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tv   CNN Spotlight  CNN  June 17, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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hand. it was found behind that. it took that long. anderson? >> susan, thanks very much that does it for us. coming up next, cnn spotlight, "o.j.: where are they now? if it does not fit, you must acquit. >> it was a trial that transfixed the nation. >> the eulogies in some murder case was the first true reality show. >> a real-life soap opera with a cast of characters who became household names. >> i heard a thumping noise. my life changed overnight. >> the witnesses, the prosecution, the dream team. what are they doing 20 years later? >> once i left the d.a. that's it. people send me e-mails today. >> the families of the victims. 10g spots simpson in a parking lot? >> i had my foot on the panel and i was thinking i could take him out.
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>> would you simpson himself. >> he doesn't want people seeing him the way he is now. >> in the cnn spotlight, the o.j. simpson trial, where are they now. >> the bodies were found around midnight. >> nicole brown simpson. >> pro football hall of famer is questioned about the death of his ex-wife. >> 20 years ago on june 17th, 1994, ron goldman and nicole brown simpson were brutally murdered. call denise brown will never forget the phone call. >> i hear of this screen, the wail, something i have never heard before come out of my mother. and i go what is wrong? she said nicole is dead.
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i go, what? the chief suspect, o.j. simpson. famous football star, and nicole's former husband. ron goldman's sister heard the news from her father. >> he said did you hear about o.j. simpson and nicole brown? who are these people, what is happening? and he said he was dead and i did not understand right away and he repeated again and i remember i was spiraling. i went down to the floor. >> are you there? >> the shocking case turned surreal when he went on the run. >> months later, the marathon trial of the century. >> would you please stand and
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face the jury? >> and the acquittal that shocked the world. >> we did jury find the defendants not guilty of the crime of murder. >> today, the victims families still struggle to cope. >> i can still feel him and see him and i want to call. i have to stop myself from grabbing the phone. >> it is as painful as it was 20 years ago. people asked me occasionally you'll get someone to say have you gotten closure, is an over, did you learn to live with it. all of which is no. you don't learn to live with it. >> at one point, kim considered getting even with the man she believed killed her brother.
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>> didn't you spot simpson in a parking lot? >> i did. i had my foot on the panel, white knuckles on the steering wheel and i was thinking i could take him out. there is nobody here, i can do this. i can do this. and now i thought of my dad and i can't really do this because that is not who i am. >> she could not kill him but she could not forgive him, either. she has written a book about her struggles. >> the title of the book is can't forgive, my 20-year battle with the adjacent some. why can't you forgive? >> i don't know how and i don't know that i need to. in some way you can't find your way and i think i am doing okay with the way i am letting my life.
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>> as for denise brown, her coping process also took years to revolve. >> i remember being so angry and it took me 13 years to get over that. that is something i don't want to feel any more. want to remember nicole as we were. >> though she knew nicole was not always happy, she says she didn't know her sister was being physically abused until after she was dead. >> when did you first realize my sister is in an unhealthy, possibly dangerous situation? >> after i read her diary. that is when i knew. i saw a picture of her with a black eye and isn't that terrific? they painted a black eye on me. i said, that is really great. you look like you have a black eye.
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i had no idea, no idea. >> now she's using her sister's story is motivation to speak out against domestic violence. >> two years ago i decided to start a bureau and there are so many incredible people out there speaking about domestic violence. mental health. human trafficking. just wonderful passionate people and i thought that is what i am going to do. >> the speakers bring awareness and provide education to universities, nonprofits and fortune 500 companies. >> when you were at her funeral did you say i promise i will do right by you? >> i always said i would continue to speak out and continue to have her remembered for the rest of my life. i want the victims of this to be remembered.
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that trail of blood was devastating. from the second the courtroom drama unfolded, viewers were hooked. >> this was the first wall to wall televised trial, the perfect soap opera. >> i am jim moran, and the los angeles court is in session. >> it was something that you had to watch. you have a football hero. you have a beautiful blond ex-wife, you have a good-looking young man who is killed. if you wrote this drama, nobody would believe it. >> a real-life murder mystery that preemted tv soaps.
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the bearded judge, lance eto. >> you couldn't cast this trial any better. >> i heard a thumping noise. >> kato, the slacker house guest with that hair we could never for get was the trial's breakout star. >> you ask me to check id, and i would say "the inquirer." >> park was hounded by the press and fled l.a. after the verdict. >> i never ever was going to let this change my life. not who i was or who i was going to be.
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he left the limo business, and now is a train conductor in sacramento california. all the players became instant celebrities. >> he seeks to protest his innocence and not allow anybody to ask her questions. >> we wondered who was she? >> she became a tabloid fixture when the country became obsessed with her hair and makeup. >> we saw her makeover on television which is what made it so dramatic on television. a generation before, marcia was on the brady bunch. our generation, she was in the o.j. simpson trial. >> clark left law after the trial, and along with r books came an even newer look.
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>> clark's sidekick, co-prosecutor, chris darden. a move that in the end back fired. >> like a slow motion disaster movie for the prosecution. >> the trial finished off his career as a prosecutor, and today he has his own law firm, and like clark, writes crime thrillers. the glove debacle gave johnny cochran a chance to steal the show. he was just one of simpson's "a" list defenders, dubbed the dream team. >> my mother was furious at me.
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she called it the o.j. phase of my life. and famed attorney, f. lee bailey as a racist. >> once he said never in ten years have i ever used the "n" word, i knew we had him. >> they did have him and the case. after the case, he left the lapd and became a best-selling author and fox news crime analyst. >> we are, all of us, profoundly disappointed with the verdict. >> and garcetti left.
