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tv   New Day  CNN  November 7, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo, kate boldaun and michaela pereira. >> good morning, and welcome to the best kind of "new day," a friday, it is november 7th, almost just a couple of ticks from 6:00 in the east. there it is. chris cuomo and alisyn camerota here with news of this much-hyped meeting at the white house. this will be the first real chance to see if anybody down there is serious about putting you first. >> one top republican is warning the president will quote get burned by going it alone on immigration and renewed threats from the gop to repeal obama care, so not promising developments yet. democrats are also not very pleased with the president, they're still licking their wounds from the mid-term elections. >> let's get to what's being said and what we can expect. we have voyeur white house correspondent jim acosta and dana bash, our chief congressional correspondent. dana, let me come to you. you had a conversation with jim
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boehner, john boehner that may set the tone for the reality for where the republicans' heads are going into this. let's play it quickly. >> how do you expect the president to trust that you really want to work together? when out of the gate you say that you want to repeal his signature law that you know has no chance of getting a veto-proof majority. how do you expect him to trust you? >> listen, my job is to listen to the american people, the american people have made it clear, they're not for obama care. you ask all those democrats who lost their elections tuesday night. lot of them voted for obama care. >> dana, here's the weird thing about this the is that when you look at the data we have about obama care, that doesn't hold up the proposition. not only were governors put in place looking to expand medicaid for obama care. what was the play here? >> you're exactly right. i think it's about 57% in the last poll that shows that americans favor or want it to go
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further. so look, but john boehner has a different kind of member in his ranks. because of redistricting, most of his members are from places where people 90% against obama care because they're such conservative districts. but the big picture, chris, the issue here is that it just illustrates the difficulty that we're still going to see, even with a republican-controlled congress that says they want to work together. john boehner still has a lot of people in his caucus and maybe more importantly, outside conservative groups who are pressuring him to keep the fight up on big issues against the president. especially obama care. even though it's a losing fight. >> so jim, about this meeting happening at the white house at about noon today, more than a dozen congressional leaders, the top guys going to the white house, is this just for show and lip service? or will they really get something done today? >> right. well i have to tell you from this vantage point of
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pennsylvania avenue, when they look down pennsylvania avenue at the white house, they see the scaffolding up on capitol hill, but they see the same congress. i talked to a top white house official about this. they're very concerned that in their minds, that the republicans will be back to their old tricks. threatening to shut down the government, threatening to default. threatening to repeal obama care if they don't get what they want. that is their mindset coming into all of this. the president is determined to take executive action. they say despite what john boehner said, that is the plan, that is what's going to happen before the end of the year and "the new york times" editorial this morning says do it mr. president, make it big. so he's getting a push from behind, from "the new york times." you know it is not just for show in one respect, alisyn. they do believe there is a chance for some compromises on areas like trade. if the president can get expanded trade negotiating authority for the big pacific trade deal he's going to be working on when he goes to asia
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next week, they feel that that will be a big success for the last quarter of this administration. but no question about it, they've got a lot to fight about and they'll be fighting about it. >> we'll be watching that closely at noon. >> dana and jim, thank you. let's continue the conversation on the day ahead for the white house with john avalon, the editor in chiefnd "daily beast" and kevin madden, cnn political commentator and republican strategist. john, somebody has to give first, that's how compromise works. somebody has to say, you win the point first, how is this going to happen? >> i think what's important to remember is how much political reality is crafted by personal relationships. this is an opportunity for a reset. but it's got to be genuine. if either side comes in feeling like the other side has got to capitulate first and compromise remain as dirty word in washington, nothing is going to get done. if it's in the spirit of is it's
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in our interests and the country's interest to get something done together, it could work. but don't listen to either bases, who are demanding all or nothing, that's how we got into the mess in the first place. >> what did the win in quotes mean to your party? what do you think your leadership now believes they have received mandate to do? >> well, if you look at how many, if you look at the individual accounts across the country, they didn't win on going to washington and just stopping the president. think they ran to provide a counter-point to this president on policy. many of them ran and told their constituents, they wanted to go to washington to get things done. they wanted to go to washington to get things working again. if you look at the context of what mitch mcconnell said in his press conference and what john boehner said yesterday, they are carrying the same message, they want to at least show the american people, american public that's very frustrated with
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dysfunction, very frustrated with a congress that wasn't working, they want to show that they can get the congress working again. i think they're going to focus on areas where they can find agreement and where they can send bills to the president, to either sign or veto. that part of the conversation has been missing over the last few years in washington. >> see, john, here's where it gets complicated. because get things done means different things to different parties. for instance, john boehner says they want to -- in the op-ed, they put out with mitch mcconnell. want to repeal obama care. that's not getting things done to democrats. >> and that's not going to happen. look, let's get real. that's bit of kabuki that's going to go into all of this. chris's favorite kind of after-school snack. i think the underlying issue here is that both parties got to deal with their base. you're going to see a lot of democrats say it's time for harry reid to embrace obstruction. and you can hear all of these folks were elected to stop obama. that's number one.
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the reality is closer to what was just said, that actually people want to see washington work again. which is why it's going to be important for both sides to lay out specific areas they think they can responsibly compromise. they're going to have to have the courage to follow through. >> give me two. >> people have talked about early childhood education. certainly tax reform. corporate tax reform, trade agreement. something that both sides want. rather than getting bogged down in health care legislation or immigration, which is a nonstarter. >> the lowest-hanging fruit, there's a war ongoing that no one in congress has debated or given the constitutional mandate for and it's their responsibility. it's a metaphor now, if you want to complain about the president going it alone on immigration. no president ever gone it alone more offensively to the constitution when it comes to war. why aren't we hearing this new leadership down there saying
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hey, let's take care of what matters most. because the war is only getting worse. >> in the lame duck you are going to see congress re-authorize or provide again a reauthorization of the funding for the president's, the president's actions in iraq and syria against isis. so i think that is one area where quickly you're going to see agreement. there's a lot of people who should say we should have a debate about this. the new congress should have a much broader conversation about it. but like in the short-term, i do believe you're going 0 to see congress act quickly to authorize what the president is currently engaged in. >> it's a fine starting point, but it's authorizing something that's ongoing. it's necessarily but not remotely sufficient. they need to get new policies on the ground. this meeting in washington has got to be the first of a large number of summits to build the relationships. >> to john's point, in the new congress, you can probably expect that on capitol hill. >> a lot of bourbon flowing,
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john avalon, thank you very much. meanwhile, let's get over to michaela with a lot more news. >> let's stick with the bourbon. eight minutes past the hour. here's a look at your headlines. a veteran u.s. diplomat had her home and office searched last month by the fbi as part of a counterterrorism investigation. now it's unclear whether robin ravel, the state department's pakistan consultant is suspected of spying, ravel, the former u.s. ambassador to tunisia, had her security clearance at the state department pulled last month. and an investigation is under way this morning into a fatal military helicopter crash in boise, idaho, two soldiers with the idaho army national guard were killed. a spokesman said the crew was on a training mission last night when the apache went down near the airport. this point is unclear what went wrong. authorities in new zealand have dropped the most serious charges again ac/dc drummer phil
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rudd. the charge that claimed he tried to have two men killed. rudd's lawyer says there was not enough evidence to support that charge and it should never have been filed. however, rudd is still charged with threatening to kill and with drug possession. this is crazy, some horrifying new video of a patient on a rampage, attacking nurses inside a suburban minneapolis hospital. chasing them down and beating them with a metal bar. >> in just seconds, the very people who helped heal suddenly need help of their own inside this minnesota hospital. the disturbing incident caught on camera after a patient apparently removed a bar from the side of his hospital bed. 68-year-old charles logan storms the st. john's hospital nurses station around 2:00 a.m. sunday, swinging wildly. nurses running toward the exit. one woman tries to secure the doors, but logan barrels through. the bar held high above his head, hurling it down right on one nurse's back.
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and then another, repeatedly striking two nurses, that are left helpless. once the patient made his way outside, even the police had a hard time subduing him. >> the tazer was ineffective. it did not connect to the man. >> officers finally tackling logan to the ground, but not before he injures four nurses, one reportedly suffering a collapsed lung. >> this kind of thing can happen. happens all the time. >> this brutal rampage highlights the dangers health care workers face every day. >> we've heard stories of primarily nurses who have been hit or spit on or punched. >> survey from the international health care security and safety foundation says 60% of workplace assaults occur in health care facilities. for these nurses, running this sanctuary for the sick has come at a cost. >> logan died moments after taken into police custody. an autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of his death. it's unclear what prompted this
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assault on the nurses. interesting, he did present at the hospital with some sort of confusion, a few days earlier. there's also the local newspaper there is reporting the "minneapolis star-are tribune" is reporting there was some sort of dispute with his family. they don't know what it was. they're trying to figure out why he died and what caused him to go on this rampage. i'm so shocked by how much violence is happening in the e.r.s and the hospitals. 60%, that's a shocking statistics. >> and even when there's not violence, nurses are in precarious dangerous situations as we've been hearing with ebola. they choose this as their calling. and it's more dangerous than we've realized until recently. >> you also have to remember the system for dealing with mental health is combined with physical health. >> they often present at the e.r. >> you don't know why he's there. they have so many people who are in there because they're mentally unstable and the nurses don't have security there. so it's a problem.
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>> we'll follow that story all morning. the fight against terrorism sun folding on multiple fronts this morning. u.s. air strikes in syria apparently killing a jihadist. best known for his bomb-making skills. will that stop or even slow down the terror threat from al qaeda and its affiliate khorasan? even if they did get this one target, there are so many that remain and the u.s. has spent millions of dollars on strikes. the question is, what are you getting? not a value proposition, but effectiveness, are the air strikes in syria doing what they're needed to do? we'll go through it with someone who knows. turn the trips you have to take,
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we have a developing story for you. the pentagon believes air strikes in syria have taken out a dangerous al qaeda operative. frenchman david drugeon was known as the top bomb-maker for the terror group. but even with his death, as our pamela brown reports, experts doubt that the threat he posed died with him. >> u.s. officials tell cnn david drugeon, considered one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, may have been killed. after the u.s. dropped a second round of airstrikes in syria against the elite group of al
3:18 am
qaeda members known as khorasan. >> they're likely to have other bomb-makers in the group. >> u.s. intelligence sources say that the 24-year-old french jihadist was trying to create a bomb like this, similar to this printer cartridge bomb that could be disguised on u.s.-bound planes. >> they can put them in containers that look innocent so a screener won't notice it they can bring a number of these innocent-looking containers on an airplane and assemble the device on the airplane and no one would know it until it exploded. >> and cnn has learned drugeon was working on a wide variety of explosive devices. some small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. and a device like a cell phone. khorasan's efforts led to increased security at overseas airports this summer. including asking passengers to turn on electronic devices at
3:19 am
checkpoints. >> even if they don't intelligence, a certain type of device would be used like a cell phone, by merely changing up the tactics, it keeps them offstep. >> u.s. officials say a well-placed bomb could puncture the skin of a plane, creating a big-enough hole to bring down an airplane. >> it doesn't take a lot of explosives to take down an airplane. if it's in the right place. >> pamela brown, cnn, washington. >> let's talk about how significant this strike could have been. and what these coalition efforts are doing. we've been a little distracted by the election. the war has been going on and is getting thicker. not thinner in terms of how much it involves. let's bring this retired lieutenant-colonel james reece, a former delta force commander, colonel, always a pleasure. now let's start with the big headline. we know who drugeon is, we know whey does, we don't like the technological capabilities, because anybody can carry the bomb. it's who can make it. do we know that we got him? >> not definitely. but because of all the indicators coming out of the intelligence community, there's a pretty high probability that
3:20 am
he was hit. >> they're feeling good about this, why? >> well, first and foremost, he is a guy in, was trained by the yemeni bomb maker for al qaeda. this is a highen value target. he's been tracked for months and years now, since he came out of pakistan. by the department of defense. by socom, all of these guys who are high-value targets. if they take away this guy's ability to make bombs to hit the homeland, that's a factor. >> you don't look at it just one person, finding a person to carry bombs is cheap and easy. the money to finance things is cheap and easy. but the know-how is very precious kmocommodity. so one man represent as lot of value. >> absolutely. >> let's put up the blast zones, there's now a legitimate question of whether air strikes are enough. the first is this way. the little dots means we've done a little bit of bombing, the big ones are more, numerically,
3:21 am
bombing. what do you see in the pattern as what we're getting of return on investment. not in terms of dollars but in terms of energy. >> if you study the map, baghdad, center of gravity in iraq, the tigress valley moves to the north. the euphrates valley moves to the west, comes up, straight up in this area here. well, if you go back to biblical times, the tigress and euphrates valley is the civilizations, begin of civilization. that's where isis is all controlled beyond these two, what the military calls lines of communication. along those is where the rivers are, it's where the people are. and so we've got to keep hitting them there. but they hide in plain sight around with everybody. >> here's the concern, we seem to have a concentration of military assets where we need them. but now let's put up the graphic that shows isis' growth, their reach, their effectiveness and let's show that on the map. okay? and here's why we want this -- it seems to the uninitiated that you're bombing a lot, but they're growing even more and it makes it seem like are we
3:22 am
playing catch-up here? are we just fighting a game where this coalition can't do it with the airstrikes alone? what's the reality? >> you're seeing the enemy react to our hits. which is good. >> okay. >> and the general austin, the sent com commander said we can see you. the beauty is every time we hit them, the intelligence piece pops, we start listening, watching them. what happens is they have to react. if they sit there, they're going to get soaked. >> you don't think we're playing catch-up, you think they're reacting? >> absolutely. >> another piece of business, off the map, just east of iraq is a place called iran. we hear there may have been communications by the the u.s./coalition, directly through iraq to iran, what message does that send to you? >> for me personally, this is not really our fight. we have got to figure out who all the players are, iran is a major player in this.
