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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> okay. >> even new jersey reached out to neil. he had his pick of families. in the end it was first come first serve. he chose listen to this, even more perfect. ashley and cory, a military family. >> wow. >> they say they know what it's like to not have family around on the holidays. >> why didn't you warn us? >> right. i didn't want to. >> you couldn't be warned about it. >> it's a beautiful thing. >> perfect? >> right. come on, i don't get it right that often, amazing. best for neil and his new family. couldn't be better. a lot of news this morning. let's get you spot news room. this time, don't be angry about it. neil was worth it. >> he was worth it, that's an awesome story, thanks so much, have a great day. >> you too. newsroom starts now.
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happening now in the newsroom, grand deliberations, the grand jury meets once again, could this group of 12 be close to reaching an agreement? students speak out, young leaders at the university of virginia face the cameras just days after the school suspends all fraternities a as rape scandal swirls. and the list keeps growing against bill cosby as a former talent agency secretary becomes the latest woman to come forward with accusations of sexual assault. let's talk, live in the cnn newsroom. good morning, thank you so much for joining me. we begin in ferguson, missouri, where once again the grand jury investigating the shooting death of michael brown will be back in session. the 12 member panel which includes three african americans, failed to reach a decision on friday. and while the panel has until january 7th to make an
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announcement, the ongoing deliberations have the community and the nation on edge. let's head to ferguson now and cnn's ana cabrera, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are just outside the st. louis county justice center and all of the attention is focussed here today as we expect the grand jurors to reconvene here some time in the next few hours. remember, there have to be at least nine of the 12 grand jurors who agree for there to be an indictment in this case. what will their decision be, when will the announcement come? these are questions that have this community very anxious as we await answers. overnight, protests marched, blocking traffic in ferguson. relatively calm, but for this incident. >> just trying to go home. >> all right, bro. but you're going to be here far minute, bro. >> reporter: l.a. times reporters matt pierce was rushed to the hospital after being rushed in the head by a small
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object. >> i didn't see what it was. just felt like a conk on the head. >> reporter: fire burning in the hearts of protesters awaiting a decision from the st. louis county grand jury. the group of 12 made up of five women and seven men, nine white, and three black is expected to meet again today, after ending the day friday with no decision. outside the courthouse, law enforcement have put up barricades to brace for backlash. inside, the grand jury weighs the following options. indict officer darren wilson on first or second-degree murder voluntary or involuntary manslaughter or deliver a no true bill. saying there isn't enough evidence to go forward with the charges against wilson who fatally shot unarmed teenager michael brown. >> ultimately the transparency will be there, everything that the grand jury hears, the public will ultimately hear one way or the other. >> reporter: if wilson is charged, the evidence comes out at trial. if there is no indictment, he plans to make all the testimony,
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reports, diagrams, and more public. but a judge has the final say on what gets released and when. michael brown's parents have urged calm. >> i just want y'all to be careful. don't agitate them, don't let them agitate y'all. i don't want nobody getting hurt. >> reporter: the president on abc's this week joined the call. >> this is a country that allows everybody to express their views, but using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are. >> reporter: now it was about a week ago that the governor of missouri declared a state of emergency, we have extra fbi agents coming into town, businesses are boarded up. there's a sense that people preparing for the worst, but we've talked to a lot of people who hope that that preparation ultimately is unnecessary.
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carroll. >> reporting live from ferguson, missouri, this morning. student leaders at the university of virginia are getting ready to speak out publicly about a rape scandal that led the university president to suspend all fraternities until next year. now those students will hold a news conference in the next hour, of course i'll bring that to you live. this follows a report in rolling stone magazine that details one student's account of being gang raped by seven men at a frat house over three hour period. joe johns is in charlottesville. >> reporter: good morning, carroll, student organizations on campus will respond later today to the university president's decision to suspend all fraternity activities until january 9th. giving people in this campus an opportunity to figure out what to do next about sexual violence. more protests over the weekend at phi kappa tra ternty rape.
