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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 29, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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former egyptian president mubarak is cleared of charges relateded to the killings during the 2011 uprising. we'll be live from the streets of egypt in just a moment. a vicious attack, scores are dead after this attack on a nigerian mosque. all signs are pointing to the boko haram. we'll have the story coming up. and after a calm holiday season in ferguson. protests begin to simmer over the death of michael brown. >> we welcome our viewer it's in
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united states and around the world for continuing coverage here on cnn. i'm george howell. >> and i'm zain asher. >> we begin with the state of hosni muir bebarak. >> he'd been awaiting verdicts on a corruption case as well as a murder conspiracy case. you can see mubarak's reaction there as well. the murder case had to do with the deaths on the anti-egypt's uprising in 2011. that's the very election that led to mubarak's resignation after 30 years of the president. joining us is cnn's ian lee. ian, you were there to see the reaction of former president mubarak. what could you tell from this reaction and people around him? >> reporter: well, george, mubarak and his supporters seem
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vicinity indicat vindicated today. don't expect to see the former president walking anytime soon. he's still serving time on charges if he's found guilty. but those charges run out next year. it's likely that he will be set free once that happens. for many egyptians, though, around the country, they're shocked right now with this verdict. a lot of people wanted to see mubarak held accountable for the deaths, over 800 deaths that took place during the 2011 uprising. well, the judge gave a very lengthy description of the verdict, saying that mubarak was only tried for 200 deaths. and that he was not -- he was not found guilty. he was acquitted of that. saying he was not responsible for those. i talked to a mother afterwards about what it meant for her. she was in shock as well. april lot of people are very
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upset about this. and really, mubarak had his supporters, too. they were outside, they were happy. both came to an agreement that the revolution was bad, george. >> pointing out that the revolution was dead. even making it a point that mubarak would have called it a conspiracy. here's the question, what is the reaction right now from people in the country and around the streets? you explained how people feel who are close to mubarak. given that the energy from that revolution has subsided for sure, what are people thinking about this case, some three, four years old? >> reporter: well, a lot of people are upset about this. looking at twitter, you can see a lot of people condemning him for it. we're on the streets right now, there's no visible protests. and there have been protests
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here. a lot of groups calling for daily protests against government. so it's unlikely that we'll see massive gatherings here. there's also a lot of fear about on the streets and demonstrating. a lot of protesters were killed yesterday. we saw at least three protesters killed in andy government demonstrations. on the streets closely to see if there's a reaction. but a lot of it on social media, george. >> ian lee joining us from cairo, egypt. the headline, hosni mubarak cleared of all charges. a death toll is expected to rise during a vicious attack during prayers the a crowded mosque. >> at least 120 people are dead and close to 300 others injured after two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the mosque in cano.
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northern nigeria's largest city. a third bomb exploded outside. >> you're looking at the scenes of chaos in the aftermath of that bomb. you can see people running around, people in shock about what happened. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. but the authorities say right now they're assuming that boko haram is certainly to blame. >> i spoke to afp correspondent benjamin simon and asked how is the city coping over what happened. listen. >> it's discouraging to say but it comes after three years of horrendous boko haram violence. while the death toll tends to be astronomical in this case, sadly, people in this area are used to this level of carnage. that's not to say that it was not to no doubt traumatize an already victimized population. >> talk to us about what's
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happening as far as government efforts to tamp down on these terrorist actions. what are you hearing from the president there about the response to what happened? and what he is going to do to make sure this doesn't continue to happen? >> well, president jonathan typically issued statements following major attacks promising to find the perpetrator. so far, very few people have been brought to court and charged with such crimes. of course, nigeria declared a state of emergency in the northeast 18 months ago and launched a major protest against boko haram. that hasn't happened. violence was brought down in 2012 it was raging on a daily basis but there are some ability to reduce the attacks in kano. knick so far has struggled to contain the violence. >> you you mentioned just a
