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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 13, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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this is a negotiation. she wants to get paid more. >> she doesn't need the money. she is doing this to stand up for other artists who perhaps do. >> that's what she says. at the end of the day, it is never enough. >> ruined my image. thank you, cristina. "early start" continues right now. a possible new strategy in the war against isis. why president obama may now be focused on battling president bashar al assad. happening now, russia pouring tanks and troops in ukraine. we are live with the new moves. and daring rescue caught on camera. window washers dangling outside the new world trade center. what they had to say when this is all over. good morning.
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welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. christine romans is on assignment. new developments in the battle against isis. senior officials tell cnn that president obama has ordered a review toward syria. the president has realized it may not be possible to defeat isis without bashar al assad still in power. later this morning, a house panel will hear testimony on the u.s. strategy to deal with isis. cnn global affairs correspondent elise labott has more. >> reporter: john, you know the advisers, including secretary of state john kerry have been calling for a robust strategy toward syria. now the president and advisers coming to the realization you will not get rid of isis without a plan. now many allies see this is the reason that isis gained
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strength. the initial strategy to take on isis first and then syria needs reexamination. the administration hoped it would give the u.s. time to vet, train and arm syrian rebel forces to then go after isis and then assad regime. now they do not have that time. the opposition is battling two fronts. the regime and isis and this could be object literated by the time the u.s. pivots. now the security team has met four times to discuss the strategy. one of the meetings chaired by president obama. there is talk about expanding and accelerating the train and equipped program. they are also talking about a political transition. when secretary kerry and general john allen, coalition envoy, meet with allies, they hear there is not a coherent strategy
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to syria. the only way to defeat isis is if there is a more coherent plan. john. shocking revelations how three denver teenagers were recruited to join isis in syria. the jihadists and westerners who already joined isis had direct contact with the girls on the internet. >> they were in communication with isis sisters online. women that were dedicated to recruit women. >> these were role models to them and people they could contact. then social media, more immediate and allows to you use this as a platform. >> the girls were stopped in germany. fbi officials are homing in on line recruiters in turkey and syria and iraq.
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new this morning, russia forces on the move in eastern ukraine. stirring fears of a new war there. ukraine officials tell cnn this is in preparation of an offensive. >> russia has negotiated a peace plan and systimply fuelled a wa. >> and russian war planes capable of carrying nuclear weapons to crimea. we have matthew chance with more on this. the russians don't have much to say. >> reporter: they are saying that this is propaganda. they are rejecting the allegations that the russians
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are making their way to eastern ukraine to support the rebels. that is what they have said all along. they always denied anything but political and moral support to the pro-russian separatists. particularly from international monitors on the ground. osce is the organization taking care of that. days ago, they reported 43 unmarked military trucks heading in the area of donetsk. that came before the nato warning thatsighted russian troops. on the russian side, we are getting complete denials. >> matthew chance in moscow, thank you. secretary of state john
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kerry is in the middle east this morning set to hold talks aimed at easing tensions with palestinians and israels. the secretary's job is made tougher by israeli government decision to give preliminary approval to the expansion of the jewish neighborhood in east jerusalem. israel announced wednesday it will not cooperate with the united nations probe in the summer conflict in gaza. that leaves investigators in jordan without entry visas. a cyber attack from china forcing the weather service to shutdown. the hackers breached the u.s. weather network for several days in september and october forcing cyber security teams vital to disaster planning and aviation and shipping. the agency did not notify the public when it heard of the attack. this morning, the president is in myanmar where he just
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accused the government of back sliding on the reforms began two years ago. president obama traveled to myanmar as part of the week-long trip in the east asia summit. with him there is cnn's ivan watson. good morning, ivan. >> reporter: good morning, john. earlier today, president obama met with really a leader of the former enemy of vietnam with buy lateral talks. president obama was the first u.s. president to ever visit this country two years ago. in a bit of a honeymoon period when they agreed to step down and pave the way to civil rule and democratic elections.
