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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  November 25, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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night after the grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. we are live in ferguson, missouri. cnn's reporters are on the scene of protests all over this country. joining us first now is paul in los angeles. paul? >> well, don, i am right outside los angeles police department it is. >> protesters are often times nose to nose with officers. "hands up don't shoot" is what they're saying. there hasn't been any shoving or violence here. again, this is a protest that started miles away.
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people marching through streets of downtown los angeles. and go ahead, if you can get an indication of the intersection. what they've also done is laid down intersections and blocked them, but the police have given them a lot of room as well. we have seen mainly peaful demonstrations. people expressing their views, among other things saying we've got your surrounding lapd. back to you, don. >> all right, let's go to the east coast now. miguel marquez walking the streets of new york where protesters are out in force there. miguel? >> knot, south east and west. we're on the west side highway now. i want to show you right here, kplaetly shut down. they just moved protesters
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president. the motorcycles you see going by there are police officers. they just moved protesters on to 120th street and grants tomb. if you tun around this way, that's the end of the protesters there. there's 500, maybe 600 people out here. people are tired, i will tell you. it's been a very, very long day of marching for them today. five or six hours today. many of them were out here last night. that was another five or six-hour march from south to north in manhattan. where exactly we're going is not currently clear, but it appears we may be headed up to the manhattan bridge where they may try to take that. that's where the problem came with police last night over on the east side of town at the triborough bridge when they tried to move that. there have been many arrests tonight in town. s in just one of many protests across the city.
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>> all right, miguel marquez out on the streets of new york. they're shouting "no justice no peace." now we want to get you to the streets of ferguson, missouri. jason carroll has been out there all evening. jason, what's been going on there now. >> the st. louis county police told the crowds they had to disperse. they did. the city of ferguson police department, you can see you've got members of the st. louis county police there in front. then in the back you've got members of the national guard standing by as well. they have not asked the smaller crowd to disperse. so far the demonstration has been peaceful.. they have not asked this crowd to disperse. they have only asked them to move out of the street, move on to the seahawk. at this point it's just a
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standoff between dmon stray tors in here and law enforcement out there. >> stephanie elam is here in ferguson as well. not exactly sure where stephanie is in that crowd. but what are you seeing? >> actually, don, if you're watching our coverage last night, you know that this is where we saw so much mayhem and chaos. right behind me, you see the ferguson market and liquor here. and this is where i was standing over by the mcdonald's last night for about a good 30 minutes where there was no law enforcement. very different scene tonight. you've got the national guard out here. they're armed. the street is blocked off. no one is allowed to drive down down this street tonight. there was looting and public buildings on fire. people running around and break into cars and break into the atm over here. very different scene over here. we have seen seven or so humvees go shooting down at a speedy clip there. but otherwise, it's pretty quiet. they've got it on lockdown here tonight. very different scene, no one out
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here at all. >> stephanie, thank you very much. ed lavendera is also with us tonight. >> the city of ferguson police department towards city hall. and what you see behind me is remnants of yet another police car that was torched here. as the marchers were coming this way up this street right here set up a barricade around city hall. another police car torched here. they lodged smoke canisters towards those protesters and dispersed that crowd. things have settled down here considerably.
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dpon? >> ed lavandera. this is oak, california. our affiliate, kgo, route 580 shut down in oakland, california. familiar protests there. protests in portland, protests in seattle, san francisco, denver, in nashville, in new orleans, chicago, providence, rhode island, washington, d.c., baltimore, philadelphia and boston. and as we look at these pictures from oakland, it appears in the center of your screen an arrest going on. route 580 in oakland shut down. and we're looking at officers and protesters that are -- appear to be in some sort of standoff there. and like we saw just moments ago in ferguson, missouri, an arrest live on your screen.
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van jones is our analyst here on cnn. you're also an attorney and a political analyst. and as we have been watching this, there have been a number of arrests. not nearly as many that took place last evening. and not as much violence as happened last evening. what do you make of what's happen, gal vennizing protests across the country. >> it's a watershed moment for a generation of young people who are trying to figure out how to make a difference. you have a generation especially of young african-americans, latino, native americans who are really crushed between street violence on the one hand and police violence on the other. that is their dilemma. they have not been able to solve either problem. you see this frustration. now you see this generation on a noof's edge between violence and -- you see another arrest happening. >> when the arrests started, and when you saw the torching of the police car, you were like darn it. what is that?
