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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 18, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> . >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> great to have you with us. i'm john vause. tough talk from both sides in the aftermath of a deadly attack on a jerusalem synagogue. we'll look at what if anything needs to be done now to try to deescalate the situation. >> also ahead, as protesters gear up for a grand jury decision in the michael brown shooting, residents of ferguson, missouri, worry about what could come necessary. >> and some areas in the u.s. could receive up to six inches of snow.
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>> fishlgts confirm they demolished the home of a palestinian driver suspected in a deadly attack last month and the homes of tuesday's assail t assailants are next. >> their attack killed five people and mr. netanyahu is accusing of the palestinian authority of inciting the violence. >> benjamin netanyahu condemning the terror attack. >> today in the middle of morning prayers, while covered in prayer shawls, four rabbis were massacred, four jews, innocent jews. >> police say two palestinian men armed with butcher knives and a pistol entered the building in an orthodox neighborhood in west jerusalem. the assailants traveling from
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east jerusalem killing five men. three americans with dual citizenship. a british man with israeli citizenship was killed. and a police officer who was critically wounded at the scene and died later in hospital. seven others were injured. this video shows israeli soldiers trying to enter the synagogue to stop the attackers. who were then shot and killed by police. israeli authorities calling this one of the deadliest terror attacks in the city in years. >> what you saw today is slaughter of innocent people while they're praying in a synagogue. if the world doesn't unite against terrorism and give zero excuses for terrorism, this will haunt the world. >> a spokesman for hamas, quickly praising what happened as justifiable revenge for the de of a palestinian bus driver
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found hanged in his bus sunday. the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas condemned the attack. netanyahu promised to respond with a heavy hand. >> i decided this evening to demolish the homes of the terrorists who committed this massacre and the homes of previous terrorists. >> more now on israel's reaction on what it sees as the cause cause of the latest violence. a short time ago, i spoke to a spokesman for the israeli consulate general in new york. >> when the israeli prime minister vows to settle the score with every terrorist, what does that response look like? what does he mean? >> first and foremost, it means we are going to hunt down the terrorists infrastructure. those who invicite for violence.
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and those whob will be the inspiration for such horrendous attacks. the kind of reality we woke up to this morning is one of the most abominable ones, people went only to pray at 7:00 a.m. on a morning of what was supposed to be a beautiful day. it's really traumatized the hearts of our people in israel. >> the justice minister has barned ha a religious war is developing here and she added religious wars cannot be stopped. is anyone having a conversation about how to deescalate this? is there anything israel can do? and what should the palestinian authority be doing right now? >> there's nothing more than we want is to deescalate the situation. last weeng, the government announced it's temporarily removing the restrictions on temple mount, on the prayer of muslims exactly for that purpose. unfortunately the following day, the palestinian authority called for a day of rage.
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let us make it clear, the israeli government will have to do all it can to protect the lives of our citizens. but we have no sbles in more violence and bloodshed. deescalation, not only for the short term, but also for the long term. what can we do to bring down the level of hatred and incitement that's taking place on the palestinian street. do you know what it did to us to see them handing out candies on the streets of bethlehem and gaza? i can't tell you how revolting it is, not only immediately, but what does that say about the long-term prospects of achieving peace between us and the palestinians. >> it's not good. it was awful, it was horrendous to watch. you brought up the temple mount and the israeli government said there will be no change to the status quo. >> absolutely.
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no change whatsoever. all of this discussion about change is down right inciteful. we have no sbepgs to change anything with the status quo. and the entire discussion about the potential change is so volatile, as you indicated, it's -- we're on the verge -- this is gunpowder. >> but at the same time, there was a debate at the beginning of the year, very heated debate about changing the status quo, allowing jews to vote. it never went through. to pray rather, excuse me. it never went through. but it was a heated debate. there has been calls from some very conservative nationalistic israelis who do believe that jews should be able to pray up there. and whatever the merit is, what debate is out there. can the government do more to put an end to that? >> at the end of the day, israel is a democracy. people can express their opinions and desire, but at the end of the day, the only organ that will determine the policy is the israeli government.
