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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  September 9, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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ground. what is most sad this morning, christine, when you see later in the morning, the pictures from the ukraine, the site is still virtually untouched. >> richard quest, thank you for bringing that report about what brought the plane down. thank you, richard. >> tragedy and outrage. "early start" continues right now. >> the hunt for isis. today, president obama meeting with lawmakers to share his strategy on how to take down the terror group. one day way from addressing the nation, this morning, new clues on what the president's plan will look like as investigators get closer to identifying the masked isis executioner who has killed two journalists. we are live in iraq with the latest. and happening now. deadly historic floods across the southwest. hundreds rescued from the rising waters and the threat for the severe storms not over yet.
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indra petersons is tracking what you need to know. security breach at home depot. tens of millions of customers may have had their credit card information stolen. a cyber attack that could be bigger than any other and went on more months without noticed. we're breaking it all down. >> biggest breach ever. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's start with the hack of the retailers payment system. this time, home depot. tens of millions of consumers could be affected in the data breach. home depot says hackers remained inside computers unnoticed for five months dating back to april. in that time, they stole credit card data. no evidence yet they stole debit card pins. it affected customers shopping at brick and mortar stores.
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>> that is everybody. >> not no official confirmation of how many people have had information stolen. the information we have could be 20 million more than hacked the target breach. what happened if you shopped at home depot? the identity protection to anyone who paid with a credit card recently. home depot will roll out chip and pin technology to all stores by the end of the year. security experts are saying retailers are not prepared to defend against hackers. your information is at risk. they simply do not have the infrastructure. five months, the hackers were inside the coupmputer systems. it was a blogger who noticed the
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information on the black market and contacted home depot. >> it is shocking this could be there for five months and home depot doesn't have some system in place to try to see it. now everyone is left with having to check your statements to see if there is anything irregular. 60 million. >> the retailers will have to spend more money and get up to speed. you look at jpmorgan chase, they spend $250 million a year and they had a hack. we just have to do better on this. president obama getting set to brief lawmakers on his strategy to fight the terror threat from isis with an address to the nation set for some time tomorrow. details on what the president might say are few and far between. russian leaders could get clues from the president today. those leaders will meet with the president this afternoon. the big question for the leadership is could a vote on military action be put on the docket possibly before the
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mid-term elections? that question is coming as a new cnn poll shows most americans think the president doesn't have a clear strategy to battle isis. michelle kosinski has more now from the white house. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. we saw this poll come out by cnn saying that 67% of the respondents answered no when asked does president obama have a clear plan for dealing with isis. of course, the white house knows there has been confusion out there. they have been dealing with this question over is there a strategy or is there not a strategy for about two weeks now. so we think that is why they want to have this big presidential address that will be at some point on wednesday. for the president to again layout what the plan is at least up to this point. even after more than an hour of tough questioning by the press, it was hard to tell from the white house what exactly would come out of this address. the white house has laid out its
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strategy several times now and we know that part of that strategy, at least, when dealing with moving beyond iraq and into syria, still involves building a coalition and laying the ground work before a decision is made. the white house was asked directly has a decision been made on air strikes in syria and they would say only, well, the u.s. is willing and ready to go whenever necessary to deal with isis. not really answering the question. what they would say is this address is a conversation as they put it with the american people as to what is the best way forward and what tools are at the disposal of the u.s. we also heard secretary of state john kerry yesterday say this will be a chance for the president to really clearly layout what he described as a coordinated global strategy. so, we think the president will layout the plan up to this point. we don't expect necessarily any