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seven men described in graphic detail in an article in rolling stone magazine. no one has been criminally charged in the incident which allegedly took place about two years ago. the frat house was recently vandalized with writings including the words, uva center for rape study. in the continuing campus uproar, the president took heat for the initial response that was called tepid by some. she did call on local police to investigate, then decisive action over the weekend including suspending activities of all uva's fraternities for the rest of the year. she showed outrage in a written statement. rape is a crime that has no place in the world, let alone on the campuses and grounds of our nation's colleges and universities. the school says last year, 38 students went to the dean of students to talk about sexual assault allegations. nine filed complaints. no uva student has been expelled for sexual misconduct in the
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last decade. a friend of the accuser in the alleged gang rape telling cnn, the attention to this issue is welcomed news. >> absolutely. and for as vulnerable as she's probably feeling, i'm sure she's also feeling very liberated. and i know that all survivors here are feeling almost that same feeling of, yes, finally, this is happening. and this is big. >> reporter: it's not just a uva problem. 88 colleges and universities, including harvard and ohio state, are under investigation by the u.s. department of education for the way they handle sexual assault allegations. one disturbing question is how schools like uva are more than likely to expel students for cheating, but keep thm on campus after perpetrating an alleged rape. the chairman of the school's interfraternity council says the campus is getting the message. >> i think at this time it's more important than ever for all of the good people out thereto, for all students aware of this issue and dedicated to making
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uva is safe place, to step forward and decidedly say collectively and individually, that we will no longer allow rape to occur at uva. >> reporter: on tuesday, the board of visitors will meet to discuss the university's policies on sexual assault. tomorrow, the university's board of visitors meets to discuss policies to deal with sexual violence as the investigation into the alleged gang rape continues, carol. >> joe johns reporting in charlottesville. get ready to evacuate. that's the warning from andrew cuomo who's telling buffalo-area residents to brace for toxic flooding because the roughly seven feet of snow that buried the city last week is now melting. >> flooding in my opinion, is worse than dealing with snow. floods are much more dangerous and destructive than people think. it sounds relatively harmless,
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it's water, and it comes up and it goes down. it's not water. it's a toxic brew is what happens in a flood. >> local officials are doing what they can to prepare, moving power generators and water pumps into neighborhoods and army and national guard worked to clear snow and loaded sandbags. alexander field live in buffalo this morning, good morning. >> reporter: hey there carol, the flood warning is in effect for most of the day today. the snow is melting less rapidly than officials had feared that it might. it is melting so you have to keep an eye on the rivers and creeks like this one. we've been standing out here all morning and watching this water level inch up a bit. this is the area of concern around south buffalo, people here are prepared for the idea of flooding out here. they've been told to clear out basements, back a bag in case they have to leave, it was seven feet that piled on to the city and the surrounding areas, just
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an epic snowfall as the temperatures rose, people were concerned about really a great deal of flooding. what we've seen is a tremendous effort to clear out those storm drains. you want to get the snow out so the water has somewhere to go. there's been a tremendous effort to get the snow out of here. as of yesterday, the mayor of buffalo said that his crews working around the clock had already carted 80,000 tons of snow out of the city. all efforts combining hopefully to mitigate whatever problems could be caused by potential flooding, carol. >> wow, 80,000 tons of snow, that's crazy. i understand you were inside the city's command center, take us there. >> reporter: yeah. they've got so much on their plate because they're clearing that snow and they were also preparing for the possibility of flooding. what they've done is set up this command center with agencies working together. and they've brought in a lot of help from outside of the area. we spoke to some firefighters who came up from new york city, what they were doing the last few days is literally getting out on the streets, taking
