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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 24, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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frenzy. you better hurry. this may turn out to be the best world cup of all time. nisk valence world cup of all time. nisk valencncivalencia. >> thanks very much. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. wolf blitzer. thank you so much. as always great to be with you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. we begin the hour with this battle between iraqi secure forces and jihadist militants happening here at the country's largest oil refinery. it's unclear exactly who has control of this strategic control. iraq's deputy oil minister says security forces have it. but several officials tell cnn that militants have seized it. all of this a back drop to u.s. secretary of state john kerry's mission to help the iraqi government regain control of the
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country on day two. as he is on the ground here in iraq, secretary kerry met for these critical talks with the kurds urging them not to quit this political process. later telling cnn that the kurdish president is willing to participate in this formation of a new government in baghdad. >> there is a constitutional process which we in our strategic framework have pledged to be supportive of and we are. that constitutional process is playing out right now. the fact is that even president barzani today who is opposed to the prime minister made it clear that he wants to participate in the process. that he wants to help choose the next government and other leaders that i met with were all engaged and energized and ready to go to bat for a new governance. >> secretary is also going into these talks with a healthy dose of skepticism saying in iraq,
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words are cheap. jim sciutto our chief national correspondent is traveling with kerry. has more on that interview. >> reporter: as secretary kerry touches down in iraq for a second time during this crucial mid-east trip, he says the president is prepared to take military action even before iraqi leaders make the political compromises that the administration believes is necessary for any medium or long term solution here. he says that the president has options prepared. when he takes military action, it will be sustained and intense. we were able to sit down with secretary kerry here. >> let's talk about the u.s. response if we can. 12 days ago, june twelfth, the president said he was appearing with the australian prime minister that my team is working a around the clock on options to respond. during that 12 day sense, we calculated isis has captured an additional 11 cities and towns -- >> uh-huh. >> a key refinery, crucial roadways and border crossings. hasn't the delay and the administration's response here on the ground military action,
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strengthened isis during that time? >> i think the real question, jim, is not sort of what happened in those days. the question is what can happen going forward. the strategy that's really going to work. the reason the president sent me out here is that if he were to make the decision -- he may have to do ultimately but if he made the decision without trying to see whether or not you can have a government that can work or reconstitute the military, then you have a whole different set of options . but you said yesterday that the president was prepared to act before there is political compromise. >> he's always prepared to act under any circumstance he reserves the right to use force if he has to that will aaccomplish a goal. the primary effort is to get the government to form so that you have something backing up what you're doing. so that you have a military here which can be reconstituted so you have political leadership that can pull the people
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together and they will feel invested in their government and prepared to push back. >> here in kurdistan the political division that's are pulling iraq apart are clear. kurdistan operates independently. the kurds made a land grab of their own in the last week. as secretary kerry made the kurdish leader barzani he told him there is a new reality in iraq. political action will require u.s. help and pressure that is also sustained and intense. jim sciutto, cnn, northern iraq. happening right now nfl star turned murder suspect aaron hernandez due to appear in a boston court any second here. we have eyes on the courtroom. let as stay on this here. don't see him quite yet. this is another step in the three murder cases against him. today's hearing is related to the 2012 drive by killing of 2
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men. it was a year ago this week he was also charged with murdering an acquaintance. cnn's susan candiotti has been following this case from the get go. what is the purposely of today's hearing. >> reporter: well as you said this has to do with the double murder in boston in 2012 where hernandez is accused of getting angry and killing someone after someone, a stranger on the dance floor, accidentally bumped into him and caused him to spill a drink. that is supposed to be the motive in this case. this is a routine matter right now. they are scheduling things. he's already entered a not guilty plea. they might possibly set a trial date. but certainly this trial would follow the trial of odin lloyd who was murdered about a year ago. >> okay. and as i mention you've been covering this aaron hernandez story since the very beginning when it broke. you have this new documentary
