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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  September 19, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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satisfied by downloading the software. i may have saved you money. "early start" continues right now. >> breaking news this morning. scotland says no to independence. overwhelmingly voting to keep the united kingdom united. breaking up is hard to do. we are live with reaction coming up. congress on board with president obama as plan to train syrian rebels in the fight against isis. this coming with new air strikes in iraq. and a british journalists head hostage video is released. the u.s. military now air lifting victims of hurricane odile out of the area in mexico. indra petersons is tracking this
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for us. >> when vacations go bad. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. we welcome you on this friday morning. breaking news from scotland. the united kingdom will remain united. voters rejecting the vote for independence. the margin is 55% to 45%. cnn's nic robertson joining us live from glasgow. >> reporter: good morning, christine. a huge turnout. 85% of the electorate to vote. that is a record for scotland. 16 and 17-year-olds giving the vote for the first time. the fact it came close down to the wire in the weeks running up to the final vote here gave a lot of concern for british prime minister david cameron. this morning, he spoke of his relief of the result.
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>> the people of scotland have spoken and it is a clear result. they have kept our country of four nations together. and like millions of other people, i am delighted. as i said during the campaign, it would have broken my heart to see our united kingdom come to an end. i know that sentiment was shared by people not just across our country, but also around the world because of what we achieved together in the past and what we can do together in the future. >> reporter: now david cameron in the final days of the campaign, if they voted no, they would get greater power ws with taxation and welfare. we heard from alex salmond. the leader of the call for independence says he will hold david cameron and other politicians in london to their word on that. he said he will be making sure
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they honor those commitments. christine. >> clearly the markets like it. you have the pound up. british stocks up. u.s. stocks up. everyone is so glad this was not a yes vote. thank you, nic robertson. a crucial development in the battle against isis. the senate passing a measure to fund arms and training for moderate syrian rebels. 72-2 it was the vote. this was one day after the house approved the funding. cnn's dana bash has more on the vote from capitol hill. >> reporter: john and christine, if it sounds very quiet where i am, there is good reason for it. congress is gone. they have left town and they are not coming back until after election day. even though there are big issues facing this country and more importantly and internationally. there was a lot of talk about wanting to have a broad debate about authorizing force and the
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commander in chief to deal with isis. that will not happen until after election day. they punted. the only thing they did before leaving town was vote on the very narrow authorization to arm and train the syrian rebels. the vote before leaving in the senate was overwhelming. more than 70 senators voted for it. it was bipartisan opposition as well. you heard strong sentiment on the senate floor from opponents, republican and democrat, saying that they just think this is the wrong idea. that there's no guarantee of who the arms are going to and this money and time that the u.s. will spend training these rebels will be successful given the bad example of iraq. and you have that coupled with those who say we have to do this. we have no choice because isis is such a threat not just in the middle east, but potentially here in the homeland.
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that debate did go on in a narrow way. maybe more disappointing and maybe not surprising is that when it comes to the senate, it was tucked into a must-pass spending bill. the bill to fund the government, to keep it running to make sure there is not another shutdown, that was included and done on purpose and coordination with the democratic senate majority leader and republican house speaker to make sure the president got the authority he needed. some legislative kabuki theater. may not be surprising, but some wanted a vote to show constituents where they stand. john and christine. >> no act of political bravery. president obama thanked congress over the plan will work saying the threat posed by isis doesn't frighten us. secretary of state john kerry carried the same message to capitol hill telling the house foreign affairs committee air strikes against isis have been
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working. >> i don't think these guys are ten feet tall and the intelligence tells us as we begun to hit them, we have been able to prove that to some degree. >> in france, president holland committed french jets to isis targets. that is in addition to the flights the french are already running. in iraq, the u.s. military launched two more attacks near mosul and the other southeast of baghdad. cnn correspondent anna coren is live with us. john kerry is saying these guys are not ten feet tall. he says as we strike them it is making a difference. >> reporter: he is absolutely right. they are not ten feet tall and bulletproof. despite all those propaganda videos that we have seen. we have to remember that this is part of the isis tactic to
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instill fear in the local population as if they are some frightening force. let's not mistaken it. they are barbaric and brutal. what the peshmerga forces here in northern iraq are finding is many of the fighters they are fighting against local sunnis. these are people from the towns and villages who felt alienated and ostracized by the government and joined isis and militants. speaking to military officials, they will tell you the fighters in the towns and villages are actual local people. yes, there are the foreign fighters coming in. the hard core element from syria, but by and large, you are talking about local sunnis rising up and fighting the kurdish forces and fighting the iraqi iraqis. that is what we are seeing. the u.s. air strikes making a
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difference to the situation on the ground. there have been 176 to date according to u.s. central command. the hope is there will be intensification of the campaign. we know how effective it is providing that cover for the ground forces to move in and make advances. piecemeal advances of the towns and villages. they are still gaining groupnd and taking out the positions and armored vehicles which is just critical to the operation. what the fighters peshmerga fighters are finding is that the isis militants are leaving all these explosives and ieds as they retreat. that is slowing down the operation. you know, they initially come in and fight. they leave. they lay all of the explosives and the mop-up operation for the peshmerga. that is what is taking time.