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>> you saw this generation, young people across the country, marching peacefully, expressing themselves. obviously spirited, being constructed. then all of them, thousands of them across the country getting knocked off the air because a couple of people go even burn a police officer. and this generation is going to have to make a decision. are you going to let these kinds of feel-good, horrible tactics divert the country from the conversation they want to have. this generation wants to have a conversation about jobs, about justice, about making america better. we sometimes forget, when we came out of college, there were jobs. you have a lot of young people graduating off a cliff. >> i don't know when you came -- probably years and years before me. go on. >> you have a generation that deserves better. a lot of these young people here in ferguson, they say they want to be beauticians, they want to go to community college. they want to become mechanics. they have modest dreams and they can't figure out a way to reach
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them. you turn that helplessness into positive action or negative action. that's the challenge of this generation. >> as you're seeing, another arrest right in the corner of your screen. there you go. a confrontation, we see. these appear to be members of the national guard. they have different colored uniforms as they were protecting the ferguson police department earlier. listen, you're very versed in politics in washington. the president tonight speaking as we watched this all play out, saying that he wants to meet with key leaders around the country to talk about how to improve the relations between communities and police. >> i think that's really important opinion and i three-point both parties can come together. frankly, you've got a bufrm of young people out there, they're showing this much heart, five hour, six hours. those could be young voters, those could be young elected official in a few years' time. it's important for both parties to reach out to them. >> but that's the issue. because in the -- when the
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demonstrations began to happen back in august, there was a concerted everyday by lead es and by political leaders to get people registered. but they turned out not to be a mas registration of people to vote. it's tough to get young people to take part in the political process. and that's where the real change occurs. >> i think that's true. and that's why i think especially older americans who may not understand why are these kids out here, what are they doing, why are they so angry? listening to them could be very helpful to everybody. >> i want to get in sara seidner near the sight of that arrest. what are you seeing. >> basically standing face to face right here out here in front of the police department. we are also seeing some photographers. i'm going to go try to take a look here. my photographer is tethered right now, getting power. but basically reports and some
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of the protesters are being told -- okay, they just made an arrest. i see they must just made an arrest right outside the police department. it looks like the national guard is involved in taking someone down there. what you're seeing here is the police are standing hooer. they put one of their vehicles to block the aer yeah there. but basically you've got police here. you've got protesters here. you've got the national guard still over there. but i did see the national guard taking someone in behind the police department there. but mostly it's been quiet for the last half-hour or so. but just about four blocks up the road is where you saw the police car set on fire. where you saw the tear gas coming and the crowds start running. and now they've ended up back here. and still tro protesting. there's also a helicopter shining a very bright spotlight
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on the crowd right now. and certainly it's more quiet than it has been the last couple of hours. but now you're seeing the police in the road. the protesters are pushed all the way back to the sidewalk and the national guard on the other side of that dome. >> all right, thank you very much. we are. >> going to be right back with the very latest on the situation here in ferguson tonight. and on the protests across the country.
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. welcome back, breaking news tonight, protests all across america after the grand jury decide not to indict officer darren wilson. we're going to head down to miguel marquez in the middle of one of those protests in new york city. miguel? >> don, this protest continues to protest. they are marching all across this city. we started in union square. we went over to the east side. all the way up to the u.n. then over to times square, then the west side highway. shut that major thoroughfare
9:17 pm
down and now we are up in harlem. it's not clear where we're going. why did you join in? >> i saw the aftermath of the eric gardner case. >> where a young man was choked to death by a police officer. and that is still before a grand jury and we haven't heard the results there. >> i just want to help bring about change. we're all human first, but i can't deny my race as a black man and i know that sometimes i'm profiled based on my race. people don't know who i am as a person. so that's not fair. and the system is set up against us sometimes. >> it is extraordinary. we started off on this march with so much energy. and now we walked down the west side highway in the dark all by ourselves on this lonely road. you don't even know how you're getting home, do you?
9:18 pm
>> i don't know. i live on staten island but it doesn't matter right now. i don't even know where the 1 train is or the 5. i'll find my way home. why are people so moved to get out here? >> i have a younger brother. that have could be me. i want to be part of that change. >> and getting out here, being on your feet, being with these people tonight, why is it so important to take these streets here in new york? >> because we have the power. our generation has a voice. we were mobilizing. we need to change, we need to make a change in this country to make it better. because it seems like we're all not equal.