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airing tonight with all kinds of new details about his life behind bars. let's take a look at a clip. >> the fallen football star spends his days waiting alone in a 7 by 10 cell. >> i have talked to him at length. there is a warmth within this person. >> what went wrong. >> learned behaviors and the environment that people grow up in have an incredible influence on who we become. >> sheriff, believes in modifying behavior behind bars. he says inmate number 174954 is reading the bible and another book he suggested. >> i got him reading tuesday's with mory. he it examines how to create a sendered meaningful life. >> he was clearly moved by the book. he called his mother and told her she needed to read it. >> the sheriff tells hernandez to find his center by turning to
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his childhood anchor, his late dad. >> he will never be able to get back to that place where he felt comfortable and safe. that's only going to happen if you go back. talk to your father. go back to your cell and talk to your father. >> what did he think about that advice? >> when i see him every so often, hey, did he do what i asked you, no but i'm getting there. i think at this point he's got a picture that he didn't have before. his dad's picture. >> a photograph of his late father in his cell. >> it's fascinating new detail. so think he's reading tuesday's with mory. >> can you imagine. >> no. >> what else? >> who knew. well, i will tell you that we are going to tell you new details about the investigation as well as more information about his alleged drug use and paranoia. more crime scene photos that you have never seen before. you're going to hear possibly
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some new details from people who knew him way back when from the time he was a kid through now and clearly what you take away from all of this, leading up to odin lloyd's murder is that this is a person of incredible contrast. a guy that was a rising star on the football field was an electric smile, and yet, according to people we've interviewed, he had a dark side, obviously. it has led to three murder charges now. >> are these live pictures? did we just see him? no. susan candiotti thank you so much. we'll be watching your special report tonight. it's called downward spiral 9:00 eastern on cnn. coming up next, this. did you cause someone to find out at the white house at the
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treasury or your ig. >> i did not. if you have any evident of that i'd be happy to see it. >> i asked a question. >> and i answered it. >> that is the current head of the irs pushing back and forth that his office was involved in a cover up. the fire works continuing today. wait until you hear this exchange. we will play it from washington. ntsb investigators reveal what they believe caused that deadly crash of an asiana airlines flight last year. what or i should say was at fault? and ahead, the big watalker tod, king james opting out of his contract with the miami heat. that means lebron james will be a free agent and can sign with any team. where will the league's best player end up you ask? we will discuss. you're watching cnn. ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines"
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well come back. short tempers flying on capitol hill as republican house committee continue their hunt for the missing irs e-mails. you have the oversight committee chairman darryl issa squaring off with the irs commissioner with these e-mails which republicans believe could shed light on the allegations that the irs targeted conservative groups during the last two elections. issa wants to know if the white house got an early heads up that the e-mails were missing. take a look. >> did you cause someone to find out at the white house at treasury or your ig. >> i did not. if you have any evidence of that i'd be happy to see it. >> i asked a question. >> and i answered it. >> you did not cause anyone to find out. >> i absolutely didn't. >> the hearings continue today
11:14 am
with the national arcive and white house counsel office. so some grilling last night. how is today going, athena. >> hi, brooke. well, today we saw a continued focus on who knew what at the white house and what did they do with that information? members of congress -- remember members of congress in this committee were hoping to get those answers from jennifer o'connor who was a lawyer in the council office. who got that information, the chief of staff, the president? did anyone at the white house pass this information onto the department of justice or the fbi? now jennifer o'connor said i can't answer these questions because i've only been in this job a month. i should note that o'connor did spend six months last year working as a lawyer with the irs during the time when they were trying to comply with all the documentation questions so she was also able to discuss this with that panel.
