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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 14, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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is sitting in for wolf blitzer. stick around. he's next. right now, obama's immigration gamble. republicans say they will fight it tooth and nail. even some democrats are skeptical and both sides are gearing up for battle. also, revelations about the nuclear arsenal, including details of a single wrench that three nuclear bases had to share. the secretary of defense unveils steps to fix those problems. and a fence jumper made it inside the white house. i'll speak with the chairman of the house homeland security committee who has ordered a top-to-bottom review of the secret service. hello. i'm jim sciutto in today for wolf blitzer. i welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world.
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president obama gets ready to throw down the gauntlet on immigration reform. he's preparing to take executive action as early as next week on his overseas trip today, he said republicans in congress have already had their chance. >> i gave the house over a year to go ahead and at least give a vote to the senate bill. they failed to do so. and i indicated to speaker boehner several months ago that if in fact congress failed to act, i would use all the lawful authority that i possess to try to make the system work better. and that's going to happen. that's going to happen before the end of the year. >> the president's promise to go it alone is infuriating republicans. house speaker john boehner made this promise in response. >> we're going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. this is the wrong way to govern. this is exactly what the
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american people said on election day that they didn't want. >> the white house is still working out details of the executive action but a senior administration official outlined what it is likely to do. it would allow the parents of children who are u.s. citizens to stay in the country legally. it would protect illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. as children and provide a clear deportation policy for convicted criminals. let's bring in michelle kosinski and chief congressional correspondent dana bash. michelle, i want to start with you. we are ten days since a brutal loss in the midterm election. talk of the possibility of the president reaching out to the republicans. why so defiant from the white house on this issue? >> reporter: i think the president has spelled it out. ideologically, the president has said that he feels this is the right thing to do, it's something that he promised to do a long time ago. he did take action on immigration in 2012 with some deferred action, deferring deportation for some.
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so he has said that he's warned congress that he's going to do this action, almost a call to action to them. he said the time for talk is over. now is the time for action and keeps reminding everyone that this passed with bipartisan support in the senate but the house never took up. what you get from the white house is that it's the last straw. you've had enough time, now we're going to do something. you can't be surprised or too angry because we've been telling you that we're going to do this for a long time and that's where they stand, jim. >> dana, are republicans promising to fight the president tooth and nail. what legislative weapons do they have in there's arsenal? can they stop this? >> reporter: not many legislative weapons. there are discussions trying to figure out the answer to that question going on as we speak all morning, all yesterday and i've been talking to many republican house members in these hallways and the answer is that they think that there are potential options. one is the power of the purse, which is really congress'
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biggest tool constitutionally and that would be to try to stop any funding for the president to implement the immigration policies that he does by executive order but that is very hard. it comes with big risks. the biggest is a potential government shutdown because the funding for the entire government runs out december 11th and the question is whether or not republicans want to proactively do away with funding before december 11th or wait till afterwards. beforehand, that could cause a government shutdown. republicans are split on whether or not that's a good strategy. the other is put some kind of legal action. again, that is wrought with questions and unknowns. they could try to sue him saying that he's overstepping his bounds but they have to get their ducks in a row to ensure that's accurate. there's talk of an injunction. there's lots of options that they have but republicans will admit there's no real good option if the president wants to
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do this by executive order. it's going to cause a big, big, big blowup, politically and legislatively. >> michelle, you hear from some in the white house that this is overblown. where do they get that sense from? >> reporter: well, we were having this conversation. some senior administration officials were off the record a few nights ago and just the sense that you get is that a lot of this is trhetoric. that comes with tempering and maybe optimism as well. they know that the reaction was going to be out there. even if it's, i don't know, 50% or 40% rhetoric and the rest is potential action, they knew that that was going to be there but their stance, again, is that congress has been put on notice to take action and the president said, well, i am going to do this. congress can pass something on their own, that comprehensive
