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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 8, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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they are not going to be the only ones keeping an eye on them and there are requirements and if they are violated, we have the ability to do things. elise, i am not telling you that they don't have some ability at some point to go back and get involved but they also have the ability to get killed doing that. i don't think anybody should doubt the capacity of the united states of america to protect americans. no one should doubt the capacity of america to protect americans. and the president has always said he will do whatever is necessary in order to protect the united states of america. so these guys pick a fight with us in the future or now or at any time at enormous risk and we have proven what we are capable of doing with al qaeda, the core al qaeda in west pakistan/afghanistan. >> some people say bowe bergdahl is being swiftboated. did he serve with honor and --
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>> elise, there's plenty of time for people to sort through what happened, what didn't happen. i don't know all of the facts. >> sounds like you're not sure you served with honor and distinction. >> that's not what i'm saying. what i'm saying is there is plenty of time for people to sort through that. what i know today is what the president of the united states knows, that it would have been offensive and incomprehensible to consciously leave an american behind, no matter what, to leave an american behind in the hands of people who had tortured him, cut off his head, do any. of things and we would consciously decide to do that? that's the other side of this thing. i don't think anybody would think that's the appropriate thing to do. and it seems to me, we have an ability, we know we have the ability to be able to deal with people who want to threaten americans of the united states and that's what they go back on the word to do and if the qataris don't force what they
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have done, we have any number of avenues to deal with that. >> one of the members of the taliban has already vowed to return to afghanistan, return to the fight and kill americans and the head of the haqqani network who said they were holding him said we have a pretty good idea here. perhaps these guys can go back and kill americans again. >> well, first of all, propaganda is propaganda and they will say whatever they want to stir the waters. people should not be lured in by their propaganda, number one. number two, we are ending our combat role. our combat role in afghanistan is over we're going to have very few people in that kind of position on occasion where -- but i honestly -- i just think that's a lot of balanoney and ty
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will wind up putting themselves at the mercy of those people who are very effective, who are there, who will deal with those matters. >> so the secretary of state maintaining many eyes will be on the released taliban members. that still is not appeasing certain critics. even members of his own party have remained doubtful. here's what senator dianne feinstein said a couple of hours ago. >> i heard john kerry this morning saying, you know, don't worry about them in doha. you can't help but worry about them in doha. and we have no information on how the united states is actually going to see that they remain in doha, that they make no comments or do no agitation. >> clearly a lot of questions and we may get answers tomorrow when officials brief house members. so it's been now eight days
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since the dramatic release of bowe bergdahl and the firestorm surrounding his release continues to pick up steam. i'm joined by washington correspondent for the new yorker magazine, ryan lizza and erin mcpike, both in washington. ryan, let me go to you. we have backlash from both parties. a celebration canceled for bowe bergdahl because of security concerns. the white house expected some criticism. that is on the record. but now chuck hagel will be answering questions on capitol hill and some are answering questions as to whether the president broke the law. how and why has it reached this point? >> well, the first thing to say is whenever you have a combination of obama making a decision and partisan politics, obama making a controversial decision, it gets filtered through everyone's partisan lens. so you see republican who is are
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generally favorable to getting bowe bergdahl back, sort of reassessing that, and you see the white house which has -- is on the record saying we never negotiate with terrorists now defending something that they have changed their mind on. so everyone has sort of put their partisan shirt on and looked at this. look, there's no doubt that there are legitimate questions about the law, whether the white house violated this law and i think congress is well within their rights to look into that, well within their rights to question whether five taliban commanders were worth the price for bergdahl. i think what is just out of bounds and sort of a sorry sight is people going after, one, this soldier personally and dredging up a lot of information that just is not verifiable and, two, going after his poor family who, after all, did not make this decision to bring him back. >> erin, you had first rice and now kerry trying to set the record straight, trying to help
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justify why the white house made this decision. might this help in any way to kind of swing the pendulum in the administration's favor? >> i think you played the answer to that question when you ran what dianne feinstein said this morning on cbs when she basically said, well, john kerry is telling us to trust theed administration and you don't have to worry about them in doha but she said you have to worry about them. that trust us is what got the administration into trouble in the first place. and until they spell out what congress wants to hear, what the conditions are and what the qataris are going to do to make sure that the taliban don't do anything anymore, you're going to see criticism on both sides of the aisle. >> ryan, i don't think we hear
