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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  May 19, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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a mega media merger that could change the way you use your laptop,ing your smartphone, your television. at&t taking over directv in a nearly $50 billion deal. i'll tell you what that means for you ahead. deadly viral scare, mers discovered now in the united states. a third case reported. the very latest on what health officials are doing this morning. breaking news overnight. south korea's president furious over the ferry disaster that killed hundreds of students dismantling the country's ghoco guard. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. if you're watching us on at&t or directv -- >> even if you're not. >> at&t is buy directv in a deal
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that is nearly $50 billion. at&t's ceo randall stephenson said this new deal will offer new bundles and deliver content to consumers across multiple screens, mobile devices, tvs, laptops cars and even airports. after announced that comcast will buy time warner. the meantime the parent company of sprint trying to buy t-mobile. all of this consolidation has some industry watchers worried. >> there could be short-term benefits especially if it means that more subscribers get access to a combination of television and internet access. but i think in the long term, even in the medium term, with that consolidation and that reduction of competition, we see fewer things happening and prices mostly going up for consumers and subscribers. >> of course, prices have been
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going up with or without mergers for some time. regulators are aware of that issue. they've yet to approve that with. and internet access could be provided to areas that currently don't have it. 15 billion more households in rural areas something the obama administration has made a priority. it's interesting, at&t is promising directv customer out there for three years, nothing changes for you. you get your tv the same way. your pricing is all the same. you could see new bundling opportunities for the next few years but for directv customers nothing changes. >> if you like your tv service you can keep it. a third case of mers has been confirmed in illinois. a man the first person that has potentially contracted the deadly virus here on u.s. soil. this is now the third person in the united states who has been found to have mers or the
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middle east respiratory sind drom. now, this third person, it's a little bit different than the first two and i'll tell you why. the first two people they were infected. they got infecked in saudi arabia then they got on a plane and came here. this third one, this third one became infected in the united states. so this is now the first case of someone becoming infected on u.s. soil. and here's what happened. this third case, they had a meeting with one of the first two cases. a gentleman in indiana. so this new case, a man from illinois and the man from indiana had a meeting late in april for 40 minutes, they sat and they talked. they were within six feet of each other. they shook hands and that was their only physical contact that we know about. then the next day, they have another meeting which was even shorter. so just two meetings. one 40 minutes, one even shorter. the only physical contact that we know of was a handshake. that apparently was enough to share mers from one person to another. this is a little bit different i think in many people's minds
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than what was said before. before doctors referred to mers as something in order to get it, you had to have close contact. someone who lived in your household. or the kind of contact that a doctor and patient would have repeatedly over time. this is a little bit different. and i think it will definitely raise concern for some people can i get mers just for having a business meeting with someone. >> my tanks to elizabeth cohen for that. mers is not always fatal. the illinois man who tested positive is said to be in good health. breaking news, russian president vladimir putin ordering troops near their border to return to their home bases. the move is seens an effort to de-escalate the crisis in ukraine. about 40,000 troops are believed to be gathered along the border right now. the u.s. and nato reported seeing no sign of a pullback. breaking overnight, the president of south korea dismantling her nation's coast
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guard and vowing to reorganize her government over last month's tragic ferry disaster. she said south korea owes it to the hundreds of students who died and apologizing for bungling of the operation. let's bring in paula hancocks live this morning. to see the president with tears streaming down her face say there will be changes. does it sit well with the people in the country who are so i think gri and grieving over the loss of the students? >> well, christine, this is a side of the president that the south koreans tonight get to see. as you say, she was tearful towards the end of her national broadcast, apologizing and taking responsibility for the pain of the nation. the reason she got emotional she was talking about people who had given up they are lives to save others. she was talking of the passengers and some of whom have given their life jackets and
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then headed back towards the ferry to try to sab more people. >> translator: i believe these people are the real heroes of the generation. i propose to build a monument to pay respect to the victims and the importance of safety and to set april 16th as a day for people's safety. i again pray for those who those who passed away in the incident and express my deep condolences to the families. thank you. >> but there is no sympathy, the president slammed the coast guard in the early respondent's reaction. there have been critics across the country asking why the passengers were not able to be rescued in the first couple of hours before the ferry was completely under the water. and also there's been questions as to why the coast guard managed to rescue the crew and the captain himself. before they managed to rescue some of the passengers, of course, the coast guard saying because the life jackets were on, they simply couldn't tell the difference. but the president is saying that will be very different now.
