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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  June 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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to pay it forward. >> jason, you hope to expand it. how so? >> so i want to announce, anderson, on your show. this weekend we're expanding we'll be in las vegas, chicago, houston, new york city, do drops in new york city, one in manhattan. one in brooklyn, and mexico city. we actually have plans beyond this to do paris, london and madrid, all by the first week of july. >> well, jason good luck to you on the expansion. and i wish you the best. >> thank you, anderson. >> hey, that is it for us, thank you for joining us, cnn tonight starts now. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon, is there anybody out there who thinks that hillary clinton is not running for president? i don't think so, and if you need further convincing there she is in the interview with diane sawyer. she said she didn't have a good strategy back in 2008 and says her health is now very good.
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how did she do? well, tonight some of the best political minds are here including a former member of the clinton white house. plus, the firestorm over the deal to free bowe bergdahl. we want to know what you think about all of this. tweet us using the hash tag #don. let me just say to you for the record, hillary clinton is running for president of the united states. hillary clinton is running for president of the united states. the only people who don't seem to realize it are the media. ask most anybody else and they will tell you they thought she was running a long time ago, why? number one, her book, she lays out how she will deal with possible landmines like benghazi, saying it is more of a reason to run. number two, interviews, sitting
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down with prominent agencies, women were a key voting block back in 2012 if not the key voting block. and number three, her speeches. the clintons may have left the white house broke but they are far from it now. the speeches keep her visible, she gets to test and hone her voice for the campaign stop. so for the purposes of this hour we wouldn't play semantic games with you, we'll assume that hillary clinton is in fact running. let's get right to the interview that this might be the kickoff of the 2016 race for the white house. joining me now, "the new york times," nick, gloria and brianna, if she announces later she is not running it just means her campaign is over because she is already running. listen, any campaign is no doubt going to have its problems. is it the kickoff to 2016?
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>> look, i think this is a different hillary clinton than i saw in 2007, 2008. this is somebody who is not sitting there and saying i have a lifetime of experience and trying to say you know, her experience as a senator, first lady. makes it right to be president. what she did was she talked about her life in this interview. she made it very clear that she is over a lot of the stuff she has been through in her life. at one point she said you know, i'm done with that. she emphasized her being a woman, which we did not hear in 2007, 2008. when she was asked about putin she said i've heard it is not the first male leader who has made sexist comments like that. >> you're giving away my sound bites, gloria. >> oh, i'm sorry, we picked the same bites, this was somebody sort of like i've been through it. i've been there, and done that. i don't care about monica
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lewinsky. she is saying i can lead. >> and no doubt, any campaign is going to hinge on what happened and of course, benghazi. let's listen and then we'll talk. >> i was not making security decisions. i think it would be a mistake. for a secretary of state to sit and say okay, let's go through all 270 posts and let me decide what should be done. that, to me is inappropriate, where the experience and the expertise lies elsewhere. >> but the top ten? >> top ten, but it is a constantly changing scenario. >> are you saying it is just the price of doing business to have people in dangerous outposts? even with less than the adequate security that the review boards have said they needed? >> i'm saying we have to be very thoughtful as the united states of america where we send people, why we send them, what we expect from them and how we do the best
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to protect them. we cannot eliminate every threat, every danger. >> so when last we heard this much on the subject, it was what difference does it make and now we have her sitting in front of diane sawyer, how will this play? >> i think it will show the time she spent in the state department will be positive, despite benghazi and despite her popularity. and so far she is doing well on this, protecting the flank where she is being attacked by republicans. and although there are very good questions on benghazi, this goes to listen listen and her role. i also think the way she is playing it, they say they see it as all politics. in fact when they think of her accomplishments and the issues they need to talk about in terms of her state department and experience i don't think they can consider benghazi to be a part of it at all.
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they consider it to be a political circus, and i think that is how she will continue to paint this in the months to come and if she decides to run for president. >> nick, it may be how she sooe esees it -- sees it, but not necessarily the option. how did she do as secretary of state and what do you think about the interview? >> sure, i think she was actually a pretty good secretary of state in a couple of ways. she didn't have the standard kind of triumph of a peace agreement. but she did two things pretty well. one, she expanded the diplomatic agenda to include things like development, poverty, women's rights that really are going to go a long way with everybody for a long time to come. she expanded them in an important way. and secondly, she expanded the tools, such as social media. but i have to say i think you're right that we're looking at a glimpse of what is coming for the 2016 campaign.