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basically their iphones and using an app which allows them to take pictures, feed them back in realtime. it would be mapped on a map of the city that could be seen inside the command center. they've really built this data base that exists in realtime that shows the city exactly as it looks right now, and that's helping first responders. they can see what the roads look like, so they know thousand get there and they can also force the areas where there could potentially be problems. for instance, pictures of the bring to make sure there is no icing and also of course, to keep an eye on the water levels because that's really what they're looking at today, carol. >> all right, reporting live from buffalo this morning. let's bring in cnn's reporter, what strange weather, 70 degrees in new york, then it's going to snow on wednesday. >> and even quicker than what's going on in buffalo. temperatures in the 60s today, 20 degrees above normal. dealing with all the melting snow. tonight, temperatures are expected to drop again. highs for tomorrow, actually
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rain to snow because their highs tomorrow will be into the 30s. literally anything that melts tonight, you have the threat that it could freeze again. you now have the icing concerns with vehicles out on the roads. the problems continue to compound over there in buffalo. what we're dealing with in the northeast is still that storm making its way offshore, is this cold front expected to bring the cooler temperatures making their way in or five to seven inches of snow in wisconsin and michigan today. but it's all about this huge temperature drop we're talking about because it really changes our pattern here, d.c., 72 today going down 39 in just two days. and that's not even the big story because we know what is on everyone's mind, and of course it is thanksgiving, the holiday travel, just like last year, once again we're watching a low, making its way up the coastline and what we're going to be looking for is the threat for snowfall. again it all has to do with the placement of this low, where it goes depends on how much snow you're expecting, we're talking new york city, major hub, right? thanksgiving travel could get six inches, one of the models
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say closer to the coastline, further to the north, western massachusetts could see a foot of snow. one of the other weather models, that's the european, gfs says further offshore, still snowfall but more of the rain, snow mix. we have time before we figure out what's going on. i haven't included chicago yet because chicago also looking for some flurries. it's going to get ugly. >> i'm not liking the low pressure systems. >> me either since i'm travming on wednesday. >> andrea, thanks so much. taking a look at other top stories this morning, an ohio lawmaker wants all toy guns sold at the state to be brightly colored after a 12-year-old was shot and killed by cleveland police for brandishing what turned out to be a toy gun. police say the boy was flashing the gun around at a playground, frightening people. when they arrived, they ordered the boyle to raise his hands, instead, he went for his waistband.
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police opened fire, and the boy later died. the officers are now onned a mrltive leave -- administrative leave. lindsey graham calling the report on benghazi, quote, full of crap. >> in my view, trey goudy and cummings are doing a good job at looking at benghazi as a whole, dod, the intel community -- >> yes or no, senator graham -- >> no. no. i think the report's full of crap. >> so this report says no one lied. period. that they were receiving bad information, but no -- >> that's a bunch of garbage. >> graham says the report does not hold the obama administration accountable for lying and covering up what happened. the report which came out friday found no wrong doing by the obama administration, and no delay in sending a cia rescue team. graham says the house intelligence committee is doing a lousy job, and he wants to take another sharp look at the
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report. turkey day show down, more than 600 k mart employees are petitioning the store to allow workers to put in a request to have the holiday off. k mart says it does its best to staff with volunteers that day, but workers say that's not good enough. it's the latest group of retail workers to push back on black friday creep. ten companies will open by 6:00 p.m., including k mart which will open at 6:00 a.m. and stay open for 42 hours straight. talk about a catch. odell beckham jr.'s grab immortalized on twitter as nothing short of holy, and indeed it was. after the game, he said he hopes this isn't the greatest catch of his career, really? oh yes. the cowboys beat the giants 31-28. newsroom back in a minute. ♪
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this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. this is surprising breaking news coming from the new york times, the defense secretary chuck hagel is out. apparently he is stepping down. as you know, hagel most recently criticized the obama administration on syria. he said the strategy there needed to include the syrian government as well. he also testified before congress recently on, you know, perhaps we need ground troops to fight isis. don't know if any of this has to do with the stepping down, we just got this word, defense secretary chuck hagel stepping down as defense secretary. just took office in 2013.
