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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  May 23, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> well, congratulations, class of 2014, especially to paris who i am sure has a wonderful bright future. thank you for definitely supplying all the elements for tonight's ridiculist. that does it for us. the cnn's film documentary "black fish" starts right now. tai lapped after the coupe. u crane's military suffers a deadly attack. how that can affect the elections. >> a wombatless her family after her disappearance. some say she was held against her will but some say her story just doesn't add up. >> you are watching "cnn newsroom." thank you for joining us. i'm natalie allen. >> good to be with you, natalie.
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i'm earle bonnet. we are welcoming our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. >> 155 politicians and activists are now banned from leaving the country and several high profile government figures have been summoned to meet with the prime minister in bangkok. she was ousted earlier for corruption. >> the army seized power thursday in a bid to stop months of protests and turmoil. this is thailand's second coupe in eight years. let's get the latest from bangkok where it's just after 2:00 in the afternoon. our simon mosa joins us. the military not wasting any time after the coupe kind of letting leaders know what its next steps are going to be. >> we're not really sure what they're planning on saying, natalie. since this morning we've had a series of more summons.
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we saw various leaders talking with the military. we do know that the former prime minister had just last week talked to cnn saying that he had a reform plan forte land. he was detained but released later at midnight. today the thai military kicked off their day by summoning the prime minister. he's the man i spoke to last week. he had just taken over from yingluck shinowack. she has also been to meet with the military today with her sister earlier. again, we're really not sure what's going on inside those closed doors, what's being said. then the military on army television, most of the channels here in thailand, including cnn,
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have been taken off the air. on the army television they announced a call for diplomats. again, we do not know what he's planning on saying to them or maybe he's trying to allay their fears. there is a lot of concern here. just a few days ago here in bangkok i spoke to the u.s. ambassador about her impact on businesses. the u.s. does $43 billion worth of trade with thailand. there's huge concern. she was appealing at that time forte land to move forwards. of course, that didn't happen. military coupe. they're reviewing their military and foreign assistance to
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thailand. huge impacts following this coupe so maybe that's why he's there and stepping in for peace and/ and order in thailand. the political setup was very vicarious. we saw protests starting last year. the sin know wa family name very unpopular. it's a political dynasty, if you like. a lot of people are standing up in thailand, the huge divides between what we know popularly as the red shirts and yellow shirts. the military general said he was force and compelled to step in and save thailand. not everyone sees it that way. another step that he's just taken in the last couple of hours is putting 155 politicians
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and activists on a control list banning them from leaving the country. this is becoming a more and more controlled state. we have a curfew 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> the world is watching and certainly all the people who have been taking to the streets watching these developments as well. thank you so much for us live. >> the military appearing to tighten its script. you may be thinking didn't thailand have a coupe not too long snag you're right. there have been 19 actual or attempted military take jeffers since 1932. that's when thailand became a constitutional monarchy. the last one was in 2006. military takeovers in the country don't always end quickly either. in one case the military seized power in 1947 and remapd in control until 1973. now as we've been mentioning,
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cnn and other international networks are off the air in thailand. you can see more posts about what happens at the people of thailand deserve to know what's happening at this crucial moment in their country. cnn, of course, is committed to telling those stories. see all of it on our facebook page. cnn international. follow us on twitter @cnni. a number of online resources for you. now to another country very much unsettled and being watched closely. nato's top military says they should watch what's going on in europe. >> there's been russian troop movement away from ukraine's
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border. the remaining force is still quite large. >> reporter: it was the deadliest day of the crisis so far, a brazen attack on a ukrainian military checkpoint in donestk leaving their armor in flames and dead bodies. a second attack killed one more soldier. witnesses said the attackers were likely pro russian separatists, but officials in kiev place the blame firmly on moscow calling for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. just three days before ukrainian's vote to choose a new president, election observers urged calm on all sides. >> i don't care whether there will be a formal arrangement or whether simply both sides are wise enough to try to allow democracy to take its course this coming weekend.
