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tv   Early Start With Alison Kosik and Miguel Marquez  CNN  June 30, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i think that's what happened in this case. >> exactly what happened i don't think anybody will really know. except possibly the defendant. scare in the sky. a flight makes an emergency landing after the evacuation deploys mid flight. we'll hear from a passenger about what went wrong. extremists in iraq announce a new sync. a live report from baghdad. >> major teams knocked out from the world cup as america prepares to face bell gum. i'm miguel marquez. >> i'm alison kosik.
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>> breaking news overnight, a plane forced to make an emergency landing in wichita after the evacuation slide deployed mid flight. it was headed from o'hare to orange county. there were 96 passengers and five crew members on board. no one was hurt, fortunately. listen as one passenger described the scene and how the flight attendants reacted. >> all of a sudden you saw their faces go like this and heard a big bang and a hiss and they just had a panicked look. they took the carts and ran to the front of the plane. we all turned around. the whole back cabinet part of the plane where they sat was full of the chute. >> my god. darn good luck nobody was up there at the time it exploded. the airline says it passenger's flights were rebooked. a similar thing happened on a
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jetblue flight headed to boston. the investigation into this latest incident is under way. >> scary stuff. also this morning, severe weather has parts of the midwest and south waterlogged. flash floods in eastern arkansas. it forced residents in several towns to evacuate. problems in tennessee. roads in memphis were littered with cars stuck in three feet of water. in minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes has a lot more now. storms and heavy rains caused flood damages to the likes they have never seen before. indra petersons has more. are they out of the woods? >> that is what we are hoping for, but not the case. we have a huge upper low matching up with the jet stream. all this combining with the surface low. all the perfect elements are coming together and we have the threat for severe weather.
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take a look at the moderate risk out there. the moderate risk, where you see the red is the enhanced risk or threat of tornadoes. we are talking 44 million of you talking about the threat of severe weather. same places we were talking about the flooding, could be talking more rain today and through tomorrow as the system stretches further to the east. we are looking at the threat of severe weather back down to paducah and nashville. this is here. it will be a major role over the next several days. heavy rain today and to the east by tomorrow. eventually, the middle of the week, to the north as well. the severe weather threat as far as the big thunderstorms. there's something else many of us are watching. a 60% chance now in the next two days we could have a tropical depression. this would be arthur. by the fourth of july, this is where models are bringing it. we could have a concern for rains affecting the plans over
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the weekend. guys? >> that wouldn't be good timing, that would be bad. >> sorry. now the fight in iraq. the al qaeda group that seized much of northern syria has formerly declared the islamic state in the territory under its control. iraqi forces are battling isis to repapture the city of tikrit. any sense this is turning around? it sounds like 2005-2006 all over again. >> reporter: well, we are not quite there, yet. we are not going for many of those here in baghdad. we haven't seen the worst of the conflict. the battles are still raging. they cannot afford to seize
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another major territory and for isis, as we are still calling them, they really need to show that they can get closer to baghdad. this is a pitch, pitch battle. for now, what we are hearing is consequence. nothing decisive on the ground. the hope for the iraqi army is delivery. it's not going to help them turn this. it's really in the air that they have demonstrated they have the upper hand, miguel. on the ground, for now, it is unclear who is winning the fight in tikrit. >> thank you very much. hang in there. breaking overnight, rescue crews rushing to save people on the sky tower in seaworld san diego. 42 people and two park employees spent four hours near the top of the ride on sunday. engineers say a power failure
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caused the horrifying incident. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> stuck in paradise. president obama expected to nominate robert mcdonnell. he has a military background, a west point graduate with broad management experience. he's the former ceo of procter & gamble. he's replace eric shinseki. the suspected ring leader of the benghazi attack did not provide reasonable intelligence on a ship coming to the u.s. he and other top republicans are questioning khatallah in court. it presented them from getting information they need in the
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2012 attack that killed ambassador chris stephens. here is what they said on state of the union. >> if he doesn't give us anything, we are spent a lot of money and not gained anything valuable. >> khatallah has pleaded not guilty. he's an enemy combatant and should face the military try bual. two american tourists will be on trial for hostile acts against the government. the state news agencies said they are preparing to bring the two men to court at the same time north korea is making a peace overture promising military activities with south korea that will end on july 4th. there are conditions. among them, not conduct joint military drills with the u.s. not likely, i think.