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and as you know, things you can say when you're in the opposition are very different from things you see when you're leading the country. i think the actions of the israeli government clearly show there is no reason for further escalation and there is no intention whatsoever to bring about any more volatility to what is already an explosive situation. >> there will be some very difficult days and weeks still to come. the spokesman for the consulate general of israel in new york, thanks very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me, john. may we see better days. >> may we endeed. we will continue to follow the story throughout the day on cnn. next hour we'll speak with the executive director of the palestine center in washington, d.c. >> all right, to another story now. and residents of buffalo, new york, are dealing with incredible amounts of snow right now. the town's mayor says the snowfall there is heavier than anything they've seen in 40 years. some places have seen more than
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50 inches this week. and more is on the way. >> we're talking on thursday and friday, po ten rl of another 18 to 24 inches in the same area. we're calculating that there are some parts of our community that are going to receive an equivalent of a whole year's worth of snowfall in three days. >> bufrl is certainly no stranger to cold weather, but this season is starting off very differently to others before it. cnn's martin savage has more on how residents there are holding up so far. reerl buffalo continues to be pummeled by lake-effect snow and it's been that way now for over a day and a half. how much snow depends on where you are. to the north of the city of buffalo, it's just a few inches. to the south of buffalo, it is measured by feet. and in some case, quickly approaching six feet.
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that's the snowfall. add to that the snow drift which exceeded ten feet in some areas. there is so much snow the city literally doesn't know what to do with it. because the plows won't work. it is falling too fast. in some cases, four to five inches an hour urks hour after hour after hour. they've now been forced to bring in front loaders and dump tru trucks. the hardest hit southern commune tirks the roadways are impassable. the emergency crews are now resorting to snowmobiles and toboggans if they have to move emergency patients. and there have been at least four deaths attributed to the storm. the problem is, there may be a let-up over the next 24 hour, but then it looks like the snow machine kicks in again.
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how much snow? some say 90 inches, some say maybe even more. hooufr you look at it, the mayor says this is the worst snow in over 40 years. and it's only going to get worse after this. in buffalo, i'm martin savage. >> we so don't pay him enough money. anyway, martin savage there. now a bill authorizing the kruk of the keystone xl pipeline failed to pass by just one vote in the senate. all 45 republicans backed the legislation, but louisiana democrat mary landrieu failed to secure the 60 votes needed for passage, even though she insisted for day she is had the numbers. the bill's chances, though, will improve on another vote when republicans take over the senate in january. the controversial project would send crude from canada's oilsands to u.s. gulf coast refineries. landrieu who's facing a runoff battle maintains the project is worthwhile.
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>> i with need to stand up against the tyrants of this world, which would be putin and leards of china in some ways and others that would force us to negotiate for ways that are in in america's interest. the independence for energy independence, this fight was worth having. >> environmentalists argue the pipeline will increase those damaging greenhouse gas emissions. >> people in and around ferguson, missouri, are preparing for the grand jury's decision in the case of the white police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. >> this decision could come in just a few days. and as cnn's stephanie elam
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report, many are skeptical officer darren wilson will, in fact, be indicted. >> bottles of water, gloves, scarves, hats, anything to keep us warm. >> protesters are gearing up to react, staging dry runs of peaceful demonstrations like this fwhun clayton, missouri. >> we're not waiting on the decision. we're prepping for the future, even after this decision. a sign of the times, these activists connected via social media and text blasts for weeks they have held meeting to prepare for the grand jury's decision. the people i spoke with don't think wilson will be indicted. >> if he was brought up on charges, they would have done it the week michael brown was killed. >> reporter: it's clear these protesters are organized. >> that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: just take a look at this wedding registry for people to buy supplies like surgical masks, cameras and swim goggles.
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but terming who is in charge is a challenge. >> who is the leard? everyone is. we're all very active and we all take our roles very seriously. max peterson came all the way from seattle to participate in the demonstrations. he's staying at a house with other protesters. >> why was a young white guy from seattle feel motivated to come to st. louis and be here for this? >> i didn't understand before august 9 how oppressed black were in this country. i am white so it's not my struggle, but i'm here to help them out. >> when a lone darren wilson supporter showed up at this pro michael brown rally -- >> all life matters, your life matters. >> a shouting match ensues. >> yet for some people in ferguson, it's less about wilson and more about the protesters' response.
