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tv   This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  February 24, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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and michaela starts now. the smallest army since before world war ii, the pentagon calling for big cuts. is it enough to keep america safe? >> 15 yards for racism. new rules on the table for what can and cannot be said on the football field. >> dr. drew's daughter revealing she struggled with bolimia and an nor rex see ya for years. hi, there. i'm michaela pereira. >> i'm john berman. those stories and who are right now "at this hour." president obama will be speaking to the nation's governors at the white house. the subjects, job creation and
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obamacare, no doubt they will come up. >> the president hosted the governors and joked about some being hungry for his job. >> tonight, we want to make sure that all of you make yourselves at home, to which i'm sure some of you are thinking, that's been the plan all along. >> it's funny, because it is true. >> attorney general, eric holder, wants congress to require retailers to immediately report data breaches to customers in law enforcement. this is in response to the massive data breach. remember the one we had, several during last year's holiday shopping season. at target alone, 40 million people have their debit and credit card information stolen. >> they want to slight california into six separate states, jefferson south and central california. it is moving forward if it can get 807,000 signatures by july
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16th. an adventure capitalist is behind this idea. he thinks the state's regions are so vastly different that a single government just can't get things done. this is in all likelihood is going nowhere. congress would have to approve this. i don't think that's going to happen. >> voters would have a thing or two to say. the pentagon plans to shrink the army down to its lowest levels before world war ii. it is a huge move and reflects two different realities. >> the way technology is changing, how the u.s. fights war and the need to cut costs while maintaining military readiness. it is part of chuck hagel's new spending proposals which he will officially unveil two hours from now. we are joined by spider marks, a military analyst for cnn. i remember in 2001, when george bush came to office, they talked
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about a leaner military. then, september 11th happened and we needed a bigger army. if we cut down the troop levels to levels before world war ii. >> america can stay safe. it is a real question of what are our capabilities? our defense is really base on capabilities, not on a threat. we don't chase every threat that's out there, every other nation that might present some type of a scenario, we have to establish what's core to our department of defense, core to our national security and then we have to ensure that we can provide that. clearly, we are going to have to, because of the budget constraints. we are going to have to shrink down the size of the military. there are ways we can do that. >> let's talk about that real quick. the fact is, when you say that, that sounds like boots on the grounds wech grounds. we hear that all the time. we are talking actual men and women in uniforms. they are talking about using more technology. we have already seen advancements being made.
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a modern day warfare, cybertechnology being used. that is expensive. that doesn't come without a price tag too, though, does it? >> no, it doesn't. technology can be very expensive. however, the most expensive weapons system we have is the individual insurance, because of the long-term cost associated with that. the united states has to be very, very smart about this. i would suggest we have to increase our partnership and alliances, so we have a presence overse overseas. we see the precursors in conflict so if necessary, we can ramp up for those. we have to have pre-positioned logistics in different locations. we have a long history of doing that quite well. the f-35 is very contentious, a very expensive, capable aircraft. the question is not whether we need it but how many of those do we need? how many tanks do we need?
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those are the key questions that have to be answered. >> you say eloquently, our most valuable resource is our men and women in the service. i spent time with so many who were doing six, seven, eight, nine tours in afghanistan and iraq. if you cut the troop levels and we are required to do this type of commitment again, would the same thing happen? would we overextend our military again? by the way, i never heard the commanders on the ground in iraq saying they had enough troops. >> you never have enough troops. you are absolutely correct. that model of multiple deployments, deployment upon deployment, is not a model that the united states can sustain. if you are trying to conduct counter insurgency operations, this is the difference here. you are going to need folks, a lot of folks on the ground. it relies more heavily on great intelligence and technology. >> it will be agile, capable, modern and trained. how far out do you see this vision that he has? how far out are we looking?
