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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 11, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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billion. that is more on black friday and cyber monday. singles, 11/11. that is why it is singles day. a few years old. it is a shopping phenomena. if there is a small movement in china that gains popularity. >> singles day. early start continues right now. >> happening now, more u.s. troops join the war on isis. we are live. in hours, president obama meets one-on-one with china's leader hoping to find common ground in the crucial, but tense relationship. we are live with what president obama is hoping to accomplish. breaking news. the captain of the south korea ferry that capsized is sentenced for his role. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman.
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it is tuesday, november 11th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. new this morning, 50 american service members now on the ground in iraq paving the way for a larger contingent in the battle against isis. the pentagon says these are the first to arrive since the president ordered more troops for iraq. the troops are there to advise and train, not there so says the pentagon for a combat role. we have new information on an air strike that may have wounded the head of isis. abu bakr al bagdadi. u.s. officials say coalition and iraqi forces did launch air strikes in two parts of iraq targeting isis leaders, but still no confirmation that al bagdadi was injured in either attack. egyptian islamic militant group pledged obedience to isis. they focused on attacks against the egyptian government up until
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now. we have arwa damon live for news southern turkey. good morning, arwa. >> reporter: good morning, john. briefly on the group you are mentioning. they are not the first we are seeing pledging allegiance to isis. we have smaller groups throughout the northern africa and middle east pledging allegiance to the terrorist organization. when it comes to the fate of al bagdadi, a lot of murky information. the minister of defense saying he was actually wounded outside of mosul and his number two was killed. the u.s. saying that they have no information on his fate just yet. they did, however, launch an air strike over the weekend. multiple air strikes against a ten-vehicle isis convoy. the strikes were not launched because they have specific
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intelligence, but a target of opportunity. why is it difficult to get confirmation? simply put, the strikes took place in areas not under control of the iraqi security forces. they cannot drive in and get eyes on the casualties or under control of u.s. forces. in the past when america was occupying iraq, they were able to positively identification strikes by getting eyes on the ground. that is quite simply not an option. those forces arriving in anbar province are at the air base in the heart of iraq's sunni terrorist. this is territory that is very friendly to isis. that is why isis is able to operate with impunity. isis has a level of support from the sunni tribes. when we talk about defeating isis, getting sunni tribes on board and once again at least give the shi'a-led iraqi government in baghdad a chance is going to be vital moving
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forward. now isis in and of itself is an organization that will not fall apart because of top leadership has been taken out. abu bakr al bagdadi has it structured in a way it will continue to survive. this is an organization that grew out of the ashes of al qaeda and adapted itself. he has deputies and an entire cabinet and war office. in some parts they control, the strong hold of raqqah, they have oil and ministries that have been established. they are functioning as a government. defeating them will take a multilayered approach. one of those layers military action. john. >> arwa damon, thank you. in just about an hour, president obama has his first one-on-one meeting with chinese president xi jinping. the two presidents will enjoy a walk, private dinner and tea. hanging over their meeting, an array of tensions of the
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governments. among them, pro dmemocracy protests in hong kong could get violent. and then the issue is the u.s. postal service is claiming that the chinese hacked into the compucom computers and stealing information on employees. the president will be very careful in how he frames those complaints, i'm sure. we have david mckenzie with the latest. >> reporter: it will be great to be a fly on the wall of the meetings, christine, because we don't know how the president will bring up the issues. throughout the trip to asia already we are seeing the u.s. administration trying to push through common ground. a u.s. official telling us that they really are trying to take the opportunity where they can
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find common ground with china and push any kind of progress on those issues. that news potentially of chinese hackers hacking into the u.s. postal service won't come as welcome news to the chinese. possibly to the americans right now. because they are trying to push through trade agreements with china. trying to make the two world economies health. throughout the trip, when china and the u.s. work together, it can be better. the obama administration has promised they will bring thorny issues up. christine. >> the former secretary of state hillary clinton used to like to say the united states and china are in the same row boat. they have to paddle in the same direction or they go nowhere.
