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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  November 25, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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because as soon as the police tell them to stop. and the demonstrators want to continue to move. it goats to cives to civil diso. >> lieutenant general, appreciate you being with us over the last two hours. that's it for this program. our coverage continues though with "cnn tonight" and don lemon. >> thank you very much, andersen. breaking news tonight. protests all across this country tonight. you are looking now live at protests in new york city. at grand central terminal. we are going to be covering the protests all over the country. including in los angeles tonight and as well as in los angeles. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. here's what we know as we progress. we have been covering the unrest here in ferguson, missouri. a grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. the governor has weighed in on this. also the president of the united states.
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weighing in saying he is going to take steps to ensure that law enforcement is fair across the country. officer darren wilson speaking out to abc news for the first time. since the shooting death of michael brown. he is telling abc news, that his conscience is clear he was simply doing his job. wilson is on leave from the police department and no decision has been made, made about his status. plus, the ugly outburst from michael brown's stepfather, caught and taped by "the new york times." wait until you hear what he had to say. we are covering protests across the country and in here in ferguson, missouri. i want to get to my colleague in ferguson, missouri, chris cuomo. what are you seeing where you are? >> very different night here tonight. the national guard protecting the buildings. you see them. police are coming out in much bigger numbers. much more aggressive force. every time there is a source of agitation, they adridress it. came rushing trying to get people in the crowd starting to
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throw things and change the dynamic here. this has been an all most completely while angry, but very peaceful protest. people as you know have many reasons here to, to feel angry. and that's been going on. but you can see these officers now, there are three times as many here as there were last night. they're much more aggressive in terms of how they're dealing with protesters. the main line, don, has been to stay out of the street. only for the sidewalk. a point of contention throughout the night. a big flurry of activity. here come the officers again. rushing. you see the -- you see the -- so now that, don, you saw what the dynamic is. they don't like how the encroachment happens from the protesters. they then move up very aggressively. you know, in an obvious situation. of of what it is. and then people go running away. no arrests made since the first couple over an hour ago.
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chris, stand by. we want to get now. show you the site of protest thousands in the country. cnn's miguel marques joining us from new york. watching the protests there unfold. looking at fdr drive where they blocked off traffic a short time ago. watching them walk all the way downtown to union square. miguel marques, joining us with the protesters. miguel? we've been at it for four hours on the snaking walk through downtown manhattan. the crowd has only gotten louder and larger as we moved on. we are now on 42nd street. moving towards times square. the very heart of this city for this crowd. this will probably be a break point. they have been at it four hours. a lot of folks are tired. they are, are worn out. but still, expressing their anger at what happened in ferguson.
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many will leave times square. many will stay, what happened last night. and met with the police here to some extent. several different protests going on across new york city. all at the same time. clearly, a coordinated effort. but by protesters here. and organizers. to take back their streets as they say. so that they can prove to, to the officials, who it is that is in charge of this country and what they want. they want greater justice. they want to stop police shootings. and people are taking to the streets. voting with their feet in this case. moving now to times square by the hundreds. the decision not to indict darren wilson. spark protests everywhere. and outrage among the many people who felt he should have at least indicted.
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and there could be a jury trial. what they feel is a more open transparent process. what you are looking at now on the screen. protesters really getting larger and gathering in ferguson, missouri. where the national guard is now out guarding the ferguson, missouri police department. again my colleague, chris cuomo on the scene there. of the protests. chris. what's going on? >> tone change here, don. a lot more aggression on both sides of what is going on here. something is going to happen. just a question. because every time this, this new method of aggression is being used by the police officers. not uncommon in situations like this. you see it all over the country in big cities. you seep it all over the world the they try to stop small provocations to prevent bigger ones. drumming up hostility of the crowd now. and the feel is different. and you are seeing the officers. they just took a couple steps back. they were just face to face with the protesters. it was really creating a lot of
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tension here now. we are going to keep watching the situation. but it does not feel good. it has been mostly peaceful right up until now. >> chris, we will get back to you. want to get to my colleague, sarah sidner in, ferguson, missouri. sarah, we were all out in it last night. what are the numbers, what are the crowd compared to opposed to last night. >> they're fall smaller. i will have him come with me and give you a look at what we are looking at. last night this entire street was completely filled with, with people, who were very emotional about the decision that the grand jury made. today, a much, much smaller crowd. big difference in the size of the crowd. the fact that the national guard has showed up here. they have been out here for most of the day. outside the ferguson police department. you are seeing them in riot gear.