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immigration reform that's been called for for such a long time and that can supercede my executive action. so in the midst of this fight with these analogies being thrown around, that is a back and forth reality that can be talked about down the road. it wouldn't be the extent of what the president does but, hey, we'll see, maybe it will be something. >> if i may, let me tell you quickly why it's not just rhetoric and it is a reality, is that you have to remember that when we look at, let's say, polls, national polls and even if polls or exit polls show that there is support largely for going ahead and giving some legal status to illegal or undocumented immigrants, the reality that most house members are living in is a reality of their districts, the voters who sent them here. and most of those districts have
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been extremely gerrymandering. that means that they are highly, highly conservative. their biggest fear with their own electorate, their own voters is very conservative voters and to say if they don't fight the president, they are going to get blamed and challenged from the right. that's the reality that many -- frankly, most of these house republicans are living in. >> no question. that effects every piece of legislation that comes on the floor of the house. one thing, just moments before we went to air, the house voted to approve legislation to construct the controversial pipeline. was that a surprise and what's the next step? >> reporter: it's not a surprise given the fact that the house is overwhelmingly supportive of going ahead with the keystone pipeline. the timing is just fascinating to watch because the only reason the house passed this again, they've done it before, is so they can give a boost to the
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republican who is now a house member, the last hold out race in louisiana. there's a recount next month. the reason they did that is because over in the senate there is going to be finally a vote for the first time on the senate floor thanks to the democrat, mary landrieu, trying to keep her seat. she's pushing that. she thinks it's good for her constituents and her brand and there's going to be a senate vote which is going to be the big news next week, the house did their due diligence in passing it today. >> imagine that, politics taking place. >> shocking but the fact that the election is over and it's still happening. >> exactly. it will never stop. dana and michelle, thank you. reports that tanks are crossing into ukraine. and later, systematic problems in america's management. another potential national security risk. but will they get it?
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just in case and perhaps to send a message. ukraine is expected to be a hot topic of discussion at the g-20 summit. nato says more russian tanks and heavy weapons and heavy artillery are crossing into the border in ukraine. russia, of course, denies it. phil black is in kiev. phil, nato officials say that satellite photos prove that weapons are coming across the border, other forms of surveillance. you can see videos on u youtube. is there any doubt that it's being supplied to the pro-russi pro-russian separatists in ukraine? >> reporter: without a doubt these forces are moving over. they have moved over in recent days and for that reason they are of the belief that annish
10:14 am
nif tif by the operate tift forces is about to take place. the ukrainian president petro poroshenko said that they are preparing for it and they are ready. in the event that the worst case scenario does take place, it might not be as simple as that. the ukrainian forces are shown that they are not up to squashing t squashing the separatists. the ukrainian government is looking at the possibility of losing yet more territory to the separatists, so pro-russian forces in the event that a major operations launched in the coming days. in the meantime, there is certainly fighting ongoing in this region. at one point, the ukrainian government has said today that a 5-year-old girl is the latest
10:15 am
victim of the forces. the violence continues, especially around the airport, the major city of donetsk. all of it proof that the cease-fire declared back in september really doesn't mean a lot and if the worst-case scenario does prove to be true, the fighting, the violence is going to be a lot worse in the near term. jake? >> it also seems, phil, that the evidence on the ground, the renewed fighting, these weapons coming across seem to prove that the u.s. and european policy response to this is not working. it is not deterring russian action. on the ground there from ukrainians you speak to, both the officials and public, are they disappointed with the support that they have gotten from the west in response to russia's actions? >> reporter: i think they are grateful for what they have got so far but certainly they want more than they have received as well. there is no doubt that so far the actions from the west, the sanctions, the political pressure has not achieved its
10:16 am
