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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 15, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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if something should happen where the parachute fails to deploy, you could have somebody killed. >> reporter: that was the case recently when the chute didn't open for a newlywed whose chute didn't open in utah. known as experienced b.a.s.e. jumpers. her husband was charged with a demeanor b.a.s.e. jumping offense after her death. an arrest may not deter thrill seekers from taking these dangerous and sometimes deadly and in this case illegal plunges. he knows a lot of people who died from b.a.s.e. jumping but doesn't known anyone who has been arrested after posing a video on youtube. >> thank you so much. much more straight ahead in the "cnn newsroom." and it all begins again right now.
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hello again. i'm fredricka whitfield. here's the stories we're following in the "cnn newsroom." day four of deliberations in the loud music murder trial. the question they asked that suggested what might be holding them up. plus, it's the winter that simply won't quit. how a new blast of snow could impact travel this hollywood weekend. and three decades after the miracle on ice, here we go again. the u.s. and russia meeting up in a shootout thriller in sochi. the jury in that loud music murder trial could reach a verdict at any moment. this is the case of michael dunn who is accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old jordan davis after a fight over loud music at a gas station. it was busy at the start of this morning with the jury asking
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interesting and telling questions. but it's been quiet since then. alina cho and sunny hostin are both live for us in jacksonville. alina, let's begin with you about the questions that were asked of the court. >> reporter: well, that's right. it was a question, actually a three-part question that was asked. but before i get into that, i want to move out of the way and show you the scene here outside the courthouse. you can see some children are protesting. there's also a larger group of people protesting standing out there with signs calling for justice for jordan davis outside of this courthouse while the jury inside continues to deliberate. now, they've been deliberating now today for about four hours. and right at the beginning about 30 minutes into their deliberation today, they had a question for the judge. take a listen. >> first question. is the defense of self-defense
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separate for each person in each count? the answer is yes. second question. are we determining if deadly force is justified against each person in each count? the answer is yes. the third question. or if we determine deadly force is justified against one person, is it justified against the others? no. self-defense and justifiable use of deadly force applies separately to each count. >> reporter: the judge brought in don and asked him if he had any concerns with the responses to the questions. and dunn did express concerns over the judge's response to the third question about justifiable force saying that he felt that all four people in the suv are intertwined with his defense of self. the judge said he understood that, but he still felt that because of the law, he had to instruct the jury to consider each count separately. fredricka? >> and sunny, let me bring you
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in. do those questions reveal to you and the answers as well as real clarity? or does this only bring more confusion potentially for this jury? j . >> reporter: you know, i think it's clear they're struggling with the self-defense. if you look at the law it is true that self-defense doesn't apply a blanket defense per victim. i think with that clarity they go back in the courtroom and will be able to discern the difference between the counts which relate to the murder of jordan davis and then the attempted murder counts which relate to the other three boys that were in the car. >> okay. and alina, has the court given any instruction as to when the jurors render a verdict, how much notification they will give whether it be reporters or family members of all parties involved?
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>> reporter: yeah. it's worth mentioning that the courtroom right now is empty. and that's because the judge decided that because there were some issue, there was potential for voices to travel between the walls, between the courtroom and the jury deliberation room. they decided to empty out the courtroom during deliberations. so once there is a verdict, the judge says that he will give anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes notice to make sure that everyone is able to make it back into that courtroom. and in fact, he mentioned that one of the alternate jurors at least one of the alternate jurors has expressed interest in being present when that verdict is read. >> all right. alina, thank you so much and sunny, appreciate it. we'll check back with you as we learn more about deliberations now entering 21 hours of deliberating. we'll have more on the dunn case throughout the coming hour as well. just a few minutes we're going to talk to an expert on reading the juries. about the men and women deciding this case.
