that night married weather today. the result of a powerful weekend
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storm nearly a hundred thousand people are without electricity. parts of the midwest began tealing their payne. up to about a hafl foot of snow is in the parts of wisconsin and michigan. and then to the south, the storm turned deadly. four people drowned in flood waters in kentucky. >> the timing of this storm could ntd be worse. it's just three days before christmas and nearly a hundred million people are on the move. george, how is chicago o'hare being impacted there? >> fredericka, when you look back behind me, you can see that this is, indeed, one of the world's busiest airports. you can see the lines picking up here in front of delta.
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people getting that afternoon flight out of chicago. the good news right noi, the weather here in chicago is kwoop rating. flooegs fr the moment. >> we actually changed our flight. we're supposed to get out at 4:30. so when i saw the sun this horning, i said oh, good, that way, if we get delayed, we'll stit get there some time today. >> rachel, john and their slightly camera shy son, copola, dblt take any chances. weather is top of mind as winter storm threatens to stop travel from the east to the wegs. so far, at least 15,000 flights have been delayed this weekend. more than a thousand cancelled.
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with widespread delairs, major hubs from dallas to shi can kboe are feeling the holiday ripple effect. fortunately, when it comes to getting your christmas packages to friends and family, companies like fed-ex are armed with snow removal equipment and teams of meet yorologists on staff. >> we don't have anyone to watch our kids. if we don't show up, we're hoping that they'll be okay. >> just hoping that their luck holds um. >> frederick, this is the sort of line when i have an assignment here. i see this type of line and i'm terrified. is this is what you can kiernd of expect. also, keep in mind, the weather
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conditions along the east coast. it could make for tricky travlg. there could be delays from anywhere near the nay jor air ports from chicago to new york. it really all depends on what happens with this storm system. it's good news. we had some snow earlier this mornling. i look outside and there's no snow. things are good here. let's hope that that continues. but, boy, that line behind you is rather long. >> so this first weekend of winter is feeling like spring in some partings. in new york city, wealther records are being shattered. am exander field joining me with that t shirt on. people are taking advantage of this warm weather. >> i certainly am. we won't see this for a while. but, at this rate, you never know. the average techture in new york city in desz are in the 40s.
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we reached 70 degrees here in new york city today. well, well above nose average temperatures. if e if you came to new york city to visit, you might have been hoping for chillier weather. well, you will not get that opportunity. >> we packed really warm clothes. and now it's too warm. i'm here in a t-shirt. i have mid sweater, i have jacket, i have too much stuff. but it's nice. >> i brought boots to walk through snow. i have a heavy parka and i was so warm yesterday that i had to buy a t-shirt so that i could come out. >> if you were in new york city
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this weekend and you had some holiday shopping to do, you had no excuse for staying home. not only did it reach 70 today, it reached 65 degrees yesterday, which is also a record. >> thanks so much. enjoy it while you can. lets's check in with jennifer grey who is tracking all of these storm systems. >> you could see some slow downs in partings of the country. d.c. could see thunderstorms and showers. one to two hours there, new york city, because of the thunderstorms. one to two hour delay. we're going to track the storm through atlanta and then it's going to be pushing off the east coast gradually through monday. by the time we get to tomorrow, the forecast actually does get better and better by the hour.
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that doesn't mean that we're not going to see heavy rain throughout the east coast. tempbtures, it has felt so spring like. new york city fore kastzed to be al on monday. so temperatures coming down from the 60s where they were today. we're going to see temperatures get cooler and cooler. it will definitely feel like christmas day with a high temperature of 30 degrees. temperatures get down to the 30s. so the set-up for today, this is for monday, rather, snoed in the pacific northwest. we're also going to see rain across the's tern sea board with mostly sunny skies down in the south. looking good as woe head into christmas eve and christmas day. >> oh, fan tastic.