goal of changes russia's behavior, as you say, in the event that these reinforcements are pouring over, russia is continuing to behave in an aggressive way. ukraine is grateful to the pressure that has been placed upon russia. it wants tougher sanctions and more practical support and certainly there is a desire within the ukrainian government, very practical military support in the form of legal aid. that has not come. some governments are providing nonlethal aid. they are helping them get organized and build their resill yans. that will act as a greater deterrent but in the short term, especially if russia is indeed preparing and the separatists are preparing for a long-term planning and support is not likely to make much of a difference on the ground in the coming days. >> we're witnessing a war in europe. just a reminder, you see that
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united states nuclear program. that's what we heard from the pentagon today. chuck hagel ordered extensive reviews of nuclear facilities. here's what he says was found. >> the reviews found evidence of systematic problems that, if not
10:21 am
addressed, could undermine the safety and security of the force in the future. these problems include manning, infrastructure and skill deficiency, which is particularly suffered in the air force. >> one story circulated about a special wrench used to attach nuclear warheads. apparently there was only one of them for three nuclear bases to share. >> they did it by federal expressing the one wrench around each base. they were creative and innovative and made it work. but that's not the way to do it. we now have a wrench for each location. we're going to have two wrenches for each location soon. >> incredible. fedexing a nuclear wrench. secretary hagel says they will
10:22 am
upgrade management, oversight, security and morale at nuclear facilities across the country. joining me now is democratic congressman adam schiff. representative schiff, you hear these stories, one wrench to share between three bases but also more systematic problems over the last few months, morale, bad behavior in these sensitive installations. how alarmed are you by the problem and do you believe that the defense department now has a handle on how to correct these problems? >> i'm very concerned about it and not the least in part because this is not a new problem. this came to light when secretary gates was defense secretary and he fired a couple of people and we thought that some of the cultural and training problems had been fixed or at least we had made progress but appears in this latest report that we haven't made much progress and i think a big part of the challenge is that this is not where probably the best
10:23 am
officers gravitate to. it's not the sort of viewed as the best path for advancement within the military and that, i think, has led to a lack of focus on the necessary resources, the necessary training, the necessary corrective action. and i hope that this new analysis will prompt vigorous action and rekindle oversight efforts in the congress. >> incredible to think we have thousands of these things and they have become so removed from the american consciousness. i want to turn, if i can, to russia and the ukraine. as you're aware, nato says russian troops and tanks and forces have moved across the border. i just wonder, we have this happening yet again. you know, the administration talks about raising costs on russia to prevent this kind of behavior but clearly that policy is not working. would you say that the administration's response to russia's military action in the ukraine has proven to be a failure? >> well, i don't know if i would use failure. i think that's too strong a term
10:24 am
but it certainly hasn't had the impact that we want it to have. it has affected the russian economy. it has damaged the russian economy. that's something we wanted but it hasn't gone that extra step in changing russia's policy very much, which is why i hope we can work with our european partners to strengthen the sanctions, not simply as i think they are intending to merely add new names to the individual sanctions but broaden the scope of the sanctions. i'd like to see the united states and european partners provide military assistance to ukraine, anti-take munitions, for example. we haven't done that, i think out of an abundance of caution, not wanting to provoke the russians into more aggressive action but the russians are taking those actions anyway. and while the ukraine military will never be a match for the russian military, we can increase the costs to russia's action within ukraine by providing greater material support to ukraine. i think both of those steps are
10:25 am
going to be necessary. >> well, you have to wonder if there should be a policy review at this point. we're talking about a syria policy review. if as part of that review, why don't they have those sanctions teed up and ready to go for the escalation step that you have rather than kind of letting it happen and then trying to tee up until after the fact? >> well that, i think, would be ideal and that's certainly something we should be doing. with the cease-fire agreement, which is really a nongreagreeme there was hope that they were on a different pathway. europe was hoping that we would move in a direction of easing sanctions rather than adding sanctions. but what's taking place now is general breedlove has indicated there's movement in the opposite direction. the russians once again acting with belligerent and all of that is going to reawaken europe to
10:26 am