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we have general mark hurdling on our beeper line, are you there? >> i am here. >> general, are you there? >> i am here, carol, how are you? >> oh. i'm good, i'm just kind of stun fwhid news that chuck hagel is stepping down, how about you? >> well, it actually does stun me a little bit too. it's surprising giving some of the things that are going on with both afghanistan and isil with our forces in africa maintaining the fight against ebola. several other factors all around the world, this is a very critical time, and i can't account for why he would be doing this now. >> you know, he's had a great friendship with president obama, then he came out to criticize the president's strategy in fighting isis, could that be a reason, i don't know? >> well, i'm not sure i would categoryize it as hypocrite --
6:21 am
categorize it as criticizing the strategy, i think the security team are all trying to adjust the strategy based on changing conditions, and he has certainly been vocal in making known to the president how he feels which sing something that a very good secretary of defense would do in any kind of crisis situation. i don't think that's part of it. there may be differences of opinion that none of us know about, but that's just conjecture i think on any of our parts right now. >> i'm just reading the article while you're talking and of course the new york times broke this news, it says that one reason hagel might be stepping down is a recognition that the threat from the islamic state will require different kind of skills than those that mr. hagel was brought on to employ. what does that mean in your mind? >> well, i think mr. hagel was certainly recruited to be the secretary of defense under the assumptions we would be leaving iraq and afghanistan that budget conditions would be very
6:22 am
different in fact would be less, sequestration was taking place over the next two years, and would critically affect the budgets of the services, and i think quite the opposite is all i've heard within the last couple of months in terms of well, isil for one, the fight against ebola for two, russian expansionism in europe, so all of these things are requiring perhaps a different approach to the budgetary conditions to what he was asked to do in the department of defense, following on his predecessor. what he and general dempsey are being asked to do, and they're in competition with the facts on the ground right now, what's going on all over the world. >> general stay with me, i went ahead to vienna and check in with our national chief correspondent because the news has reached vienna, what are you hearing, jim? >> reporter: carol, i can report this now, i can confirm this
6:23 am
report, citing a senior defense official that secretary of state, secretary of defense rather chuck hagel will be leaving office. i'm told this was a mutual decision in consultation between secretary hagel and the president. i'm also told that secretary hagel will remain in his position until another nominee is in place, but again, just repeating that news, we can confirm citing a senior defense official chuck hagel will be leaving. it's described as a mutual decision and he will remain in place until a nominee to replace him is able to step in. >> jim, you've been around a long time, you've been reporting a lot about things like this, hagel was only appointed in 2013, that's a quick tenure. >> reporter: it is a quick tenure. and i'll tell you, questions like this had come up with a couple of weeks ago, i speak to a lot of people in the pentagon, and at that time, they were very
6:24 am
firm in saying this was not in the cards. this was not going to happen. so either something changed during that time frame or there were incomplete discussions that have started that had started some time before, regardless, it is a shock. i will tell youl it's a shock to the -- tell you, it is a shock to the people i speak to regularly, in defense quarters, and keep in mind, this is happening when the pentagon is a very busy building right now as you know. there is a growing war on i.c.e.s, there are -- i.c.sis, recently as expanding in afghanistan, beyond the expected withdrawal of u.s. troops there. as well as military challenges elsewhere. you have hundreds of u.s. troops deployed to africa now in the ebola response. you have a military challenge from china in the pacific that is ongoing and becoming more severe by many accounts. this is arguably one of the busiest men, people in the
6:25 am
administration, and to step down now, this is an extremely significant decision. >> all right. i want to head to the pentagon now and check in with barbara star, couple of things to keep in mind, chuck hagel is the sole republican from the president's cabin cabinet, great friend of mr. obama, he was approved by congress, something not easingly part because he is a republican. you have to wonder what happens now? >> well, they will have to look for someone to replace him, with only a couple years left in this administration, that may be very tough. i have to tell you, carol, i've just spoken to someone very close to hagel who tells me that these discussions with the president, between president obama and the secretary of defense have been going on for several weeks. they have been talking about what the president wanted to see in the last couple of years of his administration in terms of national security, and over the last several weeks they talked about all of this, secretary hagel then submitting his resignation this morning, and
6:26 am
the president accepting it this morning. now, you know, pushed or jumped is always the question and could be partly both. over the last several weeks, the undercurrent of chatter about what was going on, about the national security council staff being unhappy with various cabinet secretaries, various cabinet secretaries, letting it be known that thought the nfc was micromanaging them, both sides going back and forth. you see a lot of this sniping, if you will, all the time in washington, but it certainly had reached crescendo levels. so you know, was hagel pushed out by an nsc that found his job performance lacking, or did he decide that he couldn't really continue on and be effective? hard to say at this point. that the point we don't really know the answer. i'll tell you, i saw secretary hagel and interviewed him last saturday in california.