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>> in the capital kiev there are fears violence could spread beyond the east. >> the men in the tents are not peaceful protestors, they're militants. they told us they would resort to violence. >> reporter: kiev's main streets are crowded with tents from bringing down the pro russian government. the ukrainians vowed to make one more stand inside the voting booths. what do you hope to happen in the election? >> we hope that we will choose decent president who will lead our country forward. >> reporter: the christmas tree is still here. >> reporter: jean harmon told me the vote is just the first step. the conflict doesn't end on sunday? >> sunday is the culmination of
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something but it's also the beginning of something else. for the first time an opportunity for ukrainians as a country to form a decent government that represents all of them. >> reporter: jim sciutto, kiev. at least 21 people are dead after several mortar shells hit a pro bashar al assad tent. this happened in the city of daraa. we learned about it in the past hour. syrians are set to vote next month and president al assad is seeking re-election. coming up here on "cnn newsroom", another wild fire raging in the southwestern united states. >> this one is precariously close to a very popular tourist spot. >> yes, sedona, arizona. plus, critical u.s. nuclear facility may be at surprising risk of attack from terrorists, deranged gunman or hackers. we'll tell you about that in a
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those pictures might look familiar to you if you've been to arizona. firefighters there are struggling to contain a wild fire near sedona. >> sedona is a scenic, beautiful place. it's known for hiking and spas. now emergency officials are warning thousands of people that they may have to evacuate. anna cabrera has more on the painful preparations they're making now. >> reporter: the tinder dry conditions throughout the region are textbook for fire burning out of control. >> fire gets into the steep terrain with heavy fuel and wind driven, it's a bad combination
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for catastrophic wild fire. >> reporter: planes and choppers swoop in spraying water while hundreds of firefighters are on the front line battling a fire that's threatening 3,000 residents. >> it's my home. >> reporter: frank owns 20 rental cabins. a popular vacation destination. >> we were able to get my employees out, family out, guests out. >> reporter: residents are bracing for the worst. >> i'm getting ready to get the hell out of here. >> reporter: grabbing whatever they can before evacuating. >> i hear it's close. it's coming. it's zero% contained at this point. we're going to try to get ahead of the game. >> reporter: one woman trying to grab all of her cats. >> i'm trying to round them up. i have three, we're still looking for about six. >> reporter: authorities say the cause of the fire is under investigation but that it was probably started by a person. >> it's a big fire.
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it's a bit of a beast. >> reporter: a beast at the beginning of a fire season that authorities fear can be long and destructive. anna cabrera, cnn, flagstaff, arizona. that fire is affecting the air quality not only around sedona but around flagstaff. >> nasa satellite picked up pictures of smoke. the smoke is south of sedona and streams up over flagstaff. >> the fire is much larger now. the smoke has drifted all the way to the state of utah. that's about 150 miles or 240 kilometers away. >> for more on the fires in arizona, most are not contained, 95% not contained? >> they were at 0, then they went to 5. we're getting somewhere. we're going in the right direction. we're moving. it's taken a while because of what anna cabrera there, no
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relation, was mentioning as far as the steep terrain that we're having to deal with and the weather conditions that have not been good. you can see the plume of smoke blowing from the north to east. by the afternoon we'll really pick up, 35 kilometers out of the question. even gustier tomorrow. the issue we'll have as we talk about the winds and temperatures, temperatures not going to be a problem. the shower and thunderstorms will be throughout the area. we have a low and we won't get beneficial rains today. today we'll potentially have lightning out there which will make conditions worse. by saturday the moisture moves through. we'll have wet ground out there. that will be better news for firefighting efforts. are you watching us from the eastern seaboard.