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she faced retaliation for speaking her mind about the protests. she doesn't appreciate out-of-towners disrupting life for the people who live here. >> if there's peaceful demonstrations, that's fine. but to have the violence that we've had and from people that are outside of ferguson in the name of ferguson, no, we don't like that. >> i know you're saying buying groceries. but how long are you preparing for? >> several days. i think that we need to plan and have those plans in place, but hopefully we won't need it. i hope that we can return to a normal life someday. and i don't -- after the rioting is gone. >> stephanie elam, cnn, clayton, missouri. >> and much more on the michael brown shooting can be found on our website, including a look at some of the key players in this
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>> a doctor from sierra leone will soon be transferred to switzerland. >> geneva has a specialized center. since being diagnosed with ebola two days ago, he has been treated in sierra leone by british physicians. >> a very different story now. a former sooul model has come forward accusing american actor bill cosby of raping her back in 1982. janice dickinson is the latest of several women to continue the comedian of sexual assault. >> cost by has repeatedly denied these allegations and he's never been prosecuted. >> for bill cosby it has been a week of allegations from women who say they were sexually
10:19 pm
assaulted in the past by the comedian. many claim they were drugged. >> i never saw any drugs, but i would wake up completely confused, half dressed and knowing that my body had been touched without my permission. >> bowman says she went to cosby's new york apartment alone and that cosby flew her all around the country as he performed at various venues. but she said the advances were unwelcomed. also speaking out, joan tarshish. >> we went up to his bungalow afterwards. he made me a drink and very shortly after that, i just -- i passed out. i woke up, or came to very groggily with him removing my underwear. >> she says that in 1969, she voluntarily saw cosby again when he invited her to a performance. after accepting drinks at his hotel and in a limo, she said
10:20 pm
she woke up the next morning with him in his bed. ironically, cosby released a comedy album that same year titled "it's true it's true" joking about that same issue. >> do you know anything about spanish fly? no, tell me about it. there's a girl, crazy mary. put some in her drink. >> with all the allegations, even after andrea went to police saying cosby medicated and fondled her in 2004, the district attorney of montgomery county, pennsylvania, at the time said there would be no charges. they settled a civil suit out of the court for an undisclosed sum in 2006. also in 2005, tamara green on "the today show" with a similar story. >> he had gone from helping me to groping me and kissing me and touching me and handling me. >> in 2005, cosby spoke out for the first and only time telling the "national enquirer"er, i am
10:21 pm
not going to give into people who try to exploit me because of my celebrity status. now nine years later, cosby's attorney john schmidt has responded to it all with this statement -- over the last several week, decade-old discredited allegation against mr. cosby have resurfaced. the fact that they are being repeated does not make them true. jean casares, cnn, new york. >> well, now netflix is getting involved. the video streaming website says it is postponing the launch of crosby's new standup comedy special. it was supposed to start streaming november 28, the day after thanksgiving. a netflix official declined to comment further. senior media correspondent brian stelta joins us now over the phone with the latest developments. and brian, you obtained the statement from netflix. what else did they have to stay? and what are we to make of the
10:22 pm
use of the word postponing, rather than canceling. are they waiting for something to make that determination? >> certainly some people will think this is just a gentle way of saying canceling, but i have to say, i was surprised by this announcement tonight. it came in about an hour ago and it came after days of netflix just saying two words -- no comment. so they've clearly decided enough is enough temperature it is appropriate for netflix to back away from this special for now. but as you're pointing out, they are reserving the option of streaming this show, premiering it sometime in the future. this, by the way, was a standup comedy special that cosby taped several months ago. it was taped in july on ott case of his 77th birthday and it was going to perform in netflix in all the regions of the world where netflix is available. latin america, parts of europe, the u.s., canada, et cetera. to have netflix back away from
10:23 pm