the need not just to keep the sanctions that we have and not just to add new individuals but to broaden the base of the sanctions themselves. >> you're aware of the talk now of a review of syria policy and the idea of adding assad, to the target list so you're not just getting rid of isis but assad. is that something that the u.s. has the capability and commitment to do? it's already taken on a lot with isis, a war that we've been told will take years to accomplish that goal. how do you consider doing both things? you know, it seems like a very tall order. >> well, it is a very tall order and i think part of what make it is a tall order is if we expand the scope of not just going after isis but after the regime itself, it changes the nature of the envoeironment of iran. does iran become more hostile to us in iraq? does it release its ma lesh sild
10:27 am
bomb us with ieds as they have in the past? a lot of repercussions with it but we're seeing the tensions and problems with the current policy when we've been undertaking the bombings of the khorasan group and that's alienated some of these so-called moderate forces that are wondering why we are going after the al nusra franchise that is effective at fighting against the regime. there are problems with the current strategy of only going after isis and i think that ought to get us to review whether we need to broaden public efforts to go after the regime. i do think one of the more promising things that we're doing is secretary kerry's efforts to find some consensus in the region with our both alleys and adversaries to phase out transition out bashar al assad because i think that's key to ending the civil war and ultimately ending the space that isis has to operate in. >> incredible to think we're, in effect, on the same side in iran
10:28 am
in iraq against isis and on opposite sides in syria with bashar al assad. thank you very much, congressman adam schiff. a startling list of mistakes. a report on the secret service's response to a major white house security breach and the fallout right after this. ever since we launched snapshot, my life has been positively cray-cray. what's snapshot, you ask? only a revolutionary tool that can save you big-time. just plug it in, and the better you drive, the more cash you'll stash. switching to progressive can already save ye $500. snapshot could save ye even more. meat maiden! bringeth to me thine spiciest wings of buffalo. a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around
10:32 am
the world. i'm jim sciutto reporting from washington. wolf blitzer is off today. one glaring error after another, a shocking report on the secret service response to a white house fence jumper is fueling calls for major urgent changes within the agency. homeland security department found that it was a series of failures, both human and technical, that permitted intruder omar gonzales to run past agents and burst into the first family's residence in september. among the findings, an officer in charge of releasing dogs on intruders reacted 11 seconds late because he was in a van taking a personal call without his ear piece in. another officer posted outside the white house doors heard what he said was unintelligble traffic on the radio and the doors were not locked and in fact the intruder had a knife on him. joining me is michael mccaul of
10:33 am
texas, chairman of the homeland security. looking at this report, in addition to the details i just went through there, incredible stuff and even silly things like one of the agents thought that gonzalez could not get through the bushes and as it turns out, he went through the bushes. as you were reading this, you had to be alarmed. >> reporter: we . >> well, this highlights security failures and lapses. mr. gonzalez was on the radar screen. he had been arrested previously had a map of the white house, a sod-off shotgun and when he's seen outside the fence, the security noticed him and watched him but didn't radio about him and who he is. and then he jumps the fence. this fence was build in the
10:34 am
1960s, by the way. it's not really up to date. he jumps the fence and then the man in charge of the canines, as you pointed out, was on a personal phone call, did not have his earpiece in or the equipment available he gets into the white house and this is a road map to assassinate the president. and we have a lot more work to do to make this a premier agency that we all used to know. i've introduced a bill to review not only this incident but the white house but the entire agency and other problems that we've seen, whether it be the prostitution drunkenness where
10:35 am
the agent could not find his room and passed out in the hallway. >> i always assumed alarms would go off and weapons but there is that sense of impregnability. >> usually they are apprehended immediately and in this case he was not. this fence was built in the 1960s. we need to update that fence. they ask for millions of dollars that we appropriate to them and we have a 1960s defense. the technology is inadequate but yet we also had human error and a lot of, again, human failure which is how he got inside. this warrants a new leadership at secret service which i know
10:36 am
the secretary is -- we talked about this just yesterday is dedicated to doing but a review is needed to install morale but the mission is to protect the president of the united states and they are failing which is not acceptable to congress but also to the american people. >> i want to turn to another threat and this coming from overseas. you wrote an op-ed of isis recruiting of the westerners and in europe. "extremists have already managed to exploit europe's security gaps and transform it into the inbound lane to syria is clearly busy but it is the out bound lanes." there's been a lot of talk about countries in europe taking steps, including turkey. but you talk about how some of the steps have been inefficient.
