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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  May 9, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> please stop pooping on the lawn, cooper. >> meanwhile, be sure to flush twice, that does it for us. we'll see you for a later edition of "ac360," that does it for us. pay the patriotism on display. russia has a massive victory day parade in red square. cnn is getting new details about the international efforts to find the school girls in nigeria and the battle against boko haram. thousands of people are demanding a new government in bank dock. and donald sterling caught on tape again. what the l.a. clipper owner is now saying about the controversial and racist remarks.
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and tell low. you're watching "cnn newsroom." thank you for joining us. i'm natalie allen. >> good to be with you, natalie and i'm errol barnet. we begin this hour with ukraine. pro russian separatists in the eastern part of the country saying they're going to go ahead, move forward with these plans for a referendum this weekend despite a plea from vladimir putin to delay that vote. the ballots have been printed already. they've already been set up in a number of eastern cities where some residents want autonomy from kiev, the capital. >> but a pew research poll shows 70% of the people in ukraine's east want the country to stay united. >> meanwhile, separatists in luhansk and donetsk say they have no choice but to move
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ahead. >> translator: against the back drop of today's events, against the back drop of the genocide that happened in odessa, the move is only rising in the people and to not postpone for any reason. >> translator: i'm sure that if the referendum is not held on the 11th may, we would not be able to hold it at all having lost the trust of ordinary people. >> it was less than two months ago that crimea voted to leave ukraine and become a part of russia. bill black is there in the city and joins us live. bill, what's the mood there? what's the feeling with what looks to be like another vote about to take place in that part of the country? >> reporter: sure, natalie. where i'm standing really is still considered by much of the
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international community to be disputed territory, some would say occupied territory. everything that we're seeing today shows that the people don't feel that way. a military parade through the streets with huge crowds waving russian flags chanting a great expression of russian national pride. everyone we've been speaking to here is still very thrilled that crimea is now part of russia even as this territory goes through a difficult, at times chaotic transition from the bureau kra particulyereaucratic. there are still people who oppose russia's takeover. they believe they are experiencing discrimination because of it. take a look. in crimea's capitol you still see men in green. local militias that helped tear this land from ukraine are now policing its streets. this commander tells me they're helping out while corrupt police
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officers are purged. >> you are surrounded? >> i am surrounded. >> reporter: he recently met a group of green men who he says demanded to see his identification. he says this security video shows what happened when he refused. >> they used violence. >> they punched you? >> yes. >> reporter: he's a leading member of the community, an indigenous group that opposes russia's annexation of crimea. >> we cannot agree with this. >> lisa is another unwelcome minority. she campaigned against the russian takeover. have you ever been threatened? i received e-mails telling me how they'll deal with me. life is also more challenging for people who wanted to join russia. this is a part of daily life here, lining up to go to the bank or pay bills.
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this man says it's shameful. i've been waiting four hours. it was never like this before. that's because ukrainian banks have shut down and left crimea. russian banks are now just starting to open. the problems are only temporary this woman said. almost everyone here tells us they have no regrets. i'm absolutely happy. i'm happy that i'm in russia. there's even more fervor where russians are applying for new passports. natalia shows us her. she always loved ukraine but felt pain because she wasn't russian. russian pride is always its strongest on may 9th. this year crimea is planning a big party. popular rumor says the special guest will be the russian president. we love putin very much, this
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woman says. he's the only president in the world. it's impossible not to love. much of the world does not love putin's actions in pry me a. presidential visit would show just how little that concerns here. so will vladimir putin come here today? the kremlin hasn't confirmed that just yet. it is unlikely to. until he does arrive, the celebrations that are planned here today certainly suggest that will happen. now if he does, it will be viewed as a very triumphant statement by many members of the international community. many russians believe putin took back territory that was believed to have been an unquestionable part of them. >> thank you some phil black. errol? >> there's some perspective from