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moment ago that very few people have been brought to court. what impact does that have on people when people don't seem to have the answer for what's happening. >> i think there's a lack of accountability throughout this uprising is a very important issue. i think that if people in nigeria saw the perpetrators rounded up and tried and prosecuted, i think it could reinforce the government that it's capable of dealing with this situation. it is a conflict and hard to charge people in the midst of a raging conflict. it would be better for everyone if more so-called boko haram suspects were in fact arrested, taken to court and convicted. >> boko haram has lodged a number of deadly attacks in northern nigeria over the past several years. the group is fighting against it
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and wants to impose sharia law. an attack left more than 185 people dead in kano. and the group has kidnapped more than 200 school girls in borneo state. and those girls still have not been found. >> we want to turn inside istanbul mosque. you're looking at live pictures now, this is one of several stops in turkey. it's part of his three-day trip in turkey. the first time in a muslim country. just a short time ago, he visited the museum, said to be one of the most visited museums in the country. this, by the way, is only the fourth time a pope has ever visited turkey. i want to go to cnn's damon. tell me how will pope francis'
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visit differ from that of pope benedict? >> reporter: well, the dynamics surrounding the visit, the plight of christians in the middle east isn't drastically worsened since 2006. the personalities of the two men are fairly different. pope benedict, his comments about muslims made for a somewhat rocky relationship between the vatican and the rest of the muslim world. pope francis trying to build up the dialogue. he's left the door open with dialogue with everybody to include isis. this is despite the fact that the organization directly threatened the vatican. the pope did visit istanbul. the two held a brief prayer and then he went on to the museum.
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and i yo are eye of sophia was first built up as a church, later on when the turks conkerd constantinople, it was turned into a mosque but now stands as a museum. inside you see both islamic calligraphy, as well as stunning frescoes. one of the key things that pope francis is hoping to accomplish is begin to build that vital pillar that he himself said yesterday of mutual trust, zain. >> he's all about uniting christians and muslims. and that interfaith dialogue. i do want to ask, given how small the population in turkey, about 1% of population, how significant is this visit, really? how much weight does it carry
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for those christians? >> reporter: well, a couple of thing, zain, in terms of turkey's christian community they are mostly orthodox. this does come at the invitation of their leader bartholomew and it that solidifies the two sister chumps but this visit is perhaps more about the nonchristian populations. and reaching out to the nonchristians, that is, the muslim world. using this as a way. and as we've heard in pope francis' statements so far is to re-establish that interfaith dialogue. the relationship between christians and the middle east is an all-time low. probably the worst it's been arguably in the last century or so. we've been seeing christian persecution in the last decade. first by al qaeda, and syria and iraq driving the vast majority of them from their homes and their countries and resulting in
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devastating consequences. families being torn apart. those condition families that do choose to stay in iraq and syria are doing so either by placing their faith in god or by paying a protection tax to isis. trying to reach out to the community is very vital at this stage. pope francis has also not shied away from trying to reiterate a point he's made on several occasions and that is, trying to resolve the problems of the middle seeft not going to be achieved by military means. trying to resolve the plight of not just the christians but also the muslims is not going to be resolved by military means either. there is no illustration that this troupe is somehow going to immediately have a significant impact on the ground. but at the very least, at this stage, we do have pope francis making a significant effort to reach out. >> he also condemned
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islamophobia, even though he condemned isis, he did graduate and thank erdowan. and arwa damon, we appreciate it. a sense of calm in ferguson, missouri, endeded friday night. >> some tense moments that you see in the dramatic video that shows even more arrests. in baghdad, police are using the device like the one you see the man holding there as a bomb detecter. but we'll show you what it really does, coming up on cnn. t who ate the quarterback? share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat!