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now concerns over a certain amount of stalling of the democratic reforms that the government pledged to carry out and in some cases back sliding. the white house saying, john, it wants to see movement toward amending and reforming a constitution written by the military in the dark days of 2008 when the country was a pihrira state. it also wants to prevent what it called back sliding in the government and treatment of the rohingya. an ethnic and religious minority in the country. about 1 million members of which are denied full citizenship rights. in fact, the myanmar government refuses to recognize the term rohingya referring to them as illegal immigrants, although we met some of them who have been living here for generations. these are the concerns and the
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white house is willing to offer carrots in the form of u.s. humanitarian assistance and investment and military-to-military contact if the myanmar government restarts its reform process. >> interesting to see that relationship develop over the last few years. ivan watson, thanks so much. time to get an early start on our money right now. cristina alesci is right here. >> a party on wall street. stocks are still in record territory. the futures indicating the market will open higher. it could be a record day. stocks pulled back slightly yesterday. investors are pointing to the fact that s&p closed lower for the first time in six trading days. bank stocks were hit particularly hard. fell after regulators announced a $4.3 billion settlement for currency manipulation. bad news for seaworld. attendance keeping falling.
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visitors were down 5% from a year ago and admission prices fell by just as much. that is forcing the company to cut costs. seaworld is blaming cnn's documentary "blackfish" that raises questions over how the animals are treated. thank you. happening right now. demonstrators furious over the mass murders of dozens of students. and a dangerous rescue. two window washers dangling in the air nearly 70 stories up. the dramatic moments and how they are doing this morning. stay with us. in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ and military missions.
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new this morning, mexico looking like a protest zone. the violence in response to the mystery surrounding the apparent massacre of dozens of students.
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rafael romo is covering this for us. >> reporter: john, good morning. the protests seem to be getting more frequent and intense. let me tell you, just yesterday, the congressional building in the state of gurrero was torched and vandalized and they were unable to do anything to contain the protesters. an adjacent government building was vandalized as well. and protesters were marching away without the police doing anything. just yesterday, the same thing happened in the state capital of chilpancingo where 60 employees were temporarily detained by the protesters. then a contingent of riot police that showed up. they were facing a force of 2,000 protesters. it was a very tense and chaotic
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situation. in the meantime, people seem to be for getting that there are still 43 students from rural teachers college who are missing. although the government says that everything seems to indicate that they were murdered by a local gang, there is no dna evidence or scientific evidence too what happened to them. the parents of the students are refusing to believe the government's version they were killed. a chaotic situation. no real solution seems to be happening anytime soon, john. >> outrageous. i cannot imagine. rafael romo, thank you. high drama to tell you about at the world trade center in new york city. a scaffolding malfunction left two window washers dangling for hours. firefighters raced to the scene and cut thick glass from inside the building to reach them. >> there are three layers of glass. two inner layers were cut first
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with diamond saws. when they were finished with that, they then cut finally the outer layer of glass. >> they were shaken obviously. it is a harrowing experience. anyone would be frightened. they are good. i asked them both if they are okay. they said oh, we're fine. a little shaky. >> look at that. that is unbelievable. the two men had mild hypothermia. for the first time, we are hearing the 911 calls of the deadly shooting of the marysville pilchuck high school from north of seattle. one teacher said she tried to keep the teen shooter from killing himself. >> i do not see the gun. i have him down. i'm looking at him. i need help. i need help now. he is right here. he is wearing all black.
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i am sitting next to him. i need staff now. black pants, black shoes, black jacket. i do not know how old he is. i tried to stop him before he shot himself. >> horrifying. four teens later died from injuries who were gunned down. the slow burn on hawaii's big island continues. the lava from the volcano keeps advancing to the village of pahoa. officials say there are three active breakouts. earlier this week, the lava destroyed a home on the outskirts of town. we have told but the early blast that sent shivers across the midwest. how cold was it in denver on wednesday? the city set not one, but two cold weather records. the high of 6 degrees.
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are you kidding me? a high of 6 degrees shattered a record that stood for 98 years. then it fell to minus 13 at night. that was a record low for the date. that is unfair. the university of minnesota turned to twitter for help shoveling the football stadium that was covered in snow. officials offered $10 an hour, that is pretty good, to clear the seats and aisles. lots of people came out. the big clean up is in preparation for the gophers game on saturday against the ohio state buckeyes. the deep freeze is about to get deeper. indra petersons. >> we have been talking about it for a while. that cold air is in the northeast. it is finally here. it is our big day. a 20 degree drop. highs expected in boston in the 40s. notice the chill. it will linger for a while. just keep in mind because that cold air is spread to the northeast doesn't mean it is not lingering back in places it
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originated from. look at the windchills this morning. rapid city, 20 below. denver, setting records. we talked about 13 below. with the windchill, they feel like they are 35 below this morning. the cold air is in place. many places talking about 30 degrees below average for this time of year. that looks like 10 to 15 degrees below average in the northeast. what's going on? the cold blast of air is here. the low will develop along that. now right across the mid-atlantic, the low spreads with showers to the mid-atlantic and snowshowers in new england today. lake-effect snow is expected. the big question is how long will this cold air last. unfortunately another storm is out there. you will see snowshowers in the pacific northwest today. if you want to see it day by day, you can see it for the next week. that system will be in play. the cold temperatures will also be here for a while. >> boo! thanks, indra.
