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tv   Reliable Sources  CNN  November 16, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning. i'm brian stelter. it's sunday, november 16th, and it's time for "reliable sources." ferguson, missouri, on edge today waiting to find out if darren wilson will be indicted. >> fake media is not allowed in ferguson. >> it's the media versus the protesters. you will see the confrontation. and an american correspondent in china speaking truth to power and then being ignored. see why president obama says he was impressed. and later millions of zens wrote messages to an obscure government agency. i'll tell you why john olver is getting the credit. we begin this morning with this. bill cosby is an american icon, one of the most popular television stars in the history of the media. for many people it's almost imobviously to believe that bill cosby or cliff huxtable, could be accused of sexual assault, but this week there was a firestorm surrounding allegations that he did sexual
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assault several women. these charges are not new. they were first brought up in 2005. one woman sued and another one public on the "today" show with allegations. but cosby was never charged with any crime. his representative says he does not want to address old allegations but through his attorneys he has emphatically denied these charges in the past. this latest chapter began on monday on twitter when cosby posted a comical picture of himself and invited comment. hundreds of people commented and retweeted, some of them with disturbing references to rape. on thursday this. an editorial in the waup "the w post" bione of the women who says cosby assaulted her. she says it began when she was just 17 years old. she has gone to reporters repeatedly through the years to get her story out. so did the media, at least up until now, bury this story? or were journalists being properly cautious about inflammatory charges against a
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beloved entertainer? >> amid all the news press coverage, scott simon could not ignore the allegations. while he was interviewing cosby about other topics, he asked about the charges and then cosby refused to say a word. this happened on saturday. listen. >> this question gives me no pleasure, mr. cosby, but there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days. you're shaking your head no. i'm in the news business. i have to ask the question. do you have any response to those charges? shaking your head no. there are people who love you who might like to hear from you about this. i want to give you the chance. all right. >> for now at least cosby's strategy is no comment. so let's hear from barbara bowman. barbara is joining me in the
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studio. thank you for being here. >> thank you, brian. >> i'm interested in this for so many reasons, and horrified by what you say you've gone through with this man. i'm really interested in hearing your impressions of the media coverage because you're now experiencing something people rarely ever experience, the attention that no one would ever want to experience. why do you think for many years more journalists did not take your allegations seriously? >> that is such a good question and not asked enough. i'm really glad we're going to touch on that because i think you touched on some of the issues in your opening. i think it's a little bit of all of that. i think that journalists feel that they do have an obligation to kind of take caution when they are reporting. i also think there's -- >> caution but maybe too much caution? >> yes, i would say too much caution. the fact that he has a show coming out perhaps this summer in my opinion is a little bit on the irresponsible side of a
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network to be endorsing. >> so you think nbc needs to back away from the program they're developing? >> i think they need to take a good, hard look at what is important to them, and with the allegations, it's not that it's just me. there's 13 of us on record that were going to testify in a court of law. there are others. it is a big deal. what happens is victims don't come out. they don't talk. they're ashamed, they're embarrassed, they're scared, they're intimidated, they're pushed into darkness and shame and fear by the perpetrator, especially when we're dealing with someone like bill cosby who has this reputation of being the straight, wonderful, awesome, honest, loving, wise dad figure that everybody wants to snuggle up with. my dad, my dad, my dad. the media -- i wish that there were more gutsy journalists to take that on, but i also -- i have to have a somewhat -- some
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empathy for the journalists because i think sometimes there are situations when they feel their hands are tied. >> tied, why is that? what have you heard from them? >> because i know that journalists don't want to make enemies. this is a small, small world in this industry, and to directly attack something like this can be a little bit hard. i don't agree with it, but i do believe that that happens. >> i would expect it would be more than a little bit hard. i think you're probably underestimating it. >> perhaps i am. i would -- i'm very, very pleased that this has come out this harsh, this heavy, this much so quickly. it's been -- >> i have to say when i hear you say this harsh, this heavy, are you out to get him? >> i am not out to get him anymore. i will say this is not about me being a victim. i am a victim's advocate. back then it was about fear, darkness, shame. the people that i did tell didn't believe me, did nothing
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about it, and made me feel dirty and scared and it was not a subject that you touched. when i went to an attorney in 1989, he literally laughed at me. he was the second person that did that to me. >> i can imagine them not wanting to go to the press if even a lawyer is laughing at you. >> i was afraid to go to the police let alone the press. when i was 18, 19 my agenda was stop this man. when i realized that wasn't happening, in 2004 when is woman did file charges and we were slated to testify on her behalf, my agenda then is what it is today, support. support for the survivors, support for the victims. when she came out, her name was being dragged through the mud. no one believed her. he was good old cosby, good old dr. huxtable and they called her terrible names and i said when i read that, i said i believe her because it happened to me and i'm going to stand by her because i want her story -- she
