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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 18, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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your cable provider. te telecome giant is expected to finalize a deal to akwar directv, according to a source who knows about the meeting. and if it goes through, that deal will be worth about $50 billion. att and directv are both staying quiet on this for now. but sources say the announcement could come as early as this afternoon. so cable customers are wondering how does this affect me? to answer that i'm joined by economic analyst, stephen moore. stephen how is this going to impact customers who may have directive or at and t? >> this is one of many mergers that are going on in the telecom industry right now. many people get their telephone service from at&t and there are millions of people who are directv for their television
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contact and linkages. it ea's interesting. there was some word of this merger happening about a week ago. it looks like it's going to be official on monday. and already the internet is alive with complaints from directv customers saying wait a minute, i don't want to be part of at&t. you know, they've had service problems and they have customer relation problems. there is some concern out there, no question about it, among people who have directv. >> okay. and then what about customers who don't have directv or at&t? the flip is side, will this open up some option for potential customers? >> first of all, let me say. i think some of these fears are overblown. in fact one of the reasons you're see this consolidation going on among some of the big telecommunications companies is because it's now the wild west out there. you've got so many different companies, a lot of startups
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that are kind of biting at the heels of the big companies. you've got youtube out there, netflix and literally scores of other companies that are providing content and linkages. so the idea that somehow this is going to raise prices for consumer, that's one of the big concerns, by the way. are my cable costs going to go up? my costs for tv, which i don't think so. >> they are already very high. it's insane. >> but you know what's interesting to think about? you've got a telly communications company, a telephone company buying a tv content company. this fits with what's going on right now. i don't know about you but millions of people now get their tv on their telephone and that's going to accelerate if that deal goes through. >> what's the appeal for at&t? why does it want directv? >> precisely for the reason i just said. they want to not only provide
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telephone service to their customers but also video. and directv obviously has that market largely. you're going to see all sorts of this kind of vertical integration going on. again i don't think there's a lot of people saying oh my gosh monopolies are developing. not in this industry. you've got so many startups that are doing incredible things. youtube, a lot of people get thaer tv their tv on youtube. >> it's amazing. >> $50 billion is one of the biggest mergers in american history. >> that's huge. stephen moore, thanks so much for breaking it down for us. appreciate it. let's go to southern california where this is the big concern. firefighters are making big leaps, though, in their bat battle against raging fires. four are still spreading in san diego county but cooler temperatures and higher humidity are helping the firefighters.
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firefighters say they're going to do as much as they can while conditions are still good. >> we have crews still in all areas of this fire that are cleaning up areas where there's hot spots. we had some infrared flyovers that were mapping out as far as the areas of great concern. obviously the winds can pick up at any moment and what we quantity to do is get it while the winds are calming down. >> many people that had to evacuate are being allowed to return to their homes today alexandra teal is monitoring the conditions. >> good is relative. short term good, long term not so good. speaking of graeking down, we've broken down the ridge of high pressure. area of low pressure has now developed off the california coast. the clockwise flow around it, this is the key for success for these winds. we finally see the direction from which these winds are coming, the cool ocean water.
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a southwesterly trajectory increasing the humidity and increasing the dew point and much more beneficial. watch the numbers. 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, we actually mad a dense fog advisory in the morning. what's fog? it's a cloud on the ground. the cloud holds water molecules. finally some moisture is there. the jet stream has dropped south. before it was farther north and all of the rain went with that. finally it's dropped south and moisture is coming into northern california. it won't get quite as far as southern california but it is hot, try and there are a few good things happening here. the moisture is coming in, temperatures are coming down. they were inordinately high, in the 90s in southern california. but now down to the 70s. so improving temperatures, that's for sure. increasing humidity values, that's great as well.
