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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 18, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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here we go, watching cnn. i want to begin with breaking news. the holy city of jerusalem peering down the barrel of a potential eruption of killing after this gruesome terror attack on a jewish place of worship. even in the face of a recent spike in violence, israelis are absolutely stunned at what happened today at that synagogue in west jerusalem where these four rabbis, three from the united states were slain by two intruders screaming islamic religious slogans. according to witnesses, these assailants entered just before 7:00 a.m. bearing a gun, knives
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and even axes. and, as you can imagine, the scene is gruesome, but it really paints a realistic picture of what exactly happened and just a warning, i'm going to show you these images right now. take a look here inside of this ultra orthodox synagogue after the terror attack that killed the four rabbis and wounded the six others. i mean, you see this. short time ago, prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued this forceful response. >> i decided this evening to demolish the homes of the terrorists who committed this massacre and to accelerate t the -- homes of previous terrorists and to enforce law to make punishment more severe and to jaut law all sorts of organizations. and i also gave the orders to increase security in jerusalem. yes, defense deeds, as well, defense activities that we do.
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the citizens of israel are calling upon you to, please, be alert, abide by the law. we will pay all those terrorists and those who sent them, we have proven to be able to do so. but nobody, nobody must take the law into his or her hands. >> that attack, as we mentioned, happened in west jerusalem. the two attackers, both killed by police in a shootout were living in east jerusalem. neither was known to having deep political ties, no group thus far has credibly claimed to have sent them to that synagogue. but we have live reports for you from jerusalem coming up. but i also want to tell you at the top of this hour, the new york police department has issued a statement on the wake of this attack. with me here on those concerns regarding security, deborah feyerick. >> they have reached an unprecedented level within the last year.
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the nypd right now is paying close attention along with other police departments on what this means, the two palestinians that walked into that synagogue. a religious institution, not a military base, not a shopping mall, but a religious institution and slaughtered the rabbis. the nypd commissioner said the officers are working closely with the terrorism task force. he issued a statement a little earlier today saying they are monitoring all the developments in jerusalem. they're closely working with the fbi joint terrorism task force to monitor whatever other developments there might be. now, there's no known specific threat towards the united states, not at this time, but there is now increased presence around both synagogues and also around symbolic -- symbolic targets. because, clearly, anyone who wants to carry out an attack is going to look for an area and look for people who are not only vulnerable, but where the impact of that attack is the greatest. and that puts synagogues at the
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top of the list, brooke. >> thank you very much. heightened security within the nypd, meantime, response from the white house, president obama today calling the attacks horrific, saying there is no justification for killing innocent citizens. so let's go to washington with more on this reaction, our white house correspondent michelle kosinski. >> reporter: the white house strongly condemned what it called the senseless attack, as you said, the president said there is no justification for it. he was going into a meeting today with his top officials on the ebola crisis, you know, when this came up and he felt the need to respond to it. here's some of what he said today. >> the murders for today's acts represent the kind of extremism that threatens to bring all of the middle east into the kind of spiral from which it's very difficult to emerge in, and we know how this violence can get worse over time.
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but we have to remind ourselves that the majority of palestinians and israelis overwhelmingly want peace and to be able to raise their families knowing they're safe and secure. the united states wants to work with all parties involved to make that a reality and to isolate the kinds of extremists that are bringing about this terrible carnage. >> the white house had a lot to say. you heard that long statement from the president there. as he was going into a meeting on a completely different topic. also, the press secretary today weighed in. we had a paper statement from the president. and in some ways, they said the same things that, you know, now more than ever, it's time for israeli and palestinian leaders and citizens to work together. and called for three things. to reduce tensions, to reject violence, and move forward on a path to peace. it was also asked that the press secretary today, is president obama going to speak with any israeli leaders following this? and he said there were no meetings or calls planned.
