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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  September 3, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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killers. if they think that we will weaken in the face of their threats, they are wrong. >> the british prime minister joining president barack obama in the threat to hunt down the terrorists who killed journalist steven sotloff. plus, the crisis in eastern ukraine will take center stage at a nato summit in wales. how western leaders may debunk russia. and we'll hear from some patients who have managed to survive the ebola disease. the family of steven sotloff say isis militants have violated the koran by executing steven sotloff. they asked, where is your mercy?
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>> the executioner called it revenge for the air strikes. but sotloff's friends and family are focusing on his life rather than the way he died. >> he's always put himself ahead of everyone else. that's who i want to be remembered as. he did everything in his power to do the right thing. >> today we grieve. this week we mourn. but we will emerge from this ordeal. our village is strong. we will not allow our enemy to hold us hostage with the sole weapons they possess. fear. our prayers go out to the family of jim foley. like steve, he suffered but list hes jailers never broke him. >> meanwhile, the mother of james foley is offering her support to steven sotloff's
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family. foley had been held captive with sotloff before he was killed on camera by isis militants last month. >> i would hope that their deaths may not be in vain, that they might awaken the world that we must act as a unified world for peace and for goodness and just work together. >> u.s. president barack obama says his objective is clear to degrade and destroy isis. so it's no longer a threat to the middle east and the united states. he spoke wednesday after meeting with baltic leaders in estonia. >> but krcritics say that his message is muddled. jim askcosta reports. >> reporter: president obama all but vowed vengeance for the killing of journalist american
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steven sotloff. >> our reach is long and justice will be served. a message echoed by vice president biden. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside. >> reporter: attempting to clarify his policy for dealing with isis, the president said that he wants to wipe out the terrorist group. >> our objective is clear and that is to degrade and destroy isil so it's no longer a threat to not just iraq but to the region and the united states. >> reporter: then, a few breaths later, the president appeared to soften that goal. >> we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence, its financing, its military capabilities to the point where it is a manageable problem.
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>> reporter: aides quickly told reporters that that comment was only an acknowledgement that isis could still pose a threat. it was an attempt to clean up the president's remarks. >> we don't have a strategy yet. >> reporter: after mr. obama admitted he didn't have a military plan for isis in syria, a remark the president explained further. >> it is very important, from my perspective, that when we send our pilots in to do a job that we know that this is a mission that's going to work. >> reporter: pivoting to the crisis in ukraine, he tried to reassure the smaller states that the acts of aggression will not move to the baltics next. the president made it all too clear he's not buying moscow's denials. >> the action of the separatists of ukraine and russia ought to
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be consigned to a distant history. >> reporter: to hammer that point, the president met with u.s. forces who will be stepping up their exercises in the region. >> thanks to all of you for stepping forward, for putting on a uniform, for serving in this mission which is so vital to the security of our nations. >> jim askos costa reporting th. the ukrainian president poroshenko announced progress towards a peace plan on wednesday after a conversation on the phone with russian president vladimir put tin but later the kremlin said it can't agree to a cease-fire because it's not involved in the conflict. >> translator: i very much count on ukrainian leadership supporting this emerging progress and bilateral relations and using the positive work of
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the contact group to achieve a comprehensive resolution in southeastern u krekraine. obviously with full consideration of the rights of the people who live there. >> listen, how can anyone be against peace? how can anyone reject the fact that people must stop dying? how can we stop these awful events today? >> well, today's summit in wales will focus on the crisis in ukraine and russia's alleged role in fueling it. u.s. president obama and british prime minister cameron set a joint op-ed in "the times of london" and said, russia has ripped up its rule book with its illegal, self-declared annexation of crimea and its troops on ukrainian soil threatening a sovereign nation state. nic robertson is joining us from
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wales. a clear effort to avoid the use of the word invasion. any particular reason there? >> yeah. clearly they feel that they don't want to go that far with their language. they certainly know that what they are proposing, rapid, trident military exercise in ukraine in about two weeks' time involving forces from nato, about 1,000 troops, 200 american troops. they are also proposing in a way for facing a threat from the east, they plan to preposition equipment and supplies bases towards the border with russia. we're talking about poland, the baltic states, to have a rapid succession of troops ready to be deployed at hours' notice and to
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rotate troops through those bases that they are establishing, bases to be used persistently as long as the perceived threat from russia exists. this is to build the confidence that nato will protect them if russia should increase a threat to them and also to bolster ukraine's resolve and strengthen ukraine's military. >> nic, there was confusion yesterday. the ukrainian president came out thinking that they had been discussing a cease-fire. now we're hearing from russia and in fact because russia says they are not involved there, they are not a part of what is going on in ukraine, how can they be a party to a cease-fire? what are we to make of that? very confused messages in that