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the weather forecast is favorable in the short term. temperatures coming down, humidity is coming up. but the fire forecast is less so. why? this year alone we've doubled the five-year average for fires. so an inordinate amount of fires taking shape. drought comparison, last year, fred, 2013, the driest year on record in california, this year for the first time in a century, the entire state of california in a severe drought or worst. this is the third dry winter in a row we've had. it's just getting exacerbated. >> so that tells me, yeah, more potential danger on the horizon. >> absolutely. right. >> conditions are there. thank so much alexandra. now to the potential fatal mers virus which the world health organization says is an urgent problem pit it stands for
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middle east respiratory syndrome. three are three cases in the u.s. but 18 countries are treating patients. the challenge now is containing the virus. cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen gets a rare look at the cdc where the battle is being fought. >> we're here at the cdc's emergency operation center, the nerve center where they're tracking the mers virus. off to my right there are people making phone calls to people on the plane with the mers patients in florida. they want to know in did anyone else get sick. on this monitor, a map displays the 34 states where the passengers live. >> we're basically trying to reach everybody. we're administering a short questionnaire, making sure they're well. >> what kind of questions are you asking? >> have you had a fever with a temperature greater than 104? have you had a cough?
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>> the patients likely aren't sick. most at risk, family members and health care workers. that's why this box was rushed here. it contains specimens from health care workers who came in character with the mers paint. that box of specimens arrived here at the cda's viral disease lab. this is biosafety hazard level two and that means no visitors. but all day inside here they worked on two mers specimens from florida. so two people fly from the middle east to the united states and bring mers here. and look at the response that it generates. >> we're all connected. a single plane flight can bring a virus or back teary from any other part of the world. >> thanks so much. so as the world waits and wonders what happened to those kidnapped school girls in nigeria, we'll tell you about those who want to see an
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the "the new york times" is now dealing with the fallout from a high profile dismissal. the publisher of the times is disbuth claims that section chl fueled the claims of the firing of his executor. we've got complete coverage for you. brian is cnn's senior medial correspondent and the host of "reliable sources" and a former "the new york times" reporter and alexandra fields is following this story for us. is there reports that abramson
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complained to the times? what is the times saying? >> reporter: the times not sitting out on this one. they're announcing this with a lengthy statement from the times publisher and it gets personal, outlining some really specific reasons for why he says that jill abramson was dismissed. in that statement he point to a couple of different factors with, arbitrary decision-making, failure to consult and bring people with her. he goes on to say that in her final year on the job jill abramson's total compensation package was 10% higher than ore predecessor. the main statement is for him to underscore the point that abramson's dismissal had nothing to do with pay or gender. he sed, quote, the saddest outcome of my decision to replace jill abramson as executive director of the "the new york times" as it has been
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cast by many as an example of the unequal treatment of women in the workplace report than accepting this was a position involving a specific individual with strengths and weaknesses, a shallow storyline has emerged. why are we hearing all of this right now. why is the times putting oun this lengthy statement over the weekend. we spoke with the founder of the and she says that the times needed to take this risk because of the implications. the implications are so sirius when you're talking about sex discrimination. here's how she put it. >> it would only suggest that the publisher of the "the new york times" is so worried about being regards as a secist that he's willing to take the risk of legal liability here by detailing how terrible a manager jill abramson was. we're talking about her because she seems to semibollize something broader going on in our society.
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we're worried that there are not enough women, they're worried that there are not enough opportunities for women to rise to the top. >> reporter: that worry that passengerman pointed out there, that's being written a lot this weekend. it's the subject of another article on it takes on the question of why we don't see more women at the top of this industry and whether or not they're able to hang on no the roles and how long they're able to stay in the roles. as for jill abramson herself, we haven't heard her speak publicly but she's scheduled to make a commencement speech tomorrow at wake forest. >> it will be interesting to see whether he injects any of in in her planned speech for tomorrow. brian, let me bring you into the fold. you spent several years at the "the new york times" as a media reporter. what you hearing what's going on in the newsroom this week? >> sharon waxman and i almost overlapd at the times and i left as recently last nf ff jill
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abramson was my boss. a lot of the things that he saying in the statement range true with me. arthur sols burg could be accused of doing that right now to jill abramson. the way this has happened, how ugly this has gotten is unprecedented for the "the new york times." this is not the kind of place that abruptly fires someone. i think people in the news room are shook up about it. and more importantly, this isn't about one person. down the line, the reason why this matters is because there are outstanding questions about women in the newsroom at the "the new york times" andless where as well. people say, the people there wonder if there are pay disparities not just at the top but in the middle and at the bottom as well. >> and it's interesting because she's been credited and bringing up a lot of women, poising them for potential managerial roles. so brian, you know, abramson has been described as brusk.
