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tv   Michael Jackson The Final Days  CNN  June 22, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is the final curtain call. >> his last night was spent on stage. ♪ >> and i said, all right, love you, love you once, see you tomorrow. >> and then tomorrow? >> never came. >> we have a gentleman here that needs help and he is not breathing. >> right then i knew something was terribly wrong. i said, janet, is he dead. and she said, he's gone. >> do you think there was some sort of conspiracy to kill your
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brother? >> absolutely. >> possible that michael had been using this anesthetic drug maybe five or six years ago. >> elvis was huge, but michael went around the world. he was off the planet. >> now, a behind-the-scenes look into the final days of michael jackson. as the sun rose above the exclusive los angeles hills, inside michael jackson's mansion, the entertainer began the morning of june 24th, 2009, doing what he loved, preparing for a show. >> now do it slow. >> he and i would start about noon or 1:00 at his home. we'd dance a few hours and stretch. you have to have a full attitude.
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you have a half-attitude. >> travis payne was michael jackson's long-time choreographer. >> we were on a journey with michael that was going to return him to the stage, you know, that he loved so much. and i know that we were eight days away from leaving for london. >> the stage is where michael was most at ease. on stage, there was no one better. ♪ >> since age 5, he had electrified audiences around the world with hit songs like "i want you back." and the world appeared ready to welcome him back. it had been 12 years since jackson's last major performance. the king of pop was poised to regain his throne. >> this is it. i mean, this is really it. this is the final -- this is the final curtain call. >> according to the contact with concert promoters aeg, michael was to perform 50 concerts at the 02 center in london over a nine-month period.
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>> i'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. >> but was michael physically up to the challenge? both michael and aeg had a lot on the line. >> it was his comeback. it was his renaissance. his rebirth on stage. after so many years of being out of the spotlight, a lot of people were wondering if he could pull this off. >> this is it. and see you in july. >> but there were questions about whether jackson was ready. kenny ortega, the director for "this is it," called a private meeting at jackson's home. aeg ceo, randy phillips, attended the meeting. >> kenny was concerned that he wasn't coming to enough rehearsals, that he was taking it too nonchalant. and michael explained that he needed kenny to build the house, and that he would come in and paint the front door. >> on the afternoon on june 24, jackson arrived at the staples center in downtown los angeles.
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rehearsals for "this is it" often ran late into the night. on the surface, the man many say was born to perform never looked better. >> was his voice getting stronger over a period of rehearsals? >> absolutely. >> was his dancing getting stronger? >> absolutely. >> his body? everything? >> absolutely. >> michael bearden, the musical director for "this is it" was on stage that last night. >> he looked back at me, you know, after we did one number and looked at me as if to say "yeah, i'm michael jackson. i got this." he looked really good. i tease some of the dancers when i see them. m.j. was 50 years old and they're like half his age and he still was wearing them out. >> on stage, always a perfectionist. off stage, a legend with a sense of humor. >> he's making big-money decisions and then he would lean over to me and say silly stuff
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like, "who's your favorite three stooges." and i would say, "what, m.j.?" "oh, no, i don't like this. can i have more of this or that or this? yeah. i like moe." >> but we beneath the surface, concerns from the very moment the concert tour was announced. jackson was pushing himself to the brink. >> i just think how is he going to do these shows? >> record producer rodney jerkins. >> 50 dates at 50 years old? that's a lot of dates. and i just kept saying, i just hope he gets a physical trainer, someone to really work him out and to make sure he's healthy and prepared. >> jermaine jackson says his little brother was ready. >> i mean, he could have did 200 shows there. >> i sat down with jermaine following a band rehearsal. >> i felt that he could do it because of the way the shows
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were spaced out. and it wasn't, like, every day. ♪ see, like, when we first started, we were doing one-nighters. every day, you're in a different place. you're riding in the bus and sleeping on top of each other, that's tough. but this was it, you didn't have to take the stage down. you're in one location. >> i think that night, he finally accepted down deep and whatever the inner reaches of an artist's soul are that he could do this. >> was anything out of the ordinary that night? >> the only thing that might have been out of the ordinary was that michael had a serious glow about him that night. >> you could see his confidence growing and you could see physically, he was able to do the things that he wanted to do. >> we're walking to our cars. and he put his arm around me at the staples center and he said, "thank you for getting me here. now i know i can do it and take
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it from here." >> hold for applause. hold for applause. slow umbrella. out. >> he headed to his rented mansion in the hollywood hills. but just 12 hours later, nothing would be the same. coming up -- >> sard get down here, it doesn't look good. >> the tragic news to family wants to hear. >> i said, oh, my gosh, what's going on? ♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ bundle ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets.