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>> our military is there right now, micayla. it is agile, well trained. >> it is slimmer, a meaner, leaner. >> it is going to be far slimmer. in 2001, we had less than 480,000. we are going below those numbers. congress has to get on board. governors have to get on board. >> the politics on this is not easy. >> this is the toughest fight, is the political fight. >> we are in a mid-term election year. >> fights will be. >> you can bet people will be hanging on to their bases. >> thanks for being here with us. ahead at this hour, bush for president. does that sound familiar? new signs that a campaign could be a possibility. the key state where biden for president is gaining tracks. [announcer] if your dog can dream it, purina pro plan can help him achieve it. ♪ driving rock/metal music stops
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welcome back, everyone. barbara bush has said it is time for someone outside the bush family to run for national office. at this hour, there are signs that her son, jeb, might be generally interested in a presidential bid in 2016. >> he has been a bit coy in the past. he has never said outwardly outride no. sources tell our john king he is making calls to republican movers and shakers asking questions that serious candidates ask. bush is speak at an event today in long island where presidents and candidates have spoken including his own father and brother. our national prit political reporter, peter hamby is here. >> could it be that bush is
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thinking, chris christie is not looking so terribly hot. is this a good time to strike while the iron is hot? >> that is certainly part of it. they are looking around for a different, quote, unquote, establishment, alternative. in republican politics, there is nobody who knows how hard it is to run for president of the united states more than jeb bush. his father did it, his brother did it. so this could be read as him doing due diligence. this doesn't mean he is going to run. his can activity has stepped up a little bit in recent weeks, making phone calls. the question i have about jeb bush possibly running for president and a lot of republicans say this behind the scenes is the rust factor. he has been out of the game so long. the last time he ran was 2002 for governor of florida. he is kind of hot and cold. frankly, he is the establishment. his family built up the
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republican party and all these donors and operatives who live in washington came out of the bush ranks. he is associated with some of the more unpopular elements of the bush presidency, medicare part "d" spending associated with that. too expensive wars. that cobuld be a problem for hi. tonally. he says, we need to modernize, adapt. he is a spanish speaker. some of these things might not play well. look at the last two republican nominees. john mccain, mid romney. they weren't daryleinlings of conservatives either. >> you talk about jeb bush being part of the establishment. what about the current republican party. tea partyers are a big part of that. they have no love for george w. bush. how do the tea party people view jeb? >> that's right. the bush name is both a problem in a primary and in a general election. bush is still not exactly really
8:13 am
popular among tea partyers. nationally, george w. bush's favor ability is on the upswing in recent years. the last favorable rating i saw was around 49%, 50%, which is good compared to where it was when he left office. associated with some of the big spending elements of the bush administration, his attempts to reform the immigration system which fell flat because of pressure from the right. jeb bush is going to have to differentiate himself from his brother if he does run again. if he is the nominee, the bush name could be a complication as well. >> you have great reporting on south carolina. a key primary state for republicans and democrats. it is a huge state for hillary clinton. apparently, you found strong support for the v.p., joe biden. >> i went down to columbia, south carolina, my favorite political state, for a couple days last week to go to one of
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these ready for hillary events. the groups gaining support for a potential candidacy. in 2008, she got absolutely thumped by barack obama in south carolina by 28 points. his win was built largely on the back of african-american voters. just talking to people, there is a little bit of a joe biden appetite. i was recently in iowa, his name didn't come up that much but in south caroli south carolina, he did. he has a lot of friends there, fritz holing, joe riley, jim clyburn, he vacations every year at kiawah island on the coast. he has been down to the state for political reasons and white house business. i randomly talk to people and his name came up a lot. hillary is still without a doubt the big front-runner there and a lot of former obama people going
8:15 am
to work for her. >> you should say, by the way, your piece on south carolina is burning up on it is fantastic. i get the sense that the hillary people, not the official held larry people, the ready for held larry people, don't fear joe biden. it doesn't mean they aren't afraid of some things. you note that there is one thing that a lot of people think could derail the hillary candidacy in south carolina. >> in 2008, 55% of the democratic primary electorate was african-american. they predict in 2016, it could be as high as 60%. an african-american talented, who is talented and charismatic could derail a potential hillary clinton candidacy. just this weekend in some dumb luck, deval patrick, massachusetts governor, set at
8:16 am
the national governor meeting, he is open to possibly maybe running for president someday. that could possibly be a name out there. again, hillary is in cruise control. always great to see you. everybody check out the piece on do it right now. come back after the commercial break. ahead at this hour, 15 yards for racial slurs. a new controversial rule on the table in the nfl. could it really be enforced? to quote from whitman, "you are here." "that life exists and identity."