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but since when is a newspaper editor anything but? i worked in the newspaper business as well. i don't remember them being touchy feely. it was intimidating going up to an editor with your story. how can that be a reason to let her go? >> it may have been an accumulation of a hundred fights inside the newsroom and inside the executive suites. i think this might have been the case of the "the new york times" publisher doing the right thing the wrong way. like it or not, if you're going to fire the first female executive of the "the new york times" you have to do it the right way. you have to do it as gently as possible because you know gender dynamics are going to be a part of it. >> how can the "the new york times" not anticipate, not have been prepared that this would be a fairly, you know, highly publicized firing, especially since, you know, she made history. and it seems like they've been
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caught flat footed. do i have that right in. >> the new editor that's replacing jill abramson, he's the first african american at the "the new york times." historic appointment just like abramson was and unfortunately that's been foreshadowed. >> we know this is really just the beginning. thanks to both of you. appreciate it in new york. all right. straight ahead, nigeria stepping up its efforts to find the kidnapped school girls after the security summit in paris. nigeria said it will accept technical help from nations. france's president calls the kidnappers the islamic terrorist group boko haram, a throat beyond nigeria. what should the u.s. do? here now is cnn's anchor, jack
11:19 am
tapper. >> some, the way to help the more than 220 school girls still being held hostage seems obvious low pressure bring back our girls with force. >> i would like to see special force deployed to help rescue these young girl. >> beyond the hashtag activism 0 online, senators such as susan colinens and john mccain are calling for boots on the ground. >> i think the people of nigeria would welcome the rescue of these young woman. >> mccain said he would send in troops regardless of what some guy named good luck jonathon thought. that's good luck jonathon, the president of nigeria. >> the obama administration is more cautious but nothing has been ruled out. >> there's no plans for u.s. military operation right now. >> those calling for special operations might have victories on their mind, the triumph.
11:20 am
the rescue of captain smally from pie rates. hatch a plan and send in a sale team crew. easy, right? it is anything but. efrl questions remain, where are the girls? how do you get them out? might they be killed at the first sign of u.s. troops or any troops? could that lead to a longer term commitment in the area? history has shown rescue missions involve significant risk and uncertain success. there is in africa just the spector of the black hawk down incident in so momalia. the u.s. operation to free american hostages in iran in 1980 ended tragically for the team and the captain of americans remained held until the following year.
11:21 am
>> it really failed in our view mainly because of bad luck anunforeseen circumstances. >> as of right now, u.s. drones have been added to a team of more than a dozen american advisers and military advisers in nigeria trying to find the girl. >> we want our girls back. >> and as the world urges action, the u.s. must weigh the options and the consequences of intervention. >> all right. jack tapper thanks so much. realizing your dream no mat whaer the obstacles, a former college football star who was paralyzed on the field did just that. his two amazing milestones achieved in one day. next. care what age you are. take it on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day women's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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11:26 am
>> devin walker whose dedication serve as inspiration to the rest. >> he represents who we are and who we hope to be. >> it's now how he pictured his graduation day in a wheelchair paralyzed from the neck down. but it's the culmination of more achievements than he could have ever imagined he could set out to accomplish. >> i'm very excited, just very excited. this day was a long time coming. i'm ready to start. >> he's an inspiration. >> walkers friends and fellow teammates adjust his cap, readying him for graduation as they are helped him do for two years. >> they've been wonderful, through my classing, through my therapy, helping me do what i needed to do and pushed me to be better than you know, just average. they'll all be a help to me.
