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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  May 6, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thank you for joining me today. "@ this hour" with berman and michaela starts now. >> get ready for more droughts, more heat waves and more extreme storms. the white house says that's coming as it lays out the most comprehensive climate change report ever in the united states. the cold war is over but a spy plane from that era was in the sky over california and it caused all sorts of major travel chaos. how did that happen? and she has kept her silence until now. monica lewinsky talking about her affair with president clinton. that story ahead "@ this hour." hello. i'm john berman. >> i'm michaela pereira. thank you for joining us. 11:00 a.m. in the east. 8:00 a.m. out west. >> there is not a human being in the united states who will not be affected by this.
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no matter where you live, get ready for worse storms, worse droughts, more fires, more disease. that is according to a new report that the white house is releasing today in which the white house calls for urgent action. >> hundreds of the nation's top climate scientists are weighing in on this report. they said the last decade was the warmest in record and lays out steps to cut carbon pollution and prepare americans for the impacts of climate change likely to come in the next 50 years. we have chad myers and senior white house correspondent jim accosta. good to have you both. chad, let's start with you. seems like we had a taste of this over the winter about what is to come. you had a chance to look through this report. what exactly is it saying about what will happen and what has already happened? >> i think what we're going to see are fewer normal days. when you watch your local weatherman and he shows you the almanac and says normal high is 84, it's not going to be 84.
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it's going to be 96 or 72. it's going to be extreme one way or the other. the northeast is going to see more heat waves and coastal flooding and more flash flooding inland like from irene and what we saw in sandy. significant flash flooding here. water issues in the southeast. we've seen them happen. a lot of people moving into the south not as much fresh water and flooding from tropical systems as well. the midwest, maybe one positive thing. a longer growing season. maybe more crops. but if there are more heat waves and droughts and more flash floods, that may counteract any positive that we have there whatsoever. the midwest and the plains a little bit different. the plains you'll see warmer temperatures so it will cost you more to cool your house. also you'll need more water to water your lawns and water your plants and water whatever is out there. that's an increase demand there. the southwest, more fires, more drought, probably more scarce water and it's already very scarce in the southwest. snow melt in the northwest earlier than normal causing summer rivers to be low and
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alaska sea ice is low. glaciers are shrinking. that methane release may happen if permafrost continues to thaw and infrastructure, the ground is expected to be frozen. that's how they built the infrastructure. if it's not frozen, things will change. oceans are absorbing the c02. it may affect the food chain all of the way up to what we want to eat from the ocean. if we kill the ocean, we have likely killed ourselves. >> the big question is what is the white house going to do about this? the predictions are quite dire. jim, it's not hard to find people who says this white house hasn't lived up to its promises from 2007 and 2008 and not pushing as hard as it could have on environmental issues. >> reporter: remember back to the 2008 campaign, it was one of the promises from the president that a lot of people remember.
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he said now this is the moment when the rise of the oceans begin to slow and our planet began to heal. a lot of environmentalists out there just don't think the president has lived up to that promise. he had a democratic house. had a democratic senate in the first couple of years of his administration but could not get climate legislation passed. what he had to do on his own is do sort of these executive actions along the way. he's got one that starts in june. new limits on emissions from power plants. a lot of republicans and the energy sector has tried to block that from happening. but it cleared through the supreme court. that's happening. he also raised fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks but again as we said, he has not been able to get climate legislation through the congress and there's this whole keystone pipeline matter that has really been hanging out there for this administration. that ball has been kicked down the field a little bit longer. they are waiting to see how a
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court dispute plays out in nebraska over the route of that pipeline taking oil from canada down to the gulf of mexico and i had a chance to get on a conference call earlier this morning to sort of ask what administration officials are thinking in terms of what can get passed up on capitol hill. they are painting this dire scenario so shouldn't they get something done about it with congress? they are saying republicans, many of them just don't believe that man-made climate change is happening and they call it a real challenge trying to change minds up on capitol hill so at this point all they can really hope for is putting out reports like this sitting down with meteorologists as the president will do later on this afternoon to sort of make it real and make it local for people around the country. but in terms of getting climate legislation passed, there is really no hope of doing that while this president is in office with the way things are up on capitol hill. they are just really at loggerheads over this issue. >> the problem is even the people that support this report even if people believe the predictions that are in here, for many americans it's just not