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rock and role day. 10 centimeter hail. new york, pennsylvania. take you through some of the damage. national weather service will be out there surveying what looked from ariel pictures to be a twisting of the wind. do we have the pictures? yes, there they are. you see the pictures completely demolished in kent county, delaware. dangerous day to be out there with numerous severe thunderstorms warnings. big watch boxes. conditions favorable for that. we're now done with numerous reports yesterday. we're still under the gun for today. hale certainly. that's going to be a potential for later this afternoon as a busy weather pattern continues as we continue with more activities later on. we'll keep you posted on that. we'll check in with europe and asia in the last half hour. u.s. authorities are
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investigating why two commercial jets came dangerously close to one another. the two united airlines planes had just taken off. at their closest they were 400 feet apart vertically, 120 meters, and less than a mile apart laterally. >> scary stuff there. the u.s. house of representatives has overwhelmingly passed a bill on bulk telephone records. >> it's their attempt after edward snowden's situation. the bill passed from house and senate. >> as a result of it passing the house, the nsa might still be watching us, but now we can watch them, and we means all of us. not just members of congress and our staffs, but all-americans through the public disclosure and transparency.
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>> the administration has agreed to change some of the procedures, i believe that the -- to paraphrase president reagan, i believe the best course is to trust but codify. >> the surveillance reform bill now goes to the senate for consideration. we keep our focus in the u.s. now. some of america's most critical and well-protected sites may be more at risk for devastating attack. >> several startling reports will talk about serious reports on power, missile basses. cnn's barbara starr has more. >> reporter: at a nuclear site terrorists infiltrate. security sources struggle to respond and fail. it was all a test at malstrom air force base in montana. security forces failed a crucial
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exercise in keeping control of their silo and a nuclear weapon. the cover of this 17 page report doesn't even begin to tell of what's inside. it sounds like a shocking failure in military security. >> 2, 1, turn. >> reporter: the finding, security personnel failed to take all lawful actions necessary to immediately regain control of nuclear weapons. the result, the air force team may not have been able to prevent theft, damage, sabotage, destruction or detonation of a nuclear weapon. former air force missiler didn't follow protocol. the report only came to light because the associated press
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obtained it through a freedom of information request. the unit went through retraining and passed the exercise several weeks later. green says standards remain high because there's just no room for failure with the nation's nuclear weapons. >> a failure can mean missing a required action by a second. it can mean responding to something a moment or two late. >> reporter: the nuclear force has been plagued with disciplinary and morale problems. it's a high pressure environment that demands and expects perfection. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> scary stuff there. as good as technology is, it's as good as the people operating it. make mistakes, a scary place to do so. >> absolutely. >> still ahead for you here, a california woman missing for ten years has resurfaced. >> she says she was kidnapped
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and held in this house against her will. find out why some people don't believe her story. plus, where are the master pieces? the fbi has new details on artwork stolen nearly 25 years ago. stay with us.
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tennessee would be the first state to use the electric chair without giving the inmate a choice. >> the scarcity of wyoming will reintroduce a bill on death by a firing squad. >> not good times with that
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story. a california woman missing for a decade mysteriously reappears. police say she was kidnapped and held against her will. taken at age 15 by her mother's boyfriend. >> many who know the family aren't so sure. >> bail on your case is set at $1 million. >> $1 million bail and five serious felony charges for the man charged with kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl. authorities say he mentally tormented and imprisoned her for ten years. >> she was told her family wasn't looking for her. she was told that he was her only ally. >> reporter: just 30 minutes away from her mother and sisters, the girl grew up into a woman under a fake identity given to her, say police, by her captor. prosecutors say the girl was eventually forced to marry garcia. they had a child together. on a facebook page it shows a young, happy family.