3:23 am
we can't go back 10, 15 years, this is 1,000-year war. the lines on the map right here were drawn in the early 1900s by a british officer. what we really have to do is you get iran, you get saudi arabia, you get these other arab countries, the persians involved, we've got to bring these people to the table like we have in past wars and we have to have, get them involved. and even though we call them our enemy and congress is telling the president, you know these are deals he has to look at. i do believe he has to do is he's got to get the saudis, the kuwaitis, the yemenis involved in this, not just go unilaterally. >> everybody is going to shaking their head with an amen when they hear it's not the u.s.'s fight. we're hearing more about hitting smaller groups, may be mod rats. now the guys that are supposed to be bad guys, there's a real defined history. of partnering with the wrong people and creating enemies down the road. we'll have to see what's going on here. you're laying out the right questions for us, thank you very much, colonel. appreciate it.
3:24 am
tensions on the rise between jordan and israel. officials s is in oman, pullinr ambassador out of the state as clashes continue on the temple mount. live on the ground with an update in jerusalem. and a close call for passengers on an air canada flight, the pilot forced to make an emergency landing when one of the tires exploded after takeoff. we'll show you the end of the flight when passengers say they did not expect to survive. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there.
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let's take look at the friday headlines. top congressional leaders will gather at the white house this afternoon, to lunch with the president. the war on isis, the ebola outbreak, those are all on the agenda. along with the thorny issue of immigration reform. the president is threatening to bypass congress and take executive action on immigration legislation. house speaker john boehner warning him that approach will get him burned. three people were take ton the hospital after an air canada flight made a rough emergency landing. the plane apparently blew a tire on takeoff from calgary, alberta. it could not turn around and land because of strong winds, so instead it was diverted to edmonton, which isn't that far away. it came down hard on that landing. it skidded along the runway. causing quite a scare for passengers inside. those injuries that i mentioned
3:29 am
are said to be minor. but their nerves, you can be sure were frayed. the supreme court could be forced to take up another landmark same-sex marriage case, this after a federal appeals court in cincinnati overturned rulings that tossed gay marriage bans in ohio, michigan, tennessee and kentucky. the ruling conflicts with every other federal appeals court decision on same-sex marriage across our nation. former employees are blowing the whistle on japanese air bag manufacturer takata, according to "the new york times," two former workers claimed the company ordered secret testing on 50 air bags some ten years ago after reports emerged that one of those bags spewed metal pieces at a driver. the same thing allegedly happened in two of the secret tests, but instead of alerting regulators, takata officials allegedly ordered staffers to destroy those test results. the flaw ultimately forced the recall of over 14 million vehicles. quite an emotional moment at last night's bengals/browns
3:30 am
games in cincinnati. this is 4-year-old daughter of bengals defensive tackle devon still was honored after the first quarter. little leah still, little one is battling stage iv cancer. the bengals have donated $1.3 million to cincinnati's children's hospital in little leah's name. you can hear the crowd roaring when she came on to the field, chanting her name. she's a little shy. this was the first time leah got to see dad play live since his nfl debut two years ago. it's wonderful to see the whole city and the league embracing that family and that little one. lots of love to leah. >> so glad she got that opportunity. that's great. well a 17-year-old israeli soldier is the second victim to die from this week's terror attack at a jerusalem train station. the teenage certificate one of 15 people who were mowed down by a car. the driver was eventually shot and killed by security forces. israeli prime minister benjamin netenyahu and jordan's king
3:31 am
abdullah spoke thursday, trying to ease tensions between the two nations following clashes with demonstrators at jerusalem's temple mount. cnn's erin mcgloughlin is tracking latest developments live from jerusalem. what's the latest? >> hi, alisyn. we're hearing of clashes that are taking place at a palestinian refugee camp in eastern jerusalem, the refugee camp that was the home of the palestinian driver that drove his van into a tram station earlier in the week, killing two israeli citizens. one of which died just this morning. a 17-year-old israeli student. we're also hearing of clashes taking blaiplace in the west ba. as for the situation here, outside the damascus gate dmns to the old city in east jerusalem, things are relatively quiet. friday prayers are over. a lot of the police out to secure the area have packed up
3:32 am
and gone away. this wholly site known to muslims as the noble sanctuary and to jews as the temple mount has been an increasing source of tension of late. many muslims are suspicious that there could be a change to what's called the status quo of the site. and the status quo of the site being that israeli jews are allowed to pray, visit at the site, but they are not allowed to pray there. and even though the israeli government has repeatedly said that the status quo will remain the same, the fact of the matter is there's a call from the far right for jews to be able to pray. that's increasing tensions here in jerusalem. ailsen? >> erin, we were looking at a shot earlier. it looked like a portion of jerusalem right here, this is happening live, is on fire. it looks like it just a burned-out pocket of a neighborhood here, it's hard to tell what this is the aftermath of. do you have any information about what we're seeing? >> well we do understand as i
3:33 am
mentioned, alisyn, that there are clashes ongoing at a refugee camp in east jerusalem. and this is the refugee camp that is the home of the driver, that perpetrated the attack that happened at a jerusalem tram station on wednesday. 38-year-old ibrahim alakhari drove his fan into that station, colliding with a group of people, killing two israeli citizens. i spoke to his wife following this attack. and she told me that she believes the attack was motivated by the clashes that had happened inside the al aqsa mosque earlier in the day, as well as motivated by the restrictions that had been in place on worshippers, by israelis. >> it's intense to watch this unfold before our eyes and see the clashes in real-time.
3:34 am
thank you. >> erin talking about the status quo at the prayer site. there should be no surprises when it gets out of control. that's going on on almost a daily basis. something else we want to tell you about today that's going to matter -- your money. cnn money time. all right, now the stock market come people care about it, some people don't. jobs matters matter to everybody. christine romans is here, we get fresh numbers, yes? >> 8:30, it shows the state of the jobs number. the forecast this morning. 233,000 net new jobs added in october. the jobless rate steady at 5.9%, you'll remember that's near a five-year low. new details this morning for you about the home depot security breach. it's big. the retailer says 53 million customer email addresses were now taken during that hack. that's on top of the 56 million credit and debit card numbers it previously disclosed. if you shopped at home depot this year, you must look at your
3:35 am
bank statements, you must be looking out for suspicious email. someone could be trying to phish for your personal information to steal your identity. let's suspend reality and take a look at this house. you know, mortgage rates are low, maybe could you afford this. the most expensive home in america for sale, it could be yours for $195 million. think about that for a second. it's a beverly hills estate, it has a vineyard, a 27-car garage, that's not big enough for me. a 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, a wine cellar and a tasting room. it's a real estate mogul who owns it, $195 million. let's think about that while wages are basically flat. >> you know what i think about when i see a house like that? all the dusting. >> you wouldn't be dusting. if you had that house, someone else would be doing the dusting. >> a lot of surfaces to collect dust. >> could you lose your children in that house. >> that's the upside. generous bathroom-to-bedroom
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welcome back to "new day." new information for you about the criminal past of the man who allegedly snatched carlesha freeland-gaither off the street in fill l.a. cops believe this is the guy, his name is devlin barnes, he confessed to the kidnapping and here's the key -- he may have confessed to more. alexander field has the latest. >> he's a vicious predator. he's off the streets and hopefully he'll be in jail for the rest of his life. >> devlin barnes, under arrest, accused of snatching a woman from a philadelphia street corner. now, investigators are releasing new details of another vicious attack allegedly perpetrated by
3:41 am
barnes. barnes will face federal charges in the abduction of 22-year-old nursing assistant carlesha freeland-gaither. the violent crime caught on tape. but first, he's being extradited to virginia to face additional charges, including attempted murder related to an attack last month on a 16-year-old richmond girl. police in charles city county say barnes hit the teen in the head with a shovel, put her in the trunk of his car and took her to his parents' virginia home where he raped and tortured her. >> he proceeded to douse her clothing in gasoline and douse her in gasoline and bleach and proceeded to burn her clothing. >> officers say barnes asked her how she wanted to die and at one point showed her pictures of other girls he claimed eattacked. >> he was attempting to dig a hole and somehow got distracted and she fleed in the woods. >> she ran two miles to this business where she was
3:42 am
discovered naked with thi third-degree burns. barnes has a lengthy and violent rap sheet officials say including dozens of charges from armed robbery to aggravated assault and false imprisonment. a friend of barnes describes an entirely different person. >> he's always looking to help somebody. always looking to bend over backwards. he'll give the shirt off his back if he could. >> carlesha freeland-gaither is back in philadelphia. her family at her side. officers who worked for days to find her relieved she's finally home. >> it felt extremely personal. after seeing the video, it struck a chord with just about everybody who saw it. and we just made it a mission that we were going to find her and find her okay. >> otts offers involved in this case truly doing hero's work by bringing this young woman home. they did have some help. we're learning there was a witness on the street who saw carlesha freeland-gaither be stuffed into that car and we know the witness did all the
3:43 am
right things, he got on the phone, called the police, he waited for officers to arrive and that's why they were able to track down the surveillance video so quickly. it was key to the case and key to the fact that the young woman is back with her family now. >> thank goodness for the good samaritan witness we have new developments on how police tracked the suspect and rescued the victim. let's bring in captain jason crowley of charles city county, virginia. gentlemen, great to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> captain crowley, we understand one of the first breaks in this case happened when you figured out that you went to high school with this suspect. >> yes, ma'am. on the investigation we had very limited information about a suspect, due to the traumatic injuries of the victim. several weeks later, we were able to develop dna response from the state lab of dna that was submitted a week after the
3:44 am
attack in charles city county. that led us to barnes. >> small world. that is great stuff. and lieutenant mclaughlin, we understand that surveillance video, that alexandra, our correspondent was talking about, you noticed something, when you both were combing through some arrest records and traffic stops and you came upon this surveillance video, you noticed something on the license plate that helped crack the case. what was it? >> actually it was the state inspection sticker for virginia, that's a place in the middle of the windshield. we found what appeared to be stickers from an auto local dealership here in virginia. >> those stickers led you to the auto dealership and you put two and two together. that that dealership always puts gps systems on their cars? >> yeah. from prior investigations, we just remembered that potential gps could be there. so we made a phone call and in fact, it was. >> that is incredibly lucky. captain crowley, this suspect
3:45 am
devlin barnes, has a rap sheet a mile long. why wasn't he in prison? >> he was on probation out of the probation office in virginia. and he was on probation for several other charges at the time. >> lieutenant, do you think that there are other women out there who were victimized by him? >> not sure. we're going to definitely look into it and try to find out if we can assist anybody else. and get some justice. >> captain crowly, lieutenant mclaughlin, great old-fashioned detective work, thank you so much for joining us with the updates. >> a bad guy who can't hurt anybody else, can't ask for more than that from the police. another story for you, ray rice and his wife finishing their testimony. they're on their way out of this appeal hearing. what happened with him? they're trying to convince an
3:46 am
arbitrator the nfl overstepped its bounds by suspending him indefinitely. remember that's not what the nfl policy is, but that's what they did to him. will he be back on the field soon? answers ahead. 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock,
3:47 am
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3:49 am
i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! former baltimore ravens running back ray rice, and his wife, janay, have completed
3:50 am
their testimony at his appeal from the suspension from the nfl. rice was banned indefinitely after a video emerged of his punching janay in an elevator. first, he only got two games. but then commissioner roger goodell started to get basically raked over the coals for it. and then he said rice omitted key parts of the story. and then rice says, no, he told the commissioner everything. and the original two-game suspension was sufficient. of course it was then made indefini indefinite. rice wants back on the field. the nfl says cutting the suspension would send a message. we have mel robbins and wally williams. let's figure out where we are on this. who thinks that ray rice should get back into the league? mel? you think he should? yes or no? >> well you know -- >> yes. >> wally? yes or no? >> yes. yes, he should be back in the league, yes. >> let's talk about why. let's start with you, mel, why, when we're so worried about how
3:51 am
we protect women and he knocked her the heck out in that elevator, why should he get back in the league? >> the reason why he should get back in the league is because my personal opinion, chris, is that he was the sacrificial lamb for the nfl, the nfl screwed this up royally. they knew what happened from the beginning, they had the police report and they were merely reacting to public pressure. under the nfl players' association guidelines, and underneath the constitutional by-law, you cannot repeatedly punish a player for the exact same incident. think he has been punished multiple times, chris. >> no criminal case against him. that part is done. his wife is by his side, he's getting counseling. the nfl policy says one thing, you did something else to him. wally, where is the fairness in this, even though we feel like what he did is so bad, obviously. >> well the fairness is not there. and that's systematically the problem with this whole issue.
