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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 11, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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new reports isis is gaining allies as the u.s. moves into al anbar province. israel on edge. the government says terrorists are responsible for two separate stabbing incidents. i'll speak with a former top israeli intelligence official about what might be coming next. and live pictures of the
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vietnam veterans memorial here in washington where a ceremony is under way this hour to mark veterans day here in the united states. and earlier, moments of silence and wreath-laying around the world to mark armistice day. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 6:00 p.m. in london. 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. 9:00 p.m. in baghdad. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we start with the battle against isis. american troops have moved forward, closer to the front lines of the fight in western iraq. they're in the anbar province right now, major iraqi military base. the base around 100 miles from baghdad has been under fire by isis. the mission is to prepare iraqi forces but not necessarily to fight alongside them. let's bring in our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto who's watching this story for us unfold. it's a pretty dangerous part where at least 50 u.s. troops
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are now on the ground in anbar and many more on the way. >> this is an assessment team to set up for the advisers the president announced at the end of last week he's going to send there. there's good news and bad news. the bad news, isis has taken over a great deal of anbar. the iraqis need help pushing back against them. these advisers are going to help train up the iraqi forces to carry out that task. when the president made the announcement of his 1,500 troops going, it's not just anbar where u.s. troops are going outside of baghdad and erbil. they're going north of baghdad and a number of locations around the country with the iraqi and kurdish divisions to help advise and assist to help push back. u.s. officials say, we wouldn't be doing this if the iraqis weren't finally standing up and confronting isis. yesterday the iraqis carried out their own air strike along the syrian border. >> and there's a disturbing report in "the daily beast"
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suggesting that isis may be in merger talks with isis. isis was too radical even for core al qaeda. but now there's some sort of merger that could be in the works? >> this would be the case of the prodigy taking over the mentor. it's an offshoot of al qaeda, the junior partner in this alliance. there was a split. al qaeda thinking isis was going too far, too far for al qaeda, if you can imagine that. but there may be a detente now with isis. you see it in their numbers. i comes from success as they've taken over this territory in syria and iraq, they've drawn foreign fighters at 1,000 a month. that's put them at that level of success, given them more providence. you can argue that al qaeda needs isis to some degree. >> and isis is making huge gains in iraq, huge gains in syria. and now there's a worrisome
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report they may be aiming for the largest arab country and maybe the most important one, that would be egypt. >> no question. this is another case of isis's success reaping rewards. it's why foreign fighters flock to iraq and syria to join isis because they've seen isis have this success taking over territory but also now with the u.s.-led air campaign in effect standing up to the west, despite the great military power of the u.s. military. and you have another group now. what's interesting about this, too, this might be the good side. as you have these groups unite, you have more countries in the region who will see isis as a direct threat, egypt included, who can then confront it together. you've seen it to some degree with the extent and the breadth of the u.s.-led coalition fighting in iraq and syria. if you have it now in egypt and other countries, you get a bigger alliance standing up to them. >> jim sciutto, thanks very much for that. president obama's plan to send additional troops to iraq has come under fire from republicans.
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here's how the arizona senator, john mccain, summed up his take on this mission earlier today on "new day." >> this sort of gradual increase and involvement that we're going to reminds me of another war a long time ago in vietnam when we just gradually increased our involvement. >> let's bring in the former ambassador to the united nations, bill richardson. ambassador, thanks very much for joining us. you agree with senator mccain, talking about advisers only. you remember there were initially advisers sent to vietnam, 300 in iraq, and then 500, 1,500, now up to 3,000. is this emerging as another vietnam? >> no, i don't think so. i think the president has been clear that these advisers are going to have a secondary, noncombat role. what i do hope is that the new chairman of the armed services
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committee, senator mccain, and the congress in a first bipartisan way in the lame duck session come up with the funding and the authorizing support for the president. but i see the president and senator mccain perhaps becoming stronger partners in this isis issue. i'm concerned about the al qaeda links, about their penetration into egypt. i think that turkey needs to step up a lot more. our coalition partners and nato need to do more of the bombing. this is going to be a long effort. it's not going to be easy. >> iran says now they're fighting isis as well. the major reason isis hasn't moved into the iraqi capital of baghdad and the 7 million people who live there is because iran is protecting baghdad. you say? >> well, i'm very skeptical of iran. i'm skeptical about a new nuclear deal with iran although i'll wait to see the details.