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had the ability to get it in front of the media. she had the ability to have a team of people to take it to a court of law. i didn't. my statute of limitations was long gone. i had no monetary incentive to do anything. so if i talk until the day i die, i cannot have this man prosecuted for the crimes that he committed against me. however, i can be a voice and i can be a pioneer to pave the way, to shatter the silence for other women and that's always been my agenda and that's what i continue to hope for. >> barbara, thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> there are lots of follow-ups to come here and i think one of them is going to be about nbc, but what they decide to do with that program that's in development with cosby. i have to take a quick break. when i come back, there is dread in ferguson, missouri. it's a racial tinderbox as everyone awaits a grand jury decision. i will show what you some citizen journalists who call themselves live streamers are doing to bring attention to their troubling situations there. it is some disturbing video you will see when they return. we re.
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this morning and every morning these kays ferguson, missouri is on edge. the whole metropolitan st. louis area is on edge awaiting news on whether officer darren wilson will be indicted for the death of michael brown. it almost looks like preparations for a hurricane is stores being boarded up and residents being urged to be prepared at home with bottled water and plenty of food.
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some residents do not want the media there. ferguson activists in particular feel that the media is out to get them, out to be against them. so they're making their own media instead. they're writing blog posts and they're posting live videos to the internet with their cell phones. these live streamers are sometimes competing with professional journalists like cnn's own sara sidner. sometimes what they do adds to the store but other times it's openly hostile to the professional media. look what happened here when tensions boiled over. >> fake media is not allowed in ferguson. fake media got to go. we holing you all accountable. >> cnn told me that the protesters were violent and that they ended officers who were equipped with riot gear and their weapon of choice was [ bleep ] a water bottle. >> you all keep lying we will shut you down in atlanta, too. >> even if i didn't work with sara, i would say these pretty
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scary stuff. it's disturbing to watch. things are somewhat more peaceful now and sara is standing by to tell me about tensions with protesters. i want you to hear from one of them directly, in fact that man you just saw there. he joins me from ferguson this morning. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me about that confrontation the night that sara sidner was shouted down by a group of protesters. what happened from your point of view? >> sara, she's a great reporter. it was nothing personal against her. it was against basically just the whole entity of the mainstream media. we're not going for that no more. as a citizen journalist we have a duty to let people know that there's a problem with stuff and we're going to address that from now on. we're not going to be just laying back and letting anybody paint whatever narrative they want when it comes to our community. >> what is it that the mainstream media has been reporting and saying that you think is wrong? >> well, every time i hear a protest, i hear violent. i don't hear nothing else but
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that when it's been nothing but peaceful. we haven't hurt a cop, we haven't touched any of them. we haven't made any aggression towards them. it's vice versa. we haven't heard of that. we heard the narrative of the state's office and the police. when it comes to the street, you have to go online or the street to get that. >> take me back to august. before that you weren't on twitter, you weren't live streaming. why did you decide to become a citizen journal snis. >> because i'm a palestinian. i know what the media can do. it can demonize a people for something that me being from both cultures. i was born and raised in st. louis in the ferguson area along with north st. louis and i saw something on tv that i didn't see reflected on the streets. so, you know, i was, you know, felt obligated to report what the people are thinking and saying, you know, it's because there's corporations, media, everybody has an agenda. me, i don't have an aigenagenda. i just want this to stop. i have been victimized permly by
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police so i can know what they can do. >> what do you think an agenda of a media company like cnn's is? >> to get news. to keep getting views, whatever that is. to keep it relevant, to keep that entity relevant, to make sure that everybody has got to rely on them for what's going on. all their reporting for -- like most people before a story is even ran, they have their mind made up. so it's really just appeasing people for what they want. >> i get the sense -- >> the media empowers violence and empower that stuff. when it comes down to it, if the quick trip didn't burn down, nobody would have been there. >> show me how you do it? is it just your cell phone? is that all it is? >> this is all you need. you snead your cell phone, the charger and a battery pack. you have whatever app you like to use. live stream, you stream, band user. you just download it, connect it to your social media and it's one button away from broadcasting live. that helps you spread your message. >> i agree with you.
