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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  June 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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juror. >> we love you, odin. ♪ this is cnn breaking news. >> this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. we do begin with breaking news tonight. it is primary night across america, and the polls are closed now. the voters have spoken, and cnn's all star political team is going to join me now to help us get through. this wolf blitzer is in washington tonight. dana bash is in jackson, mississippi, where the nasty esterase in the country is unfolding. alexandria field right here in new york, where one veteran congressman is fighting for his political life. more on that in just a moment. gloria borger live in washington to help us break it all down. wolf, among the big races around
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the country, oklahoma, colorado, new york. but none with as much national importance as mississippi, right? >> mississippi is huge tonight, and it's a real nail-biter. let's put it up on the screen right now. you can see with about what, 80% of the vote now in, 80%, the republican establishment, the long-term senator, thad cochran with 51%. chris mcdaniel with 49%. only about 6,269 votes you see right there separating these two, these two candidates. the tea party favorite chris mcdaniel. thad cochran, the long-term six-term republican senator from mississippi. let's bring in dana bash. she is in jackson, mississippi. this is very, very close, dana. everyone who is expecting a close race. it looks a bit closer than a lot of folks anticipate. >> that's right. the truth is nobody really knew what to expect, wolf, because this whole runoff, this primary in general has been so unusual.
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but particularly the runoff. but what we have been able to determine from some of the results that have been coming in are very interesting. some of the reports that i gave to you earlier today on the situation room and elsewhere, anecdotally about african-americans, democrats, traditional democrats coming out and voting for thad cochran appear to be bearing out in what we're seeing with these results. for example, heinz county, which is a very large african american community where i was actually today, that has surged between june 3 and today, the primary today for thad allen. and a few other areas. with predominantly african american people living there, have also done much better for thad cochran. and but, here is the but we are still waiting for other areas of this state that have been traditionally mcdaniel territory. the place where you really have seen that strong anti-incumbent, anti-washington wave, the chris
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mcdaniel, the conservative challenger has been riding. we're waiting to find out than area. it is entirely possible that in those areas, the fact that thad cochran and his supporters have so aggressively been going after democrats to vote in this republican runoff, i should say, which is legal could, have a backlash and could have also gotten some of those supporters of mcdaniel more enthusiastic and gotten some of them out to vote as well. >> we'll just put it up on the screen. we'll show our viewers right now the latest tally. what, with 82% of the vote now in mississippi, 82%, 51% for thad cochran, the long-term incumbent, republican senator. 49% for the tea party challenger chris mcdaniel. gloria borger, if for some reason there is still about 18% of the vote out there, chris mcdaniel, the tea party challenger would win, wouldn't in a republican-leaning state like mississippi actually open the door for a possible serious democratic challenge?
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>> yeah. the democrats could say look, this tea party candidate has a real chance of losing if in fact the african american vote can be gotten to the polls in november. and i'm sure the democrats would start investing some money in the state to see if they could potentially do that. but let me also add to dana's reporting which is there has already been so much money invested in this race. the chamber of commerce is playing in a big way for thad cochran, and a conservative group like club for growth is playing on the other side of the ledger here. so this is a state that has seen a lot of money pour in. and if you do have a tea party candidate win, i guarantee you the democrats are going to pour in even more. >> because there is, dana, as you know, a moderate democrat, travis childress. >> that's right. >> who is the democratic nominee. a lot of folks will be wondering it is possible if the tea party favorite were to win, he could
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be a viable candidate in mississippi. >> he could be a viable candidate which has made the dynamics in this runoff so fascinating. i have personally talked to umpteenth democrats if you look at it strategically and to the raw politics of it, if they want a democrat to represent mississippi, they would want chris mcdaniel to win. you've seen that party crossover in other states where it's almost shenanigans, right? you have people from one party go out and voting for the candidate they think is most beatable in another party when you have an open primary. you have people who are traditional democrats, never voted republican in their life, but going out and voting for their incumbent senator, thad cochran, because they believe he is good for their state. so they're going with their hearts, many of them, over their party, which is something you don't see very often in politics these days. >> stand by, everyone. i want to check out what is happening in new york city right