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but iran possibly can be an anchor, can be of help in this fight against isis. i just don't trust them. i think they're up to no good. i think they're not leveling with us. i don't see their massive participation that would really be needed. so i'm skeptical. and i hope this iran nuclear deal -- it's airtight. i've supported the administration almost 100% in their foreign policy in the middle east. but i worry about this nuclear agreement with iran mainly because i don't trust the iranians to follow through. >> i went with you to north korea four years ago, almost exactly four years ago. in recent weeks, we've seen the north korean regime of kim jong-un take some steps some are describing as a charm offensive. we're showing viewers some pictures when you were there, when i accompanied your trip to north korea and pyongyang at that time. are you encouraged by what's going on there right now?
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do you see some potential breakthrough as far as north korea, the u.s., the west is concerned? >> i am positive about what happened. i think there's a potential opening, not a breakthrough. it seems that kim jong-un, the new leader, is realizing that his very hardline policies, his very tough rhetoric, his very strong negative moves are not producing much. so he's put out feelers by the release of these -- not just the americans several days ago but a month ago without almost any conditions. yeah, they got a presidential envoy. but no concessions really on the part of the administration. i think because of the heat they're receiving at the united nations on human rights issues, taking them to the international criminal court, the fact that they do want a dialogue with the united states although we're saying not until you reduce or terminate your nuclear weapons,
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there's a lot of tension in that region. i think we should take advantage of this because what we don't want is a very, very tense east asian peninsula where we don't know what china is up to. russia is moving in there. and we need to find ways to stabilize that area. so i hope the administration has a plan to reengage north korea in some way. >> is it smart for americans, tourists, missionaries, others to go to north korea at this time because as we know, they just released three americans. but they could pick up another one or two down the road and we could get back into this whole situation that had existed for the past two years. what advice do you have for americans who are watching right now who say, there's tourists going to north korea, is it smart or not smart? >> well, they have to be very careful. they have to be specific humanitarian exchanges, be careful about for instance taking bibles in and making it a
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religious mission. that's a cause for problem. but i always feel people-to-people contact, the business leaders, students going there, finding the north koreans an opening so they see that they're isolated, i'm for that. but just be very careful that you don't mix religion and politics with your trip if you're a tourist. >> bill richardson, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, former governor of new mexico, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. an israeli and a palestinian both dead today, violence flaring up in the west bank. we're going live to jerusalem. later, an al qaeda affiliate threatens the u.s. ambassador in yemen. we'll tell you how officials are responding to the threat and the escalating violence there. denver international is one of the busiest airports
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in israel, a soldier stabbed in tel aviv has now died from his wounds. another israeli was killed, two others wounded in a rash of stabbings yesterday. today, a palestinian man was killed by troops. he was at his home watching clashes between israel defense forces and palestinians when it happened. lots to discuss right now. all these latest incidents come as israel is struggling to contain a growing wave of violence. for months, tensioning have been rising. let's bring in my next guest, the former chief of israeli military intelligence, retired general amos lodlin. thanks very much for joining us. a lot of people are krpd this situation is about to explode in israel and to potentially a
10:15 am
third fatah. is it? >> when i was in my job as chief of defense intelligence for five years, i was asked this question about the fatah. so many people asked me. and my answers are, no. we're not going there. the second intifada was against yasser arafat. if i have judge whether the leaders of the palestinians are going to descend intifada, no. >> it seems to me if there was a revived peace process and there was some hope that there would be this two-state solution, israel living alongside a secure and independent palestinian state. and there had been progress over the years that maybe that notion of more violence would go away.
