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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 3, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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ny u.s. corporation or others around the world will be met with consequences. will ripley. cnn, beijing. >> we have much more straight ahead in the "newsroom." and it all starts right now. new details that the route 8501 was flying. turns out it was not authorized. where pieces of the plane are located. and saying good-bye to a slain hero. new york city police officers issued a warning as the mayor is due to arrive at the wake of officer wenjian liu any moment. will officers turn their backs again? plus -- >> it's just really a miracle. >> i went to the door. there's a little girl about 7 years old. crying. not bad. lips quivering pretty good.
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>> i 7-year-old girl walks alone through the freezing cold. just after being the only person in her family to live through a plane crash. her amazing story of survival. the "newsroom" starts right now. good afternoon, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. thanks so much for joining me. four large objects that could belong to airasia flight 8501 have been found in the java sea. searchers detected the metal objects under the water after detecting an oil slick. but that weather poseded a major problem once again. and crews were not able to recover any more bodies. so far, 30 bodies have been found and recover. six have been identified. david molko is live for us in surabaya monitoring the search efforts. david, finding bigger objects, crews are getting closer to the
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main wreckage. and there's a lot of hope in the sunday search. >> reporter: yeah fredricka, a lot of hope indeed when the sun comes up in three to four hours now in surabaya. out in the search zone that's several hundred kilometers northwest of where i am. conditions expected to improve drastically, that is really important. we've been seeing waves, 10 to 12 to 16-foot range. choppy seas making it really really difficult for divers to get in and out of the water. we're told by search officials that up to 90 divers are onsite or on their way. that's a lot of manpower. if they can't get in or out to do their job, it's definitely going to slow things down. about those objects, we're told by the head of indonesia's search and rescue agency that they have sonar imaging of them. that gives the shape of the object that it's definitely man made. in some senses we're told that a
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couple of them may be metallic. definitely not natural material. so the priorities when the sun rises is to get divers into the water. to get a remote operated vehicle that's an underwater robot down to the ocean floor. maybe 100, 120 feet deep to take a closer look. the other priority to continue to bring back those remains. at this point, 30 bodies recovered. but that's still 133 people that aren't accounted for. fred. >> is any more being said about this unauthorized route that this plane took? >> fred the unauthorized route, so to speak, basically, the plane -- airasia is permitted to fly from surabaya to singapore. that's fine. the issue here they didn't have permission to fly on sunday. the license that they had is only four days of the week. it turns out that it seems they have rearranged their schedule
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flying sunday instead of a different day. the transport ministry said they're launching an investigation into this. and it's unacceptable. at this point, an investigation, doesn't have bearing on what happened with the plane and flight 85 owe01. probably not. but investigators aren't going to discount anything. they've got to look into it. and just like anything else it's another piece of the puzzle. >> and david, why wouldn't be it authorized on sundays, and other days of the week it's okay? >> fred it has to do with aviation regulations. the licensing. the permissions. when you fly internationally, things get more complicated. it could be landing slots in singapore. there's a limited amount of takeoff and landing space to go around. and that gets allocated in different airlines. in some places it can be fairly
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competitive. so it's not necessarily an issue of the day of the week. airlines also change their schedules to fly on days that are more profitable when they can pack the planes full and make more money and not fly different days. it's more an issue of not flying on that day. airasia cooperating with a local television situation saying the investigation is expected to last a week. >> david molko, thanks for that. >> let's talk more about that issue and new debris found under water. four large pieces what can be learned by this i'm joined by former ntsb managing director and aviation analyst peter goelz backs with. and mary schiavo. and the director of aviation. let's go back to licensing.