10:37 am
why is that? is it a matter of ability or is it a question of commitment to really fight this? >> i think first and foremost we need to identify who these foreign fighters are and take them out in syria and iraq. but the problem is, there's easy access through turkey. it is a superhighway for jihadists. to get them to cooperate for them to be apprehended or stopped from travel and stop from et goigetting on airplanes. from western turkey it's a waiver visa country. they don't need a visa to travel from there to the united states. officials are most concerned about them going through turkey and into western europe and then getting on an airplane into the united states. your previous guest, adam schiff, talked about the khorasan group which we know are
10:38 am
attempting to make bombs that are not detected. however, one of these guys gets through and blows up an airplane over, say, new york city and you can imagine the damage. we need to keep these jihadists outside of the united states and the best way to do that is to have more restrictions on the watch list so these jihadists can't get on the airplanes as i believe they are vulnerable to getting on them today. >> the concern is that is america's first line of defense and you need to stop them from getting here. thanks very much, congressman michael mccaul. >> thank you, jim. president obama gets ready for a showdown with republicans over immigration law. who stands to lose and who stands to gain? and an architect of obamacare makes insulting remarks repeatedly about voters. we'll tell you about the latest trouble for obama's health care law. [ aniston ] when people ask me what i'm wearing, i tell them aveeno®.
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it's going to happen. that's what president obama said today about an executive order on immigration reform. he could issue that order as early as next week. senior administration official outlined some possible provisions. one, allow the parents of children who are u.s. citizens to stay in the country legally. also, protect illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. and also provide a clear deportation policy for convicted criminals. i want to bring in democratic strategist hilary rosen and s.e. cupp. there was talk about working across the aisle. has the president blown that all away? >> well, he hasn't done it yet. look, i think it would be better if the president went to congress and said, these are the four things i need in an immigration bill. will you guys pass one? but the republicans have shown
10:43 am
time and time again that they are not interested in passing an immigration bill, particularly the house republicans. while i think it would be better if he did that, maybe for optics alone, i don't think it would produce anything and i think the country needs immigration reform. >> s.e., do republicans have their chance? >> it's fair to criticize republicans for not acting on immigration reform. a lot of this political posturing i think is just absurd. he's complaining about the stalling of immigration reform when he himself has stalled on immigration reform more than once because his proposals have been politically unpopular and unworkable. so to suggest now that republicans are standing in his way and republicans need to stand by him on principle and on something that he himself would not stand by just two weeks ago seems a little tone deaf but we'll see. hopefully both sides could come together and do something
10:44 am
meaningful. the problem, let me point out, with the proposal that obama has is it will not solve the broken immigration system. even advocates of immigration reform say this is just a temporary fix. both sides need to address this. >> when you look at some of the steps in there, it's not just that. it allows visa processing in the high-tech industry which is something that high-tech companies have been issuing for a long time and it's been talked about for a hundred years and if you can move through those things, does it -- >> it does add value. it's frustrating because if he had done this, we would have been there. there's no question legislation is needed. there's a whole series of issues that are happening and my hope is that republicans see this and say, you know what, instead of
10:45 am
blowing this up, we're going to say, no, you can't have that. yes, you can have this. >> and have a legislative process? >> a legislative process. >> is there some clever presidential politics here with 2016, do you put republicans in a corner at all to say with latino voters necessary probably for the republicans to take the white house to have them, you know, throw up obstacles? >> i think that's probably part of the calculus. i think that people in the immigration reform community are sick of the president's politics on this, even if they want to be with the president on this issue, they are sick of all of the stalling and want actual legislation. >> you're aware the other controversy, comments by a key participant in immigration of obamacare? >> no. >> for our viewers who are not aware, i want to play some commen
10:46 am
comments. >> yjust like people transparent -- lack of transparency is a huge political agency and basically the stupidity of the american voter or whatever but that was critical to get it to pass. >> you can't say it's the only time he said it because there are three or four tapes in october of 2013. more than once, he talked about that. now, there is truth that there's not only transparency in american legislation. let's start with you, hilary. >> let's call him a self-proclaimed architect of obamacare. you heard the leaders of the congress yesterday say they never saw him in a meeting, he didn't write their bill. >> there's records of him -- >> he might have helped the white house but he didn't write the legislation. so that's number one.