11:15 am
>> the other thing focused was the rules and laws governing how e-mails are kept and what records should be retained. i want to play for you an exchange between the national archival and congressman tim wallberg, a rb frepublican from michigan. is it fair to say that the irs broke the federal records act? >> they are required -- any agency is required to notify us when they realize they have a problem that could be destruction or disposal -- unauthorized disposal. >> but they didn't do that? >> that's right. >> did they break the law? >> i'm not a lawyer but you administer the federal records agent. >> i do. >> if they didn't follow it, can we safely assume they broke the law. >> they did not follow the law. >> so that's an example of the kind of questioning we saw of
11:16 am
congressman wallberg trying to get him to say the irs should have notified the national arcives under the law when they discovered the e-mails were missing. this hearing lasted 3 1/2 hours. in the last kucouple of days they've spent seven hours on this issue. it's not over. >> what next for for as a investigation goes. >> this is interesting. there are a lot of investigations going on but separate congressional committees but there's now one more to add to the mix. irs commissioner told the panel that the treasure inspector general for the tax administration has already launched an administration into these missing lois lerner e-mails so we can expect to see the results of that independent review at some point. so that's just one more administration going on here. brooke. >> added to the list. athena jones. thank you so much. >> coming up, we will stay here on politics. hotly contested political
11:17 am
primaries today involving charlesly rang el, his harlem seat being challenged. we will take you to new york for that one and blowing up right now on social media, moments ago, a player in a world cup game allegedly bit another player and guess what, this is apparently not the first time he has done something like that. we will show you what happened. get reaction, next. (phone ringing) good afternoon. chase sapphire. this is stacy from springfield. direct access to a live advisor so you can get answers fast, and get back to the beach. chase sapphire preferred. so you can. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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okay. moments ago, major incident in
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the world cup. this player appeared to bite another player during the second half of this match. by the way, this is not the first time this player is accused of doing something like this. this is blowing up on social media right now. so rachel nichols thank you so much for hopping in the chair. walk us through what happened. i hear it was a bite allegedly to the shoulder. who is this player? >> well, brooke, if you want a nickname, you don't want the nickname the cannibal. this is the player's nickname. >> are you serious. >> this is the third -- third alleged incident of this. this is going to have huge reservations. suarez plays today in the 80th minute he does appear to bite one of italy's defender on the shoulder. obviously the player who was bitten tried to show the officials. necessity didn't do nothing about it. a minute later, they score on a
11:22 am
set play from the corner. italy not really prepared at this point because one of their players someone just tried to eat him. this is going to have repercussions. italy is knocked out the world cup. you can expect suarez to be penalized. this could have repercussions back in his home club liverpool in the premier league because this is not the first time it happened. you don't want a nickname the cannibal. >> you can see the italian player holding his jersey down trying to show officials. this is a guy you have interviewed many a times. king james, the biggest star in basketball. lebron james has decided to exercise this option to terminate his contract with the miami heat.
11:23 am
what does that really mean? >> yeah. it's not a huge surprise even the team president pat riley came out today and said he expected this to happen. what this does is give lebron options. it doesn't mean necessarily he's going to have decision part two yet. he isn't necessarily leaving the miami heat. he has said to them, i am going to shop around. if you want to be a big consideration for me, you need to improve the roster. remember miami just got man handled by the spurs. not just the money but i think his concern is the players around him. there used to be in the nba this trend with superstars they would sign max deals. they would sign for seven or eight years for the most money possible. d try to get the dollar bills up front. lebron's signature is signing the short deals. what he does is by signing these three contracts. you're betting on yourself that
11:24 am
in three years you will still be worth a lot of money but you're forcing the other teams around me to make you the best offer of the best team to win a championship. it is why he left cleveland because he had a better offer for better teammates in miami. now we will see if he has a better offer and more star power somewhere else. >> how about that. that is exactly what that is. betting on himself. rachel nichols. thank you so much. >> coming up, the ntsb making its call ton what causes the deadly crash at the san francisco airport. who does the ntsb say was at fault. we have that answer. also ahead, long time as in 23 long terms long time new york congressman charlie rangel facing the toughest battle in 43 years. we are live in harlem after this. now they're part of our 2 for $25 guest favorites!
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> just about the bottom of the hour i'm brooke baldwin here. three hot primary races are being contested right now as we speak. take a look and here are the states right here. you have republican votes in colorado and mississippi and a d.c. race in new york. that is where charlie rangel, 84 years of age, 43 years in office is the voice of harlem in
11:29 am
congress. he might be running in his last year today. stand by for more on that. speaking of lifers, six term as a u.s. senator, that's 36 years in office, cochran like some other republicans, faces a challenge from the right. the tea party. odd race. we will talk about that later. in colorado, one of his famous quotes is you can't criticize obama. if you do, you're a racist. that is what tancerdo is telling the new york times. back to charlie rangel as promised. he has been around so long in congress, he is considered really an institution. his challenger says a crumbling institution. here is cnn's alexandra field. >> how is everybody doing. good to see you.