3:52 am
i think roger goodell and the nfl and ultimately the baltimore ravens in some ways really inflated this entire situation. had they been themselves stayed by their guns with the discipline, with the cba bargaining agreement that all nfl players have to abide by, within the rules package, i think everything would have been fine and moving forward. but i think we also understand the strength of how public opinion can sway some of our big-time money people and that's what happened in the case with the nfl and roger goodell. when sponsors come out of the deal and you talk about money, i think they that had a tremendous impact on them making a decision and pretty much dealing with ray rice the way they did. >> wally, why didn't they change the policy to say something kind of like -- if you knock your wife unconscious, you cannot play in the nfl. why isn't there a rule like that? who would fight with that rule? you really think the players union would say that's too harsh? >> no, no think any player wants to be in a situation where
3:53 am
they're in a, argument to the point where you have to have some kind of physical altercation. at the same time, the dynamic of the rules and how the nfl and the nfl p.a. are at the table bargaining about things, that dialogue has to be clear. and i think in this case, the dialogue was very clear under the cba agreement that the players and the nfl owners agreed with, that it was supposed to be a six-game suspension. and then after that, it's a lifetime ban under the domestic violence law. and they should hold that and hold ray rice to that six games and really he should be playing in the nfl right now. preferably with the baltimore ravens. >> it's so offensive to common sense here, mel, that's one of the hard things. you see what ray rice did and you're like -- no, you know this is really bad. and it has to be treated that way. but it's been processed. the court system looked at it. you know that part is passed. he and his wife looked at it. that part has passed. and the league is just being inconsistent with the policy.
3:54 am
they wind up at an arbitration hearing, this isn't a court proceeding. tell us legally about what's going on here. >> you know it's interesting, chris, you said common sense and honestly that's what the arbitrator is going to be looking at. it's not a courtroom. picture a conference room. goodell and ray rice will be sitting at the same table, you've got a former federal judge who is listening to both sides. it's a much more relaxed setting where she's having a conversation, she can go anywhere she wants to go. the hearsay rules don't apply. they can talk about what other people said. and she's going to base this decision based on what's fair. and, she's also going to look at the guidelines that the nfl is supposed to be following. so honestly, what's interesting about this, chris, is roger goodell has always been the one that had the wide discretion to decide what to do with players. now he's the one that's in the hot seat and he's got a former federal judge trying to decide well, what is a fair outcome here when we have a terrible
3:55 am
situation. i agree with you what ray rice did is disgusting. but frankly, nothing changed. the only thing that changed is that the nfl's pr problems increased and they punished ray rice for that. not because he punched his wife. >> and that gets us to the heart of the matter here. is that ray rice is what he is. he's going to have to figure it out with his wife and a whole bunch of counselors. but roger goodell, wally, this policy still stinks. six games for knocking your wife unconscious, it's just ridiculous. he said he didn't know. how could he not know? you and i knew what happened in the elevator from the video that was released at first. flos reason to believe that ray rice ever lied to him. that's never been substantiated. why isn't he in front of some tribunal, roger goodell, getting raked over the coals for what he did. >> that's probably one of the more disturbing things about the whole situation. that there's no way, and that's as an ex-player, we understand the security measures that teams go through, to make you feel
3:56 am
comfortable. and for that, for the nfl not to, to say they did not see anything prior to it being released on national television -- look, they're either lying or there's some gross negligence. either side of it is bad. and it's all coming from the nfl. and roger goodell. and he needs to be held accountable to that. to whatever disciplinary measure is going to be taken. if you want my personal opinion, nothing is go to happen, he's going to be at the courts and the owners, there's going to be a double-edged sword. a very dull sword. because the bottom line, roger goodell makes money. he has a salary of $44 million a year. and trust me, he's not losing too much sleep understanding this situation. and moving forward. and neither are the owners for that matter. they go through their due process. but i really don't believe when it's all said and done that anything is going to happen to roger goodell. >> the situation situation stinks. wally williams, mo robbins,
3:57 am
thank you very much. there's a lot of ongoing news so let's get to it. congress will pass some bills i cannot sign. pretty sure i'll take some actions that some in congress will not like. >> when you play with matches and you take the risk of burning yourself. >> one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world may have been killed. >> drugeon was believed to be working on bombs that could potentially get past airport screenings. truly this technology is scary. 68-year-old charles logan storms the st. john's hospital nurse's station, swinging wildly. >> they were repeatedly struck. by the man with the pole. good morning, everyone, welcome back to "new day," i'm alisyn camerota alongside chris cuomo. happy friday. we will get to that video that we just showed you, so dramatic in a second. in a few hours, president obama will sit down with top house and senate leaders at the white house to talk about the aftermath of the mid-terms and republicans sweeping to power in
3:58 am
congress. everyone says that they are ready to compromise. but much of their part san rhetoric has not changed. >> probably a lot of this, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. on ate jend today, the war against isis, the fight against ebola. immigration, the one common theme? disagreement on how to handle just about all of it. now both sides are already digging in their heels and that's the concern. it will be very nice to hear what comes out of the meeting. it will be even more interesting to hear what happens in it. >> here to preview it let's bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta and dana bash, our chief congressional correspondent. great to see you. dana, i want to start with you, so everyone says they're ready for a new start, yet they're using same old rhetoric. how does that work? >> it's true. look, i mean some of the rhetoric is new, that you are hearing republicans say we want to get things done, we understand that we know the responsibility of governing. but you're right, at the same time very, very heated talk.
3:59 am
confrontational talk. i was surprised by john boehner yesterday. particularly on the issue of immigration. warning the president that he can't do an executive order on immigration. because it will be pouring fuel on the fire. but it does speak to some of the same old issues that prevented getting things done before. which is, john boehner and the republicans have a very staunchly conservative caucus. particularly on the issue of immigration. they don't touch the president. you have a white house who says we're sick of waiting for the republicans in congress to do things. particularly on this issue of immigration. so we're going to go it alone. and the rhetoric on both sides is already so white-hot it's hard to see how they can come together and work together on big issues that everybody agrees needs to get done. >> well jim, jim acosta, let's try to look at this like regular people for a second. because the politics never makes any sense. if you and i were in a dispute, okay, and we knew what the
4:00 am
sticking point was, we wouldn't want to start with the sticking point, right? we would want to find the common ground first, how does the white house explain coming out of the box saying, by the way, the president will go it alone on immigration? why scratch the scab right out of the box? >> right. well, you know it is sounding a little less like a bourbon summit and more like high noon over here at the white house, chris, alisyn and dana. i think the reason why is, and i've talked to white house officials about this, top white house officials about this over the last several days. they feel like they gave john boehner a chance to pass immigration reform. and they like to say repeatedly that this got out of the senate with bipartisan support, marco rubio was backing this bill in the senate. it went over to the house and it died. and the president has been saying and i covered his campaign and dana covered the campaign back in 2008. the president has been promising immigration reform for six years. and they feel like this is time to do it. congress had a chance to pass
4:01 am
it, it didn't get done. so the president wants take executive action by the end of the year, "the new york times" editorial says go for it, mr. president, make it big. they're talking about it in the immigration reform committee. millions and millions of undocumented families, the families of these docket kids, these dreamer kids that got deferred deportation, they're talking about extending it to their families. and that will go over huge in the latino community. so lot that they want to get done. you know there's the authorization for the use of military force for the war against isis. that's also a big topic over here, guys. >> the finger-poking in the eye is going both ways. because you know, yes, republicans are not happy with the fact that the president out of the gate is going to do this executive order on immigration. but what was, one of the first things that republicans did in their list of things that they wanted to get done? repeal obama care. which they know is never going to happen. because they don't have a veto-proof margin and they're just kind of throwing a bone to their base, because they know
4:02 am
that their base wants to do that. so it goes both ways. if you say you're going to repeal the president's signature law, even though you know it has no chance of doing it, waste time in congress, how do you expect the white house to look at you and say, we trust that you really want to get, roll your sleeves up and get into deal-making. >> the other thing is the way they read the political tea leaves at the white house. that's really strong feeling over here that what happened on tuesday was the result of the president's democratic supporters not showing up at the polls. so the president called a congenital defect before the mid-terms. they don't see this as a repudiation of his policies. they see it as a repudiation of all of washington, what happened on tuesday. which is sort of not in touch with reality. there was a repudiation of the president to some extent. but the white house is not operating that way. and so that's why they're at battle stations once again. >> it's going to be an interesting lunch over there, you've laid it out perfectly for us and set the table. we will wait to see ha happens, thanks so much for the preview, guys. >> you have to shake your head.
