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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  June 18, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and prosecutorial expertise. it was the perfect blend of all three of those things coming together, to where we got the case from the day sarah was murdered until he was convicted and sentenced. capture and set for days of interrogation. the accused mastermind of the deadly terror attack in benghazi being held by u.s. special forces caught before officials say he could carry out more attacks against the united states. we're live with the new information we're learning about ahmed abu khattala and what else he may have had planned. happening now, crisis in iraq. violence in the streets escalating this morning as president obama prepares to meet with congressional leaders on what the u.s. should do next. we're live with the very latest. deadly tornadoes, torrential downpours, devastating floods.
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this morning, millions on the path of more severe storms. we have indra petersons live to show us the hardest hit. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. the wednesday, june 18th. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's begin with the new developments overnight now the u.s. has captured the prime suspect in the benghazi attack in libya. cnn has learned that ahmed abu khattala is now being questioned. sources tell cnn he was lured to a location not far from benghazi and captured without a fight. now plans have come together to bring abu khattala to the u.s. in the death of christopher stevens and three other americans. let's get right now live to
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tripoli. what are you learning about how he was captured and what happens next to him. >> reporter: christine, we're getting very little information. the details of how this capture actually went down. libyan government here, officials here in tripoli have not said a thing. no official comment yet from the libyans. but what we do know from the u.s. officials is for days before this operation took place, the u.s. special forces, that's the army's delta force, the fbi and intelligence agencies were closely watching ahmed abu khattala. they say also information from locals was helpful in the surveillance. now, as you mentioned earlier, he was lured to a location south of benghazi where he was grabbed. u.s. officials say not a single shot was fired. now, that's something i discussed yesterday with a former senior libyan intelligence official in benghazi who said he found it very strange that there was no
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resistance. that was no firefight. he that ahmed abu khattala was a well-guarded man. as you may recall a year ago, cnn interviewing abu khattala. my colleague arwa damon did an interview. he did not seem to be hiding. he seemed to be out there in plane sight. but u.s. officials say since these interviews has gone into hiding. the main concern after the capture of talk mud abu khattala here in syria is if we will see any backlash by islamic groups that are really very active and powerful in this country. the last time the united states carried out a raid here, in tripoli, back in october. and captured a terror suspect suspected of being a member of al qaeda and responsible for
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bombings, the target of the u.s. embassies of the 1990s in africa, we saw what was retaliation after a couple of days. here in the capital, they kidnapped the libyan prime minister for two days after what they said seemed to be the libyan government's cooperation with the u.s. so this is something to keep an eye on here. >> many people are asking why this didn't happen within the past year, if indeed he was sitting down for interviews, if he was known in the area, why now? >> well, the security situation in benghazi, christine, over the past couple years since that attack on the u.s. consulate, the security situation really deteriorated in benghazi, bombings, killings, kidnappings have become near daily in the city. now that violence, the government is really weak, they have been not been able to deal with it. and no group claimed responsibility for the violence.
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but. benghazi residents, also libyan officials have blamed this violence on islamic groups like al sharia that they say ahmed abu khattala is a senior of. we've seen uprising and movements against jihadist groups in benghazi. we also saw last month, a retire libyan army general launched an air offensive against militias in the city. this is an ongoing offensive that is taking place, fighting, that really has left these ji d jihadist groups on the defensive in libya. one might see that possibly this has provided a better climate for the u.s. to conduct this operation at this time during this chaotic time in benghazi and really public opinion against these groups. >> jomana, thank you.
