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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  September 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around world. >> a major milestone, the united states hails a new unity government for iraq, ahead of a push against isis militants. a race against time. authorities struggle to reach people cut off by days of monsoon rains. >> a modern version of the odd couple. presidents clinton and bush open up about a friendship years in the making. >> i want to say one thing nice about my friend here. i'll say more than one thing, but this one particular thing --
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>> and we begin with a new government in iraq and new hopes that it will help turn the tide against the growing threat of isis. >> abadi was sworn in on monday. the new government is supposed to include disenfranchised sunnis and kurds. and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is calling this a major milestone. >> just a few hours ago, overcoming the obstacle of ethnic and sectarian divides, the iraqi government approved a new government for a strong iraq, a united iraq, and to give those communities the chance to build the future that all iraqis desire and deserve. >> secretary of state kerry is heading to the middle east later
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today to rally regional support for president obama's plan to defeat isis. >> president obama will take that plan to congressional leaders today before going public on wednesday. >> reporter: the white house brings president obama's speech to the country, the world on the isis threat which he will deliver on the eve of september 11 like this. >> to make sure that the people understand what is at stake for our nation in this ongoing violence that we're seeing in iraq and syria. he also wants to describe what sort of tools are at the disposal of the american government. does that mean the president may have something new to say in the speech? he might. >> reporter: but will that mean striking isis in syria? that remains to be seen. here's how the president previewed the speech. >> i'll make a speech and describe what our game plans are going to be going forward. but this is not going to be an announcement about u.s. ground troops.
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this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. what this is, is similar to the kinds of counter terrorism campaigns that we've been engaging in consistently over the last five, six, seven years. >> reporter: a new cnn poll shows 50% of the american people are ready and willing to use military force, that's up from 34% a year ago. when asked directly today, has a decision been made yet on air strikes inside syria, the white house would say only the u.s. is willing to go wherever necessary to deal with the threat, comparing it to the decision to go after osama bin laden in pakistan, and saying if that decision is coming it would be the president who would announce it. what is becoming clearer is that all of this is going to take a while. secretary of state kerry told the new international coalition at the nato summit that it could take three years to defeat isis. also this last week from the deputy national security adviser. >> it's going to take time, and
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it will probably go even beyond this administration to get to the point of defeat. >> sobering, certainly. two officials tell cnn they may have identified the masked man in the video that showed the killing of james foley. >> they believe he's tied to an extremist group in london. but the officials failed to name him citing the ongoing investigation and fearing it might endanger the hostages. there's no word yet on whether it's the same masked man seen in the video of steven sotloff, the second american journalist killed by isis. another big story we are following. the world health organization worries that the number of ebola victims will rise in the next
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few weeks. >> untreated patients are being forced to return home where they then infect others. >> a countrywide lockdown is being planned so authorities can go door to door and identify victims. >> doctors without borders has warped that the plan could lead to more cases being driven underground. the government says its priority is to stop the spread of the disease. >> they only talking about it from the curative point of view, looking after the sick. their caregivers. what we are more concerned about is the social mobilization. 0.02% of the population. that is just about 1,000 people have been affected by this. we still have 5, 999,000 people who have not been infected.