4:03 am
we see this going on in our houses all the time. the kids have each other by the neck. and they are saying let go, no, you let go, no, you let go, you have my neck. >> but there's a parent to intervene. >> that's right. the leader must come in and say, let's count to three, both let go at the same time. who's going to do that this afternoon? let's play it out. we have somebody with us now, congressman steve king. he is a newly re-elected republican from iowa. he serves on the house judiciary committee. he has a strong sense of the pulse of his party. and he will have to be a player in any change that is to come. it is good to have you as always. i am going to play the role of your constituent who is concerned that you are not putting me first. so let's play this out. how can you make me feel that you're going to do something for me this time? not just for you. >> well the first thing i would say, to my constituents is, government has been doing too
4:04 am
much for people who aren't doing enough. we have 104 million americans of working age who are not in the workforce. more of them need to come into the workforce and help carry the load. i challenge people to do that. step ups individuals, let's increase the average per capita gdp of our people. we do that, everybody prospers. we have our responsibilities. and by the way, i'm going to work to restore the rule of law, to give people safer streets and more jobs for americans and legal workers. >> what does that mean, increase the per capita gdp? i don't understand any of that, what are you saying? you want to raise the minimum wage? how you going to do that? >> put more people back to work. when we have, think of a family and there's, this house, we raised three brothers, were you talking about the families a little bit ago. if one of those brothers said, i'm not going to clean my room, i want my brothers to do trkts but i want my allowance anyway, that's an equivalent of a third of our population not in the workforce, we need to take the hammock, that used to be a
4:05 am
safety net. ratchet it back down gradually until it becomes a safety net again and get more people to work in that fashion. and we need to enforce the rule of law. that opens up more jobs for americans and american workers. american citizens and green card holders. >> so let me -- the first thing you're say something you want to cut entitlements, that's what you're saying, the hammock into the safety net. you're saying cut entitlements. and you're saying if you're not legal, you shouldn't be working. >> that's correct. there are 80 different means-tested federal welfare programs. let's put it under one committee, consolidate those so that they're rational. then we can take a look at how it moves people in the right direction and open up these jobs for american workers and for legal workers, green card holders. >> when you look at the leadership, they come out, they write the op-ed saying we will overturn obama care. not a good starting point. not achievable right now because ear not going to get a veto-proof majority. why start that way?
4:06 am
that's not nice, that's not a nice way to start the new environment of working together, is it? >> every republican that i know of ran on the full repeal of obama care. there were more ads run on the full repeal of obama care than anything else. the voters have spoken. the republicans are going to listen to the people that voted. and the president seems to be listening to what he thinks the people said who were not voting. that's not the american way. but here's the strategy is this, that we need to look at obama care itself as a giant jigsaw puzzle that's framed. and if we send the repeal of that to the president's desk, and we can do that. yes, he will veto it. then he has to return it to the house of origin with his objections, that's the constitutional requirement if he abides by it then we take the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle apart and send the repeal of them a piece at a time to the president's desk. such as the medical device tax would be one. 30-hour a work week would be another. we can go on with it until we get obama care shrunk down to
4:07 am
where we can tolerate it and set the stage for full repeal. >> congressman, you're quite the tactician, you know what the objections are going to be. why start at a position of conflict, instead of compromise? come with a bill and say we want to get rid of these parts of obama care instead of saying, we're going to kick out the whole thing? why not do it that way? >> we're pledged and committed to kick out the whole thing. we need to put the marker down from the beginning. that's what we've said we want to do that's what the people say they want to have happen. if the president vetoes it, let's see how the votes are. there is the chance that obama care is so unpopular that the senate democrats who are up for re-election in 2016 may decide you know what it's time to give this thing up and move on and put together a health care system that actually does the things that we all want it to do. we want people to be able to keep their doctors, we don't want their premiums to go up. we don't want them to lose their policy. we want it take care of people that have preexisting conditions with a better program. i want to be able to buy and sell insurance across state lines. i want everybody to have full
4:08 am
deductibility of all of their health insurance premiums, not just some people. everybody. the list goes on. if i could say my favorite bill if we could get to this point and get it done. i would like to take health savings accounts and expand them into life management accounts, so people could then build up in their hsa enough that they could arrive at retirement with enough money to purchase a medicare replacement policy. paid up for life and keep the change tax-free as a pension program. we can do that if we can repeal all of obama care. >> i can't let you go without giving you an opportunity to talk about something that is certainly high on your list priorities. this news that the president or somehow, someone in the u.s. government reached out through iraq or directly to iran, and started talking about how they can work together in the war against isis. how do you feel about that, congressman? >> it makes me very, very uneasy. when i hear you say it i can feel myself knot up thinking about the president's comment to medvedev a while back after the election i'll have more
4:09 am
flexibility. this then we saw ukraine annexed or parts of ukraine annexed. here we have a situation where the most dangerous enemy we have is iran. and we've watched as north korea has moved continuously towards nuclear capability. they seem to be a bit of a rational regime. that's hard to say. but i'm comparing them to iran. our biggest danger is iran nuclear. and in spite of isis and in spite of syria, that's our biggest danger, we need to contain them. and these back-channel negotiations generally end up being signals of weakness that empower the enemy. while this conflict is going on in that region, it does provide cover for iran to accelerate their nuclear efforts. they're not our partner. they're not our friends, and we don't need them to fight isis. i think that that's a flaw in the president's rationale. i would go further, though, we should arm -- >> say it? >> i should say we should arm the kurds, give them the help weaponry they need, all the air
4:10 am
power and our special forces on the ground for close air support. let the kurds carve out their area in that part of the world, the best start to defeating isis. >> you know what you're calling for? a full debate and vote on house this war is being conducted. the constitution says it's your job to declare it, hopefully you guys take that on early and often. we look forward to that. representative king thank you very much for joining us on "new day" as always. >> thank you, chris. mick, over to you. a look at your headlines. an investigation is under way this morning, into a fatal military helicopter crash in boise, idaho. two soldiers with the idaho army national guard were killed. a spokesman says the crew was on a training mission last nye when the apache went down. it happened near the airport. right now it's unclear what went wrong. it was a shocking charge against the drummer for a legendary rock band, phil rudd of ac/dc was acued of trying to have two men killed. now authorities in new zealand have apparently decided the evidence just isn't there.
4:11 am
cnn's monesha tank is in hong kong with more. >> so there was a raid on thursday, the police turned up and they charged him with allegedly hiring someone to kill two people. between the 25th and the 26th of september, michaela. but later that police file then went to the crown solicitors' office in new zealand, where phil rudd livesth and he looked at the file and he said there was insufficient evidence for this charge. there are still remaining charges, though. there is one of threatening to kill. and that is actually quite a serious charge. it carry as maximum of seven years in prison. the other two charges are drug related. they are possession charges. so right now he remains out on bail. he's at his home. but he does have to reappear in court on the 27th of november. >> all right. monisha tank reporting for news hong kong. we want to turn something now, a very special surprise in jacksonville, florida, for some deserving people.
4:12 am
six service members dealing with post traumatic stress, they were given quite a tremendous gift, brand new harley-davidson motorcycles from the wounded warriors project. one 12-year navy vet called the gift a dream come true. now each of these guys are motorcycle riders, but none of them owned a bike any more. so obviously they were especially overjoyed to receive these gifts. a lot of people say it's very therapeutic to get out on the open road and put your worries behind you and have the wind part of your hair under the helmet. >> you seem like you know a lot about this. >> i wish. but this is such a great thing. a great gift. >> i love it. those motorcycles mean to those men that somebody cares. everybody says they support the troops, but we do not do enough to prove it. let's get over to meteorologist indra petersons. keeping track of the latest forecast. i'm hearing about a typhoon, now it's going to come this way. what does this mean? >> a lot of people know by now it's going to be freezing, literally next week.
4:13 am
but what they don't understand is how does this have anything to do with it? this was supertyphoon nori off the coast of japan, it had winds of 180-mile-per-hour. let's start one by one. let's start by what you know about superstorm sandy. you had remnants of a hurricane, combined with another winter storm. that's what we're going to be dealing with. already out there in the bering sea, you have the remnants of the super typhoon combining with the polar jet stream. they're talking about 50-foot waves, all of the activity heading to the aelutian islands. think about the jet stream, it's like a rope. if you go like this you get the ripple effect. so the jet stream will eventually curve way down and all of this cold arctic air that's been hanging up towards canada is going to make its way down into the southeast. so let's talk about the temperatures and what you're talking about. right now it's kind ever mild. this is not the story, everyone is acting like it is, yes, the cool air spreads into the northeast as we go through the weekend. another front kicks in behind
4:14 am
it. cooling off even more. not until about the middle of next week, you're talking about the very chilly arctic air making the blast that flowed down through the southeast. what do we have to look for? temperatures a good 20 degrees below normal. you might have starting with next week, that's when the blast is expected to make its way in. temperatures cooling this weekend. getting to the 40s, the lows we go down to the 20s. minneapolis will be seeing highs in the 20s and just 30s. of course seeing lows well below freezing. what we have today. looks a lot better now, right? light showers in towards the northeast. maybe bringing a half a foot of snow to northern portions of maine. again enjoy the weather we're talking about today. yeah. i have family visiting next week. >> are you getting this? did you hear what she told snus. >> i heard cold and i tuned it out. thanks, indra. >> typhoon, not coming here, but it's going to be to cold. a norm former naef navy s.e
4:15 am
is speaking out. and all show, no go, the inside scoop on what lead remembers planning heading into today's meeting at the white house, john king will take you "inside politics." it's even better. (alex konstantine): when i put my feet up on this bed, my stress just goes away. (evie abat); i go up... heeeeyyyy. (donna bryce): our tempur-pedic is the best thing in our house...'cept for my husband. (lauren brown): wait, wait, where are you going ? (vo): discover how tempur-pedic can move you. and now through december 1st, save up to $500 on a tempur-pedic mattress and adjustable base. there is no car because there was no accident. volvo's most advanced accident avoidance systems ever.
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4:18 am
welcome back to "new day." one of the most famous acts of valor now creating controversy. robert o'neill is a former navy s.e.a.l., he tells the "washington post" that he's the one who took the shot to the
4:19 am
forehead on osama bin laden that killed him. well, that's angered many members of the military who say he violated the traditional code of secrecy. let's ask jonathan gilliam, a former navy s.e.a.l. what do you think of this s.e.a.l. coming forward and talking about that night so openly? >> well i think first and foremost this is what i want the public to realize, that this is not a s.e.a.l. problem. this is an o'neil problem. this is a bissonnette problem, who wrote the other book, "zero dark 30ty". >> "no easy day". >> two s.e.a.l.s have come forward and maybe they're craving recognition. s.e.a.l.s go unsung. we know they're so brave. maybe individuals are starting to crave recognition. >> that's the case, generation is the me generation, that's what's going to happen. however, the leadership, that's why i penned this letter to the admiral. i agree with what the admiral
4:20 am
had to say in his letter. >> let me read a portion. he talks about the code of navy s.e.a.l.s. he says a critical tenet of our ethos is i do not advertise the nature of my work nor seek recognition for my actions, violators of our ethos are neither teammates in good standing or teammates who represent naval special warfare. what's your response? >> i think the admiral is spot on there. why did this come out in the public? why did he send this out? when i go online on linked-in or facebook and i see the admiral and the letter come across in the news, what i'm seeing is the same problem that allowed this to happen and that's a leadership that is not focused on force protection. and that goes all the way up the chain. when you have a vice president who gives out this information, the same information they're given three days after the op. >> you mean for "zero dark 30y"
4:21 am
you think cooperated with the -- >> that's leon panetta. three days after the op joe biden gave a speech and outed s.e.a.l. team 6 as being part of this. so when you have individuals at the top not paying close attention to the details of the top-secret information and you have an admiral who is kind of putting stuff out there instead of cracking down on this, if you have a couple of bad eggs, it doesn't matter what uth is or where they're from, classified information has started to become a tool for power for politicians and money for people to line their pockets. >> maybe this just the new world of social media and things being, reality shows and movies and things being out in the public that things are not as private as they used to be. maybe this is the new world order for navy s.e.a.l.s. >> but well, that is the way it is for the world. but, see, we live in a world that is not the same and these guys need to realize if they think they're going to get out and subscribe to the same rules as a politician, they're going to get burned. i've been out of the military
4:22 am
since 2002. i was in the fbi for a long time here in new york and i'm here to tell you if anybody in the military thinks they're going 0 get out and tell all, they're going to end up getting prosecuted for that. >> let's talk about that. what do you think should happen to o'neill? will he face charges? >> i think both of these guys, bissonnette and o'neill, now they've shown that they've probably committed a crime -- >> what is that crime? >> to let the viewers understand this. if i was your attorney, and you came to me to, you had a new widget and you wanted to get a patent for it and i was you know we have the attorney-client privilege and i go out and tell everybody about that widget. now i've committed a crime. so it's same thing with classified information. if i'm given that and then gi out and tell people about it, that is a crime. it's classified for a reason. whether they want it to be or not. so you know, i think these guys should be brought back into the military. because they can be recalled back into the military. recalled back in, demoted in rank, prosecuted and then eventually given dishonorable
4:23 am
discharge. yes, they're my brothers, but my brothers have to pay a penalty when they do something this bad that shines this bad of a light on the s.e.a.l. teams and the military in general. >> jonathan gilliam, thanks for sharing your perspective and thanks for your service, we appreciate how brave you are. >> that helped understand what is a very complex situation, great conversation there. so we've been talking about politics and the aftermath of the election. there's no doubt that democrats took a beating in the mid-terms. now there's this theory that it may help the democrats somehow, heading into 2016. really? john king will examine hillary clinton's prospects and how they may be better now on "inside politics." plus this vicious attack on a minnesota hospital, a patient armed with a metal bar goes on a rampage. how did this happen? and what happened to him? we have the dramatic story ahead. nutrition...i'm no expert.
