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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  May 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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usually get mistaken for you guessed it, it happened again just last week on this program. >> today's decision, what was your reaction? >> first of all, thanks for having me. wolf. >> anderson. >> anderson. >> i get mistaken for wolf all the time though. he's far older than i am about you. >> yeah, you are much better looking, too. >> also dr. drew. i had somebody yell at me on the street the other day, hey, dr. drew. i was like [ bleep ] you. sorry. anyway, i consider all a compliment. call me wolf, an older ad adam vin. cnn tonight starts now. >> i'm bill we are.
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welcome to cnn tonight. a crusading journalist and familiar tv face takes on a big business that is making americans sick by the millions. no, not big tobacco but this one may be more hazardous to your health. it is big sugar. katie can couric is fed up with the industry's big lie she says is making millions of americans especially kids obese and diabetic and could be shortening their lives. tonight she tells us who is in big sugar's back pocket and what you can do about if. the desperate cry still rings out around the world, bring back our girls. now for the first time the parents of one of the hundreds of kidnapped girls speak out at is terrorists who took them unleash another brutal attack. also what woodward and bernstein were to watergate, michael isikoff was to monica gate. what does he think of the re-emergence of clinton's onetime pair more? and also, vladimir putin backs
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down or does he? how pooping bees taught america a valuable lesson in the cold war and how it might save us from another. let us begin with katie couric's crusade against the obesity epidemic. movie of us assume mixing in a few more salads is the key to getting back into the skinny jeans. if a kid is obese, that's too many video games. but the new film "fed up" says everything you think about food and exercise is dead wrong. including michelle obama's let's move campaign. >> the epidemic here is worse than previously estimated. much worse. >> the message that's been pushed on us, it's your fault you're fat. >> shouldn't be so hard to get them to run around and play. >> they have appetites and don't exercise enough. >> it's about how active our kids are. >> forget about it. >> this is strong stuff. fed up is narrated executive
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produced by katie couric. she joins me now along with renowned public health expert dr. mark hyman featured in his new book the ten-day detox diet. welcome to both of you. good to meet you. >> nice to see you. >> this is a brave film. it's not everybody who calls out michelle obama and sarah palin and coke and pepsi and little debbie. did you get any blowback? what's the response? >> the film is coming out on friday night. so we'll see about that. but you know, i mean, i think it's a little bit of a misrepresentation to say that we i think we question sort of the message behind her campaign. initially, we give her great credit for taking the issue on and certainly she has gotten many things accomplished simply by bringing attention to the problem. this fall, i think soda,
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coca-cola and pepsis and all kinds of sodas will be taken out of vending machines in schools all across the country. we applaud that. some of our experts contend she formed i guess you'd call it unholy alliance with some major food companies. it's very hard to institute change when you're working with the very companies that want to protect the status quo. >> we're going to get to that. i want to save that for the next segment. it's fascinating the tug of war between big business and government and public health. let's start at the beginning with the premise. you start the film with the idea that you know, if you need to get back in your skinny jeans, you just need to get on the treadmill more and if a child is obese, then that is culture or genetics or the xbox. wrong you say. >> it is wrong. we know the messages, the food industry purports to tell us if we jt exercise more and eat less, we'll lose weight. exercise is the solution. that's their mantra. you have to walk 4 1/2 miles to burn off one soda and burn off
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one supersized meal. we have to look what's driving it. what's driving it is sugar. we know from the science that sugar is really causing this abdominal fat causing much of the diabetes and obesity today. it's really an addictive substance driving this process. >> the history is fascinating back in the days of disco, scientists realized fat was bad. that was replaced with. >> with sugar in 1977, the mcgovern report said that the american diet was too high in saturated fat and too high in sugar. and the meat, poultry, dairy and egg industries were very nervous that that would mean that people were going to buy fewer of their products. so that was when the low fat craze happened. but when you extract fat from many of these products, they taste as robert be the said in our film, like cardboard. so they have to pump in the sugar. and so i think one of the most