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>> according to the world health organization, there's now 4,000 cases of ebola in west africa, more than 2,000 have been fatal. the highest death toll is in liberia where more than 1,000 people have died. more than 500 people have died in guinea, almost as many in sierra leone. one case in senegal. back in the unit, ray rice was a star american football player at the top of his game. now he's banned from professional football. >> this is all the result of footage released by tmz sports which shows the player punching his future wife. we have a warning here. the footage you're about to see is disturbing. people will be upset by this. but with analysis of this video coming out, rice was suspended from the national football league, his coach could only wish him well. >> it's something we saw for the
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first time today, all of us. and it changed things, of course. you know, it made things a little bit fferent. i don't know if i want to get into all the details about it. i think it's pretty obvious and pretty apparent. everybody's seen the video, and we'll just leave it at that. >> now this incident actually happened back in february. ray rice back then was initially suspended for two games. >> yeah, just two. rachel nickels have more on how the newly released video changed everything for the football star. >> reporter: the controversy had stretched for months. but in the end, the resolution came quickly. first, this afternoon, ray rice was cut from the baltimore ravens. then just minutes later suspended indefinitely by the nfl. the catalyst for this sudden change? this video acquired by tmz, showing rice punching his then fiance, janay palmer in an atlantic city elevator, and dragging her limp body halfway
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out of the door, dropping her on her face with her skirt hiked up. he had already been suspended in july, receiving a two-game suspension. at the time he said he was sorry for what he'd done. >> my actions were inexcusable. and that's something i have to live for, have to live with the rest of my life. >> still, the light penalty sparked heated debate. the nfl was eventually forced to create a more stringent domestic violence policy with commissioner roger goodell acknowledging, quote, i didn't get it right. simply put, we have to do better. but it wasn't until this morning when the public was able to see the incident unfold in real time that the debate transformed to outrage, even from fellow nfl players. denver broncos terance nighten tweeted that man should be thrown out of the nfl and thrown into jail. shame on those deciding his punishment.
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and sage rosen fells. i wonder how many games suspension would have been if that was roger goodell's daughter lying there. they said no one had seen it until today. that only sparked more questions. if tmz had obtained the video, why hadn't the nfl? what other flaws had there been in the league's investigation? finally just after 2:00, the double-barreled discipline to rice came down. but with other players currently active in the nfl despite having been arrested on domestic violence charges, steve young is one of the many still wondering how much further the nfl has to go. >> fundamentally, ft. nfl is going to have a no-tolerance policy for domestic abuse, we have to back it up. we can't be backing it with a video. any company in this country, if that happens, they don't, they send you home. they might pay you, but you don't play, you don't come to
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work until we figure this out. >> and that was cnn's rachel nichols there. >> a statement released by the white house said the president is the father of two daughters, and like any american, he believes that domestic violence is contemptible and unacceptable in a civilized society. hitting a woman is not something a real man does, and that's true whether an act of violence happens in the public eye or far too often behind closed doors. stopping domestic violence is something that's bigger than football. he goes on to say all of us have a responsibility to put a stop to it. >> of course, in the past, the message has been it's just fine. you just keep playing. it's not a problem. maybe it's time for a change. >> they call it the teflon nfl for a long time, because there have been a lot of times when players have been arrested for a lot of crimes and they seemed to have walked away and nobody's
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worried about it and now people are saying this could be a turning point. well, a new men's tennis champion has been crowned. marin cilic served 17 aces in a lopsided victory that barely lasted two hours. >> the first grand slam title for cilic. he took away $2 million for the win. and it was the first grand slam final in nearly a decade that did not feature federer, djokovic or nadal. a new report is expected on the crash of malaysia airlines flight 17. what the dutch findings pmay reveal about how the plane came down. and devastating floods leave hundreds dead and thousands stranded in pakistan and india. we will get an update on the
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well, the cease-fire in eastern ukraine is still in place, but there is a lot of uncertainty on the ground. mortars and artillery shells continue to fall in donetsk while the ukrainian president made a surprise visit to the south, to the port city of mariupol. 20 ukrainian prisoners of war were released. he says he was boosting defenses
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in case the fighting continues. the preliminary findings into the crash of malaysian airlines flight 17 is to be released soon. all 298 people on board were killed. ivan watson covered the crash and joins us live from hong kong. ivan, it has to be asked. we know at this point dutch investigators have very limited access to that crash site. so where are they drawing all their information from? >> reporter: well, they say that they can put an investigation together basically using information from the flight data recorders, from the cockpit voice recorder, from radar, from satellite imagery, and even amidst the active fighting that was taking place in and around the crash zone. investigators from a number of different countries were able to reach that location to look at it first hand, to take some of
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their own photos. though, of course, it wasn't anything like a typical plane crash investigation. by any means. it was an investigation zone that was repeatedly contaminated by fighters, by residents, by journalists like myself who could just wander amid the rubble and very sad to say, amongst the remains of some of the victims. the dutch safety board was never able to send one of its direct representatives to the scene of the crash because of safety concer concerns. and one of the chief things that we're going to be looking for is what is the cause of the downing of flight mh17, the deaths of 298 people on board, the ukrainian government, the australian government, have openly accused, basically, pro-russian separatists of
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bringing down the plane, firing a surface-to-air missile from rebel-controlled territory that brought down that plane, that is an accusation that has been denied by the rebels themselves as well as by the russian government. >> so ivan, what evidence needs to be found to prove that? >> reporter: well, we don't know what the dutch safety board exactly is going to say. so we'll be watching very closely to see what conclusions they come to. they're not supposed to be casting blame, but if they say it was in fact a surface-to-air missile that brought down the plane, then that will bolster the case that has been made, again, by the government of ukraine and by its, some of its western allies as well. the dutch safety board is also supposed to be looking into why the malaysian air flight 17 flew on this path, this flight route over an active war zone, over eastern ukraine.