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now. alexandria field is joining us. a very, very important race in new york. the long-term democratic congressman charlie rangel facing a very serious challenge, as you know, alexandra, a challenge from adrian adriano espaillat? we have only 6% of the vote in. only 6%, very, very early. 54% for espaillat. 39% for charlie rangel. 6%, not much at all for michael walrond. what is it like in harlem right now, alexandra, where you are? charlie rangel must be pretty nervous. >> we imagine so. but everyone involved in this race and in these two campaigns has been preparing for a very long race tonight. they had a tight fight on their hands. and they knew it. we're not expecting to see the candidates until much later. this is charlie rangel's
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headquarters. of course he's got his supporters here. but we know that we won't see either state senator adria adriano espaillat or charlie rangel show their faces to their supporters until they have a better hand of what happened at the polls today. flash back to two years ago, wolf. you the same two candidates in the primary in 2012 that was a razor-tight race. what you had happen in 2012 is senator espaillat conceded the race, later recanted and concede again on july 9th. the votes ended up being about 1100 vote ace part. that's why congressman rangel won the primary. it took more than a week after the primary to get the final count in. when you're talking about a race that is predicted to be this close, everyone is going to sit back and wait and see. but we spent some time with both of the campaigns this week. both of these candidates are really fighting hard, especially congressman rangel. two years ago he had been battling health issues. he had a censure from the house
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for ethics violations a couple of years behind him. this time he says he has waged a totally different campaign. he says he is nor fit to fight this time. his health has much improved. for an 84-year-old congressman, he has been really trying to canvas this district, getting out there, talking to the voters, care vang. at the same time, senator espaillat has been trying to drum up votes from his territory. >> historically black trick, but it has been changing. don lemon is still of course with us. don, you live there in harlem. you've seen over these past few years a very significant demographic change in harlem. >> harlem is not the harlem that it was ten years ago. it is not even the harlem that it was two years ago or one year ago. quite frankly, charlie rangel is what the old demographics of harlem is. he is sort of many people there still like him, but many of them view him as a vestige of the past. what they see in him is a neighborhood that are people in
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the neighborhood who are not wanting change, who are somehow opposed to so-called gentrification of the neighborhood, or the progression of the neighborhood. right now harlem is the demographics are changing to more hispanic, and also more white, which means that as eric cantor could not take his district for granted, charlie rangel cannot take his district for granted as well because he can no longer rely on that vote that he thought was so reliable even one year ago. >> we're going watch this race very, very closely. lots at stake in this district, congressional district in new york city. we have projected a winner in oklahoma right now. an important race in oklahoma. the republican senate primary. the congressman james lankford beats t.w. shannon pretty impressively, gloria borger. this was supposed to be a little bit closer. t.w. shannon is a rising star in oklahoma. the speaker there. still in his 30s. he's got a huge future ahead of him. but not necessarily tonight, gloria. >> no, not.
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in fact lots of people expected this to go to a runoff, because you didn't get 50% of the vote, it would have gone to a runoff on august 26th. so lankford won handily. what you're seeing in a lot of these races, wolf is candidates actually running on something called experience. and that hasn't been a phrase people have used a lot recently. people very often run on change now because the electorate is so anti-washington. but what you're seeing in the cochran race and what you're seeing in the charlie rangel race, even though they're different parties, there are also people who have achieved, been in congress for quite some time. and instead of running away from it, which is what we have seen recently, they're actually rung on their experience and saying they can do more for their district or their state because of the power and the influence that they might wield. in rangel's case, it's a lot less since he is no longer chairman of the ways and means committee. but in cochran's case, see a
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chairman. and -- or would be chairman. and he is saying he can do a lot for the state and that might just have some resonance. >> lankford wins in oklahoma, presumably well on his way to becoming the next u.s. senator from oklahoma. we're going to continue our special coverage tonight. i know you have a lot more coming up later this hour as well. >> we're going to talk more about this, wolf. stay with me. we have lot morse primary results. the story that had donations poring in from around the country, the disfigured 3-year-old girl whose family said she was asked to leave a kfc for leaving the customer, it turns out that may not be the whole story. so how do you know when to give and who to give to? we're going to break it all down for you. and it was a shoulder biter. should soccer's serial biter get away with it? #askdon.
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we're back right now with our breaking news. it is still too close to call in mississippi. wolf? >> very close indeed. let's take a look at the numbers right now, don. with 89% of the vote now in mississippi, thad cochran, the six-term republican senator, the incumbent with 51%, 49% for the tea party challenger chris mcdaniel. you'll see only about 4200 votes separate these two men.
