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tv   Death Row Stories  CNN  September 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that should be scary to everybody in the whole world. -- captions by vitac -- test test. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world to our breaking news coverage here on cnn. our george howl. british prime minister david cameron is vowing to hunt town the people responsible for the murder of david hanes and in the u.s. president barack obama called the killing bar eric. isis released another video saturday showing the execution of 44-year-old david hanes. we're not going to show you the video.
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it goes onto showing an isis fighter beheading hanes and sending a warning to david cameron. >> our alliance of america which continues to distract the muslims of iraq will only accelerate your destruction and claim of the role. it will only drag you and your people into another bloody and unwinnable war. >> hanes was abducted in march of last year when he was an aid worker in syria. an isis fighter with an apparent british accent had threatened to kill hanes if air strikes did not stop in iraq. the brother of david hanes released a statement a short time ago, in it mike hanes says the following, quote, david was like so many of us just another
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bloke. he was most alive and enthusiastic in his humanitarian roles. he is for myself and family the most important element of this whole sad affair of the he was and is loved by all. his family will be missed terribly. >> british prime minister david cameron reacted swiftly to the killing of dayvid hanes. he rushed back to number 10 downing street early sunday for an emergency meeting on this situation. earlier the prime minister released this message via twitter saying quote, the murder of dayed i david hanes is an act of pure evil. we will continue to do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they face justice however long it takes. isis's latest victim david hanes was not a warrior.
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he was a man of peace who worked in a war zone. an aid worker who struggled to help refugees from the syrian war. our reporter has a look back at david hanes's live. >> reporter: he was a father and husband but also a hostage of isis. captured in march of 2013 working at a syrian refugee camp. he had more than a decade of experience doing aid work providing logistics to handicap international and working as an unharmed peace keeper. he grew up in scottland proudly wearing a kilt for his wedding. his wife waits with their 4-year-old daughter in croatia where they live. his 17-year-old daughter makes it clear how much she misses him by answering three questions. what is missing the most that would make you happy. my daughter being at home.
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our reporter has more on hanes and the british response to the killing. she joins us live. what is the latest on this cobra meeting that happened here in london. >> that's right. cameron will be hosting cabinet meeting. the uk is already part of the coalition that is taking the flight to isis. the question will be will the uk provide more military aid for example. where this recent video and apparent execution of david hanes increase the resolve of the uk. so far britain has said it will not conduct air strikes in syria. on the other hand the prime minister has said nothing has been taken off the table. this is very much for the
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discussion in the cabinet meeting today. >> in this video isis is basically telling the uk to stay out of the fight. in many ways experts say this will most surely make sure the uk gets into the fight. what are you hearing. >> i don't think there's any doubt that britain will remain a committed partner against isis. the only question is how much of a military role it will have. it has committed to a political role, economic, diplomatic role. the only part where there's been reluctance has been a military role and this is because last year britain's parliament voted against strikes in syria. so there is a reluctance by the public to get involved in another war in the middle east. remember, of course britain has been the main ally for the war in iraq. as a result, there's been some questions as to whether britain will support air strikes but this kind of a video is likely to simply increase the resolve of british lawmakers here.
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>> joining us live at cnn london. we appreciate your reporting there. u.s. president obama has released the following statement. the president said quote the u.s. strongly condemned the barbaric murder of uk citizen david hanes by the terrorist group isil. our reporters go out to the family of him and the people of the uk. we stand shoulder to shoulder with our close friend and ally in grieve and resolve. >> still to come on cnn, isis continues to threaten iraq despite a wave of u.s. air strikes. we will go live to the city not far from militant controlled territory. uh, hi. i'm here to drop off my resume. password? i'm sorry, i'm just here to what's the password. uh,synergy? datafication! gamification!