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there were no physical chains but the mental torment bound the young girl to her alleged assaulter until she finally found her chance to break free. >> yes. i want to finish this but i couldn't do it. i was really afraid about everything because i was alone. i think i was alone. >> reporter: in an interview with a cnn affiliate kabc, the victim thought she had nowhere to go. but just last month through facebook she found her sister. the police say she walked into the police station and reported she had been missing for ten years. the now 25-year-old back in the arms of her family. >> i'm so happy and god blessed to be with my family. that's what i want all the time. all the time i cry for her. for them, for my mom, my
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sisters. >> reporter: except that some of those who knew the couple best say the story isn't just shocking, they don't believe it's true. maria sanchez has known the couple for five years, often baby-sitting the victim's child, she even attended the child's baptism family. >> happy. >> in five years she never said anything, says sanchez. she adds, he was a loving husband and she lived freely. >> none of this is true whatsoever. >> reporter: garcia's defense attorney calls the victim's story a blatant lie. >> like all marriages, they have problems. people break up. people say things aren't true. in this case that's probably what happened. >> they both had jobs. we went to the company where garcia worked for five years. his employ didn't even know his real name because he had a fake identity and fake papers. they both worked night jobs at
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temporary agencies. they were basically able to work and live undetected and in the open. kyung lah, bell gardens, florida. i want to bring you into one of the biggest art heists in history. >> it was 1990 when thieves dressed in police uniforms where thieves walked out with $500 million worth of master pieces. the fbi now says they've confirmed sightings of some of the missing artwork. they've also identified three people who could be connected with the heist, all with connections to the mob. >> there's a $5 million reward for information leading to their recovery. >> they've been gone a long time. hope they find them. the u.s. says there's no justification forte land's military coupe. >> coming up, the u.s. ambassador from thailand joins
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us from bangkok, plus -- >> you were hesitant to come for whatever reason? >> yes. >> so we miss you. please come back. a very big plea from the tourism industry. how it's hoping to lure visitors back.
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we are wrapping up the week this friday on "cnn newsroom." hello, everyone. i'm errol bonnet. >> thank you for being with us. i'm natalie allen. we want to welcome back our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. in the headlines, recently ousted prime minister is among figures ordered to report to a meeting with coupe leaders.
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she arrived an hour or so ago. there's a briefing in 90 minutes. destruction at a checkpoint in eastern ukraine after more than a dozen soldiers were killed in an ambush. ukraine's prime minister is demanding an emergency u.n. security council meeting over this accusing russia of trying to derail the presidential elections set for this weekend. firefighters in arizona are struggling to put out a fire in the tourist town of sedona. it has already burned 3,000 miles, several people have been given notices that they may have to evacuate. the u.n., busy place this week. this he have slapped sanctions on boko haram. >> the islamic militant group kidnapped hundreds of girls last month. >> it's been five weeks since the girls were taken from their school in northeastern nigeria.
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boko haram's leaders have threatened to sell them as child brides. the syrian crisis will not be heading for the international criminal court, at least not for sure. in a move that shocked no one, russia and china vetoed a u.n. security solution to the i.c.c. france drafted a resolution. >> all other members on the 15 seat council approved the resolution. this is the fourth time russia and china have blocked u.n. resolutions on syria. my colleague jim clancy spoke with the french ambassador after the vote. >> russia has made a bet in the beginning of the crisis, which is to support assad. they have told us from the beginning they considered that the issue was between assad and the jihadists. now it's a self-fulfilling
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prophecy. after three years your position is fragmented, politicalized and the jihadists have come. they are supporting assad and they're saying their policy is a success. assad as you said previously is prepared on the ground. so it's not when they are winning that they are going to let assad out in the cold. >> reporter: if you knew that this resolution was going to be vetoed, and i assume you did, why did you continue? what was the point? >> we have tried to present a text that was as balanced as possible for russia and we really considered that this text could be voted by russia. when we were told that eventually, no, they wouldn't do it, we decided to expose russia, to show to the public opinion that russia was supporting assad to the point of covering his crimes but also the crimes of al