9:19 pm
do you think this is a step towards that? do you think this is a definitive moment where we will have that soon? what do you think sths? >> i see it as progress. i don't see it as a definitive moment. even though what happened is sad, but it lit a fire under us. now we're going to make sure that things change. we have people from other countries saying yeah, that's not right. we have our system saying no, that's not right. obviously something is wrong. and the people know that. >> and do you want america to know about what's happen on the streets of new york tonight. heem are sitting down here. they've been at it for many, many hours. >> i want america to know that this is something that's going to continue to happen. just because one city doesn't do it, another will pick up the fire because now we're burning. >> are you surprised it's happening not only here but in los angeles and dallas and atlanta and certainly ferguson and all over the country? >> not at all. the people are tired of what's going on.
9:20 pm
if you look at social media, my favorite is tumblr. it's spoken since the whole thing even started. and that's my generation. my generation is sick of the bull that is going on. when are we going to see change? when is that going to happen? why do i have to cory about the col -- worry about the color of my skin? >> thank you very much. good luck getting home to staten island. that's a little taste of it up here in harlem. you can see the police backing us up. >> if he has to go to staten island, he has a long, long walk. luckily new york city great transportation. so he'll be fine. the 101 freeway we're looking at now in los angeles shut down. of course, traffic problems always a big issue in los angeles. but now we're being told the 101 freeway shut down in los angeles because of protests. and as we said, there are protests all over the country.
9:21 pm
you just saw what happened on the eef coast in new york city. the west coast, you ear lo're l at the 101 freeway. there are peaceful protests. a little bit of a standoff with some of the officers. it doesn't appear if there are any arrests. again, the freeway there appears to be moving. it doesn't appear to be -- the big hold-up with protesters, there's traffic. i'm not sure if it's associated. as we get closer, though, there we go. yes, it is. there are people on the ground. some of them appear to be holding signs. there's protests in portland, san francisco, oakland now, new york city. of course, ferguson, missouri, the site of the original unrest that started back in august.
9:22 pm
and now the bigger protests, the biggest that we've seen played out last night in ferguson, missouri. again, 11:21 central time, 12:21 just past midnight eastern time. and we have it all for you right here. and let's discuss now, a former police officer and a former circuit court judge. and our political commentator is here and political contributor, van jones. first michael monlhill. let's talk. a gentleman here there sup in harlem, he's marching. he said listen, this generation, they have a voice. he's got to get back to staten island, that's another issue. but we're looking at the protesters there. is this a generational thing? is this a young people's movement? >> it absolutely is. martin luther king used to see
9:23 pm
when dogs bite us in birmingham, we bleed everywhere. someone got hurt in ferguson and we're bleeding everywhere. the protest in ferguson was if we don't get it, shut it down. you see people shutting down highways and roads. people shutting down games and operas over the last few monthm. it's an exciting moment for young protesters. we can talk about the 99.9% of the protesters who are trying to make change through protest and through organized action. voter registration drives. this is what democracy looks like. >> it sounds like you've been there among protesters. i do have to ask, though not that we want to down ployplay the power of social media. these are organized efforts of organizations as well.
9:24 pm
>> very much so. a number of organizations including pico, which is a faith-based organization, organizing nationally. you have color of you also have justice for mike >> that creates an opportunity for people to realize this is not just a few people doing things that people object to. a big, big prison population about 25% of the prison population but they're only 5% of the country. that impacts these communities. they want to see jobs not jails. this movement is going to keep moving. >> all right, preacher.
9:25 pm
so judge alex, here's what i'm going to ask you. you've got the protesters exercising their rights. you have people on the 101 freeway who are like listen, i need get to where i'm going. i understand you have an issue. you have residents in ferguson, missouri, who own property around the ferguson police department. i don't want my property destroyed. i need to get two and from. so what happens? what happens here. there has to be some sort of an agreement, i would imagine, between the protesters and the residents who just want their lives to be normal. the protesters walk out on the freeway. not that people would notice if the freeway came to a screeching halt for a few hours. it's not like the equivalent tossing tnt into the water, but
9:26 pm
if you alienate the people who you're trying to get to support you, you've really kind of lost the cause. that's why i think when protests are heart felt and peaceful, you get more people. you get more support. martin luther king did so much more with his peaceful protests than burning a million cars will ever do. at the end of the day, it's blocking a highway. i'm not kwoing to lose my head over it. >> part of what people want to see is an organized response, which i think is important. you need to create a spectacle in order for the nation to respond. everybody keeps saying, why is there so much unrest or anger? if people hadn't engaged in social uncrest, if people hadn't protested we wouldn't be talking about michael brown. we're talking about michael brown, not because of the spectacle that happened in
9:27 pm
august but also because we made it a national story. >> you create a spectacle, you get people's attention. but if you have to effect change, you're going to have to participate in not only the legal process, but the political process. >> is that's why what president obama is starting is good. but both political parties have to come together. >> five second and then i have to go to a break. >> i disagree. i think participating in partisan politics or electoral politics as a strategy and tactic is good. but it can be reductive to think about politics simply as the ballot box. >> not partisan politics. i just mean swroeting. > -- voting. >> electoral politics. >> stand by. we'll be back. protests happening all across the country.