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crimea. what about russia? today is victory day. it's an annual celebration and always brings what you'll see now, spectacular display of russian pride and military might there in moscow's red square. matthew has been speaking to people in the crowds and observing this. matthew, russia's president putin said he was celebrating russia's all conquering presence. this is when russia is celebrated. putin is already very popular. tell us what you've been seeing and hearing so far already today. >> reporter: yeah. very dramatic parade for victory day as it is most years here in
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russia. i've witnessed a number of these kinds of parades over the years. they're always a sense for russians to feel national pride and patriotism and put on for the world their awesome military mite through red square where we're standing right now we've seen battle tanks parade past, we've seen rocket launcher and surface-to-air missiles, even intercontinental missiles, nuclear missiles. there are tens of thousands in the crowd lining the streets of the russian area. they're shouting out things like let's go to leganst in ukraine. the national pride that's always felt here on victory day has been amplified somewhat i think it's fair to say by the actions
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in crimea. by the fact that russia annexed crimea. it's part of the russian federation and of course this standoff in eastern ukraine with many russians with many people in eastern ukraine regarding the authorities in kiev as being illegitimate and also being essentially hijacked to run, fight neonazis by ultranationalists, by right wingers, the kind of people that this day is celebrating. adding a fight and energy to what is every year a nation nationalistic parade. >> as we watch these pictures, we should discuss the fact as popular as president putin is, at the moment you have pro russian activists pushing ahead with their referendums despite
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putin suggesting that a delay is preferred. what should we make of that? >> it's very interesting, isn't it? it seems that putin opens the door on negotiations by calling on these groups essentially to postpone their series of independence referendum that are scheduled for this weekend. he also says that he recognizes the 25th of may presidential election which is scheduled to be held in ukraine as a step in the right direction, a dramatic u turn on what the kremlin is saying. they said it would be absurd to hold the presidential election. there's been a dramatic turn around by president putin. he did call on the groups to postpone the referendum. they haven't done this. that undermines the claim made
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by many in the west, that it's vladimir putin that's pulling the strings of that insurgency, that accept ratism in the eastern of ukraine. whether that was the intention of the kremlin to make those remarks is a matter of speculation. >> live in moscow as we see images just as the victory day celebrations end there. you saw president putin shaking hands before he departed. matthew chance in moscow. thank you. a huge protest is underway in thailand's capitol. opposition activists are demanding a new government after the prime minister has been under fire for months now. she was replaced after violating the constitution. now faces possible impeachment in the senate. we'll have a live report from bangkok on the situation. yemeni officials say they've
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killed an al qaeda commander. >> he's accused of masterminding western diplomatic efforts. they've got a major al qaeda strong hold. despite the progress in the ten-day old effort, they are said to be heightening their security as a precaution. a syrian rebel alliance is claiming responsibility for what you just witnessed, a massive and deadly bombing in aleppo. islamic front says it demolished several areas including a hotel. the group claims 50 syrian soldiers were killed. syrian state tv said they killed people. the president of the syrian
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opposition coalition held talks with the u.s. secretary of state on thursday. >> that's right. john kerry and ahmed jabba had a public display of support. >> we are committed to do our part to support the moderate opposition in its efforts to provide a legitimate voice to the aspirations and hopes of the syrian people. his coalition, the syrian opposition coalition that he's built, is an inclusive and moderate institution committed to the syrian people and to the protection of all people, all minorities, all rights within syria. >> records that ahmad jarba said he would ask for military weapons. coming up on cnn, a search for the kidnapped nigerian
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school girls and a promise from the nation's president. i believe that it's not -- this will be the beginning to the end of terror in nigeria. >> speaking as more international help goes to nigeria to find the girls and stop the efforts of the boko haram. more of that coming up on "cnn newsroom." for a cleaner, healthier mouth, #1 dentist recommended listerine®. power to your mouth™. #1 dentist recommended listerine®. ♪ here's a good one seattle... what did geico say to the mariner? we could save you a boatload! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ what's seattle's favorite noise? the puget sound! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ all right, never mind doesn't matter. this is a classic. what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly continuously ♪ oh come off it captain!