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we are hearing president obama also had a one-on-one with the russian president vladimir putin. news this morning, a meeting with putin and president obama. any idea what they discussed? >> reporter: well, we know they discussed according to a u.s. official, the iran, syria and ukraine. the latter is a touchy subject with the seeming cease-fire breaking down in the ukraine. u.s. continuing to point the finger at putin's regime as backing those rebels. xi jinping and president obama having tea and dinner and walk in the park. they are discussing these with 15 or 20 minutes briefly on the sidelines of the apec meeting. the fact they can grab these moments shows how bad the relationship between russia and the u.s. is right now and how the chinese and u.s. relationship may be improving. certainly it is impossible to know whether they got anywhere
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with those discussions. the obama administration has said they are trying to persuade putin to listen to their point of view and step back from the very dangerous situation in the ukraine. >> certainly the chinese and russian relationship gets warmer as the u.s. and russian relationship is cooler. david mckenzie, thank you. some big news this morning. president obama taking his most aggressive stand in favor of net neutrality. a free and open internet. he called on the fcc to adopt the rules changes treating broadband as a utility. it would require internet service providers to treat all traffic equally and not provide for better or faster access. obamacare enrollment expected to be lower. administration officials project
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between 9 million and 9.9 million people will be insured by the affordable care act by 2015. the sign up period begins saturday. on this veterans day, an overhaul at the v.a. officials announcing plans for a new customer service bureau. the idea is to make the v.a. more accountable to the veterans it serves. looking at a wide range of functions under regional offices. no timetable for the proposed changes. we need some customer cea service. nine minutes after the hour. time for an early start on your money. stocks are higher. futures pointing higher. yesterday, the dow notched 40 points to close at the high for the 23rd record high of the year. the s&p also record high.
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the nasdaq, john berman, highest level since the dot-com boom. >> i told you it would happen. >> what was the most popular song? "say my name." that was a long time ago. a great run for stocks. most companies reported solid earnings. the dow, look at this, scorecard. up 6% this year. s&p is up 10%. nasdaq up 11%. all of that is very good for your 401(k). wipes away october. breaking news overnight. the captain of the south korean ferry disaster sentenced in court for his role in the deaths of more than 300 people. we are live in south korea next. can't wait to get the next big thing? come to t-mobile and get the samsung galaxy note 4 for zero down. grab the hottest phone around, for zero down and zero waiting and zero annual service contracts only at t-mobile.
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many of the people who died on the ship were high school students. i want to turn to cnn's paula hancocks. she is live in seoul. paula, this is a national tragedy for south korea. these parents are not satisfied with the verdict. >> reporter: absolutely not, christine. one mother described it as outrageous. you say 36 years behind bars for the captain. he is approaching 70 years old now. he knows he won't be freed anytime within his lifetime. the fact is the families want the death penalty for the captain and all crew members on trial. in this country, death doesn't mean death. an execution hasn't been carried out since 1977. the three judges decided to acquit the captain of murder. they said they believed his account he did give the order
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for evacuation of the ship. it wasn't carried out by those under him. this is the main criticism in the country that the passengers were told to stay where they were as the ship went down and the captain and crew escaped. this is why the death toll was so high. more than 300. the prosecutor will appeal. they are trying to decide to appeal the captain's verdict or all verdicts. only one of the crew members charged with murder. that was not for murder of passengers, but he saw two fellow crew members injured, but did nothing to try to save them. he escaped. some other devastating news for families. nine victims have not been found seven months on. the underwater search has officially ended today. the families say it was a painful decision to make, but
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they said it was too dangerous for the divers. the ship is starting to crumble after receiseven months under w. the search now on hold. nine victims still haven't been found. christine. >> a sad and tragic chapter. thank you for that, paula. 16 minutes after the hour. the united states is now ebola free. new york city doctor has fully recovered from the virus. he will be released from the hospital today. health officials say dr. spencer poses no health risks. spencer's case was so controversial. it touched off a national debate and governors to update quarantine policies for travelers including medical workers. the canadian government is tightening restrictions on air
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travel. high risk travelers are required to self quarantine at home or a designated areas. officials say returning canadian health care workers will not automatically be considered high risk. next week in new york city, if you are caught possessing a small amount of marijuana, you will not be arrested, but ticketed. anyone found with less than 25 grams will be issued a summons by police. african-americans and latinos have been affected by marijuana arrests. lava from the kileau volcano has claimed the first home. this is in the area of pahoa. no other houses are in immediate danger. it is not clear which path the flow will take. the lava destroyed that structure in half an hour.