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. those three important reasons are why eliquis is a better find for me. ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. welcome back. the brutal sunni extremist group isis has released another video of a barbaric killing of a western hostage. 44-year-old david hanes of scottland. this is a still frame from that video. we're not showing you the video it's simply too disturbing. it appears to show a isis extremist beheading hanes. that man who seems to have a british accent threatens the west. the video also showed the beheading of american
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journalist. the latest one released saturday now threatened the life of another british hostage. >> australia has promised to deploy a military force to assist in the fight against isis. a short time ago, the prime minister said resources will be sent to the united arab emirates to contribute to the operation in iraq. he also condemned the recent execution of david hanes. >> the beheading of the aid worker is further demonstration that this particular terrorist group does not just do evil but exalts in doing evil. >> isis has continued to take its plan to take over more territory for what it calls its califate. >> i want to show you a map now of the areas controlled by this organization. major iraqi cities have fallen to their fighters. the u.s. central intelligence agency said just a few days ago
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isis can muster up to 31500 militants. that is significantly larger than what was earlier estimated. we want to go live to ana coran in irbil with the very latest efforts to push isis back. >> yeah. george. certainly the fighting continues around here in irbil. we heard from u.s. central command overnight that there now have been 160 u.s. air strikes in the past five weeks ever since the campaign began. the focus still up near the area that is under control of the kurdish forces. it's villages and townships that isis still controls.
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obviously the air strikes are making a huge difference to the ground offensive by isis. they can no longer advance, lightning advance that we saw since june where they have now taken up 1/3 of iraq. they've been unable to continue that advance because of those air strikes taking out enemy key positions. art iller artillery, mortar, they are no longer able to travel in large conveys. they are not necessarily retreating either. that is where the problem lies. >> isis thrives on putting out fear through social media. what is the reaction to people there? just about the threat of isis, are people resilient or are people simply terrified by what they are seeing? >> reporter: people are waking
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up here in iraq to the gruesome video, this tragic beheading of david hanes. if anything, i think george it strengthens the resolve here to fight the sunni extremists. isis as you say, they use these gruesome barbaric video s as a propaganda tool not just to instill fear in the local population but also as a propaganda recruiting tool. it is quite fight ening to think people look at it and are attracted to this. there are thousands of people who are coming to iraq to take part in this jihad and fight for the islamic state which is what they call themself. certainly as i say, i think it
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strengthens people's resolve. there is military action under way. it will be the kurdish and iraqi forces at least here that are taking the fight to ice i. they are now the boots on the ground. there will be an extra 475 soldiers sent in according to obama's strategic plan outlined in his address a few days ago. that will take numbers to 1,700 american soldiers. of course they not be operating in a combat role but will be training forces here who will be taking the fight to isis. >> certainly when it comes to the forces you're talking about, also focusing on the iraqi and kurdish fighters but from what you've seen on the ground, how are those forces, those fighters holding up in this fight? >> reporter: certainly we've sent quite a bit of time with
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the kurdish forces and they are very capable force. if anything they say that they don't need american soldiers here fighting alongside them. they need their help and guidance and leadership. i think that is critical. that role that the united states needs to play in iraq. one that they will be playing uniting the kurdish forces as well as the iraqi forces because to date they've been operating quite separately accept for a number of operations where we may have seen, you know, several hundred iraqi commandos come and join the kurds. they are a capable force but not at that stage where they can defeat isis. they don't have the military strength. as we know, as isis made that lightning advance across much of this country, they took iraqi military hardware really well equipped weaponry which outguns