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all right. and let's talk now about winter weather. it has been very brutal. another storm pushing its way into the northeast. blizzard warnings are up for coastal massachusetts, parts of maine. could get more than a foot of snow. looking pretty gray depending on vantage point. kind of gray, kind of white. glass half full, empty, what do you say? all right. jennifer gray with us now. some folks are so over the snow. >> i'm with them. i'm over it too. and we're in atlanta. we haven't even had it that bad. but the good news about this is it is going to be a fast mover. this is not going to be as bad as the one we had a couple days ago. we had a blizzard warning in effect across coastal massachusetts. that does include the cape. until tomorrow morning at 5:00. could see 60 mile-an-hour winds there. here's the radar. you can see the snow really starting to fill in. especially around new york city. we had rain earlier. now it's changing over to snow. you can see the bright bands of
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white. heavier snowfall starting to fall there. boston, you're getting it too. that's going to continue as we go through the late evening hours into the overnight as well. so let's time this out. 8:00 tonight, you can see boston still in the snow. already pushing out of new york city. northern maine, that's when we're going to see the highest snowfall amounts. could see a foot of snow in those areas. other places like new york could see anywhere from 2 to 4 inches. we could see 6 to 10 right outside the boston area so it is going to be heavier out there. new york city, you're not getting above freezing until tuesday. so it is going to stay very cold for you. but on the flipside, look at the south. 62 degrees in atlanta. by monday. a huge -- fred, huge warm-up. can you believe it? >> i know. it's strange. and people will be wearing shorts. >> i might be by the pool on monday. >> not until i get a little
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skiing in somewhere where there's snow. thanks so much. let's check on susan candiot candiotti. she's at laguardia. i know what it's like. but susan, maybe you have some good news for folks that they will soon be getting on their planes. >> reporter: i can honestly say that throughout the day today, we haven't seen that many cancellations. only a handful at least in this terminal. there are problems at newark airport as well as dulles airport and now boston because of the ongoing blizzard forecast starting up there. snow very light here right now, but people continue to check into their flights. however, you do get those issues every now and again. and a little bit earlier we ran into a woman who was in here checking in with her boyfriend. they were trying to get back to minneapolis. and their flight had been delayed from a day before so they came back today. and wait until you hear her tale. they are getting back home
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tonight, but it won't be easy. listen. >> i'm taking three flights from here to charlotte, charlotte to chicago, chicago to minneapolis. he takes four flights. so he's to charlotte to raleigh to chicago to minneapolis. and he gets in at 11:30 tonight. >> you have to make three connections to get back and he's taking four? >> yes. to do a, like, three-hour flight to minneapolis. yeah. >> what do you make of this? >> it's insane. >> reporter: yeah, insane. no kidding. can you imagine? boyfriend, girlfriend, they kiss good-bye. he ran to the gate then she had to run to her gate. >> i can't even imagine what that's going to be like. >> reporter: and they had to get back today because they've got to start work early tomorrow. so there was no two ways about it. and the airline did take care of them. so it worked out in the end. not the way they would have planned it, but they're getting home. >> but at least they're moving.
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they're moving the right directions meaning to their final destination. you know, you got to hand it to all the ticket counter attendants. boy, you know they're getting an earful and a mouthful all the time and they're trying to keep it together and trying to calm people as best they can. >> reporter: interesting you should mention that because the woman who worked it out for them, they were at the counter a good 45 minutes and you could see she was trying to work it whatever way she could. in the end, it did. taking a long route home for what normally would be a three-hour flight. but she made it work. >> i've been in that situation many times too. and, you know, i love them for trying to work so diligently on your specific situation every time. so hats go off to them. all right susan candiotti, appreciate that. okay. guess what? a little history was made on the ice again today. a rivalry between the u.s. and russia settled. at least for now. maybe. so if you are watching the u.s.
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olympic team take on russia in hockey tonight, here's a spoiler alert. if you don't want to know, look away. turn down the volume. don't turn us off. here it goes. it was one of the closest games of the olympics. coming down to a shootout. it was exciting, riveting, all that. and in the end, it was usa with the final score 3-2. unlike nhl rules, international rules permit players to take multiple rounds during the shootout. t.j. oshie shooting at goal six times before giving the u.s. that critical win. and they're going to be taking on slovenia next. straight ahead, more olympic coverage and a look at the medal count so far. and after asking the judge for clarification, jurors in the loud music murder trial are back to deliberating. we'll ask a jury consultant about what might be going on inside that room next. anybody have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating?