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a marine corporal accused of desertion is set to turn himself in. he's been missing since 2005 since failing to report for duty. he was under investigation for desertion. he claims he was kidnapped by militan militants. >> go, go, go. love that. four countries advanced to the quarterfinals. the excitement is building. >> it is. >> once again, the american team prepares to take on belgium tuesday. come on. in one of the final matches in the round of 16. just the biggest match of their lives. we have a preview from rio de janeiro. >> miguel, alison, klinsmann
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changed his tune after saying the usa has no chance of winning, it's emerged he told the players to move back the flights of friends and family until july 14th. that is the day after the final. defender omar gonzalez let it slip to travel ahead to the round of the clash against belgium. the team will be based there as the striker continues his quest to recover from a hamstring strain he suffered against ghana. klinsmann is optimistic. the team is happy about the challenge. they watched the mexico came before heading for training. it's a brutal reminder of what is at stake on tuesday as mexico was sent home. after seeing so many celebrations, miguel was left as
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angry after the dutch ended his world cup campaign. penalties saw the netherlands take a 2-1 win and send mexico packing for the sixth straight time in world cups. the netherlands will face costa rica next. france, nigeria, germany and algeria will join them. back to you miguel and alison. >> thank you. just because i'm wearing orange does not mean i support the netherlands. >> who do you support? >> america. hello. >> just checking. >> it's going to be good. next hour on "new day" chris cuomo is live for world cup. today we are expected to learn who will be compensated for the gm ignition recall and how much they will receive. it took them more than a decade
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to recall the 2.6 million cars with the faulty ignition switch. it's linked to 13 deaths and dozens of accidents. the pay off victims could reach into the billions. we are watching asian and european stocks move higher. in the u.s., it's mixed. a rocky mix with fears the feds could hike interest rates sooner than expected. the dow and s&p 500 were lower, but the nasdaq was a 14-year high. the jobs report coming out on thursday because markets are closed friday because of the holiday. from wall street to washington, the v.a. nominee has a business gak ground and used to being in the hot seat. he took a job at procter & gamble and streamlined the diverse products. he was ousted in 2013, but grew
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sales and profits during a rough and economic time. a good pedigree for taking over the office previously held with eric shinseki. coming up, new questions about pope francis' health after a series of canceled appointmen appointments. is he ill? a live report next. a guy caught on cell phone video riding on the back of a trunk down the highway. >> that's me! >> is he drunk? >> no, that was my weekend. good fun. sensible. vorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... oh yeah, and frosted! what's your most favorite of all? hmm...the kind i have with you. me too. thoughtful combinations, artfully prepared. fancy feast elegant medleys. inspired dishes like primavera,
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welcome back. the oscar pistorius murder trial is back in session after a month long recess. they have found the blade runner mentally fit to stand trial.
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the proceedings were delayed for the assessment. he did not suffer from a mental defect or illness and is capable of appreciating the wrongfulness of his actions. he's accused of killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. we are going live to south africa later this hour. the vat tan is playing down about pope francis' health. the pope delivered an extended mass. it was the first after cancelling a number of events. we are live in rome with details. >> reporter: miguel, that's right. the pope seems to be doing just fine, that's the good news. he was able to keep all appointments this weekend, include thag two-hour mass you spoke about. friday, the pope was due to meet with staff and students at a rome hospital. that was canceled at the last
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minute. due to a sudden imposition of the pope. they said it is nothing to worry about. the questions of an illness are raised because it's not the first time it's happened. several times over the past year, the pope had to cancel suddenly. now, what generally is the feeling here, miguel, is this is not due to any particular illness. he canceled in the morning or afternoon and continues with the rest of his schedule for the weeks and months after that. there's no particular illness. there is a packed schedule for the pope. he is not taking a vacation. this is heading into the summer months. popes generally take a vacation during this time but he's not. he's trying to scale back. >> he has an extraordinarily busy man. thank you from lovely rome. this morning, police are searching for two gunmen who
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opened fire into a bourbon street crowd in new orleans. video shows the moment people ran for cover. two men got into an argument, pulled their guns and started shooting. two victims are in critical condition. the mother of the toddler who died in a hot car is urpd investigation after police say she also researched such deaths on the internet. she hasn't been charged with the death of her son cooper harris who was buried this weekend. the father is facing murder and child cruelty charges. the story, you can't believe it. friends of the family say police are taking a picture of justin that is not the man they know. >> it seems out of character for ross. i know people change. it's been 15 years or so since
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we have had contact in the church, so, you know, people change. but it's hard for me to imagine. >> cooper harris died after being left in the hot vehicle more than seven hours while his dad was at work. this story, you can't believe it. for as cynical as we are in the news business, i don't want to believe this. >> makes you sick. the fight for obamacare is going to rule that for profit businesses provide coverage to employees. hobby lobby say that is violates their religious beliefs. >> this will be the big one. the last big judgment this term. everyone's watching. today president obama is expected to ask congress for $2 billion in emergency border
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funds. white house official tells cnn, the money will help secure space for detaining the children. it's believed up to 80,000 children will cross the border without their parents. shocking. watch this video. this is nuts. this guy is on the back of the car. someone captured this video of him riding down a highway. wsoc says it man smashed the back windshield and crawled into the car. a woman was driving and had a child inside strapped into a car seat. it's unclear what happened. police were unable to find the car. cnn reached out to north carolina authorities about the unusual investigation. >> where is a cop when you need one. i don't understand this. >> all those people around.