this special, even just temporarily is a sign of how damaging these new resurfaced allegations against cosby have been. >> yeah, indeed. and of course, as we've just reported, supermodel janice dickinson is the latest woman to come forward with claims that bill cosby drugged and raped her. we had already heard from other women. why did netflix wait until this point to consider postponing, do you think, the launch of the new comedy. >> i do wonder if there's a critical mass situation here. netflix won't comment, but i did speak with cosby peernls publicist. he says that cosby is in agreement with netflix's decision. maybe that suggests that cosby knows there's a lot of uncomfortable attention right now and it's better to have netflix not stream this for the time being. but now the attention will have turp to nbc. they've been developing a new series for cosby to star in. they have not commented on the status of that project and
10:24 pm
people are wondering whether nbc is going to go forward with this or not. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us on the lean. we appreciate that. >> and he's with us, even though it is so cold right now across the united states. in fact, almost every state in the u.s. is in deep freeze. but buffalo, new york, is really getting hit hard. look at what is being called the heaviest snowfall in 40 years. [announcer:]startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 41 companies are investing almost $80 million dollars, and creating 1750 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york. they are paying no property taxes, no corporate taxes, and no sales taxes. and with over 300 locations, and 3.7 million square feet available, there's a place that is is right for your business. see if startup-ny can work for you. go to there was no question she reminds you every day.
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>> the i equivalent of a year's worth of snow has come down in just three days. some platss have seen more than 60 inches of snow, and there is more to come. >> martin savage looks absolutely miserable out there. it's just miserable for martin and every else. >> i have never seen this much snow in such a short time period. it's kind of look putting your shoes outside. 30 to 40 minutes, your shoes will be under the snow. >> it's going on for day, not just hours. >> probably until 10:00 a.m. or 1 178 a.m. today and then pick back up in intensity wednesday
10:28 pm
afternoon. but look at the scene here's in buffalo. a time-lapsed footage. roughly a quarter of a million people. so we knee heavy snowfall on the order of several pete in a day. mountainous terrain, skiers and snowboarders love it. when you do that for over a quarter million people, it's bad news all the way around. showing you how high the snow got across some of the areas. in fact, officials there, the fire department saying at this moment, they're conducting rescues and taking people to the hospital on foot because snowmobiles can not take on the amount of snow on the ground. roof tops across portions, just south of the city. but again this pattern expected to continue potentially through friday before it continues to improve. an area perspective shows you what we're talking about with the amount of snow that's just fallen and the approach of the snow there. lake erie, across portions of new york. there goes some clearing on the western side of it where buffalo, of course. look at the wall of snow approaching around snoon on wednesday and continues
10:29 pm
streaming in throughout thursday. potentially into early friday morning before we begin to see a drying pattern return. up to 50 inches in some spots could get 30 inches on top of that. and of course, when you have very warm waters still in the middle of november, and then you have arctic air, the coldest november morning on tuesday since 1976 across the united states, the recipe again becomes something for the favorable spots to see historic amounts of snowfall. and again, the pattern expected to continue. and look at the setup here we're talking about moisture across lake erie in particular. that's over 400 kill meter, or about 300 miles long. so moisture absolutely abundant to support all of this. and a quick glance at how impressive this is. because it's a very localized event. just to the north about three miles to the north of areas of, say, south of buffalo, we have the city itself. the official observation of the airport, picked up three inches. south of buffalo, we had 42 inches come down. and a different way to look at it as you look at some of the
10:30 pm
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. the death toll on a terror attack on a jewish synagogue has risen to five. four rabbis were killed in the assault and a policeman has
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since died of his sounds. an attacker and two palestinians were shot and killed at the scene. israeli's prime minister has vowed a strong response. a bill authorizing construction of the keystone xl pipeline fell one vote short of passage in the u.s. senate. the pipeline would deliver oil from canada to the u.s. gulf coast refineries. the chances, though, will likely improve when republicans take control of the senate in january. president barack obama has indicated he will veto the bill. >> noo the wake of new rape allegations against american actor bill cosby, netflix is now taking action. the video streaming website says it's postponing the launch of cosby's new standup comedy special. it was supposed to start streaming on november 28, the day after thanksgiving. cnn has reached out to cosby for reaction, but we've yet to hear back. a u.n. committee has taken the first step to holding north korea accountable for crime against humanity.
