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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  June 27, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the morals of the story are you don't know what the most important piece of evidence is going to be until after the trial's over. in this case, it happened to be a key which led you to a crime scene. crisis in iraq. terrorists gaining ground, moving closer to baghdad. iraq's leader, now turning to iran and russia for help, claiming the u.s. isn't acting fast enough. will the u.s. be pushed out of this fight? we are live in baghdad with the latest this morning. >> dangerous storming barrelling across the country. millions in the path of violent weather for the weekend. indra is tracking what you need to know. a loss never looked so good. team usa alive and kicking in
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the world cup. this morning, we are looking ahead to the u.s. road to victory. you are going down, belgium. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans, it is friday, june 27th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. happening today, the u.s. looking to strike a delicate balance to slow the isis surge in iraq. john kerry went to meet with the king of saudi arabia to rally behind iraq. the situation getting more and more complicated by the minute. iran is sending in military advisers to fight off militants. iraq turning to russia for fighter jets saying the u.s. is not moving fast enough. we have in baghdad this morning with more. bring us up to speed. a lot of conflicting interest in iraq now.
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although, everyone is trying to stop the flow of isis. >> reporter: it is very much a balancing act, christine. the u.s. cannot be seen prop up a government under such criticism of what's been seen here. the marginalization of the sunni being drawn, threatened, pushed or pulled to the sunni extremist side. we are hearing from senior u.s. administration officials that timetable for military strikes is going to be governed by the timetable for the constitutional process here. parliament is set to convene on tuesday, then pick a speaker of parliament. we move to the next day where the president is named. it is a slow process the u.s. cannot seem to circumvent. it will tell when the u.s. can
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strike at isis military targets. others in the region are not as balanced. syria is carrying out cross border raids, iran sending in, bolstering the iraqi forces with ammunition and light weaponry coming across the border. the other issue they are facing here is they really don't have a very good intelligence picture on it. they know there are 10,000 isis fighters between ear ya and iraq but don't have a sense of where they are. even if you did want to strike, where are you going to strike without having an impact on the civilian operation. it's slowing them down while isis is continuing in the battle for baghdad. yesterday evening, a suicide attack killed 19 here to the north of the capital. it's ramping up the tension here
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today. >> thank you so much for that. >> syrian rebels get a huge cash infusion if president obama gets his wish. he wants congress to green light $500 million to train moderate opposition. it's part of a $1.5 billion operation to stabilize the region with help. the suspected master mind of the rampage on the u.s. mission in benghazi is nearing american soil. he could arrive as soon as this weekend according to a senior law enforcement source. he spent two weeks being -- >> the future of presidential recess appointments changed after the supreme court ruled the national relations board were made improperly. the senate was in a session, so technically not shut down, which would have paved the way for the
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appointment. it could validate hundreds of moves. happening today, lawmakers beginning a look at the mexican border crisis. representatives will patrol a facility in texas. they will meet with agents and volunteers before speaking with children who crossed into the u.s. illegally. also happening today, a push for immigration reform by top officials in new york including cardinal timothy dolan. there's little hope for a deal in washington. the issue is likely to go nowhere, perhaps until president obama leaves office. the federal government taking steps to renew coverage with obamacare. most of the people will be able to renew automatically. the move is also expected to lighten the load on the website, which is major trouble when launched. trouble for general motors.
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a current vice president was made aware of the deadly ignition switch as early as 2005. a chief engineer at the time received an e-mail about the potential fixes. the recent internal investigation said no top executives were aware of the issue. they are looking into gms handling of the problem. european shares upright now. asian ended mostly down. u.s. futures are lower. one stock is moving higher, gopro. a stunning 30% rise during the debut. brand-new on cnn money, millenials are buying their own houses. by the year 2025, millenials could form 24 million new households. home ownership rates collapsed during the recession.