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the coast guard is going to be dismantled. of course, is this an ongoing search operation. but there's still 18 people within that ship of the waters of the yellow sea. so the search will be not be affected but the hierarchy certainly will be. back to you. >> so many questions, why were the students told over the intercom system to stay put while the crew were so quick to get off that ship and seek help. thank you for that, paula. seven minutes after the hour. there's an onliensous new kidnapping threat against children in nigeria. the boko haram terrorist organization now targeting an all-boys boarding school. this after they were ordered to beef up security in all boarding schools in the area. the search for 200 girls about dublgted last month, that search coming up empty. let's bring in vladimir duthiers live in abuja.
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vlad, what's the latest threat? >> latest threat, a school in nigeria, the very state where these girls were abducted a month ago. this time, it's a boys school. in the past, boko haram has not boys schools. last year, they captured 40 and burned the schools and killed them. girls were spared. . they were told by militants to go home and get married. this is the terror threat that people of northeastern nigeria are constantly living under. they've been living like this since 2009. and the nigerian military and police unable to stop the constant attacks. they seem to attack with impunity and others under that state of emergency. i spoke to a mother yesterday whose daughter is missing, she told me that if her daughter
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should ever go home, they will go back to school. that's the message for those watching around the world. these girls having to go to school when you have been attacking or killed or kidnapped is something that we can't imagine. and yet, they still choose to go to schools. >> they're being kidnapped and terrorized, vlad, tofor trying get an education. give us the latest on the boys school and the search for the girls who are missing. >> so the government has said they are beefing up security around the schools. in the past, families that we've spoken to have said it doesn't really matter. you're talking about usually half a dozen or a dozen military or security guards guarding an institution. typically, when boko haram fighters come into a town, they come 200, 300 strong. rocket-propelled grenade launchers. armored personnel vehicles and aircraft weapons.
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even though the police officers are brave to stand in the line of fire, it's not very easy to push them back. with regard to the search, 20,000 nigerian soldiers looking for the girls in northeastern nigeria, but he's admitted they doesn't know where they are. >> vladimir duthiers in abuja, thank you so much. happening right now, thousands of california residents returning home after wildfires took over their towns. while firefighters managed to put out the flames, the fire threat for california is only beginning. our indra petersons is live to explain. and republicans not backing down on recent attacks on hillary clinton. should the country be concerned about the former secretary of state's health? what the country's leader is now saying next. , and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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welcome back, everyone. firefighters in san diego finally getting the upper hand on a rash of fires that left dozens of homes in ashes and
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forces thousanded to evacuate. temperatures will cool and winds died down this weekend but not before 26,000 acres was burned. california governor jerry brown fears the state's drought means a large and dangerous fire season ahead. >> we're ahead of the curve, but as that curve of dryness and fires and disasters continues to escalate, we're going to have to deploy more resources. >> indra petersons is on the fire lines this morning. she joins us live from escondido. indra, you've been there all weekend from above, helicopters, and from below, taking a look. >> we're in this community, a 120-year-old spiritual community hardest hit from the cocos fire. about 30 structures evacuated about an hour come wednesday afternoon. and then to this. talking 30 structures, 25 of
2:15 am
them, completely down to rubble. i'm looking around for any semblance of a home that these residents can return to and you don't really see anything left. this is devastating. talking to cal fire, this is what we'll continue to see as we go throughout the summer. >> reporter: again, this is so early. what are you expecting or need to prepare for the season ahead? >> we're expecting extreme conditions. we're expecting more fires this year. early since january 1st. we responded to 1500 fires, that are normal, it's around 800. >> reporter: i mean, so unbelievable. let's talk about why this happened. why we saw fires so early in southern california. there's a big dome of high pressure. something you don't typically see. if you're not from california, you may not be familiar. we call it may gray or june gloom because you have the strong marine air that is online shore that brings up humidity. that's not the case, not what we
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saw all weekend long. they had soaring conditions, offshore conditions that was dry. the good news, we're starting to see a low pressure system north of us. that's dropping to the south. so that typical weather we should see this time of year has returned. the humidity is great about 80%. temperatures back to what we should be seeing not seeing 90s and triple-digit heat. but even 60s and 70s. so that's good news. unfortunately, that doesn't mean the fire threat is gone for the nation. it's spread farther to the east. and otherwise, across the country, the bigger story is the cold country making its move from the upper midwest and spreading through the northeast bringing light rain. but truly devastating, guys, when you take a look around. hard to say this was one or two homes. remember, of 30 structures here, this is the hardest hit. 25 of these gone. >> indra petersons, thank you.