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a priority, which explains why more action hasn't happened. great to have you with us today. appreciate it. other stories we're following, for the first team we hear from investigators about with a they believe sunk that south korean ferry killing at least 267 people. most of them students. police now say excessive cargo and failure to bind it down properly contributed to that ship capsizing and ultimately sinking. the grim task of retrieving bodies is still going on. 35 people still unaccounted for and sadly a diver lost his life today. he had trouble with his oxygen supply while searching for victims. a former aide to new jersey governor chris christie is testifying under oath about last year's bridge gate scandal. the first of five people subpoenaed to appear before a special legislative committee. she worked for the top christie deputy believed to have set in motion the traffic jam on the
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george washington bridge to punish a democratic mayor. christie said he didn't know about the lane closures until after the fact. quite a story to tell. a single mother of four survived at least five days trapped and alone in her crushed upside down car. she had driven off a scenic highway last week in colorado. nobody knew where she was until a man stopped to take pictures and spotted her overturned car. he alerted authorities and told them there might be a body in that car. turns out she was injured and severely dehydrated but alive. >> the crash alone would have taken a toll on her. it's surprising she survived the crash at all and then to be down there for that amount of days without food and water. >> sadly doctors had to amputate the woman's feet. she's in critical but stable condition at this hour. the man credited with rescuing her will be joining ashleigh on
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"legal view" in next hour. terrorists strike again kidnapping eight more girls in nigeria. it comes weeks after more than 200 girls were kidnapped from a school. >> the terrorists group behind that mass kidnapping is threatening to sell those young girls. ouri our isha sesay joins us. really good to have you with us. what are we learning about this group of eight girls that have been kidnapped. what do we know? >> a hard time getting through. this report in from reuters says another incident where eight more girls were kidnapped overnight. this of course follows what happened now about three weeks ago when 200 girls were taken from a school in the north of the country by the terrorist group boko haram. we do have isha sesay now. what can you tell us about this group of eight new girls that have been kidnapped?
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sorry? we do not have her at this point. we'll take a break and talk to her when we can. what caused a huge computer outage across southern california paralyzing flights? how about this? a spy plane. a spy plane. so what is a spy plane doing over california, you ask? that's ahead "@ this hour." scott: appears buster's been busy.
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a very old plane is causing very big problems for thousands of travelers or at least it did. remember that computer glitch th that paralyzed flight operations in southern california last
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week? >> it was caused by your every day u2 spy plane. they flew during the cold cwar but are getting in way of air traffic control in california. u2 spy plane, what's it doing there and what went wrong? >> that's the big question. i love the way you say your every day average u2 spy plane as if we knew that these things are flying overhead in california. here's what we found out from the air force. we know that it was on a training mission. it had left beal air force face. a routine training mission. they use these spy planes for mission but they expect to retire them in 2015. short answer is routine flying mission when everything pretty much went wrong there. >> that's what they say. mary, let's talk to you about this. how does all of this happen that
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this plane was in the air. they're in a routine training mission or at least a routine flight. how is it that these lines could get crossed in such a way? >> perhaps the best way to think of this is a generation gap. the u2 spy plane is cold war era and it speaks the language of those of us born in the '50s. it talks old computer language. we're building a brand new air traffic control system. if it's ever finished, it will be marvelous and make mid air collisions and problems in the air things of the past. it speaks a new computer language. what it assumes is your plane is going to go directly where it wants to do but older planes and old equipment fly way points in the sky like we saw in malaysia. they thought it was hitting way points when it was flying a direct route. the computer interpreted this spy plane as hopscotching across the southern california sky and
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getting in the way of other planes even though it was probably at 70,000 feet. the two computers were having problems talking to each other because one was probably speaking from the '50s and '60s and the other is the new system, which isn't done yet but these problems plague it from time to time just having old equipment trying to talk to a new system. it's happened many times. >> someone on twitter said maybe the u2 was spying on cabo san lucas. >> nothing to see there. let me ask you about flight 370. leaders of china, malaysia, australia, getting ready to talk about the future of this investigation. what do you think will come from this meeting? >> i think there are several things coming out of the meeting. they'll get a working plan in place and hopefully stick to it. a lot of people were concerned when they ran off to the bay of bengal. they want to go forward with a clear plan and lines of responsibility so what country will do what. they are asking for new
