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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 3, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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of course, the concern that european nations drawn into greater conflict if you will with russia. there will be a price to pay, but also that there is a price to pay and that's dipping in the pocket to up defense spending, wolf. >> nick robertson. stand by. it's the top of the hour, i want to reset to our viewers in the states, president obama just delivered a major national security speech in estonia. trying to assure the other nato allies the u.s. is committed to their security. he also issued tough words against russia. and he promised that the united states and the other nato allies will strengthen the defense capabilities of the ukrainian military. david gurgen is watching what's going on, our senior political analyst. david, if it weren't just
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ukraine and russia, what's going on there, that would be a huge problem. the president is also dealing with another enormous problem, namely what isis, the terrorist group is doing in syria and iraq. it seems that so many parts of the world right now are on fire and the president has got a lot on his agenda. >> he sure does, and nato, when he arrives there this week, he's going to be talking about isis, trying to round up a coalition of nato countries and then having his secretary of defense and secretary of state go on to the middle east to round up more arab nations to put together this coalition, but it's a little unclear, he left a little ambiguous what the goal is here today. he said we should defeat isis. later, he sort of had a softer approach, it sounded more like containment. let me go back to the critical issue of today. i agree with you wolf and bill
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richardson, the president delivered a strong powerful message to the baltics. he gave them exactly the reassurances they needed to hear. i respectfully disagree that he sent a tough message to vladimir putin. he had tough words, but actions, not so tough. on the issue of arming the kranians, he was purposely ambiguous. he had nothing about strengthening sanctions, nothing about pull out world cup games with the russians, other symbolic kind of actions one might have expected. there was nothing in here when it came to defending nations that are far away from ukraine and our nato allies, he was stout, but when it came to defending a nation that is under direct attack by the russians, he was murky. >> what does it say to you that the president of the united states needs to go to estonia and deliver this kind of
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message, saying don't worry, we believe in our article 5 of the nato charter, that if one nato alie is attack, all of the other nato allies will come to their defense. they are very nervous that may not necessarily be the case. he we want there to try to hold their hands and reassure them, but the fact that he needed to do that, speaks volumes, i suspect, about what's going on, especially in east central and eastern europe, among some of those nato allies. >> you are absolutely right. they have been rattled by what's been happening in ukraine, and by putin's obvious more aggressive stance toward the west in general and i think he did exactly the right thing by going to estonia. i praise him for doing that in the baltics. if you are going to estonia, it would be really good and a surprise if he went to kiev and ukraine. >> he's not doing that, but he has invited president poroshenko to the white house, to the oval office, for a meeting in the
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coming days and presumably he will be reiterating what he said today. you want to make one final thought, david? >> no, i think now the action moves on to the end of the nato summit. what comes out of this meeting? is the president going to lead the nato countries to make much stronger commitments to ukraine, to beef up their military spending? they are not meeting the standards that they have set. the 2% standard is a low bar for how much they can provide for defense and we just heard united states, we pay 3.8% of our gdp into defense and we pay 75% of the costs of nato. 75%. we need our allies to step up here. >> elise labbott is our global affairs correspondent. once this nato summit ends, the secretary of state and defense are going to be heading to the middle east to try to reassure
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the middle eastern allies of the united states, sunni arabs in particular in fighting isis in iraq and syria. i know you are going to be traveling with the secretary of state. walk us forward a little bit. what's the latest on that front? >> well, wolf, what the secretary is going to be trying to be doing is implement what the president has been saying over the last few days in terms of putting together a regional coalition to combat isis. clearly, the administration has said that it's in the stages of developing a strategy, but that's not just about the battlefield. that's about drawing up the financing, working with other countries to see what they can do, and i think the president has the -- the secretary have the same issue that we've been talking about this morning about ukraine. i think the world is looking for the u.s. leadership here and they don't see this type of strategy. this has been going on for months with isis and there's been a lot of criticism of this president that he's been
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discussing and very deliberate and trying to develop a strategy. meanwhile, you've seen this lightning advance of isis through syria, iraq. you've seen the beheadings of two americans and the criticism of this president even by his staunchest sporters like dianne feinstein of the senate intelligence committee is that the president is too careful, too cautious, so when the secretary of state goes out to talk about these countries what they can do, i think what the world is looking for is u.s. leadership. everyone is willing to get together and join some kind of coalition but there needs to be a country that is willing to lead that coalition and this whole idea that the u.s. is leading from behind, i think the world kind of falls behind when they don't have the u.s. at the helm saying, okay, this is what we're prepared to do. this is how you can help us beat back isis. because, wolf, this group has no