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the kurdish forces. that is why the arms, weapons, ach ammunition is so critical. we've seen from the coalition that has formed to fight isis, the countries that are sending that much needed equipment in here so that they can take that fight to isis. >> ana coran joining us live. we he appreciate your reporting there from a city that is very close to isis controlled territories. thank you for your reporting. the brutality of isis is showing the world basically it repels many but it also attracts some others. jonathan mann alsos cnn security analyst bob bair what the terrorist group hopes to accomplish. >> one that they would like to define themselves as being at war with the u.s. and west and. they want us to send troops in. it draws in troops and makes the u.s. look like it is fighting islam. number two is that it is a
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perverted form of islam where they believe they can pure fie purive eye anybody that is not pure muslims. this is prime evil. it doesn't accord with islam but it's what they think. >> if they want to establish that, presumably they want to win. what's astonishing is that they are right now -- you can add to this list, correct me if i am wrong, they are fighting against the government of syria and other militias of syria and the iraqi military and fighting against the kurdish military and some militias inside iraq as well not to mention the iranians who are involved and they are fighting against. they are fighting against all of these forces and it seems -- you seem to be adding to this kop 6
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conviction that they want to fight against more, the u.s. and uk. what are they thinking? >> well, they have a very strict interpretation of islam. they look at the regime in damascus, they are not true muslims. they've fallen away from islam. they can be executed according to their reading of iran. the same with the shia in baghdad. the same with the kurds because they are taking aid from iran. certainly the iranians are looked at as their most important enemy. we, the christians, the u.s. are another enemy. they would like oto get rid of all of these purify all of thes lands, they can set up a
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government. how much damage can they do. it seems like they have lost a little bit of team but that was on the periphery of it. the cia has upped their core members from 10 to 15,000 to 30 to 35,000 so they are picking up steam. this new execution, they will draw people even even though he this british aid worker had just come to help. it is completely irrational to us but people who are reverting to prime evil form of whatever this is, it makes us. >> the fight against isis is our top story. we will continue to fall it. >> coming up after the break, flooding in india and pakistan. we will have the very latest from that region, straight ahead as cnn continues. with your eye color? ♪ we at alcon believe you can. introducing new air optix® colors prescription contact lenses.
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fresh fighting has flared up in eastern ukraine threatening the cease-fire between kiev and pro-russia separatists. ukraine says rebels attacked their main effort on saturday with missiles. that prompted ukrainian military to fire back. ukrainian government forces and proresh p pro-russia separatists ex-changed dozens of prisoners of war on friday. we spoke to a group of freed
10:23 pm
rebels about their defentention >> reporter: it's a powerful feeling he says. i've never felt anything like it. just hours earlier, the men claimed they were in the custody of ukrainian forces. the five among thousands captured in a month long conflict in eastern ukraine. now released as part of a cease-fire agreement signed between ukraine and pro-russian separatists. >> translator: we didn't believe we taking us ctually pphappened. out to shoot us. >> reporter: what was it like when you finally called your families and told them you're free. >> translator: i called my wife just to tell her i was alive. she says someone had call earlier and told her i was dead. >> reporter: these men support the pro-russian rebels but claim
10:24 pm
they never took part in the fighting. they say their pretension sometimes as two months long was wrong. >> translator: for the first time i didn't know what he would become of me says this man. they kept telling me you don't exist. you're not here. >> reporter: were you bieaten when you were in detention. >> translator: they broke three of my ribs one here and two year. i'm 56. i've seen a lot in live. i just wanted them to shoot me. i've never felt pain like this. >> reporter: human rights groups accuse pro-russian rebels of beating and torturing their detainees too. the release of prisoners is perhaps a sign that both sides want the fighting to end. both say it is impossible to forgive the government in kiev. >> by a show of hands, if the fighting continues, are you prepared to volunteer, do what you can to defend your people?