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unauthorized to fly the route, peter, you were saying it's really san is an aside. there's not too much being made of it especially at this juncture of the investigation. >> no i think it indicates. it could indicate a lack of oversight. and a lack of capability to perform oversight by the indonesian civil aviation authority. mary pointed out in the previous hour that there's been questions about do they have enough manpower. do they have enough inspectors to supervise the safety of this quickly expanding aviation industry in indonesia, and this raises questions. are they applying the resources in the right place. >> so then mary if this san indicator of maybe a regulation problem, is it also then an indicator of a readiness for that region to investigate for these investigators to get to
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the bottom of what happened and why? >> absolutely. i think this is probably the tip of the iceberg. and it's amazing that our own federal aviation administration was almost you know clairvoyant. they're not usually very protective or clairvoyant. but when they rated indonesia, and the newest ratings came out just in december. indonesia was rated in par with bangladesh. there are only a couple countries that don't meet the standards and indonesia is one of them. one of them do they provide adequate safety for the airlines. and one of the things they fell down in was safety oversight over approvals and certification. here that would appear to be the case. they did not police who had approval to fly routes. i think we'll see much more this in the coming days it certainly
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indicates a question overall of indonesia air safety. >> so there are a lot of investigations ongoing. what preceded the downing of that flight. what caused it. and now trying the search and recovery efforts under way. let's talk more about the four items that have been located. sonar equipment. these four large items. one is 60 feet long. peter, what will investigators be looking at to try to discern -- especially if they're unable to find the black buckses that boxes, what are the credible information that the investigators will be looking to piece together what happened? >> well the first thing they're going to do today is drop down a remote vehicle that's got a camera on it. it may have retrieving arms on it to get a look and see exactly what this is. is this the aircraft or something else. an rov can stay down for hours
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on end. and it's guided from a ship above. the divers if they're free divers at 100 feet they're only going to be able to stay down for perhaps 15 or 20 minutes. and that's not a great deal of bottom time. so the rovs in the water today will be critical. can they get a picture of some of this material? can it be identifyied as the missing aircraft. >> and then mary we hear from investigators about 30 bodies have been retrieved. maybe six have been you know, positively identified but these bodies are also evidence. what is the information that they're extracted from these bodies. many of course bloated, mall formed because of the seawater they've been in for five days. what are the indicators on the bodies that will help piece together what happened to the plane, how did it get go down et cetera? >> one would be the overall
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condition of the bodies. they're clothed or not clothed. a group of three found still strapped in their seats. that would indicate that the plane broke up on entry to the water. not that they'd been able to land in the water and tried to get out. obviously, they'll also be looking at whether there was water in the lungs and in the airway passages. and that will determine if people lived beyond the impact. and even the clothes, the bodies are still clothed or not. can give an indication that the plane entered the water in one piece and broke apart in the water. most of the persons will still have clothing on. >> it unusual, mary that some of the bodies have been returned to the family members. is it too soon to do that since there's questions about what happened? >> no that's what they do. as soon as they recover them they do the forensics on the body. the autopsies, check the airways, the overall condition. they take the forensics and do try to return them right away.
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and peter was right about sending down the submersibles. they're going to try to photograph that wreckage. if it's a piece of fuselage where the fumes s humans are. they will send the divers down it's terrible work. the divers will bring them up one by one before they bring up the wreckage. >> peter, does that picture taking take hours or a matter of days before they try to retrieve or recover any of the items? >> oh the mapping of the whole wreckage field will be important. that will take days. obviously, if they see victims that are easily retrievable. they will go down and get them immediately. but we're in this now, if this proves to be the wreckage, it's going to take a number of weeks to get it to the surface. and probably recover and identify all of the victims, if in fact all of them can be recovered. it's still a very tough job. >> yeah indeed. peter goelz, mary schiavo,
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thanks to both of you. for more information about who was lost on airasia flight 8501 go to there you will find resources and ways you can help the grieving families in this tragedy. still ahead, new york city mayer bill de blasio is about to arrive at any moment at the wake of the murdered nypd detective wenjian liu. commissioner bill bratton arrived just minutes ago. the warning to the rest of the men and women in blue we'll have more on that coming right back.
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new york city mayor bill de blasio arriving just moments ago at the private wake for fallen police officer wenjian liu. liu was one of two officers ambushed and killed in brooklyn.