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nothing to read out at this point. but that could very well happen in the near future. and this is obviously a big deal involving a close ally, it's such a horrific attack. and obviously, the white house really wanted to make a strong statement on that today, brooke. >> reporter: a very big deal. thank you so much. and, you know, in the hours after this horrific attack at a synagogue, the finger pointing has begun. our cnn chief national security correspondent. and, you know, there is -- let me be clear, there is no suggestion the palestinian authority favors these attacks. but we heard from benjamin netanyahu seems to be, you know, pointing the blame at mahmoud abbas, the palestinian authority president for inciting all of this. >> that's right. there is a suggestion very clear suggestion of responsibility. and when you look back, it's both statements from palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. a couple of things, one, he wrote a letter to a family of a
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palestinian man who killed a temple mount activist. this is the temple mount. it has become the real issue here. when he was shot, this young man was killed and mahmoud abbas wrote a letter to his family saying he would go to heaven as a martyr for what he did. earlier he'd accused israel of attempting, really in fact, sparking a religious war with the palestinians by, and this is the palestinian position by starting, it seems, to divide that very holy place there in the middle of jerusalem that both religions feel a tug for, but it's also, as well, palestinian president mahmoud abbas' party, which has called for a day of rage and response. it's that combination of things calling this shooter a martyr, accusing israel of starting a religious war. calling for days of rage, which israeli officials say incite attacks like the one we saw today. >> in addition to what we heard from netanyahu, i just talked live to the mayor of jerusalem
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who, too, sort of echoed the same sentiment over and over, mentioning how these attackers clearly were incited by hamas. and i'm just wondering if the white house agrees with this finger pointing. >> well, it's interesting. i don't know if the white house agrees, when you look at their statements, secretary kerry had a statement today. in addition to condemning the attacks. he said we need to hear from leaders who are going to lead their people to a different place saying in effect, palestinian leaders, you cannot be saying things like you've been saying here because that leads them to this very violent place that we're seeing. but i think also in that message, frankly, and i think we heard some of this from what michelle is hearing from the white house is that they are, while not declaring a moral equivalence, right, between an attack like this in the synagogue with anything that israel has done still saying that the only way out here is for both sides to ratchet down the tensions. and there has been criticisms for some of the things that
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extremist israelis have been doing in effect staking a claim to the temple mount, to the mosque area there. so you do have that while condemning the act while at the same time saying the only way forward is if leaders on both sides lead their people to a different place, a more peaceful place. >> easier said than done, it seems. thank you very much. washington, also take you live coming up to jerusalem as prime minister netanyahu has ordered the demolition, destruction of these terrorist homes. we'll talk about that. plus, back here in the u.s., the fbi now is issuing this new warning about ferguson as the grand jury is getting ready to reveal its decision in the michael brown shooting. and all of this comes as this new billboard sparks all kinds of backlash. we'll talk to one of these protests who says she's worried about supremacists here. and we are getting breaking news involving isis. there is now word iraqi security forces are taking back a major
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refinery. refinery that has been in the hands of terrorists. a standoff that has lasted months. tell you about the hundreds of bombs planted. stay with me, you're watching cnn.
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you're watching cnn. the fbi issued a bulletin about ferguson, missouri, a town right now sitting in a state of emergency. all of this is to prepare for what could come once a grand jury releases its decision.
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now, any day now, we don't when. any down this grand jury panel will decide whether darren wilson should be charged in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. the fbi now has warned law enforcement that quoting its bulletin now, the announcement of the grand jury's decision will likely be exploited by some individuals to justify threats and attacks against law enforcement and critical infrastructure. right, so that's from the fbi. and those individuals are likely the reason that the governor of missouri felt this need to declare the state of emergency so he could then call in the national guard. and as authorities are preparing there, so are people in ferguson. and some activists wanted to send out, quote, an intimate look at the climate on the ground. so they produce this video called ferguson speaks, here's a piece. >> i'm the mayor of the city of ferguson. >> the mayor of ferguson is [ bleep ]. he can't help us. he's not on our side.
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he's not -- >> brought a lot of things to light in the community. >> the statement, you know, ferguson is over this race problem, the anger. i can't understand it. it's like he lives in another world. >> i'm not here to try to validate the justice system because that's a lot of changes that need to occur. but then, but the indictment of darren wilson is the first step of many that need to take place. we've got to get him indicted first. >> no one is asking for darren wilson to be killed, no one's asking for him to be shot in the street, or be strung up like we have been for every decade of the century we've been here. we're asking him for him to be charged for the crime he committed in front of witnesses. >> you just saw in the ferguson speaks video. the co-founder of hands up united, lives in st. louis. thank you for spending a few minutes with me today, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me.