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kerry saying don't worry about them. he's saying the eyes will be on them. he's making it clear that if they do something and they are being watched, that it may cost them their lives. so it's not release them and move on from here. why is that not resonating with the critics? >> because look, john kerry is not going to stake his reputation on saying these five people will never do anything bad for the rest of their lives. at the end of the day, you're letting five dangerous people go, assuming, one, if they want to go back to afghanistan, fine. there won't be many american troops in afghanistan and the american troops who are there will be in a reduced role. so they are dangers to americans in afghanistan a year from now is greatly reduced. the administration can't promise anyone that these guys won't be dangerous. a prisoner swap is a prisoner swap. you don't get to hold the guy prisoner anymore. he gets to be free at some
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point. and that's the downside they knew about when they went into this deal and that's why they are trying to focus on the more positive side, which is bringing the soldier home. >> we haven't heard the version of events coming from bowe bergdahl himself but we are hearing about other events. he was said to be caged, tortured, might this impact or make any kind of difference for those who are critical about the entire deal? >> possible he look. but the prove of that has not yet been shown. and saxby chambliss addressed that this morning. >> i've heard rumors about the escape as far as keeping him in a cage and whatnot, i read about it in the press this morning. nobody has made any effort to contact me from the administration. >> reporter: and let me just add there, when you have the chair
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woman of the senate intelligence committee, as well as the ranking member, these are two senators who are very high-profile senators, not just a few republicans looking to run for president. we have those two senators criticizing the administration, that's a problem for the administration going forward. >> so ryan, might the dust settle once, if we ever hear the details from bowe bergdahl, why should anyone think that for five years it was a cake walk? >> exactly. it's a crazy situation we have now. we now have the administration leaking details about the worst aspects of his captivity and you have republican operatives shepherding his fellow troops that were critical of him and the entire thing is being partisaned into a food fight. people cling to the facts on
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either side and i think you will have a group of people that will cling to the idea that bergdahl was a trader and another group that thinks the exact opposite. in these kinds of partisan situations, it doesn't matter to the political matters. it seems unfair to the guy when he's sitting in the hospital in germany and can't defend himself. >> and i would think that he's been through enough and now he gets home or makes his way home, you know, and there is more criticism than there is real victory speech about what he's been through. >> the poor guy is sitting there oblivious to all of this. it's going to be quite a shock. >> ryan lizza, erin mcpike, thanks so much. not done talking about this. when we talk about the details about being in a cage, well, it was revealed this morning in a new york sometimes story. in addition to being kept in
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that metal cage for week, maybe months at a time in the dark, he seems healthier than expected after being held for five years as a taliban hostage. he's walking and talking and is wearing his military uniform but apparently doesn't want to be called sergeant. carl parker is joining me from landstuhl. can you tell me more about these kinds of details? >> reporter: it was interesting to listen to that debate that you had with your guests there because even getting the medical details on the ground has become very tricky because of the political firestorm around this case. the medics here at landstahl have not issued any update about his health status since the weekend and they are citing patient privacy and then this morning when they saw the
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details coming out in "the new york times," their first reaction was, well, maybe this senior pentagon official that talked to "the new york times," maybe he's violated patient privacy laws giving out these details. as far as the medics in landstuhl are concerned, he's stable and he's taking more interest in the health care program set out for him. but what we know from "the new york times" is that bowe bergdahl is not showing any signs of serious problems except for a gum problem and a skin problem. he weighs 160 pounds. that for a guy who is 59 is a pretty good weight. no signs that he's emaciated there. he may have been held in a metal cage because he tried to escape.
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he would be held in there for weeks at a time in total darkness. i believe one of my colleagues in doha may have comments from the taliban about that. so there's a lot of information coming out. we have to sift through it and find out who is telling us when and why. fredricka? >> thanks so much, karl karl penhaul in landstuhl, thank you. in the meantime, look at this. the pope about to lead prayer. a very rare prayer meeting bringing together two very rare palestinian and israeli leaders. but will it also help bring peace to the region?