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equipment. they need underwater vehicles that can go deeper than bluefin and they look for money. they want additional countries to contribute including -- this was kind of an interesting statement. they want countries who made the equipment, ie boeing, to contribute to the investigation as well and then of course they want to put a plan in place of how to take care of the families. much needed and very, very necessary. >> all right. thanks for bringing us up to date on old world/new world aviation technology and latest on the search for flight 370. >> we have our communications square with nigeria right now where terrorists struck again kidnapping eight more girls there. we're just getting details again about this latest abduction of eight girls that comes two weeks after more than 200 girls were kidnapped from their school. >> the terrorist group is threatening to sell those girls. we want to get isha sesay. the news coming out eight more
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girls were taken by armed gunmen. what do we know? is there a chance this was boko haram once again? >> reporter: hi there. the feeling on the ground here is that this is indeed boko haram operation once again in the northeast of nigeria, the area they laid siege the last couple years, raiding and killing and making off with people's children. as if the situation could get any worse. we know about 200 plus girls snatched from their beds three weeks ago and overnight we hear that eight more girls taken from their homes and we hear that age is between 12 and 15 and that these armed militants came in in vehicles overnight. they raided homes and took goods and money but most distressingly of all they took these children with them. i think really one has to pause for a moment and just try to fathom the heartbreak and terror these parents must be going through right now. this new family of these eight
8:18 am
children because they heard from the boko haram leader on this tape when he spoke about taking previous girls and his intentions for them so to have it happen on the heels of that is heartbreaking and distressing because it speaks to the growing capabilities of boko haram. boko haram is operating in a part of the country supposed to be under a stage of emergency but yet they managed to do this again. >> it is distressing. it is heartbreaking coming up this hour we'll speak to someone who thinks more has to be done. i think the world over agrees that more has to be done and the nigerian president has to take stronger action in trying to get those girls back. >> you are left with a sense of impotence from nigeria. not only can they not find 200 girls they kidnapped, they can't keep more girls from being kidnapped. clearly a serious issue here. we'll talk about that in a little bit. coming up, did you know that a chemical used in flame
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you don't like drinking flame retardants? you'll be happy to hear that coca-cola will get rid of a chemical linked to them. >> it's used to keep plastics and kids clothing from bursting into flames.
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not so refreshing sounding anymore, is it? christine romans is here. everyone is wondering why this would be in our beverage to begin with? >> it's a chemical that helps different ingredients stick together. when you talk about -- >> keep them from separating. >> keeps it a smooth blend. it's one of these chemicals they've long used that stabilized different flavors inside the drink and used as a flame retardant in plastics and banned in the eu and japan. coca-cola says it's safe and all beverages are safe and they always have been safe is what coca-cola keeps stressing. they comply with regulations in countries where they are sold. >> why the change? coke didn't wake up this morning and said let's get rid of bvo. >> in 2012, a young woman started a petition because she wanted powerade to take it out of that drink.
8:24 am
that was her favorite drink. she wanted gatorade to rid itself of it. powerade is owned by coke. a couple hundred thousand people saying why is there something that is patented as flame retardant in something i'm drinking? is it bad for you? coke says no. a lot of science groups say there's a reason it's not allowed in other countries. mayo clinic on its website links bvo to memory loss and skin issues. think about people drinking the same flavored drink. some people do drink a lot of this stuff. >> it makes me wonder if it's been in coke products, what other products could it be in that we're consuming? >> it's in a lot of different products and a lot of different products we touch. when you talk to chemical activists concerned about how many different ways we are exposed to different chemicals they worry about it in our drinks and stuff that surrounds us that we touch. there's a new movement toward natural products.
8:25 am
i think this happens for coke and other drink companies at a good time because they want to know stuff is out and sells. >> a new drink i think is safe is called water. hydrating. >> is it widely available? >> widely available and refreshing. christine romans, thank you so much. >> you're surrounded by your tv wives today. >> either a dream or a nightmare or both. coming up, she didn't want to talk about it until now. monica lewinsky on her affair with president clinton. these are words we have not seen before. we'll have them ahead "@ this hour." >> first, here's a look at this week's cnn hero. >> when i'm running, i feel limitless. feeling emotion makes me feel free. when you really push yourself, that's when you really feel alive. but there are millions of people around the world that are facing severe physical limitations. they can't be independent. they can't live their lives.
