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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  September 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and viewers i and around the world. >> good to have you with us, u.s. president obama prepares to unveil his strategy. and throwing the country into cease-fire. we'll go live to kiev. also, a hollywood sendoff, turning out to pay their last respects to the groundbreaking comedienne, joan rivers. >> and thank you for joining us. well, barack obama says he is confident that america and its regional powers will be able to wipe out isis. >> and the president is planning
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a national address on wednesday to explain what he calls his game plan for the offensive against the terror group. >> the president has been clear, no boots on the ground or in syria, listen to how he explained it on "meet the press." >> this is not going to be an announcement about u.s. ground troops. this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. what this is is similar to the counterterrorism campaigns that we have been engaging in consistently over the past six or seven years. >> reporter: and we expect the president to explain his strategy like whether or not he will seek air strikes in syria, it will be tricky because the u.s. does not support the syrian government. now we will wait to see if he seeks approval.
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many think he should, like senator ted cruz. >> it should absolutely take congressional approval. >> now president obama said he wants the american people to understand why isis poses a direct threat and that the united states can do something about it. up until now it has been unclear what the american people think, there has been virtually no polling on it. and that is why the president has to make his case. >> and the arab league is joining to confront isis. they agree to take necessary steps against the terror group. it is not clear if it would mean troops. the u.n. calling on nations to suppress the flow of fighters and other support to the islamic extremist groups in syria and elsewhere. and u.s. helping to fight.
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>> trying to beat the dam of sunni extremist, the dam provides water to the southwest of the country, and on the visit to georgia, chuck hagel explains why that site is so important. >> if that dam fell into isol's hands, or if that dam would be destroyed the damage that that would cause would be very significant. it would put a significant additional and big risk into the mix in iraq, which also would risk our interests as well. >> isis fighters have attacked the dam several times before but have yet to seize it. >> cnn has more now on the u.s./iraqi joint effort to try to protect the site. >> reporter: backed by u.s. air cover and air strikes, iraqi ground forces launched an offensive on sunday morning to regain control of areas around
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the hadditha dam. officials say this is an ongoing operation but they have made some advances they say clearing some isis positions in the region. now, haditha dam is in the province bordering syria, that is where we saw isis make its first advances. earlier in the year in january it took control of large parts of anbar province, including key cities like fallujah. they have remained under the control of tribes in the area. there have been continuous attempts by isis to capture that key dam. trying to do that they have been targeting the dam using an area about six miles west of haditha. and officials have been really
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concerned about these attacks which have included mortar attacks, saying they worry it could damage the dam and cause flooding in anbar province and other parts of the country. and that is why they requested support from the u.s. military to try and gain control of the area. this is really an expansion of the u.s. military operations here as we saw, they have been really focused in the northern part of the country. and they have now moved to the western part of iraq. yet again, really shifting that balance on the ground in favor of iraqi ground troops. >> all right, the other big story we were watching. a tense calm in eastern ukraine where a fragile cease-fire between pro-russian separatists is in jeopardy of unraveling. >> gunfire erupted there where the violence turned deadly. city officials say one person
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was killed, others wounded. each side blames the other for the fighting. how close is this cease-fire to collapsing and what is the latest on the fighting? >> reporter: yeah, john, it is very, very hard to say. and i think in many ways it depends on how you look at it. over the past 24 hours we've seen relative calm in the battlefield and neither side has come out and declared the cease-fire is over. so if you're an optimist, i suppose you look at it and say both sides want to hold onto the cease-fire. by any measure this cease-fire has been violated severely on numerous occasions with weapons being fired and shelling. the most significant flare-up started saturday night, right outside the port city of
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maripol. you have the rebels on one side, others on the other side, the ukrainian volunteers, there was shelling that destroyed a gas station and injured several others. cnn was there at this very same location when they observed more shelling. a very troubling incident where civilians in a car were targeted. several people were injured. a 33-year-old woman was killed. this is the first fatality during the cease-fire. and in other areas where the conflict is, especially? the city of donesk, it is hard to say who is doing the shooting. both sides blame the other. we should point out that on both sides of the conflict there are extremist elements who may not abide by the chain of command on both sides and therefore not abide by the cease-fire. they may have different aims of
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sabotaging the cease-fire. we have not verified it, john, but it could be part of the cause. >> so part of the cease-fire they agreed to on friday was that kiev was to give greater authority. how has that been received especially since the parliamentary elections are coming up next month. >> reporter: yeah, i think when you look at this country, most people want the fighting to end, want a compromise, and seemingly want a compromise, that would be for kiev to give the rebels some kind of autonomy, in exchange for the pro-rebel government. if that happens they will support a united and sovereign ukraine. seemingly that could be a compromise. but at this point if they have not even started to address the bigger issues, both sides are still focusing on the cease-fire. and if this is kept intact then
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the plan is to address the bigger issues sometime down the road. >> a lot of big issues to be tackled. thank you. and the president's stinging rebuke of hamas, we'll show you the growing rift between the palestinian leaders. also a deadly monsoon soaks parts of southeast asia. relish...the sweet pleasure of delivered straight to your face in accomodation paradise.