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it is also going to be looking into why it took some time for the passenger manifest to be released. these are two of its other stated goals. and it's important to note that some of the work on the ground still hasn't been completed. you have the malaysian defense minister and more than 40 malaysian victims on board that plane, he just in the last two days traveled to kiev with at least 30 malaysian police, and they have been tasked with trying to recover the remains of some of the victims that still have not been repatriated. so that gives you a sense of still how much work is left to be done in those wheat fields in eastern ukraine where this apparent atrocity was committed. >> many thanks to our ivan watson joining us live there from hong kong. well, the european union has agreed to expand economic sanctions against russia for the kremlin's alleged involvement in ukraine.
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>> russians say oil companies are the main target here. the sanctions could take effect in the next few days, depending on how ukraine's cease-fire holds up. it says it will retaliate if the sanctions are adopted. we will take a short break here on cnn. but when we come back, rescuers are trying to save thousands impacted by floods in india and pakistan. we'll get the latest live from new delhi. that bonds metal to plastic. and that makes the things you're trying to move... lighter. the less weight... the less energy. and what you save can be used for speed. for efficiency. or just for fun. this is the human element at work. dow.
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at least 355 people have been killed in severe flooding caused by monsoon rains in india and pakistan. 205 people in pakistan and is 50 -- 150 in india have died in just the past few days. with the very latest on this, let's go to our new delhi bureau chief. this is the worse flooding india has seen in decades, and it seems that the emergency services just aren't coping right now. >> reporter: yeah. that's true, john, because the scale of these floods is, you know, almost unprecedented in living memory, especially on the india side of the border. pakistan has faced inflooding. i want to tell you both sides of the story. let's look at pictures first from the indian side of the border. you're looking at pictures from
10:23 pm
a major city in the indian state of kashmir. as you can see from these aerial shots taken in the last 24 hours, the entire city lies submerged. remember, there are no phone lines working in all of sr srinagar. the only way to save many of these people is on boats. and of course the army has deployed helicopters as and where it can. reports of what we're hearing is that the flooding is now 15 to 18 feet high. and the army is trying to do everything it can, but as you can see, the infrastructure there quite difficult and hampering all of the rescue efforts. now john, on the other side of the border in pakistan, it is very much a similar story. the rains have continued to some extent over the last few days.