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dressed in the rye yet geiot ge hours now. we did see arrests here earlier today. you are also seeing, just raw emotion from people. but i can also tell you that some of the reason why you are hearing people scream and yell, it is because they're telling people, stop throwing things. stop doing this. we are here to protest and we are here to be here for michael brown's family. they had asked for things to be calm. so you can hear, sort of back and forth between some folks are saying, calm things down. other folks doing complete opposite. don? 700 national guard members here yesterday. 2,200 here. we saw busload being brought in. three buss to guard the ferguson, missouri, police department. as we look on our screen there, we see officers inta tactical gear. members of the national guard,
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are they very visible tonight, sarah? >> look, let me just let you see. what you are seeing are those are members of the police department that are inside the crowd there. not the national guard. you have the county and you have the state police, state troopers out here. the national guard is, over here. so, they're not engaged yet with the crowd. this is the first time we have seen them out here though. but they're not engaged with the crowd. it is the police department. that's what the governor and the leaders here have said. national guard is going to stand back. unless and until, they feel they need to assist. that's what we are seeing so far here. i want to talk to you a little bit about the businesses that we have been seeing and some of the folks talking to here about what happened last night. a lot of disappointment. we heard the word, heartbreak, countless times here. from the residents here. who are extremely concerned that this is going to really hurt this community, economically. they were very disappointed with what happened. last night.
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and, and frustrated. and they're very worried that the businesses won't come back. this community is already reeling. reeling for more than 100 days now. for who ever people, are standing up for. for who ever people are out here protesting for. for whatever the reason. there is a lot of concern this community, from the residents who live here. that this community will be hurt for a long time because of all of this. don? >> uh-huh. sarah, stand by. i am going to be needing to got to you throughout the evening. as well as my colleague, chris cuomo in ferguson tonight. need to till you if you are tuning in, there are protests sparking, being, that are happening all across the country. new york city on the right of your screen. and also in missouri. of course. atlanta, georgia, this evening. los angeles, as well. we are being told in new orleans. protest thousands in minneapolis today as well as kansas city. i want to got now to cnn's george howell. george joins us from atlanta. the scene of another protest this evening. george, take us there.
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>> don, several hundred people marching through the streets of downtown atlanta. you are looking at a group right now here. and again, just marched down peach tree, for the most i can tell you that the protests have been peaceful. when you talk to people. keep in mind. the heart of the civil rights movement. many people want these to be peaceful protests. however we have seen a couple arrests. at least five people. rather, we should say detained people. not sure of exactly why they were detained, taken to police custody. but again, there were a couple of confrontations with police. don, this started really around 4:00 p.m. jonathan, can we show more of what is happening right now as protesters continue to march. 4:00 p.m. protesters gathered around cnn headquarters building, downtown lane atlanta. peaceful protest there. but again they refuse to speak. i asked a couple people if they would give comments. they refused to do so. then they continued on to the capital building. we understand there were a couple of confrontations there.
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maybe, a traffic sign. thrown toward the capital building. police came forward with pepper spray and dispersed the crowd. not using the pepper spray. people decided to disperse. continued on, don. some decided to get on to the connector. you are familiar. main interchange, downtown atlanta. stop traffic temporal ear. they continue to march on. and down peach tree street. and now here to woodruff park. so far. it is peaceful. you can see there are a lot of police officers on the streets here in downtown atlanta. some in riot gear. some, with helmets on. but, again, a peaceful situation so far, don. >> okay. george howell in atlanta. thank you very much. if you are just joining us, protests all over the country this evening. what you are looking at. george howell reporting from atlanta. what you are looking at. times square, new york city. courtesy of wcbs there in new york city.