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news agencies are reporting the country's supreme leader has undergone prostate surgery in tehran. they say the operation on the ayatollah is a success, it is not clear whats condition was before the procedure. the operation was not disclosed until after it was done. the 75-year-old was quoted as saying, no reason to worry. well, palestinian president abbas had strong words for hamas at an arab league meeting in cairo. the sharp message calls into question the future of the unity government now in place between hamas, the militant group that controls hamas and the party in the west bank. more from jerusalem with details. so ian, let's talk about this sharp message, what this all means for the growing rift between the palestinian leaders and how hamas has responded to it. >> reporter: well, rosemary,
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mahmoud ahmadinejad's main complaint was that hamas was running a shadow government in gaza. you may remember back in april when they formed a military government, these ministers, mahmoud ahmadinejad are saying they're not allowed to operate and get to their work and saying the deputy ministers of the former people running gaza, these are people who belong to hamas are the ones who are actually doing the operations in gaza. so there is that fight there. now hamas has come out and said that this is not something you should talk about in the open. this is not something you should go to the media about. that this is something they should leave to dialogue between the two sides. this is an indication of the growing tension between the two sides. a recent poll said if there were elections right now for the presidency, that hamas's poll
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leader would defeat president abbas by a wide margin. so it looks like his authority, even if there were elections, which that is the end goal is to have fresh elections with this unity government, his future would be called into question anyway. >> yeah, interesting, israel's operation chief has criticized prime minister netanyahu for not negotiating with mr. abbas in this situation and trying to isolate hamas at the same time. is there likely to be any change? >> reporter: well, israel is happy with what we're seeing right now. this rift, they first came out and condemned it. condemned the palestinian authority dealing with hamas saying that they're dealing with terrorists. so they welcome this rift. they say that mahmoud abbas can only deal with the future of the palestinian people.
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but when you look at cairo and the negotiations that take place there hamas was the force behind the last war we saw there. they were the ones who had to come to some sort of agreement. now, the palestinian president was there to help with the negotiations. but it was led by hamas, and so they're the ones that really came out of this war looking like the victors, at least when it comes to the palestinians who said that -- the majority of them said that hamas won that. so it is looking very much weak from the palestinian president. and hamas looking a lot stronger now. and this does have a lot of israelis and a lot of them in the government concerned. >> all right, ian lee, many thanks to you reporting live from jerusalem. and monsoon season in southeast asia has killed more than 250 people. >> yes, landslides and flood waters inundated parts of pakistan and china. they are trying to reach people
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stranded. >> reporter: hundreds of people have been killed. hundreds more have been injured in this heavy rainfall that has led to flooding right across pakistan, in particular, in the far north. it borders with china, lower down pakistan, lower cashmere, which borders india, both areas border india. the bread bowl of the country, a lot of agriculture land there has also been affected. the worst infected in fact, a number of rivers and reservoirs being kept a close eye on. thankfully, though, the rain has now stopped. but on friday and saturday more than a foot of rain falling on friday alone. causing serious concern. now pakistan doesn't have emergency services or search and rescue operations and groups on standby for these kind of situations, even though this has
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become an annual occurrence. but, they rely on the military and the national disaster management authority to carry out the rescue efforts, 14 helicopters have been used, three boats have been used to rescue people so far. and because this is agriculture land livestock is also been rescued. and of course, the serious concerns about the economic impact of the flooding in this agriculture area. pakistan, india and china and thailand all affected by heavy rainfall over the last few days. islamabad, pakistan. and standing by for all the details, we saw from saturday how desperate the situation is, how much damage is caused by all of this. >> guys, it is going to improve at least weather-wise, that is the case. would you believe if it i told you we're 11% below normal, so