4:24 am
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4:28 am
that he kidnapped carlesha freeland-gaither from philadelphia. for her part, freeland-gaither is now back in philadelphia. the massive security breach at home depot is widening. the company confirming 53 million email addresses were stolen, saying a third-party vendor's user name and password were used to enter the network. the company already had credit card data of 56 million customers hacked. the home improvement giant says the compromised email files did not contain sensitive information and affected customers are being notified. police are investigating a brazen million-dollar jewelry heist in irvington, new jersey. thieves drilled a hole through the wall of a furniture store next door to break in. they made off with thousands of pieces of gold and diamond jewelry. police say the burglars clearly knew what they were doing. cutting phone lines, disabling alarm systems. and somehow cutting through safes. made of reinforced steel and
4:29 am
concrete. some four inches thick. my goodness. you guys are smart people, right? think could you name every organizen in the human organ in the human body. texas toddler. 2-year-old elizabeth kristen san. she can name all of the human organs and she can explain their function. some 80 million people have seen her show off her skills on youtube. mom says they spent a whole lot of time at a local library and she credits that with elizabeth's new-found knowledge. i think we have an internist. >> the kid's a genius. not just going to the library. my kid spends a lot of time at the library. calls me momma half the time. >> we've seen your halloween costume, dear. >> there's confusion at your house, we know that much. >> a man is a man, no matter what she's wearing. >> i like how she does it all while wearing her footsie pajamas. >> she could be an internist,
4:30 am
sanjay gupta, call her. speaking of people who aren't necessarily geniuses, we're starting to figure out what's going on in washington, d.c. at least they're meeting and you know what, usually john, you say they're meeting, so what, that's progress down in washington. as long as everybody who goes in alive comes out alive, it will be a net positive. >> i think if you brought 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds into the meeting you might increase the likelihood of it. that's not fair, i guess. good morning, guys, let's talk about that very question. big meeting at the white house, with me to share reporting and insights, lisa layer of bloomberg and ed o'keefe of the "washington post." president will sit down with his friends, the republican leadership of the senate and congress. 16 people, not the small leadership, ed, you just checked this. 16 people, so all of the expanded leadership at the meeting. the president is expected very soon to take action on immigration. which could blow up the
4:31 am
post-election kumbayah spirit. listen to john boehner yesterday. he said executive action on immigration would be like playing with matches. he said first the president needs to do this. >> i've told the president before, he needs to put politics aside and rebuild trust. and rebuilding trust not only with the american people, but with the american people's representatives, here in the united states congress. >> there's distrust, dysfunction, no the good relationships between the president and the two most important people in town right now, speaker boehner and the incoming majority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell. is this a charade. both parties saying we need this picture of unity because the american people want to us get along. but we're really not going to? >> john, as you were pointing out, nothing gets done at informing dinner. this is an awfully big meeting of the entire dysfunctional family. so i don't think anyone has very high hopes, certainly from this lunch. one area where i think there could be some progress, maybe, that josh earnest, the white
4:32 am
house spokesman has indicated, could be keystone. think the president could end up approving that which of course is you know totally stressing out all his environmentalists and his base. a big portion of the democratic party. but it's hard to see how a lot gets done, taxes, fiscal issues. the two sides are really far apart and now you're moving into 2016. the presidential year and there's an awful lot of people on the republican side who think they're running for president. >> lisa makes a great point. if the president gives something to the republicans on any issue, on keystone, the environmental base goes up. the republicans might want medicare or some sort of entitlement reforms, the left. we'll look for elizabeth warren to run for the senate floor. the other calculation in the short-term, the president has promised and promised the latino community and the representatives that he will act on immigration, david axelrod, former senior adviser to this president ran both of his campaigns for president, listen to this tweet. immigration bill won a huge bipartisan majority in the senate. potus should agree to shelf the
4:33 am
executive order in the house. the senate has passed the bill, by the end of the year, the senate bill expires. i still remember my fifth grade civics class. the current congress would have to do that. >> is there any indication speaker boehner after this election, where he got more seats, but republicans who ran against the president would do that in. >> at that news conference, i asked him. if the president were to tell you at this lunch, all right, fine i hear you, i will do it, would you move forward some kind of a bill? he didn't say no. he started with, i'll talk with our members, but i have always said i want to get this done. he won't get it done before january. so you're right. the whole process would have to start again. that's the last thing mitch mcconnell wants to do in the first few monlts of the year. the only time that he'll have true momentum to get things done. >> every time john boehner talked to his members about this last year, he retreated. >> this is a huge legacy for the white house. the president wants to be able to say when the history books
4:34 am
are looking back, president obama did something on health care, did something on the environment and did something on immigration. so it's hard to -- >> this is the log on the fire, right? maybe he'll do keystone, maybe they can get some agreement on trade, maybe an infrastructure bank, because of those 31 republican governors wouldn't mind that money. if he takes bold action on immigration reform by executive action, really? i'm not saying you know the president has made the promise, but the reaction among republicans going to be, forget about it. >> absolutely. another quick point about the lunch. as soon as it got out on capitol hill that it was the full slate of 16, the four big leaders and their deputies, everyone said forget about it. nobody at home should be thinking that anything productive will happen at this lunch this is all about the photograph and the images of them meeting together to try to suggest to the american people that they're trying to do something. >> one of the questions, it is sad. they should try to build some trust, just try? let's show the pictures of the four principals, put them up on the screen. you'll have boehner, mcconnell, pelosi and reid. every time there's been a
4:35 am
meeting like this in the past ten years or by the time we're done, anyway with this congress. it will be ten years, regardless of who's president, and their titles have changed in this group. nancy pelosi was speaker once. it's been these four. is this part of the problem? no disrespect to any of their service, but is this part of the problem that at some point if the town's mott working, maybe you need to change the leaders? >> that's a question we need to start asking next week when the rank and file come back. having talked to a few of them. they've hinted that's part of the problem. in both parties, especially now among democrats because once again their ranks are diminished. i think you will start to see a lot more of them, especially among the young ambitious group of house democrats who have come in the last two to four years who are from a different generation, they pledge allegiance to them. because they helped put them in office, but there's a sense that this old cast perhaps need to move on. >> part of the calculation for leader pelosi has been she thinks if she stays until 2016,
4:36 am
there will be this bill hillary clinton victory in the presidential race and maybe she'll get to be speaker again. the republicans had a good night on the house side, so the math is iffy. >> the you write a fascinating piece. she campaigned in iowa, bruce brail braylee lost. was 2014 and more republicans in washington, is that good for hillary clinton or bad for hillary clinton. >> i think it's a plixed bag. it's gooded a band. i think in some ways it's good, right. because you have a republican-controlled congress and that makes it really easy for secretary clinton to run against washington. because it's the opposite party. she can say look, these guys are not, she can draw a very sharp contrast and i think it also makes it easier to separate herself from the president. because everyone seems to agree in both parties that president obama, you know, bad approval ratings have played a serious
4:37 am
role in you know democrats' failure in the mid-terms, so it makes it easier to draw those two contrasts. think it puts a lot more pressure on her. the party, everyone is stressed out in the democratic party. they're trying to unpack why this happened. and a lot of them are turning to hillary as someone that could come and save them and that's a rough position to be in. you never want to have expectations too high before you announce. >> is she not the leader of the party now? a lot of democrats, whether it's fair or unfair, right or wrong. a lot of the congressional democrats, democratics out in the country blame the president, they've blamed the president, they thought it was a bad enough year, anyway, he said i'm not on the ballot but my policies are. that was in every republican ad. is she not defacto. there would be no loyalty to the president. we saw this happen to george w. bush after the 2006 mid-terms, the he asked republicans to say good morning and they wouldn't talk back to him. >> part of why hillary is a win certificate because so many
4:38 am
other democrats lost, and because other democrats had ties to people who lost, she is now essentially it. and it's very difficult, especially for someone from the left to challenge her at all. >> she's going to have to come out like the president did and give her explanation for why this happened. that's going to be a fascinating moment. think it's one everyone is waiting to see. >> a lot of people suggesting maybe she should speed up her time table and let people know definitively quickly. >> as we get back to you in new york, it's a fascinating time. we don't want to play debby database e downer here and say nothing will get done. the president who he is, the leaders who are they are and the think they'd need a dna transplant to change how they behave. i'm a skeptic. >> i'm sure today will be the dawn of a new era in washington. >> love your optimism. >> you'll be reporting on that at 12:35 no doubt. make sure to tune in this sunday
4:39 am
at 8:30 a.m. eastern when john king and his "inside politics" panel will break database the results of the republican wave that won the senate as well as how the 2014 mid-terms will decide the fate of the 2016 candidates. also make sure to tune in this sunday again, and you'll see john king -- >> keep going with it we hope you'll watch john king this sunday, did i mention that? >> it just keeps rolling. >> that promo is so important it was in the teleprompter three times. i was going to say thrice. >> i hope you will watch john king, did i mention that? >> the record is skipping today. >> this sunday at, there's been a major attack on the khorasan group and here's what we're hearing. that it may have taken out who could be the most skilled bomb-maker. i'm qualifying it because we don't know exactly whether or not the target was attained. we'll bring in the pentagon spokesman to talk to us about these air strikes and also what's going on with these navy s.e.a.l.s who are claiming to have killed osama bin laden?
4:40 am
is there something bigger brewing with special operations? plus this brutal attack caught on tape. the shocking rampage, highlighting workplace dangers at hospitals. ♪ it's not about how many miles you can get out of the c-max hybrid. it's about how much life you can fit into it. ♪ the ford c-max hybrid. with an epa-estimated range of 540 miles on a tank of gas. and all the room you need to enjoy the trip. go stretch out. go further. for most people, earning cash back ends here, at the purchase. but there's a new card in town. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back.
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4:44 am
we have new information for new the war against isis. a u.s. air strike in syria appears to have killed a key french jihadist. this man is a core part of al qaeda. not just here in syria, but in pakistan. they believe he was helping to construct bombs designed to get smuggled on to u.s.bound planes, here's the thing, there's a lot of concern about the toxic message he spread before he was taken out. we don't know for sure whether he was taken out. so let's bring in from washington, rear admiral john kirby, the pentagon press secretary. admiral, always a pleasure, thank you for joining us. did you get this bad guy? >> we still don't know, we're still assessing results of the strikes. we know the strikes successfully hit some facilities. that were used by the khorasan
4:45 am
group as well as one vehicle we believe there were khorasan group casualties as a result of these strikes. we're still trying to figure out exactly who and how many. >> we care, the u.s. cares about khorasan because you believe that they are planning attacks that will be in the u.s. and that's why they're primary interest going on. this man david drugeon -- are you confident that he may have been there? are you confident that he was worth the strike? >> we're still not confident exactly who we hit. and who these casualties are. so i won't get ahead of an assessment process right now. but to your point, we certainly know about this individual. we know how dangerous he is. and we know what his intentions were and we know what his capabilities were. very skilled, very deadly in terms of helping develop and fashion bombs. so certainly this individual is of interest to us, there's no question about that. as are all leadership and members of the khorasan group. >> all right. now to the policy side of what's going on. with this war.