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i spent years training olympic athletes, football players, body builders. one day a young guy, newly spinal cord injured, came to the gym asking for help. at first didn't know what to do. we worked together and he made tremendous progress. take a breath. reach out. reach out. bring it back. before you knew it, my phone rang off the hook. people asking for help. bring it up. i opened a gym designed to fit their needs. ready to go to work? >> heck yeah. >> for the last 25 years i provided strength and conditioning training for people with disabilities. nice job. people come to me when they're at their lowest. up. up. up. hold it. rack it. you come to the gym and all of a sudden you have a natural support network. >> in 1971, i broke my back and i have been in a wheelchair ever since. i keep my upper body strength at
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a maximum. i've been able to live a full life. >> i never worry about what they can't do. i worry about what they can do. >> i can do it. >> yes, you can. good job. >> i did up to ten. >> building them up and building them stronger so they can live life what they can do. >> those words i can do it are wonderful to hear. each week we honor a new cnn hero. an every day person making a big difference. do you know someone that deserves that recognition, tell us about them. de>>who's got twond rhooves and just got ae.
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monica lewinsky, her name has been synonymous with scandal since the 1990s. we haven't heard a peep from her over the last few years. she's back and writing about her affair with president clinton. >> it's that notion that her name is synonymous with scandal that has her writing again. she says it's time to burn the beret and bury. we want to bring in suzanne malveaux. you covered the white house during this era. i remember months and months of time we devoted to coverage here. the question is where does this come from now from monica
8:32 am
lewinsky? >> it's fascinating because so many of us have wondered where has she been over the last 16 years? i used to see her quite often at the watergate apartment complex. that is where we would stake her out as journalists just to get a shot of her or to see her coming and going during this very difficult time for her. she was always very gracious. occasionally you would see her in a coffee shop in d.c. she disappeared after the trial. she was 24 at the time. now 40 years old. she moved to london. got a master's degree. she's lived in l.a., new york, portland, oregon. she has had some difficulty holding down jobs and she talks about that in this article. some ups and downs. she turned down a $10 million job offer because it wasn't the right thing to do. this is what she says of the affair. she says it is time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. she takes her responsibility.
8:33 am
i, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and president clinton. she says let me say it again. i. myself. deeply regret what happened. how does she see this relationship with the president? she goes on to talk about it. she says sure. my boss took advantage of me but i will always remain firm on this point. it was a consensual relationship. any abuse came in the aftermath when i was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. the clinton administration, the special prosecutors and both sides of the aisle and media were able to brand me and that brand stuck in part because it was with power. all of us covering the story at the time, there was a lot of hand wringing. discussions from managers and journalists and how do we handle
8:34 am
this. there was such controversy around this. finally why is she doing this at this time coming forward? it turns out that she was really deeply impacted by the tyler clementi suicide. the 18-year-old freshman at rutgers who committed suicide after he was seen kissing another man on a webcam that went viral. she says my own suffering took on different meaning perhaps by sharing my story i reasoned i might be able to help others in their darkest moments of hum humiliati humiliation. the question is how do i find and give a purpose to my past. >> suzanne malveaux, very interesting to think once again about these times and to hear her take on it now. a different take than she might have had back in '98 and '99. >> she was 24 years old. as a 40-year-old woman you have different perspective in light of the things that have happened in her life and knowing choice
8:35 am
she is machoices she made and how they impacted her. >> we want to talk more about it after the break including what does it mean now? what does it mean for the clintons future? not just bill clinton but hillary clinton. that's just ahead "@ this hour." it was a blistery rash. i couldn't lay down i couldn't sit up because it burned so much. as first lady of our church we have meetings. we have activities. and i couldn't do any of that. any time anything brushed up against this rash it would seem like it would set it on fire again. it was the worst pain i ever had. and it feels like your lifeate revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab.