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it will give the housing market a boost according to this report. it is counter intuitive. a lot of people said they are out of the game, they don't want to buy a house. oh, no, when they are ready, expect an explosion. >> we could use them. >> yeah. >> it makes me feel happy. team usa has their eyes on belgium and the world cup. it wasn't pretty, but the americans made it out of the group of death. they fell short to germany thanks to portugal's win over ghana. how you can be a winner and loser at the same time. >> now the u.s. can shift focus from the german's to the belgiu belgiums. they have the same colors on the flag. this time, different result. laura has more from brazil. >> reporter: well, john.
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well, christine, does it seem weird we are celebrating and happy after the usa lost? it feels odd. that loss to germany did not matter. as we know, the usa is progressing. their next fixture is the round of 16. that will be against belgium. now belgium is the dark horse of this tournament thchlt is the team everybody said you need to keep your eye on. there's a lot of young players. the average age of the squad is 26 years old. they are fast. they are physical. they are very good, very skilled players. i think the usa can handle this belgium team. the one area that the american team will have to concentrate on, that will be to breakthrough this belgian defense. they have one goal in their first three matches. that goal was actually a penalty. they have their work cut out for
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them. they made it through the group of death. now everything seems doable. they surpassed all expectations. kl klinsmann knew if he could do that -- now, round 16 in salve dor. hopefully it won't be a horrible, horrible, rainy day. >> it's all about you. i have seen the film, right? but i think that's all i know about belgium. they have a good soccer team but that's all i know. a lot of people think fries originated in belgium. trying to think what i could do without belgian beer, pale ale, the dancing horses. they have good things around there. we are going to beat you, belgium. if you are belgium watching the
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show, tweet us and i'll talk back. we have disturbing new developments in the case of the father charged with his young son's murder. do police have proof he meant to leave the child in the hot car? tornadoes, hail and flooding. this is going to affect millions of you. indra petersons is tracking it all after the break. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter. developing this morning, the abduction of three israeli teenagers. authorities say they have been missing since the teenagers disappeared. they are well known activists from the hamas group and served time in prison. a dark twist into the investigation of the death of a georgia toddler who died when his father left him inside an suv. sources tell hln, a computer contained a search for how long it takes an animal to die in a
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hot car. he pleaded not guilty to murder and child cruelty charges. all of this is a tragic mistake. police will speak again today with a 12-year-old detroit boy who showed up in a basement after missing almost two weeks. he met with child psychologists. michigan police say he did not appear to be held against his will. they are not ruling out abuse. he is now in the custody of his biological mother. the boy's father found out he was alive in an interview with nancy grace. a major bust in california. it targeted people using technology to target children. a retired sheriff's deputy and member of the l.a. fire department were among those arrested.
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families at the granite mountain hot shots killed in the yarnell fire are suing california. how 19 lives were lost along with damages. the families offered to settle for more than $220 million, but their attorney says the state wasn't willing to talk openly about the fire. advocates for abortion patients are vowing a fight after the supreme court struck down a law creating a 35 foot buffer zone around clinics. lawmakers say it was to limit harassment. the 2007 law violates free speech. they will work on a new bill to protect women looking for abortion. a colorado judge allowing state's tougher laws to stand. limits magazines to 15 rounds. they were passed by the democratic legislature after mass shootings, including the
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movie theater shooting in aurora. the cdc says one in ten deaths among americans between 20 and 64 are due to alcohol abuse. one in ten deaths. that's 88,000 people every single year. 70% of the deaths are men. it cites drunk-driving incidents and chronic conditions of overconsumption of alcohol. the weather is taking its toll on texas. a tornado blew through ripping roofs off buildings. >> the mississippi river crested more than 20 feet last night. the governor declared a state of emergency in 35 counties in minnesota. campers were sent rushing to higher ground because of flooding in new hampshire. the force of the storms ripped some trees out by their roots.