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new york mayor bill de blasio attending today's wake and also speaking tomorrow. mayor de blasio also with bill bratton. who asked the men and women to show respect to the mayor. the officers turned their backs to the mayor during liu's partner's funeral last week. sara ganim in a rainy brooklyn? sara was there a salute did anyone turn their backs to the mayor? >> reporter: well just saw the mayor walk in fred. and just before him, we also saw the police commissioner walk in. and dozens maybe even hundreds of nypd officers who are arriving here. i've seen patrol cars from other jurisdictions as well. they've been coming in i just
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want to give you a chance of them walking in. a steady stream of officers walking into this funeral home to pay their respects during the wake of officer wenjian liu. this is a very similar scene to what we saw last weekend, for the wake of his partner, officer raphael ramos. but what we're expecting tomorrow the police commissioner here the nypd police commissioner is hoping it's slightly different from that we saw last week at the officer raphael ramos' funeral. police commissioner bratton issued a memory asking specifically that members of the nypd do not turn their backs to the mayor when he speaks tomorrow at wenjian liu's funeral. taking you back to why he would do that well there's been some growing tension between the mayor and members of the nypd over in part his remarks about the decision not to indict one nypd officer in the apparent choke hold death of eric garner.
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now, because of those growing tensions there were members of nypd who did turn thickeir backs. there were pictures taken at that funeral. a very powerful image. a lot of people were talking about it. and people say it took away from the funeral of raphael ramos. he said this it was not all the officers and it was not disrespect directed at detective ramos. but all officers were tainted by it. and it stole the valor, honor and attention that rightfully belonged to the memory of raphael ramos' life and sacrifice. it was not the intent i noknow but that was the result. this is not a public wake. this is a private wake. we do expect to see many more officers coming. later this afternoon, there will
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be a public memorial that members in chinatown can attend. coming up a story of survival that is really difficult to imagine. >> it's just really a miracle. >> i went to the door and there was a little girl, about 7 years old. crying. not bad. lips quivering pretty good. >> how a 7-year-old walked away from a plane crash. then trekked through the snow and cold for nearly a mile to get help.
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all right. now to other stories topping our news. a horrifying new year as day crime story covering multiple states. two texas men are accused of setting fire to the home in north carolina after killing a couple inside. police say edward campbell took off in the couple's truck and his son eric fled in a stolen suv. eric was pulled over by two officers in west virginia. his dad pulled up and began shooting at police. neither officer were seriously injured. and both men are in custody. and senate majority leader harry reid is back home from the hospital after breaking a couple bones. he fell when a piece of exercise
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equipment he was using broke. reid is 75. he is an amateur boxer in college. and bracing for the first major storm of the new year 20 states apparently under a winter weather advisory. this after millions of americans head home after holiday vacations. a wintry mix expected to stretch all the way to boston. and in the south, the gulf states a threat of hail and tornadoes. and this incredible story out of kentucky today. a 7-year-old girl is the lone survivor of a plane crash that killed her parent sister and cousin. also amazing. that same little girl who survived walked nearly a mile for help. the state police are calling this a miracle. >> once we found the wreckage and the time that we had spent in this wooded area we were literally amazed that this young
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lady survived not only the crash, but was able to get from the crash location to this house. we're talking about a 7-year-old girl who has just fallen out of the sky. and she was not cold very much. she was in shorts. having returned from florida. a t-shirt. and she walked through briars and thorns. and very steep. there's one creek bed probably 12 feet deep that she walked through to get from point "a" to point "b." that is a miracle. >> that is miracle. nick valencia is with us. oh my goodness it makes you take pause. then there's new video to share. >> that's right, the ntsb and faa are back on the scene. working through the crash site to see what else they can find and determine about this crash.
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remarkable that she survived. we spoke to one guy who helped her out, larry wilkins, 71 years old. at his house. he's the man that helped her to safety. he's calling her the bravest person he's ever met. >> reporter: at home in rural kentucky larry wilkins finished watching the local evening news when his dog started barking. i went to the door there was a little girl about 7 years old. crying and not bad. lips quivering pretty good. she's pretty bloody. had a bloody nose. and her arms and legs were scratched up real bad. and she told me that her mom and dad was dead. >> reporter: the 7-year-old is the only survivor from a friday night plane crash. her mom, dad, sister and cousin dead after their small twin-engine piper traveling from florida, crashed in the woods of western kentucky. the fact the little girl survived is all the more incredible. wilkins said considering what she had to do to get help.