4:46 am
president obama sending a letter to iran supreme's leader, ayatollah khamenei pointing out shared interests, this will be highly controversial. what does it mean from a military planning perspective? >> well i won't speak to this alleged letter, i don't have any knowledge of that. whatky tell you is that we aren't coordinating with iran in this effort against isil from a military perspective. we haven't been, we have no plans to do that. our message to iran has been the same from the beginning, just like every other partner or every other neighbor in the region that is contributing to this effort that we don't want them to do anything that would just further inflame sectarian tensions. and most of the 60 nations that we're operating with and cooperating with, have the same goals and objectives, that's not always clear with iran. we're not coordinating with them, we're not communicating with them from a military perspective. and we would urge iran and iran's leaders to try not to inflame sectarian tensions
4:47 am
inside iraq. >> we don't know what the letter is about yet. but we can assume that the president is not looking for a new pen pal. so we'll have to hear about what comes out of the white house on that. let me ask you about something that's more in your bailiwick. let's going on with the navy s.e.a.l.s? these guys are writing books, taking credit. one of the reasons that americans embrace them is because of what they're about. their code. what is the concern about this for you? >> let's try, when we talk about this, to remember who these men are. and how special they are. how skilled and capable and how critical they have been in the last 13 years of war against insurgents and terrorists all over the world. they're the best of the best. all our special operators are and we value and we certainly are grateful author their service and their courage. there's a code in that community that you don't talk about what you do. and you don't try to get financial gain off of your operations. and so it's disappointing that some have, have sought to do that. i won't speak to the specifics on this some of these things are as you know, still being
4:48 am
investigated. but it's, but it does violate a code of ethics that this community holds dear. and 99% of them, live by that code. again, the motivations that drive individuals to do this are for them to speak to. but our biggest concern outside this living by the code is that we don't unnecessarily divulge classified information, operational security kind of information to the american people. >> understood. admiral john kirby, always appreciate the perspective here on "new day." >> thanks very much. alisyn? >> here's this terrifying attack we've been showing you all morning. it was caught on camera. this happened inside a hospital. what caused this patient to go on a brutal rampage against the nurses? we'll tell you the story behind this video.
4:49 am
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there's some stunning video that serves as a reminder of how dangerous it can be to work in health care. patient went on a rampage swinging a metal rod at nurses, injuring several of them. in just seconds the very people who help heal suddenly need help of their own inside this minnesota hospital. the disturbing incident caught on camera after a patient apparently removed a bar from the side of his hospital bed. 68-year-old charles logan storms the st. john's hospital nurses station around 2:00 a.m. sunday swinging wildly. nurses running toward the exit, one woman here tries to secure the doors but logan barrels through. the bar held high above his head, hurling it down right on one nurse's back and then
4:53 am
another, repeatedly striking two nurses that are left helpless. once the patient made his way outside the police had a hard time subduing him. >> the taser was ineffective. in other words it did not connect to the man. >> officers finally tackling logan to the ground but not before he injuries four nurses, one reportedly suffering a collapsed lung. >> that kind of thing can happen. it happens all the time. >> reporter: the brutal rampage highlights the dangers health care workers face every day. >> we've heard stories of primarily nurses who have been hit or spit on or punched. >> reporter: a survey from the international health care security and safety foundation says 60% of workplace assaults occur in health care fa sits. for these nurses, running this sanctuary for the sick has come at a cost. logan died just moments after he was taken into police custody. an autopsy has been ordered to try and determine the cause of death. it's unclear what exactly prompted this assault on those
4:54 am
nurses. lot of questions. >> you just don't think a nurse as being on the front lines until you see something like that. >> truly. you know anthony bourdain's adventures and cuisine, this time he's heading back to where it all began with his first job in the kitchen in massachusetts. >> many of the old places and people now are gone, but the lobster pot is still going strong, all these years later and still has what i want and need, the essentials. my friends worked in the kitchen, starting the tradition, the cooking work was noble toil. at that pount i never intended a career as a chef. >> it's great to be a cook. >> i was getting to that. >> this is homemade portuguese kale soup made on the premises. >> it's been a long time, thank you. >> enjoy. >> portuguese soup, a p-town version of caldo verde, just
4:55 am
what i remembered, kale, fiery red chourico, kidney beans. i missed you badly. that's what i loved about the food here, the portuguese thing, cod stuffed with portuguese sausage, bread crumbs, stuffed with scallop and crab, sherry red sauce. i haven't been working for a while, you was a deadbeat, scarfing off everybody else and play comes home from work, our dishwasher didn't show up today, you're our new dishwasher. i didn't take it off for 30 years. i wake up, all of us go on the beach, hang out until 2:00, 3:00. >> it was fun. >> roll into work, work all night, drinking, getting high, drilling out food. you got all the food you wanted, all the liquor you wanted. >> all the sex you wanted. >> all the sex you wanted. >> true, it was fun. we had a great time.
4:56 am
>> it was still an essential part of the economy. >> it was a lot of fun, believe me, i remember. >> sounds like fun. >> and delicious. >> and still an essential part of the economy. that was the exclamation point on that list of activities, very nice. you're not going to want to miss it, massachusetts this tomb, sunday night, 9:00 eastern only on cnn. provincetown even better. president obama meeting with congress are days of posturing and threats can the president and the republicans actually find any middle ground? plus this chilling new video showing isis fighters laughing about buying and selling girls as sex slaves. it's the latest on the terrorist group's savagery. we'll examine whether anything is being done to save these women. turn the trips you have to take,
4:57 am
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5:00 am
-- captions by vitac -- face-to-face. president obama set to meet with congressional leaders including the top republicans who now will lead the house and senate. isis, immigration, all on the menu. will this bring any common ground or is it going to be a food fight? isis fighters caught on
5:01 am
camera joking about buying and selling women as sex slaves. we'll show you that tape. this as the battle continues in cities. is the coalition winning the fight against isis. the october jobs report due out in just minutes, did the u.s. pick up jobs and what will these numbers tell us about the state of our economy? your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> a beautiful looking freedom tower there, good morning, welcome to "new day." it's friday, november 7th, 8:00 in the east. chris cuomo, alisyn camerota, getting ready for this big meeting, supposed to be anything but a lovefest, what happens at the white house this afternoon, that's when the president hosts congressional leaders from both parties from a "working lunch." >> 16 democrats and republicans are on the invitation list. immigration reform, funding for
5:02 am
the war on isis and the ooenl outbreak on the agenda today. before the first appetizer is served the two sides are already bickering. >> could be a little soup on the menu today. dana bash, chief congressional correspondent, why are we being a little snarky about it? you spoke to mr. boehner, he's one of the leaders. play the sound about what he said to you. >> reporter: how do you expect the president to trust that you really want to work together when out of the gate you say that you want to repeal his signature law that you know has no chance of getting a veto proof majority. how do you expect him to trust you? >> listen, my job is to listen to the american people. american people have made it clear they're not for obamacare. ask all the democrats who lost their elections tuesday night. lot of them voted for obamacare. >> here's the thing. you know the numbers, dana, over 50% of americans say obamacare is okay, a lot of people say it doesn't go far enough but what is the message in the politics
5:03 am
he's playing here? >> he's still playing to his base and that was the reason i asked that question in an op-ed that boehner wrote with the incoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell where they talked about the need to show that republicans can govern the areas where they think they can find common ground. in the first couple of graphs they said we want to repeal obamacare. john boehner and republicans are furious that the white house is pouring fuel on the fire waving a red flag in front of a bull on immigration, but they're kind of doing the same thing to the president, and the reason i asked that question was because you got to start with trust, and there's already a huge trust deficit, so with both sides poking each other in the eye, how do you build that trust? that's the question. >> you like the poking in the eye metaphor. i'm sticking with the two kids grabbing each other's hair saying you let go first, you let go first and meanwhile they're both getting hurt. dana bash, thank you very much for the preview. let's hope we're pleasantly
5:04 am
surprised. >> i like the food fight metaphor you also use, continue with that. >> i mix it up. >> i know you do. congressman chris van hollen from maryland, a democrat just reelected. >> good morning, alisyn. >> you know what we've been talking about. sounds like serve saying the words but at the same time the rhetoric remains the same. immigration reform, the president said this week if there's no movement on immigration reform by the end of the year, he will use the executive order to pass it and republicans have said that that is poisoning the well. where are you on this? >> well look, you asked whether it was going to be a food fight. i don't think any food will be flying. i think people will be well mannered but i think when it comes to the issues you're going to have a lot of tough positioning and negotiating. let's talk about immigration. the reality is that right now in the house of representatives we have a bipartisan comprehensive
5:05 am
immigration bill that passed the united states senate and what the president has said to speaker bainer is simply have a vote on that, right? you can vote against it, speaker boehner but have a vote. let the democratic process work. and if the speaker continues to refuse to even allow a vote, the president has said he's going to use his authority to the extent he can lawfully use it to address these issues, and then congress can come back and try and fill in the gaps later if it wants but we have to address this issue >> we understand that everyone says they want this issue addressed. is that the right tone for the president to be striking this week? >> well, i think one of the messages we heard from this week is allow congress to try and work. in one way congress works in a democratic process is to hold a vote, again, i don't know what the outcome would be. i happen to think it would pass even in this house of representatives and we could get this issue off the table today. so we've heard all this talk about harry reid blocked the votes in the united states
5:06 am
senate but they voted on a comprehensive immigration reform bill, it's in the house and an important pount int, at the end this year all that work gets wiped off the table, a new congress you start from scratch. the president is saying have that vote and see how it goes. i thought one of the messages was allow democracy to work its will, and apparently right out of the gate we're hearing that that won't happen. >> by the way the end of the year last time i checked is actually the end of next month, so do you think that congress can do this in the next month? >> congress could certainly vote any time on that bill. that bill that comprehensive bipartisan immigration bill is sitting in the house of representatives. we could vote any day, if it goes down, it goes down, and then maybe the president would say well, i'm noting if to use my executive authority because you gave the democratic process a shot. i'm confident it would pass so what we're saying to speaker boehner is, hold a vote in the
5:07 am
house. it's the people's house. for goodness sakes, let's have a vote on that bill. >> let's talk quickly about isis and the fight against isis because it has been revealed that president obama reportedly sent a letter to iran's supreme leader to talk about how to cooperate on the fight against isis. senators john mccain and lindsey graham blasted the president calling this sort of back channel route outrageous. what do you think of it? >> it's not outrageous. presidents use back channels all the time. look, you don't have to trust iran to understand that the united states and iran do have a common interest in trying to defeat isis, and i thought senator mccain and senator graham want to do everything possible to defeat isis. now, we're not cooperating with the iranians militarily. we don't trust them enough for that. we're engaged in these negotiations to try to prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon, which is in our interests, which is in the interests of the world, in the interest of our allies in that
5:08 am
region, so the president's working very hard to try and prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon and trying to negotiate a deal to do that. and this is obviously part of the kfgs, again, because in this instance, iran and the united states have a shared interest in defeating isis. >> congressman chris van hollen, best of luck in the next month. we'll see what congress can accomplish. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> a lot of news this morning. right to michaela for the headlines. >> good morning once again. two soldiers with the idaho army national guard died are their helicopter crashed in boise, idaho. an investigation is under way into what exactly went wrong. spokesman said that crew was on a training mission last night when their apache went down near the airport. more flare-ups in the middle east. several houses belonging to leaders of the fatah palestinian faction have been bombed. no word on who is responsibility. also this morning a 17-year-old
5:09 am
israeli soldier died from injuries sustained in this week's terror attack at a jerusalem train station. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and jordan's king abdullah spoke thursday trying to ease tensions after clashes at jerusalem's federal mount. the fbi confirms it searched the home and office of the state department's pakistan expert, robin rackles. not clear whether she's specifically targeted and what authorities are calling a counter-intelligence probe. former ambassador to tunisia, she had her security clearance pulled last month. check this out, my goodness, strong winds at chicago international airport forced rough landings. one plane came in at a nearly 45-degree angle when it landed, yikes. >> that was a yaw issue. >> what? >> yaw, please, focus on my hand. >> yes.