7:16 pm
still 11%. outstanding 11% of the vote. outstanding dana bash is in jackson, mississippi. dana, no more celebrations on either side yet. this is a nail-biter. >> it absolutely is a nail-biter. i can tell you, though, just having been at cochran election night headquarters three weeks ago on primary night, there is a lot more energy here. and that does match the difference that i've seen just on the ground here. three weeks ago, talked to pretty much anyone in the cochran camp, they would admit that they just didn't do enough job, a good enough job waking up their supporters to the fact that they had a real, real race on their hands. unclear why they didn't know because it was known for a long time that thad cochran was the incumbent that the tea party groups across the country in general thought they had the best chance of beating. but they didn't really take it seriously. they sure took it seriously over the last three weeks. and when you look at kind of how
7:17 pm
political campaigns work, one of the lessons that the cochran supporters and advisers outside groups and so forth got was the ads that they spent money on, some of the issues some of them positive about cochran, it didn't work as much as they thought. people tune that out. so they spent most of their money for the last three weeks getting out the vote, wake up the traditional three decade-long cochran supporters saying you know what? this is it. you got to get back out. and so far at least in some areas that cochran needed to do well, he did do well. the question still outstanding is whether mcdaniel also did well, even better in some of his key areas. and he can still potentially pull it out. >> right now 91% of the vote. and i'm look 51% for thad cochran. 49% for chris mcdaniel, up by about 5300 votes. we're ready to make a projection in colorado. cnn now projects that bob
7:18 pm
beaupre, the former representative will be the gubernatorial no, ma'am nay in colorado. face off against the incumbent governor john hickenlooper. beauprez. beauprez more of a republican establishment figure. gloria borger, bob beauprez, he was a late entry in, but he wins. he is the republican gubernatorial candidate will challenge the governor, john hickenlooper, gloria. this is a significant development. >> right. it is. i think some democrats were sort of privately hoping for tom tancredo. he is a divisive figure within the republican party. and they believe it would have brought out democratic voters to the poll because of his views, for example, on immigration. and so i think that tancredo's loss is something that the democrats kind of would have said look, we might have liked him there.
7:19 pm
so hickenlooper will have a fight on his hands. you know, one thing, wolf, just to go back to the cochran race for a minute, which is so interesting to see. because i think it's become a proxy battle for what is going on inside the republican party. and if you just look at the surrogates who have gone to that state. dana knows this better than anyone. john mccain has gone there campaigning for thad cochran, talking about the way, you know, the military money that is being spent in the state, for example. and then you've got sarah palin, his former running mate out there for mcdaniel. so mccain and palin are on different sides of this fight as they are on many fights in the republican party, wolf. and that's why this fight just kind of shows you what is going on inside that party right now. >> and the mississippi data, brett favre, the green bay, the great quarterback doing a
7:20 pm
campaign commercial for thad cochran. obviously, i think he has helped thad cochran. 92% of the vote is in and cochran is ahead 51% to 49%. dana, quickly. i think that brett favre endorsement helped. >> it certainly could have. not only was brett favre sort of a native son, somebody who made good, he came back. he has actually been teaching high school here in mississippi in hattiesburg. and school and school funding has been one of the issues in this race, the idea that chris mcdaniel apparently said that there is no place for federal funding of schools here in mississippi where a quarter of the funding for education, public education comes from federal funds. mcdaniel walked that back. i talked to him myself about it yesterday. but that's another reason why brett favre, not just because he is a famous quarterback, but because it has to deal with real
7:21 pm
issues on the ground made a difference. but one quick i want to make on what gloria said about this being a proxy for the republican party. another thing that really going to be looking at is whether or not the republican party can use this as a test case to grow the party. people here who are trying to get democrats out for thad cochran are hoping that it could be. we'll see. >> all right. everybody stand by because we're going to continue to monitor these races. alexandria field is still in new york, obviously, watching the charlie rangel effort to survive politically. in the meantime, we'll stay on top of mississippi, new york, the other races, don. i'll throw it back to you for now. >> thank you, everyone. we'll have more results as soon as we get them right here on cnn. also coming up, millions of americans are donating money on online for a cause, for a project, even a stranger in need. but how do you know it's safe to donate? our experts are going to weigh in next. the season's freshest flavors,
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who can argue with donating your hard-earned money to a worthy cause? huge websites like gofundme and kickstarter make it easier than ever to do that now. but how do you know when it's safe to give? jean casarez has the stories that really touched our heart. >> reporter: 3-year-old victoria viciously attacked by pit bulls whom. would not want to help this little girl? victoria's family post herd tragic story on facebook and said that to make matters worse, they were asked to leave a kentucky fried chicken restaurant in mississippi because victoria's wounds were upsetting to other diners.