8:16 am
let me play a sound bite from your live stream from one of the times where it did seem to get very tense. >> what are you doing here, bro? the [ bleep ] out of here with your coward ass boys. >> that's the voice of basim maz ri. >> straight pig out here. straight [ bleep ]. you got to go. your life is in danger, homey. you better go. >> reporter: another officer faced this. >> head up your [ bleep ]. >> citizens surround him and chant. >> shoot, shoot, shoot. >> i'm praying for your death. i'm praying for your death and your death and your death. >> that's from a local news package. aren't you trying to provoke the police, trying to get more views? >> i'm just a citizen. i'm a citizen journalist or whatever you want to call it. i didn't ask for none of this. when i put my live stream up, i did you tell it to protect us. don't mean any of the stuff i
8:17 am
say. year not trying to provoke violence. if they were to go and watch that particular live stream, me, myself, i have stopped a couple things from happening. i try to keep -- >> i suppose -- >> i try to keep them focused on the police. >> thank you so much for being here. i appreciate hearing your perspective. >> thanks. >> he is not the only live streamer out at protests in ferguson. nom sights there are seven or eight of them and there may be more. let me bring in sara sidner also in ferguson. what are the protesters' main complaints to you about the media coverage. you have been there for at least a month, right? >> reporter: yeah, two actually, and we hear a lot of things. a lot of times it's on social media with people haranguing us in any way they can. >> the twitter wars get really ugly, don't they? >> reporter: yeah. they do. i'm used to it and i think most journalists who are here are used to it.
8:18 am
you know, one of the big complaints is that whenever the mainstream media talks about these protests, they always bring up the violence. they talk about the riots. they talk about the tear gas. they talk about the looting. on a wheel almost, constantly. and over the past 90 or so days, there really hasn't been any of that. that happened a few times, and, yes, we had to report that. of course we did and of course we're not going to not report something like that. but over the past 90-plus days, that has not been the case. have there been scuffles? yes. have people gotten arrested for standing in the street and refusing to leave? yes. but they've also done plenty of days of peaceful protests where they are loud, but they are not violent. and that is one of the things. another thing is something very specific. they complain that when the police put out, for example, a press release about what happened the night before, which they do daily, that sometimes
8:19 am
the media will only report what the police say and not report what the protesters say. >> sara, given all the time you have spent in war zones in the past, are there similarities now in ferguson? >> reporter: brian, i'm so glad you asked that. i know some people will -- i'ming criticized for this as well. >> it's an awkward thing to even ask. >> reporter: it is awkward. it is awkward, but, you know, there are lots of similarities on the feeling here, and that is, you know, i covered the israeli/palestinian conflict, and for every word you said, you were condemned by one side or the other, and people would say, well, you're pro this or pro that. the same exact thing is happening here on a daily basis. people are listening to every single word we say. anyone that is focusing in on ferguson, whether it's folks who live here or folks who live outside of here who are looking at what's happening here, and so what you'll notice on twitter is i'm getting some of the same
8:20 am
you're biased about this or biased about that. both sides saying the same thing coming at journalists. does it look the same? are there ak-47s in the streets? no. but it's similar on how people see us covering the story. >> basically what we're seeing a the democratization of media. there are some same larts between that and my next story. it's about one local tv station and why they should be embarrassed by their coverage of this picture. that's the minneapolis mayor. i'll tell you why that's become controversial and try to untangle it right after this. sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned...