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we're hearing from the whistle-blower who triggered a federal investigation of the v.a. clinic in ft. collins, colorado. there he is, lisa lee, a former navy reservist said she was suspended from service for two weeks for refusing to cook the books. a top aide to president obama said that he's madder than hell about the scandal. and widespread cover-ups are being alleged at v.a. facilities around the country. republicans keep on talking about hillary clinton's health. karl rove standing by his comments sunday using bill clinton's own words to back up his case. the former president had said it took his wife six months to get over that bad 2012 concussion. at the time, the secretary of state was out of work for about 30 days. sunday, the rnc chair reince priebus said the questions about mrs. clinton's health are legitimate. >> health and wellness is fair
2:18 am
game. i think what's big are for me is what's the record for hillary clinton, as secretary of state? benghazi, boko haram, syria, russia? those are the issues. >> talking about age and health, they're not talking about issues. meanwhile democrats are defending mrs. clinton and saying she's in the prime of her life and that republicans are just scared to run against her. >> new calls to screen train engineers for sleep apnea after it was revealed that engineer in that deadly collision suffered from that condition. repeatedly awakened when the airways closed during sleep. metro-north said a final decision has not been made. general motors investigating its own legal department over the handling of ignition defect now linked to 13 deaths. that's according to a report in "the new york times." general motors learned of this defect more than a decade ago. only issued the first recalls in
2:19 am
february of this year. last week, the company was hit with a $35 million fine. that's the maximum in a case like this. regulators say they concealed the problem. more severe punishments could be on the way. and "early start" on the money this morning. stocks lowers and a failed deal. astrazeneca rejected another bid from pfizer. this time, pfizer offered $120 billion for its british rival. that's a 45% premium. astrazeneca's stock down as much as 14% after this latest no. dow futures in the u.s. pointing to a lower open on wall street. justin timberlake may have taken on top honors but jennifer lopez and michael jackson stole the show at last night's billboards awards in las vegas. mr. timberlake won seven awards more than any other artist after a seven-year hiatus.
2:20 am
look at him there. he's very happy, he's dancing. his album "20/20 experience" beat out others. jennifer lopez blowing away the audience with "first love." but the big showstopper was this, michael jackson, or a hologram of michael jackson just rocked the house. the late king of pop or the hologram of pop performance slaved to the rhythm. that took half a year to plan, choreograph and develop. and the miami heat may have their hands full if they plan to repeat. brian mcfayden has the details in the "bleacher report" next. which generously lowered its price
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home court advantage means a lot during the playoffs. the indiana pacers used ethat ad large meng. good morning. two-time champs miami heat were in indy to face the favors. indiana led fire to wire. pacers finally get the monkey off their back. pacers win 107-96.
2:25 am
game two tuesday night. tonight on tnt, spurs and the thunder. california chrome won the preakness stakes this weekend setting him up to win the triple crown. if he wins on june 7th, he's the odds on favorite. he wares nasal strips. but that's a no-no. california chrome's owner will have to make a special request to wear the nasal strips. trending on, we're calling this young man the player of the weekend. check this out. he gives the souvenir ball to the pretty girl behind him. wait, he plays the switcheroo. he actually keeps the game ball and gives her the other ball in his hand. that kid's got some game. good stuff there. >> nice move, man. >> i like it. >> that kid is going to work on
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wall street. that's all i got to say. >> were you writing that down, john? >> i'm like, what did he do? >> thanks so much, brian. next up you the nearly $50 billion media merger that could drastically change the way you surf the web. watch tv. >> or not. which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. but when we put something in the ground, feed it, and care for it, don't we grow something more? we grow big celebrations, and personal victories. we grow new beginnings, and better endings.