10:26 am
>> she had just walked three quarters of a mile through very very rough territory. and she was barefooted. she had one sock on her foot. that was all. she was dressed for florida. wearing shorts. just a blouse no coat. >> reporter: wilkins said the 7-year-old likely spotted a light on at his house and made her way towards it. a kentucky state police officer who also helped the little girl seemed to speak for most when he said -- >> it's just really a miracle. >> if you would see the terrain, you would realize how incredible is really was. she's a terribly bright little girl. i'll tell you that. >> she is expected to make a full recovery. she suffered nonthreatening injuries. we learned earlier she was relessed from the hospital. we don't know where she is now. we hope she's back in the safety of extended family members. we also have new photos to show you from the facebook page of the mother. there are the family members and what appears to be a plane. we don't know exactly if it's a
10:27 am
plane or the plane that went down. these are new photos just in from cnn from marty gutzler, the father. she lost her mom, her dad. the 9-year-old brother. we know from larry wilkins, she told me she has an older sister that's where she may well be right now. >> dad was the pilot. we don't know if this was the image taken before this flight. but dad was a pilot. and it may have been fairly familiar territory for the whole family to get on a plane. >> sure you go through their facebook photos you see they're a family that really like the outdoors. they're a family that goes on horseback rides. spent a lot of time in a plane. they look like an active family from the midwest. a silver lining. >> that little girl. >> remarkable story. thanks very much nick, for bringing that up to us. our coverage meantime continues for the ongoing search for airasia. that plane going down.
10:28 am
and clueses too why it happened next. karen maginnis takes a look at why crews have a narrow window of search and recovery. plus a look at how crews are turning to recovery to help search for that doomed flight. from the outside, this blue box kind of looks like a port-a-potty. on the inside it's the high-tech ways that could be saving divers' lives in the java sea. i'll show you how coming up. ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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a big development in the search for debris for airasia flight 8501. four large objects were found in the sonar stretch area. one is 60 feet and another 40 feet long. indonesian officials say they found it after they saw an oil slick. huge waves as high as 15 feet and strong currents kept divers out of the water. the search has been suspended until sunday when the weather is expected to be better. and when the search does resume crews will have help from the "u.s.s. ft. worth" it arrived in the area today. also two more victims were identified. a 44-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man, that is six out of 30 bodies that have been identify identified. and crews are hopeful,
10:33 am
improved weather will help make progress. i'm going to bring in meteorologist karen maginnis. karen, 15-foot waves what else do we know about the conditions there? >> well this is very typical because this is the monsoon season across this region of the world. even by their standards, they have seen exceptional amounts of rainfall where the week prior to the disaster we were looking at tremendous flooding across his region. here's the search area. right down there, surabaya is going to make the flight the equivalent to fly from new york city to atlanta. then this catastrophe happened. we don't know why but there was plenty in the region. now that they've been searching, it's been stop and go definitely. both for the vessels in the water as well as in the sky. because this is monsoon season. they see huge clusters of thunderstorms. look at what happens here sunday. it's not going to be perfectly clear. it's not going to be perfectly
10:34 am
calm. you can see a little bit of a wave. 12 to 15-feet wave heights. it doesn't look like it will be that. because we're expecting the winds to kind of flatten out a little more. certainly, we're expecting more activity. fred they're looking at winds 25 miles an hour and gusty with the thunderstorms. now, we're looking at perhaps the winds down to 10 to 15 miles an hour. so is this definitely an improvement and gives them the opportunity to find something or more. >> well that's pretty hopeful. >> it is. >> thank you so much karen maginnis appreciate that. >> the search and recovery of flight 8501 is a difficult process made by worst weather. cnn's alina machado talked to the divers about the strains of underwater searches. >> reporter: fredricka, the search and recovery effort for airasia flight 8501 may be going on 11,000 miles from here in south florida. but we spoke from one commercial
10:35 am
diver who tells us he knows exactly what that process is like. the number of crews from around the world helping to search for airasia flight 8501 continues to grow. and if anyone knows the job that lies ahead, especially for the dozens of divers involved it's gino. the 51-year-old is an experienced diver who said he's helped after recent catastrophes including the japan tsunami and the earthquake. part of airbus 320 have been recovered so have dozens of bodies but waves as high as 13 feet have hampered search efforts. >> one thing you don't want to do is add more tragedy to tragedy. you don't want loss of life. you want to wait for conditions to go in there. >> reporter: the plane is believed to be on the bottom of the sea in water that is on average at 130 feet. at that depth, he says divers will need to use special gear.