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>> maybe she was at the grocery store -- >> you think? >> coming up, and then there were 12 more countries heading for the quarterfinals. there's no joy in mexico. andy scholes has the details with the bleacher report coming up. andy! [announcer] a healthy dog is a playful dog. [dog] let's do this larry! [announcer] help him keep those muscles while he loses a few pounds with beneful healthy weight. made with wholesome rice,real chicken,soy, even accents of vitamin rich veggies. it's calorie smart and tastes so good. beneful healthy weight from purina. the last four hours have seen... one child fail to get to the air sickness bag in time. another left his shoes on the plane... his shoes! and a third simply doesn't want to be here.
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well for mexico. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> good morning, guys. they are a few minutes away from beating the netherlands but two goals in the final six minutes left mexico. just an incredible goal. coach miguel herrera, always animated, he loved it. game was tied. the dutch got a penalty kick, they drill it home. mexico loses and are eliminated for the sixth straight time. this was all over social media. the dutch airline, klm tweeted adios amigos. they added an image of a sombrero and moustache. they received angry tweets then
2:26 am
pulled it off the web. the surprise so far is costa rica. they played with only ten men most of the game after a player receive add red card. they were almost able to hang on to it in regulation. then greece comes through with a goal. it goes all the way through to penalty kicks. all the shots to make the win. they weren't supposed to make it out of the group, now they head to the quarterfinals for the first time ever. a lucky moment for a golf fan. peter hanson knocks in a hole in one at the par 3 second. this one, from fayetteville, georgia, her home mortgage paid for an entire year by quicken loans. her favorite golfer now and forever will be peter hanson. >> mucho gracias, andy scholes.
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emergency in the skies. a united plane force toddy vert when the evacuation slide opens mid flight. how the heck did this happen? heavy rain, severe flooding in the south. people forceed from their homes. all eyes are on the possible tropical storm moving off the east coast. violence in iraq as the military struggles to retake a
2:31 am
major city. this, has extremist militants declare a new islamic state. welcome back to "early start." i'm al son kosik. >> i'm miguel. john and christine are off. breaking news overnight, frightening moments for passengers. the evacuation slide suddenly deployed midair. yikes. they made an emergency landing in wichita. no one was injured. the boeing 737 was headed from chicago to california orange county with 96 passengers and five crew member on board. the airline is investigating the ins don't, i hope so, it could have been disastrous. renee is live with us. what are you hearing about this second incident of a slide deploying. >> you don't have to look much further than social media.
2:32 am
a passenger on social media calling this the scariest flight of all time. sunday night, the emergency slide accidentally opens in the rear of the cabin. you are looking at the pictures. people heard a distinct popping sound. listen to this one passenger who was on board at the time. >> all of a sudden, you saw their faces go like this. you heard a big bang and a hiss. they just had a panicked look. they quickly took the carts and ran backwards to the front of the plane. we turned around. the whole back cabinet part of the plane where they sat was full of the chute. >> remember, this all happened while the flight was in the air. united airlines tells cnn all passengers were seated at the time, which is a good thing. no one was pinned under the chute when it deployed.