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>> you know, i watched that whole video earlier, and the first question i had is when you hear all of these voices and opinions and emotions. it seems to me this indictment of darren wilson really represents something much, much bigger than this one specific case. it seems to represent, you know, years of frustrations and injustices against minorities. and my question is, what if an indictment doesn't come. what will you do with this energy that's really coalesced? >> we're going to go outside. we're going to do nonviolent direct actions. actions of civil disobedience around the city. with the nonindictment. we need some answers, we feel that marching and chanting is how we get those things. >> what's your response to governor nixon there in missouri, his calling for the state of emergency ahead of what could be? >> i live on the north side of
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st. louis. i grew up on the west side of st. louis. i went to sumner. one of the poorest -- i live in one of the poorer zip codes in the state. i constantly live in the state of emergency. people walking down the street, i don't think that's a call for a state of emergency. if you look at the unemployment rate in missouri in the city, that's a state of emergency. look at homeless veterans who sleep at city hall, that's a state of emergency. not black and brown bodies hitting the floor chanting. i can't understand it. >> you know, i hear you and i can't even begin to understand what your experience is day-to-day. but i go back to a number that is sort of etched in my mind which is when we were covering the midterm elections and i talked to a lot of people in ferguson and st. louis. and i understand why you're frustrated, but i'm wondering why more people didn't vote, you know, that there's a lot of power in going out to the ballot box and voting for change.
12:18 pm
>> yeah. bob mccullough ran unopposed. he's the democrat. governor jay nixon, this is his last term. we had a county executive race with two people who never even came to the communities that they were asking to vote. so i know just voting for candidates, democrat or republican, no matter what you think you look like, because we have lacy clay who hasn't even spoken up on his first congressional district. so i don't think voting or just voting is the answer. i don't think ballot will protect me from tear gas and rubber bullets. >> let me ask you this. there have been a lot of signs and billboards coming up. i'd love to get your opinion on this group. they've raised several thousand dollars to get this billboard up in ferguson. the picture for everyone who is watching cnn is from the website
12:19 pm
of the same name. it's pants up - up -- #pantsupdon'tloot. the group behind it has ties to the pro-police organizations. have you seen this? your response to this billboard? >> yeah, heard about it. i heard it's on lindbergh. that's what we're dealing with. we're dealing with unchecked, you know, just systematic racism coming down from the top level from governor jay nixon who i would call -- and you have regular folks, racist folks, oppressive people arrogant in their racism and allowed to do that. they allowed the kkk to come on tv and say they're going to defend themselves and use lethal force, but the fbi's looking at peaceful protesters. i think the whole system is skewed on that point. >> let me end with just -- i hear you throwing out names and, you know, describing the governor of your state. but i guess the flip side, what
12:20 pm
would the alternative be if he didn't call this a state of emergency and didn't ready the national guard for who knows what could happen? what's the alternative? what would you propose? >> maybe sitting down with the people and the peaceful protesters and some of the youth leaders. he tends to sit with the comfortable people in suits or the comfortable people that haven't been out in the streets. so maybe if he can get in the room and listen to us and not only listen but take those orders and those demands that we release on august 18th, maybe we can start from there. but he has to start with police accountability for all the tear gas, rubber bullets, real bullets and pepper spray i got for 102 days later. >> thank you for taking the time with me and your candor. i truly appreciate it. and please don't miss our new documentary tonight. it's black in america series called "black and blue."
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soledad o'brien takes a look at aggressive tactics used within the new york police department. that is tonight 9:00 eastern here on cnn. again, thank you. could iraqi forces be turning the tide in the war on isis? the military was fighting isis for major prize. now some reason for optimism in that war. the breaking news just in. plus, today's bloody attack on a synagogue has provoked a swift reaction from israel to the united states. we will go live to jerusalem to find out how israelis are reacting. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. celebrate what's new, the bigger, better menu at red lobster! with more of what you love! try our newest wood-grilled combination! maine lobster, extra jumbo shrimp, and salmon! so hurry in! and sea food differently.