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all right. happening right now at the vatican, a very unique prayer meeting. the presidents of israel and the palestinian authority leader are with him right there. these are live pictures right there. sharom perez there. the joint prayer. it was completely unexpected at the time and so here we are, the leaders reading invocations for peace in the region and soon they will plant an olive tree as a symbol of piece. joining me is senior vatican analyst john allen. both are joining us from rome. this pope never ceases to surprise. delia, the vatican stresses that the pope is not trying to
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mediate disputes between the two sides. it's about a prayer for peace. explain what this means and why it's so meaningful for the pope to do something very unique like this. >> they don't want to get involved in the nitty gritty negotiations. but it's kind of a creative way for pope francis to get both parties under the same roof even if they don't have to talk politics. in fact, it's a prayer meeting with two politicians. there's a political angle to this day. they had a chance to meet with the pope individually before it began and a chance to meet all together. the pope is hoping to not discuss any particular politics but it's an innovative way that
11:19 am
we're seeing pope francis do diplomacy. fredricka? >> and looking very formal. so we know that the pope promotes peace. does the vatican hope that the spiritual context of today's meeting will lead to a diplomatic action later? everyone is saying politics is not part of it but ultimately it does still kind of hover. >> well, sure, fredricka. the vatican has done everything it can to play down the immediate breakthrough. one of the officials involved in putting together tonight's service is that anybody with a minimum understanding of what is happening in the middle east is that peace will break out on monday because they prayed for peace sunday night. now, that said, what pope
11:20 am
francis said moments ago is that what he hopes this night will represent is the beginning of a new journey. his hope is that by providing what they call a pause from politics, that is, not inviting these two leaders but these two peoples to stand back from what they call the nitty gritty details of the conflict, to talk about the aspirations that both sides have for peace, that would provide a new momentum that someone down the line, fredricka, might lead a resolution to this conflict. >> interesting. you say this is the beginning of a new journey. one has to wonder if there are new meetings on the horizon and whether the pope would be involved in that. again, he never ceases to surprise. delia gallagher, john allen, thanks to both of you from rome. all right. back in this country, it was a little disappointing but still
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. all right. let's take a moment to talk
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about horse racing and what wasn't. california chrome was apparently eating dust as the belmont stakes last night after winning the preakness and kentucky derby, the horse was favored to win the triple crown but it wasn't to be. he tied for fourth. chrome's co-owner is not taking the loss well. was he a sore loser or is he trying to educate people or what happened? >> his trainer thinks it might have been in the heat of the moment but steve coburn, the co-owner was angry on many days before the big race. perhaps it was the pressure getting to him. but as you noted, california chrome was a loser and many racetrack owners believe he was a sore loser. steve coburn, owner of california chrome, was in a good mood moments before the delmont stakes. but minutes later, he refused to
11:26 am
wave the surrender flag after california chrome came in fourth. the california factory worker blasted other owners of horses who did not run in the first two legs of the races. >> this is a coward's way out, in my opinion. >> reporter: he didn't back down sunday morning. >> these people nominate their horses for the triple crown which means three. triple. three. and then they hold out two and they come back and run one. that would be like me at 6'2" playing basketball with a kid in the wheelchair. >> but the triple crown has only occurred 11 times. coburn's 77-year-old trainer was more generous in defeat. >> the horses are not cowards and the people are not cowards.
11:27 am
i think it was a lot of the heat of the moment and don't forget your owe motions get in front of you. >> coburn went to the barn to check on california chrome who has an ailing hoof. >> if there's ever a chance that we have another horse that has earned his way to the kentucky derby, we will run in kentucky and then the hell with the rest of them. >> reporter: california chrome is off to california. his owner will follow but not singing new york, new york on takeoff. coburn, the co-owner, his feelings are bruised and so was his horse with a bleeding hoof there but no excuses blaming
11:28 am
that as the performance for california chrome. just over 100,000 people in attendance, fredricka. >> you among them. richard rock, thank you so much. let's talk about this morning. let's bring in frank goldberg. we spoke yesterday. he was trackside also for the race. okay. so hank, help us understand the comments from where those comments came. it's not customary that all 11 horses that would be in the belmont stakes were all in the previous races, right? >> absolutely not. it's another race and another opportunity for horses and this has happened before. it's interesting, we've been talking about the race now for a few minutes and we haven't mentioned the winner, tonalist who did a fantastic job. he's a well-bred horse, better
11:29 am
bred than california chrome and i think he's going to go on to do great things. i'm guilty of not picking him myself because i thought he was too lightly raced for this experience and had he a terrific jockey with rosario and it was a heck of a race. but getting back to your question, the name of this outfit is d.a.p. and it has a donkey for a logo and certainly mr. coburn led up to what that represents in his comments. >> oh, boy. so i guess these comments just stay with the moment because it's not enough to change the landscaping of racing. it will always be the case that if you want your horse to run in the preakness or belmont or kentucky derby and the horse qualifies, it's likely to be in that race and doesn't necessarily have to be with the
11:30 am
achievement or goal of a triple crown. that's really what he's saying. you're either for the cripple crown or you have no place in any one of the three races. >> well, nick zito had an interesting comment this morning. there used to be a trip kell crown bonus for a horse who would run all three legs and, for that matter, he was saying that perhaps they could put in a system where a horse wins two of the three legs gets a bonus. they could do that. but why change this? it's a difficult task to win all three. >> yeah. it's why it's so phenomenal. maybe that's why it's been 36 years, right? it's not easy. >> that's right. absolutely. and why embarrass the horse and a classy man like mr. sherman who, you know, did a great training job? the horse was injured early in the race. had he a little chunk taken out of his leg when he kicked and he
11:31 am
still almost won. he ran his usual race except for the fact that he was five wide on the turn and had a little more ground to make up than usual but still he pulled even with the leaders with an eighth of a mile to go and it looked to me like he was a little bit tired. that takes a lot out of you. >> and that's the longest race of the three. >> exactly. >> hank goldberg, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you, fredricka. nice to see you, too. well, hollywood hopes and prays for tracy morgan's speedy recovery. a criminal investigation is now under way for a crash that left him critically hurt. who investigators have charged. next. hey. i'm ted and this is rudy. say "hi" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy. that's why i'm so excited about these new milk-bone brushing chews. whoa, i'm not the only one. it's a brilliant new way to take care of his teeth.