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telling images in our film is when we show ranch dressing with half the fat and double the sugar. and i think people are surprised but i don't know about you, bill, but for me when i go not grocery store, i'm always buying low fat everything thinking it's better for you. i didn't realize until i helped make this film that it meant so much added sugar, even in things like tomato sauce. there is so much 600,000 products in the grocery store, 80% of those have added sugar. and americans doubled their consumption of sugar from 1977 to 2000, it decreased after 2000 but that was because of the prevalence of high fructose corn syrup. >> not only does it is taste good and triggers insulin which stores fat but i cite this study cocaine addicted rats, which are the worst kind of rats would prefer sugar water to more cocaine. >> they have studies where they put them on an electric shock
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pad and they continue to consume sugar even while getting the shock. that's what happens to americans even while the adverse effects of obesity and chronic disease and effects on their life are happening they continue to consume sugar because it's addictive. even if people don't know what they're eating like the mill shake study lit up the brain like cocaine in the high sugar milkshake even though they were the same calories and protein grams. not all calories are the same. it's much more complicated than calories in, calories out. sugar calories make you fat. fat calories aren't the ones that are the problem despite what we thought for 30 years. >> you interviewed president clinton. i want to play a clip of this asking about whether or not we should all get behind this government effort. here's a little look at that. >> do you think the government is behind when it comes to helping americans reduce their sugar intake? >> yes, i do. >> why? why are they doing this. >> i think that. >> why aren't they doing more?
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>>. >> i can't answer that particularly since corn has been turned into fructose and is a sweetener for soft drinks which i don't think is a good use of corn. but i think that america is still insufficiently alert to the damage we are doing long-term to our collective health by too much sugar intake. >> this is not unlike tobacco. the idea education about that in the early days, wrestling with that and the lobbies that fight to keep that warning out of the public. >> i think one of the most effective parts of the film is really showing how in many ways the food industry is it mimicking the techniques that big tobacco took even though we knew cigarette ceremonying was very hazardous to your health. they're denying it could be harmful. they're saying sugar sweetened beverages should be part of your daily consumption of calliries.
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a calorie is a calorie and as long as you exercise and make up for it in other areas, it's perfectly fine. whistle we know it really can be quite damaging to your health. >> that's true. there's a scene in the movie where the head of the american beverage association is testifying before congress and says he rejects any notion that sodas are harmful. yet, we know that one can of soda increases a kids's risk of being obese by 60%, a woman having type ii diabetes by 70%. the number one cause of obesity in study after study. so for him to get up in front of congress and lie, it's stunning >> there's another great moment where you talk to this doctor who has taken 2.5 mil and said the science is still out. when we come back, i want to talk about big foods fight against any sort of change and one of the most shocking facts in this film. we now have 6-month-old babies in this country already obese. not an exaggeration to say this
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between 1977 and 2,000 is, americans have doubled their daily intake of sugar. >> sugar is poison. the med bol lick diseases that are associated with obesity, the diabetes, the heart disease, the
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lipid problems, the strokes, the cancer, those diseases are being driven by sugar. >> that from the new film "fed up." katie couric and dr. mark hyman are back with us live. when people said we realize the problem. the political fight is the fascinating how big food rallied. there was an effort to try to get pizza out of school lunches. this giant pizzamaker has their democratic senator try to convince us that pizza is a vegetable. >> i think big food also provides a lot of big jobs and a lot of small jobs for many people all across the country. and when amy klobuchar saw that they wanted to take pizza out of school calf tier az, the company that makes 70% of the nation's pizza for schools is located in her state. she wanted to protect those jobs, understandably, and yet, you know, i think there's always
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this dichotomy between you want to feed our kids well, but these schools get big paybacks from fast food restaurants and you know, 50% of the schools' cafeteria in this country actually serve fast food to their students. one of our experts dr. brin nel i thought said it so well. he said schools have turned into 7-elevens with books. >> that's a great line. michelle obama starts the let's move campaign and starts growing carrots in the white house garden. so big food had an interesting choice. they could push back or sort of -- >> they cooperated with her in the process. she's trying to do the right thing and speaking out and declaring this an issue and motivating americans to pay attention. and a lot of things that have been part improving nutrition in schools all great. she got caught by the food industry saying let's partner with you. we'll take calories out of the food supply. it means 14 calories a day.