5:10 am
>> yaw pitch roll. that's what you learn when you're on a lot of bad flights. what is happening? they'll say the yaw. >> thankful that nobody was injured. so far we have no word on injuries. >> they must be traumatized. >> just know the word yaw and you're fine. >> got it. i wasn't aware of it. thank you for that. thank you, chris. we have to tell you about this really sickening video. it has surfaced of isis fighters discussing the sale of captured girls being used as sex slaves, just for getting caught in the war, we will discuss the disturbing video from our counterterrorism analysts. if the economy is on your mind and it should be, look out for this. the october jobs report is going to be released in just a few minutes. we'll talk about the expectations and we'll bring you the actual numbers as soon as we have them. stay with us. a party?
5:11 am
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5:14 am
welcome back to "new day." we have new information about isis taken proves why they must
5:15 am
be stopped. the video showing them mocking the buying and selling of yazidi women as sex slaves, this is just the latest horror for innocent people whose worst crime was just being in their way and getting caught up in the conflict. to discuss the news about this video and the u.s. reaching out to iran for help against the terror group we'll be joined by philip mudd, a cnn counterterrorism analyst and former cia counterterrorism official, and from beirut, cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon. arwa, let me start with you. what do we make of this video? is it about something really happening or ugly bravado on display? >> reporter: well, either way the video is a clear indication of why an organization like isis needs to be stopped, as you were mentioning there. what we do know is that at least two and a half thousand yazidi women, girls were kidnapped
5:16 am
according to the government and only a fraction of those have been released. cnn has spoken to some of these women in the past and the stories they tell are horrific. one young woman just 17 years old talking about how she was rounded up along with others, put into a large room and then the men, the isis fighters would come into the room and pick whomever they wanted to. she says she herself was chosen by a man who was 70 years old. we also know from some other isis fighters, one in particular who was detained, cnn managed to speak to, isis does, in fact, give its young recruits girls, women to choose that as part of their very morbid way of trying to lure young male fighters in. we heard numerous stories from people who were not necessarilynecessarily yazidis how isis fighters are abusing the population in areas they control. >> hopefully this video if nothing else puts some faces to some of the people that the coalition is trying to find and
5:17 am
stop and i remember your conversation with that young woman. what would you say to the man? she said i wouldn't say anything. i just wanted him dead and it shows the desperation on both sides. in terms of progress against isis what do you hear in beirut about this supposed high-valued target, this bombmaker that the coalition may or may not have gotten. any information? >> reporter: well, that's an individual who is with the khorasan group, another organization the u.s. deems to be a terrorist entity. it's unclear at this stage how that is going to impact the capacities of the khorasan group, very little actually known at this stage. the man who was killed believed to be a french national, very experienced in terms of bomb making, capable even of establishing a bomb that would be concealed inside the palm of one's hand, so that most certainly is disturbing if, in fact, true. the issue is in targeting the elements of the khorasan group
5:18 am
the united states, the coalition is making more enemies on the ground than it is making friends because in many cases these khorasan fighters are camped out in bases and areas that are part of the other rebel groups and it's caused a fair number of casualties amongst their fighters, also been various reports of civilian casualties that were caused in the bombings targeting khorasan. while people inside syria are welcoming the targeting of isis, it's targeting of khorasan and other syrian rebel groups are causing questions raised to what the u.s. and coalition troops' intentions are at this stage. >> fiphilip mudd, not just collateral damage but what groups being targeted may not be the exact right ones, maybe they're moderates. maybe we'll wiped up creating our next enemy base if the coalition is hitting the wrong people. how do you see it? >> eventually we have to sort
5:19 am
through this. we're supporting some moderate opposition but what we're telling them is we don't support your goal necessarily of taking out assad. that's your business. we want you to fight isis. meanwhile we tell the syrian people we'll support some of the guys on your side but others fighting the government you hate we're going to bomb them. i think eventually we have to step back and simplify. do we want small point strikes against people like the khorasan group but not get engaged in a broader civil war or say finally, okay, we're in this for a dime and we're in it for a dollar. we're going to take out assad as well. i think we have to make some choices. >> the way you're laying it out there, seems like you're seeing the second one as a more reasonable approach. we've been hearing that from john mccain, we have a growing number of people saying like secretary hagel saying that you can't leave assad out of the equation. it sounds like this may be a much bigger situation than just air strikes. >> i don't, agree with you.
5:20 am
you got me wrong this morning. why do we define bashar al assad as a threat. if we want to define american interests as human rights in syria, that's fine, take out al assad. if we want to fine syria as a national threat that affects the united states he doesn't. we have to figure out who we are as a people and what are values are. if we want to get out of this region we might say the same thing in syria we've said in pakistan and somalia. you have your own fight on the ground, we're just going to focus on air strikes to take out the small elements of the insurgents who are targeted to create attacks in the united states. >> so unlike secretary hagel, you're saying that assad is not necessarily a part of the picture in terms of what the threat to the u.s. is, so you have to figure out what you want to do and stay on that mission? all right. i'm glad i have you right here. the last thing i want do is get you wrong, philip mudd, that's for sure. this letter from the president to the religious leader of iran
5:21 am
has ruffled a lot of feathers, in washington and beyond. they're supposed to be the bad guys and now you're asking them for help? help us make sense of it. >> look, washington is not reality city. those guys, one reason i moved away from that city, they don't live in the real world. this is like being put in a cell with an arsonist saying i'm not going to talk to the dude because he's a convicted felon. tomorrow he burns the house down. iran has tremendous influence in iraq. they've been involved in fighting american soldiers there, they place explosive devices to kill american soldiers, they're not with us all the time, they've been involved in supporting shia militias in iraq. we don't like that but the bottom line is, they share a huge border with iraq, and a common enemy. we don't have to like them but i think we have to accept reality, if we have a common enemy and try to extract iran from the picture they're going to bite us so it's either get in the cell with the arsonist or have him burn the house down. i say get in the cell. >> you've been saying the whole
5:22 am
time, not you but the strategy has been to isolate iran. now we're going to go the opposite direction and say we have a mutual enemy, let's combine? >> actually, i don't think this strategy has been to isolate. you have a united states government involved in talking to iran on the nuclear side and let's make the story broader. 13 years ago i was in bahn, germany, to put together the new government of afghanistan after the taliban fell. the eiranians were there. many wanted to talk to iranian because they share a border in afghanistan and knew they'd kill us if we didn't talk to them. many people in washington said ideologically don't talk to them. the solution was we talked to them, same story 13 years later people ideologically are saying isolate iran. i'm saying realistically they're in the room with us, either talk to them or they'll kill us. get beyond it, let's go, that's right, this is a hot mess,
5:23 am
homey, we got to figure out some reality. >> this is a hot mess, homey, we got to figure out some reality, with the hand gesture. >> yeah, that's right. >> i got it. >> that's correct. >> you have a very good weekend, sir. thank you for being with us on "new day" as always. >> take care. >> scares you, i know that much. >> does on several levels. >> i get it. the october jobs report just minutes away. so what economists are expecting and the impact it could have on your pocketbook. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates. ♪
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time for the five things you need to know for your "new day," friday edition. number one, congressional leaders are lunching at the white house today with president obama. immigration reform, battle isis and ebola, in addition to getting along. president obama is opening channels of communication with iran regarding air strikes on isis. sources tell cnn the president reached out to the supreme leader in iraq pushing the shared benefit of defeating isis. the pentagon believes air strikes in syria have taken out a key member of the khorasan member group.
5:28 am
david drugeon was making explosives to kill those in the u.s. the fbi won't say whether a former ambassador to tunisia is expected of spying. >> a setback for the fight for same-sex marriage, a federal appeals court ruled a gay marriage ban withstand in four states. this decision could force u.s. supreme courts to take up the issue. we do update the five things to know so be sure to visit for the latest. alisyn? we have some new details this morning about the criminal past of the man who allegedly snapped carlesha freeman gaither right off the street. devlin barnes has confessed to her kidnapping and other crimes. alexandra field is in philadelphia. >> he's a vicious predator off
5:29 am
the streets and hopefully in jail for the rest of his life. >> reporter: now investigators are releasing new details of another vicious attack allegedly perpetrated by barnes. barnes will face federal charges in the abduction of 22-year-old nursing assistant carlesha gaither, the violent crime caught on tape but first extradited to virginia to face additional charges including attempted murder related to an attack last month on a 16-year-old richmond girl. police in charles city county say barnes hit the teen in the head with a shovel, put her in the trunk of his car and took her to his parents' virginia home where he raped and tortured her. >> he proceeded to douse her clothing in gasoline and bleach and proceeded to burn her clothing. >> reporter: officers say barnes asked her how she wanted to die and at one point showed her pictures of other girls he claimed to attack. >> he was attempting to dig a
5:30 am
hole but somehow he got distracted from her and she proceeded to flea in the woods. >> reporter: the victim ran two miles away to this business where she was discovered naked with third-degree burns. dna tests led them to name barnes as their suspect. barnes has a lengthy and violent rap sheet including dozens of charges from armed robbery to aggravated assault and false imprisonment. his former father-in-law says his daughter married but quickly divorced the suspect. >> i knew he was going to get in trouble, i knew he was going to get in trouble again. that's the kind of person is he. >> reporter: a friend of barnes describes an entirely different person. >> he's always looking to help somebody, always looking to bend over backwards. he'll give the shirt off his back if he could. >> reporter: carlesha gaither is back in philadelphia, her family at her side. officers who worked for days to find her relieved she's finally home. >> it felt extremely personal. after seeing the video, it
5:31 am
struck a chord with just about everybody who saw and just made it a mission we were going to find her. >> reporter: officers in pennsylvania worked with officers officer s in virginia to track barnes down. police are saying a lot of this case was, success in this case had to do with help from the public including one witness seeing carlesha stuffed into the car sunday night and police are saying over and over again this man did the thing that everyone needs to do, he picked up the phone, he called 911, he waited for police to come and that's why they were able to get that surveillance video so quickly, alisyn, and that was the key to getting the ball rolling on finding this young woman. >> that is great, when the public gets involved like that. alexandra field, thanks so much for the update. over to chris. all right, we do have breaking news, the october jobs numbers are in. expectations were high, christine romans, did we meet it? >> 214,000 jobs added, hit that
5:32 am
bar there, we'll show you what the forecast was 233 so a little bit light on what they were expecting. >> i can't write it, we don't like the number. 214. >> health care was the biggest out there. the market might be really interested in the unemployment rate. the unemployment rate actually dropping a little bit, we told you before you can hit it there, chris, we told you before 5.9% was last month, that was the projected. 5.8% is the number. 5.8% and that's the lowest in more than six years. so that's another good sign here. when i look at how the jobs have been added, it's been pretty significant and pretty steady. this is the unemployment rate dropping, dropping, dropping, now 5.8%. >> the quality of jobs. >> the quality of jobs, broadening out and getting a little bit better. wages are not increasing as much as inflation and wages are not increasing as much as people would like. even in the exit polls for the mid terms we saw people said they don't feel like the economy is doing so good. >> because they're not making
5:33 am
more money. >> they're not making more money but jobs are coming back. i'd call this another sturdy jobs report. >> we have to keep looking at the unemployment number, the quality of the jobs and sometimes the numbers aren't enough but it's good to have them. thank you very much. alisyn? >> thanks, guys. time for today's "human factor." a young woman is defying autism. squ julia adams wants people to know her for her art, not her autism. >> reporter: 19-year-old julia adams finds purpose, before becoming an artist, adams, who was diagnosed with autism when she was 2 years old, wondered how she fit in. >> i saw people, they think that i am different. >> reporter: that changed last year when adams met with sam goldstein, a neuropsychologist. he had an idea for a book and he needed an illustrator. >> he said will you draw for my illustration book? and i said oh, yes, i can. >> reporter: adams went to work,
5:34 am
pouring emotion into her art, her own feelings of alienation, of feeling misunderstood, were put into the images of billy, an autistic boy who loves rocks. >> he likes to play with rocks as i like to draw. >> reporter: adams' cousin devin always felt he needed to be better understood so his class read julia's book. >> what we liked about the story most is that we learned it is okay to be different. it just touched my heart. i almost cried. i just felt like i was, brought hope to them and made me feel happy inside. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> made a lot of kids feel happy inside. what a beautiful demonstration of trying to help people understand especially kids. thanks to sanjay for that. all right, so speaking of understanding, down in washington, d.c., we're going to need some. today is the day of the big power lunch with the president.