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all right. back now to florida where everyone is anxiously awaiting to hear if the jury in the loud music trial reaching a verdict today. the jury is in its fourth day of deliberations now. michael dunn is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of jordan davis. dunn says he acted in self-defense after the teen threatened him, in his words. joining us to talk about the jury is richard gabriel. he's a jury consultant. he worked on the o.j. simpson and casey anthony trials. he has a book coming out this summer called "acquittal" talking about some of those big cases. good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> today this jury is already exhibiting its diligence. it was willing to work through the weekend last week and this weekend. deliberating now four days over 20 hours. this morning the jurors had yet
10:16 am
another set of questions for the judge. let's listen to those three questions asking the courtroom for some clarification. >> first question. is the defense of self-defense separate for each person in each count? the answer is yes. second question. are we determining if deadly force is justified against each person in each count? the answer is yes. the third question. or if we determine deadly force is justified against one person, is it justified against the others? no. self-defense and justifiable use of deadly force applies separately to each count. >> and i know this is tough. it's like reading tea leaves trying to figure what is going on behind closed doors, what, you know, is a jury asking about. what are they hung on. what do these questions in your view tell you about what might be happening among those jurors? >> well, this is why both sides
10:17 am
rely so heavy on jury selection. because back there it's beyond the evidence. right now we're in a phase where it's about the personalities back there and about how they persuade each other. so it's about their interpretation of the evidence. so when you have questions like this, i think as one of your guests said earlier, it is problematic for the defense because -- and i think this also goes to where the jurors had asked earlier to see the footage from inside the gas station. because the timing of the last three shots, the delay in that could signify to the juror there's a delay. >> while it is driving away. >> so is that attempted murder? so is there no longer a justifiable use of force. >> and is that attempted murder and based on the question being
10:18 am
asked, is it the case that the defendant is still feeling like his life is on the line? >> and there's a where the jurors are sitting there. in fact, every juror probably is back there in the room going, am i sitting in michael dunn's car? am i sitting in jordan davis' car? am i watching this from the gas station and what really happened here? who's the aggressor? at this point is he justified if he thinks there's a weapon that jordan davis has. force no longer justified?use of is it justified on the first six shots but not on the last three. and that's where they're trying to work through these issues. and that's where some jurors probably are in there saying, look. i think that it is just a flatout murder. he wasn't justified in the very beginning. and some think he reasonably did feel threatened.
10:19 am
>> and as a juror are you possibly doing some role-playing where sometimes you are in the seat of the defense and prosecution. is that taking place among those jurors in that room saying, okay, let's look at this from different points of view. or is it going to be in its totality which brought the most convincing argument? >> most likely you do have role-playing. in fact, that's why some of the jurors asked for butcher block paper and things to work things out. you may also notice they asked for the dummy to look at the trajectory. the judge said no to that question. you look at the angle of the shots and more than likely you have jurors saying if my body's in that position, is the bullet going to enter this? does that mean he's outside the vehicle or inside the vehicle? so you do have a lot of that as they try to figure out what happened. >> thank you for your point of view. i appreciate that. your book coming out later in the summer called "acquittal." we're entering the 21st hour of
10:20 am
deliberations for the jury in jacksonville. thank you. >> thank you. all right. overseas now. a historic rivalry on the ice today. historic again in sochi this time. the u.s. and russia facing off in a high intensity hockey game. who led which team to victory? olive garden's best 2 for $25 yet is ending soon! choose two melt-in-your mouth entrees, like new parmesan crusted chicken, 3 courses, 2 people, just $25 at olive garden! also enjoy weekday signature favorites, four classic pastas, now just $10!