6:27 am
there certainly were no hints of this. he was publicly very forward looking, had a number of initiatives on this plate, a number of things that he said he wanted to do. he was very upbeat, but there has been this undercurrent, and i think it doesn't affect just secretary hagel, chairman of the joint chiefs of staffs, general martin dempsey offering his opinions on the war on isis and some of it not being on the same page as the white house about the notion of putting a small number of troops on the ground. what this really goes to again is seeing this undercurrent of political sniping, between the pentagon, the military, the civilian leadership, and the white house. but, i think it is very much worth saying, chuck hagel was absolutely welcomed by the enlisted ranks in the military. he made a lot of very deep connections with the enlisted people. they saw him as a vietnam
6:28 am
veteran, they saw him as someone who walked the walk with them. this is a man who'd been in very heavy combat in vietnam, had been wounded, purple heart, that rap nel in his chest, he knows what it takes to be out there and the enlisted people had always appreciated that. had always enlisted people aye spoken to had always commented on that hagel had been very different than any other defense secretary that they had seen, but now, you know, he will stay until a new no, ma'am knee is confirm -- nominee is confirmed. and has to be confirmed by a senate, focussed on isis, very focussed on moving ahead. and the chairman on surfaces committee, john mccain, the republican from arizona who will have to lead the confirmation through the senate of a new nominee is very hawkish on wanting to see more troops in action in syria and iraq, carol. >> barbara, thank you. i want to head to the white
6:29 am
house now and check in with athena jones, any word as to why chuck hagel is stepping down? >> reporter: good morning, carol, well we have confirmed that chuck hagel is stepping down. we expect to get an announcement later today from the president on this. we're just getting more information in from a senior administration here at the white house who says that over the past two years, secretary hagel helped manage an intense period of transition for the united states armed forces, the need to prepare for future emissions and tough, fiscal choices to keep our military strong and ready. bear with me, just getting this in. steady hand guiding our military through transition and helping us to respond top challenges from isil or isis, to ebola. in october, he began speaking with the president about departing the administration, given the natural post midterm transitions time. those have been ongoing for several weeks.
6:30 am
this morning at 11:00 a.m., the white house, joined by the president, secretary hague ll announce -- hagel will announce his resignation. couple of hours from now, we're going to hear from the president and from secretary hagel to make this announcement official. successor will be named in short order. secretary hague ll remain until his replacement is confirmed by the united states senate. carol, you remember what we heard from ted cruz from texas, he said that in response to this the executive action on immigration that the senate should hold off on confirming new nominations. certainly we would not think that national security post would be involved in this, but certainly there could be a big nomination fight ahead when it comes to figuring out who's going to be replacing secretary hagel, carol. >> and that is the immediate problem, thanks so much. i want to bring in peter burgen, from a security standpoint, because the pentagon and the defense department are dealing with a lot of stuff, they're trying to fight isis, they're trying to wipe out isis, like
6:31 am
what happens now when a defense secretary steps down, and a new defense secretary, we don't know who they are, how does that effect national security, peter? >> not a big difference because he's going sna office until somebody who can get through the nomination process, but i would anticipate that the obama administration would be looking for somebody who has obviously a great deal of experience and can, you know, aid to the nomination process and three people sprang to mind, ash carter, the former secretary of defense who recently stepped down, another would be long been suggested as being perhaps the first female secretary of defense. she was on to policy under obama who is well-liked and well-regarded. also another potential candidate, senator jack reed who is is long time friend of obamas and a former army officer with a
6:32 am