10:36 am
>> a dry suit is totally seal ted wrists. the boots are incorporated in it. and has a zipper that closes at the neck. that way, you have a helmet. >> this is considered a lighter one. >> but it's incredibly heavy? >> 37 pounds. >> reporter: divers will be hooked up to a command center like this one. >> these instruments right here are telling us what the depths of the divers are at. this is the pressure going through them. the main air. standby air. emergency air. diver one, diver two, diver three. >> reporter: he says the divers will probably be under water for up to 80 minutes at a time. under which they'll end up inside a decompression chamber to recover. >> you can get down in this thing it will have jagged edges, torn fuselage. things all over the place. it's going to be dark inside. a lot of things for a diver to get snagged on the umbilical to get tied up on. >> reporter: then the emotional
10:37 am
situation, you know there's going to be bodies down there? >> there's nothing worse than bumping into a bloated body in the water. >> reporter: he's still haunted by the victims he's recovered. especially children. emotion that divers in the java sea will have to come to terms with. >> you get past it saying you're helping a family. >> reporter: he tells us it could take weeks, maybe months, for divers to finish the job in the java sea. fred reeblg rikcka fredricka. >> thank you. also ahead, the flu season considered to be extremely dangerous. so why isn't the flu shot working?
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the flu virus is already reaching epidemic levels this season. children and the elderly are at the greatest risk. this year the virus is proving especially deadly for kids. here's cnn's george howell. >> reporter: one of the most
10:41 am
recent flu-related deaths is a 3-year-old girl in iowa. her parents say she went from perfect health with no pre-existing conditions and became severely dehydrated in pain. then rushed to a hospital in des moines where she later died. just a few days after showing initial signs of the flu. another tragic case in minnesota. 7-year-old ruby hanson died christmas eve. her mother believe shed might have survived had she not had a pre-existing medical condition. >> the flu would not have done her in had she not had gervais syndrome. seizure was caused by the flu. >> reporter: by the centers for disease control, it is showing that the flu has reached an epidemic level in the united states. one of the strains making people sick this season has mutated causing this year's vaccination to be less than optimal for protection. >> the most common virus that
10:42 am
we're seeing causing virus is this h3n2 virus. when we've seen h3n2 in previous seasons we've seen relatively severe seasons. it's possible we could have a severe season again this year. >> reporter: it's being widespread in 32 states approaching peak levels that we saw two years ago. doctors are seeing more patients. >> i was on a ship the other day. i saw about 35 patients. i saw ten positive flu swabs. and there was a couple i didn't even swab. i just treated them because it's so prevalent. we're definitely seeing a lot- >> reporter: the cdc is set to release its latest figures on how widespread the flu bug has become this coming monday. in the meantime they recommend getting a flu shot even though it may not prevent against it it may lessen the severity if you get sick. george howell cnn, chicago. >> joining me right now to talk
10:43 am
more about this dr. seem ma yasmen for the centers for disease control. good to see you. is it an issue of the flu shot or the flu shot not being effective or mutations of the flu? >> it's all of those things working in combination, fredricka, sadly what's happening, all the flu shots not such a great match this year. there's no point in getting it. now we have a situation where less than half of americans who should have received the flu shot haven't received. it's important to remember yes, this year's flu shot isn't a perfect match for one of the strains circulating but the flu vaccines cover three or four different strains of the flu. it's still a good idea to go ahead and get that. >> that's a difficult thing to understand. not a direct match but yet it
10:44 am
lessens the severity. what should you do when you're a person that says i'm going to get the flu shot but it's not optimal. it's 65% and doctors say that's better than zero protection. when we think about the vaccine, we think about protecting ourselves. but actually when you get the flu shot you're protecting your family people in your workplace and your whole community. so it still offers a good amount of protection for those strains. >> so in your interview, who is most vulnerable? who really should not hesitate in getting a flu shot? >> flu is really bad news for younger kids and older adults. and also anybody who has pre-existing medical conditions. we think about asthma. but diabetes puts you at a higher risk of getting sick with the flu. even obesity. people who are obese and get the flu can end up a lot sicker and end up in the hospital. and more likely to die than people who started healthy.