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and if so i find that depressing. because this is like groundhog day talking about benghazi again and monica lewinsky. >> i actually feel like it is 1993 all over again, i'm okay with that. because we were a lot younger then. you mentioned diplomacy. this is about vladimir putin and she talked about being a part of group that enforced sanctions on him. >> i am a strong supporter of tough sanctions that create an economic cost for russia and for him personally and his cronies. >> vladimir putin said in a french television interview it is better not to argue with women. he added weakness is not the worst quality for a woman. >> well, i saw that, and he is not the first male leader who has made a sexest comment like that. he and i frankly disagree and have done so publicly. >> not the first male leader to
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make sexist comments, gloria borger, she is playing off the fact that she is a woman this time. >> how about from barack obama during the campaign when he said to hillary clinton, you're likeable enough. and in the clips on the abc show when had people commented on her clothes and appearance, you know i think what she is doing in a way by talking about this so much and by writing about it and by saying she was always under a microscope because of her hair, her makeup, i mean, women know this. i think what she is doing in a way, is don't do it again. inocculating herself in a way. >> she is very smart, she is innoculating herself against the media and also benghazi because she is taking them head on. she is already running for president and anticipating what she is going to have to deal
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with. nicholas? >> yeah, i think you're right there is an element of politics here. it is also important to note for decades this has really been an issue that she has cared passionately about, since before she went to beijing and made that famous speech. was it in 1993 in beijing? and i think this is an issue of -- that she really cares passionately about. >> right, uh-huh. >> and one evening not so long ago we all sat here on television, gloria, brianna, and we didn't know what was going to happen. we knew the white house was going to make a major announcement. i said on television for four hours there was going to be a major announcement. we couldn't tell you, we didn't know where it was. they were in "the situation room," hillary clinton was part of them and it was about osama bin laden, listen. >> you really didn't tell president clinton about osama bin laden? >> no, no, i take very seriously the obligations of secrecy.
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>> but didn't he say you could have told me? >> no, because he understood. and when president obama called to tell him, i think the president started by saying i assume hillary clinton told you. he said told me what? >> she said in the interview that she about it because that is when the tail of the airplane hit the wall of the compound in pakistan, entbrianna. and there was also some concern she may share too much with the former president of the united states. >> yeah, this struck me as rather interesting, because it was a subtle way for her to show her independence from bill clinton. one of his things during the campaign was sort of the joke that you get two for the price of one. and i think this in a way, you sort of bring up the clintons, and is it going to be the '90s all over again? it is sort of her saying you know what? i have my own thing going. you talk to people close the hillary clinton and they will
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say you know there really are boundaries and it is something she is trying to project. >> i also thought it was interesting, she was not defensive at all when monica lewinsky came up. she said listen, it is in the news now. you have every right as a journalist to bring it up. and i have every right to answer or not answer it. but stick around, we'll have more. thank you very much, brianna, make sure you stay with me. when we come back the questions hillary clinton would rather not answer but her critics are asking. >> plus, the closed door capitol hill briefing tonight on sergeant bowe bergdahl. too little? too late? make sure you tweet us using the hash tag #askdon. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease...
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hillary clinton's campaign and book tour for her memoir is about as carefully controlled as it could be. but there is still plenty of questions that the former first lady, senator and secretary of state would probably rather not face. brianna keirer is back. >> some of those have to do with benghazi, she probably doesn't feel great about visiting the '90s and monica lewinsky. she is the frontrunner by a mile. and so the book tour really gives her a chance to flex some of those political muscles that may have atrophied, and also to
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test for a possible presidential run. after decades in the political spotlight, hillary clinton comes with critics and controversies. and her critics have every intention of keeping them in the spotlight. karl rove raising issues of her health and the fall she took in the fall of 2012. >> i didn't say she had a brain damage, but a serious health episode. >> reporter: after to that, if elected in 2016, hillary clinton would be the second oldest president in history, younger only than ronald reagan. and then, there is monica lewinsky, just last month writing in "vanity fair" that she found the impulse to blame the woman, troubling. hillary clinton said i think everybody needs to move on.