10:34 pm
>> only the u.n. security council has the authority to refer north korea or inleader kim jong un to the icc. they have repeatedly denied any human rights abuses. >> we have more on this. david, wh enthis all gets to the u.n. security council, it's not just there that chinese are protecting the north korean, it's also when it comes to refugees who try to flee the hel hole. >> that's right, china doesn't even consider north koreans who defect from the country passing through china as refugees. they call them economic migrants. and that says, the u.n. refugee agency, is absolutely wrong. that china has obligations under international law. so in that u.n. report that you
10:35 pm
describe, it doesn't only slam north korea and the oppressive regime, it says that china is complicit in possible crimes against humanity. in a roe mote border region of northeast china, we've set up a clandestine meeting with a north korean refugee escaping through china. transported by people smugglers known as snake heads. we can't show you his face for safety reasons. we'll calm him lee. i was coming over to hiding lee tells me. i was here one day and there the next. lee says he was a north korean soldier but won't say why he had to flee, leaving his wife and child behind him in one of the most closed society on earth. i knew they wanted to capture me, he says. lee is on an epic dash for freedom. to get out, he must travel thousands of miles by road, switching cars each day to avoid detection. across the whole of china,
10:36 pm
through the northern part through laos into thailand and then seoul. he will owe the snake heads thousands of dollars for the trip. but his biggest fear is the chinese government. if they catch him, they'll likely send him back to the very regime in which he fled. >> china is frankly shamelessly violating its international obligations. china has ratified the refugee convention and should be treating these people who are fleeing from north korea as refugees. >> but china calls refugees like lee illegal economic migrants, barring the u.n. refugee agency from helping lee and thousands like him. a recent u.n. inquiry on human rights in north korea slams china's actions. the u.n. report says that china could be facilitating north korea's crimes against humanity by sending the refugees back. they say that when stha gthey g
10:37 pm
back, they could face torture and possibly even beth. at best, refugees are often disappeared in north korea's vast complex of prison kwafrps. china says the u.n. report politicizes human rights issues and says allegations are, quote, unfounded. activists believe that china is afraid of opening up its borders because millions of refugees could flood in. and every single north korean that makes it out to tell their story damages the image of kim jong un's totalitarian state. >> kim jong un and the people around him realize that the stories that were coming out are also a threat to their control, because people are now able to see that north korean government has been lying to the people for all these years. >> until he reaches south korea, lee says he's too afraid to tell his whole story. he says he wants to meet again in seoul in safety. if he can complete his nightmarish journey.
10:38 pm
>> well, john, when you look at the situation of people like lee, it's quite extraordinary. i reported on refugees in different parts of the world. and it's very specific international law that governs it. if swrun is a refugee, they have to be helped by the unhcr refugee agency. and in this case, you have thousands of people effectively depending on criminals to get them through china out of southeast asia and over to south korea, despite the fact that they face almost certain human rights abuses, according to research, if they are sent back to north korea. >> any idea how long it will take this north korean defector to make it all the way to seoul? and is there a network of help along the way? not just the criminals who are there? >> well, there used to be a much broader network, a kind of underground railroad in the northeast part of china, often with missionary groups, south korean charities who had people
10:39 pm
there working, you know, behind the scene, not out in the open. but on some level it was tolerated. what we've seen is that since kim jong un came into power, both the korean side and the chinese side have tightened and even tightened on those groups and made sure they were kicked out. so effectively, there's very little help that can be gotten from human rights groups, from missionary, from charities, certainly nothing in the open. and you have these specialized snake head gangs who really, their only enterprise is physically moving people across the whole of china by road. they have to get into a different car every day so they don't get detected. once they reach thailand, one human rights professional says that's like the promised land because thailand will immediately deport them to south korea, though they are north korean nationals. and that is how they get out. they can spend several months getting resettled by the south
10:40 pm