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a scary sounding midair mishap for bono. the private jet lost a door 15,000 feet in the air from dublin to berlin when the door fell off over germany. no one on board knew about it until the plane landed safely. the door belonged to the cargo department. the only loss was two pieces of luggage. so sad when christine romans is not here to laugh at my jokes. will clayton kershaw add a cy young award to his collection? we have andy scholes here next with the bleacher report.
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florida state has agreed to postpone jameis winston's code of conduct hearing until after the season. we have andy scholes with more. >> good morning, john. the hearing was supposed to be next week. his attorney asked for more time. that is when winston could potentially be playing for the acc championship. charges were never brought over the rape allegation. the supreme court justice will hear the case and decide if winston violated the student
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code of conduct. if found guilty, he faces a written reprimand to expulsion. no surprise in the mvp. clayton kershaw has won the fourth cy young in the last four years. indians pitcher, corey kluber wins the american league cy young. he made more than $500,000 last season. put that in perspective. it took hernandez just six innings to earn that much last season. the major league will announce the mvps later today. and an investigation with kmov, that centurylink field may
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be watering down their beer. this is serious because federal law prohibits alcohol providers from selling less than 3% below content. anheuser-busch told komo that the beer at centurylink field is the same it sells to bars and restaurants and other retail locations. they questioned the tests in the lab. john, this is concerning for fans, if you buy a $9 beer, you expect to get real beer. >> andy, i propose that cnn send the two of us to seattle to do an extensive investigation. >> extensive. i'm all in for that. >> and funded. we will do the expense report. andy, i appreciate it. possible new strategy in the fight against isis. what president obama now thinks has to be accomplished to beat the terrorists. that's next. down.
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a possible new strategy in the fight against isis. where president obama wants to take the fight now. we'll explain ahead. russia flexing its military muscle pouring tanks and troops in ukraine. is vladimir putin preparing for an invasion. and polar plunge. if you think it is cold now, just wait. indra petersons has the news and
2:31 am
all the low temperatures coming up. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. christine romans is on assignme assignment. senior officials tell cnn that president obama has ordered a review of the policy toward syria. they say the president realized it may not be possible to defeat isis with syrian president bashar al assad still in power. this morning, a house panel hears testimony on the isis strategy. senior affairs correspondent elise labott has the story. >> reporter: john, you known many of the advisors, including secretary of state john kerry have been calling for a more robust strategy on syria. now the realization you will not defeat isis without a plan to get rid of assad in syria. many allies see isis was able to gain strength.
2:32 am
the initial strategy to confront isis in syria first, needs reexamination. the administration hoped this would give u.s. time to vet, train and arm a moderate syrian rebel force to then go after isis and then assad's regime. the opposition is battling two fronts. regime in isis. this could be obliterated. just the past week, the national security team has immediate four times to discuss how the strategy how this fits into the strategy in isis. one meeting chaired by president obama. talk about expanding the train and equipped program. they are also talking about a political transition. when secretary kerry and general john allen, the coalition envoy meet with allies, they hear that there is not a coherent strategy
2:33 am
against syria. only way to defeat isis is if is there a more coherent plan for syria's future. thank you, elise. shocking revelation how three teen girls were recruited to join isis in syria. law enforcement officials tell us jihadists and westerners who joined isis had direct contact with the girls on the internet. >> the girls were in direct contact with the isis sisters online. women that are dedicated to recruit women. >> these were role models to them. social media, which is more immediate and allows you to immerse yourself being used as a recruiting platform. >> the girls were stopped in germany before they could make
2:34 am
it to syria. new this morning, russian forces on the move into eastern ukraine. it is stirring new fears about potential war. ukrainian officials tell cnn incursion is in preparation by pro-russian separatists. the united states criticized russia for violating the peace deal and ice escalating the violence. >> it talks of peace, but keeps fueling war. >> nato has observed something more alarming. russia war planes capable of carrying nuclear weapons to crimea. we have matthew chance with the latest. what is the russian response? >> reporter: the russians, john, have been categorically denying they are taking part in the
2:35 am
fight underway in eastern ukraine. they call it propaganda. the representative to the u.n. saying that it is propaganda and doesn't reflect the reality on the ground. despite the fact that international observers have been observing military vehicles coming from russia to donestk. we are talking about large movements of military vehicles and equipment. five of the trucks with towing artillery pieces. other trucks were towing multiple rocket launch systems. we are talking about significant bits of hardware which is russian by origin at the very least. according to nato, actually from the country of russia as well as combat troops. significant movements going on. also fighting going on as well.