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big decisions to be announced. the white house is holding it as a surprise whether there will be news or headlines coming from the address and he will be able to say in the coalition that is being built, what up to this point will each country have committed. john and christine. >> michelle kosinski, thanks for that from the white house. iraq has a new unity government after weeks of political gridlock. the parliament sworn in sunni and kurdish deputy prime ministers with the shared goal of taking down isis. secretary of state john kerry heading to the middle east to jordan and saudi arabia attempting to tighten the alliance against the islamic extremists. >> almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the isil threat and evil it represents. for some, that will mean military assistance both direct and in the form of training,
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arming and advising, equipping. for some, it means contributing to the desperately needed humanitarian relief effort. for some it means helping track and cutoff isil funding. >> the initial plan to take down isis could take down three years long after president obama is out of office. iraq's new government has plenty to contend it with the tenure. the town north of baghdad has been surrounded by the terror group for months. one suicide bomber struck in the city's perimeter and another penetrated into the market at the center of town. cnn's jomana karadsheh is live from baghdad this morning. give us the sense of the situation on the ground. good morning, jomana. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. as you mentioned, that attack really highlighting the threat from the group that even with these air strikes going on here, the u.s. air strikes, isis has not really been weakened or
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degraded. they have the ability to carry out the strikes. the town has been besieged for more than 80 days. a really critical issue here has been iraqi forming a government. a unity and inclusive government as we have heard president obama and officials repeatedly say. the government has come together. it was sworn in last night. really before the deadline. highlighting how much pressure they have been under from u.s. officials to form this government. the lineup sunnis and shi'ites and kurds. just reshuffled into various positions. two key posts are vacant. those are critical for iraq. the ministries of interior and defense. there are disagreements over candidates and the new prime minister abadi promising within one week he will have the posts filled and present them to cabinet.
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now the real challenge is not just putting together this government. it is what happens next. these politicians with all their political disagreements with all their rivalries will have to work together. that is going to be a big challenge for iraq. iraq since 2003 has had inclusive government. it is about what happens next. will there be a change of policy? a change of attitude and really stepping up to make sunni arabs here who are key in the battle against isis and they are part of power and power sharing with the government and not feeling marginalized. john. >> the white house said the change in leadership in iraq is necessary. now that has happened, the pressure is on the government to perform. jomana karadsheh in baghdad, thank you. u.s. officials say they may
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have identified the masked man seen on video beheading james foley. the official tells cnn they have a pretty good idea who that man right there is. authorities are also breaking down the video of steven sotloff's execution to see if it is the same man. the spokesperson for sotloff's family says sotloff was sold to the rebels and the white house is not supportive of the sotloff family. >> he was sold at the border? >> we believe the moderate rebels that people want and our administration to support, one sold them between $25,000 to $50,000 to isis. the relationship with the administration and sotloff family was strained. we do not believe they gave us the cooperation we need and the
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sotloffs, once steven appeared in the video, the sotloff family made one simple request of the administration and they were rebuffed. >> he will not reveal what that request was. a bill authorized up to $10 million leading to the conviction of anyone involved in the murders of foley and sotloff was released by the senators. and at least ten suspected terrorists worshipped at this cambridge mosque in boston. among them, the boston marathon bombers and one who disappeared in 2006 and reemerged as the propaganda mastermind for isis. law enforcement officials say that is too many accused extremists to ignore. >> at some stage, we have to accept reality which is a number of people who have taken up arms
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against americans, either here in boston or abroad with isis, have an affiliation with that mosque. >> a spokesperson for the islamic society for the mosque, if we observed any criminal behavior, we would immediately intervene and notify the authorities. we have dramatic rescues caught on camera overnight as we learn just how bad the damage will be when people wake up and who needs to be on alert today for more severe weather. indra petersons has a full plate tracking it all next. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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extreme rainfall causing serious problems in the southwest. flooding in arizona left one woman dead when her car was swept away. some moments of terror for a man plucked from his car just before it was submerged. firefighters said the driver thought he could make it across