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about anybody complaining. we don't va lot of time today. so i want to be very brief and
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go straight to "q" and "a" and discussions. we are where our economy is growing. our businesses have 8.5 million new jobs over the past four years. as i have said, the trends that have battered the middle class for a couple of decades are still there and still have to be addressed. those at the top are doing very well. ordinary families still feeling squeezed. too many americans are working harder than ever and barely getting by. reversing those trends are going to require us to work together around what i'm calling an opportunity agenda based on four things. number one, more good jobs that pay good wages. number two, training more americans to be able to take the jobs that are out there right now and the jobs that are created. number three, guaranteeing access to a world access education for every american child all across our 50 states
8:21 am
and our territories. making sure that hard work pays off with wages that you can live on, savings that you can retire on, health insurance that you can count on. all of this is going to take some action. so far, in the past few weeks, i have had to lift the wagers of workers who work for federal contractors to make sure their employees are getting paid at least $10.10 an hour. we have ordered an across-the-board reform of our job training programs, och much it aligned with the work mary has done as the head of the nga. we have elected our treasury to create a new way for americans to start i have saiving for retirement and help the long-term unemployed find work
8:22 am
and make sure all of our kids have access to high-speed internet and high-tech learning tools in the classroom. the point is, this has to be a year of action. i'm eager to work with congress wherever i can. my hope is that despite this being an election year, that there will be occasions where both parties determine that it makes sense to actually get some things done in this town. wherever i can work on my own, to expand opportunity for more americans, i'm going to do that. >> listening to president obama speak to the national governor association at the white house. he has been talking about the economy and his efforts to improve the economy. he also made a joke at the beginning to the governors, many of whom are no doubt eyeing a possible presidential run. the president said you were no doubt how to size up the drapes and size up each other. it is funny, because it is true. up next, a penalty for racial slurs. new rules on the table for what can and cannot be said on the field. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel.
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at this hour, breaking barriers, jason collins, the first openly gay athlete to play in the nba. >> he took his place in league history when he joined the brooklyn nets on the court yesterday after signing a ten-day contract. he played 11 minutes, grabbed two rebounds, a steal and the most impressive statistic, five
8:27 am
fouls in 11 minutes. that's hard to do. >> he is large and incharge. >> a lot of people on the floor. >> the nets beat the lakers, 108-102. in the very presence, it was a big deal after stating publicly last spring that he is gay. it represents a milestone. >> he got a standing ovation there at staples center in las vegas. another part of the sports culture that is set to change. the nfl is considering adopting a policy that would penalize players with a 15-yard penalty for using discriminatory language. we are joined by sid ziegler and l.g. granderson. >> first, cyd, if they are going to implement this penalty for
8:28 am
the "n" word, do you think others will be placed in? >> i'm a high school football official in addition to running and we consider all kinds of discriminatory and hateful language of the same ilt. in new jersey, any kind of epithet based on gender, sexual orientation or race gets you not only kicked out of that game but the following as well. the nfl is starting to catch up. >> lz, i have heard a lot of people, including a lot of players, say this will be awfully hard to enforce. what do you think about that? >> they are right. i applaud what's happening in the high school ranks. the fact is that you have tens of thousands of people in collegiate as well as the pro sport game. it will be very difficult too
8:29 am
determine who is saying what at what particular time. i am curious as to how they are going to verify the call. if the football crosses the plain, that's the touchdown. you are going to go back and listen to the audio and see if you have heard that word. it is a step the nfl is taking. you shouldn't have those slurs going on in the work place environment. >> i do wonder about people complaining it is hard to enforce. in baseball, you can't argue balls and strikes. in basketball, you can get a technical foul for something you say on the court or the ref. in football, a lot of calls are judgment calls anyway. they seem to penalize the second guy that comes to the fight and miss the first guy. they might stick. what do you think about that? >> what did they say about seattle's home team? >> what did they say about that?