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yes, he's not breathing, sir. >> yes, he's not conscious, sir. >> okay. [ sirens ] >> a 50-year-old man in distress. that man is michael jackson. >> michael jackson, the king of pop -- >> was taken to the hospital and there were rumors -- >> he was apparently administered cpr in the ambulance. >> as the news breaks, brother, tito and jermaine, continue to hear troubling reports from the media. s, tito and jermaine, continue to hear troubling reports from the media. >> is it true? what are they staying in rushed to the hospital and not
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breathing, something like that. >> you guys called my wife and said do you guys know anything about michael being rushed to the hospital? i said. no i called my mother immediately, she says she is on her way to the hospital. >> jermaine's mother, katherine, confirmed his worst fierce. >> she was already at the hospital. i called her back and heard her saying he's dead. i couldn't believe my mother was saying her child was dead, my brother. and i got weak, very, very weak. >> tito jackson couldn't get ahold of his mother he's raced to ucla medical center. but a call from his sister, janet, stopped him in his tracks. i said, janet is he dead? she said, he is a gone. i just melted right there. and i didn't know what to do i
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pulled over in this parking lot and just cried for, like, 15 minutes and went back home. [ sirens ] >> jermaine jackson did make it to the hospital as the crowds and media began to swell outside. inside, his brother, michael, lay dead. >> they had his feet wrapped on top of him and i could feel his skin. he was still soft and smooth and i just kissed his forehead so much and i just talked to him. the memories, that's what hurt. and to know that there would never be another jackson five. >> despite his overwhelming grief, it was jermaine who delivered the family's official announcement, that michael was dead. >> you have to go out from that hospital and tough tell the world? >> mm-hmm. i couldn't believe that i was announcing my brother's death
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for the world. it was -- i was numb. very numb, because it was like a nightmare. >> my brother, the legendary king of pop, michael jackson, passed away on thursday, june 25th, 2009, at 2:26 p.m. >> were you able to see jermaine through the press conference? >> i saw it on television. it was sad. i wish i could have been there, but i wouldn't have never made it in time. >> what were you thinking when you saw that? >> shocking and hurting and just all time of emotions hitting you up on time. >> today you can't do it without crying? >> no. still. you know, it's hard. it's really a hard thing, 'cause michael was so special to not just me, but to everyone.