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welcome back, everyone. today the u.s. is establishing a military presence in nigeria. >> it is a small group but part of a growing international effort to find those 276 school girls abducted by boko haram militants last month. some 50 americans have been in the capitol since before the kidnapping working on ways to help nigeria's government fight
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boko haram. >> at least a dozen folks will be on the ground shortly. these are military, law enforcement, intelligence experts and also experts in victim assistance to help the families and hopefully the girls when they return cope with this. >> now, natalie, we've seen how the world has rallied around #bringbackourgirls. a lot of people interested in what's happening there. the reality is finding the girls could be more difficult than first thought. a u.s. intelligence official and many others believe the girls may already have been split into small groups and likely moved into neighboring countries. >> certainly will make it more difficult. some girls did manage to escape the kidnapping. in videos, they described their terrifying ordeal on the day of the attack. we are in abuja. >> reporter: it's taken three
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weeks. finally the people are being heard. under state of emergency cut off from the world, pictures continue to emerge from this remote northern nigerian town. in this cell phone footage taken by a local resident and obtained by cnn. this student says she was able to escape. so many of her classmates were not. more video from nigerian station tv, cnn cannot verify the authenticity in which this young girl says boko haram stormed her school. now they fear the worse. for more than 200 of their classmates still missing after being kidnapped by the terrorist group. with the attention of the world now firmly focused on nigeria,
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here at abuja's economic forum, the president responded to criticism that his government hasn't done enough. >> i believe that this will be the beginning of the end of terror in nigeria. >> reporter: pledging help from the united states and other governments are gaining traction. >> we're learning that united states personnel are scheduled to arrive. meanwhile in chibok it means little. lawlessness is the norm. unprotected and neglected, their fear remains. vladimir, cnn, abuja. unfortunately the death toll in the latest boko haram attack keeps rising. residents say the number of people there have doubled. at least 310 people were killed in a massacre there. >> nigerian troops used the
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village as a staging ground to look for the missing girls. these continued boko haram attacks have galvanized a call to action. >> the important thing is that these things happened because men feel they can get away with it and do this. there is so much impunity. this exists. we have to start arresting people for this. we have to start bringing them to justice and we have to start making it an absolute crime, instill fear in these men and think twice about this action. >> the u.s. has branded boko haram a terror organization and has offered a $7 million bounty for the capture of its leader. all right. coming up for you, everyone, this is "cnn newsroom." and still to come, scary moments as this tornado touches down in minnesota.
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we'll have the damage report for you coming next.
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welcome back. wild weather is sweeping across parts of the united states again. at least five tornadoes touched down in the states of colorado and minnesota on thursday. >> yeah, take a look at this video shot by one of those storm chasers, right? the professionals that head into these types of weather events. shot video of one of the tornadoes that came in at saint james, minnesota. just dramatic stuff there. other tornado warnings stretch as far south as texas. fortunately, no reports of injuries yet. more storms are expected. martin savidge gives us a look at what's just been and what's to come. >> reporter: it's the powerful storm system packing just about everything, none of it good. torrential rains, intense lightning, rock size hail and even isolated tornadoes.