2:33 am
owe know there were no injuries. miguel? >> there can be a lot of force with the slides when they deploy. there was one on a jetblue plane. was that a 737 and was there an investigation in that incident? >> this has happened before, to your point. again, in november, jetblue case where the slide deployed. in this case -- also on board a campaign plane when then candidate president barack obama was on the trail. it happened there as well. there were reports in this case that the door opened in flight or that a passenger tried to open the door in flight. the airline say that is did not happen in this case. we can tell you, the faa is investigating what it's calling a door issue in this very case. we are waiting to find out details, what exactly was wrong with the door that caused the
2:34 am
slide to deploy midair. it did land and the folks are trying to get to their final destination. >> you want the doors to work when you are 35,000 feet up. >> you certainly do. >> scary stuff. storms rolling across the midwest and trigger flash floods in arkansas. rising waters forced residents to evacuate. flooding causing problems in tennessee. some roads in memphis littered with cars stuck in three feet of water. in minnesota, some of the worst flood damage in decades. a tropical storm may be brewing across the east coast just in time for the fourth of july holiday weekend. >> a week of severe weather. we are talking the springtime severe weather. tornadoes across the midsection of the country. yes, the threat of tropical weather. let's start with the big set up. we have the jet stream. this is lining up with the
2:35 am
surface low. it means there is a threat for severe weather. not good news. prass like the quad cities and des moines, where you see the red is where it's enhanced. 44 million of you from detroit to the panhandle of the texas. from binghampton, paducah and nashville, we are talking the cold front sliding east as it pushes off to the east. something else is going on out there. this is what we are talking about with the fourth of july plans. a 60% chance over the next two days we could see a depression develop. watch one of these models. it develops along the coastline. by the fourth of july, bulls eye around d.c. watching that carefully with heavy rain starting off in florida.
2:36 am
anyone heading off early and sliding up the coast. >> the trick is to head westward. >> that is the trick. >> always go with the good news. thank you indra. now to iraq and the battle in tikrit. they defend their gains in the region. c nr cnn's nima joins us by phone. how goes it today? >> we have waiting. the iraqi government cannot afford to ease anymore major of strategic territory. for isis, this team pushed ever closer on the roads to baghdad. just south of the crucial --
2:37 am
there's so much at stake here. the name change and in a move seen as pretty bold, the announcement of an islamic state. they are saying that border between iraq and sere ra. that territory is made the latest propaganda. they do have a substantial territory footprint between the two countries and that's why the iraqi government is holding hope out in the delivery. just in the sky at the moment that they have any hope of claiming the upper hand in this. miguel? >> let's hope they can get ahold of it. it's going to take a lot of force over a long period of time. nima in baghdad for us, thank
2:38 am
you very much. a contractor saw themselves above the law in iraq. a government inquiry was halted in 2007 after blackwater threatened the chief investigationer. threatened to kill him. he said he could kill the investigator and no one could or would do anything about it because they were in iraq. the report comes as four former blackwater guards are on trial in connection with a 2007 shooting that left 17 civilians dead. president obama set to -- the white house believes robert mcdonald is the man who can turn things around. mcdonald served as an army officer. eric shinseki resigned amid a scandal claiming v.a. hospitals were cooking the books to hide
2:39 am
months long waits for vets needing care. compliant but not cooperative. likely did not provide useful intelligence during the voyage to the u.s. chairman of the house, he and other top republicans are questioning the decisions to prosecute khatallah in u.s. courts. they say it could keep authorities from getting information they need about the deadly 2012 attack. a marine corporal facing two charges of desertion is turning himself into the authorities. he's been missing since 2005 when he failed to report for duty in north carolina. at that time, he was urpd investigation for desertion after he disappeared for a month in iraq. he claimed he was kidnapped by iraqi militants. he's expectd to surrender later today. >> let's get an "early start" on money. we are seeing futures here in
2:40 am
the u.s. mixed. for the dow, for the week, rather, the dow and s&p 500 ended lower. nasdaq jumped to a 14-year high. gma nounsed four recalls on friday. an additional 7,000 cars were called in for inspection. gm recalled 20 million cars since january. 2.6 million for the defect related to 13 deaths. they plan to announce the day their compensation plan for the victims and their families. an attorney will unveil the offer. he's no stranger no such deals. he determined pay outs to victims of 9/11, the boston oil spill and the boston mare-a-thon. gm may not be responsible for vehicles before the bankruptcy.
2:41 am
>> go. team usa. usa! usa! making the final preps for belgium. belgium. the knockout round match less than 36 hours away. four teams have punched their ticket. we have more from brazil. >> reporter: miguel, alison, klinsmann changed his tune. he's now told his players to move back the flights of friends and family until july 14th, the day after the final. omar gonzalez let it slip as the team left to travel to salve dor ahead of the round 16 clash. the team will be based there the next couple days as the striker continues his quest to recover from a hamstring strain against
2:42 am
ghana. on the whole, the team seemed relaxed about the challenge. they were pictured watching the netherlands/mexico game unfold. perhaps it served as a brutal reminder of what is at stake as mexico was sent home. miguel herrera, over the last few weeks was left for slated and angry. a controversial penalty saw the netherlands take a 2-1 win and sent mexico packing. thesetterlands may face costa rica next. back to you miguel and alison. >> i love miguel in his suit and tie going nuts. >> lots more world cup coverage
2:43 am
coming up next hour on "new day." chris cuomo, live in rio. great gig. i'm into it. i'm on it. it's world cup. >> okay, okay. coming up. coming up. oscar pistorius back in court after a month long mental evaluation. how could new findings affect his murder trial? o's been helpie money for over 75 years. they've really stood the test of time. much like these majestic rocky mountains. which must be named after the... that would be rocky the flying squirrel, mr. gecko sir. obviously! ahh come on bullwinkle, they're named after... ...first president george rockington! that doesn't even make any geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. it's about getting to the finish line.