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♪ a huge media merger that could have a huge impact on how you use the internet, your television, just about everything. at&t paying nearly $50 billion
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to buy directv. 30 million u.s. customers set to feel the effects of this deal. we're breaking down what it means to you. a rare deadly virus spreading in the united states for the first time. a third case of mers. and this patient didn't contract the disease from an exotic trip but from a american business meeting. and the terrorist group targeted with kidnapping hundreds of girls in nigeria. i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. the top story, at&t is buying directv. a merger that will affect 30 million customers. the price tag nearly $50 billion. it will ultimately make it the second largest provider in the country behind comcast. comcast announced it would buy time warner cable for $35 billion three months ago. regulators are scrutinizing the
2:31 am
deals to make sure no decreased competition or hurt customers. a sentiment echoed by proponents on the internet. >> buyers should be very aware. not only could it affect their current plans or offerings but it means there's less place for new offerings or new models to come from. the at&t ceo randall stephenson said it will offer new bundles and deliver content to consumers across multiple screen, mobile devices, tvs, laptops, cars even airports. soft bank the company that owns sprint, it's courting t-mobile. for directv customers saying wait a minute, i don't want any change for three years, at&t is promising nothing changes. ultimately, what at&t could do, put a lot of these thing, voice, data, home security in one
2:32 am
company and offer new bundles so at&t gets more revenue per customer which is important in the industry. in terms of cable bills or bills for watching television, no one says they're going down. they have been going up. we've been using more and we're expecting more, right? . unsettling medical news to tell you about, health officials have identified the first of middle east respiratory independentdrome believed to be transported inside the unites. two earlier cases of this deadly potential virus has been contracted overseas. the latest came from a man diagnosed after returning from saudi arabia. a blood test confirmed an infection. the man suffered only a mild disease. breaking news, russian president vladimir putin ordering his troops near the ukraine border to return to their home bases. that is according to the kremlin. the move is being seen as an
2:33 am
effort by moscow to de-escalate the crisis in ukraine. about 50,000 troops are believed to be gathered along the border right now. putin issued a similar report earlier this month but seeing no drawback. the president of south korea dismantling her coast guard. the president said the country owes it to the hundreds of students who died and apologizing for the coast guard's bungling of the operation. let's bring in paula hancocks live from seoul this morning. really an extraordinary apology and reorganization all at once here. >> reporter: well, that's right, john. this is a side that we saw this monday that most south koreans simply don't see from their president. we saw a tearful apology towards the end of her speech when she was talking about the people that she called the heroes of our generation. those people, passengers and crew members, who lost their lives to save other people's
2:34 am
lives. but she was at the beginning of the speech saying she was dismantling the coast guard in this country. she said there was just too much criticism of them. and simply, they did not do enough. the first responders did not save enough people. >> translator: the coast guard failed in its duty to carry out the rescue operation. the reason is because of the structure. since it was created, its concentrate on investigation and external growth and has neglected search and rescue tasks. >> reporter: now there have been questions as to why more passengers were not able to be saved. almost 300 people having been killed in this disaster. 18 people are still missing. this search operation is still ongoing. the day-to-day operation will not be affected, according to officials but the hierarchy, or the structure, will change. the search operation will now be overseen by a new government
2:35 am
agency. a new safety agency. and the investigation itself will be looked after by the police. but the coast guard has come under a huge amount of criticism as to why more people were not able to be rescued. why the crew and the captain were rescued first before the passengers. and also, there was an 18-year-old boy who was on board that ship, he is the first person to make that distress call. and it was discovered that they had bungled the distress call as well. that they had asked this poor boy what the longitude and latitude of his ship was. the sort of questions that he was unable to answer. really from start to finish, the response has been poor. the president of south korea today taking responsibility for that. and dismantling the coast guard. >> more ramifications from this tragedy. there's an ominous new kidnapping threat against the school in nigeria. the nigerian police ordered to
2:36 am
beef up security at all boarding schools in the region. meanwhile no progress reported in the search for more than 200 schoolgirls abducted last month. let's bring in vladimir duthiers live from nigeria's capital city abuja. this is sort of the boko haram playbook, isn't it? a threatening letter and then sometimes, there's a strike that follows? >> reporter: that's right, christina. people can only imagine what it's like, you're trying to get an education. you're sending your child to school in one of the least educated. one of the poorest areas there. people believing that education is the path out of poverty. you send your child to school and you receive a letter that boko haram intends to strike your school. in this particular case, they targeted a boys dormitory. in the past, boko haram does not kidnap boys. back in february, they attackeded a school, they slaughtered aft least 40 boys. many burned in their beds.