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meanwhile, president obama called the capture of abu khattala a symbol of the courage of the joint military. this wondering if giving the alleged terrorist a criminal trial was the right thing to do. >> when americans are attacked, no matter how long it takes, we will find those responsible, and we will bring them to justice. >> the most valuable thing we can get from this terrorist is information about who else was involved in it. we'll be watching closely to see how much information they glean from him. and how they're handling it. >> hillary clinton was secretary of state when the embassy was attacked and has faced blistering criticism over why security forces weren't able to protect that facility in benghazi or protect the people inside. she told a cnn town hall there are still many questions about how this happened, but she doesn't expect answers to come
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quickly. >> now that we have khattala in custody, hopefully, we will learn more, at least from his perspective. the reason it takes long is to put together cases, which is what the fbi and other law enforcement agencies were doing. they have to piece it together just as we started piecing it together on the night of the attack. we want to know who was behind it. what the motivation of the leaders. and the attackers happen to be. there are still still some unanswered questions. it was, after all, the fog of war. so i'm absolutely convinced that the united states and all of our various agencies with all of our professionals, including the congress, is, you know, piecing together the best information we can find. >> a house select committee is currently investigating the benghazi attacks and the allegations the administration tried to cover up what really happened there. now, in iraq, militants are
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continuing their push to reach baghdad. right now, they're on the outskirts of baqubah, less than 40 miles to the capital. iraqi forces at least for now are said to be in control of that city. this as the administration debates how it wants to get involved. there are conflicting reports over whether the u.s. has ruled in or out air strikes right now. but an aircraft carrier and other ships are in the persian gulf and hundreds of ships are on stand by. today, president obama will discuss his options at a high-stakes meeting at 3:00 p.m. we're going to live to nic robertson live this morning. nic, we believe there's a lot of fighting in and around baqubah of this very sectarian nature. >> reporter: there has indeed. 44 inmates in the prison there were killed reportedly by their
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guards. the shia police officers killing the sunni inmates at the prison because the isis rebels were trying to get to the prison to free them as they have in other places. that battle, as far as we understand, is continuing. the government initially said it was isis that killed these prisoners. getting timely and accurate information from the government is very difficult. the government tends to put a very pro-government and distorted message. we find at the end of the day, when the facts settle, a little bit, it's distorted. but the fighting there, the contest over baqubah is still under way. we've learned today there is fighting around beji. we knew that the fighters have taken control of most of the town in a ring of a very important oil refinery. now, they seem to be going back on a mopping exercise and breach the security of the oil
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refinery. the this refinery is very important and produces 40. of the gas for cars for this country. the government is going to put a lot of pressure on them to retake it. and we've just heard from the iranian president saying he will stop at nothing to protect the shia religious shrines in this country which are in baghdad, south of baghdad, north of baghdad remember, hundreds of thousands of iranian pilgrims visit these very important religious shrines. but most people are reading this as essentially a are very strong-coated message that iran will contribute military boots on the ground here, john. >> just the sense of what iran plans to do if in fact they do plan to enter iraq. nic robertson. thanks very much. general motors ceo mary barra heads back to capitol hill, testifying in a house investigation the company's handling of an ignition switch defect now linked to at least 13
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deaths. gm knew of the problem for over a decade before issuing a recall in february. barra's testimony will focus on corporate culture that discouraged the flow of bad news and treated the problem with no sense of urgency. gm has already recalled 20 million vehicles so far this year. >> yeah, it will be interesting to see what mary barra can say today. time for an early start. european stocks up, asian stocks mixed. stocks rose for the third day in a reyesterday on higher inflation data. fed officials previously expressed concern that inflation was too low. the sent travel bank is expected to continue tinkering its bond buying program. the fed is not expected to raise rates until sometime next year as the economy continues to strengthen.
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>> so mark your calendars. >> that's right. 11 minutes after the hour. we have new information this morning about army sergeant's bowe bergdahl's recovery. what he is now learning and what he is now asking for. plus, dangerous storms tear through the midwest. we're live with the devastation it left behind. and what's still to come, next. check in and power up before n his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only a! la quinta!