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in the meantime, christine, they are planning operations. the city of mosul and iraq's second largest city, that is the prize. it will be the prize to take back control of that. as we know, that is going to be an extremely difficult battle. we're talking about urban warfare. peshmerga is not used to that. they are used to fighting in the mountains. they have to adapt to fighting in the open environments. that is where the international experience is critical. that is where the advisers and people from other countries from the global coalition is critical. because at the end of the day as we heard from president obama, there will not been any u.s. combat forces here in that particular fight. they will rely on the peshmerga and the iraqi security forces to take those fights to isis. christine. >> we know the french will be joining in air strikes as well.
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a new phase. anna coren, thank you. a new chilling media message from isis. the slickly produced video shows john cantlie. because he is delivering propaganda, clearly under duress, we will not play the video on our air. cnn's karl penhaul is live in london to give us a sense of what this means. good morning, karl. >> reporter: good morning, john. this is john cantlie, as you said, an experienced photo journalist. he was kidnapped in 2012. he was traveling with james foley, the u.s. journalist executed in the horrible isis video back in august. the pair were taken at the same to time. the second time cantlie was kidnapped. it was july of that same year, he was smanatched and held for several days before he escaped.
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this video is different from the previous videos which isis showed hostages. it shows cantlie at a desk delivering his message saying over the coming days of the coming weeks, he will deliver a series of programs or reports on what he said the truth about isis. he said, of course, you say i'm going to say that because i'm a prisoner. i am a prisoner. reflecting duress in the message. he did appear relaxed given no presence of any isis members with knife in hand in the screen shot at least. he also went on to say that he felt abandoned by the british government while other european countries managed to negotiate hostages out. we will have to watch this closely to see what happens over the next days and weeks and ask
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why this new format. is this something isis trying to grab our attention by using a different tactic? is it possible that john cantlie has seen a way to prolong his life by offering to do this and make these reports? we will have to see how that plays out if this was a cantlie scheme or a switch in isis tactics or if there is something else behind it. john. >> someone in captivity, you simply cannot take it at face value you. karl penhaul, thank you so much. the death toll exploding in west africa. more than 2600 people have been killed by ebola. the united nations declared the outbreak a threat to international peace and security. officials are moving quickly to set up a mission to coordinate relief efforts. in sierra leone, a three-day lockdown for 6 million people. everyone will be confined to the
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homes while search-to-search for victims. and a team of educators trying to teach people avoid getting infected, were killed. all they were doing was warning people of the dangers of ebola. the situation is so dire, there is a black market in west africa for the blood of ebola survivors because it is said to have anti-bodies to fight the virus. >> what a terrible situation. 13 minutes past the hour. time for an early start on money. european stocks higher on news that scotland will stay in the u.k. the pound is gaining against the dollar and euro. asian shares are up. u.s. stock futures are higher this morning. the dow and s&p 500, record highs yesterday with the news out of the u.k. and optimism about alibaba's stock market debut. it could be another record day.