7:26 pm
>> i sit down at the table with her and started feeding her, and the lady came over, and she said -- as she said that we'd have to leave. we were disturbing her other customers. but victoria's face was disturbing the other customers. >> reporter: the family created a page on go fund me to tell her story, and donations started pouring in. even kentucky chicken said they would donate $30,000 for her recovery. but wait. kentucky fried chicken did an investigation of their own to look at the validity of the family's claim and found no evidence to support their story. here is what they said in a statement to cnn. like the rest of america, the kfc family has been moved by the story of victoria's injuries and recovery. after the alleged incident was reported to us, two investigations took place, including one by an independent investigator. neither revealed any evidence that the incident occurred, and
7:27 pm
we consider the investigation closed. we are honoring our commitment to make a $30,000 donation to assist with victoria's medical bills. despite repeated attempts by cnn to contact the family and its attorney, no calls were returned. the attorney did tell this to a local newspaper. "it is unfortunate that victoria and her family are being vilified on what appears to be the result of an inconclusive investigation conducted by kfc and/or its agents that implies victoria's story is a hoax." go fund me has now pulled victoria's page. but it is often difficult to tell which funds are legitimate. go fund me includes a donators beware warning. donors should only contribute payments to gofundme users they personally know and trust. gofundme, kickstarter and india go go are a few sites set for people to tell their stories and
7:28 pm
in return receive donations. in 2013 alone, the crowd funding raised an estimated 3 to $5 billion in fundraising according to mass solutions, a research group. and much of it goes to worthy causes. griffin furlong lived much of his home in shelters. vowing to not give up, he vowed to become valedictorian. he started getting donations so he could go to college. >> it was actually introduced by a family friend. she was just like i think we need to do this to see what kind of funds we can raise to help you maybe like afford like books or maybe even tuition. >> reporter: donations are now over $100,000. but in many respects, donating on the internet is a gamble, a lot of anonymity and many times little accountability forces you to determine for yourself the credibility of someone's story. >> there is ample opportunity
7:29 pm
for hoaxes like that to be conducted. and unless a company, organization, or even an individual does their own due diligence to look into something, they may be subject to it. >> and then there is a case like jeremy meeks. his mug shot sent many women to get out their credit cards to help him get out of jail in a legitimate way. a go fund me site has currently raised over $4,000 in needed bail money. and kristen holtzman of illinois faked brain cancer to help get those facebook donations into the double-digits. she was criminally convicted for her scam. >> i fully recognize that i did not have cancer, and i did lie about having this diagnosis. >> reporter: but with all the scams, charitable giving can never go out of style. >> americans give more than $300 billion a year to charity that would be a major loss if people stopped giving and stopped feeling they could trust causes. >> reporter: jean casarez, new
7:30 pm
york. joining me is tyler cohen, a cyberbranch chief and author of catching the catfishers. the ceo of the better business bureau's wise giving alliance better known as bbb's wise giving alliance. and legal analyst and criminal defense attorney. and the editor and chief of crowd funding thank you all for joining us here this evening. karen, i want to start with you, because crowd fund sounds wonderful but can be fraught with dangers. what are the main warning signs we should be looking out for? >> i think a lot of the fraudulent campaigns have a lot of warning signs. like if they make a lot of general claims, but they don't have any actual studies to back up what they're trying to say, if their companies are not based in the united states, if they have a lot of stock photography on their campaign instead of real photos of real people who it's not like a one to one person talking, it looks like
7:31 pm
you could go to ice doc photo and find these pictures online there. if it seems too general and not personal enough, i think those should definitely be some warning signs and something you should look out for. >> i just want to tell our viewers in case you're looksing, we're following the election results in mississippi, colorado, new york and oklahoma, of course, three big states where there are issues and there are big issues on the ballot. and we'll get back to that in just a moment. in the meantime, we're talking about this crowd funding issue now, everyone raising money for people who are hurt to people who have actually been in jail. let's talk about the little girl now. because it's been in everyone's hearts understandably went out to the little 3-year-old victoria, the girl mauled by the pit bulls. kfc stated flood is no evidence to suggest the incident even happened at their fast food restaurant ever. so how can donors even know when to give? the family is saying it did happen, of course. but how do donors know? >> well, that's the problem. it's very difficult to check out individual stories that are