11:27 am
>> but it's the determination of walker that his friends say kept him on track. >> he's come a long way. i'm very proud of him. to be able to come here and put on a smile, i'm proud of him. >> an effort inspiring the like of saints quarterback drew brees. >> devin walker, congratulations. >> after being honored at tu lane's commencement, brees visited with him a few weeks after his accident. >> he's destined for so many great things in his life. just blessed to know him. >> a future with a mo leg cue lar biology degree, the goal of going to medical school and a will to keep pushing forward in every way he can. >> never give up hope, no matter what. if you get discouraged, go out
11:28 am
there and shoot for the skies. >> oh my gosh. and then there's more. that same day turned even more special when devin walker got a visit from new orleans saints coach sean payton. but he wasn't there the just congratulate walker. the saints signed the former safety to the team. he called walker an inspiration, all of the qualities that the saints look for in a player. ear's walker reacting to his new contract. >> it's one of my dreams come through. i've been a saint since i was, before i was walking. you know, just to be a part of the team and just to be around, around the players is just more than i could have hoped for. >> even in his role, you see the leadership and i think it permeated through the team. coach johnson, those guys, i think all of them became better
11:29 am
for having been around devin and the inspiration he's given. >> wow. congrats to walker and to the saints. all right. firefighters out west work to seal the deal to put out all of the fires still burning in san diego county. they're attacking the flames on the ground and in the skies. >> we're here at camp pendleton, the planes are hundreds of feet away. we're going to go on board this marine chopper and they're going to show us how they take hundreds of gallons of water and drop them directly on the fire lines. we're going to show you how the marines fight the fires from the air right on their own base and in their own community. scott: okay, neighbors, here's the top-drawer skinny. scotts wraps each seed in a brilliant water smart plus coating, that feeds, protects, and holds in moisture to make growing thicker, healthier grass easier. now let's spread your newfound knowledge! seed your lawn. seed it! on car insurance.
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remaining four fires today. many people living in the fire zone who evacuated are returning to their homes. fire officials say the fight will go on until all of the fires are out. our andrew peterson got an upclose look at the battle high above the flames. >> reporter: this is the airstrip that the marines use to battle the blazes. in all they dumped a half a million gallons of water in 150 round trips and we just went along for one of them. a wall of flames closing in. >> i watched at this thing marched from half a mile away almost to 200 meters of us. and i could feel the heat on my face as this thing approached. >> reporter: 22 helicoptered ready to battle the flames. we're headed with a 300-gallon bucket in toe. our chopper is guided by a crew chief. from our window you can see the
11:34 am
delicate balances other choppers lower toward the lake, our pilot does the same. once it's full, we head for the fire line. >> right now we're flying directly over the fire line. again using the hell hole and a lot of precision, the crew chief spots the right moment the make the drop. on his signal the release is made. at the fire's peak, the captain pulled it off with zero visibili visibility. >> you don't know if he's going straight ahead, you don't know if he got his bucket dropped off or not. the best you can do is hope. >> reporter: the smoem so intense it cut off the main water supply on the base. this video show asthma reen chopper hovering over the pacific ocean. these marines don't just fight fires on camp pendleton but in nearby communities. in some cases, water drops like
11:35 am
this are there to protect their own homes. >> i can call home and call the wife, hey, the neighborhood looks good. >> reporter: their water drops these marines couldn't make in 2003 when the massive cedar fire killed 23 people. >> so rather than having to go back to washington, d.c. to launch aircraft to fight these fires, the local commanders here can make the determination that there's immediate threat to life and property and we had our aircraft airborne inside of hours. >> reporter: immediate action helping marines safe property and lives. in this case, those lives were their own. so you just went along on one ride but in all these marines have spent 250 hours in the air fighting these blazes and helped them get the upper hand on the fires. and the cooler weather is only expected to held. >> andrea peterson. arson might be involved with some of the fires. three people are under arrest an
11:36 am
one of them has been charged. it may be the largest ever dinosaur discovery. do you believe it? a museum in argentina unveiled what they're calling seven dinosaurs, each one 150 long weighs 180,000 pounds. that's the weight of 14 elephants and as long as two tractor-trailers. the discovery dates back to 95 million years ago. wow. those bones are in really good condition. that's why so many people are so suspicious. >> is the std night live" decided to poke a little fun to the jay z solong elevator fight. >> now that i have you alone, i've been waiting to do this for a long time. as god is my witness i would never do anything to hurt you. >> okay. >> you know what?