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all right. let's get to that breaking news from iraq where isis, the vicious terrorist group, as you well now has apparently suffered a setback. state-run tv is airing video of iraqi armed forces entering the country's largest oil refinery. isis has had the plant surrounded since july when it overran much of that territory north of baghdad. quickly, let me get to cnn international anchor michael holmes who has been to iraq many, many, many times. michael holmes, what can you tell me about this? >> yeah, some good news for the iraqi security forces, brooke. they took the town in the last couple of weeks. now, isis never controlled the refinery itself. but as you pointed out, had it surrounded. it's a key facility, not just because of the oil refinery, but the whole area is one that is
12:26 pm
strategically important. and for the iraqi forces to now be controlling that, it gives them a real foothold geographically to hit isis-held areas south of there and also give them a bit of a spring board for when hopefully they eventually move north toward mosul. a strategic victory for iraqi forces. >> you have the iraqi armed forces, help of the u.s. government, coalition air strikes, help of some friendlier militias. isis still holds one of the biggest cities, mosul. what's the status of that fight there? >> it's interesting when you talk about other friendlies. reportedly involved in that field battle, too, for the city itself. >> huh. >> interesting bedfellows as we've pointed out in the past. you know, the thing the number of positives coming up in the last -- it's nice to say a
12:27 pm
couple of positive things. we've seen the new government. he's actually started arming some of those sunni tribes in anbar to try to get them to rise up against the isis militants which are really just west of the capital. we also saw him put a broom through the upper echelons. everyone from the iraqi military commander to the head of baghdad command. all of them tossed out and new people coming in. he basically got rid of a couple of the capable generals that the americans used to work with and replaced him with his own lackeys. so that's some good news, as well. and we even saw the iraqi president visiting saudi arabia a week or so ago, which would have been unthinkable. he was accusing the saudis of backing terrorists.
12:28 pm
the idea of takiing mosul in th short or near term future, unlikely. they've got more footholds. is it turning the tide? no. it's not at the moment. some positive signs at last in the fight. you mentioned the militias working with the army. got to watch them, too. some of those militias themselves. they have been accused of their own atrocities as they go into some of these isis towns and take out their own revenge. got to watch the behaviors of them. you know, i've got to say, it's nice to see something positive. >> some progress, michael holmes. some progress. we will take -- i appreciate you very much. ahead, maybe the white house does not negotiate with terrorists. what about the families of hostages. should they be allowed to pay to get their loved ones back? it would certainly be quite the price tag. the obama administration is reviewing america's policies. we have that for you. plus more on our breaking news out of israel today. the four rabbis, included three
12:29 pm
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bottom of the hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the two men who killed those four rabbis inside
12:33 pm
a jerusalem synagogue this morning. quoting him, came with great hatred and incitement for the jewish people and its state. and he blames the palestinian authority. ben wedeman is live for me in jerusalem. and i'm hearing, i'm hearing crowds, ben wedeman. what's happening behind you? >> reporter: yeah, down in the street below me, there are approximately 150 to 200 israelis, many of them chanting against the arabs. earlier they were chanting death to the arabs and other obscenities. this is in reaction, obviously, to the killing of those four rabbis this morning. we heard when prime minister netanyahu did give this speech that he warned people to stick to the law, not to take the law into their own hands. and the worry is that the passions whipped up by these murders this morning -- we were watching as police on horse and on foot were trying to keep the crowd under control, keep them
12:34 pm
back. now the last time i saw an angry crowd like this in the streets of jerusalem just a few hours later, a young palestinian in east jerusalem was kidnapped and murdered. it gives you an idea of how volatile the atmosphere in jerusalem is at the moment, brooke. >> talking to the mayor of jerusalem. he kept talking about wanting peace, fears of retaliation in those attacks. what about safeguards and security there in jerusalem and beyond. how are -- raised security, especially. this was a synagogue. holy sites. >> this is a -- place where the attack took place this morning is not an area that is normally the site of any trouble whatsoever. it's a quiet, religious neighborhood. but now we see the israeli police and security forces have a dual challenge. on the one hand, they want to prevent further attacks along the lines of what we saw this morning.
12:35 pm
they have gone and detained some of the relatives of the two palestinian attackers from the synagogue attack this morning. they've deployed extra forces in the flash point neighborhoods of east jerusalem. and at the same time, they have to deal with angry crowds of israelis in the street. many of them calling for revenge against palestinians. so it's a double challenge, which they've really got their hands full at the moment. brooke? >> you know, something else i wanted to ask you about. we heard from netanyahu who is talking specifically about something israel does. this policy of demolishing the terrorists' homes. why do this? >> this is a policy that was instituted, actually, by the british during the british mandate period. and it's for one to punish the families of people involved in violence. and as officials will tell you, it's a deterrent that there is a price to pay for tleez attacks.