10:16 am
is a two-state solution still viable? >> i think the second intifada came right after the time by clinton and arafat had an agreement. i don't see the direct connection. but as i told you, the chance for intifada is higher than ever. >> is the peace process dead? >> the peace process is in a big deadlock. it collapsed in april, end of april. then the gaza war came. the palestinians decided they don't want to go through the peace process. they have a better strategy. they will go to the u.n. as soon as the midterm election is over and they will try to achieve in the u.n. what they need to achieve in a negotiation. but in negotiations, they have to pay. >> but there are a lot of voices not only in israel but in the
10:17 am
government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his cabinet saying the peace process, a two-state solution is no longer viable. >> i haven't heard the prime minister saying that. >> not the prime minister but neftali bennett and others. >> neftali bennett isn't the prime minister of israel. 65% of the israelis still believe in two-state solution. >> do you believe in the two-state solution? >> i do believe. i don't believe the palestinians want the two-state solution. >> but muhammaahmoud abbas does? >> i don't know. he ran away twice to give a positive answer to a proposal. he was given a proposal in 2008 and he ran away. and there was a proposal from your president in february when he came to the white house, the principal -- >> you think a two-state solution is still possible even at this late date and you think the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, still supports it? >> i think we are in a very bad
10:18 am
situation because the decision was made to go to an alternative way to the two-state solution, which is unilateral which is through the u.n. -- >> the president of the palestinian authority, mahmoud abbas. let's talk about iran for a second. looks like they may be getting a deal by november 24th, the deadline. israel is very nervous about any deal that the u.s. and the other permanent members of the u.n. security council in germany might put together. how does it look from your standpoint? are they close to a deal with iran? >> it's very close. but the real issue is not if there will be a deal, it's what kind of deal. they can't agree on the parameters for the deal. they have agreed on some parameters. the level of enrichment.
10:19 am
there are huge issues that are still behind it. it's how the sanctions will be relieved, for how long it will stay. and this is because -- and the potential military dimension of the iranian program. and this is in the basis of the distrust in their intention to go for a nuclear bomb. this was not yet guaranteed in the agreement. >> i know the secretary of state john kerry was in oman the past few days meeting with his iranian counterparts. we'll see if they come up with a deal and if they get another intention. still possible they could get another extension in these negotiations. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. up next, an al qaeda affiliate threatens the u.s. ambassador in yemen. now a potential evacuation of
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u.s. military officials are growing more concerned about the escalating violence in yemen. the al qaeda affiliate in yemen issued threats against embassy workers and even the u.s. ambassador. the military now updating its plans for evacuating the u.s. embassy there in yemen. the state department has ordered a reduction in embassy staff. our correspondent brian todd is here. he's watching the story for us. what are you learning?
10:24 am
>> real instability in the yemeni capital right now. u.s. officials are concerned today because of instability. one group has been battling against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, that dangerous branch of al qaeda in yemen. they've been battling against them in the capital and elsewhere. it's created real instability in the capital. u.s. officials tell us in recent days the concern has grown about the uncertainty in the security situation and what they've told our barbara starr and elise labott is that the military is updating plans to potentially evacuate the embassy in the capital of yemen. there have been conversations between the pentagon and the state department over how long u.s. embassy personnel can safely stay in the capital. they don't want another benghazi and they're making plans to possibly evacuate u.s. embassy personnel, their amphibious
10:25 am
gunships off the coast and elsewhere, the marines can use to get people out if they need to. it's a very unstable situation there right now. >> is there largely aqap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, responsible for these threats? >> for some of the threats, especially against u.s. personnel but also just the overall instability. the aqap has been engaging in street battles and other battles with the hoothies which has created this instability. the yemeni government doesn't have control over the capital and over these two groups that it needs to. in recent days, the aqap has claimed that it targeted the u.s. ambassador, his name is matthew tooler, targeted him with ieds as he visited the home of yemen's president last thursday. but officials tell us there's no indication that there was an attack truly targeting the ambassador. a yemeni diplomat told me there
10:26 am
were no ieds found outside the president's house that day. you have one claim the aqap is making that it targeted the u.s. ambassador and the bombs were uncovered before they could explode. u.s. and yemeni officials say that's not the case. but one analyst told me the u.s. ambassador there is in real danger as he always is in these situations. >> if they have to get him out, they have to get him out. thanks very much, brian todd. we're following what's going on elsewhere as well. the president of the united states is facing a minefield of international issues at the summit in china that's under way right now. i'll speak with america's former ambassador to china, gary locke. we'll talk about what the president can accomplish and how tense things are with foreign leaders right now. one former president pays tribute to another former president. they also happen to be the son and the father. bush 43 honors bush 41. stand by.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. president obama and the russian president, vladimir putin, came face to face at a summit of world leaders in china. relations between the u.s. and russia are at a pretty low point right now, mainly due to russia's meddling in ukraine, its annexation of crimea. jim acosta reports on the brief
10:31 am
encounters between presidents obama and putin and other highlights from the summit. >> reporter: president obama and chinese president xi will be meeting over dinner over the next few hours. they've been cutting business deals on areas where they agree and talking through issues where they disagree. the big development of the day is the president came face to face three times with russian president vladimir putin. they spoke about iran, syria and the situation in ukraine. he conceded the sanctions so far on moscow have not changed putin's behavior. the president has one more day here in china. the big remaining question is just how far the president is willing to go in criticizing beijing over its record on human rights and hacking. so far that criticism has been more polite than pointed. just as the president is raising u.s. concerns about cybersecurity, there were reports in the "washington post" about chinese hackers breaching the u.s. postal service and that
10:32 am
the chinese were offended by the president's gum-chewing. the chinese may not be aware the president chews nicorette from time to time so he doesn't have to smoke. he does it from time to time when he has free time on his hands. jim acosta, cnn, beiging. >> what do we expect the president of the united states to accomplish at these kinds of meetings? let's bring in gary locke, he was the u.s. ambassador to china for three years, and also a former governor of the state of washington. governor, first of all, just to get it out of the way, that chewing gum, is there a real cultural difference here between americans and chinese on the appropriateness of the president of the united states chewing gum in a meeting like this? >> well, i don't think there really are any real protocols. but a lot of the chinese chew gum as well. so i think maybe it's just the formality of the situation that some thought it might be inappropriate.