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>> the trees, you know, big roots, the whole base of it just flying down the river. >> more dangerous conditions in store for the weekend as well. just what you want to hear. indra petersons is here with the forecast. >> these things are not allowed to go together. let's start from the bad and go good. who is going to get the rain for the weekend? the midwest. look at the numbers over the next three days. the midwest is the area we are focusing on most. low pressure moving through the region. that's when we are going to have the largest threat for severe weather. 2 million to 3 million people from bismarck to dodge city, then it's going to slide further east, affecting more of you for tomorrow. that's the concern especially a threat more tornadoes can be out there in minneapolis to oklahoma city by tomorrow. now, making our way into the southeast, the gulf is open, all that humid air and moisture is
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fueling. you know this. this is typical for you for this time of year. a lot of storms out there. on top of it, hot. 80s and 90s and rain. new orleans, three days, tampa, florida seeing similar numbers. then we end on a good note. it is bright here in the northeast. high pressure building in. see the lovely sunshine? that means it is staying dry and the numbers are out there. 80s are nice. i never complain about 80s when it is dry. >> i love that forecast. >> your priorities in check. >> good. thank you. >> 18 minutes after the hour. more trouble to tell you about for shia labeouf. police are charging him with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. labeouf appeared to be drunk and
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smoking inside a theater. he was seeing cabaret, our favorite. >> it is our favorite. >> he was taken out in handcuffs during intermission. >> that is odd. big changes coming to the view. generally mccarthy is out leaving whoopi goldberg as the lone host. mccarthy tweeted, my view will be changing, too. barbara walters, the co-creator stepped down a month ago. rumors are swirling that men could be invited to take permanent seats on the program. >> we are coming. we're going to get there. all right. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, i think the way we got in was perfect. team usa advancing to the knock-out stage of the world cup just like we earned it.
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everyone is calling it a loss, but it's what we needed to do to move on. team usa got the job done and advanced out of the group of death. >> american futball haters say this is why it's so crazy.
2:24 am
we don't know when we win and lose. andy has more. >> soccer is a funny sport. you tie, it's not a devastating loss. yesterday, we lose to germany and it felt like a win. no matter how we got here, team usa made it out of the group of death. germany was only able to score one goal. portugal beating ghana, we go to the goal differential. team usa talked about that. here they are celebrating in the locker room after the game. now, on to the knockout round. >> we are in the knockout stage. anything can happen. it doesn't matter what you do in the group. >> we want to get to the next round. after that, anything can happen. so, here we are now. i think we can get pretty far. >> up next, team usa is belgium on tuesday. trending this morning, the cleveland cavaliers made andrew wiggins the number one pick.
2:25 am
he rocked an unbelievable suit. the cavs said he almost changed their pick after seeing what he was wearing. i think he was only half joking. parker went number two. the best moment of the draft came midway through the first round when nba honored isaiah austin. he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that affects the heart that ended his playing career. the nba wants austin to realize his dream of walking across the stage after being drafted. it was an awesome moment for him and classy move by adam silver and the nba. she competed in the 800 meter run yesterday. it wauz normal race for the 28-year-old other than the fact she's 34 weeks pregnant. she says she's been running anyways and the doctors gave her
2:26 am
the okay to do the race. her goal was not to get last. she accomplished that. the crowd gave her a standing ovation. she did finish last, but her unborn child finished second to last. get it? crossed the finish line first. >> get it. that is quite a ride for baby on board. >> great reporting. have a great weekend. >> you, too. 26 minutes after the hour. the fight raging in iraq. military advisers arrived there. iraq's leader may be turning elsewhere for help. we'll tell you where, next. cou. and that's an accountant, a mom, a university of phoenix scholarship recipient, who used our unique --scratch that-- awesome career-planning tool. and that's a student, working late, with a day job, taking courses aligned with the industry he's aiming to be in.