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the chris mass holiday could make for a quiet week. but one company gettings to oech its prent early on why tomorrow is so big for the facebook. >> this coming wook brings some big changes for one particular social media giant. facebook will start trading on the s&p 500. it could be part of your retirement portfolio sometime soon. and, of course, that does mean more money for facebook. also, wall street will celebrate christmas this week. on christmas eve, trading will end at 3:00 p.m. it's also the final week of the year, a time we usually see what's called a santa clautz ral
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ri. so far, december has been an overall pretty slow month. its's unclear in santa will appear. all right, coming up a little bit later, i'll talk to a former commander of the space station. and some new developments on the americans trapped in south sudan. we'll have the newest details next. [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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now, to a developing story out of south sudan. breaking news on trapped americans there. what do we know? >> well, fred, today, the u.s. working with the united nations, evacuated about 15 americans and
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a bunch of citizens from other countries. the u.n. had to leave in securing the airport. and, also, giving a heads up to these fighting factions. you saw what happened on saturday with the shooting of the u.s. aircraft. well, they want today make sure that these fighting factions knew these humanitarian works and that the u.s. needed to get out. so they're all out of this area where we saw this intense fighting. still trying to confirm whether there are anymore americans outs of the country. >> and then what next? >> i think the u.s. is helping with african nations to try to diffuse this crisis. serk tear of state john kerry has sent an envoy. donald booth is unclear when
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he's going to be on the ground because of a security situation. he's working to try to soothe tensions, get the fighting factions of the government and the forces loyal to the former vice president who is believed to have ignited this fighting to start a political dialogue. fred, you know that the united states was instrumental, really, in helping this midwife have an interest of making sure that it doesn't go from the brink into all-out civil war. >> thanks so much from washington. a mother sends a special christmas message to her family two years after she died. coming up, her touching wish for her husband and his new fiance. vrj and, next, nasa is getting rea ready for mshemergency repairs tuesday's space walk. ♪ 5 mysteriously heavy holiday fruitcakes ♪ ♪ 4 actual tree houses
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walk? joining me now is chris hatfield. he's a fompler commander of the international space station. he's also the author of the guide to life on earth. we talked about that last month with your book and your survival guide. so nasa says that they are delaying this next space walk so that they can make some adjustments to a new suit for one of the astronauts. so what happened to the suit that was worn yesterday? it was good enough yesterday, wasn't it? now what? >> you know, we call them space suits, but they're really like one-person spaceships. you really want everything to work perfectly. it has to be as reliable as we can possibly make it. and there are three of them on board. but you build them out of piece parts, because of course there are legs and arms and everyone's arms and legs are different lengths. so you start with a central core and build the suit and the astronaut.
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yesterday, one of the suits showed maybe a sign that it got a little water into the evaporator on the back which cools the suit when you're outside. so just to be good and safe, because they only probably need one more space walk. if things go well, they'll be able to get everything done prior to chris mass, which will be nice. of the three suits on board, they want to have the two best con figured. so they're just resizing that one today. >> you know, yesterday, we understood that this space walk that took place, the repairs that were happening, aparentally, they were really a head ai he ahead of schedule. is there anyway that the stress of those hours outside of the space station doing that work might have been paired in anyway? you know, the suit or are you saying that this is really
1:21 pm
fairly customary? it really is just about building a suit for a different person. >> you know, it's everybody -- all ma sheechinery e venl sheve breaks. the suits are just beautifully-honed machines. it will probably work fine. if we feel a choice, we'll take it. when time is short -- now, if we're coming up to a phase soon where the orbit gets more sunlight, sort of like turning a dish towards the sun. so it gets ra elly hot. so it kient of gives us a deadline. we want to get the space walk done in the next few days. you just weigh out all of the variables. we've got a suit that's guaranteed really good. you know, just line-up all the things so we have a best chance of success. >> can you kind of reflect on
1:22 pm
what's been the most exhilarating part of that experience and perhaps the most nerve racking? >> nerve racking, you try to minimize. it's like a thousand dominos in a row. they have to do everything for the ballet to come off. so you recognize if you have a problem early on, that could escalate. i was blinded during my first half an hour. fortunately, we worked through it and my eyes eventually cleared. we stayed out eight hours and got everything done. that type of an event can be some of the more difficult parts. the exhilarating part is the part that really dominates. imagine yourself holding onto a spaceship with one hand being
1:23 pm
able to see the whole world in the agt hours that you're outside. you ire going to go arnold the world six times. you'll see the whole planet six times. you'll fly through the northern lights sometimes so that the northern lightings are pouring up underneath of your feet. it's a really busy job. it's more dangerous than staying inside. it's necessary. but it's also so inherently wufl. it's such an amazing wail to see our planet. >> i feel in all of that unlds scoring, you talk in your book extensively about how you prepare for the worst and, bift way of doing that, it means, you're really, you know, all way always ready when something happens that is unexpected. that's exactly what if guys are doing. >> indeed. >> chris hatfield, thanks so much. >> that is cool stuff. hey, tuesday's space walk is scheduled to begin at 7:15 a.m., eastern time.