10:47 am
and they had their transparency. i think number two is probably the most important thing, which is the president himself said the day after the election, if there are things -- like get over it. get over repealing obamacare. it is the law of the land. it is now embedded in our health care system. if there are fixes, send them to me. let's talk about them. there's no question it can be improved. the president said that himself. republicans need to get over the politics of obamacare and start focusing on the substance. >> if there's a fix, send it to me but i'm going to take executive action on immigration. this is now out in the public debate. is it damaging? does it change the calculus at all with repeal efforts? >> let's call a spade a spade. jonathan gruber is not a smart man. he's not the first person to think this arrogantly about the american public. i can think of a number of people who think the same way
10:48 am
but most smart people would not say this out loud. >> repeatedly. >> as he did five times. not to mention, he's just wrong on how obamacare got passed. the american public never voted on it. obamacare got passed, in spite of the electorate, republicans gave it not a single vote and the white house was more interested in pushing it through rather than whether the american people would like it. he's taking this gleeful credit for sort of hoodwinking the american public when that's not at all what happened. in fact, the part obamacare that he thinks the administration hid so well has been debated and debated for years. >> it's not a national secret. >> he's an idiot and i'll just say he's not in charge now. people who are in charge can fix problems if they see them. >> they have a lot of problems to fix, thanks to jonathan gruber and his arrogance.
10:49 am
>> i'm going to be tweeting that out in just a few minutes. thank you, hilary rosen and s.e. cupp. a former mexico in mayor and the shocking motive behind the alleged plot. that's next. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body.
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mexican authorities are charging a former mayor in the disappearance of 43 students and
10:53 am
deaths of six of them. the students vanished nearly two months ago now and protesters have been taking to the streets demanding that the government do more to find them. we're joined now on the phone. explain these charges and what is really an alarming case. >> reporter: that's right. the judge had all kinds of different possibilities here because we're talking about the disappearance of 43 students. however, mexican authorities decided to go with what they know right now and what they know is that six people died and one is in a coma. so they have charged the mayor with six counts of aggravated homicide, one count of attempted homicide. he was arrested a week ago exactly on november 7th. he's already been removed as mayor of the town. also, his wife is still being detained by the mexican attorney general's office and she may face charges in the future, but that's not clear yet. in the meantime, the mayor
10:54 am
himself has been sent to a maximum security prison here in mexico. >> what do authorities say the motive is? >> reporter: he was being named as a mastermind so what they believe happened that night on september 26th was that his wife believed students were on the way to disrupt an event led by the town's first lady and that's the reason why they ordered mr. is -- the police to stop the students. they decided to not only take them away but execute them in the end. the big question is where the 43 students are. it's an answer for which mexican authorities do not have anything to say so far. >> so sad for dozens of families there. thanks very much. just ahead, anthony bourdain heads to jamaica and we have a
10:55 am
sneak peek. that's right after this. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain, stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz if you have any infection, unless ok with your doctor. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts
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into one you'll never forget. earn triple points when you book with the expedia app. expedia plus rewards. on the season finale of "parts unknown," anthony bourdain has a preview. >> let's accept this as close to paradise as it gets, right? jamaica. we like jamaican music. we love it. we like jamaican agricultural
10:59 am
products. we like jamaican food a lot. day one, first order of business, jerk chicken. can you blame me? i think not. here it's different. if you're a hotel, you can make it a private beach and they can keep people out. how much of this is left? who will get to do this? it's sad to say i think it's unlikely that 50 years from now anyone but the extraordinarily fortunate, extraordinarily connected and extraordinarily rich will be able to look at a vista like this. that's my personal theory. >> don't miss "parts unknown" sunday night at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 eastern on "the situation room." for our international viewers, christiane amanpour is next. for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke
11:00 am
baldwin starts right now. >> all right. jim sciutto, thank you so much. happy friday to all of you. i'm brooke baldwin. let's begin with isis. we know the leader of isis is vowing to "erupt volcanoes of jihad everywhere." that's a direct quote. the u.s. may be reconsidering whether combat troops should head to the battlefield. president obama said he would not order u.s. ground combat forces to fight isis in syria or iraq but the message is this. the message from the president's top military advisers is not so definitive. take a listen. >> i'm not predicting at this point that i would recommend that those forces in mosul and along the border would need to be accompanied by u.s. forces but we're certainly considering it. >> but it is why a change in strategy may be needed that is so disturbing. this new report from


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