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and it's now city setting its sights on the heavily populated midwest. just look at what storms have already done. in colorado the system roared in to the foothills brings an on slot of hail, in some places piling up two inches deep. then sirens warning of the next threat. >> tornadoes that twisted the nerves of residents near akron, colorado. 50 miles to the east near otis residents witnessed this large land spout. to the north, wyoming saw the first storm of the year which was short lived and only caused minor damage. but the system there threw in something else, snow. and take a look at this scene in kansas where high winds knocked this train right off the tracks. in oklahoma the same system brought a wild night of frenzied
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set of storm and lightning. martin savidge, cnn, edmond, oklahoma. you know, we got a late start to the tornado season because winter held on for so long. my goodness, this is the second round of deadly storms. >> that's the fear. when weather patterns are changing, do they become more intense or less intense. let's bring on the meteorologist ivan cabrera from the weather center. how does it look? >> you broke it down nicely, errol. good to see you and natalie. yes, we are going to be in for another round of severe weather today. not going to be a massive outbreak. certainly what we had a couple of weeks ago was significant. this is the time of year we can do this and there's snow on the back side of this. sporadic. had upwards of five tornado reports yesterday. the rest of what you're seeing here is either severe
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thunderstorm/wind gusts or also some hail that fell yesterday also. i'll pinpoint where that's going to be happening today. just in general, this is the time of year, up to 276. that's our average of how many tornadoes we see average. between 91 and 27. we go down as things equalize here. the temperatures are that dramatic. certainly at this level, here they are. on the back side of this, get in on very cold temperatures. in fact, some snow heading in towards colorado. yes, still incredible here. this is the system that pushes to the east. not a major outbreak here. in fact, we don't even have the i think potential here for a significant tornado. what we have is the potential for severe wind. some of these thunderstorms, some of these cells could certainly spin up a twister here, but mainly large hail and severe wind gusts. we'll follow that as it pushes
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to the east. elsewhere on the planet, we have lots of rain. hong kong, 100 meters. time of year as well, we have the front that sets up the semipermanent front of rains across eastern china, across to japan. it retreats further north. for now it's been raining significantly. in spain, the story, the heat continues. some don't mind it this warm though, into the upper 20s to lower 30s after the winter we've had. this is not looking too bad. wet and windy further to the north, errol, in the u.k. >> as always. typical english weather. >> i'll take spain. >> i'll take spain any day. >> ivan, thank you. >> see you later. moving to brazil now. brazil's world cup preparations have been hit by another tragic death. a construction worker was killed thursday in an electrical accident at one of the stadiums. this happened in the southwestern city of puaba.
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this is the eighth person to die while working on the country's 12 arenas. >> the brazilian president checked on the progress. the world cup construction has been delayed and it's prompting concerns about the readiness for the games which kick off next month. well, a massive protest rally is underway right now in bangkok. >> we're going to take you there live after the break, tell you what the opposition is demanding. >> any efforts to take these children should be made as quibbli quickly as possible. >> gordon brown talking about the support for the kidnapped girls. more of his conversation with cnn right after this.
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and welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm errol barnet. thanks for watching to all of you in the u.s. and around the world. here is what we've got in the headlines for you in this hour. russia is celebrating victory day marking the anniversary of the defeat of nazi germany in 1945. the annual military parade comes as pro russian separatists in the ukraine say they'll go ahead on the referendum this weekend despite a plea by vladimir putin to delay the vote. south korea says three drones recently found their ping. they returned to the north after taking pictures of key sites in the south but instead crashed in
12:32 am
south korea. we are seeing mass protests today in bangkok. take a look at those pictures. opposition activists are calling for a new government. this comes after the replacement of the prime minister. they're expected to hold a counter rally on saturday. her opponents are in the street right now for today's rally. we're in the middle of it live from bangkok. this has been going on for so long, where do things stand as far as what the next move could be for the government? >> reporter: hi, natalie. yes, it has been dragging on for such a long time, hasn't it? we've seen the cyclical unrest in thailand every two years. it's been running a couple of months. they keep telling us today is the day you're going to see some kind of climax. what i don't think is that the anti-government protesters will get any kind of dramatic change.