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welcome back. the calm in ferguson, missouri, seems to have ended friday night as hundreds of protesters clashed with police and national guardsmen. officers rushed the protesters, the minute they stepped outside the streets outside of the ferguson police department. many of those demonstrators were thrown to the ground. at least 15 people were arrested. >> you can see the chaos in this video. the standoff between protesters and police clashing there essentially. earlier friday in nearby st. louis, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators shut down a shopping mall. stores began to close. and protesters basically laid down in the walkways trying to block shoppers from buying anything. protesters even used black
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friday targeting stores around the country on the busiest shopping day in the u.s. they're trying to call attention to that controversial decision out of ferguson. cnn's jason carroll talked with protesters and shoppers in ferguson. >> reporter: the galleria mall near clayton, month, had shut its doors this afternoon. the national guard showed up as dozens of protesters staged a lie-in by lying on the floor. more protesters blocked by police in the west county mall in a suburb of st. louis. the motto of demonstrators, no justice, no profits. dozens descends on a target in st. louis calling on shoppers not to buy in support of michael brown. and it wasn't just target. several walmarts throughout the city saw protests as well. the national guard showing up at this one in ferguson, blocking the entrance to the parking lot. doors did not open until 8:00
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a.m. but when they did, shoppers did show. some saying the idea of a blockout may be misguided. >> this may lose something. >> reporter: how so? >> how do i say? i mean, shopping on black friday is not going to bring any justice to the whole situation anyway, so, i think we got to come up with some better ideas. >> to me, it's disgusting. >> reporter: what part is disgusting? >> the looting, the protesting, you know, it's not peaceful. you know, it's just not right what they're doing. and everything is boarded up. it just looks like a ghost town. >> reporter: protesters here kepgt their distance from the walmart entrance. one of them who came from wisconsin talked about the need to target retailers. >> black lives matter more than black friday. we give thanks one day, and then the next day, we'll trample each
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other for a $50 tv. so all lives matter. black lives matter. >> reporter: michael brown's supporters using social media to raise awareness and spread the word under the twitter hash tag blackout black friday. hundreds gathered in front of macy's in new york today holding signs that read "after prayers time to react." cnn, ferguson, missouri. >> understandably, darren wilson has been in hiding after the death of michael brown. but when a grand jury decided newt indict him this week, his life became even more complicated. here's brian todd. >> reporter: despite not being indicted by a grand jury or charged in a crime in the shooting of michael brown, darren wilson has still lived a life in hiding.
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cnn has learned began just days after the shooting in august when officer wilson was mowing his lawn. he got a call telling him his home address was circulating online. within three hours he was packed and gone. >> he had to leave the grass literally half mowed. and he had to go in hiding because there are death threats on his life. >> reporter: since that day in august, wilson has moved from house to house, even staying for a short time with one of his lawyers. he said he's changed his appearance, grown a beard. when he goes out he often goes to movies. in an interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, wilson talked about his precaution us. >> from where you sit in a restaurant, to where you drive, everything has to run through your head. all the time you're watching who is following me, everything. you see someone look at you, they tell someone a secret, that
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second person looks at you and you wonder if they know you. >> reporter: his lawyers say immediately after the shooting wilson wanted to return to his job as a police officer. one of his own attorneys told him if he did, he could be executed in a blind alley. it's not a great leap to think that if officer wilson were to start patrolling the streets of ferguson again, that somebody sees what shift he's on, makes a call and pulls him into a bad situation. >> reporter: as for his future expert ron hoskle said darren wilson would be prudent to keep changes his life and he said wilson will always have to be sharpening his awareness, his alertness. he'll likely be looking over his shoulder for quite some time. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> the world is watching what happens there in ferguson.
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the united nations committee against torture now weighing in on events in missouri. the committee said it must respect the decision not to indict darren wilson but called the shooting a tragedy. but a new report shows that the u.s. police do occasionally racially profile. in failings pursuits of unarmed black individuals. and coming up, a look at what officials are calling one of the largest drug busts in history. plus, some sailors are racing around the world using a tropical storm to their advantage. it's an interesting story. we'll have it. thank you for watching us here on cnn. look, credit karma - are you talking to websites again? this website says 'free credit scores'. oh. credit karma! yeah, it's really free.