11:37 am
and to prove it, we got an exclusive leaked video this time with the audio included. >> it's a completely different story. look. man, what a great party. >> i know. >> oh my god, there's a spider on you. >> what? get it. >> it keeps moving. >> kick it. great job. i love you solong. >> i love you, too. >> thank again for that help with that spider. >> you know what? no problem. >> let's go back to the party. >> yes, that would be fun. oh my god, the spider is back. >> get it. i have iraq phobia. i love you. >> love you too. >> my gosh. okay. guess what, it gets better than that. big sister beyonce shows up. she was played of course by snl alum maya rudolph. >> did somebody say my name? hey, it's me.
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a woman who had and incurable cancer is now in remission after getting a huge dose of measles. it's an experiment l new treatment that doctors at the
11:43 am
mayo clinic tried. they give the woman enough measles vaccination for ten people. it ended up killing her cancer. elizabeth cohen has more on how this might affect the medical world. >> this is such an exciting study. doctors are really excited about the research that's going on here. this was done at the may jo clinic. there was a 50-year-old woman with a blood cancer. doctors had tried everything and nothing worked. so they said, you know what, we need to try something experiment l and boy was this experiment l. they gave this woman massive amounts of the measles virus, just infuse ud that virus into her blood steam and what they found is that the cancer went away. it was really pretty amazing. it did come back nine months later but they were able to treat it with simple radiation and the cancer has remained out of her some. i do want to say one thing which is they tried to treatment in five other patients and it didn't work very well. but the success of this one
11:44 am
woman definitely has made doctors think, could this be a treatment for other people? now they need to do more studies and try to find out. this isn't something on kolgss are going to to be offer any day soon. fred? >> all right. there's much more to this study. we're going to talk to the woman who was at the center of the study when we come right back. female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set.
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small measures that add up to make our whole even greater. little by little we can do a lot. because... small is huge. visit to see how big small can be. all right. after a monster dose of the measles, a woman with incurable cancer is now in remission. we just told you about her right before the break. elizabeth cohen brought us her story. now i'm joined by that lucky woman, stacy irholz. i know you've got the phone to
11:48 am
your hear as well as skype. what was your first thought when they told you that wu were going to get the measles to try to cure or make some sort of interruption in your cancer? >> well, i was just overjoyed. i had been tracking the news of it for a couple of years. my doctors and his colleagues were working on such a study. and so when it was my turn, i was more than excited. and, yeah. >> and we described it as a real mega dose of the measles. so this treatment actually made you very sick at first, right? did you think this isn't going to work or this is just what i have to get through in order to get to the other side, so to speak? >> well it really was a very intense dose. i received enough to e knock late 10 million people. i didn't know those terms until after the fact, which is good. i had a horrific headache during
11:49 am
the process, spiked a high fever and had nausea. but those symptoms or side effects are short lived. today i was able to walk across the street to my hotel. >> and then the doctors told you were cancer free at least temporarily. how did that news hit you? >> well it was very exciting. i had a built in monitor on my forehead. i had a plasma sigh tome ma which my family named e venn. in 36 hours, it disappeared. >> at that point you knew? >> i knew. >> it was working. >> the tests were telling us that it was working. >> and so it did come back but temporarily, right? now you're in remission? >> i am in complete remission, i am. >> wow. and how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. i have not felt this energetic
11:50 am
for ten-plus years. it's been the easiest treatment i've done by far. >> oh my goodness. okay. well i know the hope is in the medical community that this will work for many more because apparently you really are the anomaly in which this has helped you. >> i am. and i'm so looking forward to others joining me on this journey. we just do need to get this moving faster. >> wow. well congratulations on it working for you and thanks so much for being with us and all the best to you. >> thank you. all right. we're going to shift gears quite a bit and take you to the racetrack. the horse racetrack. well the first horse in 36 years with a chance to win the triple crown even be allowed to race? it could become an issue in the belmont stakes have won the kentucky derby and the preakness, california chrome's owner says he'll keep his horse out of the race if it's not allowed -- the horse is not