korean government. often when they're given several thousand u.s. dollars as sort of a start-up fee by the south korean government, they will turn around and give a large portion of that money to the smugglers who got them in the first place. and some people spend years trying to pay off these smugglers for getting them to safety. john? >> it is unthinkable. thank you. david mckenzie live in beijing. japan's prime minister is risking his political future by testing public support for his economic policies. just after the world's third largest economy slipped back into a recession, abe announced he's dissolving parliament and holding snap elections next glont month. >> he says the vote will be a referendum on abenomics, his plan to end years of sluggish economic growth. >> translator: we have finally gotten this chance of breaking free from deflation which has plagued us for the past 15
10:41 pm
years. we can't let go of this chance. we must not return to that dark and confused period. >> mr. abe is also delaying a controversial hike in the country's sales tax, hoping that might give the economy a boost. >> well, the u.s. government is asking for a nationwide recall of vehicles equipped with air bags by the takata company. the devices meant to protect people in crashes can explode, hitting passengers with shrap l shrapnel. the current recall covers 8 million vehicles in warmer states wi states wi states with humid climates. the move to expand it came after officials discovered an air bag that exploded jo it side of that regional recall. will rippley joins us now from tokyo with takat a's response. what's the air bag company saying about this request for a nationwide recall? >> well, i stopped by their headquarters earlier today trying to actually speak to somebody face to face to ask specific questions, but we were
10:42 pm
turned away and told that nobody would be made available. and shortly thereafter, they called and sent us this statement, which i'm going to read to you here. it says takata remains committed to addressing all safety issues promptly. takata agrees the current field action should be expanded if appropriate and necessary. to respond to a safety risk. but that company statement also ghoez goes on to say they're concerned and humid climates, 8 million cars from ten different automakers, if it's expanded to effect 20 million cars, the company says they're concerned about getting replacement air bags to the people who may need it most. they say if air bags are sent unnecessarily to areas that are not at risk for this defect of the air bag exploding and sho shooting shrapnel, that perhaps lives could be in danger if resources are diverted from the areas needed the most. but it seems as if now here in
10:43 pm
tokyo, the company is now cooperate with the u.s. authorities as they continue to do and say they're open to the requested of expanding the recall if officials believe that's what needs to happen. >> safety is key here, isn't it? of course, now with the takata company possibly confronting a nationwide recall, how is that all likely to play out. of course, when we're talking about millions of vehicles, you mentioned possibly 20 in this instance, made by ten different automakers. what exactly do the owners of these vehicles need to do to ensure they are safe? and of course, we're talking about those 8 million already in recall. you know, give people an idea, anyone watching who has one of these vehicles what they're actually supposed to do, what the process is. >> there's still a lot of questions out there right now. but the first thing that somebody should do is to talk to their car dealer, talk to the place where they purchased the vehicle or take it in for an inspection and ask, does my vehicle -- you know, i think the might be on the recall list. what can you tell me? what do i need to do? but the reality is that a lot of these dealers on the ground
10:44 pm
don't necessarily have those answers right now. certainly not outside of the smaller recall area, the more high humidity areas. even automaker honda here in japan when we reached out to them this morning say they hadn't heard about the recall expansion and were trying to get more information. so everybody is learning thaz go here. and in the meantime, you have this company takata, the ceo hasn't spoken out publicly since june when he apologized to shareholders. cnn reported earlier this month about "the new york times" article claiming perhaps as far back as ten years there were inspection doens on air bags that showed some serious safety problems and the results of those were essentially thrown out according to the new york times report. so right now, people are wanting answers and they're not getting everything they need, rosemary. >> the real concern now is for those people who own the cars outside of the wrmer climates. we will watch this very closely. will rippley reporting there live from tokyo. many thanks to you. >> somehow the humety affected
10:45 pm
the air bags. seems like an odd combination of factors. >> i suppose the humidity, maybe the warmth, too, makes it more likely it's going to respond in that way. but of course, now outside of that recall area, there have been problems. is the company going to wait in there's more of these, more accidents and possibly deaths? that's the big concern. but safety should be the concern. >> we'll take a short break here. when we come back, we'll head to turkey and an orphanage where displaced children are living now in violent rages across syria.