12:34 am
qaeda. you know, we have been supported by 65 countries, by more than 100 n fwgos. it's a moral stance and a call to international public opinion. >> do you think it will have app affect? do you think moscow will be at all embarrassed? >> well, i don't know if we can embarrass the russians right now, but i do hold that it could help us in the next step because next step is that we are going to move forward with a resolution on humanitarian success and we do hope that it will be more difficult for the russians to oppose a veto in the next resolution after having done it today. so in the coming weeks there will be a new round of discussions about syria in the council. we are just days away from a presidential election in egypt and the outcome is all but certain. >> defense minister and former
12:35 am
army chief, abdel el ciacci is the clear winner. >> the poll indicates that egyptians are more likely to say that having a stable government is more important than having a democratic one. >> this is quite interesting. the survey from the pew research has also found that it was fading a year ago. 73% said the military had a good impact on the country. that number is now down to 56%. >> that poll also found that most egyptians are concerned about their country's economy. unemployment and public debt have been climbing since the rev v revolution since 2011. >> tourism has been a big part of the economy. they're hoping a new campaign will entice tourists to come back. >> reporter: when tourism was
12:36 am
flourishing -- >> they used a high number. >> reporter: that was then. this is now. souvenir shops nearly empty, restaurants almost vacant. >> this is the most favorite place in egypt for shopping. >> and sharrif with lonely days like this when one american tourist is his only customer. >> reporter: at least i have one, you understand what i mean? >> reporter: here's how political unrest has heard them. 14.7 million visitors came to egypt generating $12.5 million of revenue in 2010. last year 9.5 million visitors
12:37 am
generated $5.8 billion in revenue. the tourism minister's job is to win back the visitors, and he doesn't sound worried. >> i'm very optimistic. >> he's confident this will put egypt on a path to security and stability. he's also hopeful this will work. a new campaign called, we miss you. >> it says we haven't seen you for a good period of time. you were hesitant to come for whatever reason, we miss you. come back. >> it targets gulf states with cheaper packages and more direct flights to top destinations but it seems to conflict with the government's narrative. >> reporter: how concerned are you that that will negligent teflly impact communication? >> we need to work harder.
12:38 am
but it is basically under more control by the day. in the end, he will only come if there's stability. >> if we have stability, sometimes you don't even need to make commercial about egypt. all right. coming up for you, thailand's military coupe may draw consequences from washington. just ahead, the u.s. ambassador from thailand joins us live from bangkok to talk about it. plus, looking for what the chinese call a terrorist bombing. it's all ahead. gons, it's time to get a hotel. hey, razor. check this out. we can save big on killer hotels with priceline express deals. somewhere with a fitness center? hey you know what man, these guys aint no dragons. they're cool. these deals are legit. yeah, we're cool. she's cool. we're cool. i'm cool.
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welcome back. officials in afghanistan say they foiled an attack. this happened in the western province of harat. four gunmen tried to attack the indian consulate. the men were armed with machine guns and grenades. security forces surrounded them as they approached the consulate. two gunmen were killed and two captured. china's president promises severe punishment for whoever turned an open air market of mainly elderly victims into a
12:41 am
scene of carnage on thursday. >> at least 31 people were killed. dozens more wounded. david mckenzie has the details of the latest attack in a troubled western region. >> it's the worst attack of its kind in china for decades. witnesses describe an enormous sound and then flames. some with shock. when i came here this morning i was not allowed in, she says. they kept brushing the blood off the floor. by afternoon the rain had done the rest. witnesses describe a scene of chaos. two suvs came from that direction rushing into the crowd. we're trying to get early deals at the open air market that's here in the early morning. they say that people threw out explosive devices and there were bodies just lying on the street. >> reporter: many of the victims appear to be elderly who couldn't get out of the way. this woman says she heard the
12:42 am
explosions from her apartment and expected the worse. i have a young child, she said. i was too afraid to go outside. but most wouldn't speak to us claiming they saw nothing. this tense city has already alleged weaker attacks. police were quick to shut us down. china's president has called on the attackers to be punished quickly and the case to be solved. solving the region's ethnic tenses will be difficult. and attacks like this targeting innocent civilians in broad daylight could mean the tensions are finally boiling over, david mckenzie, cnn. turning now to the weather. severe storms and a big warmup for parts of europe.