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comedian tracy morgan remains in critical condition. the chain reaction crash started when a tractor-trailer rear-ended morgan's limo bus. alexander, what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, new jersey state police tell us that the truck driver has surrendered himself to face serious charges. we have not heard back from the attorney but we are today hearing from kevin roper's employer, walmart. >> i'm tracy morgan. >> do you have anything on your person that says that? >> how about my face? that's on my person. >> actor/comedian tracy morgan and two others in critical condition. his friend killed after their mercedes limo bus flips over on the new jersey turnpike. >> devastated. we're devastated.
11:36 am
james, i love you. >> great comedian, great actor but very giving. >> a truck driver for walmart charged with many things. he failed to see traffic slowing down and slammed into the limo bus around 1:00 saturday morning. >> two tractor-trailers are involved. leading actor tracy more again was involved. he's in intensive care. >> the national safety transportation board is investigating the accident. their focus is on commercial limousine and commercial trucking safety. walmart president bill simon says the company is profoundly sorry. if it's determined that our truck caused the accident, walmart will take full responsibility. we will do what is right for the family of the victim and the survivors in the days and weeks
11:37 am
ahead. morgan came to fame on saturday night live, later starring in "30 rock". >> i can't breathe! >> here he is before the accident saturday night performing at a casino in dover, delaware. the pictures of morgan and the packed house posted on facebook but a fellow comedian, his opening act. a final picture shows their limo bus just before both men boarded. >> and in the immediate aftermath of the crash, four people were rushed to the hospital in new jersey. three are in critical condition, including tracy morgan. one person, another passenger on that limo bus has been treated and released. >> a terrible situation. thanks so much, alexandra. should there be written consent between college students before sex? our legal ladies way in next.
11:38 am
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11:42 am
affirmative unambiguous and conscious decision to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity. this applies to public colleges in the state. it isn't law yet. california state assembly could either reject it or make changes to the bill. and if passed, what kind of law could this look like and would it be enforceable? mo ivory is an attorney and radio personality and judge glenda hatchett is, of course, the judge of the hit series. welcome. >> thank you. >> i guess many will say that something needs to be done because there is a problem with rape, sexual assault involving kids on college campuses. but then you have to wonder, what does this look like, mo? how could this law potentially be crafted so that it's not challenged by state supreme court or even federal supreme court? >> i don't know that it could.
11:43 am
i applaud california for trying to do something, right, about the problem, like you said. but i just don't know how in application this could actually work. the judge and i were just talking about what if a student -- first of all, it's hard for students to wake up in the morning and go to school on time. clean their. radios. i can't imagine a situation where you're getting ready to engage in some kind of sexual activity and the boy, the girl, whoever it is says sign here, please, or send me a text saying that you consent to this because what happen if things change five minutes later and you don't consent anymore? >> well, real clistically, how you enforce this? how can you prove that even if you gave consent it wasn't under duress? there's so many problems with this. however, the other side of the bill, because i was careful to think, there's got to be something more here, it does
11:44 am
require the states to get funding from the state to get -- >> yes. >> and policies. and to that part, i think it's great. and for treatment. now, the california constitution says if you mandate t. you've got to fund it. so it's going to be interesting. i think this is dead on arrival. >> yes. these lawmakers want to come up with something. >> yeah. >> in order to make it work, not that you -- they are advising you for counsel or add advice on this, but what would have to be in that bill to make sure that there are not the challenges that you just stated? >> i think there's going to be a challenge and whatever craft stee language, whatever sort of permissible -- >> but i do think, mo, that there's a way to keep the whole preventive part, education part, treatment part in here and i would applause them and encourage them but this whole
11:45 am
consent piece has too many loopholes. you get prosecuted on saying that you rape somebody but then there's this consent. there's too many problems. >> yeah. the idea that there was this message, something that says, someone changes their mind and says i'm not doing this but then the other person continues. >> no form, no texts, nothing can change that circumstance. >> and how many students are going to -- >> none. >> it seems as though there is some research or something that preceded this attempt to get this kind of bill or this drafting. >> concerned parents, concerned legislators. like you said, i applaud them for that but this is not the way. >> there are a lot of problems that need different solutions. this energy is misdirected. >> mo, thank you so much.