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comcast business built for business. it really is fascinating. monica lewinsky back in the news this morning. a few minutes ago this blast from the past. >> feels like it. after a decade of silence she's talking about her affair with president clinton in the new issue of vanity yfair she wants to hell her side of the story and take back her own narrative. >> this has implications way beyond monica lewinsky. there's a presidential election coming up in a few years i'm told. let's talk about this with two
8:39 am
cnn political commentators and two friends we're happy to have here with us. >> you didn't tell me rock stars were coming to the show. >> rock stars today. let's talk about hillary clinton. mrs. clinton called monica lewinsky a loony tune. she says i find her impulse to blame women not only me but herself troubling. >> troubling would be a delicate word for that. look, the timing of this is interesting. you can go either way. you can say look, it's good that she's coming out now that maybe there is a she doesn't want to hurt the clinton family or you could say this is revenge. i do think it's problematic. i wonder if this is an opportunity for hillary clinton to retract some of that. this female political figure who has been so much hurt by sexism
8:40 am
in the media was also propagating it against monica. it's not cool. >> i couldn't help but notice you smiled evilly. >> evil in a good way. >> that evil smile. which side of the coin do you think helping, hindering, timing is suspicious? >> is there a helping side to that coin to help the clinton campaign? there isn't. this hurts hillary. i find monica a submympathetic figure at this point. she was branded not just by the administration and perhaps she wants revenge on the administration but by conservative media as well. for over a decade she's been a source of mockery and at some point you have to go enough is enough. she made a mistake in her life and she wants to escape what she's been branded as for over a decade. i want to grant her that ability. >> she says i was possibly the
8:41 am
first person whose global humiliation was driven by the internet. >> we have to own the fact that we have a scandal driven media cycle. we move on. 24 hours we have forgotten about the last person we were yelling and screaming about but their lives have been tarnished. she talks about her trouble getting a job. you think about christie scandal. that's going to be over at some point but her life is ruined. the lives are still ruined. >> we can say this about monica. she didn't try to be v. stiviano. she went away for a long time. she didn't want the attention. >> she did do a barbara walter's interview. >> who doesn't want to do a barbara walter interview? republicans will try to drag everything they can through the mud, benghazi, to try to hurt hillary clinton. it's not like hillary clinton slept with monica lewinsky.
8:42 am
it's not like this is actually about her behavior and what hillary clinton did and her ability to lead. this is sort of really reveals the republican desperation that will will try to be giddy. >> i hope you two will come back to this program. >> i hope you invite us to come back. i'll come running. >> you'll have to up your game next time. >> new names for you both next time. good to have you here. ahead, another group of girls. this is coming out today. there is no understanding it. eight more girls kidnapped by terrorists in nigeria. this just a few weeks after 200 school girls were abducted sparking outrage around the world. what can be done to bring our girls back? mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection.
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we know you do so much more. that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. this just into cnn a few minutes ago. terrorists kidnapped eight more girls in nigeria.
8:46 am
a witness telling cnn that armed men stormed a village overnight and took these girls from their homes. this of course comes just three weeks after more than 200 girls were taken at gunpoint from their boarding school. this happened in the northern area of nigeria. >> the leader of the terrorist group boko haram has gone public with his horrific and outrageous plan to sell the girls. they would likely be forced to become sex slaves or child brides. a doctor is founder and publisher of u.s. africa multimedia networks joining us now from houston. doctor, thank you for joining us. i think that most of us or all of us are astounded to hear that even more young girls have been kidnapped. it makes us wonder if the nigerian government capable of stopping this terror group, the information minister announced a fact finding committee. a committee doesn't seem strong enough or decisive enough.
8:47 am
>> i agree entirely with you. the approach to fundamentalist is not to announce a committee but to go out with what i call the pressure of an iron fist to inoculate and defeat them and to ensure the safety of the children. the more they have opportunities to kidnap, the more kids they will take. it's unfortunate that the government has not responded quickly to the challenge of islamic fundamentalists and terrorism in nigeria. >> there's a bit of an international outcry now and so many people are pressuring the united states government to try to provide support to nigeria and fight back against this terrorist group. the question is there internal pressure or enough internal
8:48 am
pressure in nigeria to the president there to fight back against this terror group to get the 200 girls back? >> you're right on the mark with your question. initially we didn't have strong enough pressure. there is a lot of activity on the social media networks. in order to put pressure on the government to do more. but more nigerians need to express and show their outrage at the level of criminal impunity that the boko haram is exercising and in terms of internal pressure, the second level which i think the government of nigeria ought to take into consideration is the fact that they are nigerians and
8:49 am
they are funding the boko haram. why should they be allowed to make part of the country ungovernorable. why should the government not go after these folks in order to recognize their bigotry and terrorism? those are issues the government needs to take into consideration quickly before there are more activities of terrorism and kidnappings across the country. >> as you mention, there's other acts of terrorism. people have been killed. we know there's been other acts of violence not just these 200 or more girls kidnapped. i almost hate to ask this because we never want to give up hope on our children. do you feel confident they're going to find these girls and bring them home? >> i am more hopeful than i am
8:50 am
confident just based on the experience of past efforts. >> let's remain hopeful, let's pressure as many governments as we can. to pressure the government itself to take action. >> if you want to find out ways to help, youen ka impact the world by helping girls get an education. we know this is at the core of what the terrorists want to keep from happening. >> that's a good idea. all right, ahead for us, the white house correspondents dinner, always good for a few laughs, if you're invited. this year didn't fall short. we will speak to the executive producer of this year's really comedic video hit. >> this was funny. [ phone ringing ] >> hey, girl. >> hey, j-dog, are you going to this dinner thing tonight? >> no, i'm not going. i got important things going on
8:51 am
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i'm going to say it right here at this hour, the team are
8:55 am
big fans of the hbo show "veep" with julia louis-dreyfus. a video of the show has been quite the hit, also a monster on youtube. >> those of us not cool enough to get an invite to the dinner, we saw it on youtube. let's take a look now. >> i'm going to remember that. oh, yeah. okay. ha! >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, don't touch the desk, don't touch the desk. >> okay. >> come on, let's get out here and get something to eat. >> yeah. >> this is good. my granddaughters like the sprinkles. >> this is like the sweetest thing you can get in the executive branch. >> hey, guys. what are you doing? >> nothing. >> what's in your mouth? >> carrots. >> all right, so this clip, funny with a capital "f."