10:24 pm
but mostly what we're looking at is heavy flooding, overflooding from the main rivers in that region, john. so the rescue efforts continue on both sides of the border, but we're looking at a very, very desperate and difficult time ahead for the people of india and pakistan on both sides of the border in kashmir. >> thank you for the update. our new delhi bureau chief there live with what is really quite a desperate situation not just in pakistan, but much of the region, because the floodwaters came up i have, very quickly over the past couple days. we were talking last week that the monsoon season hadn't been as heavy, and now we've got this extensive nodding. >> and downstream flooding is expected. let's turn to our meteorologist who joins us with more on that. and it is just devastating for people on the ground. >> it's going to get worse in
10:25 pm
some areas. we know the rainfall has topped. but what you've got to keep in mind is that pakistan is one of the most mountainous places on our planet. the second tallest mountain at 8600 meters is right there across northern pakistan. the reason i bring this to your attention is at a slope, the nation goes all the way down toward the arabian sea. all that water makes its way downstream and balloons some of these rivers. we have data readily available for india. this region, brief elieve it or is below average for the monsoon season. that doesn't matter at this point because of the a water that's come down in a matter of days causing this devastation. when you move next door to pakistan you can see what they look like from space courtesy of
10:26 pm
nasa two weeks ago and you see what it looked like in the past 24 hours. in spots, water levels have risen to 18 feet. it's about 6 kilometers across or about 10 kilometers or 6 miles across. so you take the u.s. state of arizona, the grand canyon, the width of the grand canyon, that is the width of some of this. this is severely impacted. all the water from these rivers will eventually make it to the indus river. that becomes a major issue by this weekend when the water makes it down there. because scenes at this point with thousands of people not only displaced but stranded and literally trying to find some of the only high points to get away from the water, john and rosemary. and when you have bridges like
10:27 pm
this that have completely buckled with people on one side and on the other side, it makes it a very, very dangerous next couple of days as water comes downstream. next here on cnn, new video raises new fears about isis militants' growing arsenal of captured weapons. also scottish independence a very real possibility. the latest polls on whether voters want to stay in the u.k. or go it aloin. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep.
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due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. you're watching cnn, live around the world. we'd like to welcome back our viewers in the united states and also wherever you might be watching us. i'm john vause. >> and i'm rose mary church. we want to check the headlines
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for you this hour. the u.s. is praising iraq's new unity government and the new prime minister abadi. the new government is to be inclusive of sunnis and kurds marginalized by the previous leadership. the u.s. had made that a key requirement for its continued support against isis militants. the dutch safety board is expected to release a report on the malaysian flight 17. u.s. president obama weighed in on the indefinite sus spinks of ray rice, the player caught on video punching his fiance. a white house statement said, quote, stopping domestic violin is something that's bigger than football, and all of us have a responsibility to put a stop to it. let's go to iraq now where the approval of a new unity government could be critical in
10:32 pm
the fight against isis. it's hoped that bringing disaffected sunnis back into the fold could lead to a unified strategy. >> now isis is posing a major threat in syria as it continues to gain ground. the militants have just released a video that has u.s. officials extremely concerned. >> reporter: isis in combat. newly released video from the battlefield and posted by isis shows what appears to be actual combat footage of isis fighters taking over a key air base in syria. we matched this drone view to existing satellite footage of the base overrun two weeks ago. what has u.s. officials concerned are the images of heavy weaponry captured. >> whether they'll be able to use them to put them in the air, whether they can pilot them, refuel them, repair them, that's still an open question. could there be former iraqi air
10:33 pm
force pilots or former syrian pilots from somewhere else able to fly this? perhaps. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cnn, a capture of this base completed the takeover of raqqah province. a captured tank is displayed. heavy artillery and a stash of weapons and am moammo. >> you can find all kinds of weapons, and obviously the thing that would concern us most is if they have captured surface-to-air missiles which could be used somewhere else in the region, particularly as the u.s. starts air strikes. >> reporter: douglas oliphant says some of this could be staged because it doesn't show anyone fighting back at isis. it shows good combat discipline, it also may be a reflection on syrian forces. >> it could be an indicator of a
10:34 pm
lack of leadership in the syrian army as well. if your leaders leave any kind of military organization, if the leaders aren't there sharing the toughness, sharing the combat, and they heave the soldiers up to their own devices without any leadership there, the soldiers will sometimes give up. >> reporter: there's also a question of whether some elite forces may have been killed in this battle. at one point in the battle, the isis fighter shows the id of a syrian soldier. one patch says commandos. online think couldn't find any real syrian commando patches or i.d.s that look like that. it could mean that bashar al-assad's forces are creating new commando units or these are an isis propaganda tool. u.s. president obama will unveil his plan to combat isis on wednesday, and he'll have to sell his ideas to the american
10:35 pm
public. >> a new poll reveals most americans are skeptical about the president's strategy and concerned about the threat isis poses to their country. jake tapper has the details. >> reporter: the islamic terrorist group isis is growing in power and ambition. in addition to the path of destruction and murder it has blazed through iraq and syria, isis is now directing its ire at the united states, with the grew some behidings of two american journalists. an exclusive new cnn poll finds that aggression has americans worried. and many think the president should be doing more to combat the terror group. 90% of americans say isis poses a threat to the u.s., with 45% calling the threat very serious. that is roughly the same percentage of americans who considered al qaeda a serious threat two years after the september 11 attacks.