11:30 am
>> here in harlem everyone knows charlie rangel. at 84 years old he's been in congress for 43 years. >> charlie rangel. >> one voice, one community. right now he's facing a real challenge in the primary battle. there is a legitimate chance he could lose his seat. would you say he's too old to win again? how hard is it to break a seat to unseat someone who's sort of a legend of harlem politics. >> he's been in office for far so long. he has forgotten the little guys. >> rangel has been through this before. two years ago he narrowly saved his job after some health problems and after the house sentured him in an epic scandal. >> now, just two years later, the same opponent is back. >> i think back then i didn't have the support that i have now. >> what's changed since 2012? >> well, i don't have a walker.
11:31 am
i don't have a spinal injury. >> he doesn't have the leverage that he used to have at one time. he had to step down from the ways and means committee what the heck could he do if he finds his way to the house floor. >> rangel won his seat from another legend of harlem politics, adam clayton junior. the year was 1971. >> we have perilless times in that time. since then harlem has changed. you have the housing project behind me but all around gent rickivation, that is the primary concern that people who have lived here have an opportunity to remain. >> part of the bronx became part of this district. that added a lot of hispanic voters. if you come to east harlem you will find the puerto rican community. you are going to find mexican-americans. the press keeps saying my
11:32 am
community has changed. >> it has changed, right? >> so what? i mean i don't speak spanish on the house floor. whoever wins will represent the 13th congressional district in the 114th congress. this primary is the election. this district is democratic. >> we got to wind behind us that the people have finally said enough is enough. >> he has become more well known in the area so he has gained some ground. rangel, he says he wants one more term. >> you don't think we're going to end up here? >> let's make some noise. >> oh, that voice. charlie rangel. alexandra field live for us in his district of harlem. when we say 43 years in office. third longest serving active member of the house between dingel and coners. when rangel says this is it, is this really written in stone?
11:33 am
you talked to him. >> i mean brooke that's what he is saying. frankly, he has said it a number of times. we will have to see if he is forced to retire earlier than he had planned what he will choose to do. at this point this is a guy who feels very confident about this race he wants those two more years in washington. the fact is that this is still a very tough race to call. turn out is expected to be very low today. this is the only race on the ballot in this district. there actually was a poll released about a week ago from new york one they put rangel a 13 point lead. it certainly would sound like a lot but both campaigns say they are geared up for a very close race. >> thank you. we mentioned those five races we are really watching. we will take you to mississippi coming up. also today federal safety investigators looking into the cause of last year'ses asiana plane crash have concluded the pilots are to blame.
11:34 am
the ntsb is citing mismanagement by the crew as the krauz. sight 214 bounced off a sea wall at san francisco's international airport. flipped and burst into flames. three people died. renae marsh joins us now. so, when we hear the pilots, renae, what precisely what's the was the driving factor in that ruling? >> so yeah. that was the headline brooke. pilot error. the ntsb just ruled this. they say it was the action and sometimes inaction of the pilots that caused the asiana flight 214 to crash. the ntsb specifically says the flight crew relied too heavily on the plane's automated systems to land the plane. they didn't fully understand how those systems worked. take a listen. >> the errors of the pilots were not because of incompetency, they were because of an
11:35 am
expectation that the autopilot and autothrottle system would do something for them that the airplane was not designed to do and also a lack of monitoring. >> so what happened? well, one of the pilots unintentionally deactivated the automatic -- automatic air speed control. similar to cruise control in the car. the flight crew failed to closely monitor the plane's air speed and then they reacted too late when they attempted to abort landing. now the board said that fat weei -- fatigue likely contributed to do their poor performance. their mistakes with boeing's throttle system which were unadequately explained in the user manuals was one of the five contributing factors. the board made more than two dozen safety recommendations including pilots and automation, how the systems were designed
11:36 am
and better training and explanation for how the systems work. they also made recommendations for post crash response. if you remember one of the three passengers who died was hit by an emergency vehicle. the ntsb recommended more studies be done on the injuries of the people onboard to come up with ways to make the cabin even safer. one more people. i really want to hammer home that two of the three people who were killed in this incident they were not wearing seatbelts and the ntsb clearly stated today they believed that those people would have survived if they were wearing seatbelts. brooke. >> renae marsh. thank you so much. >> sure. >> coming up, remember this little girl? oh, we talked about her for months. little sara mernahan. last year she received not one but two lung transplanted from adult lungs since she was 10 years of achblge.