11:51 am
allowed to wear a similar breathing strip. there it is, a tighter shot. so far the new york gaming commission says it hasn't been asked to allow it and if it is the commission will consider it. so stay tuned. anything could happen as always the case on the horse racetrack. but chrome eeps impressive winning streak leads our bleacher report right now. >> fred, it's been 36 years since a horse has won the triple crown. now california chrome is just one win away from joining that exclusive club. the three-year-old colt notched its sixth win with an impressive victory in the prekness stakes. he's the 13th horse to win the first two legs of the triple crown since the last triple count winner in 1978. now all that's standing between california chrome and history is
11:52 am
a victory in the belmont in just three weeks. here's johnny football participating in rookie mini camp this weekend. the browns did pass on manziel early in the nfl draft before selecting him in the first round at number 22 overall. manziel has been promised an opportunity to fight for a starting role at quarterback. and while yesterday's practice was restricted to local media members only, today's practice will be closed. all right. a road trip down south. anthony bourdain hits the road down south and surprises even himself. he's telling that story up next. h crown jewel of clay court pen nis, the one that every
11:53 am
tennis player dreams of winning. the french men are performing and winning and it's showing up. but while hasn't france produced a grand slam champion in more than 30 years. >> i think most of the french players lack ambition because they have a nice life, a lot of money. since they're young, if they're good, in a way things are too easy for them. maybe it's not in the culture of france to have very high ambitio ambitions. the winners are people who have very high expectations who have simply the mentality of champions. i'm not sure that too many french players have that mentality. weekdays are for rising to the challenge.
11:54 am
they're the days to take care of business. when possibilities become reality.
11:55 am
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anthony bourdain admits he had preson kooefd notions about life on the mississippi delta but then he went there for his latest episode of" parts unknown yts and he shares his discoveries with anderson cooper. >> you go to the mississippi delta. why -- my family comes from ms mississippi. why did you focus on it?
11:58 am
>> i like to challenge my preconceptionsant prejudices about a place i grew up in an environment and a world when ms m mississippi was looked down on. it was a place -- i grew up thinking mississippi, they shot dennis hopper and peter fonda there. i'm not going there. they're all racists and hicks. but it's such a deeper story. you know, when you grow up with a prejudice like that, it's interesting for me to challenge that. >> in the wake of katrina, i went to biloxi one day and went to an old restaurant and the owner came out and said hey, anderson, welcome back. i was like what do you mean? he was like, you were here with your father in 1975 when i was seven or eight years old and he showed me the table where i sat with my dad.
11:59 am
there's something about mississippi that, i don't know, there's a memory there. there's a history there. >> it's beautiful. physically it's a beautiful place. and look, i like going to a place where i sort of blender around as a yankee who has nothing to learn frommian k ia . >> who created that food? what we're calling southern food now on tv, how is that different -- is it the real thing or is it a mutation? you know, the traditional southern cooking, in its purest earliest form, and over time, was a very different and often healthier thing. >> healthy is not one of the
12:00 pm
things i would think about but tasty, yes. watch tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern as anthony bourdain heads to the delta. and then at 10:00, morgan spurlock explores the world of ufos. we've got much more ahead in the newsroom and it all starts right now. hello again, i'm fredricka whitfield. these are the stories topping our news this hour. at&t sets it sites on america's biggest tef provider. a merger that could affect tens of thousands of you. and thousands of californias who have been forced from their homes for days because of raging wildfires finally get a break while the battle against the flames takes a turn. and private moments suddenly becoming very public, not j