9:28 pm
we're looking at laeng rigos an right now. protesters gathered on the 101 freeway. it's shut down at this hour. this is ferguson, missouri. you're looking at protest herbe the front of the police department. and new york city protesters out in force, marching through that city as well.
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
>> i want to get you now to brentwood, missouri. we're getting word not far from ferguson, missouri, there's also a protest going on in brent
9:31 pm
bwood, missouri. we'll keep an eye on all of that for you, as well as the protests from all over the country. just a few weeks ago i met with darren wilson, the officer at the center of this controversy. he told me his story, what happened between him and michael brown on that fateful day back on august 9, 2014 on canfield drive. i sat down with him. and we were talking about possibly doing an interview together dor ren wilson decided to do an interview with my colleague over on abc, george zef n stephanopolous. we'll watch that and talk about it on the over side. here is darren wilson. >> it was like hulk hogan. that's how big this man was. >> hulk hogan? >> very large, very powerful man. >> you're a pretty big guy. >> yeah, i'm above average.
9:32 pm
>> so you try to grab him and you feel that force? >> yes. as i hold him, i see him coming back around with his left hand. it comes through the window and just a solid punch to the right side of my face. >> you're figuring out how do i get out of this? >> how do i survive. i didn't know if i would be able to withstand another hit at that point. >> where is your gun at this point. >> i come out and i point it at him. i said get back or i'm going to shoot you. he came at my gun. that's when i pullfired for the first time. it didn't fire. i tried again, another click. i thought i'm going to be dead. so i pull a third time and it
9:33 pm
finally goes off. >> that was the first time you had ever used your gun, right? >> yes, it was. >> in all your years as a police officer. >> yes. >> and then what happens? >> he gets even angrier. the intensity just increases and he comes back at me again. i wrunt looking at him. i was expecting another hit. then i go to exit my car. and when i'm getting out, i say shots fired, send more cars and i started chasing after michael brown. >> why not stay in the car, he's running away. >> because he's not -- my job isn't to just sit and wait. i have to see where this guys go. >> so you thought it was your duty to give chase? >> yes, it was. that's what we were trained to do. >> and he runs out of the car. gets about 30, 40 feet. you can now get out of the car and you start to fol him. and then he stops? >> he does stop. why? >> when he stopped he turned and faced me. as he does that, his right hand
9:34 pm
immediately goes into his waistband and his left hand is a fist at his side and he started charging me. >> what did you think when you saw that? >> my initial thought was is there a weapon in there? >> even though he hadn't pulled anything out when he fronted you. >> it was just the unknown. >> as you know, some of the eyewitnesses say at that moment when he turned around, he turned around and put his hands up. >> that would be incorrect. >> no way? >> no way. >> so you say he starts to run. a stutter step, starteds to come towards you. and? >> at that time, i gave myself another mental check. legally can i shoot this guy? and the question i answered myself, i have to. if i don't, he will kill me if he gets to me. >> even though he's 35, 40 feet away? >> once he's coming that direction, if he hasn't stopped yet, when is he going to stop? after he's coming at me and i decide to shoot, i fired a series of shots.
9:35 pm
and paused. >> what did you see? >> i noticed at least one of them hit him. i don't know where, but i saw his body just flinch a little bit. i began yelling at him, stop, get on the ground, giving him the opportunity to stop. he ignored all the commands and just kept running. after he kept running again, i shot another series of shots. at least one of those hit him, i saw the flinch. this time he's about 15 feet away. i start back pedaling. he's still not stopping. he gets to eight to ten feet and he starts leaning forward like he's going to tackle me. and i looked down the barrel of my gun and fired in his head. that's where it went. >> the top of his head? >> yes. >> you never shot your gun before and now a man is dead. >> after the supervisor got there, i gave him the brief rundown of what had happened. >> what did you tell him? >> i told him i had to shoot somebody spp he asked why. i said he grabbed my gun and he
9:36 pm
was charging me and he was going to kill me. >> so you killed him first. >> is there anything you cold have done differently that would have prevented that killing from taking sflas. >> no. >> nothing? >> no. >> and you're absolutely convinced when you look through your heart and your mind that if michael brown were white this would have gone down in exactly the same way? >> yes. >> no question? >> no question. >> and because of what happened on canfield drive on that ha fateful day in august, you're seeing protests across the country. many of the people out on the streets believe he should have been indicted. but the process did play out and many people don't like it. but it is what it is. we're going to discuss that interview and more with my guest as we look at these pictures in oakland, california. burning of what appears to be trash in the middle of the road there.