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it has been a quiet start. what happened in recent days causing the problems, courtesy of the meteorology department here, it brings about 90% of the rain across this portion. red line is considered normal. the green bars actually are what has occurred in the actual rainfall department. much of it in the first couple of months was below the normal line. we hit a few spikes in july and august. this really caused the destruction as the heaviest of the rainfall came down, we're going to say 13 to 15 inches in a couple of day's time. nearly 400 millimeters of rainfall. people here literally getting up to higher grounds where the destructive force of the water here, bridges are completely buckling as the water moves
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through. the worst in 60 years, folks are literally forced into makeshift shelters like that where 15,000 just on sunday were forced to leave their properties and homes behind, and some even stranded on roof tops at this hour just because of how challenging it is to get to some of the locations where the rains are coming counsel. now the satellite imagery is showing you what happens at this hour. notice the central region of india getting the thunderstorms. but the area of concern is right here across the northern-most region of india on into pakistan. and that is where the hardest hit region is. the warnings have been removed from the region. so at this point the rainfall coming down is coming in different locations than the areas hardest hit. it would be about 13 inches, closing on 15 inches in lahore. a lot of people dealing with this rainfall. we know airports in some of the
11:20 pm
areas, regional airports, the flights have now been put away for the last five to seven days just because of the amount of water on the runways. >> a pretty scary situation, with disease, and people living in close conditions. pedram, thank you. a short break now, but just ahead, comedienne joan rivers was laid to rest sunday. find out how those who mourned her also celebrated her life. that is straight ahead. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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. the pipers played "give my regards to broadway" in tribute to a woman who devoted her life to the stage, joan rivers, who made many people laugh. >> she certainly did. on sunday, comedians and celebrities alike gathered in new york to bid her farewell. rivers had said she wanted a hollywood funeral with lights, candle and action. >> she got it. her farewell was as unconventional as the woman herself. >> reporter: the stylish sendoff complete with a bagpipe salute for the original queen of comedy, joan rivers. her daughter and grandson saying good-bye. >> this is such a private
11:24 pm
moment. and i think that melissa has handled it with dignity and refinement in the way the mother, joan, would really have wanted this to be. >> it was a-list all the way. very regal and elegant. >> reporter: but not without laughter. >> howard stern opened up talking about how dry joan was, such a classic example of how she would take a very sad process and make light of it. >> hugh jackman performed a song, lifting spirits. >> for everybody in there, it was a cathartic moment. >> rivers was remembered by her daughter, and friends, among them, deborah norville. >> it was joan all the way. the sanctuary was filled with white orchids. you can't see the altar because there are so many flowers.
11:25 pm
she planned every step of it. >> new york city's gay men's chorus, thrilling the crowd, singing "big spender." celebrities like whoopi goldberg and donald trump. stars filling the pews, diane sawyer, kathy griffin also there to send off a comedy legend. >> she influenced all comedians, i admired her, i felt like she was my aunt. if there is a god i hope she is well dressed today. >> joan would say it went off exactly as i planned it. exactly as i envisioned it. it happened sooner than i wanted it but it was perfect when it happened. >> reporter: designer carolina
11:26 pm
herrera was escorted by her husband. >> a celebrity-studded send off, fitting for a star among them. >> joan rivers' friends came out saying that melissa rivers, joan's daughter, was stoic and composed, and even able to make the audience laugh a little bit, very much her mother's daughter. >> i loved that she said she didn't want an ordinary sendoff, she wanted meryl streep crying in five different accents. >> she was very funny. she always said that, that she would work up to the end. she never wanted to retire. >> she said there would be nothing worse than a boring death. >> she got everything she wanted. all right, we'll take a short break right now. he was born near london, that is where he was raising his own three children. >> but then he left home and became a suicide bomber to isis. we'll have his story after the break.