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the rushing water, but the force of the floods forced him off the road and into the brush and trees. >> the rope in place to stabilize us and we walked to him. we had to smash his window to pass him equipment. he could not get his windows down anymore. we had to pull him out through the windows. we secured a helmet and life vest on him. >> arizona governor jan brewer declared an emergency. similar situation in nevada where a record setting rain left roadways looking like rivers. the water left cars and trucks stranded on the roads for miles. about 200 kids trapped in the school bus in the southeast. they were trapped in the school in moapa. children across the country had to be rescued in portsmith,
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virginia because of flooding. workers had to get 35 children and employees across the area by boat. an apartment complex had people evacuating the area. and in california, more than 40 water related rescues in palm springs area. one school was evacuated after a slow-moving storm flooded roads and knocked out power. major roads was packed with debris and flood waters. an official called this one of the worst storms he has seen in the region. what a mess. >> that threat far from over in parts of the country. indra petersons has a look at the forecast. >> we had norbert. you have the tropical moisture. the extra enhancement. in addition to the monsoonal moisture. phoenix sky harbor broke the record for anytime of the amount of rain for yesterday in a seven-hour period. this is the concern. the threat of rain is in the
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area. we are looking for more flood g flooding. you can actually notice it is elongated. a tiny chance for scattered showers. the focus will shift. the heavy rain will be offshore. looking out to the carolinas instead of the 2 to 5 in the forecast yesterday. in the midwest, severe weather back in the forecast even a threat for a tornado. isolated. damaging winds and large hail. big cities. in through tomorrow, you will notice the push. about 42 million of you will have the threat, including the major hubs. chicago and st. louis and detroit and cleveland. think about delays. the big story in the east, warmer air. if you are right behind the cold front, cool air. look at the roller coaster with the temperatures in the northeast. you don't want to be. look at the dip going down. that of course shifts by the
2:19 am
weekend. >> poor minneapolis. proving summer is short in minnesota. >> rough. the fourth u.s. citizen infected with the ebola virus is coming back to the united states for treatment. the unidentified patient got the disease in sierra leone and will be treated at emory university hospital in atlanta. president obama is promising more aid to ban ki-moon. the crisis in liberia is more serious than thought. thousands more cases expected in the next few weeks. the world health organization says the efforts to stop the spread of the virus are not working. more than 2,100 people have been killed by ebola in several states in africa. ray rice cut by the ravens. terminated by his nfl team after new video emerged showing him
2:20 am
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this morning, ray rice is a man without a team or any prospects for landing a job in the nfl. the ravens cut the running back and video surfaced striking his now wife back in february. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report.
2:24 am
it is the same incident, but everything is different. >> that is right, christine. we knew the video existed, but the question is did the nfl see it before they suspended rice for two games. they say they didn't. multiple reporter says they did. this is the jarring video showing rice punching his now wife unconscious in the elevator back in february in a casino. the nfl released rice and the league suspended him. john harbaugh released a statement about the video. >> it is something we all saw for the first time today. it changed things, of course. it made things a little bit different. i don't know if i want to get into the details about it. i think it is obvious and apparent. everybody has seen the video. just leave it at that. >> the ravens will be back on the field thursday night when
2:25 am
they host the steelers. week one of the nfl season wrapped up with a monday night football double header. if you didn't stay up late for the game, you missed a thriller. cardinals down 17-6 for the chargers. carson palmer led arizona to two late touchdowns as the cardinals got the comeback win. 18-17. new york giants fans, probably feeling blue this morning. they had to watch as lions wide receiver calvin johnson put on a show. two touchdowns and this amazing diving grab in the back of the end zone. eli manning picked up where he left off. throwing two interceptions. love his face after the interceptions. lions got the convincing 35-14 win. one year ago, a doping suspension kept marin cilic from playing in the u.s. open. today, he is the unlikely
2:26 am
champion. cilic codominated kei nishikorio win the men's title. this is his first grand slam title. the odds of him winning the u.s. open before it all started. 101 to 1. >> that may be generous. there are thousands of fans waking up this morning going who? >> we discussed it. men's tennis. no one to carry the torch once federer and djokovic get older. >> they have a big, big problem. >> a lot of big news on your beat. thanks, andy. tens of millions of americans, yes you had your credit card information stolen. home depot hit in a huge security breach. what you need to know after the break. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk?