11:37 am
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what happened last year to save a deathly ill pennsylvania girl was an exception to the rule. now that exception is the rule. you remember sara murnaghan. i talked to her parents about her urgent need for a lung transplant. she was just ten years of age. with child donors being so rare. her mom and dad were fighting to get her lungs from an adult donor. now according to the rule at the time it said a patient had to be at least 12 years of age to be eligible. a court had to intervene to get sara adult organs. as of monday sara's exception has become a permanent policy change allowing kids 11 and younger to receive adult lungs.
11:41 am
>> my goodness. how wonderful does she look here? they are celebrating. both the fact that her struggles will help other kids and celebrating her remarkable recovery. she could barely breathe last year and now here she is. >> well, you should try hard because -- >> how about that. chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta with me here. i remember this story. we talked about it for whitele here. just remind s us prepolicy change what was the issue. >> this was a tough situation in medicine. it's a real collision of ethics
11:42 am
and medicine. part of we're dealing with something we don't have enough of. it's 1,600 people waiting for a transplant and there's simply not enough. that's why some of these rules come about. they say if you're talking about a child. in this case she's 10 years old and apof put adult lungs. you have to trim them to make them fit. it could increase the chances they will fail. if they fail you can't transplant them into someone else. it becomes a tough choice, do we give it to this person who will have a potential chance of survival or do we give it to someone who may have a good chance but not quite as good as the first person. that's where the policies go far. >> and the policy was still in face for the time. now that we know the policy changed as of monday. those parents were out there, they were saying this is wrong.
11:43 am
this should change. should we give them the credit. >> i think so. there's no question. if you look at the language of the organization that approved these laws, they say it was some high profile cases that changed their minds. thi i think they deserve a lot of credit. the previous images of her in an icu next to a ventilator. it's pretty incredible. >> the government agency maybe doesn't move quite as fast so i don't think it's surprising that it took a lot to get here. >> i mean often in order to initiate change, either through government or whatever it may be, i mean you really have to push and stand up. you have to make people aware. that was the biggest thing is that we wanted to make people aware of the issue. >> let me give you just a little
11:44 am
bit of context as well. i said 1,600 people waiting for a transplant last year. about 16 of them were people under ten or under. so it's not a large percentage of the people who are waiting. but as you just heard it is a very important percentage for them. >> when we look at her biking around. it's wonderful. is she out of the woods by this point. >> the thing with lung transplants. i don't know that you're fully out of the woods. even at five years they talk about survival being 50/50. part of the concern with sara in particular was cystic fieb royb. she still needs medications for the disease. she's going to have a rock, tougher road han most but it's good to see her recovering as well as she is. it's going to be a while before you can say she's truly out of the woods. >> good on those parents.
11:45 am
to the parents, you go girl. thank you very much. >> coming up, the queen, queen elizabeth visits the set of game of thrones. the big question, did she sit on the iron thrown? the answer just ahead. also next world cup fever. the u.s. coach gearing up for the big match. us versus germany this thursday. but he has a long history with the german team. coming up wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters shopping online is as easy as it gets.
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who says americans don't watch soccer. ratings are in for sunday's u.s./portugal game. it was a record breaker. 25 million watched on espn and uni vision. two games that haven't played today. costa rica and england ends in a tie meaning costa rica will end in. u.s. men's team on the practice field without star striker altidor. the team announced he will miss thursday's match as he is still recovering from that hamstring injury but the head coach klinsmann said he is ready to beat germany, the message is simple. we want to beat germany. we want to be first in our group. we're not thinking about a tie.
11:50 am
>> clearly, germany is a team that the u.s. head coach has a long history with. cnn's miguel marquez has that. >> is the fix in? could a u.s./germany tie be in the works so that both teams safely advance to the next round. that suspicion ripping through the soccer world as team usa preps to face off against germany. two teams with lots of ties. facing germany personally will be a very emotional situation but once the game starts, i'm down to work and to compete. leading team usa, klinsmann german born but long time california resident, he played for germany in three world cups. coached the german national team in 2006, germany's current coach was his number two. they are friends. the cozy history for some has raised eyebrows. >> he has denied it vvehemently.