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. on a sunday night on the west coast, in the united states, if you are watching in the united states thank you for joining us. welcome back to our viewers around the world. i'm rosemary church, we do want to check the headlines for you. sporadic violence is creating a rift. shelling broke out near the airport near donetsk on sunday. both sides blame the others for the rift on friday. >> the u.s. president says on wednesday he will explain what america's game plan will be against the isis militants. barack obama says the u.s. will
11:31 pm
start to go on some offense against the terror group. and he is confident that america and its regional partners will be able to wipe out isis. u.s. air strikes are hitting isis positions in iran and anbar province. they're trying to keep the sunni extremists from seizing the haditha dam. isis has attacked haditha several times but has yet to seize the vital site. >> and it is believed that british-born citizens have gone to help the isis militants. >> yes, one of them is a 40-year-old father of three who grew up near london. he is the first believed to have joined the mission. >> he is her son who never came home. happier times, british-born
11:32 pm
majid with his first bike in the '70s. fast forward to february, posing with jihadi fighters, moments before his suicide mission in syria. he phoned his brother back in england a week before. >> he said that he loved us all very, very much. and he said i know you're looking after the family, you're doing a very good job. and that if i have done any wrongs in my life, i hope you can forgive me. >> he was born just outside london, pakistani parents with what is believed to be a normal childhood. child friends, new car, and relatives who fought in the british army. here in his hometown, they link him to a muslim hate preacher and a muslim radical convicted of a terror plot.
11:33 pm
but he was never accused of any crime. >> he was for speculation, a jihadist, a who wanted to fight and commit terror on the streets. >> reporter: last summer, majid, who drove a highway maintenance truck for a living went to syria on this aid convoy organized by a british charity. his wife and three children stayed home. his friend went with him. >> he just raised the issue, you know, he asked me how i felt about it. and he said let's just do it. >> reporter: photos show majid volunteering in refugee camps. so just why would the man become one. >> the horror, the stories he would have heard out there, i think that would have gave him the courage and the strength to do his best to help as many people as he can. >> mahmoud said they met syrian
11:34 pm
rebels in the camps. >> you would -- you know, you would hear of people swapping from group to group. unsure of who to fight with. >> reporter: but mahmoud says he had no idea that majid had been recruited. his suicide mission was conducted by chechen forces. >> he was obviously at peace. he obviously -- the idea was not troubling him in any way. and i can only put that down to faith, really. an idea of where you know, he is going. >> reporter: this is the video of majid's attack on the aleppo prison, before the regime is reported to have torturing hundreds of prisons. >> we feel no shame whatever in
11:35 pm
what majid did. his intentions were bona fide to the heart. >> reporter: but the uk government did not share that view. >> as soon as we took one breath, the police locked the door with the search warrant. under the provision of the terrorism act. >> reporter: a complex portrait of how a british boy became a suicide bomber and a mother who just can't believe her son is gone. >> i don't know, god knows, i don't know. >> reporter: carl penhall, cnn, london. many questions for that family. well, the british government is promising to give scotland more control over its financial and social programs if voters reject independence in a referendum this month. now, this comes as a new poll of decided voters put support for scottish independence since the
11:36 pm
counts began. they offer the government more autonomy on taxes, spending and welfare, but it remains to be seen whether the offer will work. one analyst said that many in scotland identify with both british and scottish heritage. >> in truth we have to remember because scotland has been a part of the kingdom for over 300 years, and in truth has volunteered in some sense to join the union in the first place. it has been a full row in the uk's history. many people have a british and scottish sense of identity. >> and scottish voters vote on the issue on september 18th. >> yeah, we'll have more coverage leading up to that on cnn. meanwhile, lawmakers in the united states urging president obama to work with congress on immigration reform instead of taking executive action. that is after mr. obama said he is delaying any such action
11:37 pm
until after congressional elections which are due to take place in november. >> and now those on both sides of the immigration reform debate say the issue is a political move to help democrats try to maintain control of the senate. the president rejected that notion on nbc's "meet the press." take a listen. >> not only do i want to make sure that the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. but here is the other thing, chuck, and i'm being honest about the politics of it. this problem with unaccompanied children that we saw a couple of weeks ago where you had from central america a surge of kids who are showing up at the border. got a lot of attention. and a lot of americans started thinking we've got this immigration crisis on our hands. and what i want to do is when i take executive action i want to make sure that it is sustainable. >> hundreds of migrants are in
11:38 pm
northern france waiting for their chance to stow away to britain, many are waiting to get across to britain. on sunday, many tried to force their way onto a ferry. dan rivers has more. >> reporter: lee is filled with dread each time he nears this area. he secures his truck as best as he can. but as i'm about to find out, these defenses will be tested in broad daylight by desperate migrants trying to get into britain. >> sometimes it is more like a war zone than how it use to be. if you go anywhere here, 99% sure you will get immigrants in your trailer. >> reporter: he takes us down a famous back road, diesel alley, lined with migrants from africa who are desperate to get on a truck to get to britain. like this man in red, he tests lee's defenses as we slow down at the traffic lights.