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new information this morning on the president's plan to fight isis. meeting with lawmakers one day ahead of the national address. this as investigators grow closer to identifying the isis executioner who has killed two americans. we are live with the latest. record rainfall flooding the southwest. we have new video coming in overnight as the rising water turns deadly. indra petersons tracking the storm for us this morning. home depot hacked. tens of millions of customers at risk. what you need to know about the huge breach of the security. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour. >> more on the hack that could lead tens of millions of
2:31 am
consumers scrambling. home depot confirmed hackers remained in the computers unnoticed for five months. they stole credit card data. home depot says they have not stolen credit card pins. it affected customers who shopped at the stores in the u.s. and canada. no hack of know official confirmation of how many people we are talking here. the new york times is reporting it is more than 60 million. that is more than 20 million more that hacked target and caused a crisis among retailers about how they are not being secure enough with your data. what if you shopped at home depot? the company is offering free identity protection and monitoring services for anyone who paid with a card recently. home depot will roll out chip and pin technology by the end of
2:32 am
the year. many are not prepared to protect your sensitive information. i have shopped at home depot in the last five months. >> me, too. >> i received no information on credit protection. >> me either. >> we are watching on the dark web for the information that is available. we are watching the cyber security experts if atm accounts have been drained or any purchases have been made or identity theft. we will keep you posted. >> so many people affected. president obama meets with top lawmakers today to discuss the isis threat. this comes a day ahead of the address to the nation on the growing concern about isis. specific details have not been released about his speech or his plan. he is expected to outline a broad notion of how to battle
2:33 am
isis. it could have big implications in congress where officials could have to vote ahead of the mid-term elections. after weeks of a standoff, iraq has a new unity government in place. iraq parliament has sworn in sunni and kurdish prime ministers which has drawn praise from secretary of state john kerry. >> just a few hours ago, overcoming the sectarian divide, the iraqi parliament approved a new government. one that has the potential to unite all of iraq's diverse communities for a strong iraq. united iraq. to give those communities a chance to build the future that all iraqis desire and deserve. >> secretary of state john kerry is headed to the middle east today to try to build support for the fight against isis. stopping planned in jordan and saudi arabia. elise has more on the
2:34 am
secretary's trip and what he hopes to accomplish. >> reporter: john, christine, key to the fight against isis is the nations government which to place on monday and kerry wants to enlist sunni help in the government as it fights isis. we are talking about arms and training and intelligence. money to payoff sunni tribes to shun isis. you need to stop the flow of foreign fighters in iraq and syria and dry up funding. another critical aspect is driving a wedge in sunni arabs and isis and the group's
2:35 am
ideology. jordan and saudi arabia have a role to play here in convincing isis is the enemy. saudi arabia is effective in beating back al qaeda in the last several years. it has unique legitimacy to isis now. secretary kerry will be seeking help for the growing humanitarian crisis caused by isis. secretary of defense hagel will travel this week to firm up the role in the coalition. john and christine. thank you for that. surrounded by terrorists for months when suicide bombers struck at the perimeter and another allowing to infiltrate a market at the center of the town. cnn's jomana karadsheh is in baghdad. jomana, people in the area need help and air strikes to hold off
2:36 am
isis. >> reporter: christine, this sunni town was under the control of isis predecessor al qaeda in iraq in 2006. they say they went through the bitter days as they described them. they say they will not allow this to happen again. they will fight until the end and they will not allow isis in. as you mentioned, they are not getting support more than 80 days. men and women and young boys, also taking part in the fight. they want more support from the iraqi government. they say they are not getting it. they are making a plea to president obama and the united states to help them like they helped other towns that have been under siege. this attack, christine, highlights the fact that isis in the country has not been weakened. it is still strong and capable of carrying out attacks. iraq hopes with the formation of the government that came together last night that this could be a step closer for iraqi
2:37 am
fighting in isis with a united front. we have seen the government. it is the same faces in the past. sunni and kurdish and shi'ite politicians in power for the past ten years. just reshuffled around to different positions. two key posts at a critical time for iraq. a vulnerable iraq. no minister of interior or no minister of defense. the prime minister says give them a week and he will have the candidates ready for a vote. this is an inclusive government, but iraq has always had inclusive since 2003. the real challenge is these politicians who have real deep and serious political division among them, that they try and work together in the coming weeks and months to try and fix the problems in the country and a big challenge is going to be getting the trust of the sunni community here who were key in the fight against isis and prove
2:38 am