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it sounds great but subverts process and means they take an oreo from 100 calories to 90 calories. >> here's a clip from the film, michelle obama from big food. >> reform late their foods in a number of ways. >> all the food manufacturers drew her into a very long complicated intricate discussion about processed food, how we can make processed food better. but whatever they do to processed foods, it will be used to sell us more processed foods than we should probably eat. that's the beauty of a processed food. you can dial up the carbs, dial down the carbs. same with proteins. same with sugars. all these changes become marketing claims. designed to get you to buy more. >> and i know we don't want to beat up the first lady on this, but do you point out that her
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message moved from let's move towards healthier foods to let's play more kickball whichs we talked about in the last segment isn't going to do it. >> no, it's not. i also don't want to say this is not an anti-exercise film. you know, i think everyone acknowledges the importance of exercise to your overall health. i think all our -- all we're contending is that it's not -- you're not going to be able to exercise yourselves out of the obesity epidemic in this country. for that matter around the world. >> what do you do in your homes? you've got two daughters. >> i do. >> were you ever a junk food family? >> youknow, i mean, i would say moderate. i mean, i would try not to buy a lot of processed foods if i could. but you know, i was guilty of buying low fat everything. i remember when snack wells came out in the 1980s, i was like halla, i can eat cookies and it's fine and they're not bad for me because they're low fat.
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isn't this genius. it's still up till probably a few months ago, i always grabbed the low pat peanut butter, the low fat mayonnaise, the low fat salad dressing because you think low fat, it's got to be better. now i'm not doing that anymore because i realize it's just loaded with sugar. i look at labels so much differently, bill. i was pretty well versed and i'd pay attention. but now i'm like how much specifically added sugar is in there. now i know that four grams equals one teaspoon. the american heart association says the safe amount to consume is six teaspoons for a woman. there's a threshold. >> what's interesting is it doesn't show the daily percentage. sugar is the one ingredient. >> there's no recommended dietary allowance of sugar. it's a recreational drug. we all maybe like to have a glass of wine or tequila. that doesn't mean we should be drinking it all day.
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>> as a public health advocate and somebody who looks at policy, what do you think of the bloomberg soda ban which deblasio is trying to bring back? >> i talked to michael bloomberg the other night. he tried an initiative to get a test to see what would happen if we restricted the access of sodas using food stamps. he couldn't get the usda to approve a pilot study to restrict access of soda with food stamps just to see what would happen. that's craziness. usda spends $4 billion in food stamps paying for soda. that's ten billion servings a year to the poor which they pay on the front end and on the back paying for medicaid for diabetes and obesity related complications. >> you can't help but look at the kids. you have some beautiful children in this film and you make the case they were type ii diabetes which is early adult-onset diabetes. in 1980, zero cases.
6:20 pm
in 2010, almost 60,000. >> i know. i think the statistics in the film are staggering. when you think about it, if we stay on had current trajectory in, two decades all americans, 95% rather of americans will be overweight or obese. by 2050, one in three will have diabetes. i think this is the saddest fact of all. this current generation of children is the first expected to have shorter life spans than their parents. now, if that isn't an outrageous legacy we're leaving to our children, i don't know what is. and if that doesn't make people at least pay more attention to this issue and get mad and get fed up about it, i don't know what will. >> it will certainly start a conversation this film. it's hugely powerful. before i let you go, and fib me for talking shop in front of you here, congrats on emmy nomination. >> thank you so much. >> your show is winding down in the summer. >> yeah, we're going to finish taping in the middle of june. and i'm sad because i have the
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greatest staff on the planet. i love the people i work with. but i'm on to do -- i'm starting already. i've done a number of interviews for yahoo! news and i'll continue to do that. i'm very excited. i think it's going to be incredibly liberating to get out to be able to get back out in the field and have more flexibility in terms of some of the topics i'm interested in covering. and so i'm very excited about it. >> you miss morning tv ever? >> sometimes. yeah, i miss the gang. you know, i had a wonderful 15-year run at the "today" show. and you know, i'm still in touch with them. they'll always have a special place in my heart. >> even at 3:30 in the morning when the alarm goes off? you sleep through that. >> the dirty little secret is i never got up that early. i got up at like 5:30. they would be like, is she coming in today? >> would you ever go back? >> i don't think so, no, no. no. >> one major anchor one day will be the first digital anchor anya
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who snap add you up. congrats on that. >> thank you. >> and the film and it's great meeting both of you guys. >> thank you, bill. thank you for your interest in the movie we're really hoping -- you know, i don't want to be in a position that i'm telling people what to eat and what not to eat. i just want them to be armed with the information they deserve. so they can make educated choices for themselves and their families. >> right. >> katie couric, dr. mark hyman, thank you. "fed up" opens friday. eit people. coming up next, back in the late '90s if you would have said that monica lewinsky would be a poignant sympathetic figure by 2014, they might have thrown a net on you. she writes the media were able to brand her. let's find out what michael isikoff thinks about that. he wrote the book literally on the scandal and joins me next. t. over 400,000 new private sector jobs...