2:36 am
fuelling these concerns that the whole region of eastern ukraine is on the brink again of full-scale hostility. watching it closely. >> some places, the fighting has never stopped. with the presence of the heavy weapons and russian personnel, it could make it more dangerous. we have president obama in myanmar and he spoke with medyedvev. we have ivan watson with more. >> reporter: a meeting with the medyedvev. we have more information in which he mentioned for relations
2:37 am
to improve and work on this situation like the conflict in ukraine and the economic sanctions have to be removed from russia that have been imposed by the u.s. and allies. in protest to russia's alleged support of separatists in eastern ukraine. our own jim acosta encountered mededvev. he is not the number one man, but the prime minister. he is often considered a number two when he in fact was president to putin. jim acosta managed to ask the prime minister when feeding elephants at the pagoda if there was a reconciliation with the u.s. and russia and the answer was time will show. we will be looking to hear more
2:38 am
about the contents of what's reported to be a brief encounter with the u.s. president and the russian prime minister here on the meeting. >> quite a morning. feeding elephants in myanmar. time to get an early start on your money right now. we have cristina alesci with the latest. >> looks like a good day for stocks around the world. european stocks are up now. asia shares ended the day mostly higher. u.s. stocks are following that lead. it could be another record day if that holds because stocks only pulled back slightly yesterday. s&p closed lower for the first time in six trading days. here is a fun story breaking overnight. toymaker hasbro is reportedly in talks to buy dreamworks animation. behind "shrek" and "kung fu
2:39 am
panda." dreamworks stock has had a tough year. it has fallen 37% so far thanks to a few movie flops and weak dvd sales. >> i like to say what is good for my little pony is good for america. >> this deal would be good for dreamworks as well. they had a tough year. >> thanks, cristina. 39 minutes after the hour. the protests turning violent on the streets of mexico. protesters demanding answers in the disappearance and massacre of dozens of students. we are live. if you think it is cold now, just wait. that is the message indra petersons willi be delivering. stay with us.
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happening now, mexico looking more and more like a war zone. protesters clashing with police torching a government building. the violence in response to the mystery around the apparent massacre of dozens of students. rafael romo on the ground for us. what's the latest rafael. >> reporter: good morning, john. many of the american viewers are familiar with the mexican beach resort of acapulco. to give you an idea, the road connecting acapulco with mexican city was blocked by protesters. some were two other major roads in this part of the country.
2:44 am
meanwhile, intense and chaotic protests are happening in the guerro state. 43 students are missing from the state. the government says it has circumstantial evidence and testimony that these students were executed by a gang and this happened at a river. the parents of the students are refusing to believe the side of the event and they will continue to protest and demand justice until they see confirmation that their children are dead, scientific evidence or they appear alive somewhere. protests all over the place. chaotic and violent. john. >> how do the parents know who to believe? rafael, thank you so much.
2:45 am
44 minutes after the hour. the arctic chill across the country breaking records in denver. that city set not one, but two cold records. a high of 6 degrees shattered a record that stood for 98 years. then the low dropped to minus 13. that was a record low for the day. that's nuts. it's about to get nuttier. indra petersons has more. >> it seems we have been talking about it so long. it is expected to get worse if you are in the northeast. today is the day that -- i don't know if i want to say finally -- but look at new york city, the 20 degree drop. highs in new england today could be talking about snowshowers. that's not to say the cold air is gone from the midwest. look at temperatures. sioux falls with the windchill at zero. with the windchill in denver, it
2:46 am
feels like 35 below. a huge bite in the air. it is staying for a while. temperatures expected to be a good 30 degrees below normal. as far south as the south itself. it will bring rain showers and snowshowers through new england today. lake-effect snow is expected off the lakes. the question is how long does all this last? for a while. the next storm is already making its way into the pacific northwest. day by day, you can see the cold air and chance for rain and snow spreads to new england. the temperatures will be chilly for some time. >> unappealing. thank you very much. i appreciate it. let's look at what is coming up on "new day." michaela has the latest. >> you thought you were getting off easy since i'm here. good morning, john. we have a lot of stories this morning. review of u.s. policy on syria. the u.s. has been so focused on isis. little if any progress has been
2:47 am
made in removing bashar al assad from power. is the president regretting his choice to go down that path? is it too late to call an audible? we have analysis this morning. we have not talked about ebola for some time. it seems to have subsided in the u.s. we know the global outbreak is not over. is there some hope around the corner? we will have dr. sanjay gupta with us this morning. he will have details on the clinical trials of the drugs that helped americans beat the virus. we will talk to congress member ed royce. we will have a lot ahead on "new day" in a few minutes time. >> i look forward to seeing you there and later and all day. thanks, michaela. here is a question for you. what does it look like on the surface of a comet? well, we have dramatic new pictures just in sent from 300 million miles away. we're live breaking it all down next. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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so we have been waiting and waiting and waiting and at last we have it. just minutes ago, the first picture ever from the surface of a comet. cnn's frederik pleitgen is standing by at the european space agency. mission control center in germany. fred, the probe landed yesterday. now we finally see what it is seeing. >> reporter: we see what it is seeing. it is a remarkable image we saw there, john. what you can see there is the foot of the philae lander.