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now to something i think is truly an example of shoddy journalism and it begins with this question. did the mayor of minneapolis really flash a gang sign on
8:25 am
camera? you might think so if you had watched this newscast from abc affiliate kstp last week. >> law enforcement sources alerted us to a photo that has them fuming over the actions of minneapolis mayor betsy hodges. >> they want to know why the mayor would take a picture with a convicted criminal while he and the mayor flash gang signs? 5 eyewitness news reporter jay coles obtains that photo and explain why they think the mayor has put the public at risk. >> it's a story you will see only on 5 because i'd argue it's not a story at all. here is part of the report's report. >> reporter: this is a photo of minneapolis mayor betsy harges arm in arm with a man flashing what law enforcement agencies tell us is a known gang sign for a north side gang. sort records show the man with the mayor has several recent convictions including two felonies for selling and possessing drugs and illegal
8:26 am
possession of a gun. he's currently sentenced to five years in prison but won't serve that time if he stays out of trouble for the next three years. law enforcement sources tell us they found this photo on the man's facebook page while they were doing investigative work. they say there's in evidence he belongs to a gang, but they say he has connections to gang members. a spokesperson concludes by saying, quote, she and the man in the photo are just pointing at one another to which the head of the police union says. >> she's been around long enough, she knows better. >> john delmon co-is the president of the minneapolis police federation. >> when you have the mayor of a big city with a known criminal throwing up gang signs, that's terrible. >> reporter: he says it crosses a line and puts police in a bad spot. >> is this something that could incite gang violence in the city? and for as critical as she can be with the cops, is she going to support gangs in the city or cops? >> so here is the key part. they were just pointing at each
8:27 am
other. and it's obvious. when you look at this, this is video that shows the pair snapping a quick picture today, awkwardly posing together as they walked the streets for a get out the vote campaign, which coles only mentioned late in the piece. here is the man in the photo,n ovell gordon on that day. >> promise you we want you to get out and vote. get more people in your community involved. >> why do you come out to get out the vote? >> i made some mistakes in life, you know. i can't vote, i'm not ashamed to say that, but i'm working on fixing that right now so i can vote for my next president. >> so a couple things here. gordon does have a criminal record but says he's not in a gang and that the two were just pointing. here is what this story is really about. the mayor and the police in that city seem to be at war, and it's been true for a while. the mayor says she thinks the head of the police union is trying to discredit her reforms. now,k stp is not backing down.