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happening now, u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, rounding up support to stop terrorists from taking over iraq. could iraq's leader have a plan in play, one that doesn't involve the united states? we are live in baghdad with the latest. many waking up to hail and flooding. it may not end for several days. team usa living to fight another day in the world cup. we are showing you what comes next. welcome back to "early start," i'm christine romans. i'm in the glow of the new game yesterday. >> that's a preview of what's coming next. 30 minutes past the hour. i'm john berman. john kerry walking a fine diplomatic line. the secretary is headed to saudi
2:31 am
arabia to meet with king abdullah. this is the latest attempt to get the sunni nation to stand-up in the fight against isis as iran dives deeper into the conflict sending military advisers to help the iraqis. there's another sudden twist. iraqis now seeking help from vladimir putin and the russians. we have live in baghdad with the latest. this is a complicated situation only getting more complicated by the day. the secretary of state is in the process of trying to create a con sen kus within iraq's persian gulf. what we are hearing from u.s. officials is the u.s. cannot be seen to be backing a prime minister who has, on so many levels, been criticized for
2:32 am
sectarianly divisive policies. they are putting the brakes, somewhat, on military strikes. they are waiting for the political process to take its course. that is going to take some days, if not weeks. that push that is time frame back, all the while, isis is continuing the battle, continuing attempts to push toward the iraqi capital. just yesterday, suicide attack to the north of baghdad kills 19 people and injured 41 others ant remember back in 2006, the attack kicked off some of the worst sectarian violence that country has seen. that is always the concern when they get close to the hoety sites. it gives you a sense of how baghdad really is teetering on
2:33 am
that knife edge while it's building. while the political consensus, they are attempting to pull that together. the reality on the ground, john, that's not waiting for anyone. >> the reality in the air, as well w the iraqi prime minister, nuri al maliki saying russian jets because u.s. assistance is too long in the coming. >> reporter: well, part of the issue is that the u.s. doesn't have a very clear intelligence picture. that's the sense we are getting from our conversations with senior u.s. officials. the u.s. military advisers are here and setting up that intelligence corporation but we don't have specific locations but inside iraq. hopefully that will give them a better sense. candidly, there are 10,000 or so isis fighters, that's the number we have been given. there really is no fix on their
2:34 am
location. nobody knows where to strike. the syrian government, however, doesn't seem to be held back. they are just carrying out cross border aids and hitting where they think isis is. some of the reports we are hearing from the ground are causing quite a bit of civilian loss of life. you get the sense, john, of a delicate balancing act here. the reality is hammering people over the head that isis is continuing to make gains. john? >> thanks so much. congress will consider a request from president obama for 500 milli$500 million to send t rebels. they want to green light the money to train and equip the opposition. it's part of an initiative to stabilize the region. >> the price suspect on the rampage in benghazi could be in the united states this weekend.
2:35 am
kahatallah is crossing the bordr this weekend. he will eventually end up in washington for trial. a little known senate procedural tactic is putting recess in jeopardy, so says the supreme court that ruled three appointments that were invalid. justice's ruled when the senate convenes, even only for a few minutes, i's not technically shut down. recess appointments aren't allowed. by that standard, the senate has been in session since 2011. lawmakers heading for a firsthand look at a crisis among the mexican border. representatives from texas and mississippi tour a border patrol facility in texas. they will meet with agents and speak with children who crossed the u.s. illegally. there has been an epidemic of unaccompanied children. a push for immigration
2:36 am
reform despite hope for a deal. the issue is likely dead until president obama leaves office. despite consensus for a deal among negotiators. i thought that was a big business lobby. the chamber of commerce is optimistic about a deal. >> i think immigration reform can get done whether it's peace of comprehensive, the country wants it. the president wants it. the business community wants it. religious groups want it. i think it can get done. berman is shaking his head. >> they are used to getting what they want with the influence they have. it's not going anywhere. it shows the disconnect between the business community and the new republican movement in congress. the tea party not changing money. a lot of those groups not in favor of immigration reform.