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you can see protesters in the middle of time square. in the middle of traffic. significant protests across the country tonight. boston, philadelphia, baltimore, washington, d.c., as well as new york city. our miguel marques in new york city. right in the middle of the protesters, miguel. it is a sight to behold. 7th avenue. major artery in the city. shut down. second night in a row. hundred of thousand of protestors that have joined in here. hard to tell. any other day, hard to tell how many have joined in. if you are familiar with times square, u.s. armed forces recruiting station, famous flag. protesters going by here. many of them with their hand in the air. symbolizing the plight of young black men and the relationship with police departments across
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the country. a lot of anger directed at the new york city police department as well. a couple high-profile cases here as well. one where an individual was choked by a police officer and another where a young man was shot and killed by a police officer accidentally says nypd. for protesters here, it's not enough. they want more action to make sure these things do not ham pen again. another night. another protest. where we go from here, though, don, is the big question. last night, we stopped here for a short period. part of the protesters stayed in the area of time square. the center of times square. and face-off with police. others then went on to harlem and tried to, to take the t triborough bridge. tried to take the lincoln tunnel. small protests across city. this is one of many.
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don. >> miguel marques in new york city again. protests you see on the bottom of your screen. coast to coast. right here in america in the united states. boston. philadelphia. baltimore. washington, d.c. providence rhode island. chicago. new orleans. nashville. denver. dallas. san francisco. oakland. portland, oregon. seattle. of course, ferguson, missouri. and as we have just been showing you in new york city, in manhattan, and brooklyn, as well. we will be covering this throughout the evening here on cnn. when we come right back. we are going to talk about the protests again and the shocking rant by the stepfather of michael brown caught on tape before the violence broke out last night here in ferguson, missouri. plus officer darren wilson tells abc news he has a clean conscience. we will have reaction to that interview coming up. and how do parents in ferguson explain the events here to their children. i'm going to ask one mother.
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>> i'm don lemon, back live in ferguson, missouri. showing you protests all across the country. you can see this now. this is in los angeles, protests are happening. new york city, times square. pictures from ferguson,
7:19 pm
missouri. down in atlanta, as well. i'm going to be joined by my panel here. in ferguson, missouri. van jones is telling me. talk to him about that. this is a defining moment for young activist as cross the country. before we get into that discussion. i want to go to paul brook-hammond, from los angeles to tell me what is going on there. paul brook-hammond. >> don't shoot! don't shoot! >> largely peaceful demonstration. downtown los angeles. heading toward the police department. this protest started in the crenshaw district. the protesters from time to time have literally laid down in the street. and blocked off intersections. for the most part. demonstrators -- let's talk to the demonstrators. what do you think is important for people to bear in mind as you march?
7:20 pm
>> the decision means the system does not value black lives. a cop can kill a black or brown kid and not get charged. it means we need to fight back and stand up. >> how long will you march to night? what's the strategy? >> last night i was in the streets from 6:00 to 1:30 and people out until 4:00. i will be out here until people disperse. i will fight as long as it seems like everyone is in for this. >> what sort of changes? what sort of change would you lack to s like to see happen here? >> i want to see accountability. i want to see police stop beating us. respect us. the at tutitude of cops is you oppress them. they have the mentality that we are criminals. treat us as human beings with dig ni tea dignity. >> this largely peaceful protest
7:21 pm
continues in downton los angeles. back to you. >> thank you very much for that. we'll continue to show you pictures from all across the country. as these protests are happening from coast to coast. in large cities and it appears to be in growing numbers all across the country. on the left of your screen, los angeles. on the right, new york city. miguel marques. getting word, miguel, that arrests are imminent. if there is more unrest and if it is unruly there. what are you hearing, miguel? i will say this is the first time tonight we have seen police in helmets. they're continuing to move up seventh avenue here. the first time we have seen police. in this sort of heavy gear. tonight. they have problems here in times square. last night.
7:22 pm
maybe the reason they have -- they have the heavier gear here. but they are allowing protesters. you can see, protesters. with their hand up. moving along. they're going to go all the way to harlem tonight. like they did last night. many of the protesters, have been here for four hours. an extraordinary view. rick, stand up a little bit. you can see that crowd all the way, down times squafrme s squa. it has grown. grown, grown. whether or not the protesters, were able to come together here in times square or picked up more people as they moved into this heavily trafficked area of city. not clear. but it has just become massive. don. >> miguel marques. thank you very much. i need to tell the viewers. we will stick with the pictures as we continue on here. we are looking at protests in manhattan. new york city.