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and now a new point of view from a familiar name on a story as old as politics. powerful men have been coupling with vulnerable women since the days of caesar. but the first huge scandal of the internet age was hands down intern gate. now that intern is 40 years old and after a long time shunning the spotlight, monica lewinsky wants us to re-evaluate the definition of her as a vulnerable woman. she is using the pages of "vanity fair"ing to burn the and take back her story.dress few people know that story better than michael isikoff, he was the one man the author of
6:27 pm
uncovering clinton a reporter's story and he joins us from d.c. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you, bill. >> as the guy who you know, had linda tripp in his ear and was right there as all of this was unfolding i'm so curious what your reaction was today leading the article in "vanity fair." >> it is sad and poignant that monica lewinsky has had such trouble getting beyond her imprisonment by this scandal and she details how her difficulties in getting a job, in dating, in moving on. but that said, i thought she made a couple of interesting points. and probably the most significant one or one worth pointing out here is to the extent this piece was triggered by events, there were two things that happened in the last few months. rand paul talked about her, about clinton, bill clinton's
6:28 pm
predatory behavior and said ta ought to be considered in hillary clinton's candidacy for the presidency. and secondly, the release of those papers from the clinton library in which hillary clinton talking to her late close friend diane blair described monica as a narcissistic loony toon. and what monica says in this article is first of all, on rand paul's comments, predatory behavior, look, make no mistake, this was a consensual relationship that she had with bill clinton. that, of course, is something she has said and made clear many times before. but on the other point, reacting to hillary clinton's sort of dericive comments about her, she reminds us about the -- what may have been the most critical moment in this whole scandal and that was january 16th, 1998 when
6:29 pm
star's prosecutors and fbi agents confront her at the pentagon mall and take her up to a hotel room and threaten her with multiple federal felonies for perjury, obstruction of justice saying she could go to jail for years if she didn't cooperate and become an informant for them in trying to in their investigation of bill clinton, trying tro prove that clinton and vernon jord jordan, his close friend and associate, were involved in some sort of obstruction. monica refused to go along. she refused to cooperate. and that was a pretty courageous thing for a young woman in that circumstance to do. she had a lot of pressure on her. and there were threats. they cajoled. she refused to go along. in some ways it was the turning point in the whole scandal even though the scandal hasn't broken
6:30 pm
yet. one can only imagine what would have happened if she did become an informant for starr if she did allow herself to be wired and conversations with vernon jordan and starr's prosecutors might have gotten some of the evidence they were looking for that really could have made their prosecution of clinton stick. >> right. >> she didn't do it. as a result could you say in some ways she saved the clinton presidency. >> saved the clinton dynasty. >> that moment. >> they threatened her with 27 years in jail and she says courageous or foolish maybe but narcissistic loon, no. i wonder. >> exactly. >> given your sense, you were down in little rock and getting a sense from clinton's enemies and friends alike of their sense of control. this is a theory that was just floated i guess by lynne cheney on fox. let's listen to this and see what you think. >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clintons part
6:31 pm
to get that story out of the way. would "vanity fair" publish anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton didn't want in "vanity fair." >> that's very interesting. i love this theory. >> i don't know. i think any magazine would take the story after all these years. >> right. >> what do you think about that? >> i got to say, i've been pretty surprised at just how much coverage and attention this has gotten because look, after all, the basic facts are about as well-known as any political scandal in american history. this thing has been litigated, relitigated. we had the starr report. monica herself had written a book. everybody involved including myself have written books about this. it's hard to -- there really aren't a lot of new facts here. >> right. >> but -- >> let me ask you about the. >> rorschach test for people and
6:32 pm