8:30 am
>> we talked about the decibel level and how difficult it was to hear. can you imagine trying to hear a player in the middle of a scrum when the players are cheering. it will be difficult to determine who said what and difficult to enforce. >> it does seem like a he said, she said. cyd, it was interesting listening to you talk about these are the roles that you put in place in high school. these are grown men. the nfl is trying to do what it can to clean up its image. this the way to start? we all agree this is something they shouldn't be doing but is this the place to start? >> there is no wrong place to start to remove hateful language. as far as the enforce ability, the argument, i don't buy it. i have officiated games with 10,000 people in a stadium,
8:31 am
screaming, cities, championships. it is very loud. you can hear what people say. there are plenty of officials. officials don't catch every call. there is a holding call almost every single play. you call what you see and what you hear. if you don't hear it or know who said it, you don't call it. >> this idea. because it is so hard and unenforceable because you can't lose it is ludicrous. >> i am not even a football widow. i am, actually. because i lose the love of my life every sunday during football season. >> as it should be. >> isn't it too much to ask of the refs? >> what's a few more missed calls if they don't get it. it does get to the question, you know, is what's on the field the real issue here? does it get to the issue in the locker room and at practice where a lot of this stuff is
8:32 am
happening. look what happened to the dolphins. >> incognito. >> rich incognito as well as rodney cooper during the summer was afraid that these were white players that uttered the "n" word. that brought the wrath of the public on to the nfl. the nuance is that you have african-american players predominantly the ones saying this word. you have a cultural nuance in addition to the fact that it is going to be difficult to enforce. that's the reason why i think it is a worthwhile effort but there are going to be some difficulties. if you want to change the image of the nfl, you deal more aggressively with the players with duis and those accused of domestic violence. we have video of a player dragging a woman's limp body out of an elevator. that's a lot easier to enforce than somebody using the "n" word on the field during a game. >> cyd, lz, thanks for joining
8:33 am
us. >> thank you. ahead for us at this hour, is the u.s. fighting a new cold war with russia? how dangerous is it? ukraine and syria bringing up old wounds. how much should the u.s. be getting involved ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪
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what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. beginning to look a lot like a cold war standoff. ukrainian officials issued an arrest warrant for victor yanukovych. he cleared out the massive presidential complex and essentially disappeared. >> all eyes are on vladimir putin. what will the russian leader do now with his close ally on the run? will he use the russian military to suppress ukrainians who threw him out of office? how far is the white house
8:37 am
willing to go to key president putin in check. president obama rejects that the west is involved in a cold war game of chess. senator john mccain says the president is naive for that kind of thinking. >> our approach as the united states is not to see these as some cold war chest board in which we are in competition with russia. our cole is to make sure that the people of ukraine are able to make decisions for themselves about their future? this had nothing to do with the cold war. in the eyes of vladimir putin, it does. he wants to restore the russian empire. >> joining us now, cnn political commentator, will cain and news day columnist, alex hin abegan. >> vladimir putin has had quite
8:38 am
a year. this seems like a defeat for him. a close ally is on the run. how scared should the u.s. be about how he reacts? >> certainly, this is a defeat for him. may i respond to the president of the united states. the president seems to think if he says it so, it will be so. we have been involved in an emerging cold war with russia for several years frrks georgia, to syria, to ukraine. when mitt romney ran for president and said that russia was our number one geopolitical threat by the president of the united states and people like rachel maddow. was mitt romney correct? clearly, they are. what should we do about it? >> does the united states have a national security interest in y the ukraine? i'm not sure we do. >> susan rice told us the u.s. is not wanting to see the
8:39 am
country split apart. we have some sound. >> it is not in the interest of ukraine or russia or europe or the united states to see the country split. it is in nobody's interest to see violence return and the situation escalate. there is not an inherent contradiction between a ukraine that has long standing historic and cultural times to russia and a modern ukraine that wants to integrate more closely with europe. >> she goes on to say it is not in our interest to trourn a cold war construct and doesn't reflect the reality of the 21st century. the people of the ukraine are doing great. they have this rat on the run. we like that. they are actually making the soviet's delay. you know putin is itching to act. he wants to rebuild some kind of soviet glory. sochi didn't go as well as he had hoped. we have to find that kind of
8:40 am
middle ground between the muscularity that john mccain wants and don't do anything. we have to walk down, push our allies and try to create some support. let me read you something in the don't do nothing. >> let me bring up another former presidential candidate, ron paul. he was speaking out about this. he does not think the u.s. should be involved at all in the ukraine. >> if you asked most americans how they feel, my bet is that you would discover, they are sick and tired of the u.s. government getting involved in every crisis that arises. certainly, the american people want none of this intervention in the ukraine. >> i tend to agree with ron paul on this. your first question was to me, what will vladimir putin do? >> the ukraine is critically important to russia, a captive market for their products. vladimir putin needs the ukraine. we do not. we have to stand on the side of western values or push back in this geopolitical game.