7:23 pm
seattle, washington. oakland. portland as well. san francisco. dallas. denver. nashville. new orleans. chicago. providence, rhode island. washington, d.c. baltimore. philadelphia. boston. of course, here, in ferguson, missouri. let's discuss what is going on now. joined now by cnn's o'mara. van jones is here with me. sunny hostin, and michael, come of cnn analysts and commentators join us now. let's talk about this. you said this is a defining moment for young activists across america. >> yeah, this is very, very, big deal. the young generation of african-american, allies, and older people some times white folks say, maybe you are everreacting. maybe you are did something wrong. you have a generational response
7:24 pm
now. this is a major deal. i hope america will listen to the young people. i hope america will say that something here is going wrong. >> as the president spoke today. the president in chicago, supposed to talk about immigration. instead, started off talking about the unrest that happened here last night. the, the -- nonindictment of the police officer saying any one who sparks violence. he is not with the people. if you want to protest peaceful loo. he is with you. sunny you and i live in new york city. to see this happening outside of new year's eve is a really big deal. >> it is remarkable. i was born and raised in new york. i don't think i have ever seen anything like this. it is so american for people to be able to protest. peacefully. constitutional. american. it goes back to henry thoreau, mlk, jr., ghandi. a tenet of society when you want
7:25 pm
to affect change. what we saw last night. looting, rioting. that is not how you affect change. you affect change this way. what is so sig fnificant, van w saying, likely spurned on and organized through social media. we are talking organized protests all over our country. has anyone ever seen anything like that. people are walking with signs that say, we stand with ferguson. that is phenomenal. that is really a, a game changer in our society. >> michael, you have been on the rai radio in philadelphia. discussing this all day long. and as you are watching the pictures. interested in what your callers said. and just your reaction as you see these protests happening main your cities and growing numbers it appears right now. >> well, with regard to the callers. you want be surprised to know they were all of very fixed and firm opinions on both sides of the issue. with regard to these protests, you know, not long ago we went
7:26 pm
through something similar with the george zimmerman, trayvon martin, mark o'meara knows well. and i am wrestling with question, why is this case sparking this kind of a reaction when that one didn't. maybe it's because the trayvon martin case ended the way it did and people are now reflecting on both of these circumstances. maybe it is also because, at least they look at the first of them and say, zimmerman had a full-fledged trial. that didn't take place in this case. i'll tell you why as well. because there is maybe a disconnect between generations here. maybe older people don't understand younger people. or, you know, are fed up with it. and addition of social media. >> absolutely. also, remember, this is, there have been a number now of shootings. of african-american men unarmed. and it seems there is almost an
7:27 pm
epidemic of this. this is almost like a last straw when you got this decision on the part of the grand jury. now the fact of the grand jury. disagree what we think. from a generational point of view. you say nobody cares about me. what i saw last night in the eyes of the young people was a lot of helplessness, hopelessness, despair. glad to see them channelling it positively, peacefully mostly across the country. >> stand by. guests. getting new information, new york city. ferguson, missouri. two arrests so far in ferguson, missouri. in new york city, getting word that, arrests are imminent, if, if the protesters are unruly. we look at live pictures here. we are live on the streets of ferguson. live on the streets of new york city. live on the streets of los angeles. as well as atlanta and cities across the country. when we come back, we will talk how parents are speaking to their kids about this, police and race. the generational disconnect as well as well as other, other
7:28 pm
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back now live -- with our breaking news here on cnn. i am don lemon. you are watching cnn tonight. looking at live pictures now of new york city. if not in times square, very close. our miguel marques is there with a growing number of protesters. miguel, what's going on? >> just an extraordinary scene here, don. we are walking backwards up
7:32 pm
seventh avenue here. you can just see times square behind us. this group again walking all the way to harlem in order. to show police and officials here. they're showing their frustration and their anger with everything that has happened. the main contingent of protesters moving ahead of us, towards central park. and then towards harlem. and it sound like they will go the distance again as far as they can. pushing police who have been incredibly patient all the way along. they go through the city. the police literally making room for them. it looks down at times square, police are going to stop protesters. done that throughout the evening. they have formed a cordon across the way. we are walking up 7th avenue.