11:39 pm
the migrants might think it is funny, but drivers like lee face a 2,000-pound fine for each stowaway found in his vehicle. he keeps them out. >> each time they run a gauntlet with hundreds trying to get in the truck. the situation is so bad, they are trying to stop within three hours of the port. but even when they get inside the supposedly secure area of the port they're still not safe. this was the chaotic scene late in the afternoon, migrants on the rampage as police struggle to gain control. and this passenger footage shows when they are caught they are simply released without even fingerprinted. despite the warnings. >> they were not being
11:40 pm
fingerprinted despite the recommendation of the authorities. if made a recommendation that it should change. >> reporter: the home office says it is reviewing arrangements, but migrants we spoke to said nothing has changed yet. this man has been trying to get into britain for six months and says when he is caught on the lorry, he is simply released and never prosecuted. there are hundreds like them living off food handed out by a french charity, sending every day trying to get into britain. entire families risking their lives to cross the channel. >> well, u.s. researchers say an experimental ebola vaccine has proved successful in tests on lab monkeys. the monkeys were infected with ebola five weeks after being given the drug and showed no signs of developing the disease. the immunity can extend to ten months if combined with a booster shot. the study by the u.s. national institutes of health was
11:41 pm
published in the journal of major medicine. the disease has now killed more than 2,000 people in west africa. and also promising, an american missionary infected with ebola is showing some signs of improvement. yes, dr. rick sacra contracted ebola in liberia and is now being treated in omaha. his wife says he is very sick and weak but has improved slightly, enough to ask for something to eat. okay, well, it has gone to a company that is bigger than amazon and ebay combined. and now, alibaba's shares are up for grabs. next, we preview what could be the biggest ever stock market debut. um 24hr finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™
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. the wait is nearly over for the latest product launches from apple. >> as usual, the tech giant is not saying a whole lot about what is actually in store for the event on tuesday. but industry experts say the company is likely to unveil a pair of new iphones with much bigger screens. there are also rumors that a smart watch on a new mobile payment accept may just be announced. >> well, our colleagues at have put together a list of some other things we might see at apple's big event and you can check it all out at yes, and alibaba, publishing the initial offering at the new
11:45 pm
york stock exchange. >> they plan to price the shares between 60 and $66 which could make it the biggest debut ever. >> reporter: alibaba, the chinese ecommerce giant is seeking up to $20 billion in an ipo, that would make it the largest, just to put it in context the company would be worth $167 billion. that would make it one of the most valuable companies in the world. now, the road show kicks off on mond monday. that is when the company's investors and bankers will meet with the company and try to encourage them to invest on this deal. alibaba is already a behemoth in china, with 200 million active buyers on their site.