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a tropical cyclone may be affecting sailors. derrick, you're saying that it might actually give the sailors some kind of an advantage? >> yes, giving them an advantage in more ways than one, zain and george. i just love reporting on this stuff. >> it's very interest zblpg it gets more and more interesting. i just read a blog. not only did they use the wind around the cyclone as the advantage but they also have squalls that made and gave them freshwater showers. if you think about it if you're on sea for that long, all you want is freshwater, not
2:26 am
saltwater. >> that's right. >> guys, this is what we're talking about, tropical cyclone 2, not a very impressive tropical cyclone, but nonetheless, this think has impacted the valvo ocean sailing race. it's taking place from south africa to abu dhabi. there's mer riches, there's madagascar. this is the boats. and tropical cyclone 2 moving away from them. but notice they're actually on the western side of this particular cyclone. remember, the southern hemisphere, windrow tats in a clockwise direction. basically, they took advantage of that wind setting their boat as sail at upwards of 40 kilometers per hour. impressive stuff. and they are cruising across this area.
2:27 am
they still have a few boats that are tailing on the bottom side of the storm that haven't quite enjoyed the benefits of this particular cyclone winds just yet. they'll be gets in on this as well. not a particularly strong storm, although it should intensify officer the next few hours. you can see just how close that cyclone came to the position of the leaders of the volvo ocean race. taking advantage of the squalls moving through. take a look at video of these guys climbing mast on friday for the preparation of the upcoming cyclone that they were going to experience. what they're doing is fixing the line on the mass that keeps the sail together with the mast that helps keep it tight and allows the sail to fill in with the maximum amount of wind pressure helping to push those sailors along. a little background information on the volvo ocean race, this is
2:28 am
a nine-month worldwide expedition. it stops at 11 different cities in the entire planet. in that nine months it traverses 35,000 nautical miles from abu dhabi. and in japan, southwest of tokyo, this impacted trouble across this area, grounding flights, we're happy to vort that this volcano is not expected to get worse. things are cool now across that area. all right, zain, george. >> derrek, i have to ask you, a nine-month race. how important would it be to do that? >> well, it's really a big event. that's all i can say. >> thank you.
2:29 am
the u.s. military is drawing up plans to retake mosul from isis fighters. who's going to be involved and when it could start. that's coming up after this. israeli's prime minister wants a new law declaring israel the nation state of the jewish people. coming up, why opponents argue that it sends the wrong message to nonjewish citizens. hiring and not enough time in my kitchen. [ female announcer ] need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 30 of the web's leading job boards with a single click; then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates. makes my job a lot easier. [ female announcer ] over 100,000 businesses have already used zip recruiter and now you can use zip recruiter for free at a special site for tv viewers; go to
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united states and around the world to our continuing news coverage here on cnn. i'm george howell. >> and i'm zain asher. glad to be with you you it's pa:30 here in the east coast. nigerian authorities say they expect the death toll to rise, after a suicide bombing at a
2:33 am
mosque in the city of kano. at least 120 people are dead. roughly around 300 are wounded. so far, though, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack technically. but authorities do believe that boko haram is responsible there. look closely there. that's the reaction in a courtroom today when hosni mubarak has cleared of all charges he was facing. he was awaiting charges on a corruption case and a murder and conspiracy case. the murder cases concerned the deaths of unarmed protesters during a 2011 uprising that led to his resignation. and pope francis has just left a mosque in istanbul, turkey. he's on his way to an apostolic
2:34 am
mission. and this is meant to bridge the religious divide. and it's been called the pope's most challenging trip of his papacy. and in mosul, the northern part of iraq. it is iraq's second businessest city, it was captured by isis forces back in june. and a u.s. official tells cnn the campaign will use iraqi and kurdish forces to attack isis positions from the south and from the west as well. and it could begin as early as january. now, the source says the u.s. will provide only air support, and of course, as they've been saying no american boots on the ground. >> meanwhile, iraqi officials insist that the sprawling city, the capital city of baghdad, that it is safe from isis. that comes despite a new surprising revelation of widely used explosive detected.