10:25 pm
>> reporter: worrying signs that a conflict that has divided a country is far from being resol resolved. cnn, ukraine. the death toll from monsoon flooding in india and pakistan has risen now to more than 500. indian officials say they fear that figure could grow even higher because bodies have been spotted floating near villages that they say were washed away. torrential rains started at the beginning of the month and the enshoeing floods created a nightmare for parts of those countries. for more on the deadly flood we go to ivan cabrera in the cnn weather center. >> disturbing details obviously coming out from the reasonable as you would expect this calamity that has hit both nations here. we're talking about an event that is going to be felt for months if not years in some areas because some regions have
10:26 pm
been submerged under water. you can barely see the rivers here he up in space. that is the way it should be. well, we will forward it a little bit and you'll be able to see -- now you can see the riffs. this shouldn't be the case. you shouldn't be able to see it from this high above. that is the flooding. from all the rain that occurred upstream. then watch. you can almost see the crest if you follow it here beginning to move down stream. as it does so, it continues to flood additional villages that are nestled along the river. most of us live near the water. that is how we make our living and that is what folks in pakistan do as well. so they are right along the river. some have been evacuated. some have chosen to stay hin. it is going to be a problem for them as we continue with this crest that will move down towards the arabian sea but will take all next year to do so. the river levels beginning to recede newspaper north bup norte for some of the villages. this will be an ongoing problem.
10:27 pm
upwards of 12 million people will be impacted when all is said and done. at this point there's nothing falling from the sky. it's all the water that has already fallen. it has to get down to the sea. it will do so by flooding some additional areas here in significant fashion over the next few days. we will continue to follow the crest for you. i do want to leave you with an update on what is going in the philippines. we have a typhoon now. we talk ed about this yesterday. it is about to make land fall over the next self hoveral hour. the threat will be the rain over the coast where the winds will be the worst. not too many people there. the people do live in the rest of the philippines including the capital of manila where they've picked up additional falls of 2 to 4 meters possible. 5 to 10 inches in the next
10:28 pm
couple of days will prompt significant flooding for more areas. we will stay on ton p of that. ivan thank you so much. >> the news continues here on cnn. next, the diplomatic push continues for the united states. why secretary of state john kerry says egypt would provide vital help against isis. are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team
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in the united states and around the world our breaking news coverage on cnn, the execution of british aid worker david hanes. in the uk the british prime minister is vowing to hunt down the militants who beheaded him. on saturday, a video surfaced of a man killing hanes. in the coming hours, cameron will be holding a top level meeting to discuss exactly how to respond to hanes's murder. nic robertson on the mood of british people. >> well, within almt an hour of the announcement of david haines, prime minister david cameron will return from a private engagement and sunday morning will hold what is known as a cobra meeting. this is a meeting where his top cabinet, security, and
10:32 pm
intelligence officials will meet. he will likely get a briefing from them. the latest information that they have, this is the most top level security meeting. it happens under extraordinary circumstances. so the british prime minister sunday morning engaging in that. we've heard from the british prime minister in tweets that he has said this will the murder of david haines. he has said the murder of david haines is an exact of pure evil. my heart goes out to his family who have shown extraordinary courage and fortitude. we will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers an ensure they face justice however long it takes. we've also heard from the family of david haines. his brother mike haines issued a statement and just a little from that statement here. my name is mike haines. i am brother to david haines who was recently murdered in cold
10:33 pm