11:51 am
he is saying that's not the american thing to do. >> it has happened before, though. 1982, the world cup in spain where in the soccer world. adding to suspicion before, u.s. men's soccer win versus ghana and their tie with portugal, an unlikely person thought they might lose the world cup. their outspoken coach, klinsmann. >> for us now talking about winning a world cup is just not realistic. >> it wasn't the first time this german born soccer legend has shaken up the american soccer world. >> you see him on the sidelines going nuts after every goal or missed goal. he's a german born son of a
11:52 am
pretzel maker. superstar for the west german team. in 1998 he moved to southern california. mixed in and kind of became an american. >> i think my background hopefully helps me to prepare the american team in the best way possible for a very extreme tournament. he has made a number of controversial moves since he was named the head coach of the u.s. men's name in 2011 like leaving out the most beloved star of previous world cups landon donovan while the rest of the team, including 5 german/american players travelled to brazil. he has been very open by wanting to change the american soccer system. the way america has been doing it hasn't won world cups. i thinks like he can play around and take some risks. so far, again they've mostly paid off. >> reporter: this thursday his now american team goes up against his former team, germany. a team he knows too well. >> miguel marquez, thank you so much. for that and big news from tiger
11:53 am
woods today. golf superstar has been off the course for about three months had to have back surgery for a pinched nerve but he is making his come back this weekend at a tournament outside of washington d.c. that benefits his charitable foundation. woods says he is not quite as young as he used to be but that he is ready to play. >> it's going to be a little harder this time. i just haven't had the amount of prep and reps that i would like but i'm good enough to play. i'm going to give it a go. >> also president obama is supposes to hold members of last year's president's cup team at the white house later today. that team included tiger woods. coming up, queen elizabeth on the set of game of thrones. we will tell you why she was there in the first place and if she sat on the iron thrown. that's next. >> also ahead, more shocking allegations against the va hospital in phoenix. patient records changed.
11:54 am
some even altered to make dead veterans appear to still be living. i know, drew griffin joins me at the top of the hour with that. stay right here. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need. and that means growth, lots of cargo going all around the globe. cars and parts, fuel and steel, peas and rice, hey that's nice! ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪ does your mouth often feel dry?
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11:57 am
all right. all you game of thrones fans. the mythical seven kingdoms, if you know is filmed in northern ireland. the sprawling stages are part of the biggest t.v. production ever mounted in europe. >> she wasn't enough to turn you, right? enough to turn her. >> she put three hours in me and i escaped. >> did you see her again at castle black? >> yes. >> well the show received a very special visitor this afternoon. queen elizabeth dropped in to meet the cast and check out the
11:58 am
show's sword covered seat of power. cnn's correspondent has this tour, this video, and, you know, listen from hering you and my homework on all things royal, i mean the queen's own thrown is some eight centuries old so did she dare sit on this iron thrown? >> reporter: this is going to stand the next of time. it just wasn't been that long enough. also, i think -- if she was a true game of thrones fan, surely she could not pass up the opportunity of being on this thrown moments away from her little walk. but she missed the opportunity. i think actually, she was there because this was a really important sort of business to northern ireland. she was fascinated when she heard more and more about it. she met the cast members very famous people in our world brooke but maybe not in hers. she took away a little miniature thrown. at least she's got that as a memory. she got a little swag from the
11:59 am
threat. she was really there to meet the cast or was there a bigger picture, bigger reason here? >> reporter: well, it's extraordinary if you think about it. obviously hbo chose iron land to film this for cosmetic reasons. this has big a huge earner. just one t.v. show. they earn $140 million from this according to the local government office. hundreds of jobs. that's why she was there promoting the game of thrones as an industry which has literally transformed this nation. extraordinary story. extraordinary to see her near a thrown which has nothing to do with it her. >> everything i know about the plots of the show, it's probably a good thing that she did not sit on this iron thrown. max foster for us in london. thank you. >> this is cnn breaking news. and we continue on top of the hour here.
12:00 pm
i'm brooke baldwin with some breaking news. there is a confirmed tornado on the ground right now near indianapolis. jennifer gray is watching this one for us. jennifer, tell me where exactly it is. >> yeah. just on the northwest side of indianapolis right around the town of speedway this is heading to the north and east. counties affected laurence, washington -- cities effected laurence and washington. the counties mare sauvign m rar. this is until 3:15 eastern time. from you in the path of this storm right outside of indianapolis, just on the north, west side of the city, take cover now. find your safe spot. get into that lowest interior room away from windows. very very dangerous. so take cover now. this is until 3:15 eastern time.