7:33 pm
against traffic. completely snarling the city. the second night in a row. there are many, many appropriate tests going on throughout -- many protests going on throughout new york city tonight. a lot of arrests. we don't know at this point. a lot of arrests. police have moved towards big pieces of infrastructure. bridges, tunnels. individuals here frustrated and putting it in nypd's face that two individuals have been killed. two black men have died in the last several months. one from a chokehold that, that police officer put on an individual died after. and just recent leaply, another individual who was killed in an accident shooting by a police officer. don. >> miguel marques. you said this is the second night. i imagine a bigger protest than you saw last night. how do the numbers compare? >> it is interesting. it started off smaller and kauai
7:34 pm
kauai -- quieter. it grew. splinlter splintered. two, three blocks this way. and once we want through times square they may have joined with protesters. we are about 500 or so at the u.n. about 20 minutes ago. 30 minutes ago. now we are, looked like over 1,000 and stretching out throughout city. so it seems to be growing. not diminishing at all. yeah. miguel, what about police officers. here in ferguson, missouri. the initial site of the protest in august. there was some concern about how police handled the protesters. we saw what happened last night. second round of protests. how are police reacting with protesters there? >> the people united! >> the police i have to say have been incredibly patient with protesters. they have taken the -- the -- the direction to allow them to
7:35 pm
basically go where they want. north and south at one point. moving into traffic like this. it's not clear how it is going to end. you saw one of them there. so it is clear that protesters have come, ready, if necessary to mix it up with police. it is not clear the will come to that. don. >> all right. miguel marques. thank you very much. we'll keep an eye on new york city. and keeping a close eye on ferguson, missouri. where we are live tonight. jason, in the thick of it in the protest thousands in ferguson. jason, we were both out in it last night. what's going on where you are? >> don, just a few moments ago, police here moved in on the
7:36 pm
crowd. and, moved in on the crowd after they threw some objects at the police here. on the front line. you can see -- the line of police have moveden no ein clos demonstrators. behind them. members of the national guard out here as well. despite what you are seeing here, don i know you were out here last night. the crowd is not as volatile as what we saw out here last night. the crowd is much more peaceful. but every once in a while you have a couple of people within this crowd. throwing thing at police. police have moved in. fry to disperse the crowd. still here, you can see. still here, still protesting. not the same tone we saw out here last night. they are here. intending to stay here. confront the police. they say they're going to do it in a peaceful way. don? >> jason carol on the streets of ferguson, missouri. jason, thank you very much. you can see, the number of
7:37 pm
protesters, not as many as last night. also, you are looking at pictures, live pictures of the ferguson police department. members of the national guard out in force. guarding the ferguson police department. and the streets of ferguson as well. this evening. we are going to continue to follow the protests happening from coast to coast here in america. protests that are growing with time. make sure you stay tuned right here to cnn. back after a very quick break. really? alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime. the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ho, ho, ho, ho]
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back now live here on cnn with breaking news. don lemon live in ferguson, missouri. what you are looking at now, a
7:41 pm
large gathering, large froeprot. this one is in boston. wcvb, boston. look at the crowds there. many people gathering. most of these protests tonight, have been peaceful. america is about peaceful protesting. talking to my colleague. van jones. last night was not about, peace in america. that was -- i don't know who to blame. looting and arson will not move the agenda forward. want to see the country get better not worse. >> stand by. pictures of propose tests around the country. want to got to the brown family attorney to get his reaction to what is going on across the country. mr. parks, you know, michael brown sr. have been pleading with everyone, protesters, here
7:42 pm
in ferguson, all across cont-- across the country, these are the kind of protests they would want. >> without question, don. they have, from the beginning really called out and asked everyone to be peaceful. and such, especially given the bad news they got yesterday. the last thing they wanted to see was the violence we saw last night. so, it gives their heart great joy to see people are peacefully protesting through out the country. and it even, we have actually even got a statement from -- from the united nations high commissioner for human rights today. commenting on -- on just the things that are going on in our country. and especially in ferguson, missouri. so, they appreciate the love. the support. they need it. things are not going the way they should. holding officer wilson accountable for what happened. to, to, in the killing of michael brown jr.
7:43 pm
i want to show you this, daryl. it got so much attention today. a lot of people were outraged. they believe this may have helped spark some of the violence and some of the looting and the fires last night. this is his step dad of michael brown. louis head. after the announcement that there would not be an indictment. he is out with the mother of course, the mother, you know, is, is a grieving mom. and no one is contesting what the mom said. but the dad, they beliefed some his comments. take a look. >> i have lived my whole life, i never had to go through nothing like this. a lot of you don't know me, but i don't denothio nothing to nob. any body say so, they're a liar.