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but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter. the bowe bergdahl prisoner exchange gets another hearing on capitol hill. house will hear from another army sergeant who served with bergdahl. meanwhile, we're learning about his recovery at a hospital in texas. that recovery after five years as a prisoner of war. bergdahl is getting a first glimpse of the controversy of his capture and ed lavandera has more. >> christine and john, officials at the army medical center in san antonio, texas, part of the
2:16 am
team said that the army sergeant is sleeping and eat on a regular schedule. but most interestingly of all, they're saying bowe bergdahl is gradually being told about the media coverage not only surrounding his capture five years ago, but more importantlies, the details of his release which is very controversial around many circles in the united states. specifically, the criticism that came from his fellow soldiers that serveded with him in afghanistan. some of those soldiers have come out and called bowe bergdahl a deserter. he deliberately left his post in afghanistan before he was captured. and these medical experts say these are the kind of details that must be gradually reintroduced to help bowe bergdahl reacclimate and work his way back into society. but many more details than that are not being released at this point. as far as we know, bowe bergdahl still has not spoken by phone with his parents or seen them. and they say that say decision
2:17 am
that bowe bergdahl can make on his own but we have not heard of any plans for a reunion between bowe bergdahl and his parents. >> i think so many people look at this and say, the first thing you'd want to do is rush to your child. but you got to be in control. and the military controlling that situation. a day after twin tornadoes devastated the northern eastern part of the state, this twister was spotted on the ground in north central, nebraska. and this one damaged cars. look at those, cars and homes in a few dozen miles north of the town of pilger. pilger has been all but flattened. at least two people died there. including a 5-year-old. those pictures are just astonishing. residents pouring through the rubble and taking solace in thil
2:18 am
lincolns. >> i was picking through there and i found an american flag there. i pulled some stuff off of it. that post has been sticking perfectly up. we climbed up there, tied it up there, kind of a symbolism, i don't know, behind what you do. just pick up the pieces and go from there. everybody comes together and just go from there. >> getting a better sense this morning in daft flach of plattville, wisconsin. two tornadoes tearing through the city. check out these pictures, there was major damage at the university of wisconsin campus. they have to cancel classes. >> a state of emergency now in south dakota. the same system bringing seven inches of rain saturday that's bhuried cars and filling homes. >> we tried to get there, but what the water came it came fast. first an inch, then a foot and
2:19 am
then waist deep. >> you look at natural falls, minnesota. that looks like a river, right? it's not. that's actually someone's back yard. sandbags out as residents, look at that, they're trying to protect their homes. >> i know. when you see those lines of sandbags, that's so much work filling those sandbags. there were new storms overnight. indra petersons, she's joining us from stanton, nebraska. indra, what can we expect today. >> reporter: yeah, unfortunately, we're still going to be talking about a lot more severe weather in the forecast today. this morning, i'm standing here in stanton nebraska. the first tornado came about 3:35, the one that preceded the twin tornadoes that went through pilger. the preliminary results are this is an ef-3 tornado. i know it's dark for you guys but we can see the trees, all the bark missing, completely snapped in half. and farm im, even in the
2:20 am
distance, a tractor in a tree. in nearby pilger, the governor toured the regioning, residents are still in shock. it's going to take days to process everything that hit this region. residents are, allowed, in fact, to come back today. today is the day they're going to go back into their homes and try and salvage anything they can. they're also bringing in a lot of equipment. we've seen that difference. talk about resilience in a small neighborhood. we're talking about light poles being put up as early as yesterday. we did mention, severe weather in the forecast. day after day. you can tell, we're talking 65 million people all up and down tornado alley again talking about the severe weather threat. and stretching all the way through pennsylvania. that's the concern so many of us under the gun today. tornado watches out for an hour or so from now in sioux city, iowa. look at the rain. look at all that lightning.
2:21 am
that's the instability that's only expected to worsen. i can tell you just standing out here, it is so muggy. temperatures expected to climb in the 90s. not only in the south but in the northeast, you define a system like that, we're talking about severe weather for the next several days. as people are trying to pick up the pieces. >> indra petersons in nebraska. 21 minutes after the hour right now, team usa still riding high after their dramatic win at the world cup. however, they may have to head into the next game without a crucial player. joe carter with the details in the "bleacher report" next. refr. when the world called for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurance... affordability... adaptability... and when the world asked for the future. staying ahead in a constantly evolving world.
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instead of people who lie on the internet. captain: here's a review, it's worse in person. usa! usa! the usa men's national team might be without one of their key players when they face portugal on sunday. >> yeah, joe carter has more on the status of jozy at dltidore. you know, it just didn't look good when he went down you joe. >> i think if he plays, if doesn't play, likely players. aron johannsson. the guy who subbed against ghana. and if juergen klinsmann wants to get cheeky on this, he could put in julian green who they believe took landon donovan's spot. he's been known to keep his
2:26 am
cards close to his vest. of course, yesterday, altidore had the left mri on the hamstring he strained. the mri results were not made available which doesn't surprise me. i fully expect klinsmann and his team will pull the bill belichick card and keep that secret as long as possible. >> with jozy, we got to see how he reacts the next couple of days with the hamstring. and we're full of hope that he comes back in this tournament. that's what we kind of work on every day. >> now, the team's capital, clint dempsey, who breathe his nose in the ghana game is a go for sunday but he may be sporting a lebronesque face mask. sunday, can't say it enough, but it's huge. huge for the u.s. men. a win assures that we're advance to that knockout round. but we can still tie it or draw, which would keep us in good
2:27 am
position to advance to the knockout round. >> every since the miami heat lost to the san antonio spurs sunday night, lebron and the big three have been pressed whether or not they're going to stay in miami or leave for a big team. the big three all have contract options they could walk away from this summer. lebron said yesterday, he's planning on taking a vacation with his family. during that time, he's going to think things over. the big three, guys, are set to make $20 million each. if you add up their contracts and the other players' contracts for next year, they're already over the soft cap. if they want to add another player, each one has to take a pay cut. >> is lebron going to have an hour-long press conference to determine -- >> i don't think so. >> he's got a big decision to make. joe carter, great to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thank you, guys. 27 minutes after the hour, terror takedown. the u.s. capturing the man they
2:28 am
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captured. being interrogated and soon head to get united states. the man believed to be behind the 2012 benghazi terror attack now is in u.s. custody. this morning, what we're learning about the suspect and plans he may have had to strike again. we're live. >> happening now. terrorists gaining ground in iraq.