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lava has been inching toward the town since june. 17 minutes after the hour. millions of americans are in the grips of arctic blast this morning. heavy snow hitting wisconsin, montana, minnesota, shutting down schools and air travel. this is st. cloud. this could be hit by 16 inches of snow by this afternoon. police in the area have responded to nearly 400 car accidents. nearly 200 flights canceled at minneapolis-st. paul airport. dangerous for drivers in wisconsin. the woman who flipped this suv was able to walk away uninjured. police cannot keep up with accidents. south dakota also eight inches of snow along with freezing rain shutdown roads and regional airport in rapid city. the temperature fell from 53 degrees to 16 degrees in a matter of minutes. >> wow. they are breaking out the
2:19 am
shovels in billings, montana after 14 inches of snow fell. it will get colder tonight. below zero temperatures in the forecast. shovels, chains. we go to work in the northeast, we bring gloves. they go to work in the midwest and great plains, they bring chains on the tires. >> one person has to take responsibility for all of this indra petersons. >> i don't know what is worse. knowing the cold air is coming or already being in it. so many of us are bracing for the storm that is making its way to the east. over a foot of snow has fallen in minnesota and wisconsin. 13 inches falling this early in the season. yes, there is still snow expected today. most of that will be falling in northern wisconsin, but now comes the cold behind the cold front. it is this guy's fault. not mine. look at the dome of high pressure sink down. this is going to be the new story. take a look at the windchills
2:20 am
this morning for the places that have cooled down. denver sitting at 2 degrees. yesterday at 9:00 in the morning, they were 62 degrees. look at that temperature difference in one day. look at the spread across the country. miami, beautiful. 81 degrees. billings, 9 degrees. a good temperature drop across the country. day by day, it is cooler in chicago, but you are not done yet. talking about another 20 degrees cooler. pittsburgh, beautiful, 66 today. going down about 35 by thursday. let's slide to the east. same thing, new york city, 65 degrees. don't worry. we are getting in the action down to the 40s. hardly the action they are talking about in minnesota. perspective is the key word. >> thank you, indra. monday night football. the eagles crushed carolina. who did it? a quarterback named mark sanchez. who did mark sanchez play for?
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♪ so the mark sanchez era in philadelphia is underway. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> good morning, guys. the return of the sanchez. filling in for nick foles while he is out with injury.
2:25 am
he looked good. sanchez throwing for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns as he led the eagles to a win. on the other side, cam newton threw three interceptions and a pick six. disappointing for the panthers thus far. my fantasy team. thanks, cam. asking for reinstatement for adrian peterson. he last week pleaded no contest to a lesser charge. the league is reviewing the case and determine what if any discipline peterson should receive as soon as possible. it looks like lebron and cavaliers are in form. king james doing it all. a triple-double. the big three of lebron and
2:26 am
kyrie and kevin with 83 points on this one. a university of michigan basketball player stepped on the court last night and scored his first point. the amazing thing is he survived two separate plane crashes. austin hatch lost his mom and two siblings nine years ago in the first crash. then he lost his father in another crash six years later. just ten days after he committed to michigan to play basketball. hatch was badly hurt in that accident. he worked hard and back on the court. hatch says he considers this team his family. >> the guys you work out with late in the morning and in the evening and you sweat with and run suicides with and long hours, those guys are your brothers. i have a lot more to do here. my goals are high. not a bad way. >> such an amazing story.
2:27 am
hatch spent eight weeks in a coma after the second plane crash. to see him on the court is astonishing. >> congratulations to that young man. thank you, andy. more u.s. troops arrive in iraq to help in the fight against isis. what will their role be as the american strategy shifts after the break. the average person will probably eat something or drink something that is acidic on a daily basis. those acids made over time wear the enamel. a lot of patients will not realize what's happening to the enamel. once it's gone, it's gone away for good. i recommend pronamel. it's designed specifically to help strengthen the teeth. pronamel will actually help to defend the enamel from the acids in our diet. if you know that there is something out there that can help, why not start today?