2:52 am
you see the very, very rocky surface there underneath it. that shows how remarkable this landing was. if we go back to the model, the lander touched down here. it bounced twice. one of the bounces lasted for about two hours. the second bounce lasted for about six minutes. yet, it was able to settle down within those very, very sharp rocks that you see there on that image. now, of course, the lander is busy examining surroundings. we expect the first panoramic picture in two hours. this first image is one that is absolutely amazing. this is something that i'm and eyes have never seen before. it was beamed to us shortly after we spoke the last time about an hour ago. i think you were the first one to find it, john. truly remarkable images. it shows how hard that landing must have been.
2:53 am
that landing zone is very, very rough and rocky. >> amazing picture to see. that is coming to us from 300 million miles away. can't wait to see more. frederik pleitgen, thanks so much. coming up, the answer to this question, what is happening to all of taylor swift's money? stay with us. ♪ down.
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must be time for an early start on your money. cristina alesci is here now. >> how many records can we set this year? >> not enough. >> stocks in record territory. futures indicating the market will open higher. it could be another record day. stocks only pulled back slightly yesterday. the s&p 500 closed lower for the first time in six trading days. one stock i'm excited about this morning. apple. the stock closed at the highest price ever yesterday. it is up more than 40% this year. everybody wants an iphone. here's one story that kept me up. taylor swift and spotify may never ever get back together again. the ceo of her record label said the artist has been paid less than $500,000 from spotify in the last year, but spotify said she got that much in the last
2:58 am
month of service before she pulled her label. what most people don't realize is swift works with two record labels. the one that spoke yesterday is counting only its portion and that doesn't count for streams around the world. >> she just can't seem to catch a break. she had a rough go of it. >> you feel badly for her. >> thank you, cristina. 58 minutes after the hour. a possible new strategy in the fight against isis. "new day" has that right now. breaking developments -- cnn has learned the obama administration is rethinking its military strategy in syria. is removing assad now on the table? will that help defeat isis? is it a tep toward american troops being back in the fight? we hear from the white house this morning. and the u.s. calling out
2:59 am
russia, accusing it of standing in the way of a cease-fire in ukraine and trying to fuel a war. the claim follows reports that russian troops have crossed ukraine's border. heart-pounding rescue, two window washers pulled to safety at the new world trade center building after they were trapped 68 floors above the ground. it's supposed to be the world's safest building. how did this happen? your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day," with chris cuomo, kate boldaun and michaela pereira. >> good morning, welcome to "new day," it's thursday, november 13th, i like the time to be accurate, a few clicks before 6:00. chris cuomo and alisyn camerota here. up first, is the u.s. thinking about taking out assad? senior officials are telling cnn the president has asked advisers to review the strategy in syria to determine if it is possible
3:00 am
to defeat isis terrorists there without removing the syrian president bashar al assad. >> but a member of the national security team is pushing back on report saying any review is part of ongoing discussions. all this as defense secretary and chairman of the joint chiefs prepare to testify this morning at a house hearing on isis. cnn is following developments, what's the latest, elise? >> well alisyn, president obama said for years that president assad of syria should go. until now hasn't linked his ouster to the campaign against isis. now the president and his advisers coming to the realization you're not going to defeat isis without a plan to get rid of him. the administration had hoped to go after isis in iraq first and then take on syria. after the syrian rebels are trained to go after isis and then assad. but with developments on the ground, the opposition could be obliterated by theim


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