2:35 am
er? >> reporter: this is baghdad. car bombs, suicide bombs, thousands wounded and killed. bombs that could strike anywhere, anytime. that's where it's been for more than a decade. while isis may be right on baghdad's door step but the 38 remains. >> we're following the sales inside baghdad. we're working on the sale, sometimes, they are having some hit on them. but in general, now there is no fear from the previous time that there about plain for baghdad invasion. >> reporter: the brigadier general gives a rare tour of check point. >> this is the first place to check the cars. >> reporter: yes. >> we have the ied detector there. and if there's a sign of any vehicle and we will send it on that place to check it by hand,
2:36 am
and sometimes by canine. >> reporter: for years, iraq is focused on this fake device. english judge said he was providing a false sense of security to soldiers in iraq and elsewhere, and make evening norm muss profits. police say it was a golf ball finder with the label removed. but has lawyers say he was not responsible for any attacks. the officials have insisted that at time, the device works. now, there are new plans for the capital. but in play, mann says they'll deployed first batch of newly purchased vehicles. >> some of these are fakes, and some of these are moving vehicles. they are very modern. >> reporter: by february, the government aims to have the explosive scanners all over the city with a focus on baghdad's gates. >> logically, we are try to reduce the number of these checkpoints and getting on
2:37 am
behalf of them these rapid scan vehicles and civilian intelligence units to here and there in so many places in baghdad. the policemen are searching, for example, the back of the car. if there is a kind of bombs or tools or opens, and by the way, isis trying to get the benefit from some special places in each car. >> reporter: mann said is every day is a learning experience for the city and security forces. >> baghdadian people want to survive. they are challenging any isis, anything. we have the will to live and we will do it. >> reporter: no one knows where the next threat will come from. for now, all they can do is try and be a step ahead. cnn, baghdad. taliban forces launched an attack on one of the largest military bases in afghanistan. an afghan spokesman said at least five security forces and nine taliban fighters have been
2:38 am
killed in camp bastion. the british military handed over control of the base just last month. the u.s. and others pledged to pull their troops out of afghanistan by the end of this year. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu wants a law declared israel the nation state of the jewish people. now, under this law, muslims and christians who make up one-fifth of the population would still have rights. but national rights and symbols would belong only to the jewish people. here's our ben wedeman. >> reporter: the flag, the symbols make the point. israel is a jewish state. but prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his political allies don't think that's enough. his cabinet recently voted 14-6, for a bill that would put into law that israel is a nation state of the jewish people. israel, he told his cabinet, has equal individual rights for
2:39 am
every citizen, and we insist on this. but only the jewish people have national rights. a flag and anthem, the right of every jew to immigrate to the country. and other national symbols. these are granted only to our people in its one and only state. he and others have been at pains to stress that all israeli citizens, more than a fifth, are muslims or christians, aren't entitled to equal rights. opponents say the nation state bill has another purpose. >> to send a message to the other citizens that you are a second-class citizen. >> reporter: this man runs a group fighting for civil rights for israel's minority. a proposed law he believes sends all the wrong signals. >> if you are an american, imagine in the law, american constitution would be a different one, america would either be christian state or white state.