10:45 am
>> we heard that doctor in george howell's piece talked about he knew for sure somebody had the flu and then he offered treatment any. what kind of treatments are we talking about for flu? i thought this was one of those viruses that had to work its way you 32 system and on its way out on its own? what are the treatments? >> with tamiflu, for example. what the cdc is saying because this flu season is shaping up to be a pretty bad one. they don't want dock aretors to hesitate. because this year looks so bad. cdc is telling doctors don't hesitate. use those antiviral within the first 24 to 48 hours. those antivirals are for adults not for children? >> some children can use them. it's important to take them early on. >> all good advice, seema yas
10:46 am
yasmen. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> all right. a police chief calls 911 and then tells them this -- >> accidental? >> yes. >> who shot her? >> me. >> hmm. we'll have more on that extremely unusual call from a police chief admitting to shooting his wife.
10:47 am
10:48 am
all right.
10:49 am
checking other top stories this afternoon. according to a 911 tape the police chief of a city near atlanta said he accidentally shot his wife while he was sleeping with a ghun theun in the bed. >> i'm the chief of police. the bed -- the gun was on the dresser. >> okay. >> you're the chief of police in peachtree city. >> yeah unfortunately yes. >> you said she was shot twice. >> accidentally? >> yes. >> who shot her? >> me. >> how did you shoot her. >> the gun was on the bed i went to move it and put it on the side and then it went off. i've got the door open for them. oh, my god. >> what's your name sir? >> william mccomb. >> william mccomb's wife is in the hospital. the chief is on administrative leave while the story is being
10:50 am
investigated. john hinkley will not face new charges in the death of james decades after he was shot when hinckley tried to assassinate president reagan. hinckley faced charges related to brady's shooting during his 1982 trial but was found not guilty by reason of insanity. and two apple customers are suing the company for more than $5 million, claiming false advertising. over iphone storage space. apple's new software takes up 3 gigabytes of storage space on an iphone 6. it's 19% of the phone's 16 gigs of advertised space. the plaintiffs say it's deceptive and misleading to the average customer. the u.s. embassy in indonesia has issued a security alert after learning of a potential threat against american interests in surabaya. erin mcpike joins us with more.
10:51 am
>> reporter: we've gotten a few new details from the state department but first let me read to you from that security alert from the embassy. they say the u.s. embassy has been made aware of a potential threat against u.s.-associated hotels and banks in surabaya. the u.s. embassy recommends heightened vigilance ofand awareness. now, what we also heard from a state department official is whenever the u.s. government receives credible specific and noncounterable threat information, they have an obligation to share that information with u.s. citizens. they also say that so far they don't know of any kind of direct connection between the airasia flight and this threat. we also don't know from the state department yet how serious this threat is. we also don't know where it's coming from or what the specific threat is, fred. >> and now what about those who are traveling to that part of the region? any warnings that they are receiving? >> reporter: well they're not discouraging travel from the
10:52 am
region. what the state department is saying is to enroll in the step program for travelers, essentially that means when there are any new warnings or updates to this they will alert travelers by text message, e-mail that sort of thing. we also know that as recently as october of 2014 the state department has been issuing warnings in indonesia because of some al qaeda-linked groups. but that the indonesian government has been cracking down on that. >> erin mcpike, thanks so much. officials investigating the crash of flight 8501 are looking closely at the violent storm that the jet encountered. they are also looking at the other planes that were flying in the area. straight ahead, we're looking at all this says about the possible cause of the crash. ♪ ♪ ♪
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two more victims were identified today in that airasia flight. a 44-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man. that means 6 out of 30 bodies have now been identified. indonesian officials say they halted further recovery today because the weather is so bad.