10:46 pm
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>> there are the millions who are being forced to flee the violence. >> the u.n. estimates more than 3 million people have been pushed out of syria as they search for safety. the crisis has been particularly hard on children. some of lost one or even both parents. >> cnn reports from an orphanage in turkey where displaced children are now living. >> with new backpacks almost as big as they are, the children file into the orphanage after school. their faces and behavior betray few of the horrors they have witnessed. or their suffering. their fathers are dead lost to illness or war in syria.
10:49 pm
their mothers decided to send them here. >> what's your name? my name is ala. >> she's 8, her father killed by a bullet on the way to work. she was daddy's favorite. daddy used to take me everywhere with him, she tells us. this is what my favorite memory is. he would take me with him everywhere. he taught her how to knot a tie. but she doesn't remember how anymore. giggling with our friend mohammed who found one this day. he tells us he considers himself her brother. the children here say now they are all family. the orphanage opened in september, offering a safe place. toys replaced those they left behind as they fled syria. clean water to wash with. a luxury when one is a struggling refugee. and regular hot, healthy meals.
10:50 pm
the orphanage was established by a foundation named after another little girl who was paralyzed by shrapnel. >> we're trying 20 raise children away from what's happening inside syria and give them the right to have a normal life away from the war because of the regime. >> and the impact is already being seen. the head of the orphanage said she was often lost in the mes of her father. >> i would see him in my dreams. i would see him giving someone something. she seems less haunted by his death, dreaming instead of going home to syria and teaching arabic.
10:51 pm
>> a lot of organizations that are helping children and others impacted by this crisis. if you would like to support them, please head over to a lot more information. >> well, cnn has announced its 2014 hero of the year. he founded a nonprofit that reunites soldiers at home with stray dogs and cats they took in during combat. the announcement was made tuesday night at an event in new york that honored this year's top ten cnn hero candidates. each year, cnn's hero award highlights everyday people making extraordinary efforts to change the world. mark your calendar for december 7 when cnn will broadcast the award ceremony. last night we told you about charles man son, the notorious mass murder in the united states is getting mar pripd after the break, you'll hear from the woman directly who loves him and plans to wed him. ♪
10:52 pm
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10:55 pm
but manson has named her star. she dropped the news to us about her marriage to manson a few months ago during an interview we did with her in california. >> i am charles manson's wife. >> wife? >> are you married? >> we are technically, the paperwork hasn't gone through yet, but we already consider each other to be husband and wife. >> that paperwork is a marriage license and it's just been issued by kings county, california. they have 90 days to get married at the prison where manson is an inmate. they will not be allowed to consummate the marriage because manson doesn't qualify for conjugal visits. charles manson is serving a life sentence for seven of the most infamous and gruesome murders in american history, the 1969 tate la bianca murders. the victims were butt cherred, their blood was used to write message 37s while manson didn't kill any of the victims he was convicted of being the mastermind behind the twisted
10:56 pm
killing spree, which was carried out by his devoted followers. >> are you in love? >> yeah. why would i marry somebody that i didn't love? >> i'm just asking. people get married for all kinds of different reasons. >> i guess so. well, i wouldn't. >> but manson might. when asked about the marnl last year, maenson told "rolling stone" magazine, quote, that's a bunch of garbage. we're just playing that for public consumption. >> people think you're crazy. >> i really don't care. >> when we first met star several years ago, she told us that she was drawn to manson because of his environmental philosophy that he comes atwa. it stands for air, tree, water and animals. >> did you know that 900 redwood trees get cut down every day. 900 redwood trees. that's 900,000 years of sunlight you're taking off this planet. >> but after seven years of
10:57 pm
living near manson's prison, star's main focus is now to clear her future husband's name and get him out of prison. she says he is innocent. >> they all know that he did not break the law. they all know they're keeping him hostage in there. >> reporter: by marrying man zonk some people believe star will gain more access to manson. not true, according to the california department of recollection corrections. what she will get is worldwide attention as being charles manson's wife. ted rollins, cnn. >> it is hard to understand for sure. ♪ they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz
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