2:37 am
i would be shocked if something happens. >> when i talked to a senior white house official, the commerce secretary doesn't think it's dead in the next few years. outside washington, people say it looks like trouble. compromise is what makes it not get done, right? everyone has different ideas of what they will expect, quite frankly. >> obviously very important in leadership and business an also solve the problems on the border. 37 minutes past the hour. state's exhibit process of obamacare being simplified. most of the 5 million people who signed up online will be able to renew automatically. changes in the policy will require action. time for an "early start" on money. european stocks are up. u.s. futures barely moving. it could be the summer stupor. home values have bounced back,
2:38 am
but they have a problem in markets. others are paying with cash. look at this. according to a report from zillow, miami has more than any other market. 65% of home sales in miami are with cold, hard cash. tampa, 57% of sales all catch. home purchases in detroit and cincinnati. it's remarkable. the market can't recover completely and be more of a driver until first time home buyers are back in the market. it's cash buyers, people coming here to park their money in the u.s. housing market. it's investments and baby boomers buying retirement homes. remarkable. how do you compete with that? >> i can't middle age saying here, i want to buy a house. >> i only have $20 in my purse. all right, team usa getting ready to take a bite out of
2:39 am
belgium. a shriveling, scared waffle. the americans made it out of the death. >> they are empty calories. >> right. >> now, it's win or go home. 16 teams moving on. the u.s. next plays tuesday. we have a preview this morning from brazil. >> reporter: well, john, well, christine. does it seem weird we are celebrating and happy after the usa loss? it feels a bit odd. but, that loss to germany did not matter. as we know, the usa is progressing in the world cup. they are staying alive. the next fixture is a round of 16. that will be against belgium. now belgium is the dark horse of this tournament. this is the team everybody said to keep your eye on. there's a lot of young players. the average age of the squad is
2:40 am
26 years old. this team is fast. they are physical. they are very good, very skilled players. i think the usa can handle this belgium team. the one area that the american team has to concentrate on, that will be to breakthrough this belgian defense. they have conceded one goal in three matches. that was actually a penalty. the usa has their work cut out for them. they made it through the group of death. now, anything seems doable. they have surpassed all expectations. the coach knew he would be judged based on this american squad. if he could get it out of the group of death. he did that. now, on to belgium and the round of 16 in salvadore which i will be there covering. hopefully, it won't be a horrible, horrible rainy day.
2:41 am
>> i mentioned playing belgium next and people talk belgium waffles. he suggests freedom waffles. >> you and your attacks against other countries. 40 min us past the hour. police revealing clue that is could show a toddler's tragic death was not an accident. parts of the midwest flooded. battered by days of rain. it is not over, yet. indra petersons tracking severe storm that are here for the weekend. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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no wonder it's recommended by over 100,000 healthcare professionals nationwide. now is the time to be prepared. sooner or later, everyone falls. make sure you have autoalert before it happens. if you or someone you love would like information about philips lifeline with autoalert, call now for your free information kit and ask about free activation when you order. internet searches at the center of a georgia investigation into the death of a toddler when his father appeared to leave him inside an suv. sources say one of the father's computers contained a search asking how long it takes an animal to die in a hot car.
2:45 am
the 33-year-old pleaded not guilty. the boy that showed up in his dad and stepmother's basement. he met with police after talking with child psychologists. michigan police are not ruling out abuse. the boy is now with his biological mother. his father discovered he was found alive during an interview with hlns nancy grace. texas has been taking on major storms. winds reached 85 miles per hour ripping roofs from buildings. st. paul, minnesota residents are happy to see the river recede. the governor declared a state of emergency. indra petersons has a look at the forecast this morning. it starts wet and a strong finish for east. >> it's where you are.