10:36 pm
they say terrorism is the most important problem, those people have quadrupled. saying they were angry at the videotaped beheadings of the americans. and an overwhelming 71% believe that isis has terrorists in the united states. in recent weeks, the unit hed states has launched more than 140 air strikes. and while many have characterized the american public as war-weary after more than a decade of battles in iraq and afghanistan, our polls show that now they increasingly support the use of military force. that is up 16% since september of last year. >> we don't have a strategy yet. >> reporter: president obama has faced criticism for not showing enough leadership on this issue, but mr. obama said on nbc's meet the press that he does have a plan to defeat isis or isil and
10:37 pm
he will unveil it on wince. >> over the course of months we are going to be able to not just blunt the momentum of isil. we are going to systematically degrade their capabilities. we're going to shrink the territory that they control, and ultimately, we're going to defeat them. >> reporter: a majority of americans will have to be convinced. 67% of the american people believe the president does not have a clear plan. >> thanks to jake tapper for that report. and there is another poll out. this one is suggesting that scotland just might vote for independence from great britain. that happens nine days from now. according to these latest numbers, a vote for the yes vote to leave the u.k. has jumped to 38%. that's one point behind the no side. >> lawmakers in ron dolondon ar
10:38 pm
hoping to persuade the scots to stay. >> it's been on the agenda in sco scotland for years. erin burnett spoke to some. >> they may take our life, but they will never take our freedom! >> reporter: this scene from brave heart playing out again. >> we're all yes. >> reporter: recently i was filming in scotland where independence is the only thing anybody is talking about. for months, polls showed scots opting to stay part of britain, but those like sean connery are brilliant campaigners. last stand to keep the union. a new poll shows 51% of scots
10:39 pm
plan to vote yes for independence. >> this is also the year of scottish homecoming. so they're trying to encourage people from around the world of scottish heritage to come home. we started talking to the guys in the pub about this. and they started talking about how proud they are and why they're so passionate about scottish independence. >> there's absolutely no way scotland would not do well as an independent country. >> reporter: are you for independence? >> yes. i think it would be stupid not to, to be honest. >> reporter: and there is a lot of money at stake. most of the u.k.'s oil reserves are on scotland's shores. scotland is the european union's largest oil produce ir, and the submarine fleet is hid quartered in scotland. ronald mcdonald says losing british business might mean scottish independence doesn't
10:40 pm
add up. >> $30 billion. >> reporter: that's your number. >> yes. >> reporter: so you're in the center of this. >> reporter: he also had a warning for those we met earlier in the pub. >> it's fine to be passionate about wanting independence, but as a professional economist you have to look at it with the head rather than the heart. >> reporter: and the british pound has hit a ten-month low against the u.s. dollar on the fears that scotland will leave the u.k. health officials in the u.s. are trying to find a link among hundreds of children in 12 states who have fallen ill to a virus. many end up critically ill in hospital. children with existing problems are most at risk. >> my level of concern is really high for children who have asthma that is not treated properly. because if they get the viral infection that really sets them up to come to the emergency
10:41 pm
department, be out of control and end up in the hospital. >> and the doctor added that children's hospital in colorado has seen an increase of up to 15% in emergency room visits and admissions this month, that's compared to the same time last year. they have 900 kids almost being admitted just in colorado. all right, well, still to come here on cnn, the countdown is nearly over for apple's big event. we will get a preview of what new products are expected. that's next. the eyes may be the windows to the soul. but in the case of the lexus ls... ...which eyes? eyes that pivot with the road... ...that can see what light misses... ...eyes designed to warn when yours wander... or ones that can automatically bring the ls to a complete stop. all help make the unseen... ...seen. and make the ls perhaps the most visionary vehicle on the road. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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well, apple is holding a hotly anticipated event today in california. the company is expected to launch a number of new and updated products. >> yeah, and that could include bigger iphones, a smart watch perhaps and a mobile payment system. but as samuel burk reports, there's already rain over apple's parade. >> reporter: there's a nasty cloud hanging over apple's biggest release in years. last week celebrity nude photos went public, in part because of security issues on apple's icloud. their stock went down, wiping nearly $25 billion off the company's market value. the last time they unveiled a completely new product was the ipad back in 2010. it's been four very long years
10:45 pm
since then. and investors are eager for ceo tim cook to finally deliver the first brand new device under his helm. apple stock has seen major ups and downs since steve jobs' death. on top of that, eipad sales hav begun to fall. the clock's ticking as tech watchers have been waiting and waiting for apple to deliver the first wearable technology. other companies have six different smart watches. now all expectations are for apple to finally deliver an iwatch at tuesday's event as well as iphones with larger screens. the hack of naked celebrity photos, though,s that overshadowed what was meant to be tim cook's long awaited moment in the sun. security concerns couldn't come at a worse time analysts say as
10:46 pm
many predict apple is about to launch a mobile payment system. >> the recent snafu with icloud and celebrities photos being put all over the web, you might have some skeptics saying hey, do i really want to trust and with my daily financial transactions if they can't keep jennifer lawren lawrence's photo from going all over the place? >> reporter: samuel burk, cnn, new york. well, parts of the u.s. that are usually bone dry are under water. take a look at this video. a car in tucson, arizona, nearly submerged by raging floodwaters. rescue crews were able to get the driver out of the car uninjured thankfully. >> another driver was killed by good waters. the area has been deluged by record rainfall. they got, what was it, almost
10:47 pm
half the year's worth of rain in half a day? >> yeah. yeah. >> it's a lot. historic rainfall. you can tell us all about it and what's going to happen. >> it's going to remain wet the next 24 hours. you have flash flood watches in effect for some 5.5 million people. there's so much water on the ground, any additional rain will cause problems. so from vegas down to lake havasu city, even into death valley, one of the dryer places on our planet, some showers still a possibility in that region. but you take a look over the past 24 hours, between 2:00 and 9:00 on monday, 3.3 inches or 83 millimeters of rainfall came down. that is quinn upling the amount of water. 44,000 days on record for
10:48 pm
rainfall in the scity of phoeni, not a single day amounted to anything like what we saw in phoenix. that's why it led to so many problems. if you're tuned in from arizona, in the gateway community, upwards of 7 inches came down. in tempe, nearly 6 inches came down or 150 millimeters, and you tally all the way down toward the sky harbor airport, you see how much rain came down there in the order of 3 inches. but here's what's happening in the forecast. showing you the water vapor imagery, which is not the clouds by the moisture content. all that yellow color indicates dry air that will push in through the next few hours. isolated thunderstorm activity still in the forecast over the region, but it looks like once you get through tuesday and a few areas in northern arizona and southern utah you could
10:49 pm
still get about a half inch of rainfall or so. but conditions will continue to improve through wednesday and throughout the latter portion of the week. so hopefully we don't see something hike this for another 100 years. the national weather service saying some of these rainfall totals equivalent of a 1,000-year event. >> thanks, pedram. it isn't often you see two former u.s. presidents in the same place at the same time. >> but it did happen on monday. these two formal rivals had nothing but really nice things to say about each other. we'll tell you what that was next. it's monday, a brand new start. with centurylink visionary cloud infrastructure, and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable, secure, and agile.