7:44 pm
they're a liar. >> that was somebody's child! [ indiscernible ]
7:45 pm
>> daryl, listen, that is a grieving mom. and that's, no one can imagine what the mom is dealing with. the step dad saying "burn this bitch down" what's your reaction to that? >> without question. number one we know that was raw emotion. in a very bad situation. however, those comments were completely unacceptable and inappropriate. however, i have not seen a witness who have tied that comment to any of the violence that took place that night. and i think just to say that. and to make the, overture it was related. i think is not there. the other part i would say is this. obviously, some media outlet decided to air this and it's really served no good purpose. i don't think it was news worthy for any one to put out him saying what he said given the
7:46 pm
situation and totality of what was going on. >> but, daryl, daryl -- >> yes, go ahead. >> listen, i have to push back on that. we have, first, we thought, 12 fires. hearing today there were 21 fires. many people lost their businesses. completely. their livelihoods were torched went up in smoke. some came home, went to their places of business this morning and they just weren't there. so to say, "burn this bitch down" and you have this many fires. how can you say that is not news worthy? >> you can't say there is a conneblgttion from him saying that and some one going out and committing a fire. >> there is no connection. there is no connection. i saw when it was initially reported. no one can say from that moment some one heard it and went and called the fire to. report there is a connection between the statement and a fire, i don't think is so. if there is, if some one can prove that, that is a whole different story.
7:47 pm
>> hang on, van jones wants to get in here. van jones is here with me. >> obviously that statement was incendiary and not appropriate. i think we forget some times, 99% of people who are in public life choose to be in public life. they have given some thought to how they come across. when you have families like this, really snatched into. >> ordinary families. >> snatched on to the world stage. they sometimes do and say thing that they probably regret. i don't want to excuse and end of those statements. i do think, that mom and the father, not the stepfather, the father have called for is peace. at least -- >> and at least so far tonight. you see, black, white, brown, young people. across the country. so far tonight acting in peace. that is a big triumph. >> i don't disagree. i had to push back, daryl, saying it is not news worthy. of course it is news worthy to have something look that. to say something like that.
7:48 pm
>> go ahead, daryl. >> also, too, let me say this though. i think the progress is what we see tonight. tonight we saw the president come out last night. we saw other leaders today. really call for people to remain nonviolent. i think the protesting that we see across the country today and across the world gives dmichael brown's legacy the proper night. we regret what happened last night. it wasn't good. the parents are upset that those things happened in ferguson in the community. i think when you saw the families. damage to the communities. we all hurt today from what we saw there. i deon't think, louis head. i know louis head. a wonderful gift. the anger they feel for the loss of michael brown. they're angry for this reason. they feel that a system that was supposed to go after the murderer of their son completely failed. come plpletely mischaracterized
7:49 pm
failed them. they felt hey that no one to turn to. put all the confidence the world, mr. mccullough would do the right thing for them. it didn't happen. >> all right. daryl parks. thank you. appreciate you joining us here on cnn. appreciate your feedback. thank you very much. my colleague, van jones will join me throughout the evening and other come moan dmentators report ears cross ters across t. live pictures, ferguson, police department, municipal building. looking at pictures happening across the country. in new york city this evening. los angeles, boston as well. also, those are pictures right now from kabc in los angeles. atlanta, all across the country. protests growing this evening. when we come right back, though, we are going to talk about a tale of two cities. are there parallels between ferguson, missouri and the rye 80s that broke out in los angeles after officers were acquitted in the beating of rodney king? back in a moment with our breaking news. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose.