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this is cnn, breaking news. >> michael jackson, 50 years old, the king of pop has died. >> as news of michael jackson's death sent shockwaves around the globe, the search for answers was just beginning. >> just looking for any evidence of foul play or anything like that. >> within hours, investigators were on the scene of jackson's hollywood maps. they discovered the singer had his own personal farm cism some of the prescription drugs were labeled, many were no the extent of michael jackson's drug use was starting to emerge. some of his closest friends and family were stunned. >> i only knew of when he was
4:20 pm
taking to sleep. some of the things he was taking, i can' pronounce the words. every time i saw him, he was 1,000% coherent. >> michael jackson's addiction runs deeper and many in his inner circle were aware. >> certainly wasn't worried about concealing it. >> gotham chop practice was a personal friend of jackson's. >> new endless doctors and how to manipulate certain systems and also had many doctors who were always willing to write new prescriptions and just wanted to be around him and they wanted that aura of his attention. >> gotment that's father, deepak chop chopra, is said jackson wanted a
4:21 pm
prescription for a narcotic. >> i said i wasn't going to write a prescription. i confronted him. he started to cry. he said, you don't understand. i'm in a lot of pain. >> chop practice fear for jackson's health and with a member of michael's family, he arranged for an intervention. >> so upset, angry. the temper,ichael's family, he for an intervention. >> so upset, angry. the temper, left the room. >> according to biograh fer, randy tab bore rely, jackson was introduced to prescription drugs in 1984. jackson's scalp was severely burned during the fille.willing of this pepsi commercial. ♪ >> i was at the hospital that night and i remember the doctors saying that they were trying to give him pain medication back then answered would not take t and that ultimately, he -- he did take some because the pain was so great, but that it was a big issue. >> when do you think the drug use started? >> i believe that a lot of it
4:22 pm
had to do with the stress of the 1993 allegations. >> in 1993, crack isson was accused of sexually molesting a 13-year-old boy. jackson denied at gaugeses during a televised statement. >> i'm particularly upset about the handle willing of this mass matter by the incredible, terrible mass media. >> but eventually, settled the case for $20 million. no charges were ever filed. during that same televised statement, jackson admitted publicly he had a drug addiction. >> as you may already know after my tour ended, i remained out of the country, undergoing treatment for a dependency on pain medication. >> those allegations, '93, the first set of allegations, began the rumination of -- rumination of michael. >> ten years later, more
4:23 pm
accusations of child allegations. a highly publicized trial followed. faced with a possibility of prison, jackson was in the fight for his life. the stress took a toll, even though he was cleared of all charges. what did you see in his eyes? >> that he was dying, he was gone, already. on verdict day, he was not there he was so vacant. >> following the verdict in 2005, jackson spent the next years focused on his children. he met nurse practitioner cherilyn lee. she came to jackson's home to treat one of his kid for a cold one day, lee says jackson asked her to help him sleep. she agreed to stay over and monitor his sleeping patterns. >> this is 10:30, 11:00 at night. i said call me so i can kind of monitor and see what's going on. so, he slept for about three and a half hours and then he jumped up. he looked at me with his eyes wide open and i said, michael,
4:24 pm
you okay? he said, yes. but i just want you to see, i can't sleep. >> michael requested pro-poe poll, a drug few people had heard of, a powerful anesthetic only used in operating rooms or other clinical settings. propofol isn't available as a pill. it can only be given intravenously, it puts a patient out almost instantly. >> i looked at him and that is the first time i got my chill through my body and i said, michael, if you take that medicine, you might not wake up. >> weeks later, lee heard from michael jackson one final time. he wanted to see her right away. the singer complained that one side of his body was cold, the other was hot. >> i said, you know, i can't come, michael. you need to go to the hospital. you need to go the to the hospital. >> just four days later, michael
4:25 pm
jackson was dead. >> michael was a tortured soul. ten years ago,er said to me, have you heard of this thing that takes you to the edge of the valley of death? and then brings you back from there? >> next. >> i wasn't the doctor. >> what happened the last hours of michael jackson's life? >> why was he left alone? there's a lot of questions. ♪
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conrad murray, one of the last people to see jackson alive. and on september 27, 2011, murray would go on trial in los angeles, accused of giving jackson drugs, including the powerful anesthetic, propofol, that caused jackson's death. >> let me call the case of the state of the people versus california. >> the prosecution laid out the prosecution's case. >> michael jackson trusted his life, the medical skills of conrad murray.
4:30 pm
that misplaced trust in the hands of conrad murray cost michael jackson his life. >> to help prove their case, prosecutors presented two very different image of the pop legend. from a vibrant singer, dancer and entertainer on stage, to a completely different person behind the scenes. >> to michael jackson. >> then, midway through opening arguments, a stunning moment. the voice of michael jackson as he'd never been heard before. >> when people leave my show, i want them to say he's the greatest entertainer in the world. >> jackson sounded fragile, impaired, incapable. and that's just what kenny ortega feared.