great deal of experience in the military who is well liked and presume to have a smooth nomination process. i think the key will be finding the right candidate, and ensuring a smooth and relatively quick nomination process, carol. >> general, i guess what i was trying to get at with peter, evidently there's discord between the white house, pentagon, and joint chiefs, so that discord isn't going to go away until chuck hagel maybe steps down and in his successor is named, right? >> well, there's going to be intention for whoever the new secretary is going to be. what you've got is the strategy of the united states government right now, in so many different areas. we keep talking about isil, as i said before, we have a russian expansion in europe, ukraine, and other places. we have the ebola fight. we have a change in position or change in strategy over the last two days in afghanistan. and of course, there's the
6:33 am
potential for conflict in many, many other places around the world. this is an issue as general dempsey said in his testimony a few weeks ago, there seems to be a strategy, ends, ways, means, disconnect, because as we're expanding our, the use of the military throughout the world, we in fact are continuing to see budget constraints. and now we have a changing of the guard when the new congress comes in with new members of the senate armed services committee and senate appropriations committee, and all of those things have to be under the control of someone with a steady hand in the state department. someone who has a feel for not only the world, but also building and also the president's desires. and that's going to be tough for whoever comes in. peter's comments on the potential candidates, all three of those are good ones, i'm sure there are going to be many more, but whoever is the person that will be selected to replace mr. hagel is going to have a tough
6:34 am
job in front of them. >> absolutely. general spider marks is with us too, general marks were for the men and women on the front lines whereby are they feeling about this news that chuck hagel sl stepping down and there is a certain a. discord between departments? >> i would say, kind of bluntly that the soldiers in the service members on the front lines are still going to do what they have to do in order to accomplish their daily tasks. so in a rather cynical way, you can see to them, very specifically, really doesn't matter. you stay about your business, you stay focussed on your tasks. i mean the pentagon is not just similar or it las vegas, what happens in the pentagon often just stays in the pentagon. and it doesn't reach as effectively as you would prefer the edges of this organization. so from my perspective, the fact that secretary of defense is stepping down for whatever reasons, the larger challenge has been stated by peter and
6:35 am
mark, the disconnect that exists obviously within the administration in terms of what it is they're trying to achieve and how they want to try to achieve it. and we haven't seen clarity in those, in the execution of those policies, and that's the real issue i'm sure secretary hagel said look, i stated my opinion, i said what i think needs to be done and i'm going ask hard questions, obviously that got you should the skin of several folks. and so he'll be departing, which is unfortunate. we handle transitions, that's what the military can do. we can work our way through this. this is not a significant issue. but the department of defense will be okay. >> i hope so. thanks to all of our analysts and correspondents who contributed to this fascinating discussion. the defense secretary, chuck hagel stepping down. the president expected to make a formal announcement in about an hour and a half. of course if the president makes a live announcement, we'll dear life right here on cnn.
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this is cnn breaking news. and if you're just joining us again, that breaking news, the defense secretary chuck hagel is stepping down from his post at the request of president obama. there's been some stress between the two men over policies in syria, and how the united states is waging the war on isis. we don't know exactly the reasons for hagel's decision to step down. of course, jim shooter reported it was a mutual decision between chuck hagel and president obama,
6:40 am
as i learned, we'll learn -- as i said, we'll learn more from the president as he speaks at 11:00 a.m. eastern. the waiting drags nonferguson. the -- on in ferguson. as you well know, tensions are high. calls for peaceful protests loud, coming from president obama who told abc news, situations like these are quote, solvable problems. >> if we do a better job of training our law enforcement to be sensitive to the concerns of minority communities, then over time, trust can be built in part because minority communities typically are subject to more crime. >> but the former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani puts things in starker terms. he worked hard to have a police force that reflected the community and that the real problem is not being discussed.