10:33 am
but anybody who knows president obama knows he chews gum. and it's also as you indicated to try to stop smoking. but more importantly is the substance of the meetings he's having with the chinese leaders. not just the chinese leaders but because his official state visit was preceded by this asia-pacific economic cooperation meeting and featuring the leaders from the asia-pacific region in which they're trying to firm up a trade deal called the transpacific partnership which would be a very high-standards trade agreement which has the chinese a little bit nervous because eventually if they were to join that agreement, they'd have to raise their standards in terms of labor environment, working conditions and things like that. >> as you know, governor, the chinese -- they have like a $300 billion trade advantage. the u.s. has a trade deficit of $300 billion, is that right? >> that's right. we have an enormous trade deficit. the encouraging thing is that u.s. exports over the last
10:34 am
several years to china have actually been increasing. many more exports of american made goods and services creating jobs for the american people. one announcement that the president just made was the relaxation of visas for the chinese businesspeople and tourists coming to the united states, giving them a ten-year visa, five-year visas for students. this will make it enormously easier for the chinese to come here on vacation, to come on business trips, to buy american goods and services. this is going to be a big job creator for the people of america because when those tourists -- and chinese tourists are number one in the world -- outstripping the number of americans traveling the world. a third of what they buy is to bring back to china, things they buy in the united states that they cannot get at a decent price in china. >> as you know, governor, it's a huge deal for chinese who want to come to the united states whether business leaders or tourists, whether students, it's going to make their opportunity to come to the united states so
10:35 am
much easier, but at the same time it's reciprocal and make the opportunity for american business leaders, for american students, american tourists to go to china. they could get this five or ten-year visa. this is a big deal and it underscores an improvement in the u.s./china relationship, right? >> this is a project that i was working on my entire time in beijing. sorry that we couldn't make the announcement while i was still there. but this is going to enable more people to exchange from students to scientists to businesspeople so we can actually learn from each other, understand each other and hopefully create the foundation for more partnerships at the political level, the economic level, the people-to-people level as we try to solve things like climate change or halting the proliferation of nuclear weapons in north korea or iran. but for the american people, those chinese tourists shop in malls, they're going to eat in restaurants. they're going to stay in hotels. that's going to be income for american companies which means more jobs for the people of america.
10:36 am
>> one final question on north korea. china's relationship with the north korean regime right now strained a bit as you well know. you see an opportunity now for the u.s. to improve relations with north korea now that the north koreans have freed those three americans? >> well, i think it's a good sign. but the real test is whether or not they're willing to come to the negotiating table with the support and participation of china because the united states and china both have been trying to push north korea to halt its development of a nuclear weapon which would really destabilize the region and poses a threat to the security of the united states. so this is an area in which both china and the united states have common interests. i'm sure it's a topic that the president of the united states along with the president of china will be discussing, along with many other topics from trade, cybersecurity to climate change issues and really cooperation on security matters all across the world. >> very important meetings that the president is having in china right now, not only with chinese
10:37 am
but other leaders including the russian leader, vladimir putin, they have a good opportunity to at least start some sort of dialogue under enormous strain right now. ambassador, governor, thanks very much for joining us. >> my pleasure, wolf. up next, a son pays tribute to his father, one president honors another. it's a bush family celebration under way. and honoring u.s. military veterans. how one basketball team, the miami heat, is now giving back to those americans who have served.