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early conversation. >> and then it was followed up by president putin releasing a handwritten sketch of several points that he says should be addressed to bring about this peace and two of them in particular seem to stand out. of one of those, there is the ukrainian government forces should withdraw a distance from around the contested area where the rebels are and essentially that the rebels should be able to keep control of the territory that they've been fighting for. this seems to imply that kiev should see territory to bring about peace to the rebels. it's not clear at all if that's palatable or will fly. we've heard from president obama saying president putin's actions are going to be much more important than his words. it certainly does muddy the waters ahead of this nato summit, which is designed to send a very clear mess averaage
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russia and president putin. president putin has industritri outstep when they were going to deliver a very strong message. muddy the waters here, rosemary. >> yeah. of course the irony of all of this is nato set up originally to confront russian aggression. here they are in the days ahead trying to cope with that very issue. talk to us about what nato can do here. because so far we've seen europe and the united nations thumbing their nose at the eu and how far will nato be willing to go with this issue? >> the reality hasn't been tested. the reality that they are trying
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to prepare themselves for is to have a much quicker, rapid response force. however, this force that we're talking about is only thousands of troops, nato has tried this before over the past decade and has not been successful in carrying this through but there does seem to be a change here that they recognize they need to send a very clear message to moscow. the moscow itself has under go a sea change with its receipt for rec, style of involvement, green men in uniforms, unbadged uniformed coming across the border. first crimea and now supporting armaments and heavy weapons in eastern ukraine so a sea change in moscow being represented by a sea change here but not significant enough that people want to talk about an invasion, use that kind of language and how far would nato go. right now president obama put it
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on the line yesterday and said under chapter a of nato, they said, if there is a aggression from russia against you, we stand behind you. we are with you. we will defend you. a line is being drawn but how quickly and how far beyond that line nato is ready to go, the impression at the moment is it is not a leine that they are wanting to cross. >> nic robertson reporting there from newport in wales, many thanks for joining us live from the there. well, still to come on cnn, as ebola turns another doctor into a patient, we speak to some people who stared it in the face and survived.
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dr. rick sacra is the latest american to be infected with ebola. he was working for sim. he was not working directly with ebo ebola patients but he was delivering babies. >> his wife urged people to remember that men victims in
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western africa are not receiving adequate treatment. on wednesday his colleagues spoke about his work. >> you know, for most of his medical career he spent time in liberia, whether for full time staying there or coming back and forth as he's been doing for the past year. he even stayed during one of the horrible times of the civil wars where he evacuated his family but stayed behind to make sure that the people had the care that they needed. >> scientists are racing to come up with a vaccine but so far just don't have one. >> and the outbreak could get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: ebola has claimed more than 1900 victims.
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william pooley contracted the virus working as a volunteer nurse in sierra leone. on wednesday he was released from a london saying he feels very lucky. >> my symptoms never progressed to the worst status of the disease. people i've seen just dying horrible deaths, really. i had some unpleasant symptoms but nothing compared to some of the worst of the diseased. >> reporter: in the united states, nancy writebol is also seemingly ebola-free. last month the american missionary was fighting for her life after contracting the virus in liberia. she was flown back to the u.s. for treatment and released from an atlanta hospital two weeks ago. on wednesday, telling reporters she relied on her faith to get through the ordeal.
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>> i had no clue what was going to happen. of course i knew what the outcome could be. and yet there was no fear. there was just this sense of lords peace and presence with us and i thought, whether i live or whether i die, it's going to be okay. it's going to be okay. >> reporter: writebol and pooley are among a handful of patients who received the experimental drug called zmapp. not everyone who has taken zmapp has been cured and there are a limited number of doses so researchers are rushing to come up with a vaccine. meanwhile, health officials at the u.n. warn the virus is outpacing their efforts against it. >> six months into the biggest ebola outbreak in history, we are losing to contain it. >> reporter: doctors say it will get worst before it gets better and that up to 20,000 people may
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be infected before the outbreak ends. michael holmes, cnn. >> more than 3500 people have been infected across sierra leon and liberia. . two-thirds survival rate in new guinea. previous outbreaks were about 90%. even if they survive this disease, there are serious side effects. there is chronic inflammation around the eyes and the joints. if you survive it, it's great but you have a lifetime of complications that come with it.