2:32 am
moving closer and closer to baghdad. this as president obama is set to meet with key congressional leaders to lay out what he thinks the u.s. should do next. we're live with the very latest developments. powerful barreling through the midwest, leaving behind a trail of destruction. this morning, we're live with the area's hardet hits. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. the man called the master behind the diplomatic attack in benghazi is on a navy ship being questioned and being prepared to come to the united states. that's where ahmed abu khattala will face trial in a civilian court after the deaths of bam bass dror christopher steemps and others. it was months in the making and happened before a single bullet being fired. cnn's joe man that karadsheh is
2:33 am
live. walks through how this capture took play and what's happening to abu khattala right now. >> reporter: well, john, as we know from uggs officials he is on board a u.s. navy ship in the mediterranean. they have plans to take him back to the united states by ship, rather than flying him back, to give investigators more time to question him. now, how this went down, u.s. official, giving very little details. and the libyan government has not said a thing although we're hearing now that the libyan justice minister is expected to speak in about 2 1/2 hours. a press conference that is supposed to address the capture of ahmed abu khattala. what we know from u.s. officials about the capture, they say in the days leading up to the operation, u.s. special operations forces, the army's delta force, that is, the fbi and intelligence agencies were keeping close watch on abu khattala. they say that information from
2:34 am
locals was also helpful. now, he was lured, they say, to a location near benghazi, south of the city. where he was grabbed there. they say not a single shot was fired during this operation. that is something that really surprised a senior former libyan intelligence official in benghazi who i spoke to yesterday. he said, he found it very bizarre that there was no resistance. and no firefight. he said that abu khattala was a well-guarded man. now, last year, as you may recall, our colleague arwa damon sat down with ahmed abu khattala in benghazi for an interview. he was a free man wandering around benghazi. he did not seem to be hiding. but since then, u.s. officials say he had gone into hiding. one concern here in libya right now, are we going to see any sort of backlash by islamic groups, these jihadist groups that are powerful and active in
2:35 am
this country. eye any sort of retaliation against the u.s., western interests or the libyan government. >> fascinating as you say he's bean take back to the united states by vessel on that ship, rather than flying him. they want to get as many information from him as they can about what happened in benghazi in 2012. joe man that karadsheh in tripoli. >> great to have her there. the obama administration was criticized about the attack for not capturing him earlier. but the president is praising the operation to finally pick him up this as americans question what comes next. >> when americans are attacked, no matter how long it takes, we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice. >> most valuable thing we can get from this terrorist is information about who else was involved in it. we'll be watching closely to see how much information they glean from him and how they're handling it. >> hillary clinton told a cnn
2:36 am
town hall she is pleased abu khattala is now in u.s. custody. but there's still lots of questions she says that need to be it answered of course, mrs. clinton was secretary of state when the u.s. embassy was attacked and there's a lot of anger from those who say enough was not done to protect the facility. and she said just what this suspect knows. >> now that we have khattala in custody. hopefully, we will learn more at least from his perspective. the reason it takes log is to put together cases which is what the fbi and other law enforcement agencies were doing. they have to piece it together, just as we started piecing it together on the night of the attack. we want to know who was behind it it. what the motivation of the leaders and the attackers happen to be. there are still some unanswered questions. it was, after all, the fog of war. but i'm absolutely convinced that the united states and all
2:37 am
of our various agencies, with all of our professionals, including the congress, is, you know, piecing together the best information we can find. >> this was truly a fascinating hour-long meet meeting with harrisburg hillary clinton and christiane amanpour. i encourage you to take a look at it online. a lot of fascinating stuff there. meanwhile, in benghazi, a house committee is investigating the attacks and what really happened there. and that investigation continues. in iraq this morning, it seems the militant advance on baghdad has hit a road block. iraqi forces are putting up a fierce fight near baqubah. so far, dozens dead but the city is still in iraqi control. this is all happening as the obama administration considers its options for getting involved. hundreds of troops are on standby. ships are standing ready in the persian gulf. and there are conflicting
2:38 am
