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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 20, 2014 9:48pm-10:01pm PST

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testimony at the u.s. capitol on thursday when one victim of a malfunctioning air bag actually testified before a u.s. congressional committee. behind her was a picture of her face a moment after her air bag went off, blinding her in one eye. >> could this have been us? if anyone has these defective air bags? the air bags have been linked to five deaths and executives from the company are apologizing but won't comply with the u.s. recall. >> we now have a live hand grenade in front of a driver and a passenger. >> reporter: for nearly three hours, senators grilled an executive from air bag manufacturer takata, auto execs
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and safety regulators about air bags linked to five deaths. >> do you take full responsen'ts for those tragic deaths? does takata take responsibility? >> we recognize three victim case, but the two others are under investigation. >> reporter: when the faulty air bags deployed, the inflater, encased in metal can rupture, sending shrapnel flying. this is one of the many surviving victims. metal pierced through the air bag of her 2002 honda after a minor crash. >> the tip of the shrapnel embedded in my right sinus. >> just this week federal regulators demanded a recall of afted cars nationwide. a move the air bag manufacturer
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is resisting. >> do you agree or disagree with nts a's call for a nationwide recall? >> it's hard for me to answer yes or no. >> it is not hard for you to answer yes or no. >> the issue remains, what did the companies know about the problems with the air bags and when did they know it? >> takat a's vice president of quality assurance, surrounded by cameras after, but says nothing. victims like erdman hope the start of today's senate probe means being one step closer to getting all vehicles with potentially deadly air bags off the road. >> my vision will never be the same. i will never be the same. >> still to come for you leer on cnn, we'll take you to eastern ukraine where bitter fighting is putting innocent civilians at risk.
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>> it's been a year since ukraine suspended a pact with the european union which sparked violent protests that led to the ousting of the president there. >> a newly leased u.n. report says that more than 4300 people have been killed in that con flingt since april. nearly 1,000 of those deaths have actually occurred since the september cease-fire began. both sides accusing the other and a number of people displaced by the fighting has nearly doubled to more than 466,000. >> the region near the donetsk airport is considered one of the most contested places in eastern ewe train. >> the cease-fire has not stopped shells and rockets from falling there.
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some civilians were struggling to survive. >> reporter: this was the international airport on the northern outskirts of donetsk. a december cease-fire has not stopped shells and rockets from falling here. there's a daily bombardment, smashing through building, tearing up the tarmac. somehow, ukrainian government forces have held on. for weeks, this has been the most intensely contested area in ukraine. the fighting isn't just localized to the airport. industrial areas and the separatists are staging their operations from among those hopes and buildings. and it's also often where the ukrainian military fires into when they're trying to hit them back.
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some locals no longer react to weapons fall nearby. this is a dangerous and difficult place to live. >> it's the third time they hit the area, this man says. we have no electricity and water. >> we find three terrified women. they tell me they li on the frontline. the shelling never stops. this woman begs the world to help. please don't let us kill us for nothing, she says. separatist fighters are close. from this vantage point in a residential area, we hear outkoing artillery fired repeatedly. enormous amounts of fire power
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have been exchanged here, but it's unclear for what purpose. neither side is claiming new territory while homes and infrastructure are destroyed and hatreds deepen. bill black, cnn, donetsk, eastern ukraine. >> well, negotiators have until monday to hammer out a deal over iran's nuclear program. >> but will they reach a deal? there's no sign iran or any of the world powers are willing to make any significant concessions. it's possible an extension will be granted. earlier, cnn set up an open mike to ask people in tehran if they would support an .agreement. take a listen. >> translator: no one wants conflict. peace better than anything else. >> 100% i want relations with america. there's nothing wrong with having relations with america, as long as they don't use us. >> translator: i have two sons and they're sitting at home unemployed. if there's an agreement, the world will open.
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beam can travel. we'll have more jobs. >> translator: i tell my government not to sign an agreement if iran's rights are not honored. we should never back down. even if we give up our nuclear program, the other side won't accept it. whatever happen, they think of something new. >> translator: i think all of this is just a game. it's a farce. iranians know this. it's all a game. >> on thursday, the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog said iran is still not giving inspectors all the access they need to iran's nuclear facilities. okay, everyone. you're watching cnn. that does it for this hour of coverage. >> we are back in moments with complete coverage of the president's executive order on immigration reform. you used to sleep like a champ.
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