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>> and to your organs. >> and to your immune system, yes. >> and it comes down to the best treatment and the problem is they can't really keep up with people getting infected and trying to get the level of treatment in those particular -- in that particular part of the world. some people -- doctors are so heroic to go into that region to deal with peaatients that are infected. coming up, a mother grieves for a son bullied to death by his fellow army recruit. how the military tried to cover up what happened. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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the mother of a south korean soldier worried about him serving so close to the north korean border but the real danger was closer than anyone realized. >> her to-year-old s20-year-old bullied to death. >> reporter: these are photos on his last day of training. 20 years old. the next time she sees him, he is in a hospital dead. the military says he died from choking on food, unable to explain these extensive injuries to his body. the next day they admit he was beaten. but it was months before a
10:24 pm
military human rights group revealed the true extent of his abuse. this wasn't just one time, his mother tells me, it happened over 30 days, sexual harassment, making him lick phlegm from the floor. bullying in south korea's military has been a problem for decades. we have a help line, he tells me, so you can talk to the military investigation unit to prevent things leak this but he did not make one single call. i feel very bad about that. he was told his family was at risk if he spoke up. nothing was done. six soldiers are now on military trial. four of them charged with
10:25 pm
murder. during the trial, she says, i was close enough to touch them but my heart stopped and i became speechless. they are just not human. i wanted to do to them what they did to my son. the military has since made some changes. parents can call and visit more often. leave is more flexible and barracks are being updated. but an army survey carried out in april as part of this investigation found almost 4,000 previously on reported cases of abuse, suggesting a problem that the military thought they had a grip on may be far more widespread than feared. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. well, tropical storm dolly made landfall in mexico. >> sometimes they hang out for a while and bringing the same kind of weather we've had over the last 24 hours across portions of
10:26 pm
northeast mexico. that includes north of the border and into texas where brownsville is getting hit with very heavy downpour at this hour. most of the activity is east of that. i'll show you the forecast in a second but first let's take you to mexico and show you what has been ongoing. look at this. this lady is not very happy. i don't know where she's going. you can't start a car or at least drive it in that kind of condition. at least that person had another idea. that's the scene or at least was and i think will be again tomorrow because we are going to continue to see more rainfall. the water that has begun to recede is just going to be replaced by additional heavy rainfall from what was tropical storm that moved in from the gulf of mexico. some of the rainfall tallies across northeastern mexico, pretty impressive. we'll see additional rainfall here and then at about 36 hours or so we'll get into much better
10:27 pm
shape as far as a drier weather pattern. about 130 millimeters of rainfall there, upwards of 5 inches in tampico on top of what they have had. more flooding is possible. and then we have action on the west. we have hurricane norbert here and that's impacting with the western parts of mexico. it's going to get very close and is going to parallel the baja peninsula. we're going to see very heavy rainfall and close enough, in fact, that we are going to be seeing impacts as far as wind as well. cabo san lucas, look at this one. it's hugging and almost trying to make a landfall there. we'll watch that closely. bringing very heavy rain across the same region. there you can see it at 100 miles an hour as hurricane continues to intensify. report card for the atlantic and pacific, the atlantic we've been
10:28 pm
doing pretty good here. below average, in fact. a tick down below where we should be. 13 named storms and we just keep turning them out. guys? >> yeah. >> thanks for the details. >> pretty certain now. >> thanks. well, investigators are learning new details about the man seen in the beheading videos posted online by isis. coming up here on cnn, why one expert says he may not be the executioner. plus, an isis defector tells cnn what the militant group has in store beyond iraq and syria.