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10:40 am
there's deep anger in mexico right now over those dozens of college students who are believed to have been umurdered. rosa flores is joining us. she's in guerra province. i understand there's anger being manifest on the streets there?
10:41 am
>> reporter: wolf, very tense moments right now between protesters and federal police. i want to paint a picture here for you because these protesters -- you can see them at a distance on a bridge -- have been moving forward, clashing with federal police slowly moving upon their territories. police have been moving back, throwing rocks. a vehicle -- we saw them roll a vehicle toward police. police have been firing back with teargas. one of our guys here tell us they've been using rubber bullets as well. but it's been very tense. right now, it has calmed a bit. but 15 minutes ago, that was not the case. people were running for their lives. we were also hearing a lot of fireworks being fired on behalf of the protesters towards the police. so i can tell you this, since we've been here, we've seen a lot of things happen. burned cars, burned buildings.
10:42 am
the spokesperson of the protesters tells us they're getting ready to get more radical. and that's exactly what we're seeing. >> we'll say in close touch with you, rosa. thanks very much. be careful over there with the teargas and the rubber bullets. rosa flores on the scene for us here acapulco where the anger is intense. we'll be right back. i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go! and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar?
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in texas a moving tribute
10:46 am
from a son to his father, from one president to another. george bush unveiled his new book "a portrait of my father" dedicated to his father. bush 41 and his wife, barbara, were on hand. >> it's a love story, it's not an objective analysis of president bush. it's a story about an extraordinary man who, in my judgment, is the finest one-term president our country's ever had. >> our national correspondent suzanne malveaux is over there at the bush library in texas. our chief political analyst gloria borger is with me here in washington. suzanne, give an idea what it was like during this pretty emotional ceremony. >> reporter: it was very emotional. but it was also full of humor. it was really classic bush. you had this group, obviously supporters, his parents sitting in the front row. his former chief of staff, andy
10:47 am
card, asking some questions. a lot of jokes, saying -- the first question coming to, why did you decide to write this book now about your father, this love story? and he said, well, because i still wanted my dad to be alive. the group just erupted with laughter. and he said, we have a big-print version for a lot of you out there. a lot of jokes. but also a sense of real humility, a sense of endearment towards his father. he talks about things in the books that we couldn't pull out of him during his presidency. in his college days, he talks about how when he drove drunk onto his neighbor's lawn and hit a trash can. his mother said, your behavior is awful, go to your father. he went to his father and his father just looked at him sternly and the president says he knew at that moment that he tragically disappointed him and how much that meant to him. the unconditional love that he had from his father and how he stranged as a man, how he became
10:48 am
more disciplined as hi life went on. it's quite fascinating. it's personal and professional. he talks about being a father to his daughter, he talks about president clinton being a father as well and how important it is to him. so this is -- it's something that is historic. but as he'd also mentioned, too, it's not objective. it really is something about what it was like for him to grow as a man, as a person and as a leader. >> and it certainly was emotional, gloria. you watched it unfold. >> it was. >> you don't see a lot of emotion all the time. but this time it was. >> this is the most conversant i've ever heard bush 43. and he was telling stories about his father and their relationship and also, by the way, talking about jeb bush. very clear that his brother -- very clear that the family, maybe aside from his mother, but he said, just remember, this is the same mother who told me not to run against ann richards,
10:49 am
that i couldn't beat her to be governor of texas and he went on to beat ann richards. and he said, we're going to offer our brother love. this is a big decision he's got to make personally. but it was very clear the family wants him to do it. and one other interesting thing was the relationship -- and we've talked about this before, wolf, between the bushes and the clintons right now because bill clinton has grown so close to bush 41. and he said, look, hillary clinton and jeb bush are the two people who really understand what it's like to be president of the united states. and clearly made the case that that might actually be a great campaign. >> there's a lot of people watching not only here in the united states and around the world wonder if there could be another bush/clinton in the white house. >> there could. yes, there could. and president bush was saying that might not be such a terrible thing and he also said
10:50 am
that the relationship between bill clinton and his father is absolutely extraordinary. i mean he -- bill clinton is so close to the man he defeated for the presidency. it's quite a remarkable relationship and it's clear he thinks it wouldn't change even if bill clinton's wife ended up challenging jeb bush. >> suzanne, we saw bush 41 in a wheelchair, obviously he's getting older, he's getting more frail. did he speak at all? did we hear at all from the first president bush? >> no, we didn't. we just saw him up front. he wasn't really in a position to speak but it was very clear that when you -- when you watch the two of them interact with each other how warm and how proud he was of his son up on stage and how loving this moment was. there was a moment in president bush's -- and president bush has talked about this before about the fact that there is a point in his book where he feels