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7:53 pm
>> back ni wiow with breaking n. live pictures of protests in boston. told by the mayor of boston. at least 1,000 protesters in the streets of boston. the massachusetts connector, a main artery, thoroughfare,
7:54 pm
connects. believe we are looking at a picture in ferguson, missouri. get to boston. in ferguson, missouri, police car being turned over. police cruiser being turned over now in ferguson, missouri. of course, the national guard on the scene. last night we saw -- a, at least, two police cruisers torched. and not exactly sure where this is. again this is -- in ferguson, missouri. not sure what street it is. we are not in control of these, these pictures. van jones where is the national guard in all of this. looking at a police cruiser being torched in the city of ferguson, missouri. they brought in more -- 750 more national guard members. 2,200 here now. again, seeing more unrest here. >> well, you know really, i think frustrating for people here in ferguson. you talk to them. in the summertime when we really didn't need a lot of militarized
7:55 pm
policing we had over militarized policing. yesterday and today when we need to see more of a presence, we don't see the presence. so, i have heard many local activists complaining that -- some parts of town, especially african-american parts of town seem to be particularly without enough support. so i help that is not a pattern we see tonight. it really has the bothered -- >> pictures outside of city hall in ferguson. on the right of your screen that is, the ferguson police department. i believe we are seeing arrests there. again this is all unfolding live here on cnn. looking at the left of your screen. city hall. police cruiser torched. set on fire. by, protesters. cnn's jason carol is right there in the middle of it. jason, what are you seeing? >> don, i can tell you what happened. started at ferguson police
7:56 pm
department. group of protesters broke off. see what they have done here. they have -- come across a police cruiser. you know, hit it with fire. broke out some of the windows now. you have chaotic activity here as you see police units up the street there. starting to move in. starting to try to disperse the crowd. few chaotic moments. and obviously, angry. still about what happened. taking their anger out on police. as you see they have moved in here, don. taking control of the situation. as best they can. as you came upon here. they were actually trying to turn the police car over. this cruiser over. and that's when police came in from the, from the, as you see here, down the street moving in. to disperse the crowd. so, once again. most of the protests we saw tonight. in front of the ferguson police department.
7:57 pm
was peaceful. >> you are promoting a certain narrati narrative. >> jason carol. we need you to be safe. and make sure, well, we want to make sure jason is safe. it is probably better if the cameras are on him. he has security there. so jason will be fine. sarah sidner join us now from the streets of ferguson. sarah? >> don, look, we are standing very close to city hall. trying to get a better look at what it is we are seeing. it looks as though there is a car on fire. we are told. by the protesters who were standing out here. a police car. that's on fire. it is literally right in front of city hall. yes it is a police cruiser, the
7:58 pm
fire is going fairly strongly now. get up as close as we can. i warn you a lot of police activity as you might imagine. protesters have been running back and forth. seeing the picture in front of city hall, in ferguson. a police car on fire. you can see them trying, trying to put it out right now. and basically, at some point, folks were just running through the street as they put the car on fire. then of course, as you can hear, the police are now coming. we are going to move out of the road. we're going to move out of the road. >> sarah, can i say something to you. can you move back. yeah, last night they were saying there was possibly live ammo in the car. keep talking to us. make sure you are safe. go ahead, sarah, continue. we are moving back. we're moving back. we just wanted to see if indeed there is a police car. certainly it is. city hall, just right here. that's the city hall building there.
7:59 pm
we have been in that hall many times for council meetings recently where ferguson was top of the discussion with a lot of the people, residents here concerned. let me give you a look at the police car, cruisers coming in very quickly. just going around the back and getting set up. let me give you a look to the right-hand side. you can see the -- the officers, they're starting to surround the crowd. you can hear the protesters saying "let's go. let's go. let's go." trying to get out of the way. certainly, you can tell. like it doesn't take much time for this scene to be cleared quickly. as soon as people think the police are coming in to arrest folks they are moving out of the way. notice all the folks. came, standing in front of the pd, a couple blocks away. three, four blocks away. ran down here. police, police car on fire. you can see -- down on the ground there. you are looking at some of the -- okay. you are looking at some of the
8:00 pm
things thrown into the police car to start it. you guys are telling me to wrap it up. wrapping it up. that's what is going on. >> we are going to get back to you in a moment. sarah doing a great job out there. want sarah and jays on to be safe as well. hello. top of the hour. breaking news on cnn. i'm don lemon live in ferguson, missouri. it is 11:00 p.m. on the east coast. 10:00 p.m. here inferringst fer in ferguson. appropriate te protests after the grand jury did not indict officer wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. live in ferguson, missouri. again, you are watching some unrest play out here on the streets of ferguson. what you are looking at. live pictures of a police cruiser in front of city hall. torched by protesters. police moved in quickly to put it out. jason c o