7:32 pm
appearing on the crowd funding sites. that's always going to be a challenge. and one of the things we recommend from bbb's giving alliance is sometimes it's a little safer to give to specialty sites that are adept at focusing on particular issues like donors is a site that funds school projects. global funds various economic development projects overseas. and these are sites that we have vetted that meet our 20 accountability standards. so if you have organized philanthropy involved, an actual charitable organization, there is a better chance you can check it out to verify its legitimacy and its accountability standards. but one of the things we have heard about from better business bureaus across the country that i have communicated with is they are hearing about various different need situations that are appearing on crowd funding sites, and people don't know how to check them out thoroughly. it's difficult to because there
7:33 pm
is very little vetting that goes on some of the sites other than a verification of facebook page and paypal account. this is where you have to have a little bit of caveat emptor. when there is a motive, fraud can occur. >> mark, much of the money that your client, george zimmerman raised for his defense, it was crowd funded by donors. what kind of people donated to george, and how did you vet them, or could you even vet all of them? >> well, strangely enough we had people all over the spectrum. the only thing we did that those that came across to us as true racists andifieded as racists, we gave that money back and wouldn't take it. other than that, literally thousands of people had 5, 10, $15 a pop would give money. but zimmerman case is the exception because it's so publicized and it lasted so long. a situation like victoria's kajsa little more difficult because the internet is still in its adolescence. we don't have a lot of rules or
7:34 pm
understanding of it. and whenever there is an opportunity to give and through sympathy there is going to be some scammer, i think some of the suggestions that were given to be careful, maybe give a little bit of money up-front or at first, test it out. be aware. see whether or not those people who are requesting the funds, excuse me are, legitimate, and if they're really getting back to you with the information. but they're going to be scammers whenever you have that type of sympathy vote. >> speaking of being aware, tyler, are the sites in any way accountable nor what people post on them, or is it just like mark said, buyer beware? >> it's like mark said. it's really buyer beware. they do the best that they can. like they'll verify that someone has a facebook page. but i recommend that if you're interested in funding toward a personal project or a simple think issue, a charity, that you really go that extra step. because if something is not real, it's not legitimate, there is going to be clues. and you might want to look at
7:35 pm
the person's social media. you might want to look at their facebook page. and they may have a facebook page that is not realistic. it may be one that they just created. they don't have a lot of friends, or they don't have realistic banter with those friends, or maybe if it's a business idea, they don't have a professional or social media site where they have a lot of people endorsing them, or they don't have a job history there is a lot of public records. and there is a lot of ways that you can do research to vet if who these people are claiming to be is actually who they say they are. >> and we help the viewer out a little bit here with do your homework, as karen said. thank you, karen, tyler, mark, and bennett. when we come right back, more breaking election results. s standard with an engine that's been called the benchmark of its class. really, guys, i thought... it also has more rear legroom than other midsize sedans. and the volkswagen passat has a lower starting price than...
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breaking news on primary night. straight to wolf blitzer. wolf, what do you have? >> it's a really, really close race in mississippi right now. put the numbers up on the screen for our viewers. take a look at this. 95% of the vote is now in. 51% for thad cochran, the incumbent republican senator
7:40 pm
from mississippi. 49%, chris mcdaniel. only 4,000 votes, don, separate these two candidates right now. 5% of the votes still outstanding right now. you know, dana bash, she is in jackson, mississippi joining us. dana, you were reporting all day if in fact thad cochran manages to eek out a victory over chris mcdaniel, the tea party favorite, maybe he'll be able to thank the african american community in mississippi. almost all of them democrats for going out and voting in this open primary contest for thad cochran. >> that's right. we saw it ourselves. i talked to many african american democrats, life-long democrats who said that they came out today to vote for thad cochran, and it was the first time they voted for a republican in their lives, but did so because they agreed with his big picture message, which was seniority matters, as gloria said earlier. experience matters.