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this is huge news coming out of the winter olympic games on sochi. on the ice usa takes on russia. the match came down to the wire. one of the closest in olympic history. i know you guys are going to be running to the television sets wanting to watch it tonight. so if you really don't want to know the results, you need to look away just for another 30 seconds. because we're going to spill the beans. the u.s. in the end spanking russia. can i say that? spanking. i guess it was close. 3-2. joining me now andy scholes. i just wanted to say spank because it's sports and they were a little humiliated on their home turf. but it ain't over. >> an american hero came out of this on the ice. t.j. oshie. the first three rules a different player has to take the shot for the first three rounds. if it's still tied after that, you can have the same guy take every single shot after that. the americans went with t.j. oshie. he was one of the last players
10:25 am
put on this team for that reason. he made four out of six shots he took for team usa. really won it for the americans. he has a cool back story. he went to high school in warroad, minnesota. there's a population of less than 2,000 people. but they've had eight olympians come out of there in hockey. >> what? >> hockey town usa is what they're known as. t.j. oshie, the latest star to come out of there. he helped team usa get the win today. and a great victory for the americans. they're going to pretty much guarantee themselves a spot in the quarter final rounds. skbl maybe they could play russia again. >> they could see them again. >> if that happens, it's going to be ugly. putin's stoic face. we'll see expressions on that one if it happens again. let's talk about something else happening during the winter games. a lot of speed skaters not so happy with their suits. they haven't been performing as
10:26 am
well as they have wanted and they say it has something to do with the suits. >> they busted out these new underarmor suits they thought would be their secret weapons. they had a vent in the back that was supposed to make them go faster, but the skater are all saying it's making them go slower. so in the first six events, no american finished in the top five of any of the races. they're saying these suits are slowing us down. so they went back to the old suits they were wearing in previous competitions. >> can they do that? >> yeah. the ioc approved them. but it hasn't helped them. in today's 1500 meter race, spoiler alert. finished seventh and eleventh. underarmor is a little vindicated here. it's not us. still not winning. but team usa did get another medal today. we're second in the medal count.
10:27 am
russia on top. >> so their chests are puffed out. they're happy. >> if you're looking at the gold medal, germany has seven. >> it ain't over yet. >> that's right. hopefully we'll be on top when it's said and done. >> it's been exciting. there's been some very exciting moments. >> this morning has been the most excited i've been so far in these olympics. >> last night's skeleton, women's skeleton. >> that was exciting too. >> it was. all right. we'll talk more later. thank you, andy. appreciate that. okay. now to a breathtaking tight rope stunt all caught on video. right there. oh my gosh. another vertigo moment. earlier it was parachuting and jumping. now this. two extreme athletes attempting to walk a tight rope strung between two hot air balloons. are you out of your minds? this happened in mountains over spain. the first person tries to make the journey but halfway across, you see what happened there.
10:28 am
thankfully the parachute. ♪ >> very dramatic, huh? oh, my gosh. oh! it happens again. another parachute. thank goodness. okay. much more straight ahead. talk about cliff-hanger. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ where you think you're gonna go ♪ ♪ when your time's all gone? [ male announcer ] live a full life. the new lexus ct hybrid with an epa estimated 42 mpg. the further you go, the more interesting it gets. lease the 2014 ct 200h for $299 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer. hey, is it true we can get four lines, unlimited talk and text and 10 gigs of data to share
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10:32 am
if a jury will find him guilty or not. he spoke to the judge this morning when the jury had a question. but we have not heard a peep from the jury or anyone else since then. prosecutors say dunn killed 17-year-old jordan davis after a fight over loud music playing from the vehicle. dunn says he acted in self-defense. flight delays are rising across the country as snow falls in the northeast. dulles airport, newark, and boston airports are facing the most delays today. blizzard warnings have been issued for coastal massachusetts and parts of maine could get more than a foot of snow. and there will be no union at volkswagen's tennessee plant. while the company stayed neutral on the vote, state republicans fought it. they argued it would hurt the prospect for more jobs in that state. and actress ellen page says she's quote, tired of lying by