8:28 am
they say they accurately reported what they were told by the police. this has become known on the web as pointer gate. one twitter user wrote, you too dalai lama. another one writes just look at these two thugs flashing gang signs at one another. this pass the start of all our problems. all laughs aside, what happened here is serious. it's about reporting and also about race, and i have two cnn contributors here to analyze it all. errol lewis is the director 69 urban reporting program. and mark lamont hill is a host on huff post live and a professor of african-american study at morehouse college. you know, i don't even know where to start. you work in a local tv station newsroom. how do you think this happened? >> i think part of what happens is people get a story in their
8:29 am
head, and if they're going to be lazy about it and laziness is basically a species of unprofessional behavior, you just run with it. take your source and say it's an official source, the police are -- peel just report the controversy. they just couldn't have been more wrong. off camera by the way, if you do a little bit more reporting on it, the police chief was standing next to the mayor. the police chief and the mayor there with this guy gordon. i thought it was comedy, frankly. i thought it was a dave chappelle skit. >> is all this deliberate? >> i don't know if it's delibera deliberate. i think that's part of the problem. when you look at race and racism in media we often reduce it to the level of intentionality. that's not the point. the point is that it was so easy to believe this story. the fact is they wouldn't even feel the need to investigate a story like this. it speaks to the problem as well. this isn't the first time it happened. in ferguson when they brought in the black officer to help reduce some of the tension, he threw up
8:30 am
his fraternity sign and they said he was posing with gang signs. that was a few months ago. you'd think we'd learn from that mistake. no matter who you are, there's still this tendency to find the lowest common denominator when we speak about certain types of people in the media. >> and the station has doubled down, tripled down, defended themselves for days after. i wonder if that's the worst sin. >> it is the worst sin. you can get a story wrong but the trust with the viewers is broken when you don't -- when confronted with an obvious problem, an obvious flaw, sort of go re-examine it, go from scratch, apologize, just say, look, it's a busy newsroom, we got it wrong, we're not afraid to say it. all that matters to us is the truth. something other than the truth is the primary consideration in this newsroom and that is the problem. >> mark lamont hill, errol louis, thank you for breaking it down. to you, to.
8:31 am
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8:36 am
storieses. this morning it's about breaking news on immigration. take a look at this. from msnbc on thursday afternoon, there is says, the graphic, breaking news, gop immigration outrage. no, wait, that's not breaking news. that's the opposite of breaking. that's persistent news. let's fast forward the tape a couple hours to msnbc's al sharpton. let's see if this is breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news, bold action planned by the president to reform our broken immigration system. "the new york times" reports president obama could protect up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from getting deported, and he may announce his plan as soon as next week. >> now, there it is. that is serious breaking news. washington is waiting. the whole country is waiting for obama's executive actions on this, but partisans in the media are not waiting to react. the biggest red news outlet, fox news, broke some news about
8:37 am
this. fox got ahold of obama's plan ahead of time and that's what megan kelly led her show with on wednesday night. she had republican senator jeff sessions standing by to condemn it. >> and every one of these individuals are going to be given a photo i.d., a social security number, and the right to take a job in america, jobs that too few exist and too many americans are looking for. it's just the wrong policy and it will incentivized more illegality in the future. >> notice what the banner said, it said plan may let millions of illegals stay. "the times" headline said plans may allow millions of immigrants to stay and work. it's not the numbers in dispute, it's not the facts or the figures, it's the language, it'ses narrative. by thursday the fox narrative
8:38 am
was by lawlessness. this clip has megan setting up charles krauthammer to talk about the "i" word. >> we're in new and unchartered waters and that's why some say republicans have no choice but to call out that perceived lawlessness and do something as politically unpopular as impeach him. >> look, i believe it is an impeachable offense. >> there it is, the "i" word, impeachment. check out this headline with a crown illustration. his executiveness, barack obama, will decree an imperial amnesty. that's the red news narrative. werd heard it before on obamacare. what you will never hear on fox is the blue news narrative. that's a very different one. it's about families being wrecked by deportations and about a president standing up for what's right and delivering on a campaign promise. check out these two sound bites from msnbc. >> so following the precedent of
8:39 am