5:35 am
he's bringing in the congressional leaders to talk about the future. we're going to ask the former white house press secretary about what we can expect. stay with us.
5:36 am
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president obama says he's ready to reach across the aisle. he's hosting a bipartisan meeting with 16 top
5:39 am
congressional leaders today but the rhetoric coming from both sides still sounds like a standoff. >> congress will pass some bills i cannot sign. i'm pretty sure i'll take some actions that some in congress will not like. >> i believe that the president continues to act on his own. he is going to poison the well. >> all right, so what exactly is the president willing to give to get something accomplished with republicans? let's ask someone who knows, it's jay carney, cnn's senior political commentator and former white house press secretary. good morning, jay. >> good morning to you both. >> okay, so it seems like today is an opportunity for a fresh start in washington, d.c. do you think the president will change his approach somehow to republicans? >> you know, i do. i think that what we saw in the aftermath of the elections is both sides sort of reassuring their bases that they weren't going to sell out entirely in
5:40 am
the name of compromise. i think while there is risk associated with it that the president needed to make it clear that he had been patient for a long time and that there were millions of people he can help by taking executive action on immigration and that he's still going to do that. i think that john boehner and mitch mcconnell, the republican leaders needed to assure their conservative allies that the holy grail of repealing obamacare was still something they wanted to pursue. i don't think in either case the leaders believe that the environment hasn't changed and that they can just keep pursuing only what they want to pursue. i think when they sit down at lunch they're going to kind of set aside their disagreements and focus on the things that they can act on. we can talk about trade deals that are much more possible now, corporate tax reform is possible now. there are areas where they can make some compromises and create some positive momentum. >> right but you have the perception as reality issue and the point is the democrats lost.
5:41 am
the republicans are feeling good because they won, so they're not looking to take a step back. they feel emboldened. isn't it incumbent on the party through the party to take that first step that should have been conciliatory instead of inflammato inflammatory? >> chris i would say the way things work the president won overwhel mipgly two years ago and picked up seats and the republicans i guess would have been incumbent upon them to do that. i think the reason why we may see something different is that the president has just two years left to solidify his legacy and the republicans desperately want to win the white house in two years, and the ones who were wise about the national electorate understand that if they don't demonstrate an ability to govern and they don't make inroads with demographic groups that have been moving away from them, latinos, unmarried women, younger voters they'll lose again in 201. i think there are reasons for both sides now to compromise that may not have existed before. i'm not trying to be polyannish.
5:42 am
i'm not saying everything will be roses. the president will veto an attempt to repeal the individual mandate and i think the republicans will howl when he issues an executive order on immigration reform. if republicans take that action by the president and sort of try to shut down the government or shut down funding over it, they're going to kill themselves with latinos. i don't think they want to do that. >> jay it's interesting to look at immigration reform as an example of how this new day might move forward. so do you think the congress will be able to, will vote before the end of the year on some sort of comprehensive immigration reform bill which is sitle idly as you know. will they vote on it or do you think the president will have to go it alone? >> i hesitate to predict quick action by congress ever so i don't think we'll see comprehensive bill move through the house as it has through the senate before the end of the year in the lame duck session. i think republican leaders would be i think criticized heavily by
5:43 am
new members coming in who won't have had a chance to vote on that and seeing that shoved through in their absence. >> why does it have to be comprehensive, though? you know you have the bill. boehner won't allow the vote on it, that's not going to change. why not see it for what it is, let's try and take a piece of immigration, that had been talked about, and now we're right back to absolutes again. why not go for a part of that immigration? >> i think that can be under discussion. the problem as you know chris really well, if you take apart the comprehensive bill, you begin to lose the coalition. law enforcement supports it for one reason. immigration activist communities support it for another reason, high tech businesses support it for their reasons. if you piece out for example the visas for people getting degrees, highly educated folks from abroad so they can stay here and work in silicon valley you're not going to do yourselves any favors with the latino community and those concerned about the millions
5:44 am
living in the shadows in this country. if you just do border security you're not going to help yourselves with business communities and with latinos. i see the appeal of trying to pick it apart. i'm just not sure you can build a coalition to get it done. >> jay campy, i think you've laid out for us how xri indicatindicat complicated it is. it is hard but of course it's challenging. we'll see what happens at lunch today. jay carney great to see you. >> thanks. >> you got to remember also they're hired, these guys, to compromise. nobody thinks your party is going to get everything they want. this is their job. >> or is it representing their constituents? their constitch wepts want them to bring their own concerns to washington. >> true but the point is bring them there and make something happen. otherwise it would be unreasonable to expect anything to happen. they found a way to do it before. there's something new in this division that they have to find a way to heal. we just have to hope they figure it out sooner rather than later. we'll take a break. when we come back there's been a journalist held captive in iran
5:45 am
since july. did you know that? his family is worried about his health. they're working every day to get him home. has there been any progress? we are on it. we have his brother joining us next. please, stay with us. hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about americas favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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5:48 am
a desperate prey for freedom from the family of jason ruzian, "the washington post" reporter detained in iran without trial for over 100 days now. he's been in solitary confinement since july 22nd when authorities removed him and his wife.
5:49 am
she was freed last month, jayson remains in custody. officials allege he was involved in activities "beyond journalism" but other than that they're offering no further details. jason's family has been working for his release. now there are indications that his health is deteriorating. his brother ali joins me in studio. how are you doing, the family doing, his mom and wife doing? >> his wife was released about a month ago and getting better, with the family in tehran and she's worried jason's safety. my mom is in istanbul doing well, she has a good support group there. we talk all the time and she's got just a wonderful group of people around the world that are helping us out. >> how about you? >> you know, it keeps me busy working on this, trying to help jason in any way i can, i met some amazing people and working hard in a lot of different ways. >> give me an idea. we all imagine if this was us, what would we do? where do we reach out? are you getting support from
5:50 am
u.s. officials? are you getting support from his employer? >> "the washington post" have supported us all the way along as well as the state department. we've been in contact with them and they tell us what they can do and what they can't because some of the conversations that are going on there's more communication with the iranians than in the past so that's helpful but i think the main thing, jason had a wonderful network of people in the journalist community, is wonderful, they've reached out to try and support us. >> which we really loved to hear, that makes a big difference we though. talk to me about his health. there are reports there's been some struggles and you're concerned about it. what's leading you to be concerned? >> we've got some information that's come out that in the past month his health has been deteriorating. he had always had high blood pressure and he was having some issues with his eyes. i'm glad to hear the other day he did get to see a doctor for the first time since he was taken but he's having problems with his back as well as kind of
5:51 am
emotional issues because he's been locked up for so long. >> it's got to wear on you. >> i can only imagine. no one should have to know that. >> no one should. >> no one should have to do that but he's a strong guy, but you know, what i really want, what everybody wants is for him to come out and to be the guy that he was before, not to have personal inept damage and that's our concern right now. >> that is obviously a concern. part of our family got to know part of your family, anthony bourdain got to know your brother during a taping of his show and shared this insight about your brother. listen. >> confused, horrified, of course, worried. you know, i just met and talked at length with a guy who was so positive about iran, so positive about the possibilities for a better future. in no way critical, a voice of reason and understanding, and a kind and caring person, proud of
5:52 am
his iranian roots, and proud of his adopted city, and here to tell us about it, so it came as a really terrible surprise, particularly as our experience shooting in iran had been a shockingly positive one. >> jason rezian is not just a headline. we want to put a human face on this. he was proud of his heritage, tell me more about your brother. >> jason is the guy to connect with people. wherever you went he would meet people, have friends that lasted a lifetime all over the world. whenever we'd go anywhere people ask what do you do? he tells them i live in tehran, people ask why, i wouldn't go there, he'd always say you should come over, it's great. you don't know what the culture is like, the people, the food, everything, people are warm and welcoming which i think is what tony saw on tv. >> you don't believe for a second what the iranians are allegations he was doing things beyond the scope of journalism?
5:53 am
>> no, nothing like that. he was meticulous about following the rules over there. >> jason, our best thoughts to you our prayers your brother gets home safe and sound and our best to his wife and your mother. keep us updated. man's best friend helping soldiers on the front lines, wait until you see what happens when they're reunited when they get them. meet one of the top ten cnn heroes of 2014 when we come back. i found a better deal
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? ♪ i need a hero i used to belt this out in the bedroom. now it's a perfect song for this situation, we're back to our heroes. you know each week we spotlight one of the top ten cnn heroes of 2014, as you, remember it's all about you, you get to vote for the one who inspires you the most at this week's honorees reunite soldiers from around the world with the animals they adopted while serving. it happens more than you think. meet pen farley.
5:58 am
>> on every single street corner in kabul you'll find stray dogs. looking after a dog or cat relieves stress in your daily lives so it holds true for u.s. soldiers as well. when i was serving in afgh afghanistan i thought it was unique looking after this dog but i was wrong. to date, the organization has rescued over 650 dogs or cats, serving soldiers around the world. animals out in the streets there was a big problem with rabies. we were also helping the afghan people. when we get a call from the soldier we have to get the dog from wherever the soldier is afghanistan to the shelter in kabul. we'll neuter or spay and vaccinate against a variety of diseases and then the animal starts his journey from kabul to the soldiers home country. >> when i pulled caden inside of
5:59 am
the crate i was so excited and more excited she remembered me. she's a huge part of the transition being easier for me. >> my connection with afghanistan stays alife because of that, so for me every time i look at him, makes me smile. >> a lot of smiles there. >> right. >> we need the tissues again. >> i know. indra and i were at the stand up for heroes the other night that bob woodruff does. indra's husband is involved with this, a veteran himself. our fighting men and women come back and it's harder than anyone expects. i know it's just a dog for somebody, it isn't for them. this is something done in addition, it's so important. >> if if you see firsthand the difference it makes with the guys, it's literally unbelievable transforms them overnight. >> so nice they're doing that.
6:00 am
just when week left to help your hero become cnn's hero of the year, go to to vote once a day, every day. vote once a day every day. all ten will be honored in an all-star tribute sunday december 7th. a lot of developing stories going on now. let's get you fresh to "the newsroom" with poppy harlow in for carol costello. have a good weekend, pop. >> good morning, have a great weekend, guys. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow in today for carol costello. we begin with breaking news on the economy and the nation's lowest unemployment rate in six years. just minutes ago the government announced october saw the rate slide 0.1% to 5.8%. here's the mixed news, though. even though 214,000 jobs were created last mo


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