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signs of stopping, and the question is is the u.s. going to help eradicate isis? is it going to stop it from becoming a threat to the homeland? i think if there's no concerted effort to beat this group back, you see this arc of instability that isis is looking to exacerbate from the levant and through north africa. >> we'll see what the secretary of state and defense can do in term of forging an alliance in dealing with this threat of isis in syria and iraq. threats let's bring in mark hurtling. to degrade and defeat isis, you need more than air power. >> i would like to join in on the discussion of the
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president's presentation. i think it was powerful. when i first heard he was going to estonia, i thought what a powerful move. during the period he mentioned in january of 1991 when estonia, latvia and lithuania join hands against russia, it was monumental in their history, georgia and moldovia have been attacked by russia. and the republics of other countries have been russian attacks as well as the recent cyber attack against estonia. i think his motive was set the condition for values discussion for the nato summit. he's going to shift that nato summit from where it's been the
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last several years, talking about the 2% defense budget and to let's take a global look at what nato can do as an organization to fight evil. that certainly could play a part against isis. when you turn the whole table around, you are probably going to see discussions on ukraine, isis, israel, on fighting extremists flow into europe. this is going to be an expanded conference like they have never seen before in nato. >> so when the president talks about strengthening the military capabilities, the defense structure of ukraine and then goes on, general hurtling, to talk about and i'll read it precisely we must do more to help other nato partners, these are not allies, just partners, including georgia and monthly dove va, strengthen their defenses as well, when you hear
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the president of the united states strengthening the military capabilities of georgia, moldova, ukraine, we see the president aboarding the air force one, when you her that -- hear that, and you are vladimir putin, what goes on through your mind? >> it's not a nuanced statement. they been serving with isaf alongside their nato partners even though they are not a nato member. the same with moldova, they have contributed. estonia, latvia and lithuania. it is a spoke in the eye that's going to elicit more discussions at the summit, i think mr. obama wanted to lay down the marker at this 30-minute speech and saying there's going to be a whole lot more talk about this and our values are such that we have to create order when isis, russia,
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and hamas creating chaos. we have been dealing with our nato and non-nato partners for many years and i think the nato conference is going to pull together actions not on the part of the military. the military can do the deployment. i've seen that. in fact, there's an exercise going on right now with 16 nato and non-nato members, but he wants the politicians to realize they got to pull it together. >> general hurtling, stand by as well. i want to bring in gordan chang. he's an expert on nuclear proliferation. he wrote an article for "the daily beast" on vladimir putin, go ahead and explain what you mean as far as a nuclear threat issued by the russians. >> on friday, vladimir putin talked about russia being a strong nuclear power and he used the term nuclear deterrence, he
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also talked about ukraine about a term that really means new russia. what he's saying is he is prepared to use his most destructive weapons. putin talk about unveiling a new offensive nuclear weapon. so on friday what putin did he took nuclear weapons have been considered to be defensive in nature and he made them part of the appliances of aggression. this is going to be important because other countries in the region and countries around the world like china and russia, and north korea, are going to hear that and they are going to see whether putin gets away with his nuclear threats. >> do you think this is going to escalate now this crisis? >> well, i think it will escalate and one reason is in the 30-minute speech which was i thought was terrific and pitch perfect, there was one line that putin will take away, when the president said there is no
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military solution in ukraine and i think there is a military solution and putin is actually implementing it and what he's going to take away from that line is that he has a green light to continue provocations against ukraine. i think this situation will escalate. putin has some obvious goals that he wants to achieve and he's going to do and he's going to go and progress until he's stopped. >> thanks very much. thanks to all of our correspondents and analysts for our coverage, our special coverage around the president's address. let's go back to carol costello. "newsroom" with carol costello will continue right after a short break. >> and in addition to the measures we've already taken, the united states is working to bolster the security of our nato allies and further increase america's military presence in europe. it would mean more training and exercises between our militaries and it would mean more u.s. forces, including american boots on the ground, continuously rotating through estonia and latvia and lithuania.
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which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. president obama in europe, brushing aside diplomacy and
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vowing to destroy isis. very early this morning the united states intelligence in confirming the horror, the videotaped beheading of journalist stephen sotloff is indeed authentic. the president scorned the terrorist group and its slaughter of a second american in two weeks. >> i want to say that today the prayers of the american people are with the family of a devoted journalist stephen sotloff. overnight our government determined that tragically stephen was taken from us in a horrific act of violence. we cannot even begin to imagine the agony that everyone who loves stephen is feeling right now, especially his mother, his father, and his younger sister. so today our country grieves with them. like jim foley before him, steve's life stood in sharp contrast to those who murdered him so brutally.