continually debated especially with hillary clinton running for president. >> we're going to get into that in the next segment. this is a woman who says i was the most humiliated person in the world for a long time. it scarred me. she's lashing out against this culture of shame, this agreeful shame we have. while you were in it and reporting it, did you have -- what were your sentiments towards her? i mean, linda tripp seems to be the villain of the story. did you see her as a winning -- you know, babe in the woods? >> yeah, but look, as a reporter, i'm on story at the time, it wasn't really about monica. it was first about bill clinton. and his behavior and what he said under oath or didn't say. and secondly, about ken starr and his decision to make this a criminal case. and that was the debate that the
6:33 pm
country was having. and sort of monica was sort of obviously the central figure in the middle of it. but she wasn't who people were debating about. it was the behavior of the president and the special prosecutor. and so look, she has a justifiable grievance with the world. >> yeah. >> because she clearly, as she says almost became sort of incidental road kill in this. but there is something a little -- there's a contradiction here. she says she wants to move on. she says time to bury the beret. yet at the same time, she says she, having sort of not succeeded in her other career paths wants to be a spokesperson for people who have been shamed and humiliated on the internet and you can raise a question whether if you want to move on and get beyond this, whether that's the exact best career path for her at this point.
6:34 pm
>> michael isikoff, man who wrote the book on the story. if you're so inclined to catch up once again, we appreciate it. thanks. we come back, some more theories about her return. one woman who doesn't buy any of what he's just talked about as her mission and whether this could can be good for hillary clinton. we'll take a look next. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now.
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loves her story because they can attack hillary. hillary has behaved with the greatest dignity. she has not talked about it. but whatever the republican party does, if they want to dredge this up to hurt hillary, that's a different story. >> monica's timing had nothing to do. >> she's trying to help or hurt hillary. >> that is barbara walters and the company on "the view" today. lots of speculation about the return of monica lewinsky and what it could mean for the clintons. joining me now amy holmes and cnn political commentator marc lamont hill. great to have you both here. >> thank you. >> i'm interested in your take. you are a bit kep tickle of her intentions here? you don't think this is pure.
6:39 pm
>> i'm not skeptical of her intentions. she implicitly acknowledges she's had her life on hold for the last eight to ten years and refuses to continue. i think she dodges the question whether or not it's appropriate to ask hillary clinton about hillary's own conduct and whether or not bill's conduct if he gets near the white house again should be a topic for a campaign question. >> oh. what do you mean, questions about hillary's own conduct back then? >> certainly as monica herself reports and as we know at the time that hillary clinton was basically saying she was a deranged stalker and in the notes that came out that were taken between hillary and her friend diane she was this narcissistic loony toon. hillary clinton had a ruthless campaign to smear, delegitimize and take away lewinsky's credibility. of course, all of that changed with the blue gap stained dress. >> the blue, that's right. i forgot it was from the gap. trivial pursuit pie for you. mark lamont, do you get a
6:40 pm
sympathetic vibe for her. >> i'm very sympathetic. >> i actually compared it to v. stibian know. we could go off on the differences between those two. >> absolutely not. >> i mean in terms of how society jumps on. >> absolutely. >> a character in the moment. >> yes. >> and burns them in the town's virtual town square. >> we tend to do it to women more than men. we have a culture in politics of shaming that happens to women in this. bill clinton is still an international hero, an icon. in some places even a moral leader, god forbid. she's had to be in hiding since 1998 and slut shamed and essentially been attacked for a mutually consensual affair. >> i wouldn't say she had to be in hiding. one of the problems, what else is she going to do? >> it was her first personal. you better have a pretty rich interior life which was not on display in this piece. she could he have so many things in her life beyond wallowing in the scandal that was her tryst
6:41 pm