to them it is not just about change of government, but change of policy and attitudes toward the sunnis who want to be part of the government and have a stake in it, too. >> thank you so much, jomana karadsheh in baghdad. u.s. officials may have identified the masked man seen on video beheading james foley. the identification is not 100%, but a cnn source says they have a good idea. they are breaking down the steven sotloff video to see if it was carried out by the same man. cnn spoke with a spokesperson to the sotloff family. he says that sotloff was sold to modera moderate rebels. he says the white house has not been supportive of the sotloff family. >> he was sold at the border? >> yes, we believe the moderate rebels that people want our administration to support, one
2:39 am
sold him for something like $25,000 to $50,000 to isis. that was the reason he was captured. the relationship with the white house and sotloff family was strained. we do not believe they gave us the cooperation we need. the sotloffs, once steven appeared in the video, the sotloff family made a request of the administration and they were rebuffed. >> they will not tell us what the request was. a number of senators introduced a bill authorizing up to $10 million for the conviction of anyone involved in the murders of foley and sotloff. new questions about a boston mosque with connections to islamic radicals. including the isis social media expert. at least ten suspected or convicted terrorists worships at the mosque. among them, the boston marathon bombers and asambra. he disappeared in 2006 and reemerged as the propaganda mastermind for isis. >> at some stage, we have to
2:40 am
accept reality which is a number of people who have taken up arms against americans either here in boston or abroad with isis, have an affiliation with the mosque. >> a spokesperson for the islamic association for boston says, if we ever observed criminal or violent behavior, wwe would intervene. deadly floods in the southwest communities. hundreds needing rescue from the rising waters. dramatic new video and what you need to know for your day today next. it's the barbarian queen. wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...whoa, does she have special powers when she has the shroud? no. guys? it's the woven one the woven one. oh, oh that gives her invincibility. guys? no, no, no... the scarlet king is lord victor's son!! no don't. i told you! you guys are gonna be so surprised when you watch the finale!!! you're so lucky your car has wi-fi. yeah...i am. equinox from chevrolet... the first and only car company to bring built-in 4g lte wi-fi
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some extreme rainfall causing problems in the southwest. flooding in arizona leaving one woman dead when her car was swept away. terror for a man plucked from his car. look at that. firefighters say the driver thought he could make it across the rushing water. this story always begins like that. thought he could make it. the force of the floods pushed him off the road in the brush and trees. >> we had a rope in place to stabilize us and we walked to him. we smashed his window to pass him equipment. he could not get the windows down. we were able to pull him out through the window. we could not get the doors open. we secured a life vest and helmet and walked him to the shore. >> arizona's governor jan
2:45 am
brewers declared an emergency. and roadways looking like this. ugly with water just gushing down. the water left cars and truck s stranded on the road for miles in las vegas. children also had to be rescued from the day care center in portsmith, virginia. workers had to get the children and workers across the parking lot by boat. the apartment complex was evacuated. many lost belongings to waist deep water. >> i hope the kids thought it was a fun boat ride. in california, 40 water-related rescues in the palm springs area. one school evacuated after the storm flooded the roadways and knocked out power. an official from the california highway patrol called it the worst storm he had ever seen in the region and the threat is far from over in a big chunk of the
2:46 am
country. indra petersons is with us. >> we have three major storms we are watching today. three areas we are focusing on. the southwest. look at the totals. 7 inches of rain in phoenix. breaking records at sky harbor for the most rain on any day in the calendar year. we have the moisture leftover from norbert. enhancing the rainfall. the flooding threat remains. in the southeast, stretch into the northwest. scattered showers here and in the carolinas, the concentration for the heavy rain. several inches seen there today. switching gears. this is the biggest story. 2 to 5 inches of rain in the midwest. the bigger story is the severe weather component. quad cities, omaha, minneapolis, spreading out to 42 million people. look at hubs. cleveland, detroit, chicago. you have the clash of warm and
2:47 am
cold air which means cold air making its way and you feel the dive down. especially in the upper midwest and into the northeast by the weekend. we have a lot going on across the country. >> that sounds busy. >> i got itindra. let's see what is coming up on "new day." >> you were discussing this this morning. home depot confirming a massive data breach over the last five months and it could be worse than the hack attack on target that we talked about. we will hear from experts. how did this one happen and what they know at the moment and what is home depot not saying? what you need to know if you shopped at home depot recently. of course, we are discussing the very graphic video of nfl player ray rice knocking out his then fiancee, now his wife, in an elevator. he has been suspended by the nfl. now the tension is growing over
2:48 am
the league's weak response to the whole thing. and now many are questioning how much the nfl knew and when. we have a former player joining us. duce mcalister and roy williams weighing in. it is difficult to see that video and it should anger anyone who sees it. >> and if any nfl official did see it before, this is the tip of the iceberg. it is a scandal. it will be huge. >> i want to know who saw the video. >> kate, thanks. what caused malaysia airline flight 17 to crash? that report in the hands of richard quest. he breaks it all down for us right after the break. so, your site gave me this "credit report card" thing.