7:41 pm
and they have been helped in large part because thad cochran has the clout in washington to send federal dollars back to the state which has very much helped mississippi in general and some of the poorer communities in mississippi. but the other dynamic is that chris mcdaniel, his republican challenger, saw this coming, knew that the cochran campaign and his superpac supporting him were going after democrats. and he was telling his severe thunderstormers that you can't let -- in fact, he said on his facebook page earlier today you can't let them steal the election, trying to almost have a backlash against this, rile up conservatives who might not be thinking about voting for him or might even be thinking about voting for thad cochran to say you know what? we can't have this in a republican runoff. that certainly has been a dynamic. it is so incredibly close. i just want to give you a brief sense of the feel here at cochran campaign headquarters. in this day and age, everybody
7:42 pm
is walking around, talking to each other. but also with their noses in their phones, watching the results as we are. and because it is really just a few thousand pins and needles is an understatement here. >> only about 4,000 votes separates these two candidates with 95% of the vote. in gloria, thad cochran does eek out a win tonight, it looks like he is going to have a pretty good shot of winning a seventh term to the united states senate, mississippi being a pretty significant republican state. >> right. and, wolf, if the money that he spent in this primary is any indication of what he could spend, if the general election were to be close, he'll spend a lot. he has outspent mcdaniel by about 6-1. the chamber of commerce has come in a big way. you were talking about the brett favre ad that they put in kind of at the last minute. he brought out the big guns. he is the establishment candidate. and that brings with it the big bucks. but as we saw in the eric cantor
7:43 pm
race just recently, eric cantor outspent his opponent by 10-1, 12-1, whatever it was or more than that. and of course, of course lost. so what you're seeing in these primary battles where you bring out a base electorate that sometimes the candidate who just has the motivated voters can win, even though he is largely outspent. we'll see what happens tonight with mcdaniel. >> another race we're watching, a pretty close race in new york city. the race for the congressional district there in harlem. there you see 39, almost 40% of the vote is in. charlie rangel, the long-term democratic congressman from new york with 48%. adriano espaillat with 44%. alexandra field is in harlem watching this. 40% of the vote now in. rangel slightly ahead, 571 votes. doesn't look like there was a
7:44 pm
huge turnout in new york for this race. but, you know, a win is a win is a win. if charlie rangel can eek it out. it's by no means guaranteed. half of the vote is now in, alexandria. . >> >> wolf, no one was expecting a strong turnout for this race. that's why it's been so difficult to peg who the likely winner of this race would be. this is a primary race, obviously. it's the only race on the ballot in this district today. but turnout is low. it's certainly tougher for the pollsters to predict who could come out ahead. that said, the mideast recent poll it came out that actually put rangel 13 points ahead of ep espaillat. we are seeing a very tight race unfold here. if we see a change, if rangel is not elected, it would be a major
7:45 pm
change for this district. he was first elected to this seat in 1970. he has served 22 terms in congress. he has said that this campaign would be his last campaign. but he has also said he very muches wants the next two years in washington. at the same time, senator espaillat has certainly been mounting his own fight. he is more well-known than two years ago. so he has cheyne gained some ground. well also know the demographics simply seem to support espaillat in a number of ways. when charlie rangel was elected to represent this district in 1970, it was a substantially black community. he is deeply intertwined with the roots of this community, but the demographics here have shifted. today we're talking about a district that has a hispanic majority, 55% of tpopulation is hispanic. voters are very quick to say that race and ethnicity are not deciding factors when they go to the polls.
7:46 pm
in that same poll last week, more than 80% of voters said that wouldn't be a factor. but at the same time the poll showed us the majority of black voters said they would vote for rangel. the majority of hispanic voters would vote for espaillat. rangel had a bit of an edge with white voters. and that may be because he is so very well-known in this district. >> he has been for going on 44 years. the democratic congressman from new york, from harlem. don lemon, you live there. what was it like in the days and weeks leading up to this very close race? only a couple of hundred votes separate the two candidates. >> we saw a lot more of rangel than espaillat. but a lot more of rangel than we see of him most of the time. it's interesting when you talk about the demographics here, wolf. as you know, you spend a lot of time in new york and cover politics, it used to be that you got to 110th street and there was a clear line of demarcation between the upper west side and
7:47 pm