11:46 pm
they have an interest in ali pay, which is a huge investment in china. we'll have to see how the users react to this deal. >> and in the market for a really small, really, really small reasonably priced house in monda london, if you don't have a problem with the bathroom being close to the kitchen, this could be your house. >> this is only 188 square feet, about 17 square meters. located in the fashionable neighborhood here, everything you need in one cozy room. do you like that, john? >> this trendy room will set you back about $146,000. it is a steal considering the average price for a home in london is over a million dollars. >> you couldn't help yourself, the style looks good, just needs a little more space. >> all right, coming up here on
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cnn, before and after the devastation. as california battles one of the worst droughts in history, we'll visit one of the areas that turned from field into desert. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood
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11:50 pm
contributing to the wildfires. >> reporter: a healthy and full lake in northern california. there is only one problem. this picture is three years old. and now i'm walking on top of that very same bridge, take a look. it is a virtual desert. this is what drought looks like in the state of california. here is another before and aside -- side by side. and another report shows it could actually trigger earthquakes. more on that in a moment. first, this is lake ohroville, boater's reservoir when it is full. they hope to grow much of the nation's fruits and vegetable v >> we have 167 miles of shoreline. >> reporter: he took us on the
11:51 pm
boat to see the shoreline, it is more astounding up close. the drought has created a canyon, a hillside of rock that is normally covered by water. the water level is down by more than 200 feet. it is a common sight throughout the state. most of california's mondajor reservoirs are less than half full. >> what would we be seeing? >> we would be seeing the water more than half up the hillside. >> more than half of the state is in extreme drought, messages of no showers in communities. and farmers losing their crops. >> it is like warning -- our product is dead. >> jesse rodriguez grows table grapes and estimates he will lose 40% of his crop this year due to the drought. >> the water is the main thing
11:52 pm
here, without water we cannot survive. >> with low reservoirs farmers are having to pump water out of the ground. and if that is not bad enough, there is information from researchers who believe the depletion of the ground water could trigger earthquakes. they conclude that so much weight causes the earth to spring upward and the change in pressure can cause the quakes. >> earthquake are those mysterious things that happen under our feet. so having a way for people to cause these earthquakes to happen is unsettling. >> reporter: experts say the quakes would be small and unlikely to cause any damage. still, it's yet another example of why this drought is causing so much stress to both the land and the mental well being of nearly an entire state. dan simon, cnn, oroville,
11:53 pm
california. >> it is a bad drought, about 80% of california is about extreme or exceptional drought right now. and it has been that way for such a long time. >> yeah, it's tough. and so much needed rainfall may be on its way to the southwest. let's turn to our meteorologist, pedram javaheri for more. >> yes, there are a lot of people talking about the potential for rainfall. it is so dry, a lot of the moisture, before it falls to the ground it evaporates. it just doesn't come to the ground, you take a look at the numbers, 60% of california. worst case scenario, nearly 60% in the exceptional category and you take the severe drought all the way up to exceptional. 95% of the state covering. really the only areas not dealing with exceptional drought right there in the mohave desert, which of course is used to drought and dry conditions. so that is the region with the least amount of population when
11:54 pm
you talk about california's deserts. a scenario that doesn't have the worse case scenario taking place. here you have the lone glimmer of hope at least for some areas. this is what is left of tropical storm norbert. i want to loop it for you, showing you what happens, winds roughly 45 to 50 miles per hour as it fizzles apart. what it does is enhance the southerly flow pushing in towards the sea of cortez in the couple of coming days. the moisture will certainly move in towards the region, as well. the models are depicting this. scattered thunderstorms over the portion of northeastern california. this is the mogellan rim, here, all the way out to the out skirts of las vegas where you have some rainfall coming down in the coming days, so not going
11:55 pm
to do much when it comes to aiding the areas that need it the most, in greater los angeles all the way up to the san joaquin valley. but flood warnings and watches in some of the areas. should be 103 in farenheit, scattered showers a possibility. las vegas cools off to about five degrees. i want to share this video for you. pretty impressive haboob taking place in the past 24 hours. in these dust storms, sand storms can get up as high as 8,000 feet or 2500 meters. that is the phoenix skyline going into the dark, the past few hours, the last haboob, guys. >> that is a very impressive haboob, it does seem to be the haboob season. >> we can't get much rain, but certainly can get the dust storms. >> there is a lot riding on the el nino, there is the moment
11:56 pm
that comes when there is the changing weather. >> it began with potentially the best el nino season for rainfall, the infamous season across southern california. and at this point it is now fizzling out. so that is the bad news, yeah. >> okay, thank you, pedram. all right, we turn to tennis, i am sure you all know this by now. serena williams won the u.s. open tournament, bringing her amount of grand slam titles to 18. she beat wozniacki. it was williams' third consecutive win at the tournament, her sixth overall. now to the men's side, two grand slam finalists square off on monday, cilic takes on nishikori and the 11th seed. he managed to stop novak
11:57 pm
djokovic. >> feverish, in fact. all right, well, the u.s. president is preparing to unveil his strategy to fight isis militant militants in iraq and syria. after the break, we'll go live to baghdad. >> please stay with us, the news continues, you're watching cnn. anncr: now you can merge the physical freedom of the car, with the virtual freedom of wi-fi. chevrolet, the first and only car company to bring built-in 4g lte wi-fi to cars, trucks and crossovers. hi mom. you made it! anncr: it's the new independence.
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