10:33 am
omission. she's now acknowledging publicly that she's gay. she got a standing ovation at a conference aimed at issues affecting the community. and in syria, diplomats talking in europe have made little headway to end the war. syria's ambassador to the u.n. says his country is committed to the talks and wants an end to the bloodshed, but today the u.n. mediator said a second round of talks in geneva switzerland ended without much progress made. the government and opposition have agreed to an agenda for a third round of talks. and more than 100,000 people have been killed in syria's civil war. but there's also been a war within a war. pitting moderate rebels against islamic fundamentalists. all of whom are opposed to the assad regime. arwa damon has a report from the killing fields near the turkish
10:34 am
border. >> reporter: we cross from turkey. for months these lands were under the brutal and merciless control of isis. we are told while driving isis came in and took over and called it their islamic state. this was the main isis check point leading into adana. and as part of their terror tactics, eyewitnesses were telling us that they would leave some of the bodies of people they'd executed lining the check point so that every single car coming through would be forced to slow down and could not ignore that brutal message. across from it, the courthouse. executions took place out front. freshly dug-up dirt marks the graves of some of the victims. >> there are two over there. here. and some corpse near the north
10:35 am
end. >> reporter: anyone who dared defy them paid a price. even smoking was banned. this was another of the isis headquarters. and everything here, all of the walls were painted black. you could see they've been freshly painted over in white. and when isis was under control at a time like this and it is friday and prayer time, none of these people would have been able to be out on the street. they would have forced the markets to close. many here don't want their identities revealed or even be seen talking to us. isis may no longer be in control, but many fear they would come back. arwa damon, cnn, syria. >> and you'll want to stay tuned to cnn. starting monday we'll begin our exclusive in-depth coverage of the syrian civil war.
10:36 am
a cnn exclusive. a white house official is leveling blunt criticism at russia for the way they're handling the syria crisis. barbara starr joining us from washington with more details on this. >> reporter: well, you know, even before team usa won against russia earlier today in men's hockey, the white house started playing its olympics politics card calling out the russians for continues to support the syrian regime. there are a lot of growing worries those peace talks in geneva may be about to collapse. a senior administration official briefing reportr saying the russians, quote, can't have it both ways. they can't say they're in favor of negotiations in geneva and have a happy olympics and then be part and parcel of supporting this regime as it kills people in the most brutal way. president obama in california meeting with jordan's king abdullah also calling for stepped up action. have a listen. >> there will be some intermediate steps we can take
10:37 am
to apply more pressure to the assad regime. and we're going to be continuing to work with all the parties concerned to try to move forward on a diplomatic solution. >> reporter: no real indication, you know, of what the president's talking about. no indication of u.s. military support at this point. but there may be a change from somewhere else. the wall street journal's reporting that saudi arabia is going to start supplying the syrian rebels with shoulder fired missiles that could bring down regime aircraft and also anti-tank missiles. the u.s. did not want this because they were worried they could fall into the wrong hands. at this point it's so dire that it looks like some arab countries are waiting out of patience waiting for the taos find some sub stastantive actio take. >> thank you so much. an nfl story that's raised a lot of eyebrows.
10:38 am
one player bullying another to the point of quitting the team. next, what a new report says about the voracity of those claims. [ children yelling ] [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirley ] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is! plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. phone: your account is already paid in full. oh, well in that case, back to vacation mode.