12:33 am
we're not going to see the entire caretaker government because that's what's in place right now. when i was here last time it was inconclusive, but we are seeing a fractured democracy, broken down in pieces, natalie. just two days ago the prime minister was dismissed by the constitutional court. she's now potentially facing impeachment by the senate because apparently that both can happen simultaneously. now today what we're seeing is thousands of people, the yellow shirts they're dubbing themselves, the anti-government protestors stalking the government house. they are saying that they are going to stay the night here. effectively what they're trying to do, that's what a lot of this is about in thailand, symbolism. symbolizing the takeover of the government taking control of the power. natalie? >> saima following developments there and hopefully the protests
12:34 am
will remain peaceful as they've been so far there today. thank you. errol? now as you mentioned earlier in the broadcast, u.s. military personnel are arriving in nigeria today to help them search for 276 school girls that were kidnapped by boko haram in the group's ongoing campaign of terror. >> and certainly they have not found them and the fear is they have been dispersed to other countries. how does boko haram keep continuing on with its campaign? where does it get its weapons? where does it get the money for its weapons? the united states believes it has some answers. here's cnn's barbara starr. >> reporter: boko haram's deadly arsenal in four years. look at the armored vehicle here. cnn has learned u.s. intelligence believes boko haram stole vehicles like this from
12:35 am
the nigerian military. u.s. officials say the terror group also earns it enough money to buy whatever it can on africa's illegal weapons market, a web of crime and smuggling. weapons used to terrorize and kill the innocent. residents say boko haram arrived in armored personnel carriers wearing military uniforms to this village killing more than 300. >> our interagency team is hitting the ground in nigeria now. >> reporter: more u.s. assistance is on the way to help find the hundreds of kidnapped girls. a small u.s. military team is scheduled to arrive friday to join other military, law enforcement, and intelligence personnel already on the ground. the u.s. is talking to nigeria about providing surveillance assets. u.s. drones off perfect rating out of nearby nashir could be
12:36 am
the center piece. >> they can help pin point the boko haram terrorists as well as the kidnapped girls. they could relay data down to the ground to special mission units that could take care of the mission and actually potentially free the whose stages. >> reporter: but no decisions have been made about what to do. in the latest intelligence shows the girls likely have already been broken up into small groups and some may even have been moved across nigeria's borders. if they have been moved around, it's going to make it more difficult to track them down, rescue them, and then get them back to their families. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> barbara starr talking about some of the challenges. natalie as you mentioned and many reiterated, many believe the girls have been smuggled out
12:37 am
of the country and sold. because of that u.s. special envoy gordon brown says the search needs to expand beyond nigeria's borders. >> he talked about how to make it save. >> the search is enormous. you have to go into cameroon, niger, chad, the surrounding areas. now we know so much more about what's happening, it's really vital we use the next few days before they are dispersed across africa which is a real possibility. this is every parents' nightmare. your children go to school, suddenly they're snatched away from you and you don't know whether they're dead or whether they're being used as sex slaves or whether they're being trafficked into some other country or continent and you have no idea what's happened to them. >> reporter: this international assistance, where does nigeria
12:38 am
need the help most? >> we need two things. we need the surveillance and satellite coverage that is possible. we possibly need air power to locate people in certain areas. the judgment will be made by the nigerian government about what is done, but any effort to locate these children that can be made should be made as quickly as possible and yet boko haram is a very small militant extremist group who have not been denied coverage in terms of their ability because it happens in a large number of places. we have to make schools safer. >> reporter: how do you do that? this attack happened in a place under a state of emergency. >> yes, under a state of emergency but not with a huge amount of security. and i think we've got to make these schools as safe as possible. i think the business initiative in nigeria is to make money available for guard or for fencing or for communications. i think that's an important
12:39 am
deterrent but we've also got to make sure for the millions of peoples in nigeria and the teachers who suffered grievously because there's been many assassinations of teachers by boko haram, you have to protect the people. you have to keep the kids who are already in school safe, we've discussed this in the past, some 10 million people not even in school in nigeria. >> i think the world and the nigerian people are waiting about the fact that nigeria is one of the biggest areas. they have to make schools safe and by trading teachers and giving financial support to girls to allow them to go to school. the majority are school aged girls and we have to help them go to school. >> gordon brown speaking with
12:40 am
cnn's ayesha. you can follow this on our website on news out of the united states. the house of representatives will form a select committee to investigate a deadly benghazi terror attack. >> the republican led house approved the panel on a nearly party line vote. >> on this vote the yeas are 232, the nays are 136 and the resolution is adopted. >> that's the moment that it happened. republicans say new information is raising key questions about the deadly 2012 attack on the diplomatic compound while democrats say republicans are going overboard. >> that are debating the minimum wage we're getting maximum partisanship. instead of creating a select committee on job creation, we're voting to have a select
12:41 am
committee on benghazi shamefully playing politics with a terrible tragedy. >> my colleagues on the other side of the aisle want americans to believe that this investigation is motivated by politics. no, this investigation would not be necessary had the obama administration come clean. this investigation would not be necessary had the obama administration not misled the congress, the american people and the media about what happened in benghazi. >> the obama administration continues to come under fire over questions concerning the level of security before the attack and the administration's reaction to the assault and it's slow to evolve public response. coming up next on "cnn newsroom" for you, the oscar pistorius murder trial has resumed for the day. >> we will take you live to pretoria outside the courthouse to talk about what we can expect
12:42 am
in the case that's ahead. plus, donald sterling says he's not a racist. details in a newly released recording from the l.a. clippers owner next. work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena®.
