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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  November 2, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PST

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submit a video. tell us why you deserve the chance to hit the reset button. that's what i call it. and you can cross the finish line with us. that's going to wrap things up for "sg md" today. "new day sunday" continues right now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning to you! don't mess yourself up when you look at the clock, it is 8:00 indeed. you got an extra hour. i'm christi paul. >> hope you enjoyed it. i'm victor blackwell, we enjoyed yours. this is the final sprint, the race to tuesday. we're just two days now before you decide which party will control the senate. >> that has all the candidates in full force this weekend. they're shaking hands, they're making speeches. they're holding babies, they're working the crowds, trying to get your vote. this is going to be a nail biter really at the end of the day. >> it could boil down to a fewer than a dozen states, maybe a
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half dozen some are saying. look at the map, those are the races from new hampshire to alaska, even here in georgia, and we've got you covered on all angles from washington, cnn political commentator s.e. cupp is with us but we'll start with nick valencia outside greater piney grove baptist church in atlanta. lot of candidates will be inside those churches, trying to get those last few votes. all right looks like we're having difficult with nick. nick, can you hear me? we'll try once more before we go to s.e.? >> reporter: good morning, we're here at greater piney grove baptist church, the message outreach. it's a message that the pastor has said has been the civic responsibility of this demographic here. it's yards like this that the democratic candidates in the state of georgia are going to count on to try to push them over the top. i'm joined by miranda mack mckenzie. what's the outreach campaign
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been like? >> it's been outstanding. we have mobilized our members and let them know it's so important that they get out and cast their votes. on last sunday we had the souls to the polls which was phenomenal, let a kacaravan fro here to the polls and they were able to vote. >> reporter: areas like this, 55% majority african-american democratic candidates michelle nunn and jason carter are counting on. do you think there's more of a chance because of the growth of minority populations in this voter outreach in the state of georgia? >> absolutely. we are nonpart son. we don't tell them who to vote for just to vote. our important theme is to make sure do you your part and cast your votes. >> reporter: so a difficult part of this is one getting people out to vote for midterms, a million people cast their ballots for presidential election in 2008 and in 2012 you
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sthau drop by 300,000 vote ares for the midterm elections. what about the potential for a runoff? a lot of pollsters say there's a potential for a runoff. have you talked about the importance not just to vote but show up for the runoff? >> we're hoping there isn't a runoff, hoping everyone will cast their votes. 80% of our members have already voted we're expecting the other 20 to show up on tuesday and cast their vote. however, if there is a runoff we are ready and willing to have our cngregants vote again. >> reporter: miranda, thank you for speaking with us, on the fringe of de kalb county. 30% of the registered voters in state of georgia are african-american, a message not only this baptist church in atlanta is trying to mobilize the base of minority voters but a message that we're seeing across atlanta and the state of georgia, big important election midterm election on tuesday, that's the mess annual here today, christi, victor, back to
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you in the studio. >> important number there, 80% there have already cast their votes. national reporter nick valencia, thanks. let's bring in cnn political commentator s.e. cupp in washington. good to see you. i know we've been talking about georgia there but there are a handful of other states where it is practically a dead heat and one of the big tactics of course are the negative ads. why do you think attack ads work so well? wouldn't you think people would be smarter than that? >> well, look, sometimes in certain places especially in a midterm election, the political ad is really the only thing a voter sees especially if a voter isn't really all that enthusiastic or politically inclin inclined, so both camps, both the incumbent, the opponent know that an ad has the potential to go a very long way. now, some have harnessed that potential for good, joanie ernst
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in iowa had a successful viral ad earlier this year, cast castg hogs, that put her on the map in terms of voter i.d., others not successful in harnessing the power of the ads and some negative ads have gone on to tank these campaigns. it's an art but also a science and figuring out how to tap in to what your voters want to hear is, is it's not always an easy thing to do. >> its a not an easy thing to do and both sides are really trying to win over, you know, women as well. >> yes. >> is there any one particular strategy you've seen that you think is working well? >> women are not single issue voters. we've flochb time and time again, and so the candidates who talk about the economy and pocketbook issues and that includes foreign policy as well, are the ones that are really going to have success with women. we've seen a number of attempts
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mostly by democratic candidates to recall the war on women and it's not really worked this time. mark udall in colorado for example, running for senate is nicknamed mark uterus for his attention in the state where there's a lot of other things going on. we saw one woman in new york running for congress there, martha robertson, she was booed in a debate with her opponent when she brought up a war on women, so i think women care about women's issues certainly, and they don't want to see maybe a republican candidate go out there and talk jibberish about science but they also don't want a single-focused campaign. there's a lot of things driving women to the polls and it's not just reproductive rights. >> okay, even if the republicans do take control of the senate, we need to point out that we don't believe there's going to be a major, a super majority.