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welcome back to "early start." oscar pistorius back in court after a month long delay for a psychiatric evaluation. doctors found he's mentally fit. he's accused of murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he shot her, but claims he mistook her for an intruder. is this a usual thing to happen in a trial like this and what does it mean for pistorius in
2:47 am
this trial? >> reporter: it's very respects. it's unusual to happen late in a trial. it happens near the beginning of a trial. it's highly unusual to happen as a result of an application on behalf of the state, the prosecutor. essentially, this is an inquiry into whether he has the defense of insanity. usually, it comes from the accused person. in terms of what it means for pistorius, it downgrades his psychologists testimony that refers to him having a disorder. it will not affect the earlier part of the testimony where she spoke about the early influences in his life and the effects it had in the way he engages with the world. >> what can we expect to come in the coming days and weeks that
2:48 am
are left in the trial? >> reporter: well, we expect it will only be the coming days. we know the defense is near the end of the case. they have a couple more witnesses. we are hearing today from mr. pistorius' orthopedic surgeon who presided over his amputation. this is very important testimony because it details the severity of what he suffers from. defense is trying to use it to cause doubt on the state's case and claims they have made. >> very quickly, what seems to be the mood of pretoria outside the courtroom? >> reporter: well, i think there's certainly anticipation now for the final, the end to this trial. we know that the defense's case is nearing the conclusion. we shouldn't wait too long before going into closing
2:49 am
arguments and considering how long the story has been running for, i think there's a great sense of anticipation for that finality in this case. >> thank you. a new twist in the investigation that a toddler who died in a sweltering suv. what the police say the mother did that now has her under suspicion, coming up. spokesperson: the volkswagen passat is heads above the competition, but we're not in the business of naming names. the fact is, it comes standard with an engine
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welcome back. new developments this morning in the death of georgia toddler, cooper harris locked in a hot car more than seven hours. the boy's mother is now under investigation after telling them she also researched deaths in the car. his father is being held without bond charged for murder and
2:53 am
child cruelty. police are looking for two gunmen in the french quarter. we are seeing new video of the gunfire on bourbon street. the two men got into an argument, pulled out their guns and started shooting at one another. two of the victims are in critical condition. the supreme court takes up the latest fight in obamacare. they will rule on the requirement that for profit businesses provide contraceptive coverage for employees. they say it violates their religious beliefs. obamacare exempts some religious organizations from the coverage. >> donald sterling is declared mentally fit. cnn learned over the weekend, neurologists found he showed no
2:54 am
signs of dementia, following a previous diagnosis by two other doctors. the hear sg scheduled for next week. sterling and his estranged wife shelly are locked in a huge battle over the sale of the team. the story goes on. is this the end for aereo? details next. k you for your sacrifice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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the court found that aereo broke copyright laws. the stop is only temporary. the ceo said in an e-mail we want to emphasize this is a pause and that the company is not shutting down. >> a rough pause. "new day" starts right now. hello there, "new day."
2:59 am
. breaking overnight, scare in the air. an emergency slide deploys inside the cabin of a united flight. the plane forced to make an emergency landing. we're together to hear from those onboard. live from rio. we're in the middle of it all, as the world cup kicks into high gear. a wild weekend of big goals and close calls. now, the u.s. heads into its first knockout game. can they make it out? surprise choice to head the beleaguered veterans affair agency. he fix the system? the president announcing his appointment today. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> good morning. welcome to "new day" live in
3:00 am
brazil where the temperature is high and the drama is higher. team usa gearing up for its big world cup match against belgium. as you know, the u.s. made it out of the group of death. now they run into a hot belgium side. they won all three in the world cup. can the americans keep the dream alive? we'll take you inside a wild weekend of action here and show you a side of life that is often kept hidden. but first back to kate in new york with a serious air scare. >> chris, thank you so much. back to you in a second. this was a scare in the skies over the midwest. united airlines flight headed for california was forced to land in wichita, kansas after the evacuation slide. you can kind of see in the pictures deployed mid flight. how could something like this happen mid flight? a frightening


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