10:51 am
somewhat defensive and that is over the iraq war and saddam hussein and he says in the book, he says "look --" and he said it today. that you have to have a clarity of purpose when it comes to being a good leader. that you can't be befuddled and he says his father had that clarity of purpose in going after saddam hussein when they went into kuwait but not to go into baghdad. that that was fine for the time to contain saddam hussein. but he also defends his own actions because he wants to still be clear and he has said this before that he wasn't trying to avenge his father. that the mission was different, that 9/11 happened and he felt like he needed to go in and make sure that weapons of mass destruction were not in the hands of saddam hussein or other rogue leaders. that was the thing that he says in the book made his father right and made him right as well. wolf? >> suzanne, thanks very much. an emotional day down in there in texas. gloria, thanks to you as well. still ahead, honoring u.s. military veterans. how one nba basketball team is giving back to those who served
10:52 am
here in the united states. $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪
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today, novembr 11 is veterans day in the united states. it's a time to thank those in the u.s. military past and present for the sacrifices they have made and in the state of florida right now, the basketball team, the miami heat, is doing just that. joining us now is the president, pat riley, and the u.s. army veteran matthew james geist.
10:56 am
thanks very much for joining us on this veterans day. pat, this program the called the home strong initiative. tell us what it entails. >> well, home strong is really a program that we started about eight years ago when we won the championship in 2006. i can recall getting a lot of letters from servicemen in iraq at that time and afghanistan, they would send me boxes of shells, they would send me anything that would also remind me that they were also tremendous fans of the heat and at that particular time we started this program to honor and respect our returning servicemen. and every single night they remind me at the american airlines arena that we would honor them and it's been about 400 or 500 families and we're happy to be here today and with
10:57 am
rebuilding together, matthew james, an eight-year veteran, his house is being painted a soft green, that's what they're calling it right now. but we're happy to have him here and be part of our community and i'm just so honored to be part of his life today. >> matthew, tell us a little bit about your story. >> well, i served eight years in the military from '80 to '88 and what happened was i bought this home and when i got in this home, i was a random victim of a crime and i got shot like six times. i fell through cracks because nobody knew that i had got injured like that and i came home and i tried to get myself together and things just weren't working out. me and my wife, we split and it was just tough for me to do it by myself. but i ended up getting on my feet and i worked for a homeless
10:58 am
shelter place and i work for a tree trolley system so i was able to just get by just by little by little and one day rebuilding in south florida just called me and told me they were going to come check my house out and i thought it was a prank call but when i seen what was happening, they told me the backers were coming out and i seen the miami heat and they told me what it was all about and i just started being like tink led pink since then. well, i think tickled pink is like -- it's greenough. because my house was -- >> pat, i know you have a long history of honoring american veterans. when did it actually start with you? who what motivated you and the heat to do this? >> well, as far as getting involved with the military, it was an individual thing more than anything else, wolf. i never got to serve in the
10:59 am
military and, you know, it wasn't one of those things -- i'm a child of the '60s, as probably you are, so i had a lot of friends and family that had been in the military and it just was those letters and those cards at that time being in a war that was showing such horrific results for our returning veterans that we just want to do something for them and matthew is just one of many that we're trying to help and get redirected. but for him to get up off the ground in front of his house having six bullet holes in him and being able to work for camilla's house right now and to reach out and help other people, it goes beyond just him being a military veteran. so he has helped himself, we want to help him and anybody else that we can that returned from any place in the world that are serving our country, risking their lives. i work in the toy department of
11:00 am
human affairs, they call it professional basketball and when i'm around these kinds of men and women it just humbles me. >> well, you're doing an excellent job. thanks so much for what you're doing, what the heat are doing. matthew, thanks and good luck to all of you, appreciate it very much on this veterans day. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching, for our international viewers. christi christiane am pure is next. >> i'm brianna keeler in for brook baldwin. we're following major developments in the war against isis. the terror group has just released a new violent and graphic propaganda video.