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>> no. >> as some people talk about. we certainly expect some gridlock. what might that do as we look forward to 2016? >> yes, i mean the president's going to have a lot of that in his hands, if republicans pass legislation in the house and the senate, and then it goes to the president to either veto or sign, he's got to decide if he wants to make the last two years of his second term about fighting with republicans or about doing some of the things that the american public want done. there's some mythology around the gridlock narrative. democrats held both chambers for two years, and even after that republican -- president obama said he'd use unprecedented authority to get a lot of things done but whether it came to closing you get mow or immigration reform or gun control i think democrats realized a lot of the pushback wasn't gridlock, it was that the american people weren't completely on board with that agenda. so it's up to democrats and republicans to really listen to what the people want going forward, and when republicans i
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think gain control of the senate, i'll expect them to do things like approve the keystone pipeline, maybe some legislation to secure the borders. these are things that the american public has been behind, and has been waiting to happen. hopefully everyone can come together to at least do the things that voters want to get done, and then fight later about some of the other issues. >> all righty, s.e. cupp, always good to have your perspective. thank you for being with us. >> thanks, sure. program reminder here, get all of your election night coverage right here on cnn this tuesday, we have special coverage beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern. there were more than fireworks at the happiest place on earth, a fire broke out near one of the most popular rides there. plus dozens of men and boys missing in the heart of western iraq. isis now accused of abducting them, but where are they? can they even be saved? why do i cook for the to share with family
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time. >> let's talk about the second pilot, peter sebold, he is recovering in the hospital, alert and we're talking to his family and doctors. virgin galactic boss richard branson salutes both of these pilots' braver why i. >> and most importantly our thoughts remain with the families of the brave scaled pilots and all those who have been affected by this tragedy. the bravery of test pilots generally cannot be overstated. nobody underestimates the risks involved in space travel. as i say that we owe it to our test pilots to find out exactly what went wrong. >> now investigators say the debris field spans five miles and as indicated by those photographs and the pieces on the ground, the space plane likely broke apart in the air and we hear the investigation could take up to a year. the u.s. and iraq, they're trying to determine what has
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happened to dozens of men and boys in the heart of an isis stronghold there in western iraq. >> a sunni tribal leader tells cnn isis kidnapped the clansmen in anbar province, yanking some from their beds and now it's feared they've been taken to their deaths essentially, executed along with hundreds of other tribal members who also fought isis. >> nick paton walsh joins us from southeastern turkey and this has been the modus operandi for isis for some time now, these mass kidnappings. >> reporter: when they see resistance of fear it may be brewing, this tribe hadn't been in armed revolt but this area may have been on the brink of that. yes, they move into towns and abduct everybody, often it's a way to strike fear into those perhaps on the brink of making a decision. one of the leaders gathered 2,000 fighters not far away from
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where this incident of abduction happened in anbar, they could move against isis in the days ahead, but they are very keen to see weapons from the iraqi government, they need to be armed, they need the backing of baghdad in order to undertake an operation of this scale. this is the key why this moment is so vital for the operation against isis in iraq. without the sunni tribes, and remember here, we're talking about a part of iraq, the sunni community which were in many ways destined to estrange from baghdad because of the sunni/shia tension that splits that country that allowed isis to move into those sunni areas, now the hope for the coalition and the iraqi government have is they can persuade the sunni tribes like they did back against al qaeda to turn against isis and be if you like the ground troups pushing them out of certain areas. it's a very complex operation but in some moments like this when the tribe growing grievances with hundreds of
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tribespeople abducted and potentially killed, if they can't get the weapons to assist them the broader project of getting sunnis to turn against isis in iraq could well be under threat. >> nick paton walsh, we appreciate it so much, thank you. we'll keep you posted on that story throughout the morning. i want to give you a live picture here as in just a couple minutes the big apple bracing itself for let's call it a different kind of traffic jam, some brave folks out there this morning. >> 50,000 runners taking part in the new york city marathon. we'll check conditions there. happy halloween! who does that look like? prince maybe? >> and we got a cowgirl here. i am half of a couple's costume. i am the fresh prince of bel air, randy is carlton banks. >> they played it so well. happy halloween to all of you.