2:49 am
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new details this morning on what led to the downing of malaysia airline flight 17. the dutch safety board releasing a preliminary report after combing through data and satellite images. what do we know now and which answers are elusive? cnn's richard quest has the report in his hands. he joins us now from atlanta. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning, john. the startling thing about the report is it says everything and it never uses the word missile
2:53 am
once. it tells us that the plane was brought down by high energy impact. it was brought down by external causes. it talks about no technical malfunction and the plane broke up in midair. put this all together and, of course, what it is saying, is that a missile brought down the aircraft mh-17, but never uses the word because it is the job of the report to discuss what happened and how to prevent it from happening in the future. not to apportion blame, john. >> the black box was not tampered with and any warning to the pilots before the blast? >> reporter: we know the black boxes were not tampered with because the unique digital signature was valid. the integrity was maintained to the aircraft. no warning at all. particularly haunting. the way in which, john, we know at 1320 gmt, transmissions
2:54 am
stopped. it was a russian air traffic controller who commenting afterwards to another air traffic controller, the digital radar signature just disappeared. >> haunting as you say. richard quest in atlanta. thanks so much. 53 minutes after the hour. a fourth american infected with ebola and on the way home to the united states. what we know about this latest american case next.
2:55 am
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fourth american infected with ebola is on his or her way back to the united states for treatment. the patient contracted the
2:58 am
disease in sierra leone and treated in the isolation unit in emory hospital. president obama is pledging more u.s. aid to stop the worsening outbreak in west africa. thousands of more cases expected in the next three weeks. the officials from the world health organization say the efforts to stop the spread of ebola is not working. more than 2,100 people in four african nations have been killed. more than half in liberia. the situation growing worse. thanks for watching. "new day" starts right now. >> breaking overnight. it could be the biggest hack ever. the information for as many as 60 million home depot customers reportedly stolen. if you shopped there in the last five months, you are at risk. closing in.
2:59 am
the u.s. believes they may know who the killer in the james foley video is. this as the family of steven sotloff says the white house did not do enough to save their son. under fire. ray rice suspended indefinitely from the nfl after this video of him punching his wife went public. the question is what did the league know before the video was released? your "new day" starts right now. >> this is good morning, welcome to new day, it's tuesday, september 9th, we begin with a major hack attack, possibly the biggest ever. if you've shopped at any home depot in the u.s. or canada, listen up, this is not false panic. your information may be compromised. >> more than 60 million credit card numbers may have been stolen since april.
3:00 am
that's according to "the new york times." compare that to the largest-known attack to date at target. which we talked about it so much last year. that affected some 40 million cardholders that puts it back into perspective. chief business correspondent christine romans is here to speak about it, as well as cybersecurity expert mark rash with everything we know at the moment. i have a lot of questions, i know you get riled up about this, christine. what do we know? >> we know it's a lot of people. we know this has been going on since at least april and it was last week that home depot executives realized it was happening. it was law enforcement and a cybersecurity blogger brian krebs who noticed this information was available. if you went to the spring selling sees ton get seed for your lard you may have been giving your information to hackers around the world. the company is still kd


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