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happening now. new u.s. troops arriving in iraq to take part in the war against isis. what will the soldiers be doing? as the obama administration
2:31 am
shifts strategy. and in hours, president obama meets one-on-one with china's leader trying to find common ground in a tense relationship. we are live with what the president is hoping to accomplish. breaking news overnight. a judge delivering punishment for the captain of the south korean ferry that capsized killing more than 300 people. we are live in south korea with latest developments. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. the first 50 american troops are on the ground in iraq paving the way for a larger contingent to come in the war against isis. the pentagon says they are the first group to arrive since president obama ordered 1,500 more troops s ts to iraq. the troops there are to advise and train. we have new information on an air strike that may have wounded the head of isis, abu bakr al
2:32 am
bagdadi. coalition and iraqi forces did launch air strikes in two parts of iraq targeting isis leaders. there is no confirmation that al bagdadi was someone injured in either attack. islamic militant ground has pledged obedience to isis. until now, they have focused on support for the egyptian. we have cnn arwa damon in turkey with more. arwa, they are boots on the ground. not in a combat role, the u.s. says. >> reporter: they will not be in a combat role, but at the end of the day, they are in a very dangerous war zone. although they may be advising and assisting the iraqi security forces, that is not a blanket of security over them that is going to prevent them from perhaps coming under direct attack themselves. they are finding themselves in
2:33 am
the midst of the active frontline. these 50 troops arrived at the air base. this is iraq's second largest air base. not far from the city of het. this is an area that has a darkened history for the u.s. in anbar province with the massive battle for fallujah in 2004. back then, it was against al qaeda and iraq. it is from the ashes of al qaeda that isis eventually merged and developed and evolved into the t entity today that is more powerful than al qaeda was. the 50 troops are part of the 1,500 meant to bolster america's efforts, but deployed at the request of the iraqi government and based on the assessment by the top u.s. commanders on the
2:34 am
ground, thus far, the americans and coalition efforts have succeeded in stopping isis advance, but they have not yet been able to allow the iraqi forces to regain key territory. important in all of this is going to be the iraqi government's capacity, shi'a-led capacity to bring the sunni tribes back on board. the sunni tribes are by and large allowing isis to operate. and one issue is the fate of al bagdadi. unclear. claiming he was wounded in an attack. the minister of defense is claiming he was attacked outside mosul. the u.s. confirmed they struck a ten-vehicle convoy outside of mosul, but they do not know who was in the vehicles. that strike was carried out because it was a target of opportunity. no information just yet on what the fate of al bagdadi is. if he has been injured, this may
2:35 am
be a victory, but is not going to deal a decisive blow to isis ability. christine. >> arwa damon in southern turkey. thank you. in less than an hour, president obama has his first one-on-one meeting with chinese president xi jinping. a crucial meeting. two are set to enjoy a walk and private dinner and tea. hanging over the meeting is an array of tensions with the governments. u.s. concern that pro-democracy demonstrations could end in violence and then the suspected chinese hackers breaking into the u.s. postal service and stealing data on 800,000 of employees. nevertheless, a crucial relationship. a lot of expectations for the meeting. let's go to cnn's david mckenzie live in beijing this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, john. yes, the leaders of china and the u.s. get together, the whole
2:36 am
world watches. certainly it will be very interesting to see if any tangible results come from the meeting of president obama and president xi jinping of china. they will be meeting today, tonight and tomorrow as well. it is all come after a meeting ever 21 leaders of the pacific region or here in china. cyber security is top of the agenda for the u.s. administration. they say they will continue to push china on that subject. though china might not listen. there are also issues of freedom rights and human right and the domestic agenda and the economy. the u.s. and chinese presidents have said when the u.s. and china work together on trade, both countries benefit. they mentioned one bit of progress, john, a high tech trade agreement agreed on the specifics of that to allow high tech from the u.s. to be sold with lower tariffs in the coming
2:37 am
months, most likely in china. that could create jobs and a lot more trade between the two countries. also, those sticky points will be discussing and whether china listens and if they can make progress is anyone's guess. >> there were a lot of world leaders on hand with photographs and president obama near russian president vladimir putin. did they get a chance to talk? >> reporter: well, it is sometimes hard to avoid the people you don't want to see when you are carted in a room. particularly when 21 leaders are in the meetings. it seems according to a u.s. official that the u.s. president did several times meet with vladimir putin, the president of russia today, in china. meetings were brief. 15 to 20 minutes. they say issues they discussed were iran, syria and the