blood. he goes onto say that david was most alive and enthusiastic in his humanitarian roles. his joy and anticipation for the work he went to do in syria is for myself and family, the most important element of this whole sad affair. he was and is loved by all his family and will be missed terribly. now, in the video that was released by isis, we see the same scenario as in the murder of james furley and stephen sutlof it seems to be the same ske executioner speaking in a british accident sounds like from the east end of london. this man issuing a threat against david cameron and also gives us a indication that this murder took place in the last few days. he makes reference to the air strikes against the dam in the
10:34 pm
west of iraq where isis forces are embedded. those attacks taken place in recent days. this is what the apparent executioner on that video had to say. >> your evil alliance with america which continues to strike the muslims of iraq and most recently bombed the hadifa dam will only ak ccelerate your destruction. it will only drag you and your people into another bloody and unwinnable war. >> a direct threat there for david cameron very likely at that cobra meeting that he will be chairing sunday morning. nic robertson, cnn, london. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry, call on egypt to play a role in the fight against isis. the top u.s. diplomat says egyptian support is critical. global affairs correspondent has more on kerry's message. >> reporter: well, egypt is the
10:35 pm
latest on kerry's mid-east tour to build support for a global coalition against isis. he was in saudi arabia trying to enlist support and then he met with turkish leaders trying to see what they could do for the coalition, here in egypt. the heart of the arab world, secretary kerry asked the president to stem the flow of foreign fighters and financing which is really the life blood of this group. the u.s. also see those fighters transiting from syria into iraq stopping and sharing their knowledge with extremist groups. secretary kerry also asked egypt to get its religious clerics to come speak out against isis in
10:36 pm
mosques and friday prayers. the country's top cleric just issued a very tough statement condeximning is iis. the u.s. wants to see more of. >> in each of the meetings that i had today we discussed how we could better accelerate the efforts in bringing more nations on board and in dividing up the responsibilities. >> and just who will be doing what in this global coalition still needs to be hammered out. >> the u.s. has launched some 160 air strikes against isis targeted but none of the strikes have directly targeted the group's secretive leader. our brian todd looks into why. >> reporter: he's considered the new bin laden. the man behind the tactics of beheadings executions and
10:37 pm
kidnappings. a pentagon spokesman is saying quote, we've not conducted any targeted air strikes on specific isil leaders. we need to be targeting the top isis military and strategic leadership. our policy up to now hasn't been good enough. it's a day late and a dollar short that's why isis is a threat to the u.s. >> the military could recommend a drone or air strike but any mission to kill him would have to be approved by president obama. >> when the president gives the word it will be a formidable capability that we would launch against this organization and perhaps against him. >> why hasn't the president given the order yet? the white house says they've needed time to build the intelligence. >> i would anticipate that as our intelligence improves and
10:38 pm
crystallizes that our military capabilities will expand accordingly. >> so far has there been any intelligence good enough to authorize an air strike on him? >> i'm quite certain that isis is staying off the phone and nobody around him would have a cell phone for instance or any sort of communications. we're not well positioned to do this. >> but a u.s. intelligence official tells cnn the intelligence on isis leaders is good and there's a track record of success. osama bin laden in pakistan, some analysts say killing him won't be affective because someone else will simply take his place. others disagree saying leaders like him bring special skills. >> what he brings to them is really a different image and mentality, mind set. we see this playing out through the groups aggressive use of tactics, rhetoric, its ideology.
10:39 pm
even the twitter campaign and things like that are essentially planned and organized. >> he he has also survived the u.s. surge in iraq. he's been in and out of u.s. custody there and is obsessed with staying in the shadows. >> also the threat from him and his isis commanders is relatively recent. it is a real cat and mouse game, in this case the cat is an experienced hunter. >> still ahead on cnn, more on our top story, threat of isis. we speak to a military analyst about options when it comes to a u.s. response. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. ♪ i got to be pretty good at managing my symptoms, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. ♪ when i finally told my doctor, he said my crohn's was not under control.