8:41 am
is that worth the cost? >> the basic contradiction of what you are saying, you were saying everyone ignored the fact when mitt romney called russia the greatest strategic threat but on the other hand you are saying the united states should do nothing. marry those two thoughts. >> what i'm suggesting is that you first must recognize reality. that's what president obama is denying to do. now, whether or not that is in syria, ukraine or georgia. you can't pretend the world exists the way you want it. you have to understand the way it is working in reality. second, you have to deal with that reality. it doesn't demand action, the ukraine or syria does not demand action. it doesn't mean you get to pretend the world is a different way than it is. >> nobody is for that. let's look at the reality. you have the russians trying to make these aggressive moves, the people of the ukraine doing exactly what we admire, the things we did that formed our
8:42 am
country. the answer isn't some slogan. it is a job for grown-ups to build international coalitions, to put pressure on and use the u.n. and encourage the democratic forces there. this is not a day for slogans. no slogans. stop the slogans. >> the translation is, it gives them money. give money to the imf. fine. show us our national security interest. >> do you guys ever agree on anything? >> sometimes. that's going to be my goal to find things the two of you can find common ground on. >> where are we going next? police in las vegas are searching for the driver that ran down an elderly man in an apparent act of road rage. this is caught on surveillance footage. the driver is wanted for attempted murder. rosa flores has our story. the video is shocking.
8:43 am
las vegas police are calling this case of road rage attempted murder. watch as an elderly man walked through a vegas service station to pay for his gas and moments later, he is run down by another motorist. take a closer look at the driver pauses just inches away from the man's knees and then floors it, running him over, leaving him writhing in pain. police have turned to youtube asking for the public's help finding the driver of this gray honda accord. >> the youtube component is rearing its head more and more. >> youtube video led to several arrests following this frightening ordeal on new york's west side highway last fall much the driver of this suv was surrounded by a group of bikers after bumping one of their tires. he ran over three of them trying to get away.
8:44 am
crit critically injury one. he was dragged out of his car and beaten. this enraged mostist, went ballistic, caught on tape screaming profanities at another driver outside of camp pendleton in california. >> your loss of patience and your aggression could translate to your arrest. >> rosa flores, cnn, new york's. >> luckily, they have that footage and a lot of witnesses. hopefully, they will be able to get an identity. >> there is never a fight that should end that way. >> my goodness. let's take a short break. >> ahead at this hour, dr. drew has helped celebrities with all kinds of struggles. his own daughter is talking about her long battle with eating disorders. on inside that family?his going- did people notice? hey guys! sorry we're late.
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there is another winter storm on the horizon, more arctic air coming in. >> we just had nice weather for a nanosecond. temperatures are expected to plunge. >> here is what folks in parts of washington state are dealing with. they got a foot of snow in a 24-hour period over the weekend. it is supposed to hit 40 degrees
8:49 am
there today. it is all going to melt. there could be some flooding. at least it will be a warmup. >> maybe some winter resorts are getting snow in the mountains for skiers and snowboarders. >> you do need snow if you want to ski. new data on the physical and emotional health of americans across the country. a gallup study finds that high unemployment mainly in the south is resulting in poor access to basic necessities. >> the study looked atd 176,000 people from all 50 states to determine the most miserable states in the nation. are you ready to see the list? here is the most miserable. ohio, alabama, mississippi, followed by kentucky and the number one, west virginia remains at the bottom of the well-being list or number one on the misery list, depending on how you look at it, for the fifth straight year. >> this is no joke. basic human needs and things
8:50 am
people want to live. it talks about quality of life. >> you things are tough there right now, to be sure. hopefully things get better and we can reverse that trend. >> absolutely. >> we want to talk about something that has come to light today over the weekend. addiction specialist, dr. drew pinsky, we know him well, part of our family at turner and cnn. this addiction hits very close to home. his own daughter, paulina, has revealed to the public, she has battled an eating disorder for years. >> obviously, my father works in mental health. and so i knew what i needed to do to take care of myself. and it got to the point where i didn't want to live like that anymore. and i put myself in therapy. and i've been in therapy ever since. and i'm two years recovered. talking about it has been really helpful in my recovery. >> has it? >> yes. a lot of people have reached out, and talking about it gives me more clarity. and i'm comfortable talking about it. i'm not ashamed of it. and i think it's really important to talk about, because
8:51 am