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just past 10:30 on a wednesday night, we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john vause. >> and i'm rosemary church. we'll check the headlines at this hour. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside. >> tough talk on isis from vice president joe biden one day after the terror group released a video showing the execution of journalist steven sotloff. president barack obama says the u.s. objective is clear to degrade and destroy the islam's militants. >> the crisis in ukraine has prompted france to suspend delivery of a warship to russia. france says it is holding off because the conditions for the delivery have not been met. this is one of several that france was selling to russia. dr. rick sacra is the third american to be infected with
10:33 pm
ebola. he was working in western africa for the aid organization serving in mission known as s.i.m. but was not in direct contact with ebola patients. sacra is unlikely to receive the experimental zmapp drug as there are no doses available. the family of photo journalist steven sotloff is remembering him as the kind of person who always tried to help those who were more privileged than himself. >> executing sotloff is against the teachings of islam, a spokesman for the family quoted the koran and delivered a message in arabic asking the isis leader, where is your mercy? >> translator: you talk about islam and the noble koran, fight in the eyes of god and those that fight you and do not trans
10:34 pm
gres. i'm here in kindness. i do not have a sword in my hand and i'm ready for your answer. >> experts in the u.s. and britain are examining every frame of the isis video to identify the man who killed james foley and steve sotloff. >> they believe it's the same man in the videos. brian todd reports. >> reporter: cnn has learned that there is a forensic examination of the video of steven sotloff and james foley. they are looking at the man who may be the executioner, his mannerism, voice, and facial features. it appears to be the same man in both videos. in the sotloff video, notice the accent when he utters this phrase. >> you, obama, have you to -- >> compared to the foley video. >> you, obama. >> reporter: but a week and a half after being close to identifying him, british officials have no comment.
10:35 pm
how can they narrow down what they are looking for? the eyes are key. >> the eyes are absolutely key. they are going to be looking at the shape and the droop in all of these frames both in august 19th and september 2nd. >> reporter: during the iraq war, he examined every beheading video. the tilt of the militant's head is distinct, the way he holds the knife in his left hand. >> he laces up his boots in a very strange manner. he doesn't lace them up all the way in both september it nd and august 19th. he laces them up halfway which is not usual to do. >> in both videos, the moment of death is not shown so it's not clear who is killing either man. >> if you look at the videos that have the very end which -- where they are holding up the neck of the hostage, his hands are clean and his tunic is clean, suggesting he didn't do
10:36 pm
it. >> reporter: as horrific as these videos are, they are actually a recruiting tool for isis. >> people with this extreme ideology have an enormous pornographic attraction to these brutal attacks. it energizes them. they feel that isis is strong, it can stand up to the united states. it's a force to be reckoned with. >> reporter: and new information from u.s. officials about these two videos, they say the u.s. intelligence community has determined that the sotloff video was shot separately and later than the foley video so they were not shot in the same session. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> the u.s. defense secretary says all options are on the table to fight isis except a ground invasion. >> jim sciutto spoke to chuck hagel about the videos that showed the american journalist being killed. >> it makes you sick to your
10:37 pm
stomach. but it again reminds us of the kind of brutality and the barbarrism that is in some of these parts of the world and it is my responsibility, the president's responsibility, all of ours to stop this now because it won't just recede into the gray recesses of history until we stop it. >> chuck hagel there talking to our jim sciutto. now we have a rare conversation with a man who knows isis from the inside. he defected from the terror group in syria a few weeks ago. >> he sat down recently with our senior correspondent arwa damon and we have to warn, there are some graphic images. >> reporter: there is no sign here of the progressive city that it once was. now the sea of power for isis.