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. >> we're live tonight in ferguson, missouri. i want to go now to new york city. >> we may have come to an end here. we're right in the heart of the
9:41 pm
area. they're talking to protesters telling them on thanksgiving there is a big parade here, the thanksgiving day parade and they might try to march on that day as well. it's not clear if that will happen. can i speak to you real quick? you just joined this protest. you saw it coming by here. why did you come out? >> because of what they did yesterday, that's not right. >> when you say yesterday, you mean in ferguson? >> yeah. >> how long have you been here? >> i'm african. >> how long have you been here? >> over ten years. >> when you saw what happened in ferguson, why did that affect you? >> because of the way, that's make no sense. if it was something like real, things are going to happen. >> where are you from in africa? >> west africa, senegal. >> you've been here ten year, you understand how america works
9:42 pm
now. what do you want to see happen here? >> i love this country. we want to understand what police stand for. they stand for, unite for everybody. >> and what does something like what happened in ferguson, mike brown, how does that shape your view of america and this place? >> everybody is united, everybody is the same. that's my bottom point. >> i think a lot of people here would disagree with you tonight. it is an interesting point that you make. very valid one. thank you very much. >> the crowd here has shrunk down to maybe a couple hundred at this point. there are police around the area, but it appears that they are going to end here and take up the march on another day. don? >> all right, miguel marquez in new york city. as a matter of fact, three blocks from where i lived there in new york city. so i want to get now to ed lavandera on the street now in
9:43 pm
ferguson, missouri. what's going on where you are? >> well, don, this is ferguson city hall. and most of the protests have been going on as you well know down around the corner about a couple of blocks away at the police department. and earlier tonight, the protesters left that scene and broke away tr from that area and started coming towards here and down this street. there was a rapid team of law enforcement that responded to the scene. but not before protesters were able to break windows here at ferguson city hall as well as set fire to another police car. and also, we're told by various police officers here on the scene, i think we have video of it that we can share with you, video of an unlit molotov cocktail that police tell us here at the scene was found hidden in a bush in this area. and they took that in, we watched them as they took that unlit molotov cocktail, put it in an evidence can and then
9:44 pm
drove it away and taped it up. officers say they weren't shufr if that's what was set s set the police car on fire, but that was one of the things that they found here as well as a handgun here. >> sara, people were running there. what's going on? >> you can see the shields are up and when something comes flying towards them, whether it's a water bottle or whatever is being thrown, you can't quite make it out here, because it's getting quite dark. whenever something is thrown and if there's enough activity out here, and enough aggression the police have been responding. they dispersed the crowd pretty quickly. we've been out here for two
9:45 pm
months watching what happened. the crowd has really changed. you hear more of this than you would of quiet, or just standing around b and being face to face with the police. but there is definitely a change in the crowd, definitely folks who i have not even out here for the past few months. we have been watching the scene every single night. the police department, the national guard. >> stay on the sidewalks. >> you're hearing them say get on the seahawks. you can assemble in the parking lot. but you can not be in the street. we're going to back up because we moved a little bit off the payment ourselves. >> we'll get back to you temperature stay safe down there.