reports, conflicting reports this morning, over whether the president might opt for air strikes. today, he'll talk this over with congressional leaders. cnn international correspondent nic robertson is live in baghdad. nic, we understand the fighters are trying to push forward again right now, tell us what's happening. >> reporter: yeah. there's two battling going on that we're aware of, one is in baiji. it's very hard to get accurate information. government-state run tv channel here, was saying that the government forces were in control of a number of suburbs of that town. they also blamed isis, the al qaeda splintser group you for killing 44 prisoners in a jail by either artillery shells or throwing hand grenades in there. but later -- later information we got revealed a different creature and revealed what was
2:39 am
being said on state-run tv to be untrue. what we learned later that prison guards shot and killed the inmates. these were shia prison guards, they were sunni inmates. they were shot at close range, according to hospital officials later. so that is how hard it is to get information here. that even what is broadcast on state television is hard to judge, for being true. what we have heard, from an official in the governor's office in baqubah, is that isis has made substantial gains there. this also coming at a time, when the main oil refinery in iraq is now under heavy attack from isis. that's a bit further distance from baghdad. it's a town that the fighters encircled last week. they took the town. they closed off around the oil refinery. and now they are attacking that refinery. it produces 40% of the gasoline
2:40 am
used by cars in this country. it fuels a generator for electricity, for a large part of the country. if it falls into rebel hands here, that will be a very difficult blow for the government here, christine. >> indeed, nic robertson, thanks, live for us in baghdad. we've been watching the oil prices very closely. very long term, iraq developing its oil production is seen as critical of the world oil supplies. oil prices have backed off from $107 a barrel. they're down there from earlier this week. but it's really important to watch how oil prices shape up. european stocks are up. futures are up. the dow rose for a third day yesterday. all eyes are on the federal reserve. the fed's going to release its policy statement today. and that's going to be really important for the direction of the market and the taper, the so-called taper, we've been watching. several retailers are making it easier to spot good deals
2:41 am
walmart, walgreens, fresh direct, costco and cvs also agreed to use budget shopping per pound. amazon, the online retailer, shying away from that. but you're going to be able to do shopping online. >> i like that. 41 minutes after the hour, millions across the midwest brace for more severe storms as communities try to pick up the communities already hit. we're live with the very latest in the forecast. and it's not good for a whole lot of places. that's right after the break. his shoes! and a third simply doesn't want to be here. ♪ until now... until right booking now.
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2:45 am
north central, nebraska. no word of any damage yet. and this an hour's drive from pilger, you can see that little is left this morning. the town of pilger decimated. at least two people died there, including a 5-year-old. 16 others were critically injured. plattville, wisconsin, also cleaning up. the twisters tore through buildings, flattened roofs off homes. major damage to the university of wisconsin. >> look at this, water, everywhere. look at that camper there. you saw that garage before. a lot of people grabbing sandbags to try and protect their homes before they lose everything. indra petersons is live for us. indra, give us a sense of these latest storms, what they're bringing and where they're headed today. >> it's so hard to believe, john, when you talk about the
2:46 am
storms that hit on monday, the fact that we're still talking about severe weather. even yesterday, more tornadoes ripped through nebraska. in stanton, nebraska, most likely an ef-3. you can actually see farm equipment flipped over. a tractor in a tree behind me. these huge trees snapped in half with the bark ripped off of them. this is the fear. out in pilger where the residents are returning home today for the first time with the volunteers. they're going back into their homes trying to find the last pieces of anything they can salvage. a lot of residents i spoke to said they can't even touch anything on the ground just yet. still waiting for insurance claims to go through. just imagine how that would be. the threat of more severe weather now in the forecast. today, 65 million of us are concerned for the concern of severe weather all up and down tornado alley. and even towards pennsylvania today. so so many large cities are
2:47 am
going to be affected. you can see a tornado watch north of us in sioux city, iowa that should expire in 20 minutes or so. look at the lightning out there. this is the early morning hours. it is so hot and humid. this is not isolated in the midwest. southeast, even the another, you're talking about temperatures soaring into the 90s. so hot, there's actually heat advisory in philadelphia for upper 90 temperatures. you combine that with humidity and a storm system stretching from montana all the way to the northeast. 65 million people concerned they could be next. >> all right. try to stay cool. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." kate bolduan is with us. good morning, kate. good morning, guys. we're covering, of course, the capture of the suspected master behind behind the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi.