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more witnesses taking the stand right now in the murder trial of oscar pistorius. >> the south african athlete arrived at the pretoria courthouse just a short time ago. on thursday prosecutors tried to contradict the defense's time line of events. pistorius continues to stand on his claim that he shot and killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, by mistake. right now a ballistics expert is on the stand for the second time continuing his testimony he started on thursday. >> he's talking about the gun wounds to the body of reeva
12:45 am
steenkamp. we have our legal analyst kelly phelps outside the courtroom in pretoria. she joins us now. kelly, today's proceedings have just gotten underway, but talk to me about what happened yesterday. there was a witness that seemed to surprise everyone. what kind of testimony did she provide? >> reporter: yes, absolutely. we saw a surprise witness take to the stand, a surprise even to the defense. she was a social worker and probation officer who had been appointed to look after mr. pistorius's emotional welfare in the immediate after math of the killings and particularly to watch over him over bail and be sure he complies with his bail conditions. she approached the defense of her own volition this week, just this week, and requested to take the stand after hearing reports in the media that mr. pistorius was faking his emotions and got an acting coach. she took to the stand that in
12:46 am
her professional opinion, his emotional response was not only a genuine and sincere one, but also had been consistent from the immediate after math of the killing. they directly alleged that he was in essence manufacturing his emotions and using them as a screen to avoid taking responsibility. this woman's testimony speaks back directly to that point. >> and what can you tell us the ballistics expert testifying now? just generally where this murder trial stands at this point. >> reporter: well, we're certainly reaching the home stretch in the murder trial. we only expect to have a few more days left of the defense's case and then we'll be going into closing arguments and eventually the verdict.
12:47 am
this is a well known and respected ballistics expert in south africa. potentially one of the defense's best experts. not only is he well respected but he is contradicting or challenging some of the key claims the state has made. for example, this morning we are hearing him speaking about what the ballistics do and don't tell us about the position we've assumed happened inside. you'll recall in the state's house the captain alleged that she was in the position to protect her. we have another expert saying, no, it's not reliable to read that from the ballistics we have. >> kelly phelps is live. we have a news editor inside. you can follow his live tweets from in the courtroom. ari greene cnn on twitter. kelly, thank you. a death row inmate in oklahoma will not be executed for another six months.
12:48 am
the state's attorney general agreed to delay charles warner's execution after the botched execution last month of another inmate. clayton lockett died of an apparent heart attack after prison officials had problems administering his lethal injection. warner was scheduled to die the same day. both men were convicted of murder and rape. this may sound familiar, l.a. clippers' owner caught on tape talking about race. >> this is a new audio recording and he's heard talking about the controversy surrounding that other now infamous recording. here's cnn's jason carroll. >> do you think i'm a racist? do you think i have anything in the world but love for anybody? >> call it a tale of two audio tapes. embattled clippers owner donald sterling reportedly defending himself to an unidentified man on a new recording.