2:40 am
>> reporter: significantly, the president predecessors have come out against the law. >> i think the governor to remain as a jewish and democratic state. >> reporter: -- president netanyahu's immediate viadviser supports the bill. >> this is going for the last six or seven years. we favor one group over another. we let every jewish from russia, from japan, to the u.s., from countries, willing to become a citizen. >> reporter: the bill could come up for a vote as early as next week. the cabinet is split over it, the country is split over it. and at a time when tensions here are already high, it could only make matters worse. ben wedeman, cnn, jerusalem. pro-democracy protests in
2:41 am
hong kong are not ending there as quickly as they wanted. officials struggled to clear the protesters who flood the streets early today. some even threw eggs and bottles. police responded using pepper spray and brute force. the protests reignited after police cleared out a main protest camp and they arrested more than 100 people on wednesday, include two student leaders. well france said former president nicholas sarkozy may soon return to politics. >> the country's opposition party unp is favored over his two charlies. the results of the race are expected later today. france will hold its next presidential election in 2017. and russia said it successfully test-fired an intercontinental missile. coming up how russia fired the missile and how close it came to a u.s. state. plus, the national football league in the united states
2:42 am
announces a policy change after ray rice's suspension is overturned.
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2:44 am
police in the u.s. city of chicago say a man shot a woman inside a department store during a black friday rush. >> yeah, take a look at this video. it happened add a nordstrom's store that was filled.
2:45 am
police say it may have been the man's girlfriend, we do know that the woman died at the scene. >> one witness described what happened. >> by the corner there, a girl ran out, she said -- i asked her what happened. and she said that somebody -- a guy pulled out a gun, shot a girl. and then shot himself. >> the woman who was wounded was a seasonal employee at the store. american football player ray rice has won his appeal against indefinite suspension. the national football league that imposed on him earlier. the nfl acts after disturbing video showing rice punching his then fiancee. an arbitrator overturned the suspension calling it arbitrary. >> yeah. ray rice said he made an inexcusable mistake. he was very sorry. and the nfl said it reflects the
2:46 am
decision. rice's former team the baltimore ravens say they will not reinstate him. he has to find another team. we'll see how that works out. in the wake of the nfl's decision, it's said it will rework its policy. the league released the statement judge jones' ruling underscores the urgency of our work to develop and implement a clear, fair and comprehensive new personal conduct policy. we expect this policy to be completed and announced in the weeks ahead. our focus is on consistently enforcing an improved policy going forward." doctors in brazil say 74-year-old football legend pele is getting better. fans are waiting to see when he will leave the hospital. shasta has more from sao paulo. >> reporter: it's been a long week for football legend pele, but according to hospitals his had football condition is improving. pele was admitted to the
2:47 am
hospital in sao paulo to the albert einstein with an infection. the good news the hospital says, his condition is improving. the dialysis is temporary. he's lucid. he's responsibiliding to the antibiotics. and one thing to keep in mind, palely only has one kidney. one other kidney was removed while playing football and obviously creates a complicated situation. and the whole world is keeping an eye on his health condition. the 74-year-old legend who really put brazil on the football map. they want the updates. and they want to know how soon he'll get out of the hospital. according to his personal aide, it could be as early as wednesday. the hospital, however, is being much more cautious. they're doing this on a
2:48 am
day-by-day basis and refuse to speculate how soon he could be released. cnn, sao paulo. in russia, the agency says it's successfully test-fired a missile. the missile launched from under the barrett sea. the missile is designed to carry nuclear warheads. it apparently through across and landed near alaska's aleutian islands. six men are charged in what australian officials are calling one of the largest drug busts in the nation's history. take a look at three tons of crystal meth and mda commonly referred to as molly or ecstasy. $1.5 billion, street value, authorities say they found the drugs inside a container of furniture shipped from germany.
2:49 am
the news continues here on cnn. next, we're talking toys. >> yeah, move over barb eyie. a new fashion doll is making her debut. and she features sell you light and freckles. >> and turned into eye an amazing bond between man and man best's friend. a story of a loyal dog. thank you for watching cnn. we'll be right back. ave. oh, wow! uh huh, yeah. i don't know my credit score. you don't know your credit score? --i don't know my credit score. that's really important. i mean -- i don't know my credit score. don't you want to buy a, ever? you should probably check out credit karma, it's free. credit? karma? free?, that's... how much? that's how much it's free. credit karma really free credit scores. no credit card needed.