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10:42 am
he left claiming he was bullied by incognito. incognito denied it but it prompted commissioner goodell to launch an investigation. and that report released says this. three linemen richie incognito, john jerry, and mike pouncey harrised martin, another player and a trainer. it also says incognito and the others did not mean to drive martin away from the team. incognito's attorney says the report is full of errors. martin's agent says he's glad this is now behind him. or is it? i'm joined now by former nfl players chris draft and randy cross. good to see you. >> chris you first. does this report mean anything? does it move the ball? >> it does. it does. i think what you see is it's a culture. it's never just two guys kind of going at it. but i think what's missing within this is that right now it
10:43 am
just seems like it's all bullying. it doesn't say anything about the pressures of just playing in the nfl. it doesn't say anything about the miami dolphins traded for a left tackle and brian mckinney a week before all this went down. so it doesn't talk anything about the pressures of just playing in the nfl. >> and that this is just cultural engrained in being a rookie, being christened so to speak. which was the word here about martin. we've got to roughen you up here and that's the way we roll. >> weak and soft have never survived in an nfl locker room. period. and probably never will. but the differentiation was this was so uncommonly cruel at points. this isn't the break room at walmart. this isn't a training room working in environment. this is the nfl locker room. >> this is the way it is. so what's the problem? >> well, the problem here in
10:44 am
this particular case is it was out of control. it was a systemic failure. it started with the old group, it went into their meeting room, their coach. then went to the practice field. that made it a failure of the team and the locker room. so it really got exacerbated. >> those are not my words, those are other former players who say what's the problem here? this is the way it is. this crossed the line. it's too much. but now what culturally for the locker room, for locker rooms, for rookies as they get excited about joining a team. what can the expectations be now? >> i think a lot of that has changed. there's been a lot of changes that have been happening. and i think at the end of the day, why it has to change is it affects the team on the field. that's where changes really start. all this kind of made it where miami that started off well, that looked like a good team. all of a sudden you blow up and
10:45 am
you're missing the playoffs. well, that affects your winning. that affects on the field. >> and so now what for the players. what for richie incognito? what now for jonathan martin? >> the challenge is going to be on martin. incognito's fate should be and rightfully so out of his hands for a i while. the commissioner has been very fair, but he's been firm. you have three players an an assistant coach which i think are going to face his wrath. but i think when you look at the entire group what's next, they go back to being -- trying to be a winning organization. chris has been part of winning teams. i've been part of big time winning teams. you've never had these problems. this was a losing team's frustration that got out of control. and i think it snow balled. >> for jonathan martin, does he have a shot of getting on another team or even though we got the report that substantiates something horrible went on here, does it mean
10:46 am
there's another hurdle? is that what people are saying about martin? weak and soft and this is the result of that? >> absolutely. the question is does jonathan martin actually want to play? >> he has said that he wants to play again. >> but saying it with words. football will take your words and mix them all up. he has to be willing to go out on that field, be willing to go against other men. he has to make that up in his mind. hopefully he gets some closure and he can really decide that. but it's going to be a tough decision for him. >> and i'm not saying he's weak and soft. it sounds like there have been some who justify this kind of roughening up of a player because we don't accept weak and soft. >> well, don't forget in this whole thing as it all takes its incognito is fined or suspended. jonathan martin wants to come back. it's really martin's case. it's not a bullying case. it's a mental health case.
10:47 am
this is a guy that admitted he thought about suicide a couple times. >> but is that fair? >> is it fair? >> yeah. >> is it ever fair to be labeled that way? >> is it fair he would reveal that but then that would be used as justification, you know, as to why you weren't able to endure this treatment from others. >> not as far as you couldn't endure it. but it obviously wouldn't be grounds for not being able to work in that environment from a legal standpoint. but it is a mental health -- if he's got his house in order, he should be able to play. if he can answer fire with fire, because that's how you have to answer these kind of things. >> do you think this report helps tee up a potential legal case? >> well -- >> i know you're not legal experts, but i wonder if you were the player and you were involved in this would you say, you know, this would help me or this gives me the grounds on which to pursue something legally? >> i think that's -- when you're talking about jonathan martin wanting to play. if he were to pursue a legal case like that and in most
10:48 am