12:43 am
>> meteorologist ivan cabrera is in the weather center with details. >> indeed. we'll have the same areas hit in parts of france barest getting impacted with 25 millimeters of rainfall there. right on the tip of france. look at cranwell had 36 millimeters. trees are down, no significant injuries reported. that's certainly good. i'll tell you what, a couple of days ago that was not the story in france as we had been seeing some reports coming in of fatalities as well. a dangerous day ahead. showers and thunderstorms v developing. look at the low just pinning. we are in store for large hail,
12:44 am
damaging wind potential and rainfall. southern england getting involved. this is the pattern we're in. it's not moving much. we have the blocking high here. it means we'll have very warm temperatures as we've seen over the last several days. temperatures soaring into the upper 20s to 30 degrees. it's a good ten degrees where we should be for, say, berlin in germany. looking hot. if you like the summer temperatures, they are there. this is what we have rkt the rainey season in east china. 127 millimeters, that is impressive stuff in the last 24 to 48 hours. we'll continue with more heavy rainfall. i want to leave you with what nasa did last month for earth day. they invited people around the world to submit selfies, and they got about 50,000 pictures. they picked 36,000 and they put them -- superimposed them on a picture of earth here.
12:45 am
well, if you get tight enough, you can see people's -- i believe errol barnet is in there somewhere. i have yet to find him. yeah, he's in there. you pull out and there it is. why do we have -- it's the other side of the planet. were are there two earths there? good stuff. >> good stuff for our meteorologist there, maps. >> they have some time on their hands. >> interesting stuff. >> thanks very much. now we've been telling you about thailand's latest military coupe. we want to focus at this point on what it means with its close allies, specifically the united states. the u.s. ambassador to thailand christine kenny joins us from bangkok. thank you very much for your time. first, just bring us up to speed on what's happening at this moment. the military chief has summoned all foreign diplomats? what has the military told you
12:46 am
about what's taking place there now? >> reporter: sure. sorry about the skinting. it's really sunny out here. right now we're about closing in on 24 hours in of the coupe declared by the tai military authorities. since then they've imposed a curfew, 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. they have shut down television stations. we understand they may be brings back some of the locale stations. they have also reportedly detained some political leaders and they have invited the diplomatic community to a briefing this afternoon. i'm unfortunately at another meeting so we will have someone more junior from the embassy attend that session. the situation in bangkok is quite calm at the moment but obviously we're all watching very, very carefully to see what happens next. >> certainly things are calm now. if history is any example, these things can become deadly quite quickly. the secretary of state kerry said there's no justification
12:47 am
for this coupe. quite clear in that description so what will happen next? the u.s. is considering cutting some of its aid in that country. are you aware what's first to go? >> thanks for that. secretary kerry has made a very clear statement. he said this was not a justified coupe. he called for a democracy and government. he's called for restoration for freedom of the press so that networks like cnn can be seen here again in thailand and he's called on respect for human rights. secretary kerry has said that we will be reviewing our assistance and our engagement in washington, is that this will have an impact on our very historic friendship and partnership with thailand. that review will take place at quite a senior level in washington. we will know those results in a few days. >> it is a special relationship.
12:48 am
thailand is one of the oldest allies in the region. you said there will be a reassessment of the assistance given. this seems to happen frequently in thailand. the last coupe in 2006. how will these reinvesting have an impact on the relationships with the states? >> it will be important, i think, to preserve and protect those aspects of our friendship that remain important to governments and people to people. americans and thai are friends, we love each other's food, innovation. we're partners in economics. we're partners in important things like health cooperation. we're working together to develop an hiv aids vaccine, dengae vaccine. i think it will be important that we look thoughtfully and carefully to make sure that we keep the friendship there, keep
12:49 am
the important regional strategic activities but at the same time send an important message that as secretary kerry said this was not justified and it will have an impact on the friendship. >> that's the u.s. ambassador to thailand speaking to me from bangkok as the country reassesses its relationship at this important time. thank you for joining us on cnn. we'll be back after this break.
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welcome back. paul mccartney we're happy to say is on the mend. the former beetle had to cancel events after he contracted a virus and was hospitalized in tokyo. doctors say he'll make a full recovery but for now he's been ordered to take a rest. >> the 71-year-old will reschedule his shows. his tour goes on to south korea
12:52 am
and then the u.s. >> he doesn't look 71. he has the energy. writing great songs. he's performing live which is hard to donchts we wish him well. los angeles clippers owner donald sterling says he will not pay a $2.5 million fine for making racist remarks. >> now another team owner sounds off on the scandal who's rocked the league. susan malveaux reports. >> reporter: dallas mavericks owner mark cuban is known for his fines. he's now revealing his views on race. >> i know i'm prejudiced. i know i'm bigoted in a lot of different ways and i've seen this before. if i see a black kid in a hoodie at night on the other side of the street, i'm probably -- on the same side of the street, i'm probably going to walk to the other side of the street. if i see a white guy with a shaved head and lots of tattoos, i'm going to the other side.