previous presidents, the president is taking unilateral action that is going to burnish his legacy and live for a very long time. remember, you can toss around abstractions like amnesty. we're talking about 500 -- 5 million real people, real families who either have to live in the shadows, they're not all going to be deported, that's impossible, or have their lives legalized and regularized in some way. >> these are american families that are being torn apart by a policy that doesn't work. >> so why can't a story like that move conservatives? >> i don't understand how anyone continue see the pro-family aspects of what we're talking about here. >> i'll try to answer that question for you. it's because red news and blue news are talking about two separate things. in this case msnbc is talking about what they will say is morality while fox is talks about what they would say is legality. morality and legality. i hope it's not a preview of the debate to come once obama takes
8:40 am
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. this week one reporter got to do something that very few people have ever done before, stand face-to-face with one of the
8:45 am
world's most powerful men, chinese president xi jinping, and ask a question. with we watch the press pepper president obama with questions pretty much all the time, but this china that almost never happens. that's why this week was extraordinary. and it happened thanks in part to the white house, which pressured the chinese leader to take just one question during a joint news conference. the lucky reporter was my former colleague from "the new york times," mark landler. maybe there's some irony here because china does not much like "the times" for its critical reporting about the country. it's even forced one of "the times" reporters to leave the country and it's making it hard for others to enter. it's one of the things that mark asked about. watch. >> several news organizations from the united states have had issues with residency permits in china being denied. isn't it time to extend that sort of right to foreign
8:46 am
correspondents who seek to cover your country? >> so there it is. and at first the chinese leader completely ignored the question. then eventually he circled back to it. there is quite a backstory here, so i caught up with mark right after he left china to hear the story behind the story. he joined me earlier from obama's next stop, myanmar. mark, thatinks so much for joing me. >> pleasure, brian. >> take me into the room, maybe things we couldn't see in the television coverage. did the chinese president look uncomfortable at all taking your question or answering your question? >> i'd say candidly, brian, he just looked irritated. he looked like a kind of a guy who's not used to having people talk back to him. and, you know, i thought to some extent the fact that he blew it off initially was a nice way of saying, look, i'll get to you, you know, when i'm ready for you, and meantime i'm going to talk to my own friendlier journalists. >> take me through the chain of
8:47 am
events. at first it seemed like you weren't going to get an answer to the key question about visas for journalists. >> yeah, that's right, brian. what happened is i asked a question first of president obama and then of president xi. president obama answered, put in his earpiece to hear the translation and turned to president xi, and president xi basically gestured to get the next question. and a reporter from "the people's daily" asked a question, and he gave a very lengthy prescripted answer. you knew it was prescripted because he was reading from notes. as he did that, president obama kind of made this brief face to the audience. he shrugged his shoulders and had a slight smile on his face to say, well, that didn't work out too well. aid split second where i thought of protesting and raising my hand and saying, i'm sorry, sir, you didn't answer my question. that's where i felt like i'm in this president's country. it's a very unusual set of
8:48 am
circumstances. and i just sort of decided on the spur of the moment to not protest and see what happened, and, indeed, what did happen is after he was finished giving the lengthy answer to the chinese journalist, he then circled back to my question and wound up not only answering it, but answering it in fairly strong and complete terms. so, you know, i certainly got my question answered, just not quite in the traditional order. >> and he did seem somewhat dismissive of the question or of the topic, i mean, saying that essentially it's the newspapers or the news organizations' problem that they have to deal with. how did you react as a journalist at the "new york times" hearing his answer? >> i was a bit surprised by how blunt he was in the context of that news conference with the president of the united states standing next to him. so for president xi to answer it as dismissively as he did really shows you where he's coming from on press freedom issues. >> mark, wrapping up here, is
8:49 am
this the kind of moment, this question to the chinese president, that you're going to tell your kids about, your grand kids come day? is this the kind of thing you will remember for the rest of your life? >> yeah, there's no question, brian. you have had this experience, too. you have a few career moments, things that happen. you know, sometimes they happen all at once, like this, other times it's something you worked on for a long time. but certainly this was high on my lirs and particularly as someone who has written about china and lived in hong kong and come into china a great deal, it was especially meaningful that it happened there and not somewhere else. >> mark landler, thanks so much for being here. >> happy to, brian. >> one postscript, a couple days after all that, president obama said he was impressed that landler got that answer. even though it wasn't the answer "the times" wanted to hear. he urged maernl journal irss to keep chipping away and, quote, see if we can make progress. ahead, i will explain why john olver deserves some credit for a