6:41 am
>> the fact is, i find it very disappointing that you're not discussing the fact that 93% of blacks in america are killed by other blacks. we're talking about the exception here. we are talking about the significant exception, 93% of blacks are killed by. >> reporter: let me respond to that -- >> i would like to see, i would like to see the attention paid to that that you are paying to this. and the solutions to that. >> giuliani says protesters should be outraged about black on black crime and not just police-involved shootings. it sparked fireworks later on in this that discussion. >> how about you reduce crime. >> this is a debate -- >> wait, let's not make this -- >> if you weren't killing each other. 75% of the time. >> in your minds. >> all right. i'm going stop it there. >> he said the white police officers wouldn't be there if black people weren't killing one
6:42 am
another. killing each other, i guess. with me now mark hill, host of huff post live and cnn political commentator. oh, there you are, mark, i thought you disappeared, he's back. mark, so i'm going to throw that to you, who's right, president obama or mayor rudy giuliani? >> that's an easy one this morning. if you're throwing my softballs. i think the president is actually right on this one, i don't always agree with the president. >> oh, we lost mark. we're going to try to get him back. technical gremlins are with us this morning. white police officers bont in black -- wouldn't be in black neighborhoods as often if blacks weren't killing other blacks. >> this is like they used to say, social security was the third rail of american politics, politics never talked about it. this is the real third rail talking about sensitive racial issues like this. and giuliani was sort of i would
6:43 am
say insensitive in the way he expressed himself, what he was saying essentially is because there's a lot more crime committed in black neighborhoods, and by the way, maybe that has nothing to do with race, but it has to do with poverty and other problems that have plagued the black community, you have more police citizen encounters, and therefore, you are going to have more killings that will occur there. and that's why our attention is focussed there more often than not. >> but doesn't mean that white police officers can't handle things more sensitively or in a way that will insight the community, isn't that part of their job? >> well, it is part of the job, but you get back to this thing and it's a tough concept to discuss, but i think back to the time when jesse jackson made a statement that i think he later apologized for that, he is embarrassed that when he's walking down the street late at night and he hears footsteps behind him, he feels relieved
6:44 am
that there are whites following him and not blacks. why would he they? even in the black community, there's a perception you're more likely to be victimized in that situation because there's a greater crime rate in black communities. it's just the way ordinary human beings operate. and yes, we have to train the police to be more sensitive, and the thing they make -- and this is the thing that i think is very important. for instance, the dress. we always talk about the kids with no belt and the pants half way down, well, you know, white kids are dressing like that now too. and that used to arise out of prison culture, when you see that, people worry. get a life. the fashions have changed and you can't stereotype somebody because they're dressed that way. i think that's what we're talking about. cops can't make prumss about people because of the way that they're dressed or clearly because what have their race is. >> you could argue that mayor giuliani is simply deflecting what happened in ferguson and why it happened.
6:45 am
>> well, that's exactly right. and remember, the argument has never been, and it's a strong argument that somehow black people -- what happened in chicago. we're outraged about that. i'm in ferguson right now, and i met with young people who are fighting the police brutality, but they're also dealing with black on black crime. that's never been the people. the reason people are outraged not because they're being killed, and they're being killed with impunity. people in chicago when they get arrested, they get prosecuted, it's the impunity that the people are frustrated about. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. we can be outraged at 93% of black people by black people. police are doing this all around the country and the issue that goes into that. that's what president obama was talking about. and the way to deal with that is dealing with police, but it's also dealing with structural issues, education, housing, health care, and white supremacy. >> and you can see across the
6:46 am
country, i think, that police departments are at least, i don't know, being careful with their language. i'll give you an example of this. in cleveland this weekend, police shot and killed a 12-year-old african american boy who was brandishing a toy gun that looked like a real gun. well the case is going right to a grand jury, and i mean right now. paul, do you think that would have happened had it not been for ferguson? >> well, you know, i think there's a lot of misinformation out there about grand juries and cases that go. i'm a new york lawyer, defense lawyer and former prosecutor, every sickle police shooting case -- single police shooting cases in new york goes to a grand jury. even if it's clearly a justifiable shoot. this obviously was, you know, not necessarily, it's got to be examined. so that's the way it works in new york, they all go to grand juries and grand juries always make the decision. >> i'm saying the police spokesman came out and said look, he did not take a side. he said this is going to the grand jury and we're going investigate, period.