10:38 pm
gruesome crucifixions, public executions for anyone that insults god, executions of women that are not covered, beatings and imprisonment for keeping a store open during prayer time or selling cigarettes. their inhumane brutality is felt daily. not just here but across swaths of syria and iraq. now the so-called islamic state. there is a commission for the prohibition of vice tasked with punishing anyone who vie lights regulations. this man, a syrian in his 20s, defected from isis less than two weeks ago and still agrees with the ideology of isis. >> the main and principle goal of the islamic state is to establish an islamic state that
10:39 pm
will encompass the arab world and after that we go to the other countries. >> reporter: this is isis' central command, easily taken over by the organization after other fighting groups had already kicked the syrian army out of military bases in the area. isis has now opened a logistics supply line that extends into iraq. >> raqqa is close to the border of iraq. >> reporter: already drawing foreign fighters with estimates of several thousand from western countries. >> we are coming and we will destroy you. >> reporter: heightening concerns across europe with the uk recently raising its threat level from substantial to severe. the defector claims these foreigners could carry out attacks when they go home but the security measures in those countries may get difficult for
10:40 pm
now. >> since western fighters joined isis, they consider their home country as infidels. if they have a chance, they will carry out attacks because they think of it as an infidel country and it should be fought. >> reporter: it's perhaps also why a westerner was chosen to front the horrific beheading of journalist james foley. >> it's possible that the goal was to project that a western member murdered an american and make them feel that they belong to the same cause and they, too, can do anything in support of isis in their respective countries. >> reporter: and there is also the internal indoctrination of innocent minds. establishing more and more islamic schools and altering education. >> translator: philosophy is
10:41 pm
prohibited. they cancel it as a blasphemy. sports has been canceled from the school curriculum. >> reporter: there is fear among those who don't subscribe to isis' ideology but leaving is not a choice isis offers them. arwa damon, cnn, beirut. a short break now but coming up, the world watches as nato leaders prepare to send a message to moscow about the russian role in ukraine's deadly conflict. plus this -- >> we waited years and years. we have kept the faith. wait until god made the move. >> incredible. after serving 30 years for a crime they did not commit, two brothers are released from a north carolina prison. what one of them had to say in those very first moments as a free man. folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here
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welcome back. one of the most closely watched nato summits ever is about to get under way in newport wales and the battle for ukraine tops the agenda. >> and leaders say russian president vladimir putin is fueling the conflict and u.s. president barack obama agrees. elise labott reports. >> reporter: fresh smoke across eastern ukraine in donetsk. buildings reduced to rubble. signs the russian ukrainian cease-fire was unraveling even before it began. president obama said it's time to ratchet up pressure against russian aggression. >> it is a brazen assault, a sovereign and independent european nation. it challenges that most basic of principles of our international system. that borders cannot be redrawn
10:45 pm
at the barrel of a gun. >> reporter: last month, president obama's ambassador to the united nations laid out a trigger. >> any further intervention including one under the guise of humanitarian aid would be completely unacceptable and alarming. >> reporter: today the president said the red line has been crossed. >> the russian forces are not on a humanitarian or peace-keeping mission. they are russian combat forces with russian weapons in russian tanks. >> reporter: on the eve of the nato summit in wales, the u.s. is sending troops inside ukraine as part of the nato military drill this month. vladimir putin responded by flexing his nuclear muscle ordering up russia's nuclear forces to hold exercises of its own at the same time. president obama pledged to boost ukraine's military in a further dig at putin evoked one of russia's greatest fears.
10:46 pm
>> for countries that meet our standards and that can make meaningful contribution to allied security, the door to nato membership will remany open. >> reporter: a former u.s. ambassador to ukraine says that putin may take notice of president obama's tough talk but only if backed by action. >> it's time to provide more direct assistance to the ukrainian military. >> elise labott reporting there. stopping russian aggression is going to take more investment. >> and nato members must increase defense spending because russia already has. >> over the last five years, russia has increased its defense spending by 50% while an average nato allies have decreased defense spending by 20% and this is simply not sustainable. russia's illegal actions in
10:47 pm
ukraine are a wake-up call and it's time now to turn the corner, stop the cuts and gradually increase defense investments. >> nato members have a target to spend 2% of their gdp each year on defense but only four member states actually do that. >> and you can see up here in green, the united states spent the most at 4.4% of its gross don't met stick product. the uk spent 2.4%. estonia and greece made the target. >> that's surprising greece can given their financial problems. spain aspending less than 1% of the gdp. there is a review occurring on the police department in missouri after an officer shot and killed an african-american
10:48 pm
teenager. they will look at whether the force's operations meet regulations. this investigation is separate from another federal review specifically looking at the august 9th shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. staying in the united states, an unbelievable story of never losing hope. two half-brothers became free men on thursday after wrongfully serving three decades behind bars. >> and you might think the men would be bitter after all they have been through but their reaction might surprise you. amanda lamb has this story. >> reporter: 50-year-old mccollum will have many things to learn after serving 30 years behind bars. today he got help from fochad flowers. >> reporter: wral was the first
10:49 pm
tv station to hear from mccollum has he was released from federal prison. >> how do you feel? >> i thank god and give all of the praise and honor to him. >> reporter: there was an emotional reunion with his parents who plan to take him home to brunswick county. he and his brother spent 30 years in prison ever being convicted of raping and killing an 11-year-old girl when they were just teens. but then the commission discovered dna evidence that exonerated them. a judge found them innocent monday. news that was hard even for mccollum to believe. >> a lot of joy, rejoicing, happiness and everything. because i was very anxious when they told me this news and stuff. i wanted to get away from this place. >> reporter: he and his brother grew up in prison and lost decades of their lives.