2:48 am
we have new news on how he was taken and what is next for him. plus, we also have hillary clinton's reaction to that news coming from the cnn town hall that obviously included her last night. you'll recall the attack happened on her watch when he was secretary of state. and also ahead on "new day," president obama is set to meet with congressional leaders over the violence raging in iraq. will air strikes be on the table? that is just one key question that will be happening during that meeting. we're also looking at a scathen opinion piece coming from former vice president dick cheney, he's blasting president obama, blaming him for the current crisis in iraq. guys. a lot of people looking at that saying there's a pot/kettle issue there. 48 minutes after the hour right now. lucky to be alive. circus acrothe bas in that horrific accident, sharing their stories of survival. that's next. the second his room is
2:49 am
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an update now on the eight acrobats injured in that awful ringling brothers circus accident caught on tape in rhode island. lawyers for seven of the injured in the hair-hanging stunt gone wrong say a lawsuit is on the way. four of the women recoverying from the injuries have now spoken about their ordeal. >> as you can see, all of us, we are terribly injured. some of us require many surgeries and still may need more surgeries. we are trying to come to terms with knowing we will never be the same. but we know that we are lucky to be alive. >> many of the women, as you saw, were severely injured when their circus apparatus plunged more than 20 feet to the ground. some say they don't know if they will ever walk again. potential lawsuits in its early
2:53 am
stages. investigators say a broken steel clasp may be the blame for that accident. all right, amazon, it's a department store, a streaming service, a supermarket, and now amazon wants to make your next cell phone.the details of amazon's cell phone when we get an early check of your money. that's neck. you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. captain: here's a review, it's worse in person.
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all right. it's wednesday morning. let's get an early start on your money. european shares are up. u.s. stock futures are mixed. the dow is up on fred on higher inflate data. the federal reserve is going to make its policy notice known later today. is the stock market rigged? that's a question michael lewis posed in his book "flash boys." and a question of a senate probe into high-speed trading attempted to be answered yesterday. senators drilled about fairness and mainly to trade brokers to trade with them. >> is it correct that td ameritrade receives payment either from a whole said sale broker as payment from order flow, or from an exchange as a
2:58 am
rebate on nearly every trade completed? >> i wouldn't say ever tray. >> nearly. >> nearly, yes. >> td receives two payments one from the customer and one from the exchange. critics say it's a conflict of interest and can steer them away from the best deal for their customer. amazon is expected to announce a 3d cell phone today. amazon is known as a disrupter. think bookstores. not a lot of information yet but one question is price. the company has history of selling products at near break-even prices. an amazon 3d smartphone. >> facebook has tried this without much success. and didn't espn try a phone, once, too? it's hard to break in. the market doesn't seem to have much space. >> jeff bezos likes to go after big ideas. >> where is drones?
2:59 am
where is drones? he said he was going to have drones at my house. thanks for watching. "new day" starts right now. there's no conspiracy here. this is actual. >> captured the man behind the benghazi attack now in u.s. custody. new details on how he was taken, where he is now, and what he may have been planning next. this as hillary clinton weighs into cnn. can she answer the hard questions? decision time. president obama set to make the call on iraq. will there be air strikes? this as former vice president dick cheney takes a blistering swing at the president. what he says now about the current president's handling of the crisis. in the hot seat, dr. oz grilled on capitol hill. accused of overselling the benefits of weight loss supplements. so who should you believe? >> your "new day" starts right now.
3:00 am
>> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning, welcome to "new day." it's wednesday, june 18th. 6:00 in the east. now, nearly two the alleged mastermind is in u.s. custody. we have new details this morning on where ahmed abu khatallah is being held and new allegations from the u.s. that he may have been planning more attacks. >> four americans, including ambassador chris stevens, died in the benghazi attack. it happened during hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state, and during cnn's town hall with clinton last night, she spoke about the lingering controversy. >> there are answers, not all of them, not enough frankly. i'm still looking for answers because it was a confusing and difficult time, but i would hope that every american would understand, number one, why we were there, because we need to be


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