12:36 pm
and they say in this instance, they're going to demolish the houses of the two palestinian assailants. and it may become a much more commonly implemented policy in an attempt, as i said. and israeli officials are saying to deter further attacks. brooke? >> okay. ben wedeman, thank you so much. in jerusalem, after 10:30 your time in the evening. could america change its policy on negotiating with terrorists. the white house is reviewing the rules as isis has now executed yet another american. one question many have asked, should ransoms be paid? plus, a beauty queen and her sister went to a party last week and then disappeared. while the biggest day of her life, the miss world pageant is days away. what has happened to her? that mystery coming up. ♪
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the president is reviewing u.s. policy on hostage negotiations. over the -- the tensions has intensified. there on the right side of your screen is the third american held hostage to die at the hands of isis. however, there is one very specific piece of this puzzle, will not be on the table. let's go -- why don't we again with that nonnegotiable, jake. >> well, whether or not the united states government will ever pay ransom for americans is different from some of our european allies. isis, for example, was --
12:41 pm
earlier this month. and reiterated today, that will not change in this review. >> the reason for that is simple. we don't want to put other american citizens at even greater risk around the globe. and that knowing that terrorist organizations can extract it only puts americans at greater risk. >> critics of the bergdahl swap earlier this year say there really isn't much of a difference when it comes to incentivizing the hostage taking of americans. either way, whether it is for a prisoner swap or for ransom, you are giving groups a reason to take americans hostage. but in any case, the undersecretary of defense is conducting this review right now. and i think some of the things
12:42 pm
that are talking about reviewing is whether or not it should be one designated point person to deal with these families, and other ways that the administration can deal with these families, and some of whom, as you know, have criticized the obama administration's handling of these cases. >> just to follow up on that point, isn't that part of the issue? and i was talking to a former hostage last hour, you know whoever is doing the negotiating or communicating has that information. you know, and is not sharing it with these families who are hanging on every word to know if their loved one is okay. do you think having, you know, this administration, do you think that may change? that, just communicating. >> yeah. the communication. well, there has been a lot of criticism, much of it behind the scenes. but there has been some strong criticism. you might remember after mr. foley was killed, was murdered by isis, his mother made some strong comments. and i think that, first of all,
12:43 pm
the person who has been in charge of this, the president's counterterrorism adviser is somebody that, to be quite honest just has a lot on her plate and maybe doesn't -- maybe isn't the person who should be dealing with the families. maybe there should be somebody else dealing with them. we're going to be talking to somebody else who was once a hostage, an investigative reporter and he was held captive by the taliban and pakistan until he escaped seven months into his captivity. and there were negotiations going on with the taliban trying to get money, trying to get prisoners in exchange for him and we'll talk to him and see what he thinks. he's been covering a lot of these families. >> thank you so much. we'll see you in 17 minutes from now. at the top of the hour. days before the world pageant, a beauty queen disappears. where did she go? what happened to her? is she in danger? that's ahead. ring ring!
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call and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. days before she was set to head to london for this pageant, this beauty queen went missing. vanished. miss honduras world and her sister have been missing since thursday. they were last seen getting into a car after attending a party. let's go to our senior affairs editor rafael romo and begin there. what details do you have on her
12:48 pm
disappearance and the search for her? >> brooke, there's a new twist in the investigation. four people are now being held in the disappearance. the honduran national police say among those being held, listen to this, brooke, are sophia's boyfriend, that is the older sister, and the owner of a place they visited on thursday. but police aren't saying why exactly. now, the beauty queen went missing thursday and there's no signs of her whereabouts. supposed to travel this week to london to represent honduras in the miss world pageant to be held on december 14th. the 19-year-old and her sister disappeared last thursday after attending a birthday party in the city in western honduras. and their mother seems to believe they were both kidnapped. let's listen. >> reporte >> translator: i asked them. don't make me suffer this much anymore, please return them to me. i don't know why they took them anyway.