2:38 am
ukraine. of course, the u.s. has been spearheading tough sanctions against vladimir putin's regime in russia. i can't imagine those discussions were necessarily that friendly or if they covered any substantial ground. diplomats feel it is progress. >> any chance for a discussion is a good opportunity. david mckenzie live in beijing. thank you. 38 minutes past the hour. time for an early start on your money. asian stocks higher. japan's benchmark is up 2%. european stocks are higher. we are on record watch in the united states. u.s. stock futures are higher. it would be another record day on wall street if this holds. dow up 40 points yesterday. s&p ending the day with the 39th record high close this year. that is a record. the nasdaq is the highest since 2000. blue chip stocks have never been this high before. a lot of businesses are
2:39 am
saying thank you to veterans with free stuff. you can get a free haircut and meal at golden corral or hooters. coffee at starbucks. pancakes at ihop or bob evans. plan your day accordingly. >> good for those companies. breaking news this morning. the captain of the south korea ferry, a ferry that capsized and killed so many people, sentenced in the role of the deaths. polar plunge. we have cold temperatures. indra petersons is tracking the temperatures next. excedrin mild headache. 35% less medicine plus a booster to end everyday headaches fast. please! oh, what a headache! headache's gone. excedrin mild headache. wow, that was fast!
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breaking overnight. the captain of the south korean ferry that cap sized in april was sentenced to 36 years in prison. many of the 300 passengers on the ship were high school students. the captain was convicted of negligence, but acquitted of homicide. i want to go to cnn's paula hancocks here in seoul with the latest. the families here are not happy. >> reporter: absolutely not, john. he they describe the 15 crew members verdict as outrageous. the captain facing 36 years, is
2:44 am
70 years of age and knows he will not be out of prison. it is effectively life in prison. the families wanted the death penalty for the captain. they also wanted it for the 14 other crew members. they have said outside the courts that they were pushing for an appeal. prosecutors will appeal the verdicts, not clear at this point whether it is the captain's verdict or all 15 of them. they want heavier punishments as they disagree with the verdicts. also, happening today, we understand now that the underwater search for the nine people who have yet to be found is canceled. this seven months after the fer ferry sank and according to the families, it was a painful decision to make, but it was too dangerous for divers to continue
2:45 am
to go down there inside of the ferry which is starting to crumble. >> thanks, paula. an arctic blast hitting americans this morning. heavy snow hitting wisconsin, montana and minnesota. look at the mess in central minnesota. oh, my. that is st. cloud, minnesota. expected to get slammed up to 16 inches of snow. police in the area responding to nearly 400 car accidents and 200 flights canceled at minneapolis airport. >> the deep freeze is spreading across the country. will it come your way? indra petersons has the answer. >> you said it. not me. there is snow out there. keep in mind northern portions of wisconsin as the low is exiting from the area. showers in the ohio valley, but where are you on the weather map? if you are here, you are great. if you are on the back side of this, maybe not so much. look at the temperature
2:46 am
difference. billings,9 degrees. a huge contrast across the country. we dropped temperatures significantly. oklahoma from 80 yesterday down to 43. the cold air is not just hanging out in the dakotas or montana. it is spreading far down to the south. an example of yesterday with colorado at 62 in the morning. now with the windchill, it feels like 2 degrees. denver not feeling so hot this morning. in fact, everyone should be getting in the action if you are in the eastern half of the country. new york city is good for another day or so. by thursday and friday, the cold air spreads in. this is just round one, guys. you may want to look what is behind it. that is round two coming in right behind it. >> this winter thing. >> that's what i said. you said it is cold the first time. thanks. let's look at what is coming up on "new day." alisyn joins us. >> happy veterans day.
2:47 am
on this veterans day, 1,500 more troops back in iraq. we will tell you what they are doing in the fight against isis. we will speak with senator john mccain. also, joan rivers' death is back in the spotlight. major short comings by the clinic over her death. you will not believe the accusations in the report. we will have an interesting analysis of the michael brown case in ferguson, missouri. we will do a demonstration of the shooting and struggle at the squad car that precipitated it. tune in for that when chris and i see you at the top of the hour on "new day." >> looking forward to that. on the subject of michael brown and ferguson. michael brown's parents taking their call for change to the united nations. we are live in geneva with what they are hoping to accomplish next. (receptionist) gunderman group.