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also out this morning, an update on the huge home depot hack. stolen data for 56 million credit and debit cards. that is bigger than target where 40 million card holders effective and the ceo lost his job over it. malware was placed on the registers from april to fall. the company eliminated the malware and increasing security measu measures. if you shop at home depot, check all of your statements going back to april and make sure there is nothing unusual on there. there is free credit monitoring. you should take advantage of it. 14 minutes after the hour. american tourists stranded. now air lifted out of hurricane ravaged cabo san lucas as another storm approaches.
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and earn 20% more rewards. is this nut-free? it's membership that rewards you for the things you already buy, every day. what's your 20? four days after hurricane odile hit, thousands of stranded american tourists are trying to get out of cabo san lucas. there is looting and extensive damage in the resort. now forecasters are keeping an eye on tropical storm polo. indra petersons with a look at that and the rest of the forecast. >> it will take time. family members cannot get a flight out for a week. they are concerned. we are still talking about another storm making its way toward the area. much better news now in the forecast. polo continues to weaken. the latest forecast continues to
2:19 am
move it offshore. it will take time to get tourists out of the region. if you are down in the southwest, still talking about the threat for flooding with heavy rainfall. 2 to 4 inches in houston. still expected. in the southeast, finally getting better. looking at the stationary front and continuing to make its way offshore. in florida, the stationary front there means more rainfall expected today. temperature wise in the southeast, as you go through the weekend, not bad. a lot of 80s out there. meanwhile in the midwest up toward the northeast, we will watch a frontal boundary make its way through. by saturday in the midwest and sunday, into the northeast. we are going to talk about scatter showers. keep in mind, severe weather threat including chicago on saturday. you will notice the temperatures behind the cold front starting to drop. you will feel the effects there. meanwhile -- >> 23? >> this is morning lows. temperatures in the 20s north of
2:20 am
us. new york city today, not bad. boston's highs in the 50s. you will feel it. >> pack a sweatshirt for the kids. >> i have mine today. forget the kids. a real scare for passengers on jetblue flight forced to make an emergency landing after it took off from the airport in long beach, california. look at the cell phone video capturing the chaos. passengers heard a loud boom and then suddenly smoke everywhere. >> the engine blew out. out over the ocean. >> the engine blew out? >> the right engine. >> you heard it? >> a pop blew out. smoke engulfed the cabin where you could not see the person next to you. it was that bad. >> four people suffered injuries. jetblue will say the plane had an issue with an engine. it is not known what happened to it. all right. the arizona cardinals distancing themselves from player jonathan dwyer. stunning details about the abuse
2:21 am
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new details about the abuse allegations against cardinals running back jonathan dwyer. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> good morning. the phoenix police laid out graphic details when describing the dwyer's domestic violence. according to police, dwyer broke
2:25 am
his wife's nose when he head butted her in the face after she bit his lip trying to avoid unwanted sexual advances. he is now out on bond. the team placed him on non injury reserve list. cardinals coach bruce arians was stunned by the allegations. >> victims come first. you build relationships. me as a coach, i always taken the approach these are my children. i treat them as my children. this is very hard. if this was my son, i would have a hard time dealing with it. uncalled for. anyone who touches a woman or child in my opinion, needs to go to jail for a long time. >> then on, the falcons routed the bucs. devin hester making history in the second quarter with the
2:26 am
62-yard punt return for a touchdown. he broke deon sanders record. he paid tribute to prime time. the falcons up 56-0. they won the game, 56-14. ron washington earlier this month, out of nowhere resigned as the manager of the texas rangers. yesterday, he held a press conference to explain why he stepped down. >> i made a mistake and i'm embarrassed more than i have ever been in my life. i was not true to my wife after 42 years. i broke her trust. i'm here today to own that mistake and to apologize to her and to those i disappointed. >> washington's wife was there
2:27 am
alongside him at the press conference. bizarre timing of the way he stepped down and held the press conference with two weeks to go in the season. andy, thanks so much. >> breaking news. scotland voting against independence. that doesn't mean there are not big changes in the u.k. we are live after the break.