4:31 pm
ortega was directing the most anticipated show in decades, with a star he feared wasn't up to it. but murray insisted he was in charge of jackson's health. >> he said i should stop trying to be an amateur doctor and psychologist and be the director and allow michael's health to him. >> those were the words of conrad murray? >> and on june 25th, that meant helping jackson get to sleep. based on the affidavit, dr. murray's efforts to get jackson to sleep began with a 10-milligram tablet of valium around 1:30 a.m. it didn't work. so according to the affidavit, dr. murray injected the singer with an anti-anxiety drug. but 3:00 a.m., however, jackson was still awake, so murray told police he tried another drug, a sedative. that didn't work, either. murray told investigators at 10:40 a.m., he gave the pop
4:32 pm
legend 25 milligrams of propofal, a powerful surgical anesthetic, finally putting jackson to sleep. soon after, all hell broke loose. to describe the scene firsthand, securities guard, alberto alvarez. >> he was laying on his back with his hands extended out. i observed that his eyes were slightly open -- or were open and his mouth was open. >> alvarez said murray was frantic and vague about jackson's condition. >> i asked dr. conrad murray what happened? and he said he had a reaction. he had a bad reaction. >> in the midst of the chaos, alvarez spotted jackson's children in the doorway. >> and they were right behind me. and paris screamed out, "daddy." dr. conrad murray said, "hurry, don't let them see their dad
4:33 pm
like this." >> we heard about paris breaking down. very powerful visual. >> jim moret is chief correspondent for "inside edition." >> from the perspective of a juror and as a parent, can you imagine seeing your own father lying there, most likely dead, with his eyes wide open? >> we have a gentlemen here that needs help and he's not breathing. >> okay, how old is he? >> finally at 12:22 p.m., alvarez called 911. as they waited for an ambulance, murray asked alvarez for more help. >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and then he reached out to me and said, "here, put these in a bag." >> jackson was officially pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m., june 25th, 2009. a direct result, said
4:34 pm
prosecutors, of mistakes, delays, and recklessness by dr. conrad murray. >> the d.a. added into evidence each vial and bottle found at jackson's house, one after -- >> 20-milligram propofol bottle. >> after another. >> to take a patient with valium, lorazepam, midazolam and propofol and to leave them unattended in that state is medical abandonment. >> murray saw things quite differently, providing his version of events in a police interview recorded just days after jackson's death. >> conrad roberts murray. >> it was jackson, murray said, who told him all about propofol and insisted he use it to ease
4:35 pm
jackson's crippling insomnia. >> he knew that that was the only thing that worked for him. i constantly cautioused him. >> cautioned him, and claims murray, tried to ween him from the drug. still, jackson pressed for propofol on the day he died. >> he said, i can't function if i don't sleep. so i agreed that i would switch over to the propofol. >> then, murray said, he sat at jackson's side. >> i monitored him, saw his oxygen saturation, heart rate, everything looked stable. then i needed to go to the bathroom. i came back to his bedside and i was stunned in the sense that he wasn't breathing. >> the defense maintained it wasn't murray who administered
4:36 pm
the fatal dose, it was jackson himself. >> when dr. murray left the room, michael jackson self-administered a dose of propofol, that with the lorazepam, created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly. >> they said it was the final fatal move. dr. robert waldman reviewed records from jackson's dermatologist n the months before his death, jackson got frequent treatments and lots of painkillers. >> i believe there is evidence that he was probably addicted to opioids. >> for the jackson family, they were hard words to hear. >> and they sat in that courtroom and listened to testimony that their son and brother was a drug addict. and often, they had to leave. but they were always there the next day.
4:37 pm
>> the addiction, the insomnia, the desperation were so great that jackson followed powerful pills by the handful. >> that is enough to put six of you to sleep. >> but was murray responsible for jackson's fatal overdose? as the opposing attorneys gave their closing arguments, two very different answers emerged. >> ladies and gentlemen, the evidence in this case is overwhelming, that conrad murray acted with criminal negligence, that conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson, that conrad murray left prince, paris and blanket without a father. >> dr. murray -- >> the defense insisted that murray was driven by his own naive desire to help. >> he thought he could help, could help michael jackson succeed. he could help him sleep normally. he believed that. he was wrong.