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the much-hyped anchorman 2 debuted this week. it came out on top at the box office. and, next, celebrating christmas by serving the under-privileged. we'll tole you who he's reaching out to at this special toim of year. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.?
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a sad development more than a week after a school shooting in colorado. claire davis died yesterday at the hospital. she was shot on december 13th when a classmate brought a shotgun to their high school and opened fire. >> what was a place to share thoughts of hope for the critically wounded teenager -- >> i just wanted to support the family of claire as much as i could. >> has now quickly become a memorial for claire. >> it just touches so close to home. she just had a beautiful smile. she loved animals, so you know she had a kind heart. >> friends, classmates and parents stopping by where hearts heavy beyond believe.
1:28 pm
>> we just said a prayer for her and all the other kids. >> tiffany irwin came here with her 7-year-old daughter. >> i tried to explain it to my little ones and it's unexplainable. i don't really know what to tell them. >> claire's family issued a statement saying although we lost our precious daughter, we will always be grateful for the indelible journey oaf the past seven years. the grace, laflter and light she brought to this world will not be extinguished by her deaths to the contrary. it will only get stronger. >> i just felt such an overwhelming need to do something and to be as supportive as i can. that light birnings ever so brightly.
1:29 pm
the legal troubles of a celebrity chef could get worse. lawson admitted using cocaine at a fraud trial against two former personal asis tants. the asis tants say they saw signings of drug use, but didn't see her take druggings. police made it clear they don't expect to charge lawson any time soon. a former p.r. executive says she's sorry for the pain she caused by a tweet. >> going to africa. hope i don't get a.i.d.s. just kidding, i'm white. then she boarded a flight to south africa. the tweet went viral and led to her firing. quarterback peyton manning just added another record to his hall of fame career. the denver broncos qb with his
1:30 pm
51st touchdown in a season. the most ever in a regular season. the record-breaking pass was a 25 yard strike to juliu srksz thomas. manning miekt not be done yet. the broncos have oolt game next week. it was the battle of the sequels at if box office this weekend. the latest hobbitt movie. the hobbitt earned 31 million dlargs while the anchor man pulled in almost $27 million. american hustle and saving mr. banks. both broke into the top five. >> all right, news now from hawaii. president obama has been wrebrid about the situation in south pseudodan. athena is live from honolulu.
1:31 pm
>> good afternoon, fredericka, i want to read to you part of a letter the president sent to congress. he's writing about what webt down yesterday in south sudan with his failed evacuation attempt. this kind of rlotter is pro-forma.
1:32 pm
we know now several u.s. citizens were able to be evacuated today. we know that all who presented themselves to the u.n. were able to be evacuated. what we don't know is how much americans are on the ground in south sudan. this is the letter explaining this deployment of troops. the president has asked his national security team to kornt to keep him up-dated on everything going on in that country. >> thanks so much, athena. the president can't go anywhere. he can't get to hawaii without more questions about obamacare and the upcoming deadlines. people need to pick a plan by tomorrow. any new enrollment numbers? >> the latest numbers we have are from the president himself. he said in his press conference on friday before leaving washington to come here to hawaii, that in the first weeks
1:33 pm
of december alone, more than half a million people have signed up for health insurance vee kra the federal web site, that's a lot faster pace in the role that we've seen in previous months. in november, it was 300 thousand or so. he also said that since october 1st, one in a million people have signed up through the federal and state marketplaces. so noo's a little bit of an updated number. we won't get official numbers until january. >> all right, athena jones, thank you so much. this will be the first christmas at the vatican for the pope. the pope is also sending christmas presents to the under-privileged with a rather personal touch. here's erin mcglaughin. >> pope francis has a lot going on. on saturday, he delivered a
1:34 pm
special message at the body of the roman catholic church. he says he wants them to ficus only service. later that day, he led by example, cheering up sick children at a local hospital. he spends three hours shaking hands where doctors and saying prayers. now, on christmas eve, he be celebrate the traditional two-hour mass at st. peter's basilica. he's so popular that this year, there were a record number of requests to attend. christmas day, he expects thousands of pilgrims to flood through st. peter's square to deliver a special message to the world. pope francis already has his christmas gifts taken care of. the packs include everything an imfrant might need to be able to contact loved ones back home including stamps and international calling cards. so a very busy week ahead for
1:35 pm
pope francis as he celebratings his first christmas at the vatican. >> all right, thanks so much, erin. so in less than a year, he has managed to endeer himself to catholics around the world. father beck joining me now from new york. so, father, this will be a rather unique christmas, i imagine, for pope francis. especially since you heard erin to talk about the pilgrimage. >> i was privileged to be in rome when he stepped out on the balcony. and then the shock was they all waited for the apostolic blessing.