12:49 am
>> i got out of east l.a., i was the president of the high school there. i mean -- and i'm a jew. 50% of the people there were black and 40% were hispanic. you ever been to boyle heights? >> yeah, i have been to boyle heights. >> so, i mean, people must have a good feeling for me. >> reporter: a much different tone than what was heard from the recording with v. stivianst. >> you can do anything, but don't put him on an instagram for the world to have to see so they have to tell me. >> reporter: what is he saying now? >> it breaks my heart that magic johnson, a guy i respect so much, wouldn't stand up and say, let's get the facts. let's get him and talk to him. nobody tried. >> reporter: sterling also questioned how any nba owner
12:50 am
could be a racist. >> i mean, how could you think i'm a racist knowing me all these years? how can you be in this business and be a racist? do you think i tell the coach to get white players? or get the best player he can get. >> the best player he can get. >> reporter: elgin baylor claims his 2009 wrote sterling wanted poor black kids. sterling tried to release false information about the african-american players in an effort to reduce their value. sterling denied the allegations and baylor later dropped his racial discrimination suit. the new information shows he might fight to keep the clippers. >> you can't force somebody to sell property in america. i'm a lawyer. >> reporter: if he can't keep the team sterling's wife shelly says legally she can.
12:51 am
she's obtained an attorney and claims they're part of a trust. the analysts say she may have a case. >> when we're dealing with community property it means that both spouses own all the property, not a half and half situation. they both own all. >> oh, boy. that's going to be going on. >> oh, boy. all right. ahead here, it was the tv debate seen around the world. a face-off that ended up making quite a mess of things in the studio. >> that happens here all the time. certainly sitting next to natalie. this isn't the first time a tv show's turned violent. we'll have the video to prove it for you next.
12:52 am
12:53 am
yesterday we showed you how a tv debate turned into a brawl.
12:54 am
two journalists tore up their studios. >> the one and only jeanne moos looks at how it rates compared to other times when fists flew on camera. >> reporter: why is it always the furniture that has to suffer? takes the latest brawl. two guests arguing about syria on jordanian tv. whoa! first thing, what a cheap set. that would never happen in one of our sets. okay, continue. each man is saying, you started it. one guy even tried to kick the other. it was like "the real housewives of new jersey." [ bleep ] minus the place settings and cutlery. when steve voe appeared drunk on adam carreau's table, it was the coffee table that took the brute
12:55 am
force. >> don't break it. >> reporter: the coffee table got its revenge by cutting his leg. more often with on set brawls the chairs are endangered. from al sharpton to russian oligarch. one billionaire punching out another. the chair ends up as collateral damage. like the prime sportscaster jim row referring to quarterback jim everett as a girl calling him chris everett. >> you probably won't say it again. >> i bet i do. >> okay. chris. >> o >> reporter: occasionally the chair gets the bankrupt of it. going after a white supremacist on the giraldo show. chairs went flying and one of them broke giraldo's nose.
12:56 am
that caused the least damage to man and furniture. it crosses cultural lines from letter man to indian tv. watch the combatants battle as they pass it in front of the host. on set weapons? water. since convicted murder remember joran vander slot threw water in the reporter's eye. throwing a shoe didn't hurt anyone, just a desk. then this jordanian lawmaker pulled a gun. give us a break, he said, usually go to one. >> we're going to our break. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> well, yes, it's funny, comical, tearing up a desk. they were discussing the syrian war. >> they always say if you can't win your arguments with your words, you resort to the fists. you've already lost the argument by the time you're picking up the wooden desk.
12:57 am
>> and trading fist pumps on the desk. >> that horrible back and forth, that would never happen here. >> not at all. >> >> we throw our papers up in the air. >> we get a paper cut. that's it for "cnn newsroom." thank you for watching. i'm natalie alan. >> and i'm errol barnett. "early start" is up next in the u.s. for everyone else, world business news is up. hey, razor. check this out. listen up, thunder dragons, it's time to get a hotel. we can save big on killer hotels with priceline express deals. somewhere with a fitness center? hey you know what man, these guys aint no dragons. they're cool. these deals are legit.
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happening now, u.s. investigators on the ground in nigeria searching for hundreds of young girls kidnapped by terrorists. this morning, new fears it might already be too late. we're live with the latest. white house cover-up or right-wing conspiracy theory? a new investigation launched into the 2012 terror attack in benghazi that killed four americans. will congress prove the obama administration lied or will democrats prove republicans are just playing politics? what's happening today. and an agonizing wait for johnny football. the one-time heisman trophy winner snubbed by teamft