with the clinton. >> she got a master's degree. >> she said she couldn't get a job, depending on the support of friends and loved ones. >> if you walked down the street every day and knew everyone was judging you based on something you did whenou were 20. >> she was not writing a piece on my year in the sudan where i learned suffering. she suffers by seeing her name in google searches. >> not being age to get a job. she talks about one job where. >> me, me. >> that's what first person pieces do. they talk about me. we've decide because of whatever happened between her and clinton, she doesn't have a right to be in public space. she has been shamed in a way almost unprecedented for men. >> this is how she uses it. >> she said she attempted to get jobs for the last over a decade. she hasn't been able to get a job because people are scared of what will happen with the clintons. one letter asked her to get a letter of indemnification from the clintons. that's a life none of us can
6:42 pm
appreciate. i encourage her to tell her story. >> she talks about the jobs she seeking. they're all in pr. i'm here to tell you there's more to do than going into pr or the other offer which was important. she could have gone into the peace corps, worked at her local soup kitchen. so many things she could do. >> what about an intern? you want her out in like uzbekistan building mosquito nets. come on. >> certainly for her own personal growth. >> why are we so concerned about her personal growth. >> >> this is the sexist part. we do a moral inventory of monica. >> her first personal. >> we talk about her emotional and social and moral growth. we let let bill clinton off the hook. >> i don't let him off the hook. >> just last week is, joe mchale was making cigar jokes. we don't care what he does. for women, we shame them. >> since you are saying we should have the same scrutiny on clinton's moral growth. >> or less growth on either's
6:43 pm
growth. maybe it's a personal matter that doesn't have to do with us. >> do you think asking hillary clinton about her husband's behavior again is a fair question to ask her if she runs for the president of the united states? >> you agree with rand paul. >> just because he said it doesn't mean it is wrong. we should ask the question and get her answer and move on. >> there you have it. you think we should ask the question. >> i'll ask it if she would come here. >> i know this is going to continue on the elevator. mark hill, thank you both. coming up next, the psychopaths who kidnapped nearly 300 schoolgirls attack another village in nigeria. is all this attention making them bolder in a way? and why can't the government save the insight coming up next. i always say be the man with the plan
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6:48 pm
the head because she had the audacity to defy their beliefs. it is a cry that has caught fire around the world. millions of people demanding the release of nearly 300 girls kidnapped by terrorists in nigeria. first lady michelle obama weighed in today via twitter. three weeks after they were taken from beds in the middle of the night by boko haram terrorists those girls still missing. disturbing details about what appears to be another attack in a village where at least 150 people died. nigeria offering a reward and information leading to the girls' rescue. zain asher is here with more. your parents fled there. you spent time there. help us understand how the nation reacts in some parts of that country, you know, misery is a way of life in a lot of ways and violence. has this captured the whole nation's attention and why can't they stop these guys. >> it's captured the attention
6:49 pm
of people who live in a state of fear constantly. so borno state is where boko haram had their strong hold. in terms of the rest of the country, i have to sabo coharam has been around 15 years. violence has really escalated in the last five years. people are used to the violence from boko haram. you see villages burnt down, you see people beheaded, people killed. so there is a sort of feeling that boko haram can't be stopped. >> eight more kills girls kidnapped sunday night. is it the sheer number taken at once that has woken this fury. >> absolutely. but this is not a one-off. 66 boys from a boarding school were also killed from boc boca haron. so i think the community is
6:50 pm
waking up because of the number. and also the outrage that nigeria's president waited three weeks before saying anything. he was out busy campaigning for reelection for 2015 as opposed to talking about these girls. people are really shocked about that. >> where is the military? >> boca horan, they get a lot of funding from education, and you get the feeling that they're better armed, betterie equipm e than the nigerian military. it's a terrifying situation for anyone who lives there. >> is it paying off for cops as well? is there corruption? >> there is semi-corruption. that's certainly part of it. >> here's hillary clinton today specifically addressing the nigerian government. >> the government of nigeria has been, in my view, somewhat derelict in its responsibility