10:17 pm
the cover photo herself, conservatives quickly questioned whether she is using a walker, she is not. it is just a patio chair. she is also giving critics fresh ammunition finding herself in the awkward position of defending her welt. she said she and her husband were not only broke, but dead broke when they left the white house. >> we were struggling for houses, education. >> reporter: houses, plural, not a reality most connect with. she recently revealed she has not driven a car in 20 years. >> last time i actually drove a car myself was 1996. >> politically at least hillary clinton is very much in the driver's seat. she has so much of the media attention. she is very much the darling of the polls. and republicans admit that she is a formidable opponent, for
10:18 pm
sure. and they do harken back a lot talking about the '90s. we have heard monica lewinsky come up, so it was interesting to hear that she was asked about it. >> but she is running all alone, brianna keilar, thank you very much for joining me. and coming up, also, the "the new york times" columnist, and lanny davis, the author of crisis tales, five rules for coping with crisis in business, politics and life, and a special white house correspondent. i feel like it is the '90s. i'll take it because i felt like i was a lot younger and thinner. guys, how did she do? >> well, i won't surprise anyone on the panel to say she did great. >> she did well, she had a clear gaffe and had questions she will
10:19 pm
continue to get asked that she didn't answer specifically for people, especially on benghazi. that is not going away. but given how long the interview went, over an hour. >> the questions on benghazi? >> i think she will be continued to be asked about security and whether she did enough. she has taken responsible but also said she had to make security decisions. these questions and answers are legitimate. it is just not going to go away. whether it was decisive or not, she will get asked. >> i agree with maggie, people have been talking about the issue of the clinton's really, really extraordinary wealth. and you were talking about the '90s and lewinsky and benghazi, and in terms of stuff that could really hurt her in 2016, to be
10:20 pm
clear she is also a very formidable candidate, but this sort of vague sleaziness of her husband's wealth garnering, and she has not figured out how to address it. >> i spent years writing a biography that came out about her in 2008. and i think we saw glimpses of genuineness who she really is, when she talked about family, faith and religion. but there also was a lot of defensiveness. and that has always been a problem for her. the questioning tone. but the most morniimportant thi remember, we are in the middle of a huge hillary clinton, bill clinton-produced production. >> amen, thank you, carl. >> we have never seen anything like this in our history and we're watching what they want us to watch. and they're perfecting the stage craft as we go through the next year or two, assuming she is
10:21 pm
going to run. and we have a pretty good preview. she handled it very well. there is this kind of aggressive defensiveness on some questions. and yet we see as i learned doing this biography, there are genuine aspects of her that came through. and that is what we want to see more of, what we don't see is real introspection, and that is what we always want to see and almost never do. >> right on, carl, right now we see what they want us to see, the interview they produced. until there is serious competition and she is asked some really serious questions on the real campaign trail. she has already started that. but carl mentioned there is some defensiveness, especially on the monica lewinsky scale, and first question, maggie, is to you. >> monica lewinsky is back in
10:22 pm
the news. >> well, she is perfectly free to do that. she is in my view an american who gets to express herself however she chooses. but that is not something i spend a lot of time thinking about. >> did you call her a narcissistic loony tune? >> i am not going to comment on what i did or did not say back in the late '90s. >> lanny, i actually want you to answer this, as a personal friend how does she handle the more solacious stories? >> i think she believes that ms. lewinsky is entitled to her say. awe is moving on. and most persons get that. i have to get my equal time here. can you imagine a republican
10:23 pm
running against hillary clinton on the idea she favors wealthy people as opposed to raising the minimum wage? it will be a campaign about the economic disparities -- and john kennedy's wealth was not exactly a handicap. >> but the wealth -- >> her views on the issues, what she wants to do for the middle class are a lot more important than her ability to be able to afford two houses. i am just going to wonder how the republicans will criticize hillary clinton for having too much wealth. >> and who do you think is a conservative main stream to follow up -- >> there is a difference between the two medias cover her. and i think that both of them of right now are probably looking at issues that voters are not going to be focused on. i agree that i think she handled
10:24 pm
the monica lewinsky question perfectly well. that terrain is good for her. her popularity increased. it made her a sympathetic figure. again, her problems are starting to get coverage now which relate not to the fact of her wealth itself. but to make a distinction that i think mr. davis was not quite grasping, the way in which the wealth was accumulated. it has been accumulated through essentially her husband, the former president of the united states making tens of hundreds of millions of dollars basically on the future access to an administration, there is nothing illegal, but it attaches to the clintons, a little sleazy. >> and some are saying the press is giving her a free ride. her camp seems to think she has a contentious relationship with the president. what do you think about the two put together? >> she does not like the media,
10:25 pm
she is not a fan. she is going to have to have a media-friendly strategy going forward. her folks have all said of course in the last year you will see a different type of campaign, less aggressive. we'll see. what she needs to do, beyond coming up with a good strategy, she needs a why. that is not something we've heard the beginnings of in these interviews or in her book, i do agree that is not going to be an issue for her, the houses, because of the policy. she will have to come up with the rationale of why she should be president. >> there is one clinton who is definitely not running in 2016. but could bill clinton end up back in the white house anyway? we'll talk about that next. i always say be the man with the plan
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well, you have heard that old saying history repeats itself, but the question is, is america ready for another clinton white house? and carl, i think you were wanting to get in. i want to ask you this question and play the sound bite. she is talking about women, double standard and politics and then you can say your piece. >> when you're in the spotlight as a woman you know you're being judged instaconstantly. i mean, it is just never-ending. and you get a little worried about okay, people over on this side are loving what i'm wearing, looking like saying, people on this side are not.