it's such a stigmatized issue. >> dr. drew issued a statement saying, quote, we are so proud of paulina and her outreach to help others, and particularly empower women. when she recognized she needed help, she sought treatment and actively engaged in the process and now is using her insights to help others. joining us now is cnn entertainment reporter, nichelle turner. what strikes me, she grows up in a family with dr. drew. this just shows how difficult, even when you know there are these problems out there, even when you know addiction is an issue, even when you know the warning signs. >> even when you know you have a specialist in your own home that can help. >> it can also happen. >> yeah. you know, what i found so interesting about this, too, she was really revealing in this piece that she wrote, which, by the way, she wrote back in november. several months ago. and it's just now coming to light, because a publication picked it up. and published it. but she was saying that a lot of this stemmed from her relationship with her mother. and as -- yes. and the fact that she always
8:52 am
felt this pressure from her mother to be perfect. and she was an ice skater. you know, she trained, so she had this thing. and i wrote this down. she said, thinness became my entire identity. and that was so kind of profound to me. because these days, i mean, so many of us are obsessed with thin. myself included. about working out and trying to be thin. trying to, you know, look good. and i just thought it was really interesting, because she said she kind of blurted this out when they were just in the car one day and her mother was talking about how the people in her gym, the owners of her gym, and what they were doing. and she said, you know, i would rather be an overeater than an undereater. and her mother said no, and she said yes, and i've been for seven years, i've been throwing up since seventh grade. so interesting to me. >> it's interesting. a lot of people say the most intimate conversations happen like that, in the car. when you're both facing forward, nobody is making eye contact. that sometimes these nuggets come out like that. it also points, nichelle, made me realize when you were saying
8:53 am
that, that it shows what a personal struggle and battle this is. and you see your parent, doesn't matter if they're a police officer, the president of the united states, or an addiction specialist. you don't see them as that. you see them first and foremost as mom or dad. >> yeah, absolutely. and, you know, i think one of the real positives that has come out of this, and she was talking about, and that can teach other people, the fact she said not only did she rebuild her life and self esteem and body image, she also rebuilt that relationship with her mother. >> good for her. >> and they started from scratch. and now there's no judgment. there's just love. and i think that's really, really wonderful. >> and acceptance too. >> exactly. >> we come in different shapes and sizes. the two ladies sitting beside you. >> lord knows i love the two ladies sitting beside me. worked out very well for me. before i get too uncomfortable or start to sweat, can we talk about alec baldwin? >> can we? >> this man who wants no publici publicity, wants to shy away from the public spotlight, has
8:54 am
written a very, very big public article that thrust him right in the middle of the public spotlight. in "new york" magazine, he writes this piece where he says he's threatening to leave new york, because of all of the paparazzi. all of the public focus on him. he says, quote, i just can't live in new york anymore. everything i hated about l.a. i'm beginning to crave. i want my newest child to have a normal and decent a life as i can provide. new york doesn't seem the place for that anymore. i found this interesting and perplexing all at the same time. >> perplexing. >> yeah, me too. >> you know, it's interesting, because the question is, does he have a point? is the paparazzi way too overboard? i think he does have a point. but at the same time, i mean, alec baldwin has exhibited some pretty sketchy behavior in if different times. and some people say he brings a lot of it on himself. the question is, does alec baldwin really want to say goodbye to public life? i'm not sure i buy that. i'm not sure i buy that at all. because number one, he is a brilliant actor.
8:55 am
number two, i think some part of him likes the limelight. i thought this was a really interesting piece, though. because he chronicled and laid out all of these incidents that we have been seeing lately. whether what happened with his msnbc talk show. >> almost everything that went wrong in his life he kind of highlighted. how do you think it's going to be received? will people say, see, yeah, he is a mess? or just give him another shot. >> to be honest, if i'm honest, when i read it, i felt like he was placing a lot of blame elsewhere, and not on himself. so i'm not sure how positively it will be received, because, you know, i didn't think he was taking a lot of ownership for things that happened. >> look, if you want to read it, give yourself a minute. >> nichelle it turner, always a pleasure. you're getting that bug. >> i know, you can hear it, right? >> you still look great. to a story that i think will pique your interest. there are at least 250,000 words -- i counted them -- in the english language. apparently that still wasn't enough. at a spelling bee in kansas city, what happened? 11-year-old sophia hoffman and
8:56 am
13-year-old chris sharma were the last two spellers. they went 66 rounds without a winner, to the point where organizers had to stop because they ran out of words. >> how can you blow out of words? >> they blew through five hours of words, jb. organizers didn't want to pull anymore words from the dictionary, because they were concerned that one child my get a harder word than the other. so they just declared a tie. don't worry. they'll meet again for a spelloff, march 8th, to decide another that will go on to the big national bee in d.c. let's hope those folks in d.c. will have plenty of words. >> they exploded the spelling bee. >> they broke it. >> they broke the dictionary. >> that is it for us at this hour. thank you so much for joining us. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right after the break. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids
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