11:46 am
good to see you ladies. >> thank you. let's take a swim. how about with polar bears. scientists strapped cameras on several areas. a pretty amazing video. you ready to take a plunge, ladies? not quite. we're going to plunge into the story after this. how about that? >> i'm an artist. i've been painting. i'm like a neighbor, you know. the clay is very special. it goes very well with everybody. >> and that's my nadal. with my brush, it's like i play with a rocket.
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our look into the lives of polar bears. take a look at this fascinating video showing polar bears in their habitat and just a window into their every day lives. you can see a bear flirting with a potential mate. this video from the u.s. gee looj c geological survey. it will help us understand the perils of the polar bear and how they are responding to the loss of arctic sea ice and really it's a matter of survival for a lot of these polar bears. for eight to ten days this past april, scientists put cameras around the necks of four female
11:52 am
polar bears to see about their life, their struggle to survive. into all right. perhaps this video was pretty fascinating to you. how about this? it may make you say omg. talk about a tale of cultures. the seattle band in the '90s sang "baby's got back" and they sang it with sir-mix-a lot. ♪ i like big butts and i cannot lie ♪ >> these are all members of the symphony, by the way. this is why they took everyone to the '90s. there you have it. a little bit of everything.
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all right. there's a big gap in your resume, perhaps, it can be pretty hard to jump back into your career. well, next, a new way to help you make that transition. but first, barbecue, the blues, and beil street. we take a tour of memphis with the king. >> hi, i'm from memphis, tennessee, and i want to show you my city. ♪ when you think of memphis, you think of beale streets and elvis. ♪ well since my baby left me >> elvis started recording here in 1953. jerry cash, jerry lee lewis. >> where did the king stand? >> right about here. >> this is the exact microphone?
11:54 am
♪ are you lonesome tonight >> it's very special because it has the same quality of sound that they would have had back in the '50s. >> this has cool old-style malts. >> want some of this? when i'm in town, beale street is where i want to be. here i am with my all-time favorite place to eat. blues city cafe. man, that was awesome. the best place to party that i like is at b.b. king's. a lot of musicians have drove through here. look, man, don't be a fool. if you want good music, come to memphis, tennessee. thank you very much.
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it's pretty hard to find balance between work and kids. it's hard to get back into the corporate life after taking time to raise a family. now it's easier to make a transition with what is being called a return ship. here is cnn's alison kosik. >> reporter: hi, fredricka. after taking a big time off of work to raise kids, it's hard to get back into work especially in a male-dominated field but wall street is helping with the transition. >> today is my first day of the new job. >> reporter: kristin works with morgan stanley but a year ago she was doing a very different job. stay-at-home mom. after working her way up to vp,
11:59 am
she took a ten-year career break to focus on her kids. >> days turn into weeks and years. there is always something to focus on with them at home and it never feels like it would be necessarily an easy thing to come back and work 40 hours a week. marx isn't alone. more than 40% of women take a break from the workforce to take care of family and in a field like finance, that can feel like it's full of wolves. but wall street is trying to change that. running paid internships for people who have left the workforce, usually moms. >> it gives us an opportunity to see where they fit in the organization and for them it's an opportunity to figure out if they really do want to re-engage on a full-time basis. >> reporter: morgan stanley, credit suisse also runs programs and it's spreading to wall
12:00 pm
street. >> prior to 2004 we could only identify nine programs and now we have identified 105 programs. >> reporter: this woman has helped thousands of women trying to re-enter the workforce. even hollywood is catching on to the trend. >> there are tv figures that are portraying people who have taken a long break and then returned to work. the conversation has turned away from academic circles into the mainstream media. >> so what makes moms like kirsten so special? >> you can't get the kind of experience from a 22-year-old. >> you never know what you're going to want to do ten years from now. you just don't. >> reporter: wall street is trying to attract more women but more and more comes from metlife to major law