10:30 pm
your natural tendency is how do you bring people together so that you can better communicate? i'm done with that, i'm just done. >> so two big questions, would she ultimately be running against herself or running against -- what do you think there, carl? >> look, i think she is going to be running for herself and for her values. the question is, can she inspire people in this country? after 40 years in public life almost we still really don't know in many ways who she is internally. you can read in biography and you get an idea of it, what is important to her. the question is can she convey that behind the kind of rote -- she is great on the issues. most of the americans agree with her on the issues. almost every poll shows. the question is can she inspire and lead? >> you think after all of these years the americans don't really still don't who the real hillary clinton is?
10:31 pm
>> i believe it, it is why i wrote "a woman in charge". >> do you believe that, lanny? >> well, first of all, i think carl has a standard of getting to know people from within. that is perfectly valid. hillary clinton is a very popular political leader, in 1958, maggie, we didn't know what john kennedy's program was for the future. we have plenty of time. you're absolutely right. this campaign will be about the future and the economic issues again. i'm going to look forward to republicans attacking -- >> it is not 1958, people want to know personal things about their candidates. >> absolutely. >> i'm just saying -- >> i'm not disagreeing with that. i'm saying it is a little early, two years away. at least one year away before the campaign begins to start to raise those expectations. but i think the hillary clinton you saw tonight and that i have known for over 40 kweeyears, yow
10:32 pm
the lau the lau the laughter, the authenticity. i certainly agree that hillary clinton did emerge too late in the campaign. >> she said back in 2008 i really didn't have a very good strategy. she admitted that in that interview tonight. i want you to listen to this because i wonder if people are tired of clinton/bush all over again, listen. >> barbara bush has said enough with the clintons and the bushes? the clintons and the bushes. it is just getting silly, she said. do you feel some of that? >> i don't, because this is a democracy, people get to choose their leaders. >> is the white house yours to lose? >> well, i don't think so, because if i were to decide to pursue it i would be working as
10:33 pm
hard as any underdog or any newcomer. because i don't want to take anything for granted if i decide to do it. >> so it is going to be clinton versus bush again, the question is are we going to get bill clip to know all over again? because bill clinton says you get one for free? remember he said that, maggie? >> it was you get a co-presidency, essentially, not his exact words. i don't think we'll see bill clinton play the same type of role in this campaign that he certainly did in the last campaign. he was very careful while she was at the state department. he watched what it said. they were careful about engagements, he has been very deferential. that doesn't mean he has given up his interest or she is not seeking his advice. she is talking a lot about his economic record and that is not insignificant. >> the question is, though, i think that maybe this has yet to
10:34 pm
be found out, right? and maybe we need to do more polling when it gets closer to 2016, obviously. but do you think there might be some clinton/bush fatigue by the american public? >> i am sure there is, but if you look at the democratic field there are reasons we're talking about hillary clinton and they're not just her unique status. they are also the fact that nobody, nobody comes anywhere close to her in the polls. and it is actually hard to imagine somebody coming close to her in the polls. the reality is yes, she was the favored in 2008 and upset then, she was upset by barack obama who was a once in a generation political figure. if you look at the martin o'malleys and even the elizabeth warrens that people keep talking about there is just not an obama in the group. so clinton fatigue, it is just hard to imagine who would run. >> you said there is not a barack obama in the group.
10:35 pm
well, barack obama had not even emerged at this point. >> no, but he had, if you go back to 2004 he emerged at the democratic national convention, people were writing columns urging him to run. i was writing columns as a kid urging him to run. and there was a little bit of that with elizabeth warren, but nobody looks at elizabeth warren and sees somebody who can slay the giant or the dragon. >> let's be honest, it is hers if she runs. >> like if she is the only man or woman out there, the only person out there now so is she in danger of too much exposure. is this too much of a rollout now? >> she is running against herself. and how she handles these next two years is very much about tone. it is very much about whether she can win over enough independent voters to be comfortable with her as a person, as a leader.