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gun sales are spiking in ferguson, missouri. tension mounting there in anticipation of the grand jury decision on whether to indicts onner officer wilson. some gun stores are reporting sales are up 40% to 50%. michael brown's family flew to geneva in switzerland on monday set to speak before the u.n.
2:52 am
committee set on torture later in the week. cnn's erin mclaughlin is in geneva this week. good morning, erin. >> reporter: good morning, john. the parents of michael brown are expected to testify behind closed doors to a u.n. committee here in geneva in a very short time. they will be giving a brief that will be drafted in part by a team of legal experts looking at the death of their son as well as the police response to the protests that followed. the brief deals with allegations of racial profiling, police brutality, militarization of police, not just in ferguson, but across the united states as well. i spoke to one expert who helped draft the brief. he said the focus is to create systematic change in the united states and use the tragedy as a springboard for that change. they went to great efforts to be here today. crowd funding the trip under
2:53 am
the #fergusontogeneva. john. >> interesting to see the story become international. mcdonald's recalling more than 2 million happy meal toys. which ones? an early start on your money is next. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmmmmm. look out. now there's even more of the amazing cinnamon taste you love on cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares even more.
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all right. time for an early start on your money. futures are pointing higher right now. another record day if it holds. the dow climbed 40 points. that was a record. 23 record high closes so far this year. the s&p 500, the 500 big
2:57 am
companies most likely in your 401(k), also a record high. a great few weeks of stocks. companies are reporting solid growth. economy is steadily improving. all of this is meeting higher stock prices. mcdonald's recalling a potentially dangerous happy meal toy. hello kitty. this toy was given out in the u.s. and canada in last few weeks. mcdonald's has two reports of children coughing up pieces of the attached whistle. sounds dangerous. mcdonald's has recovered more than the 2.5 million toys made. you can exchange the whistle for a new toy and side item. today is the biggest shopping day of the year. the big shopping day of the year. singles day. a chinese holiday celebrating being single. >> i never heard of this. >> millions have. it is turned into a frenzy. alibaba racked up $7 billion in
2:58 am
sales by 5:00 p.m. beijing time. that is more than a year earlier. last year on singles day, online, $3 billion. we go crazy over black friday. china in one day, singles day. singles day, 11/11. it is a way to celebrate being single. >> we don't celebrate singles day in my house. >> it is called your 20s and 30s. all right. happening right now. new u.s. troops arriving in iraq to join the war against isis. what will the role be? how much in harm's way will breaking overnight -- a new threat from isis -- they will only become stronger. in a new video they call out both presidents obama and bush. and a new round of u.s. troops
2:59 am
enter iraq's anbar province, but only to assist iraqi fighters. the question is what will happen that they're in the middle of a war zone. violent attack -- israel promising to crack down after a string of attacks across major cities, is this the beginning of a vicious new trend? a federal investigation into joan rivers' death shows serious mistakes were made during the surgery that led to her death. how could a simple procedure go so terribly wrong? your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo, kate boldaun and michaela pereira. >> good morning, welcome to "new day," it is tuesday, november 11th, veterans day, we thank all of you who served and your families, because they served as well. it's a few clicks before 6:00 in the east. chris cuomo and alisyn camerota here and breaking news, another video released by isis, this one may be the worst yet.
3:00 am
a lot of it we will not show, it's loaded with horrible slaughter of isis victims that prove the need to stop them immediately. there's also a warning for the west. >> the release of the video coincides with the arrival of 50 american soldiers in the most dangerous part of iraq, the anbar province, this as pentagon officials try to confirm that air strikes hit the head of isis, abu al baghdadi. >> good morning, chris, the video quite disturbing, but i think it needs to be viewed as another isis propaganda tool. something they are very adept at. a compilation of videos from across the battlefield with their pretty typical messages of attacking the west. this also comes as you say, more u.s. advisers going into anbar province, west of baghdad, to try and set some things up for even more u.s. troops to go in. the move now by the u.s. is to


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