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a dozen states are coming down to the wire here. >> and maybe singing some hymns today. candy crowley joins us with the latest. we heard from a woman who leads the effort at a local church that nearly 80% of their members have voted, souls to the polls has been very important to the democrats. >> it's important to anybody, i mean let's face it, all those advertisements, all that campaigning, all that handshaking, doesn't mean a thing if your guys don't show up at the polls. it's true of every election and true of this one. that's what they're counting on now is just trying to drive out their people and if that means you rent 28 budget vans and go down the street, because you've pinpointed their voters and picked them up and taken them to the polls, by golly, that's what they do.
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>> talk to us about what you've got going on state of the union this morning. you're talking about rand paul and his statements. >> we are. one of the things we love is that right now, at this time, in the second term of the obama administration, on the eve of the midterms, you can tell a lot about how 2016 is shaping up, by just looking at the travel logs, i encourage you to do so, of hillary clinton, jeb bush, marco rubio and rand paul, all people with the 2016 question mark over their heads, sometimes not so much a question mark. so we sat down and talked to rand paul about his party, about what he thinks he might do come next year in deciding on whether to run or not, and some of the various headlines around ebola and ferguson are a couple things we talked about. >> a lot to talk about coming up this morning. candy crowley thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. >> keep it here for "state of the union with candy crowley" starts at the top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. have you dared to open up
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the window or the door yet this morning? ahh, cooler weather. >> don't rush it. >> it is a long distance runner's best friend, whether you like it or not. >> so i hear. in new york 50,000 people from all over the world are expected to take part in the city's marathon, which starts in just a few minutes. the course will take them through all five of new york's burroughs. jennifer gray is in the weather center with a look at the race and the conditions the runners will encounter. how about it? >> yes, it is cold but the runners will be warmer than the folks watching it because temperatures feel like 32 right now. here's a live look at the south identify of central park, runners will be running through there in the next couple of hours, and so as we get ready for the marathon, temperatures are starting out chilly but winds are having an impact, 10-mile-per-hour winds with gusts at 22. earlier this morning we were picking up gusts higher than 30 and so you know that does make an impact when you are trying to run so temperatures right now, 42 degrees in new york city, when you factor in that
5:24 am
windchill, it feels like 36. so warming up just a tad, it was feeling like 32 just about an hour or two ago. so we are trying to warm things up a little bit. we are going to have quite a bit of earthquake so don't expect that temperature to warm up very much, but definitely chilly, guys, for those runners. i'm sure they'll warm up quickly once they get going. we'll be right back after this. stay with us. 25 years after winning the u.s. open boris becker is back on the atp tour. i caught up with him in cincinnati djokovic hired him to be his head coach at the star of the season. >> great student, somebody that's won so much already being number one, multiple grand slam winner, a very rich man, he really wants to learn, he wants to get better, wants to be in the history books of tennis, yet he's very hard-headed, he's very convinced about his way, and he should be. so some of the conversations
5:25 am
weren't that easy, were not easy, but sometimes i have a different point of view, so it's up to my magic to find a way to convince him. ♪ >> reporter: you've had such a great tennis career, haven't you, and you are such a competitor. how does it feel now to be right back in it, and to wake up every day coaching the man who is the world number one? >> it feels like something i haven't felt in a while. ♪
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. welcome back. when we say must see moment, this is a must see moment for my whole life. >> i know. >> did you stay up late last night because of daylight saving time, i hope so. >> could we only have been there it would have made it better. pop icon prince performing on "saturday night live." you might not recognize him at first but you got to see this, it was electric. ♪
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would it have taken you a minute to know it was him? eight minutes long. >> which is great. he only came out once, performed four songs, typically they do two but he is on my list of people i have to see before it's all over. >> you and me both. >> john king is up next. president obama lost the house in his first midterm election. now is he about to lose the senate? >> show that you still have hope and go out there and vote! >> republicans see a night of blue states turning red. >> colorado has the opportunity to be the tip of the spear, the vanguard of a movement. >> somehow hold on, democrats need dramatic upsets. >> you got to be a jockey like you've never been because this kentucky fily is ready to cross the finish line. >> so many close races and nothing certain. "inside politics," the bigge


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