1:36 pm
and then he said would you bless me. right then, we knew this was going to be a different kind of papacy. that he was going to move to humility and complacency that none of us have seen in our lifetime. that has proven to be true. christmas, he is going to celebrate that mass and the way he has celebrated everything thus far. remember, two weeks after he was elected pope, we saw him go to that prison outside in rome and knelt down and he washed the feet of two women, which nobody expected because you're not supposed to wash the feet of women for that service. one of them a muslim. this is a different kind of pope and a different kind of man. >> i guess at the beginning, were you convinced that this really is, you know, the pope of the people is something that seems to be engrained in him. that it was not just temporary. it was not just going to last a
1:37 pm
matter of weeks, but it seems to me it would be very concern sis tent. did you think initially it would be very genuine? >> when i started to hear the stories from argentina, of what it was like there, that he used to take the buss instead of limousine and that he moved out of the residence for the archbishop. i said let's see what he does in roam. he got a little ford focus instead of the car. so, yeah, he was consistent with what he was before. and i think that's what becomes so remarkable. y you're going to be pope and you think you get all of the perks. he's done that time and time gern now. >> all right. father beck, thank you so much and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. >> and this is a christmas wish
1:38 pm
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a very special christmas wish brought a family and people at a radio station to tears. the iowa station holds a contest
1:41 pm
every christmas to grant wishes. this year, they got one that was very different. it was from a woman who died two years ago from cancer. >> of the thousands of christmas wishes the station has received over two decades, they've never received one like this. >> when you are in receipt of this letter, i will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer. >> she wrote the letter over two years ago. shortly before she died. >> brenda's wish was she wanted david to find somebody to love him and take care of their boys and help raise them. and that when that had happened and he had moved on, that it was okay for this letter to be sent to us for her wish to be granted. >> yesterday, david heard the letter for the first time. >> my reason for writing this, i have a wish. i have a wish for david, the boys and the woman and her
1:42 pm
family, if she has kids, also. i want them to know i love them very much. i was hoping that one small act you all can do for me could change and help their lives forever. and i they know i am when them always. first, for david's new lifelong partner, a day or better yet a weekend for all aspects of her life. she deserves it. >> before brenda died, the reason i say this, she had told me she wanted me to, you know, move on and, you know, hopefully meet somebody, et cetera. and she goes i know you'll find somebody. and, you know, i said well how will i know if she's the right person. she goes because you know. i'll be there. >> make her smile. and know her efforts are truly appreciated from me. for the family, a magical trip. somewhere where they all can enjoy their company and
1:43 pm
companionship as a family and create those memories that will be forever. >> there was one other wish. a big party for the people who cared at her in mercy. >> there are people in this world that no matter who they touch, nay bring something special to someone's life. >> may god bless and keep all of you safe there. thanks for this. when you wish upon a star, brenda. >> the radio station has put together that trip to disney world for the whole family, including pampering for david's new fiance. and the hospital team is getting caterered meals for the end of their party. the end of the year also bri brings lots of liszs. find out which lists are sweeping next in "newsroom." pus
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1:46 pm
a russian disdent is opening up about the decade he spent behind bars. he was once russia's richest man. he says his fight for political power is over. he described his time in prison.
1:47 pm
>> translator: what was prison like? that's what i want to understand, first? what was it like living in prison? what kind of food? what were the fellow inmates like? >> translator: bread, you know, big barracks. where it could be 50 or 100 people in one room. nothing good. >> were you worried? was there -- in many prisons around the world, there's violence between inmates or violence there the warders to the inmates. you were stabbed with a knife? >> translator: i was stabbed with a fife once. when i was stabbed with a knife, i was lucky. it just -- he tried to get to my eye but got my nose.