harlem, whether it was east harlem, central harlem, spanish harlem. and the ethnicities of the people changed almost immediately that does not happen anymore. many people call harlem now the upper upper west side because you can't tell with demographics. harlem is vastly changing, and charlie rangel, that vase now bearing that out. stick with me, everyone. when we come back, we're going to have more primary results as soon was arizona we get them. up next, what is gong at the world cup? a player for team uruguay is accused of biting an opponent. it's not the first time he has faced that charge. creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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it is primary night in america. more breaking news. wolf blitzer is here. >> let me update our viewers. it's really, really close in mississippi right now. thad cochran, the six-term republican senator from mississippi has a slight, slight lead, 97% of the vote, don, already counted. 4200-vote difference. thad cochran the establishment republican incumbent against the tea party challenger chris mcdaniel. still 3% to go. but that nearly 4300 advantage for thad cochran right now giving him a cushion. he is probably feeling a little bit more comfortable with 3%
7:52 pm
outstanding. we'll see how that goes. the other important race we're watch right now very close in new york city. the long-term democratic congressman charlie rangel has a very, very slight lead right now over the -- his challenger, a democrat adriano espaillat. 47%, 45%. ahead charlie rangel looking for another term. he says this is the last time he is running. he is 84 years old. thad cochran is 76 years old. thad cochran a slight lead. charlie rangel right now with 46% of the vote, a slight lead as well. we'll watch both of these results. back to you. >> wolf blitzer, thank you very much. we'll see you soon. check back with wolf as soon as we get more results. the world cup soccer match today between italy and uruguay. did you see this? luis suarez allegedly bit an oy point on the shoulder. greg lawless is the editor and
7:53 pm
chief of mls and amanda davies. never did i think i would be talking to you guys about someone biting someone on the soccer field. it was another huge day at the world cup in brazil today. and a major controversy involving the uruguayan striker luis suarez. he appeared to bite italian defender giorgio chiellini on the field. let's take a look at the shot and then we'll talk. >> oh, dear, oh. oh, dear, dear, dear. let's have another look. >> it looks to me, dare i say it, that he has had a little bite at chiellini. surely not again. surely not again. >> it's really not again. >> amanda, you were there. could there be repercussions from this after he has been accused of doing it, this is the third time. >> yeah, absolutely, don. and we've known and doved suarez
7:54 pm
as the cannibal in the media for the last few years. i can tell you here in brazil this evening, he is being called a whole lot worse. and there is some serious calls for some very tough action to be taken against him, calls for a lifetime international ban from the game because the lesser punishments of seven, eight-game suspensions we've seen in the last few years obviously haven't worked. and fifa, the world cup governing body obviously has the protocol to go through. they are investigating the incident, and they have to wait for the match reports to come through. but what we know is from the disciplinary code, they can impose a maximum 24-game ban. it can include international and domestic games. but when it's put into practice on the old whohole, it's generay international games. in the world cup in 2006, was
7:55 pm
given a three-game ban. the longest world cup ban was dished thought 1994 by fifa. that was eight games. but we're expecting this because of suarez's previous to be much, much tougher. and don, we really have a deadline here. uruguay plays their next game against colombia on saturday. so you would expect fifa to have to have made a decision by them. >> greg, you're a former player. soccer is a physical game. this common on the pitch? many people are wondering if he just ran into the guy's teeth because his teeth are so big. i'm not kidding you. >> no this is not common on the field ever. and he didn't just run into his. and that's what suarez ended up saying afterwards. he said i made contact with his shoulder. but you can see in the pictures right there it was a very specific type of contact. i think what has gotten a lot of people really sort of annoyed by the as well is that suarez then goes and dives, as if he is the one who has been the grieved
7:56 pm
party here. amanda talked about the history with suarez is really remarkable to think there is something that goes on in him that just flips in certain moments. and he bares his teeth. it's really a strange thing. i've never seen it on a soccer field when i've been playing. and honestly, outside of suarez, i don't know of any other player that has done that. >> that's a good thing to get to our psychologist here, eric fisher. listen, this is a third time. something up here? are we read together much into it? is this sort of team play, or is this guy really need to take a serious look at what he is doing? >> i think in all fairness, he deserves to stay in fifa court because what they say, if the teeth don't fit, you must acquit. what we're looking at is obviously there is a situation here where he has a pattern of behavior that's been happening again and again. and i think we have to look at is people want to tend to win at all costs. and especially in a world cup
7:57 pm
where your whole country is on to the line there but there is a line you have to understand. what is fair play and what goes beyond. the other issue i see here, i see an epidemic of flopping throughout the world cup that you see more people fall. and it seems to almost becoming more of the game and detracting interest from it that here you have two players that flop potentially. was the guy bit? absolutely. but he also -- they learn to play it up to try to get the cards. and the player didn't get what he wanted. but this is a very unfortunate incident and puts a real black mark on the whole team of uruguay. >> that's going to have to be the last word. thank you, eric fischer. we'll be right back. hey, i heard you guys can help me with frog protection?
7:58 pm
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