10:56 am
cnn's paula hancocks got a look at the mission firsthand aboard a helicopter. >> go to the east. >> reporter: harrieti shows me the flight plan scouring the southwest coast of borneo. plans to reach the airasia crash site changed due to the weather. only allowed to risk this so-called red zone. officials believe remnants of the plane or bodies may have drifted around 100 nautical miles to land. dense vegetation and marshes make searching by land unrealistic. much of this area is barely inhabited. as the weather closes in the pilot tries to fly around it. but the front is too big. we're only half an hour into the flight and the pilot has just decided that we have to abort this mission. he says that the weather up ahead is simply too dangerous.
10:57 am
he cannot fly into those kind of clouds and that rain so we're circling back going back to the airport. now, for those on board that were going to be looking for deb bring debris, they barely had a chance to start their job. this was along the coastline. this wasn't even out at sea where the weather is worse. back on land the team refuses to be disheartened. the local police chief tells me we'll keep going until we find everyone. more victims have flown to dry land saturday despite the weather. once cleaned and treated, they're flown on to surabaya for formal identification. every member a loved member of a distraught family. an innocent soul who lost their life in the java sea. paula hancocks cnn, indonesia.
10:58 am
>> and when airasia flight 8501 crashed, there were many other flights traveling in that same area. also in the sky, fierce storms. but the other planes made it through that rough weather. here's cnn's tom foreman in washington with a look at what those flights and the storm systems can tell us about what might have happened. >> reporter: the skies above this part of the world have been growing steadily more crowded in the past few years. there's a lot of competition with different airlines there. so when this plane was flying along at 32,000 feet it encountered this great big storm, he had company out there. a storm about 200 square miles, 52,000 feet up in the air, really towering up there, could be producing big winds out there. 70 80 90 miles an hour, who knows? microbursts, all sorts of issues. we know though that he wasn't the only plane. at the time that he disappeared, there were at least these five other flights somewhere about 2,000 feet above and within 124 miles. that may seem like a long
10:59 am
distance but for planes traveling this fast, it's not that long of a distance. so the determination was that he could not rise into that airspace. and he definitely wanted to. he was at 32,000 feet had requested to go up to 38,000 and had been told he could not. there was an approval right near the end of about 34,000 feet to let him come up some. it's not clear whether that was fully fully communicated to the plane or if the plane had already disappeared. but all of this at least supports the theory it -- and it is just a theory -- that at some point this pilot felt like he had no choice and he started trying to very dramatically ascend to try to get out of the trouble of the weather around him, and in doing so maybe stalled the aircraft. just a theory right now, but this is not a theory. we know he was at a lower altitude than he wanted to be in the midst of this storm. >> tom foreman, thank you so much. the next hour of the "newsroom" starts right now.
11:00 am
hello again, everyone. i'm fredericka whitfield. four large objects that could belong to airasia flight 8501 have been found. it was detected after finding an oil slick. one object is almost 60 feet long. crews were not able to recover any more bodies. so far 30 bodies have been found and recovered. a u.s. ship is now part of the recovery efforts. the "uss fort worth" arriving in the search area today. david malco is live for us in surabaya. david, these four large objects located today, not able to be retrieve retrieved. what's the hope this sunday? >> reporter: that's right, fredericka. about three hours from first light here on sunday morning. this is the day that search teams have been talking about pretty m