1:48 pm
as a result, the dentist who was there was somebody who was also a plastic surgeon: and, also carried out an operation on me which means it was got nurseful. >> translator: how did you survive? how did you keep your body and soul together in this situation? >> translator: i saw prison as a trial. as a hardship. >> translator: you said once that had you known what you were in for, you might have committed suicide.
1:49 pm
>> translator: it is true that i say that. and it's probably true that if before prison i had been able to see all of these future years in advance, at that time, i might not have survived. >> and will you return to russia any time soon? >> translator: there is big matter concern, the first criminal case, december pact the fact that the european court has said that this legal matter was illegal. the russian supreme court has not cancelled it yet. so if i return to russia, according to our legislation i
1:50 pm
may not be releeased to go abrod again. >> translator: when you go into politics, what is your plan for the future? >> translator: i cannot say that i've exactly decided on my plans now. but want i certainly decide myself is that i do not want to be a symbol that russia does not remain a glitzful prisoner. i want to be a symbol of the efforts of society. >> we're stalking about your
1:51 pm
family now. that was a huge sacrifice. ten years you didn't see your family grow up. what are your feelings? your reflections on how this cost your family so dearly? >> that is my huge debt which i cannot give back. >> translator: it's really emotional. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> that interview taking place in berd lynn.
1:52 pm
and this programming noet, tonight, christiane amanpour embarks back on some of the oldest stories ever told. that's tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. this time ochl year, we hear about santa making a list and checking it twice. well, he's not the only one. cnn sets out to find out just how many end-of-the-year lists there are. you won't believe what she found. but, first, christmas spirit is being delivered around the world in the form of a shoe box to children in need. one kentucky man is adding love to those boxes one wooden car at a time. here's kate baldwin with this impact your world. >> six days a week, 73-year-old collide fogul heads to his wrork shop in his backyard to make a little magic. >> ther primarily toys with wheels. i've got some cars. i've got some animals.
1:53 pm
>> fogul has been making toys for operation christmas child for close to a decade. the program is runl by the charty samaritan's purse and gives gifts to children around the world. >> it captures my heart. >> woodworking has always been fogul's hob bee. >> after i retired, i was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, which limited me in my physical abilities. i want to give of myself. and i saw in a cat log where i could buy a kit to make a hundred cars. >> fogul has donated around 100,000 toyings to operation christmas child. i have a map in my shop. i have a pin in every country that my toys have been. if i get tired of doing this, i look at that map.
1:54 pm
oh, yeah, that's why i'm doing that. and i kiep going. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons.
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before we ring in 2014, let's take a look. let's go back moments in time. time again for those end-of-the-year wrap up lists. and who does that better than jeanie moos? no one. tis the season to be listing from those breathtaking science photos to the nine social media hoaxes you fell for like the twerking girl pretending to set herself on fire video prented by jimmy kimmel. we should be screaming from all of these lists. still, how can you resist the 21 most cringe-worthy.
1:58 pm
usually, we try to escape ads, but not the ones that make it onto a year ender list. >> you going to ship your pants? >> you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. >> any exz kus will do. and what es with the random numbers. remember the days when a list was something on paper that you took to the grocery store? now, instead of bread and milk, there are even lists listing the best lists. jonathan man is singing his list of top viral videos. ♪ all the viral videos of 2013 ♪ that briefly held our attention ♪ ♪ cry, cry, the hatchet guy >> with lists ranging from the
1:59 pm
top ten miley moments to the tom ten harlem shakes, it's hard to pick a clip of the year. but jimmy kimmel tried. >> monkey is a snow suit. >> alass, monkey in a snow suit didn't win. scared boss did. and as the scared boss came on the show to accept the award. >> it's been a crazy year. but wait until you see how crazy it's been for the cows. holy cow, not only were they not hurt, the male was ready for more romance. she's definite at the top of his list. >> oh, that's just wrong.
2:00 pm
some of it is really funny and some of it is really wrong. thanks so much for joining us. my colleague, rosa flores here in atlanta. i think have a favorite. >> what is it? >> i think the scared boss. that just had me laughing too loud. >> i'm thinking the cow is fake. >> i think it was real. >> the next hour of "newsroom" begins right now. >> you're in the cnn "newsroom." we're following tw ining develo hawaii. he's been briefed on the emergency evacuation of americans in sudan. woe eel go live for the president's statement in just a moment. but we turn to this. with it snow, ice or rain,