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the sunni extremist group isis has released yet another video. another barbaric killing of a western hostage. this time it is 44-year-old david haines, an aid worker from scottland. the video shows an isis extremist beheading hain. >> >> australian prime minister tony abbott says the beheading of david haines is further prove that isis does not just do evil but exalted in doing evil. he made a statement a short time ago promising to send military forces to help the fight against
10:43 pm
isis. listen. >> within the last 24 hours, we have received a specific request from the united states government to contribute forces to possible military action in iraq. i can further advise that on friday night i had a conversation with the new prime minister of iraq who indicated to me that he would very much welcome an australian military contribution to the restoration of order and security inside iraq. so national security committee of cabinet has met earlier today to discuss this matter. the government has decided to prepare and to deploy to the united air anning rab emirates
10:44 pm
force that could, subject to further decisions, contribute to military operations inside iraq. >> so the question now, how will this latest horror affect the united states and great britain and others? our jonathan man posed that question to cnn military analyst. >> i think it will galvanize public opinion in the united states and probably great britain as well. i think we will see an advancement of the timetable because there are other hostages at stake hereme menhere. for sometime now we've been looking at this as two separate operations of going after isis in iraq and later isis in syria. i think we're coming to the realizition that this is really one target set and we have to attack it simultaneously. whereas i thought we were going to put off air strikes in syria to a later date, i think we may see this happen sooner rather
10:45 pm
than later because many of us believe this is all happening in syria. isis regards that they have some semblance of safety in syria. they regard that border as a hindrance for us although they don't recognize that border. i'm assuming that pretty soon washington, london and some of the other members of the coalition should say why should we recognize that border. i think you're right. we may see an advancement of the timetable. >> you're talking about air strikes. everybody talks about air strikes. the president keeps saying there will be no combat forces on the ground. let me ask you to be very clear and help us because there are uniformed u.s. military personnel in iraq. they are on the ground. who is there? what are they doing? what are the chances that their numbers and their mission could change? >> yeah. this is a semantics game, john. what they are doing is they are saying well, these troops are there to advise and train. they are there to assess but they are not there to fight. if you're going to put u.s. fos forces on the ground anywhere in that country and american countries, allied forces, coalition forces are bombing,
10:46 pm
then there's a combat situation there. you can't escape it. i think this is just a semantic game that the administration is playing. more troops will go in. the problem will be if the iraqi army and kurdish are not capable of turning back isis in iraq. now we've stopped the momentum with the air power and those forces on the ground. so far they've been unable to role back isis. they've tried several times. look at the stale mate we saw here. at some point you will need a more robust ground force. where is that going to come from? if nobody else is going to pone up their forces that only leaves us to do it. i think at some point the president may have to revisit his adamant contention that we're not going to introduce combat forces into the iraq. this is a political nightmare for the president. >> how long does he have to get that decision. >> the time line is getting
10:47 pm
compressed and compressed as the secretary of state is traveling around the middle east and our allies and getting a lot of support but he's not getting a lot of commitment to provide the forces that we need. so it looks like this may be an american operation yet again. i think we're coming fast to that realization. this is going to be a real hard political sell in the united states. >> i want to move away from the politics and just talk about the brute -- the brutality of isis. this is a group that videotapes and broadcasts its own atrocities. it wants the world to know about every war crime it commits against the forces it fights or the innocent civilians that fall into its hands. this is such an utterly different enemy i would think. >> this is masters of psycho lodge you can
10:48 pm
logical warfare. they also do the exact same thing in arabic and put it out on twitter, youtube, facebook. all of the social media and broadcast it throughout the arab world especially the areas where they are trying to expand their zone of control. it's frightening to the people there so when they role into town, the people are already terrified of what's coming next and it really listens their resittance because they know any resistance to isis means instant and painful death so it's part of theirmodus operandi. we see once they are faced with security forces they stop. the death of three western hostages by isis in recent weeks has ignited a big debate over
10:49 pm
randoms. both the u.s. and uk have strict policies against making payments to gain releases. the mother of james foley made some serious accusations about what happened when she attempted to raise money in hopes of saving her son. >> in her new interview, james foley's mother said she was threatened by government officials that she would be prosecuted if she raised money to free her kidnapped son. >> we were told that we could not raise random. >> threatening someone with a criminal prosecution when they are trying to save their child is not only reprehensible, it's also counter-productive. >> today secretary of state john kerry said he's unaware of any official suggesting criminal charges. >> i am totally unaware and would not condone anybody that i know of within the state department making such
10:50 pm
statements. >> brian cunningham is a former prosecutor and cia official and says that officials are supposed to guide the families of victims. >> overnight the national security counsel took a harder line saying the law is clear that random payments to designated individuals or entities such as isil are prohibited. doing so would only put more americans at risk of being taken captive. >> as a american i was embarrassed and appalled. >> diane foley said the u.s. needed to do more to rescue her son. >> sources say it wasn't the first time he had been kidnapped. a few years ago libyan militants released him after diplomatic efforts by officials. >> the white house said rescuing him this time was such a priority it sent in u.s. forces in july. >> the president was so convinced that this was a priority that he ordered a high risk mission.