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>> just look at those eyes. >> the former d.a. is now a globe-trotting photographer. but he has not strayed too far from the law or politics. he became a script consultant for tv drama's like "the closer." and his son is now the mayor of los angeles his dream team took many different paths. >> 20 years later do people still come up and say, you're the guy? >> people send me e-mails to this day damming me to held. >> today, he is a defense attorney and harvard defense attorney and author. f. lee bailey got blamed for it
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all. >> i have no further desire to practice law. >> this letter was written -- >> o.j.'s pal, robert kardashian, he battled cancer and tied in 2003 at the age of 59. >> it was only years later that most americans discovered that he was the father of kim and company. >> his greatest legacy, perhaps, his daughter kim. seen on the arm of kanye, or on "keeping up with the kardashians." >> but kaelin embraced his fame,
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taking parts in celeb reality shows. >> i am dropped off in the middle of nowhere with a suitcase and no money and have to knock on doors and say, hey, can i live here? >> do you remember what happened to o.j. when you lived with him? >> today, he has his own online interview show. >> you have a new song out, right? >> yes, i do. >> and is launching a clothing line. >> the media called me the biggest slacker in the world, and a free loader, and i thought, embrace your inner slacker. >> a lounge wear, with a pocket for snacks and a remote control. >> was there ever a time you thought, whoa, this is because of a double murder that this came to me?
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>> i get it, and i know that, and that's the cards i was dealt and i am playing it. >> lives changed forever, and the trial of the century now commented in pop culture. >> i always think my 15 minutes are up, and now that i do -- >> coming up, o.j.'s life behind bars. >> he is very depressed right now. more depressed now than ever. narrator: these are the skater kid: whoa narrator: that got torture tested by teenagers and cried out for help. from the surprised designers. who came to the rescue with a brilliant fix male designer: i love it narrator: which created thousands of new customers for the tennis shoes that got torture tested
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we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder -- >> o.j. simpson may have been found not guilty, but his courtroom dramas were far from over. even before the verdict, the goldman and brown families filed a lawsuit against him. >> the civil wrongful death suit is our only opportunity of justice. >> i was struck by o.j. simpson in the civil case. he was so cavalier and casual, and he looked at me one day and he said look at her and he was talking about a woman who was in the courtroom, like, isn't she good looking? i thought, are you kidding me? >> finally we got a court to
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acknowledge the truth. >> he killed ron and nicole. >> in total, the jury slapped o.j. with $33.5 million in damages. the juice had his freedom but not much else. he had to find a way to make money, so he went on tour. >> they said you cannot get him a gig anywhere in the united states, and even o.j. said there is no way you will get me a gig. >> but norman pardo did. as his manager he booked him to everything from hip-hop shows to autograph signings. >> he broke down and he said, because they were yelling "o.j.," "juice," and they wouldn't stop. >> the public's fascination with o.j. was not just confined to appearances.
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>> in philadelphia, i said put the top down and we are going to go down the street and see what happens. it was like taking the president downtown. >> and he caught those on tapes. >> unguarded scenes of o.j. that are included in a just released documentary. >> it just ended up that this is footage nobody has ever seen of him, a regular guy, not in his suit and tie, just sitting there. ♪ >> in his never ending quest to raise money, o.j. would try everything from an ill-fated book titled "if i did it" to selling his own sports
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memorabilia, and it would be those dealings with memorabilia that would finally put him behind bars. at a hotel casino in las vegas, collectibles dealer and former simpson friend set up in room 1203, and he prepared to sell o.j.'s items he says he owned to an unnamed buyer. >> there were signed photographs. there were some footballs. there were three ties he wore during the trial. >> furlong just spread the items out on the bed when all hell broke loose. >> that's when they came busting through the door. there was no knock. >> he saw a group of men, two with guns. >> the last person through the door was o.j. simpson. >> a third party secretly recorded the whole thing on auto
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tape. >> i knew i had been setup by somebody. my first thought was, o.j., how could you be so stupid? >> 13 years to the day after he was acquitted of murder, o.j. simpson would be convicted of 12 charges and sentenced to a maximum of 33 years in prison. >> mr. simpson, go ahead and stand. >> yes, your honor, i stand before you today sorry. >> i definitely figured he would get three years, maybe five years. 9.5 to 33? definitely overkill. >> the goldman family however, felt justice was long overdue. >> when he said he was a die -- diabetic, i wanted to send him a care package of cookies. that's all the fun we can have
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here. >> he is overweight. he doesn't have a smile anymore. he doesn't want people to see him like he is right now, so we talk and that's that. >> pardo says simpson's favorite times in prison is fantasy football and coaching the prison football team. >> he is still o.j. >> o.j. filed his latest appeal and is awaiting a decision just this last month. in the meantime, he remains behind bars until his next possible patrol in 2017.
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>> 911, what are you reporting? >> i have o.j. simpson in the car. >> o.j. simpson on the run. >> the los angeles police department right now is searching for mr. simpson. >> and on the edge. >> he is still alive but he has a gun to his head. >> was that gun loaded? >> oh, yeah, a real gun, real bullets. >> and real drama. >> they're going through orange county. >> news helicopters hovering above as the bronco drives past stunned onlookers. >> people were jamming on their brakes, sometimes in the middle of the freeway. >> i want to do it at the grave, at my house. >> you're not going to do anything. too many people love y,


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