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[lauren] wait,wait,where are you going? [announcer] visit your local retailer and discover how tempur-pedic can move you. welcome back everyone. britain's duke and duchess of cambridge have announced they're expecting baby number two. the news came as a surprise to many people. kathryn didn't show signs of pregnancy last month. >> she is suffering from acute morning sickness as she did with her first child george. they spoke about how she is dealing with hyperemesis fwrauf dare um. >> it's great news. early days. we're just trying to settle down. and she feels better. >> did you ever have hyperemesis
10:53 pm
graf dare yum? >> the reason you can say it is because you will never experience it. >> prince harry was happy for the couple. >> he reacted with his trademark sense of humor. >> can't wait to see my brother suffer more. i'll be very lucky if it's a girl. i'd like to see him try and cope with that. >> others are happy with the new arrival. the red hot favorite prediction so far is a baby boy called james. >> another firm says that the odds on favorite name for a girl is victoria. both names very regal indeed. >> not very original. george w. bush and bill clinton, two former political adversaries now friends. >> they've come together to
10:54 pm
support a program. >> reporter: two former presidents, number 42 and 43 appear to be best buddies these days. >> first of all, he's an awesome communicator. >> reporter: asked to explain how their friendship helped launch their scholars program, it was classic george w. bush. >> hi, mom. because we've got a lot to offer. >> reporter: it was a surprising, lighthearted love fest between presidents bill clinton and george bush that had the audience maid up of mainly former staffers, rolling. when asked about what they admired about each other most. >> you always want to be underestimated by your adversaries. >> you he greaempathy about other people. is that enough? >> reporter: and they both joked about how they spend their free time. >> taking selfies. >> like they're s asking,
10:55 pm
you know. >> yeah. that's right. >> reporter: gone are pictures like these when the clintons and bushes offered cold shoulders. after all, it was clinton who turned george h. wfrmt bush into a one termer. but they became close working together in tsunami relief and post-h post-hurricane katrina as i witnessed first hand. >> i can understand why they're upset. >> reporter: what they kept quiet was clinton's glowing closeness to the son. >> he used to call me twice a year in his second term, just to talk. >> reporter: george is offering insight into what makes a president. >> we're normal people who got caught up in ambition and drive ended up being president. if these guys can do did, i can do it. >> reporter: when clinton responsibled he was interrupted by a call. >> there's only one. only two people have my number,
10:56 pm
and they're both related to me. i hope i'm not being told i'm about to become a premature grandfather. >> reporter: on that, bush gave this advice. >> be prepared to fall completely in love again. >> reporter: also noteworthy, in the audience was former secretary of state and first lady hillary clinton who laughed when someone suggested how about another clinton/bush matchup in 2016, referring to her and former florida governor jeb bush running against each other. george bush joked that the first one didn't turn out so well, referring to his father's loss to bill clinton in 1992. suzanne malveaux, cnn, washington. >> it's all very gracious once you leave the white house. >> good to see that. and that does it for me. i'm john vause. >> and i'm rosemary church. i'll be back in an hour.
10:57 pm
errol burnett is next with more of today's news. ♪
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>> hey there, everyone. thanks for joining cnn's special coverage. i'm errol barnett. welcome to those of you watching in the u.s. and all around the world. coming up this hour, u.s. president barack obama will make his case to congress tuesday on how to defeat isis. we'll have a closer look at the multipart plan and whether it can work. plus, new details today about what happened when mh17 was shot out of the sky over eastern ukraine. that's coming up. and nfl star ray rice suspended indefinitely after a shocking video surfaces of him punching his fiancee unconscious. what the league and his coach have to say about what's