7:19 am
they make the absurd claim that they kill in the name of religion but it was stephen his friends say who deeply loved the islamic world. his killers try to claim that they defend the oppressed, but it was stephen who traveled across the middle east risking his life to tell the story of muslim men and women demanding justice and dignity. whatever these murderers think they will achieve by killing innocent americans like stephen, they have already failed. they failed because like people around the world americans are repulsed by their barbarism. we will not be intimidated. they only unite us and stiffen our resolve against these terrorists and those who make the mistakes of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> but how will justice be served and when? the president's vow now adds to
7:20 am
the pressure of forming a strategy to confront isis and its war against the west. in the meantime, president obama approves more u.s. forces deployed to krawk. about 350 more troops will be sent to iraq. good morning, paul. >> good morning, carol. >> paul, what is isis really trying to do? they know these beheadings are not going to stop the air strikes against them in iraq? >> the very minimum in order to appease the bloodlust of their sport -- supporters around the world, if they did something bigger, that could invite a much bigger western response. that could jeopardize what they are trying to achieve which is
7:21 am
to build this islamic state, carol. >> you are saying they are not going to launch an attack against the united states? >> i don't think they are. if the united states acts in syria and there are strikes -- that's their strongholds, their fighters are there, at that point they could train some of the thousand westerners that they have to come back to the west to launch attacks and also cause the people who are already in the west to launch attacks as well, carol. >> i'm just reading this statement, we just got a statement from the secretary of state john kerry and he's talking about the murder of stephen sotloff and james foley. he says the u.s. government has used every military, diplomatic and intelligence tool we have and we always will. our special operations forces bravely reached out to save
7:22 am
these lives. isis is holding other western hostages. are these efforts continuing? >> of course they will be continuing but the prospects, unfortunately, for these hostages are very grim indeed. it's not like the united states is going to stop air strikes in iraq any time soon, so we may see more of these grisly beheadings. we may even see isis from isis. isis has quite a lot of reach into jordan and lebanon and it could actually attack u.s. interests there as well. >>. intelligence analysts have pored over every agonizing details of the beheading tapes. this is an upclose image and a freeze frame from the video released yesterday.
7:23 am
now look at the side by side comparison from both the sotloff killing and the execution of james foley. the similar eyes are just part of the reason why u.s. officials believe the knife wielding man is the same man in both tapes. >> reporter: you may remember almost two weeks ago brit an's ambassador to the united states said britain's intelligence services were close to identifying the black-clad jihadi in the execution video. in the latest video, the british government believes the executioner is one and the same man. >> i'm sure you know exactly who i am by now. >> time ran out for american journalist stephen sotloff. an isis knife man warned he would be next to die in a propaganda video two weeks ago that showed the beheading of fellow reporter james foley. >> the life of this american
7:24 am
citizen president obama depends on your next decision. >> they are analyzeding the images. several clues, the two videos were shot several days apart. in the first, sotloff shaven headed. in tuesday's video he has stubbly hair and beard and the jihadi refers to bombing raids against amerli. it indicates that sotloff was executed in the last three days. unmistakable similarities. both videos, similar height and build. same combat knife brandished in his left hand and that accent. a forensic linguist says the voice sounds the same probably from a multicultural
7:25 am
neighborhood in london. in the first video on august 19th. >> an attempt by you, obama to deny the muslims their rights of living in safety in the islamic caliphate will result in the blood shed of your people. >> an excerpt from the second video released tuesday. >> you, obama, have yet again for your actions another american citizen suggested your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. >> i ask you to please release my child. >> words of hate that bear no comparison to a mother's love. her last ditch plea to the kidnappers, testimony of a life cut short. >> stephen is a loyal and generous son, brother, and grandson. we miss him very much. we want to see him home safe and sound and to hug him. >> now british authorities are looking not only at the fine
7:26 am
details to find out more clues about who killed foley and sotloff, they have going to look at the bigger picture to see what action they take against the united states in its fight against isis and to rescue a british hostage now known to be held by an isis terrorist. >> carol. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. by making it easy to buy and schedule service by top-rated providers, conveniently stay up-to-date on progress, and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with the angie's list mobile app. visit today. ♪
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. home depot is investigating a security breach that could be even larger than the one that affected more than 40 million debit and credit cards at target last year. a cyber security expert reports that a massive amount of stolen debit credit cards have gone on sale on line in the black market. this is disturbing. >> it's so creepy to think about people there just buying and selling and trading your information. i mean, it really is disturbing and this could be a big one if the early reports are true.