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so black friday shopping is a multiday event here in the united states. and sometimes, it's violent. >> i mean, people just take their discounts so seriously. this is all after waiting in line like what, after five hours. thursday night, thanksgiving holiday in the u.s. scuffles broke out in a walmart store at a city in indiana. these customers were apparently fighting over sony speakers. >> uk is also welcoming the tradition as well as the fights. shoppers at this store which is owned by walmart got in a fight over televisions. one of the hottest toys this holiday season could be a doll that has acne and cellulite and stretch marks. and the artist who created the doll as made sure it had the proportions of an average woman. here's cnn's robyn curnow.
2:53 am
>> reporter: barbie will certainly be at the top of many wish lists this holiday season but she's facing new competition from lammily. at first glance, she looks like a shorter version of barbie but her features are based on realistic proportions. her creator nicholas lamb designed the doll to look like an average size 19-year-old woman. you can buy a pack of stickers to give her acne, and stretch marks. lam said he created them to start a conversation. >> i do things like to kind of make it more mainstream. like if someone as acne one day or cellulite or stretch marks, it's not a big deal. >> reporter: lammily started it as an art project that morphed into a funding campaign. the idea for the doll got so much support, lamm was able to
2:54 am
raise $500,000 in 30 days. but the toymaker said the biggest test was seeing how kids felt about lammily. >> she's so pretty. >> she looks like my sister. >> reporter: some critics question the dollmaker's motive. and barbie told the company that its doll was never designed to be realistic. focusing rather on making it easy for girls to dress and undress her. so far, lamm's campaign has allowed him to manufacture 22,000 dolls many of which will ship out this week. his goal isn't to put barbie or mattel out of business. >> i was trying to create an alternative, there's no reason why in a toy world, a barbie doll and a lammily doll can't be
2:55 am
friends. one is like a supermodel. and the other one is, i don't know, like the girl next door. >> reporter: if lammily is a success, lamm says he plans to expand the line to include male dolls, southwest dolls from different ethnicities. a simple gesture by the captain of a racing team left him with a loyal mascot. >> reporter: what began as a quest for a world championship turned into an amazing bond between man and man's best friend. competeding in the adventure racing championship in ecuador. the four-member team undertook a grueling 625 kilometer race hiking and biking through the amazon rain forest. while taking a break. the the team captain shared a meatball with a scruffy stray
2:56 am
dog. >> he was living in the street. he had a really bad wound. he looked terrible. you know, if it's a stray dog or street dog, if you google, you will find a picture of him. >> reporter: it was strenuous in the hike and they had to helped four-legged friend out of the thick had mud. and he would become just as exhausted as they would. yet, he would not leave their side. they named had him arthur. >> from the hollywood had move, the king arthur. the knight. he was like so hard and tough. and also while we passed through other ville avenues there were all these other stray dogs coming up, and he was like standing still. he was so proud. and that's why, we thought he was earning the name arthur. >> reporter: on the final leg of the race a 59 meter kayak competition organizers warned
2:57 am
against bringing arthur saying he would pose a danger to them and the dog but arthur was determined to stay with the team. >> we started paddling, he injured in the water. my heart, i couldn't react, i took him in the boat, and i said, okay, we're bringing the dog, we can't paddle with the dog. >> reporter: after six days, the team crossed the finish line along with their new friend. they finished 12th in the race. but the champion became an instant celebrity. he had such a bond with him that he decided to adopt arthur and take him home to sweden. linda kincade, cnn. >> thank you for joining us. >> yeah, we'll have more news after this. s ready for half tim? ok i'm going to draw something up new... who ate the quarterback? share what you love with who you love.
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when you use promo code go. call now. bright and early on a saturday morning. we're so glad choosing to wake up with us. i'm christi paul. >> good to be with you, i'm victor blackwell. 6:00 now. we start with breaking news out of ferguson, missouri. >> let's go! let's go! >> this is the scene outside the ferguson police department. at least 15 people were arrested as the police and the