10:36 pm
i don't think it is just about issues. as they say, she has the country on the issues. the demographics show it. but she has got to get people comfortable with her. they're comfortable and have been for a long time, i think with her husband. but not so much with her. and that is what this theater is all about. and she has got a production going on with a cast of thousands. everybody taking notes and giving them to her at the end of each day's performance. we've never seen anything like this. and we have to look at her and this campaign and our political process right now as a clinton phenomenon to some extent. >> could i -- >> no you can't, lenny, i'm sorry. >> we'll have all of you back, thank you. hillary clinton takes the audience questions in a town hall meeting, the town hall at washington's museum. christiane amanpour moderates.
10:37 pm
you can see the whole thing live, at 5:00 eastern, and again, 9:00 p.m. thanks to all of my guests, great guests, when we come back here, new details on sergeant bowe bergdahl's five years in captivity. including time literally spent in a cage. and later, why a lot of people have changed their minds about o.j. simpson 20 years later. i'm randy and i quit smoking with chantix. for 33 years i chose to keep smoking... ...because it was easier to smoke than it was to quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away.
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sergeant bowe bergdahl is recovering in a hospital in germany, but the backlash after he was freed is continuing. go to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> thank you, you recently wrote an op-ed, called the ghastly
10:42 pm
transition that freed him. do you think he should have been left over there? >> i don't think the question is if we should have done it, but on the terms, and right now, the answer is no. >> you said the president wrote the law in not notifying congress 30 days in advance of the transfer -- >> that is really the least of it, don. >> what should happen now, though? >> what should happen now is that bowe bergdahl should be charged and tried for desertion. whether he deserted voluntarily or not is something that we'll find out. all the evidence suggests that he did. but that should be the next order of business. >> the least of it, what do you mean by that? >> the least of it, not notifying congress. he apologized for that. the terms of the deal in which five senior taliban commanders, officials who had very close ties themselves with al-qaeda get released and goes back to
10:43 pm
the fight at least one of them says he is already going back to the fight. and i think it is certainly to be expected that the other four will. >> you said he broke the law, but the law was unconstitutional. >> that was not the basis on which he relied, but go ahead. >> they said, here is what they're saying. that if it had leaked that bowe bergdahl would probably have lost his life. they would have killed him? >> that is pure speculation. they also said that his life was in danger because his health was deteriorating. and it turns out when he got to germany, he was in good health. there has been a succession of excuses, each of which has evaporated. the notion of leaks i think is also rebutted by the fact that they told quite a number of people within the government, although not people in congress. >> what do you think should happen, then, to the administration and the white house for breaking the law so to speak or for trading five very
10:44 pm
dangerous, you believe, terrorists? >> that is a political decision to be made within the political arena. they will take the consequences in terms of the way the politics shapes out. i'm not a politician. i mean, legally. should anything be done to them? i can't say that legally anyone should be done to them. they were within the law, i just think it is a very bad policy. >> let's talk about the flak that happened over this, the sort of ceremony in the rose garden, the press conference with bowe bergdahl's parents. do you think that president obama misjudged the react? i think it is clear they did. >> i think it is pretty clear they did. it is kind of surprising that you would get that level of misjudgment at the white house level. those folks are supposed to be in touch with what is going on outside. and the question then becomes are they operating in a bubble?