12:49 pm
>> now she's a very well known model. she's been working for a tv show in honduras. she was a finalist in the miss teen honduras in 2012 in a regional beauty pageant in august. brooke, she beat 18 contestants to win the crown in april and she was supposed to fly, like we said before. back to you. >> we'll stay in contact with you, let us know when they hopefully find her and her sister. everyone has a story, and story corps is helping everyone tell them. ahead, he'll tell us his own story and his dream for how he will spend that money. story telling coming up. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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. well, here's something i don't get to say very often, maybe never before. the united states recorded below freezing temperatures. yikes. look at that map. even the big island of hawaii dipped down to 31 degrees at one of its weather stations. the last time it was this cold, it was november 1976. and snow blankets more than half of the country. are you ready for this? are you ready for this? i don't know. the biggest accumulations are around the great lakes where the water is relatively warm adding lots of moisture to the air. in some places, it is coming
12:54 pm
down at a rate of 4 to 5 inches an hour. hello, it's not even thanksgiving and this is what somebody's yard looks like? this is buffalo, new york. some areas have 2 to 3 feet of snow on the ground and even snowplows are reportedly getting stuck. before it's over, the area of buffalo could be facing up to 6 feet of snow. stay in if you can. man. i'm biased, let me put that out there. story corps has reported tens and thousands of people. this oral history project documenting their stories of coming back from deployment, being robbed at gunpoint, a former cowboy stunt double that considers legends like john wayne family. listen to just a snippet. >> i'm going to have to go out and fall off a horse, a broken
12:55 pm
couple of ribs here, bruises, i lived pretty dangerously for 35, 40 years there. guys like roy rogers and john wayne, all these guys, well, they were like my relatives. and then i woke up one morning and they had all gone. >> so now the founder of story corps is the newly rescipient o a nonprofit called t.e.d. it's super, super top secret but dave is joining me now. it's such a pleasure. i love what you all do. >> thank you so much. >> not to start this with such a morbid thought but i was at my grandmother's funeral last week and sitting there listening to the pastor talking about how she came from preair conditioning and things like that, i hope to pass that along in my own family
12:56 pm
and i'm wondering how that began with you? >> i hope you'll come to storycorps to remember your grandma. you won't have a chance to record her but this is second best. it's a very simple idea. we have booths across the country where you can come with a loved one and you have a conversation with, say, your grandma for 40 minutes and they are always very intense conversations. the microphone gives you the license to talk about things you don't normally get to talk about. at the end of the 40 minutes, you get a cd or digital copy and another one comes to us and goes to the library of congress. so some day, generations, great, great, great grandchildren will get to know your grandmother through her voice and story. >> were you told stories as a kid? >> this is more about sitting with someone who matters to you, look them in the eye, keeping your mouth shut and letting them talk and saying, who are you, what have you learned in life, how do you want to be remembered. i think listening to someone
12:57 pm
else can be the most amazing gifts we can give to somebody. >> speaking of listening, this is one more story. >> i just hugged the man that murdered my son and i instantly knew that all that anger and the animosity, all the stuff i had in my heart for 12 years for you, i knew it was over, that i had totally forgiven you. >> as far as receiving forgiveness from you, sometimes i still don't know how to take it because i haven't totally forgiven myself yet. it's something that i'm learning from you. >> can you tell me a little bit more about those two? >> sure. that's a man named oshea israel and a woman named mary robertson. he got in a fight at a party with her son when he was 16 and murdered him. and many years into his prison sentence, mary wanted to find out who this person was that
12:58 pm
murdered her only child and went and talked to him. obviously it was very difficult. she was very, very, very angry and she developed friendship. by the time he got out of prison, he ended up moving in next door to her. this was recorded pretty soon after he got out of prison and it's the two of them talking about their friendship, their relationship. at the end of it, she calls him son. it's remarkable. these are the kind of story -- we've recorded about 55,000 stories. >> 55,000? >> yes. and it's pairs of people. so it's about 100,000 of people and it's in thousands of places across america and to me it's the real american story. we don't hear about them much but they are the stories of courage and wisdom and decency that mark who we are as a country when you get down to it. >> here you are, i'm sitting next to the big t.e.d. winner and you have until march something, march 17th to say, here's my wish for what i want. >> yeah. >> they told me that you cannot tell me but do you know what it
12:59 pm
is? >> i have a good feeling about that, yeah. i feel like it was a very unlikely winner of this thing but it was a great surprise. on monday it turns out there's a $1 million prize and we're going to further the industry of story corps. i had not heard of t.e.d. and since then i've learned a ton about them and they've got this incredible global reach. we're going to take the simple idea of storycorps, this idea of listening, of communicating in an authentic way. it's the opposite of reality tv. no one comes to get rich or famous. it's just an act of generosity and we're going to mary it to the global reach of t.e.d. >> thank you. you're an amazing person. thank you so much. storycorps, if you've never heard of it, get on it. dave, thanks very much. that's it for me. i'm brooke baldwin.
1:00 pm
stay right here. let's go to washington. my colleague, jake tapper "the le lead" starts right now. so think about this. more americans have been killed in israel by palestinian terrorists in the last month than have been killed by isis since the beginning of that group. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. three american rabbis slaughtered in a synagogue in seven minutes this morning by act-wielding terrorists. the fbi dispatched to investigate the deadly scene while the prime minister pledges to respond with a heavy hand. is this holy war heating up again? the national lead, arctic chill, polar plunge, tenth avenue freeze out, whatever you want to call it, it's cold in all 50 states, even in hawaii. but for those in buffalo already blanketed by wte