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breaking news this morning. scotland rejecting independence. keeping the united kingdom united. that doesn't mean big changes aren't coming. we are live with the latest reaction and what comes next. congress officially signs on to the war against isis.
2:31 am
the senate voting to arm and train syrian rebels, but not everyone is happy with the president's plan. this is new air strikes target terrorists in iraq. we are live with the latest. american tourists stranded. trapped in cabo. the u.s. military air lifting victims out as another storm approaches. indra petersons is tracking this for us. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is friday. we have breaking news out of scotland. the united kingdom still united. voters in scotland have rejected a hotly contested vote for independence. the margin was 55% to 45%. cnn's becky anderson is live in london. becky, how is this being received? i imagine david cameron who
2:32 am
lives in the house behind you must be happy. >> reporter: exhausted. it was a long and sleepless night for david cameron. he came out and spoke to the press as the sun rose in london, there was a sense of palpable relief. >> scotland voted for a stronger parliament backed by the strength of the united kingdom. i want to congratulate the no campaign for that. for showing our nations are really better together. i want to pay tribute to yes scotland for a well fought campaign. and to say to all those who did vote for independence, we hear you. we now have a chance. a great opportunity to change the way the british people are governed and change it for the better. >> reporter: and that is across the board. not just in scotland, but in
2:33 am
england, wales and northern ireland. what david cameron did with the no campaign is in the dying days of this referendum, when the polls were squeezed and it looked like the separatists might win the day, he vowed alongside other politicians from westminster here in london that scotland would get more devolved powers. he says that will be a new and fair settlement for scotland mirrored by a new and fair settlement for england, wales and northern ireland. no referendum for populations that make up the united kingdom. he is determined that what scotland gets, the other nations may get going forward. so, do not expect a status quo going forward. things will change. the u.k. will be governed in different ways across the board
2:34 am
as far as the prime minister is concerned. there is a timeframe for this. he is looking for draft legislation by the beginning of january. by the time the british get to an election in may of next year, if that is when it is, expect we may be a long way down the road to what could be a more federal united kingdom. guys. >> as you say, this still will change everything for how the regions are governed in the united kingdom going forward. big sigh of relief. the financial markets were worried. becky, thank you. president obama enjoying a rare victory in congress. the senate passed the funding of arms in training for the moderate syrian rebels. that was one day after the house approved the funding which the white house has been lobbying hard for. president obama thanked
2:35 am
congress. >> i'm pleased the majority of democrats and republicans in the house and senate voted to support the key element of our strategy. our plan to train and equipped the opposition in syria to help push back the terrorists. >> the wide margin in the senate disguised unhappiness about the way the funding was inserted in must-pass funding legislation and the president's overall strategy against isis. >> when they say we have a 10% approval rate, republican or democrat, it is because of this hypocrasy. because we don't obey the law and we shovel war in a spending bill. >> why does the president insist on telling the enemy what he won't do. why is it the president of the united states keeping telling the people that are slaughtering thousands don't worry, we won't commit ground troops. >> after the funding vote, congress adjourned pushing
2:36 am
debate on further military action until after the november election. president obama expressed confidence thursday that the plan will work saying the threat posed by isis, quote, doesn't frighten us. in france, the president hollande committed french jets to air strikes against isis targets starting soon. there are reports that france has launched the air strikes. this is in addition to the reconnaissance flights they are running. the u.s. launched attacks thursday in mosul and south of baghdad. we have anna coren with us live from iraq. there is a coalition engaged in the battle in iraq. >> reporter: engaged and committed to isis. we have committed the first lawn of the air strike in iraq. they are restricting them to this country.