2:46 am
that is the key. we are going to talk about how much rain is expected through weekend starting with the midwest. not a good story here. we talked about the rivers, more rain headed their way, another two to three inches. the bigger story is the threat of severe weather that is heading in the region. once we get in the plains, the maps aren't working well here. we have the threat for tornadoes midwest. we have an area of low pressure cruising through that region. with that, that is triggering the threat for tornadoes. there's the low pressure system there. we'll look at the cities here, bismarck to dodge city is where the biggest concern is going to be. now, into the southeast, that's where we have the concern where all the moisture is going to be out there. that's going to be hot and muggy condition continuing. you are used to it and talking about the pattern. this is what we are talking about. yes, there's rain in the northeast. that's where the high pressure comes in, where the sunshine is
2:47 am
and where the temperatures feel oh, so good. 80s, where they should be as long as it is dry. it's muggy. the rest of the country is where it should be. >> that's where you happen to be. >> when i look in the rear-view mirror in january, i don't complain about muggy. thank you. thank you. let's take a look at what's coming up on new day. chris cuomo is with us. hello. >> lady, jendgentleman, good to here. we have news and stories you have to be following right now. a bizarre mystery in detroit of the father who learned his missing son had been found, he learned on live tv. the kid was found in their own basement. how did this happen? there are growing questions about the family. the man's wife, who is the stepmother, she's been arrested but on unrelated charges. what's going on and why hasn't
2:48 am
either been allowed to see the boy since he was discovered down there? nancy grace broke the news to the father on her show. she'll be on to talk to us about it. we are following that terrible story in georgia. the child left in the car to die. new clues why it happened. a lot of people rushing to judgment, we are not. we'll give dwrou latest information on that one. the u.s. is going to make it to the next round in the world cup. i'm sure you know that because soccer has finally gripped america with the enthusiasm that it has shared around the world. so, the team of athletes, who do they play? what's going to happen? we have the usa captain and goalkeeper. ken howard. he's going to be on the show to talk to us about the next round. as humbling as it is, john
2:49 am
berman, belgium waffles called freedom waffles. >> a man on twitter tweeted me that. >> it wasn't you? >> no. >> i feel better. >> i'm sticking with it, new freedom beer instead of pale ale. >> it's got a stronger alcohol content. >> you can have too much of it before the game. >> i'm going to try to kill beer for people saying it has too much alcohol. be quiet. drink your beer and be quiet. >> don't -- >> it's friday. >> have a very good weekend. berman is nervous. he's moving his hand. >> we'll be right back. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters shopping online is as easy as it gets.
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a couple reports from the cdc on alcohol abuse. a study says one in ten deaths
2:53 am
are linked to excessive alcohol use. the study finds drinking 8 or more per week for women and 15 for men. the causes of death range from drunk-driving. breaking overnight, shia labeouf arrested for an alleged violent outburst at the musical, "cabar "cabaret." the actor appeared drunk, smoking inside, threatening officers outside. coming up, the price of an iphone taking a dip at walmart, a big dip. we'll get a check of your money. that's next. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio,
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three minutes to the top of the hour. walmart is cutting iphone prices today now with the two-year contract, it will be 99 bucks down from 149. the 5c is down to 29 bucks.
2:58 am
apple may be planning an iphone launch by the end of fall. consumer spending rose less than expected in may. we're going to get a read on consumer confidence. a priority for the white house is raising minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. it would put more money in the pockets of people living paycheck to paycheck. not a good idea says the big business lobby chamber of commerce. >> the economy is soft. we have grown, but not at the rate we need to. we need to grow 3% to 3.5%. we are not there. if we are going to take measures to restrain from hiring people, it's not good. >> 26 states have done it. you have seen companies do it one after another because they think it's good for business or good for their image. >> the iphone thing, they were talking about big screens. >> how big of a screen will you
2:59 am
get? >> i don't know. it's a personal question. new day starts right now. we are getting reports that your son has been found in your basement. are you -- >> what? >> under suspicion. new details in the missings boy found in the family basement. his father told about it on live tv. now, his wife, his stepmother has been arrested, but on separate charges. why are both being kept from the boy? dark twists in another shocking story. a father charged of leaving his son in a hot car may have been searching the internet on the topic. they are in it. they lost the game, but survived the group of death. team usa advancing. the nation is more excited than before. team captain, goalkeeper, tim
3:00 am
howard joins us live. >> your "new day" . good morning. a beautiful picture of the city. welcome to "new day," tgit edition, june 27, 6:00 in the east. a bizarre family drama, a 12-year-old boy in the middle of it all. so, today, detroit police once again plan to talk with this beautiful young man you're looking at charlie bothuell. he was missing for almost two weeks. new questions swirl around his father and stepmother. let's take a step back. this story became truly bizarre when the father was told live on tv by hln's nancy grace that his show had been found, missing for two weeks, found barricaded in his own basement. people have been questioning the father's reaction and investigators say they are not ruling out abuse, so now the


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