12:53 am
if i see anybody that looks threatening, there chances are there's part of me that takes race, gender and age. >> reporter: a revelation with ink magazine created wild fire on twitter. >> i think we're all bigots. >> cuban will decide whether the racist remarks is damaging enough to force him to sell his team. sterling was heard in a recorded phone conversation. and later he told cnn's anderson cooper this. >> jews, when they get successful, they will help their people, and some of the african-americans, maybe i'll get in trouble again, they don't want to help anybody. >> reporter: early on cuban condemned sterling's comments as abhorrent and racist but warned
12:54 am
banning him could lead down a dangerous path. >> i think it's a slippery slope when you start trying to remove people from the nba or any organization based off their private thoughts that they have at home. cuban is calling for more tolerance. >> in this day and age this country has come a long way putting any type of bigotry behind this rashdleegardless of it's towards, whether it's lgbt, xenophobia, fear of people from other countries. we've come a long way, and with that progress comes a price where we're a lot more vigilant in what we -- and we're a lot less tolerant of different views. >> reporter: could cuban become sterling's saving grace? while cuban won't say whether he'll vote sterling out of the league, he does advocate giving people second chances.
12:55 am
>> i try to always catch my prejudices and recognize and be very self-aware that my stream of thought is never perfect and i've got to be careful. and, you know, to me that's part of growing up and that's part of -- you know, it's what i try to instill in my kids. >> reporter: mark cuban is responding to the criticism saying, i should have used different examples. i didn't consider the trayvon martin family and i apologize to them for that. beyond apologizing to the martin family, i stand by the rest of it. suzanne malveaux, cnn, washington. all right. how about something a bit more feel good for you? a california woman is being honored for her incredible work as a good samaritan. she was driving to her mother's funeral in texas last year when she came across a fiery car
12:56 am
crash. >> she rushed to help the badly injured woman who had been thrown from her suv. what she didn't know is that the woman was about to give birth. >> i didn't realize she was pregnant, however, until she said for me to check her baby, how's my baby? the baby's and one of her hand was pro trouded out of the laceration that she had to her abdomen and the baby was crying which was unbelievable and wonderful. >> well, sadly, the mother did not survive, but the baby did. she says she thinks the baby is a miracle and she hopes to be able to visit the little girl some day. >> wow. just incredible. another rescue of a baby, this one in southern china. >> we should warn you, you may find this cctv video shocking. a 1-year-old wandered out of his apartment window two floors up. a vendor working across the street noticed and ran over. they're standing there. wow. hoping the baby wouldn't fall
12:57 am
but as you can see it did. oh, my goodness, what a catch. >> that vendor, the hero, his name is mr. li. he did catch the baby. got him back to his mother as well. witnesses say they think the baby was afraid of a thunderstorm and wandered out to find his mother. you see people trying to put things down there just in case he drops the baby. there's rain. his arms are wet. thank goodness he was able to save that baby from what would have been a horrific fall there. >> oh, my goodness, i can't believe he caught that baby. >> incredible stuff. >> did you see how fast that happened? >> a good note to end on this friday. >> sure is. thank you for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. >> i'm errol barnet. cnn will be back with a check of the top stories. ñ
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it has happened again! two huge passenger jets barely miss each other, this time over houston, after air traffic controllers sent one right into the path of the other jet. why does this keep happening? he's promising to regain the trust of veterans, but this morning there are new calls for the va secretary to resign with even democrats now furious at the delays that may have cost lives. so, how long can eric shinseki hold on? and how long before the va problems are fixed? shocking, new developments in a california kidnapping case. the suspect's lawyer says the victim went along willingly and only went to police now because she wants a divorce. a really troubling story that has