2:37 am
they are not prepared to go into syria. obviously good news for the iraqis that the french are definitely on board and taking part in those critical air strikes. as far as the united states is concerned, they have launched 176 strikes according to u.s. central command. we have been discussing, john, they are making a huge difference to the operation on the ground providing the cover for the kurdish forces as they try to make those advances against isis. certainly what we are seeing here in iraq is that it is happening. they are gaining momentum. the troops on the ground. it is a piecemeal approach. a few villages here and a town here. a strategic bridge in a particular location. this is the way that the war is going to look. with the help of the air strikes, they can make those advances and place pressure on isis and gradually hit the cities that they want to hit
2:38 am
such as mosul. iraq's second largest city and isis strong hold they took in june. they have up to 1 million people. 2 million people i should say under their control. this is the situation on the ground here. we also got news as well, john, there was a bombing, a suicide bombing in kirkuk, which is an hour from us here. many killed and dozens injured. this is something we saw several weeks ago. it has been quiet since. in baghdad, a few hours ago, another car bombing. same with overnight. you know, this is something we are going to be seeing more of as the global coalition places pressure on isis. they are not able to make the rapid advances that they have done so for the past several months. this is the way they diversify their action on the ground with the car bombings and suicide
2:39 am
bombings and killing so many innocent civilians. john. >> anna coren in iraq. thank you. the death toll exploding in west africa. more than 2,600 people killed by the ebola virus. the officials there are moving quickly to set up a mission to coordinate the relief efforts. in sierra leone, a three-day lockdown ordered for 6 million people. everyone confined to the homes over the weekend while a house-to-house search is conducted. in southeastern guinea, a deadly attack on the educators trying to teach locals how to avoid getting infected. eight people, including three journalists were killed. the situation is becoming so dire there is now a black market in west africa for the blood of ebola survivors because it is said to have anti-bodies to
2:40 am
fight the virus. officials are concerned about black market blood. time for an early start on your money. european stocks are higher on news scotland will stay with the u.k. the pound is up against the dollar and euro. asian shares are up. u.s. stock futures are pointing much higher. if these gains hold, a record day on wall street. dow and s&p both hit records yesterday. news from the u.k. driving the rise. there is excitement out of the tiny company alibaba. it is a very big company. securing the largest listed ipo last night. the stock priced at $68. it raised $21.8 billion. only large investors are able to buy in, but it will start this morning under baba. that is when normal people like you and i could buy.
2:41 am
>> that is the nicest thing you ever said to me. >> i retract my normal statement. i understand what you are saying right there. big ipo. 40 minutes after the hour. daring rescues. americans air lifted out of hurricane ravaged cabo san lucas. the u.s. military involved now as a new storm approaches. indra petersons joins us with the latest next. which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracy got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. for bfor a love this strong is a labor of love. there's new iams naturals, with no corn or chicken by-product meal, grain-free,
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sacramento burning out of control this morning moving north to tahoe national forest. more than 4,000 firefighters dumped half a million gallons of fire retardant. the man suspected the starting the king fire has a court appearance this afternoon. 37-year-old wayne allen huntsman. he has a history of assault with a deadly weapon. police say he started the deadly fire, but not saying why. four days after hurricane odile hit, thousands of stranded american tourists are trying to get out of cabo san lucas. there are thousands left homeless and looting in the area. forecasters now are keeping an eye on tropical storm polo. >> indra petersons has a look at
2:46 am
the forecast for us. >> imagine being stuck there without a exit plan. tropical storm polo is continuing to weaken. latest forecast continues to weaken it and pushing it offshore. it is very close near cabo. we could talk about feeling the impact of the system. who is also feeling the impact from odile? the tropical moisture here in the southwest. the flooding is high as 2 to 4 inches of rain expected. looking for that in the afternoon. out to the gulf, stationary front making its way off the area. the stationary front in florida continues to enhance the rainfall in that region. temperatures not too bad. looking at 80s out there. beautiful weekend that still feels like summer somewhere. not necessarily the case if you are in the midwest out to the northeast as another system is making its way through. severe enough that we will talk about a severe weather threat
2:47 am
through saturday around chicago. keep that in mind if you have flying plans. you will notice temperatures going down on the weekend. that is the midwest. for the northeast, temperatures are actually going up unless are you in the perfect top of the northeast where temperatures from a cold front yesterday are on the cool side. highs today toward boston in the 50s by the time the next cold front comes through, it will drop again on monday. >> saranac lake, 23 degrees. >> that's why i'm here. >> thanks, indra. back a sweater. passenger injured in an emergency landing. smoke filling the cabin so thick, passengers could not see the person sitting next to them. that is a flight to remember. we have the dramatic video right after the break.