10:45 pm
i hope the answer is no. >> part of the reason we have you here is your experience and you have been there. how would you have advised the president in the particular situation? >> well, i would have had only a piece of the advice. i think the advice that he should have really looked to would have been advice from the intelligence community and advice from the military. and i don't know that he got that advice from either one. my understanding is that the military early on when these negotiations started was against the deal. that the intelligence folks were against it. and they were simply cut out of the decision. i think i would have advised the president to talk to people in the military and intelligence community before arriving at a final decision. >> we're told a national security team was unanimously in support of it. >> the national security team are people hand-picked within the white house. i'm talking about people within the nsa, people within the cia and people within the military. that is not the small national security team that the president works with and whom he picked on
10:46 pm
a day to day basis. >> former attorney general under president george w. bush, michael mu michael mukasey, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> what happens when bowe bergdahl finally comes home. have an impact locally. we're using more natural gas vehicles than ever before. the trucks are reliable, that's good for business. but they also reduce emissions, and that's good for everyone. it makes me feel very good about the future of our company. ♪
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what happens when bowe bergdahl finally gets home? can he get back to any semblance of a normal life with his family? joining me now, serving bowe bergdahl's hometown of hailey, ida idaho. good to see both of you. we'll start with you. it has been five years since bowe bergdahl has seen his family but despite being free from his captors, he still has not spoken to his family. and to make matters worse his family has received threats. to make matters worse how is the community responding to this? >> the community is responding very defensively. and the community would really like to see the rest of the americans and nation extend some patience to a family that has suffered enormously with their
10:51 pm
missing son over the last five and a half years. we cannot imagine personally going through the kind of ordeal that these parents have been through. and we very much want the patience extended to them and to their son as this story continues to unfold. it has been very upsetting. it has been very shocking at the level of vitriol that this story has engendered all around the world. >> who do you blame for that? >> who do we blame for that? uh-huh. >> i think people who are rushing to judgment, number one. and also a world in which we want information now. and we want it quickly. and we think things can be wrapped up and tied up in a bow at the end of a two-hour movie or an hour news cast or a 30-minute news show. and real life is not like that.
10:52 pm
real life is very gray. we want black, we want white. we want to know who the good guys are and bad guys are. and bowe bergdahl has become a pawn in this situation, both national and internationally. and we think that is very, very unfortunate. >> and we are now learning new details about the suffering, the torturing and the isolation that bowe bergdahl endured. he told medical staff he was kept in a box, that it was pitch black like a shark cage for weeks at a time. the psychological damage from years of being treated basically like a caged animal by the taliban. >> don, i think what we need to realize at this point that bowe bergdahl is not only an american soldier who needs to be re-integrated, this five years of captivity has clearly messed with him in a variety of ways. and the continuaal pass, there
10:53 pm
has to be steps to go through to debrief him to figure out what he knows and what he went through. this will thicken and broaden our intelligence. we have this emotional side, and i get it. there is a medical side so that he must recover fully. there is an intelligence and objective thing that he needs to go through. that is the debriefing of this sergeant so that we can better understand this five years and more importantly the enemy that had him. >> quickly, i want both of you to weigh in on this. let's talk about this. this is a new usa research poll. it talks about the public skepticism over this relief today. 43% say it is wrong for the administration to exchange five taliban soldiers. are you surprised? >> the presumption is this kid did a bunch of wrong things and
10:54 pm
therefore is being judged accordingly. we need to let the army play out the 15-6 investigation and figure out what really happened. >> are you surprised? >> no, not at all. anybody who has seen comment bores on the web is not surprised by this. we did a local poll in the newspaper that showed very similar results. but still we would ask for people's patience in waiting to rush to judgment. and until bowe bergdahl has a chance to speak himself, or through a trusted representative. >> when we come right back it has been 20 years since o.j. simpson was charged with the murders of his wife, nicole brown simpson, and ronald goldman. but now a lot of people have changed their minds about the case. we'll talk about that next.
10:55 pm
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time now for cnn tonight, tomorr tomorrow, the stories that you will be talking about tomorrow. up first, reports that donald sterling attorneys say his client no longer wants to sell the clippers and will sue the nba for a billion dollars. the quote is that the deal is off. meanwhile, on the fifth anniversary of michael jackson's death just days away, the man who was convicted of involuntary
10:59 pm
manslaughter in jackson's death, well, he wants to tell his side of the story. >> it is the very first time i have made the statement publicly that analyzes the case that was brought against me, conrad murray. a lie unchallenged goes as the truth. >> you see it first, on line now, i spoke with him tonight, he tells me exclusively the purpose for releasing this, the obstruction of justice in the trial that led to my unjust conviction and above all it is to demonstrate my innocence. plus, a big change in attitudes about o.j. simpson, a majority of african-americans surveyed now say the murder charges against o.j. simpson were true. simpson was acquitted in the
11:00 pm
slaying of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and her friend, ronald goldman. after the chase premieres tomorrow at 9:00 eastern. and right here i will it looked like a routine traffic accident until a patrolman with no training suspected something worse, but he couldn't prove it until a bent steering wheel, a security camera and a physics calculation showed what really led to a young woman's death. highway patrolman tony snyder was heading home after finishing his night shift when he got a call about a traffic accident on route 95 outside of princeton, minnesota.