instances he's saying he doesn't want to keep on playing. i think that's what's great about this coming out and really kind of let's put this to bed. closure on it. how are you going to deal with the three guys an the assistant coach? and then jonathan martin, is that enough for you to feel like you do want to be part of the nfl, that you want to go back out and play. >> and the first thing he did was go back to his legal grou s grounds, to his legal center. his parents. he looks across the breakfast table for his legal advice more than likely. he's able to draw on that home and family now. he's probably never needed it more than he has now. >> we'll leave it right there. thanks so much, gentlemen. appreciate it. all right. cleaning windows. it can seem more like a chore for anyone, but imagine doing it like this. 2700 feet above the ground. i don't know, you guys. would you be willing to do something like that? that's insane. we're go i think to explain how they do it and why next.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
oh, my gosh. imagine, whew, the view from the world's tallest building. it's in the middle east. 160 stories tall. but how do you actually clean all the glass on that building? you might be surprised to know, and scared to see, that they do it just the way you might imagine. we have the story. >> reporter: when they built the
10:53 am
world's tallest building in dubai it was covered in 24 separate panes of glass. this job is keeping them clean. the work interesting, the view beautiful, he tells me. he is wan of 60 migrant workers who clean windows here, and in this dusty, desert climate, there's plenty of work for them. they start at the very tiptop. we're standing on the 159th floor of this building, about 35 stories higher than most tourists get to go. it doesn't sound that high, perhaps, but if you come over here, look over the edge, you might change your mind. it's more than 2,700 feet or nearly a kilometer straight down. certainly not a job for the faint of heart. especially when rappelling. when the inspections are done
10:54 am
they step out over the edge and get down to business. it will take them three months to clean each and every window, and then they start all over again. the building's contractor, those, says it's still the most official way to get the job done. for deepak, also a decent living. with a new recruit he can make over $600 a much, more more than a construction worker building skyscrapers like this one. my mom always asks why i do this and tells me it looks dangerous. she wants me to come back to nepal and get a regular job. i tell them, no, no. i like it, and it's a good living, and, he said, just know day at the office. for cnn, in dubai. once completed, china's shanghai tower will be the world's second tallest structure
10:55 am
behind the building in dubai. recently russian climbers went looking for thrills atop that massive skyscraper. why not? made it all the way to the top of the build's construction cranes. insane. the climb, of course, illegal, as is shooting it, but, hey, the two are known for scaling one of the ancient pyramids in egypt. they're all about breaking the rules and, of course, posted that video as well. we'll be right back. safely. ♪ ♪ ♪ where you think you're gonna go ♪ ♪ when your time's all gone? [ male announcer ] live a full life. the new lexus ct hybrid with an epa estimated 42 mpg. the further you go, the more interesting it gets. lease the 2014 ct 200h for $299 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer. hey, is it true we can get four lines,
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we're just minutes away from a look at "your money." christine romans is in the cnn money studio with what's on top for the next hour. hey, fredricka. up next, income inequality from the rich guys' perspective. the top 1% think the more you pay in taxes the more votes you should have. plus candy crowley and i search for solutions from washington to the world. that's right now on an all-new "your money." >> excellent. the thanks, christine. we'll be watching. the saying, got to play to win. tonight might be the night to play the lottery. the powerball drawing stands at whopping $330 million.
10:59 am
wow. no one has matched all six numbers since christmas, which was just 14 drawings ago. so if someone matches tonight's numbers, they'll take home $189 million in cash. wow. that's nice. so for classic corvette lovers, listen up. a catastrophe, in fact. look at the surveillance video, happening right here. oh, ow! eight priceless vets falling into a sinkhole. when the floor of the national core ve mu saim gave way. how does that happen? getting them out of the hole will take near lay week. why even bother? restoring them will take much longer if they choose to do so, a lot of money. drone video showing them nearly buried there. day after the sinkhole formed, the museum in bowling green, kentucky, was pronounced safe and reopened. who is willing to do that? and go check out the rubble? still ahead, in the "cnn newsroom," tracking the latest round of wintry weather, and
11:00 am
seeing thousahow it could impac travel throughout the holiday weekend. plus, an olympic rivalry returns to the ice with a shoot-out finish. and hoping to show her skills on the slopes finds herself apologizing for a topless escapade. wonder what's going through your baby's mind? >> most people think of babies as blank slates, but you're experiments say that's not true? that it's not that they have to be taught wrong from right? >> from very early ages we know there is a lot going on in there. >> oh, indeed, lots going on. the look inside the brains of babies, coming up. i'm fredricka whitfield. first, "your money" starts right now. welcome to the new american dream. millions of americans stuck in