6:47 am
i wondered if the change in language -- >> i think this case, a shooting in this pattern would have gone anyway -- >> another example. >> sorry. >> mark, same story in new york city, police officer's gun went off in a dark hallway, unarmed, innocent man was killed. this is how the district attorney in brooklyn characterized it, he said, his name is ken thompson, he said the shooting was deeply troubling and warrants an immediate fair and thorough investigation. add this to the mix, the new york city police commissioner, william bratton said this about the victim, he called the shooting an unfortunate accident. listen to what else he said. >> let me reinforce this point, the deceased is a, based on our preliminary investigation, total innocent that this happened to be in that hallway as the officers were entering the adjacent hallway, one landing up. was not engaged in any criminal activity of any type. >> so mark, the commissioner
6:48 am
immediately put responsibility and liability on the police department. will that help keep emotions from flairing like in ferg -- flaring like in ferguson? >> absolutely, what frustrated people is the blue waffle silence is what emerges -- wall of silence is what emerges. they assume that the police officer did nothing wrong. investigations are obscured, there's often a lot of double talk, and sometimes flat out lying that happens to law enforcement. not every time, but in certain cases, and that's what outrages people. now police having a different lack. and this is a testimony to the hard work that's being done by grassroots organizations, hard work being done by media outlets to put a spotlight on this, people have to be accountable and our attention, our immediate spotlight is what makes that happen. i'm hoping we're turning a corner here. >> mark, paul, thanks to both of you. i'll be right back.
6:49 am
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the chorus of s growing louder of women accusing bill cosby of sexual misconduct but you'd never know it from the reaction he got friday night during a performance in florida. [ cheers and applause ] cosby received a standing ovation at the beginning of his show. so far he has been mostly silent about the allegations but he did say this to the newspaper "florida today." "i know people are tired of me
6:53 am
not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to innuendos. people should fact check. people should haven't to go through that and shouldn't answer to innuendos." as you know, more than a dozen women have now come forward with much more than innuendo against cosby. many of their allegations are extremely disturbing and graphic. christina ruly says she was accosted by cosby in 1965 when she was 22 careers old and a secretary at a hollywood talent agency. she told cnn's allisisyn camero why she decided to go public now. >> do you think will's such a din now being created by these more than dozen women that he must respond? >> i think more will come forward. whatever you follow here, it doesn't end with me. >> do you think it's time for bill cosby to come forward and say something? >> i do. i wish he had the courage. i wish he had the balls.
6:54 am
who would want 15 minutes of this kind of -- not fame, shame? so -- not to say that i think i'm a great courageous person -- but to say to people who may come forward, it takes courage. >> susan candiotti is covering the story for us. good morning. >> good morning, carol. when i started reportingen on this last week there were three to four women. now the number just since you last spoke is up to at least 16 accusers. and among them is a victoria valentino. she is about to turn 272 years old. she's a nurse. but in late 1969 to early 1970 she was an actress and a playboy
6:55 am
bunny. through a friend she met bill cosby in hopes of perhaps boosting her career. she says it was a low time in her life, her son had drowned. valentino says she and a friend were treated to a spa, then dinner with cosby. she claims he gave them pills, a downer, and she describes the room spinning and they all went back to his office where valentino alleges he rained her. her friend was unconscious nearby. now, she told another friend who confirms to cnn her account back then. but valentino did not report it to authorities. why? she says back in the late '60s and '70s it was about love-ins and hippies and drugs and kent state and anti-authority, you didn't go up against the cops, you didn't go up against bill cosby, a tv star. do. >> do you put yourself through that humiliation? you've already been humiliated, degraded, demeaned. so you put yourself through that again? then how are you going to prove it? he's the one with the money.
6:56 am
he's the one with the fame. he's the one with the great reputation for being the good guy. >> we've heard heard back from mr. cosby's lawyer about valentino specifically, but in a general statement friday night he said this in part, "these brand-new claims about alleged decades old events are becoming increasingly ridiculous and it's completely illogical that so many people would have said nothing, done nothing, and made no reports to law enforcement or asserted civil claims if they thought they had been assaulted over a span of so many years. when will it end? it's long past time for this media vilification of mr. cosby to stop." i tell you, carol, we keep hearing from more accusers and i know of at least three venues that have canceled his concert. he still has some others coming up. where's it going? i don't know? >> susan candiotti, many thanks, i appreciate it. the next hour of cnn "newsroom"
6:57 am
after a break.
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