7:31 am
bryan krebs who is the reporter who broke this. it's at least been may. the whole batch of your information that was put out there on the black market, it was called the american sanctions batch of information. this was what bryan krebs says. it could be only be intended retributi retribution for sanctions against russia. >> so creepy. >> we suspect russian hackers are to blame. >> they are poking a little bit of fun. usually this happens because financial reasons altogether and we know that these hackers have a twisted sense of humor. it's been maybe since may. that's an awful lot of information has been breached. >> home depot didn't realize it. >> the banks had been noticing this and now home depot is involved.
7:32 am
home depot says protecting our customer's information is something we take seriously. we're gathering facts at this point while working to protect customers. that's almost like the kind of statements we get from the big retailsers. t.j. maxx target and many others. they seem to be after the fact trying to shut it down. >> how do i know if i've been hacked? i just went to home depot. >> they are going to look at that and tell you presumably. your information is maybe worth $20 to $100 on the black market. somebody trying to get your good name and credit card information to do what they will with it. as time goes on, the value of your information in the black market goes down because of the publicity of the hacks because the credit card companies and retailers are doing something about it. >> here's the thing, so this horrible thing happened at target of the. there was a huge outcry, everybody talked about increased
7:33 am
security for your credit cards. and this happens again. so are retailers doing anything? >> they are starting to spend more money. when you look at the cyber security companies stocks are going up, they are getting new contracts to help the retailers. the chip technology is moving very slowly. it is the retailers and health care, imagine hospitals and retailers are the worst in terms and the farthest behind in terms of tightening up on this. the bank are spending hundreds of millions dollars a year trying to make sure that they don't hacked. >> thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," a pledge and a promise to destroy isis terrorists as a second american journalist is brutally executed. why a solution to take out isis
7:34 am
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to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people. whatever these murderers think they will achieve by killing innocent americans like steven, they have already failed. they failed because like people around the world, americans are repulsed by their barbarism, we will not be intimidated. their horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen the fight against these terrorists and those make being the
7:38 am
mistakes of harming americans will learn that we will not forget. president's many critics say talk is cheap. they are concerned that the president doesn't have a strategy in dealing with isis. remember this. >> as we know, there are known knowns. there are things we know we know. we also know there are known unknowns. that is to say we know there are some things we do not know and there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know, we don't know. >> all righty. let's discuss this with michael cohen. he's a fellow at the century foundation. welcome michael and thank you so much for being here. >> it's great to be here. >> you say it's easy to throw darts at the president's lack of
7:39 am
a strategy but it's harder than you might think. >> coming up with a strategy for dealing with isis is complicated. you need to know how much support you are going to get from iraqi government and allies. it's not something you can go in and start dropping some bombs and everything gets better. you actually need to think about what the long-term consequences of use of force will be. i think it's good that the president is actually deliberating about this and thinking what the best approach is. also trying to get buy-ins from the iraqi government. this is a good step in the right direction. >> i must say that admiral john kirby echoed what you had to say. he said the bigger problem is with the governance in syria and the hopelessness young people feel. >> that's not going to be solved through air strikes. we know that. there's a military component and we're very good at executing that component, but it's not
7:40 am
going to be enough. >> you can sit here and talk about that, but when you see a second american being beheaded and when you hear the president of the united states saying he has no strategy as yet. it makes you angry, and it makes americans feel helpless. >> i get that. in a way, there's a something good about the president demiss tie fieing this. it's what people should understand. these things are difficult. there's no best option. there is basically least-worst options. that's what policy makers have to deal with on a regular basis. people need to understand that better than they do. it's a hard message to get across. >> i think he's been terrible explaining to the american people exactly what he means.
7:41 am
>> very few people understand his argument. they think if america decides to ak, things will get better. and we will be able to kill the evil doers. it's not so simple. what obama has done with russia and syria and isis is sort of say this is a long process in which you need to apply pressure in different ways, diplomatic pressure, economic pressure, military pressure, but there's no easy solution to these things. >> thank you so much, i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," confusion surrounding fundraising sites to support the ferguson, missouri police officer who killed michael brown. we're going to talk to a reporter to find out what's going to happen with all that money, next. where the reward was that what if tnew car smelledit card and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one.