2:37 am
some tried to escape or were hacked to death with machetes. the girls were spared. they were told to go home, to stay away from school and get married. that's the boko haram modus operandi. and that's what people in nigeria are living under since 2009. the bravery of these children that continue to go to school in the face of such threat is inspiring. when it comes to what the nigerian military is trying to do to rescue the girls, the police and the military are outmanned. they show up with rocket propelled launchers and ak-47s and a magazine. >> you even get your letter ahead of time saying they're going to come, and still, the military doesn't have the manpower or fire power to match them. it must be terrifying for parents and childrens in boarding schools in the region? >> reporter: yeah, in fact. we spoke to a mother yesterday whose daughter was kidnapped on april 14th. i asked her if your daughter
2:38 am
comes home, would you send her back to school? because you can imagine, a parent just saying, you know what, this is not worth it. i can't deal with the pain or loss if something happens to my child. she said, of course, if she comes back, and i believe that she did, i will send her back to school. she won't want not to go back to school. she will want to go to school. >> thanks, vlad. it's just shocking they can send a letter, you know they're coming and there's nobody to stop it. in san diego, wildfires contained. we're glad to report, evacuated residents are returning to their homes. california's governor is warning of a new fire threat that could be here to stay. our indra petersons is live from the fire lines this morning. right after the break. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase like 60,000 bonus points
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41 minutes past the hour. welcome back, firefighters in san diego finally contained the wildfires that left dozens of homes in ashes and forced thousands to evacuate. 26,000 acres burned since last week. california's governor jerry brown fears the drought means a long and dangerous fire season ahead. >> we're ahead of the curve. but as that curve of dryness and fires, disasters continues to escalate, we're going to have to deploy more resources. >> indra petersons is on the fire line for us this morning. she's live in escondido, california. good morning, indra. >> good morning, christine. it's so tough now, after four days of firefighters battling these flames residents were not able to return home until many of them saturday or even sunday. when they did, these are some of the sights we saw. we're here in escondido in a
2:43 am
place called harmony. and it's a spiritual place and they saw 25 structures completely reduced to rubble on the ground. i keep looking around for anything. a frame, a picture frame, a plate. there's nothing left here. so tough to see. especially when you think about the fact this is one of the worst droughts in california history. just take a listen to what cal fire had to say. >> looking forward, this again is so early. what are you expecting or what do you need to do for the season that lies ahead? >> we're expecting extreme conditions. we're expecting more fires this year already since january 1st. we responded to 1500 fires that are normal, it's around 800. >> how scary, right. so many people keep asking me. why? why are we seeing fire season so early? if you're not from california know that many people call it
2:44 am
may gray. june gloom. why? we have this think marine air that doesn't go anyplace. record temperatures 25 degrees above the record. winds 50 and 60 miles per hour and low humidity. the reason why, it all goes back to the jet stream. there's a huge line of pressure that drops down on the coastline of california it is blocking them with with that, we're getting warm temperatures. here's get news. the ridge has broken down over the weekend. we're seeing that relief. today, we expect to see the relief, a storm system expected to bring rain to northern california, it feels great, a chance for drizzle by tuesday and wednesday. unfortunately, it doesn't mean there's no fire threat across across the country at all, it means that the jir threat has spread farther to the east, arizona, in new mexico. that's where we have the fire danger. and it's upper midest and northern plains by the middle of the week. it's heartbreaking to see those this morning. the residents didn't know what the status was for four days.
2:45 am
and this is what they see when they return home. >> indra, thanks for are that. early start on your money, features on wall street lower, pointing to a lower open after big swings in stocks. the dow went from hitting records to triple-digit losses to plunging back. that was last week. corporate earnings have been driving stocks. 90% of companies, the s&p 500 are reported, we want to see what they did. profits up 2.1%. much less than last quarter, where profits were up 8.5%. the big movement in the markets, everybodies has been in the bond market. the yield in a ten-year treasury, look at that chart. the decline in yield means more demand for treasuries are which are considered safer than stocks. john, some people for the past week are saying look at what's happening in the bond market. is that telling us there is strength in the economy?