8:50 am
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welcome back to "reliable sources." professors and comedians don't have much in common, but here is something they accomplished together. they made net neutrality into a story so big and so important that president obama supported it this week. the father of net neutrality is here, and first of all, what is net neutrality? we we can sum it up in one sentence, all of the articles and the information on the
8:55 am
internet should be treated neutrality so that the big companies cannot take advantage of the fast lanes and start-ups don't get stuck in slow lanes. one sentence, and that is how it works right now, and advocates like president obama wants to keep it that way, and it is a debate of how to keep it that way. it is a debate not getting a lot of attention from the mainstream news media, but it is attention from the men who make fup of the news. this is from the university of delaware article showing that jon stewart and steven kphen co watchers are more familiar with the net neutrality than the cable news watchers and their jokes ha jokes have been downright journalistically. >> net neutrality are going to cause more boredom in the english language. >> and here is the thing, net neutrality is hugely important. >> every site on the internet has to be e equally equal to the
8:56 am
user with whether it is a behemoth like google or obscure mom and pop site like bing. but folks, this court ruling, this recent court ruling ends all of that. >> it is like creating a carpool lane on the internet except for high occupancy lanes, only rich [ bleep ]s will be able to drive in it. >> and this is the our guest who created this term net neutrality. and so how is this now a term for the comedians who have now given it some credit to where the president came out on it. >> well, some voters care about this and they put the issue out there to make it hilarious, and something hard to explain to make it funny. >> and john oliver called on the viewers in hbo to write to the fcc and publish comments, and so how many comments?
8:57 am
>> well, big event is 400 comments, and they got 4 million. >> how many attributed to ol rer? >> at least a million. but it is hard to say. >> and the server did crash because of oliver, so we know that it was that impact. >> well sh, know knows the exac impact, but it snowballs and the fascinating speeches make a difference, but sometimes the comedians know a difference. >> and with oliver, it is a e remind reminder to do what is investigative comedy as they know it, and he is covering issues and making fun of it. >> well, i agree, and he got into deeply into the net neutrality into a way that nobody has, and the jokes are boring, but he got into it, and colbert, too, and it made a difference, because people were saying, what is going on. >> tim wu, thank you for coming on. >> you are welcome. and three things that you need to see and the first is the king of cable news, bill o'reilly. >> and bill does not like me much. this is him talking about me
8:58 am
rekre recently. >> thank you, bill o'reilly for teaching me how to conduct a smear campaign against a military family. >> we expect it from that guy who is a zealot who is left-h d left-handed reporter who has been masquerading as a reporter. >> well, we love our colleges, and bill deserves credit because he helped to save the daily free press by paying off part of a $70,000 debt they have, and the paper is now going to be able to keep publishing. i was at b.u., and they have a great journalism department there and thanks to bill and oth others the paper is a great laboratory for writers and editors. and now my other is about a fox editor mike huckabee, and he is getting ready to run for president or at least he is trying to start acting like it, and he has to give up the
8:59 am
saturday night show before he has to do that. so this is what he says. with we are looking at senator huckabee's recent activities and evaluating the status. recently, fox severed ties with ben carson because he is also thinking about a presidential bid. that is why huckabee is not far behind. h his show won't be on much long longer, and lastly, you have to see al roker finishing up the 34-hour weather broadcast friday earn i earning him a new guinness world record. i was so captivated that i had to walk by the streetside studio, and he snappeded a selfie of us, and if you saw the segment of pointer gate earlier, i can assure you that is not a gang sign. congratulations to al. this is all for this televised edition of "reliable sources." you can always go to and read all of our stories.
9:00 am
i have a huckabee story up there right now actually. i am back here next week. and stay with us as al franken is talking neutrality next on "state of the union" with candy crowley starting right now. isis releases a new video claiming to have beheaded another american, threatening to bring its violence to u.s. streets. today, the senate's number two democrat dick durbin on isis abroad and politics at home. plus the more things change, the more they seem the same. >> that's going to happen. that's going to happen before the end of the year. >> we're going to fight the president tooth and nail. >> the showdown over immigration with congressman xavier becerra, former bush attorney general alberto gonzalez and former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. then ted cruz calls it obamacare for the internet. >> he has it completely wrong. this is a free speech issue, too.