2:48 am
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a real scare for passengers on a jetblue flight forced to make an emergency landing minutes after it took off from long beach, california. cell phone video capturing the mid air chaos. passengers say they heard a loud boom and suddenly there was smoke everywhere. >> the engine blew out. we were out over the ocean. >> the engine blew out? >> i heard it. smoke engulfed the cabin where you could not see the better than next to you. it was that bad.
2:52 am
>> four people suffered injuries. jetblue will only say the plane had an issue with one of the engines. it is still not known exactly what happened to it. new details about the abuse allegations against arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer. police revealing he allegedly broke his wife's nose when he head butted her in the face when she bit his lip to stop unwanted sexual advances. dwyer was arrested on wednesday, but out on bond. the cardinals placed him on the reserve non football injury list ending his season. cardinals coach bruce arians says he was stunned by the allegations. >> it is a worst nightmare a coach can have right now. for me personally, i was shocked because i have known john a long time. totally out of character for what i have known. i was shocked by the incident and we have to move forward. you never forget the victims.
2:53 am
the victims come first. you build relationships and me as a coach, i always taken the approach these are my children and i treat them as my children. this is very hard. if this was my son, i would have a very hard time dealing with it. >> the national women's group ultraviolet flew a goodell must go banner over the bucs game. the banner flew over several nfl venues last week. the iphone 6 goes on sale today, but don't expect to waltz in. you can go in to the score and pick one up. we will have an early start on your money next. lot of purchase for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards, even cash back.
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let's get an early start on your money this friday morning. european stocks sharply higher on news scotland will stay with the u.k. the u.s. stock futures are pointing higher with the news from the u.k. it could be another record day on wall street. the dow is up 4%. look at the nasdaq. up a stunning 10% since january. the world's highest paid ceo giving up his job. larry ellison is giving up the ceo of oracle. it made him one of the richest men in the world. he made more than $78 million in stock options. two will replace ellison as ceo.
2:58 am
ellison will take over chairman of the board and chief technology officer. the iphone 6 go on sale today. people camping outside apple stores to buy the new phones. apple said there will be a limited supply. in the u.s., the stores open at 8:00 a.m. there were 4 million orders placed last week for phones. i would not wait in line. wait two days. >> why need it two days? they may not have the supply. >> you like the new -- >> i like the software. i like it. >> why get a new phone? >> i might not need to. think about it. "new day" starts right now. the people of scotland have spoken. >> breaking news -- the united kingdom still stands.
2:59 am
scots reject independence. why? and what now after the bit ebb campaign to break away. we have what comes next. war path -- the senate approves the first phase of the battle against isis, arming and training syrian rebels to fight against them, as the terror group releases another hostage video. we're live with the latest. air scare -- look at this video, a jetblue cabin filling with smoke. passengers forced to put on oxygen masks as the plane makes an emergency landing. we'll hear from those on board. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with, chris cuomo, kate boldaun, and michaela pereira. good morning, welcome to the tgif edition of "new day," september 19th, check, 6:00, just about, check. scotland wins independence? no check. an historic vote could have broken up america's closest ally. but in the end, the united nations remains united -- united
3:00 am
kingdom remains united. the tears from that young man. the race, too close to call in the days leading up to the vote. a lot of bad blood, certain to remain. so we begin with chief international correspondent, christiane amanpour, who has the latest on the historic decision from glascow, scotland and let's be honest, in some ways, all the drama, the vote may have been the size part. how does the country really unite in the aftermath? >> well, chris, you're absolutely right. it's been determined as a political earthquake. and not because they voted for independence, but because they did not. and that's because of all the promises that the prime minister has made, david cameron to keep the scottish people inside the united kingdom. the whole of the country is going to change. he made it very clear in his speech shortly after the vote was final. remember, it was 55% voted to stayns


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