2:46 am
>> i have no concern about what's coming up on "new day." kate bolduan joins us to tell us what's there. >> hi, kate. >> i love your confidence. good morning, guys. we're digging into a new kind of custody battle, embryos. who has the right to use them after a couple has broken up. we're talking live to a man who is fighting his ex-girlfriend because she wants to have his child without his permission. also ahead, california roam is one race away from the triple crown. the elusive triple crown. yet, the horse may not race at belmont. why? it's about those strips that helps him breathe. they're not allowed in new york, so the horse may not even take part. we're going talk to one of california chrome's owners to see what they're considering in terms of 24 their options. unbelievable that may turn up. >> it's the most ridiculous story in the world today, what
2:47 am
does new york have about breathe right strips what makes new york -- >> i'm not going to fight you. but why does a horse need nose strips, also an important question. >> it promotes clear breathing. >> apparently, something i need this morning. >> you have the same voice, my friend. >> i know. justin timberlake took home top honors but jennifer lopez and michael jackson stole the show last night at billboards awards in las vegas. timberlake won seven awards more than any other artist, after a seven-year hiatus. timberlake said he was stunned by the announcement. and take a look at jennifer lopez blowing away the audience with her performance of "first love." she was honored with billboard's icon award. everybody is buzzing about the michael jackson hologram. it rocked the house, "slave to the rhythm" with a five-piece
2:48 am
band. the hologram took a year and a half to develop. happening right now, severe flooding across serbia. dozens already dead. thousands evacuated from their homes. the worst flooding in more than a century, and now a new debt from land mines. we're live with the very latest. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done.
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this morning, four people are under arrest in connection with last week's deadly coal mine fire in turkey. the country's semi official news agency has identified them as the mine company's operating manager, security chief and two engineers. the search efforts are now over with 301 people confirmed dead. an investigation under the cause is under way. a bloody sunday in libya's capital tripoli. fierce fighting erupted after
2:52 am
they stormed the government's parliament. two people were killed in the worst fighting that tripoli has seen. >> unprecedented flooding forcing thousands to plea for safety in the balkans. dozens have died already. relentless rainfall in serbia and latvia triggers floods. and fears that land mines could be unearthed and explode while rescuers trying to do their work. atika shubert, what can you tell us? >> well, the rains have stopped for now. but the bigger concern is that the water and a surge of water will travel down the country into the capital of belgrade. there's issue of land mines but there in the balkans and now reports that they have shifted because of landslides and
2:53 am
floods. so rescuers have had to go much more slowly than they wanted to. there have already been dozens killed. and thousands evacuated out. so this is hampering efforts. the other concern is one of the country's biggest power station is threatened by the flood and supplies 20% of the electricity for the country. so these are things that rescuers are grappling with on top of the water. >> atika shubert covering that from london, thanks so much. other news, a whistle-blower goes public explaining what happened to her when she refused to cover up potentially deadly treatment delays at her v.a. hospital. we'll have this story next. their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger. captain: that's unsettling. man: you think? captain: all the time. except when i sleep. which i would not do here.
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we're now hearing from the whistle-blower who triggered a federal investigation at the v.a. clinic in ft. collins, colorado. lisa lee, a former navy reservist said she was suspended without pay for two weeks for refusing to cook the books for treatment for patients. a top aide in the white house said president obama is madder than hell about the scandal. treatment delays may have caused
2:58 am
dozens of deaths at a v.a. hospital in phoenix. and widespread cover-ups are being alleged in v.a. facilities around the country. same-sex marriages could become a reality in oregon by this afternoon. a federal judge promising a ruling by noon today. if this ban is overturned officials in oregon's largest county plan to start handing out same-sex marriage licenses immediately. this morning, a whole lot of eyes will be on the wake forest graduation ceremony. why? because jill abramson the new tired executive editor of "the new york times" will deliver the commencement address. it's not clear if she'll respond to the reports if she was dismissed after making less money than her predecessor after finding out about it. the predecessor said she was let go because of performance issues. rocking the media land cape causing a whole bunch of discussion about gender and paul tickets and policy.
2:59 am
not to mention media. "new day" starts right now. the result of all of these mergers, less competition, fewer competitors. mega merger, at&t buys directv creating a giant tv and internet company. good for them, or good for you? we have new details. on alert. the deadly mers virus now confirmed to have been spread within the united states. an illinois man contracted it by shaking hands. now the cdc is racing to find anyone who may have been in contact with him. he's back, michael jackson, the hologram, performing live. thrilling? controversial? we'll get into it. >> nor "new day" starts right
3:00 am
now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> that's better. monday, may 19th, 6:00 in the east. and there is a major merger in the works that could rescape the television industry, really how you watch video anywhere. could also end up costing you more. here's the deal. at&t has struck a nearly $50 billion acquisition with satellite tv giant directv. the sale is this. it's good for you, you'll be offered more content. >> but it's also prompting a familiar question. should so many customers be covered by so few companies, especially with comcast and time warner already looking to join forces. chief business correspondent christine romans is here. >> hi, guys. the landscape is changing fast. and the companies are trying to keep up with it. it's a huge deal of 25 million


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