6:51 pm
toward protecting boys and girls, men and women in northern nigeria over the last years. they need to make it a priority to do everything they can to try to bring these girls home safely, and that, i believe, requires assistance from others, including the united states. >> do you think all this attention -- how has it affected both goodluck jonathan and boca haste horan? has it em boldened one and vice versa? >> they pride themselves on the fact that nigeria is the largest economy in africa, they have a lot of natural resources, so the idea of accepting help from outsiders, from the united states, a lot of politicians in nigeria view that as a weakness. that's why they were so hesitant to accept outside help. now they believe the united
6:52 pm
states can offer a lot that nigeria can't. the united states can bring surveillance capabilities, tracking capabilities that nigeria simply doesn't have. >> even china can help as well. do you think this reward of 300,000 will help? >> this isn't the first time we've seen a reward for capturing boca horan or anything else. the leader is the most wanted man in africa, and it just doesn't matter. you kill the leader, what else will happen for revenge? will more girls be captured, more girls kidnapped? >> it's such a frightening thing that this is happening in other countries. when we come back, the most shocking thing vladimir putin has done in a very long time, next. nd sleeper, or...
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vladimir putin did something shocking today. he sounded reasonable. he sounded like a guy trying to calm things down. and after meeting with the president of switzerland, he said he is pulling his troops away from the ukranian border and asking all those masked and dangerous friends of russia not to hold a up yours kiev vote on
6:57 pm
sunday. so is he sincere? does he have low testosterone all of a sudden? none of the cnn sources at the pentagon think so, but at least for tonight, let's hope so. and here's why. my kid was telling me about a fire drill at her school today. her name is olivia. she's very funny, especially when talking about fire drills. i said, that's funny, but when i was your age, we had duck and cover drills. just in case the russians decided to attack. then when i thought i had blown her mind, she said, did you have lockdown drills, too? lockdown drills? yeah, just in case a man shows up in the hallway with a gun. that is her cold war. she doesn't need another. in my red dawn, the bad guys are russian. in her red dawn, they're north korean, which makes it more of a
6:58 pm
comedy. don't be surprised if it doesn't go back to the neverland. in 1993, americans thought russians were a huge threat. in 2002, it went way down. in 2014, it's up to almost 70. the vast thing is fear. that only makes things worse. the cia got word of a mysterious yellow ring falling in southeast asia. after it fell, the cia said sickness and death would follow. they took them to the labs and sure enough, they tested positive for pollen and poison. oe oh, my god, they said, the soviets figured out how to poison pollen. before long, a factory in
6:59 pm
arkansas was cranking out big bombs designed to make nerve gas. they hadn't made nerve gas in 20 years. the folks at harvard thought that whole pollen theory was ludicrous. they went to asia, took a few samples and did their own testing and discovered that yellow rain was really bee poop. yes, poop of the honeybee almost turned the cold war hot. even in laos, bees hibernate and hold it all winter long. in the spring they all let it fly. it's called a cleansing flight. that lab in minnesota had been wrong. the villagers were dying but probably because of hunger and stress of war. so when vladimir putin decides to get scary again, which could happen tomorrow, frankly, let's just hope he's full of bee poop. and for the sake of all oet olivias in both countries, let's hope we can all tell the difference. i'm bill weir. thanks for being here tonight. tonight's special report with
7:00 pm
don lemon starts right now. this is a cnn special report, i'm don lemon. monica lewinsky's bombshell article hits newsstands. we got it tonight. who is really to blame for her troubles? with a legal war brewing against the nba, is the amendment on donald sterling's side? could he take the entire league down with him? legal experts and attorneys are here to debate. well, last night i got barbed rig bashed right here on my own show. why? just for being honest, for telling that i think monica lewinsky is to blame for everything that happened with bill clinton. bill clinton