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all right. just minutes ago at the state department, the secretary of state john kerry spoke about the execution of steven sotloff by isis and the possible defeat of the terrorist organization. let's listen. >> the real face of islam is not what we saw yesterday. when the world bore witness again to the brutality of isil
7:46 am
terrorist murders, when we saw steven sotloff, an american journalist who left home in florida in order to tell the story of brave people in the middle east. we saw him brutally taken from us in an act of medieval savagery by a coward hiding behind a mask. for so many who worked so long to bring steven and other americans home safely, this obviously was not how the story was meant to end. it's a punch to the gut, and the united states government, i want you to know, has used every single military, diplomatic and intelligence tool that we have and we always will. our special operations forces brazilly risked a military operation in order to save these lives. we have reached out to anyone and everyone who might be able to help. john kerry talking about
7:47 am
isis and the execution of steven sotloff. much more throughout the day on cnn. in other news, confusion in ferguson, missouri surrounding officer darren wilson and special funds to help him with his legal fight. as you know, officer wilson shot and killed michael brown. oddly, two on line fund rise raising sites has brought in 70,000. the site is -- missouri state representative jeff ruda is a shield of hope board member and he says the go fund me site is shut down while accountants figure out if the funds can be used for his family or his defense. >> everybody deserves to have the best legal defense that they can when they face their day in
7:48 am
court, whatever that may be and we're just seeing to it that's what officer wilson has. >> state representative goes on to say the second fundraising site, similarly titled support officer darren wilson page has also been shut down. that fund has raised more than $235 rrks,000 -- $235,000, he insists that fund was started by a teenage girl but who knows at this point. we're investigating this story. thank for bringing this to our attention. in many ways it's disturbing. a teenage girl started this second donation site. do we even know who she is? >> well, there was a name initially attached to the donation page when it was created a few days after the disturbance sort of started in ferguson, missouri. but when i mevenlinged --
7:49 am
messaged the creator of that page, their identity had been taking off at that point and i didn't hear anything for a little while, but then a couple of nights ago, they mevenged -- messaged me back, i had relayed them the story that the representative had told me about this being a teenage girl from the st. louis area who just wanted to help out, and the anonymous administrator of this page wrote back that the information that the representative gave you is false. we've never talk to him and consider that when you put that in your story and i even got another message from them last night and they are sticking to their story. we don't really know who is administering this page that has more than $200,000 worth of donations. >> so do we know where that money is going? >> well, it's supposed to go to help officer -- >> wilson. >>. the officer involved in the shooting. wilson. go fund me does not necessarily
7:50 am
guarantee the accuracy of the information that's on its donation pages. this page has not been certified, and so they do reserve the ability to shut down these pages, if they think there's some impropriety and i have spoken to a spokeswoman who told me she thinks this fund-raiser is a valid person, but we haven't heard a confirmation of that yet. >> so representative rordan also said he's not sure whether the money can be used for a legal defense fund. where did that come from and why can't it be? >> well, there are certain rules that the irs has for nonprofit foundations, which is what the shield of hope is, and so their attorneys have to figure out if it's possible for this money to actually go toward officer wilson's defense fund and so they have to spend time figuring that out, whether that money can actually be dispersed that way. this is the thing about social
7:51 am
media and these online campaign fund-raisers. anyone could start one, and there can be some ambiguities about what actually happens with federal and state rules when someone collects this money. >> so have you talked to any donors? >> i haven't actually talked to any donors. a lot of people want to remain anonymous. they don't want to put their names out there in support of this and go fund me had added a feature to remove the identity of people donated to the fund because this donation fund had come under such attack that, you know, online trolls had started attacking the fund-raiser pages to the points where comments had to be taken down, and so this has sort of been a very fluid situation where you have a lot of people who sort of quietly want to give their support to officer wilson, but that's also come hand in hand with a situation in which we don't have a lot of transparency about who
7:52 am
administers this large am of money. >> you got that right. matthew pierce, thank you so much for coming in. matthew pierce from the l.a. times. i'll be right back. (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family,
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in football, the violent collision of bms is a clash of
7:56 am
the titans. a glitch has shrunk the linebacker to a mere 14 inches. cnn jeanne most has the smallest details. >> please don't step on the itsby bitsy linebacker. >> a crazy phenom of a layer at 1.2 inches. >> all because of a technical glitch in a video game. madden has gamers mad for adorably tiny cleveland browns linebacker who was miniaturized and turned into a tennessee titan. >> when i first saw it, i thought it was pretty funny. >> for chris, it's like being in that movie classic -- >> i shrunk the kids.
7:57 am
>> nick, what happened? >> we're all the size of boogers. >> talk about picking, chris says he's being picked on by friends. he's taking it in stride. teeny tiny strides. >> one feet tall, one foot tall. he's one foot. >> new york. >> he has a great sense of humor. that's a good thing. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "@this hour" with berman and michaela after a break. this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it.
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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm michaela pereira. we're following several major news stories qoes@this hour. the president has just finished a historic speech to the people of russia's baltic neighbor estonia reassuring them that they do indeed have u.s. and nato support should vladimir putin try anything there. all of this happening after a report of a cease-fire between russia and


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