10:51 pm
unfortunately, despite the way in which that mission was executed, that is so say successfully, it did not end in the release of mr. foley. >> while diane says she's not blaming the u.s. government, she says the fact her son is now dead is prove something needs to change. >> he was sacrificed because of -- just a lack of coordination, a lack of communication, a lack of prioritization. as a family we had to find our way through this on our own. >> part of the challenge for law enforcement officials with hostage situations is that they can't share everything that they know with the families of hostages. of course that is of little solace for the foley family who were desperate to get their son back. >> next on cnn, we're just days away from a huge referendum on
10:52 pm
sco scottland's future. we take a look at the man spear heading the effort to keep scottland part of the uk. get 4 lines for just a hundred bucks a month. with unlimited talk, text and now up to ten gigabytes of 4g lte data. no overages no contracts we'll even buy you out of yours. so make the switch today.
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and stays strong for 24 hours. stop suffering. start living. turning to north korea. a detained american will soon learn the charges against him. that's all supposed to happen in a hearing for 24-year-old matthew todd miller today. miller arrived in the secretive country on april 10th as a puripure i tourist but upon entry he destroyed his passport and visa and asked for asylum. >> there are days left when scottland decides on the issue of its own independence. recent polls suggest it will be very tight. one man that knows that first hand is britain's former finance minister who is spear heading the no campaign. our max foster caught up with him. >> reporter: tensions have been running high towards the end of this epic campaign.
10:55 pm
>> your people kill our people. murderers. you come here looking for support. you do not have our support. >> reporter: during a visit to a mosque, he is heckled for his previous role in tony blair's government and the 2003 invasion of iraq. a reason for this scott to vote for the other side. >> reporter: found those tens n tensions arising? is it becoming more intense. >> people are becoming much more focused not just on the fact that they are about to vote about the gravity of the decision. if we decide to leave it's forever. there's no going back. i think people are very, very focused on the risks and opportunities that would come from staying within the uk. >> you talk about the risks. that's been the accusation that it's been a negative campaign focusing on the things that could create anxiety amongst
10:56 pm
scotts as opposed to the other campaign that is more positive and visionary. >> we have put the case of being part of something bigger. the job that's would come because we depend on that bigger market in the uk. the security you get. paying tensions to an ageing population or if something goes wrong in the economy as it did with the banks you've got that bigger security so there's a strong positive case to be made. but remember this, the proposition to leave the uk is being made by the nationalists. they are asking us to take a leap into the unknown. >> actually, he is being quite clever there. he's quite a charming character saying trust me i will take you through this. >> he does at times say you've got to rely on me being right and everybody else is wrong. that's asking a lot of people to gamble their children's future that might not be too good an
10:57 pm
idea. it is an important issue because it is about our children and generations to come. which is why p.m. -- yes, they are becoming passionate but increasingly people are saying i don't like the look of this. what is it all for? we'd be far better building on the strengths and the security. having a strong scottish parliament within the unite kingdom. >> the campaign is a coalition of desperate groups. the campaign is now pulling together promising more powers to fight off a late rally from the yes campaign. >> that does it for this hour. i'm george howl. we thank you for watching. our breaking news coverage continues with my colleague right after this short break. ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away
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and welcome back to cnn's coverage. we continue to follow breaking news of another gruesome i.s.i.s. beheading, this time of a british hostage. u.s. president barack obama is calling the i.s.i.s. murder of another hostage barbaric. and u.k. prime minister, david cameron, is promising to hunt down the people responsible. the latest victim, david haines of scotland. i.s.i.s.


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