4:38 pm
because dr. murray had no control over the situation, because what was happening in the background, he was just a little fish in a big, dirty pond. >> and then it all rested with the jury. one charge, one man dead, and another man's freedom in the balance. >> following the breaking news this hour, a verdict in the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. >> we, the jury, in the above-he entitled action, find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> after his conviction, murray was sentenced to four years in prison. coming up, claims that the promoters behind michael jackson's tour were responsible for murray's negligence.
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this these intimate home videos used in the trial, one of the greatest performers of all time performing songs like "i want you back" ♪. ♪ >> and finally into a father himself. >> hi, my name paris michael jackson. >> but age 50, jackson was gone and his personal doctor, conrad murray, had been found legally responsible for his death. but was murray solely to blame. not according to the jackson family. michael's mother around his
4:44 pm
children went back to court in 2013, this time, filing a wrongful death suit against concert promoter, aeg live. >> this case involved a number of legal questions, was dr. murray hired by aeg live. did aeg live know he was a rockies michael jackson and should aeg live pay damages? >> kevin boyle was the attorney for katherine jackson. >> the aeg defendants were negligent in hiring, retaken or supervising dr. conrad murray and that that ultimately led to the death of michael jackson. >> aeg live attorney, marvin putn putnam, said murray was working for jackson and not quite the company. >> i can't quite understand how they are make willing the claim they are make willing, given cop rad murray's own statement two days after michael's passing. he said i was hired by michael jackson. i had worked for michael jackson for years.
4:45 pm
>> aeg live stood to lose or gain millions based on the results of jackson's concerts and the jackson family claimed aeg live instructed murray, "not to look out for jackson's best interests, but rather, to do whatever medical procedures were calculated to get jackson to perform." and an e-mail, aeg live ceo sent to the show's director seemed to support their theory. >> it really is a smoking gun. it's probably one of the most important pieces of evidence that michael jackson's attorneys have that aeg supervised, directed, forced, employed, dr. conrad murray to provide michael jackson drugs so that he could perform. >> in a taped deposition played for the jury, he was confronted with the e-mail he sent. >> it says, "we want to remind
4:46 pm
him that it is aeg, not mj, who is paying his salary. we want him to understand what is expected of him." did you write that e-mail? >> i don't recall. >> he came across as suffering some sort of executive amnesia, if you will. ♪ >> the jackson family, in look willing at that e-mail, believes that aeg made it clear to dr. murray that he was supposed to make sure that michael jackson performed no matter what. >> hold for applause. hold for applause. slow umbrella. fade out. show director kenny ortega e-mailed gongaware 11 days before michael's death with concerns about the singer's health. an emotional ortega read his e-mails to the jury. there are strong since of paranoia, anxiety and
4:47 pm
obsessive-like behavior. i think the very best thing we can do is get a top psychiatrist to evaluate him asap. ortega could see, perhaps better than anyone else, exactly what effect the grueling preparation was having on jackson. >> the insight that he gave into what was behaving with michael in his last weeks was incredible, about his deterioration, about how he couldn't remember his lyrics to his songs, about how he wasn't getting the dances and about the conversations with the aeg live executives about what to do about michael. >> aeg attorneys argued michael jackson was a drug addict who sought out doctors who would feed his addiction, like conrad murray. >> they brought out a long parade of doctors who had given
4:48 pm
michael jackson painkillers. >> they used the deposition of randy jackson's brother to show michael was not only addicted to drugs but would resist any attempt at intervention. >> aeg live said if the family can't help, if the family can't stop him, how could we, as concert promoters, ever be expected to have done that? >> michael jackson's two oldest children, prince and paris, were on the witness list to testify, until -- >> paris jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of pop icon michael jackson, was rushed to a hospital in los angeles. >> in the midst of the trial, near-tragedy. [ sirens ] michael jackson's daughter, paris, was rushed to the hospital after cutting her wrists in an apparent suicide attempt. paris would receive medical attention and no longer testify. prince, michael's son, did go on to take the stand. he told jurors that his father would of then cry after talking to aeg live executive and the
4:49 pm
pop icon feared for his life leading up to the concerts. >> it was very clear that prince felt that michael jackson felt really pushed to the brink by aeg executive. he didn't trust them. he didn't like them. and he heard his own father say, while sobbing, "they're trying to kill me." >> only a jury could decide if that were true. the verdict came months after the trial began. question one -- >> did aeg live hire dr. conrad murray? answer, yes. >> but when the court assistant read the second question -- >> was dr. conrad murray unfit or incompetent to perform the work for which he was hired? answer, no. >> jurors decided that aeg live was not liable for michael
4:50 pm
jackson's death. the verdict means that jackson family will not get any money from still, katherine jackson claims the trial has never been about money. >> she was asked during her testimony why and she said i want to know what happened to my son. it is a search for the truth. >> coming up -- >> my brother's the baddest boy that ever held a microphone. that boy was bad. and we'll never have another one. >> the king of pop, remembered. >> he's everything to music. this man was a universal pop icon. i'm going to miss him. i'm going to miss him so much. awesome, amazing, that's epic, bro.