9:46 pm
saz we watch these picture, i want to bring my panel back in when last we spoke, gentlemen, we were watching the interview the officer with darren wilson, the officer had not been heard of since this happened. he spoke about the confrontation. >> if that's a true story, it's totally justified. but here's the problem, it took him six weeks to write that story down. why? why didn't he write it down right away and get it out. six weeks. >> why did he write that down? >> it took that long for the
9:47 pm
police department to be able to come forward. that was very, very odd. but here's the other thing. if what he said happened happened, there never would have been a protest. african-americans are very clear if you're attacking a police officer and you get shot, that's on you. you would not have had 20 african-americans so upset if someone was tackling aggressively, going after a police officer. >> mark, do you buy that? >> something is swrong with this story because it does not line up with the crowd's reaction. >> i spoke to me people who seem to have intimate knowledge of it. it doesn't corroborate. it took him six weeks to get that down. when police have shoots or when there are claims of police brutality, the police give ore police officers the opportunity to write their story in relation to the evidence, in relation to the claims that other people made. so he had time to craft a very particular story. and finally for me, darren wilson's story sounds very much like george zimmerman's story
9:48 pm
and every other story. there's this super hulk hogan-like negro who comes into the world who somehow is so strong and formidable that even bullets can't stop them. so i must kill him. and the problem with this is that it plays into the imaginations and the minds of people who actually believe that. so white supremacist anger and fear of black bodies become codified that people say oh, yeah, that's a reasonable response. >> van doesn't buy the story, mark doesn't buy the story. but members of the grand jury believed what the officer said, and they did not indict him. so what gives here? >> well, let me say this. i don't know if he's telling the truth or no the. i saw the interview with stephanopolous, but he seems credible. but i have had of the ds in front of you who could lie with a straight face so i don't know. now if what the prosecutor stated at his speech the other
9:49 pm
day when the announcement was made that the original witnesses that came forward that have been interviewed by the media repeatedly and that all say he shot him in the back, h ehad hids hands up, if he's really telling truth and i don't know about you, don, i haven't made it through the 22 volumes of "war and peace" i got dumped on me this morning so i don't know if it's consistent with what he said. but if it actually is and those witnesses have been largely discredited, have recanted their testimony, have said that they actually assumed certain things they didn't actually see, and if it's true that six or seven african-american witnesses defeat the claim of possibly a racial mote vags here have come forward and given stories that corroborate the police officer's version, and i did read one of the statements and one of the witnesses did corroborate him almost completely. if that's true, i agree with van that he is 100% justified. as a police officer, i would have shot him whether he was white, black, asian or otherwise
9:50 pm
in those circumstances. >> judge, listen, and the evidence is the evidence. the grand jury has made a decision. we must abide by that decision. the story was credible enough for a grand jury to believe it and not indict him. we have to abide by that. but people are protesting. they have every right to protest if they want to. you're looking at los angeles now where people are sitting down in the middle of the streeft. (vo) nourished.
9:51 pm
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>> live now with protesters across the country. >> right now, we're hearing the loud speaker going off. they're seeing to disperse now. you're seeing the police going further and further into the crowds. the crowds are starting to move. but show the scene on this side this these are all the people who have been here outside of the police department. they're starting to move and the officers in white here are coming around and pushing the crowd out of the parking lot, which is where these protests have gone on for literally more than 100 days. this is the first time i have
9:54 pm
actually seen officers come this far into the parking lot usually. thisst where everybody is gather pg we're being told for them to move out and disperse. you can still see the national guard standing there. more and more members are coming out in riding gear. we' been seeing highway patrol here for much of the night. they're basically saying you have to disfers now because of the items that were thrown at officers about 15, 20 minutes ago. >> can i ask you something? earlier jason was on and we heard police saying listen, you've got to disperse, telling
9:55 pm
is protesters they had to get off the street. but they're still on the street. are they trying to get people to go home or are they telling them to get on the seahawk? >> this is different. they're not telling people to disperse. they're saying we're not going to disperse. police responding saying well, you're throwing things at officers. this is a very different thing. >> we are seeing arrests. stand by. we'll get back to you after this great.
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
>> we're back now with our live breaking news kofrps r coverage of the protests happening all across the country.
9:59 pm
the protests in missouri have been playing out for quite some time. it started off very peacefully this evening, and then about halfway through, just a couple of hours ago, it deinvolved into something that is not quite so peaceful. someone torched a police cruiser. as they did, they torched two last night. but again, the unrest here not nearly as bad as it was last evening. and to help drive the point hope, considering the number of protests across the country, the amount of unrest here in ferguson has been minimal considering. >> they didn't get it last night, they did get it tonight. that's a testament to many folk ace cross the country who tried to do it the right way tonight. >> thank for help meg gom through tcoverage in major countries. oakland, portland, boston, new
10:00 pm
york city, atlanta, georgia, denver. as you're looking at some of the fixtures coming in from oakland there, you can see there's some altercations with police officers as there have been with ferguson as well. more now from the cnn scepter in atlanta. >> from l.a. to no and dozens of cities in between, thousands are rallying, demanding justice after the ferguson grand jury decision. >> and we're also finally hearing from the officer at the center of all of this, the man at the middle of the controversy. darren wilson said he had no choice but to shoot teenager michael brown. a witness, though, says otherwise. >> i deaf flit saw my


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