10:50 pm
but he's not bitter. >> i'm not angry in my heart. i forgive them even though i don't like what they've done to me and my brother because they've taken 30 years away from me for no reason but i don't hate them. >> just incredible, that story. as dna testing becomes more common, a lot of innocent people are gaining their freedom. according to the innocent project, a total of 370 people in the u.s. have been exonerated because of dna tests and of those 18 had been sentenced to the death penalty before dna proved their innocence. on average, they served 13 years in prison before they were released. it is an interesting argument for those who do not support the death penalty. >> yeah, absolutely. all right. still to come here on cnn, the first openly gay player in the nfl finds a new team but will michael sam get any playing time. and a public relations blunder. details on the contest it
10:51 pm
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welcome back. the first openly gay football player here in the u.s. has been snapped up by the cowboys. he was released by the st. louis rams over the weekend. >> but now he will be on the cowboys practice squad but the owner says that he could evolve into a contributor for the team which has had a lot of injuries on its defensive line. >> he's relentless in his work. he's relentless as a rusher and he's going to have to make up for a little speed. he's going to have to make up for a little size but how many times have we seen that happen? that's what makes football. >> jones also said the rams' head coach had nothing but kind
10:53 pm
words for sam. and u.s. fast food workers are going to walk off their jobs to get their minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. restaurants including mcdonald's, burger king and kfc will be a affected in more than 150 cities. >> the average fast food worker makes $9 an hour. that would make a family of four well below the poverty line. the federal wage has been stuck at $7.25 an hour. if they double the minimum wage, it would add -- i think the number is 69 cents to the cost of a big mac. that's it. >> amazing. >> which is the argument for raising the minimum wage. malaysia airlines has been in the spotlight but now the company's new contest is making the headlines to boost ticket sales, the company launched a
10:54 pm
contest called my ultimate bucket list. they are giving away free economy tickets and ipads. >> unbelievable. however, listing things you want to do before you die proved to be just too much for many. 537 people lost their lives when flight 370 and mh-17 crashed this year. malaysia airlines later renamed the contest. heavy rains continue and floods parts of asia. let's go to ivan cabrera for all of the details. >> folks in china have been getting around by boat the last couple of days. that's how bad it's been with refers a rivers and streams overflowing. the weather has pushed further to the south. japan has been hit hard. the numbers speak for themselves. wettest august that we've seen in a very long time in western
10:55 pm
japan as a result of a couple of typhoons. we had a boundary that set up and just rained incredibly across the entire month here in western japan. locally heavy rain on tap for you and improving weather continues now as we look at scatter itt scattered showers. a couple of areas of disturbed weather. the western pacific, we always watch this. it's typhoon season. this is very close to the philippines. this area is going to move off to the north and will develop and likely we're going to be following this one. this will probably get a name. this is a mess here with heavy rain and the second one will enhance the monsoon across the philippines. look at this. when the storms position themselves to the north and east of the philippines, essentially they pull moisture from the south china sea and there you see manila with very heavy rain. all right. let's check out the united
10:56 pm
states. it's been a mess here across the southeastern u.s. and i'll teach you a new word. we had a toad strangler. >> what did you call it? >> a duck drowner, a tchl ooa strangler. >> you are not making this up? >> no. hot in the south and temperatures in the 90s in dallas. now, if you'll excuse me, there is a juicy twitter fight i must go and check out. >> it's over. i ended it. >> i missed it. all right. >> thank you for bringing it up. bye. well, if you've ever scolded your dog for chewing up your things, wait until you hear
10:57 pm
this. a veterinarian in oregon had to remove 43 socks from a 3-year-old great dane. >> the dog was vomiting and the x-ray showed the socks were tangled up inside. the surgery to remove them went well and also the dog helped the animal hospital win third place in a contest for weird x-rays. it makes you wonder what came in first and second. >> it does, doesn't it? it actually happens more than you think. maybe not 43 socks but -- >> that does it for this hour of cnn's special coverage. i'm rosemary church. >> please stay with us. we'll have new details about al qaeda's leader announcing a new branch. we'll go live to new delhi. why they are targeting south asia. also, in an hour from now, nic robertson will be
10:58 pm
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