4:51 pm
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"bad" the song and the video not only transformed michael jackson's image from soft-spoken to tough, but changed the face of pop culture. >> my brother's the baddest boy that ever held a microphone. that boy was bad. and we'll never have another one. >> my question is why does the good die young. the good, the good. why? >> why him? sometimes there's no answers. >> icon, pop star, legend. words that didn't seem big
4:56 pm
enough to describe the man who eventually became the king of pop. >> when my brother died, the world cried. >> he meant so much to me. he influenced like my whole world. >> michael, thank you for the music you gave us all. the world will miss you. we love you. >> then, nearly three weeks after the singer's death, a hollywood memorial service that rivaled royalty, seen by millions around the world. the andre crouch choir song as michael's brothers carried his cassette. >> the king of pop is not big enough for him. he is simply the biggest
4:57 pm
entertainer that ever lived. >> it was an emotional ceremony. >> i love you, michael. i'll miss you. >> with a heartbreaking ending. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. i just want to say i love him so much. >> not going to see him anymore, but i feel him everywhere. i really do. god picks certain people to do certain things. he knew he would be the loudest voice for the world to say man in the mirror, heal the world. when it got to a point where they didn't realize and they didn't want to hear that message anymore, he took him. he took him back. he gave him to us and he took him back.
4:58 pm
>> you know, maybe he's appreciated in another way now, but i know one thing. there will never been another michael jackson. not in my lifetime, or yours, or anybody else's that's on this earth right now. i just miss his laughter and his candor and just the person he was, just a loving brother. my little brother. that's what i miss. my little brother. >> every 25, 30 years, a phenomenon comes along and we happened to watch them come in, we watched them light up, we watch them go away. now he will be the king of pop forever. >> showmanship, sincerity, uniqueness, originality,
4:59 pm
passion. >> he is everything to music. this man was a universal pop icon. no barrier stood before this man that he didn't challenge, that he didn't break down, that he didn't tear down. that right there, that will never be replaced. i'm going to miss him. i'm going to miss him so much. >> michael jackson was the complete package of an entertainer. i mean, not only could he sing, but he was visually dynamite. >> if there was one song that if someone asked you to sing in tribute to michael jackson at a service or whatever, what do you think you would sing? >> how i feel about him, i would probably sing "never can say good-bye." >> can you sing a little bit, please? ♪ never can say good-bye no no no no i never can say good-bye ♪ because i won't.
5:00 pm
♪ never can say good-bye no no no i never can say good-bye ♪ watch the tv. >> the average time spent watching television is five to six hours per day. >> holy residuals! >> there's a reason for calling it the idiot box. >> let's change the channel. >> we want to rap about our scene. >> here is the news. >> we must give the american viewers the kind of television they both desire and deserve. let's try to do it again and see what comes out this time. >> television has grown faster than a teenager and now it is time to grow up.


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