8:56 am
by the way, a letter you hear a lot on the show either sunday night. armando is the creator of this show. he joins us right now. we're honored, honestly, to have you here with us. it's a delight to say. one of the things you hear in washington is they always compare people to character, in the show. >> yes. >> these are awful, horrible people in the show. what does it say to you that people are comparing themselves? >> politicians never identify themselves as someone on the show. they say they always work with someone who reminds them of someone on the show. >> ah. that's a problem because you seem to have all of these people, we saw the correspondents video, it was genius. you had so many people play along. really, really well. did you have to twist arms? >> we had nancy pelosi, john boehner. >> j-dog. >> the biggest in washington. >> you were bringing people together. everyone else has failed, you have succeeded. >> great, am i in charge? can i run the country for the next five minutes? >> we both talk about how much
8:57 am
we love the show. even on this, how much improvising do you allow or do they sort of run with? >> well, something like that, i think the thing is you discover when you're working with people like the vice president, they don't have much time, you know, you're told months in advance, ten minutes here, five minutes there. even getting into the oval office was a bit of a feat in itself. there were only 15 minutes to shoot. on the show, i wanted to sound very natural and spontaneous so we encourage them to ad-lib. >> if you swear a lot, it has to sound natural. i can tell by your accent, you're not actually from the united states. >> i'm from the uk. i worked a lot for the bbc and did a political comedy there. so veep is the sort of distance cous cousin. >> is there something about the vice presidency, because it's fairly unique in terms of the job around the world. is there something about the vice presidency inherently funny even from the outside? >> we, yes, several vice
8:58 am
presidential chief of staff have told me the thing about america, it's all about coming first. it's about victory and success. if you're vice president, you're effectively going around with a button saying two all the time. and yet any second you could be in charge. that's the thing. you're so close and so far. >> a little respect yet not much. i loved seeing veep joe and veep s selena together. >> oh, no, absolutely. the chemistry companiesy comes think. >> it really does. >> all the people were doing it out of good will really, just out of entertainment. >> i don't want to give away the plot of the show but you have a presidential election going on, right? there are some of us concerned about what happens after the election. >> you're right, you might have to change the premise of the show here. >> you think you're concerned? >> no, you, yeah. >> we're just starting work on
8:59 am
the next season. and we're just trying to get to grips with what happens next. this season, she's campaigning now. i think we'll get as far as the new hampshire primary. and then we'll see what happens next. >> you want to give us a preview right here, at this the hour? >> she certainly is on the ballot for the new hampshire primary. how well she does, i can't reveal. >> well, if you need newscasters -- >> -- more informative than most of our political guests. thank you. >> armando iannuchi, thank you for coming. thank you for making us all laugh. >> we have a few seconds to share. we'll use the opportunity to pitch our facebook page. i've been on it a lot. so have thousands and thousands of you. i think thousands more should go there right now. >> and they should tell a thousand of their friends. >> what you do, you go to the face bobook page, you like it, tell a thousand people, so on, so on, and my kids can go to college. >> a few of us on instagram and
9:00 am
twitter as well. so we're doing things. thanks for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. islamic militants who kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls could be at it again. suspected boko haram gunman stealing even more girls away from their families. also this hour, a car tumble, off a colorado mountainside, landing upside down at the bottom of a ravine, leaving kristin hopkins badly injured and trapped for five long days. her story of survival will amaze you. and she's back. monica lewinsky says it is time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. the ex-white house intern


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