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tv   New Day  CNN  January 7, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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airasia flight 8501 divers say they've found the tail section of the jet in the murky waters off the java sea. the tale is where the flight data recorders are located. you're looking at the pictures coming in. divers had to be down about 100 feet bottom of the sea. images show the airasia logo other debris that all seem related to this crash on the seabed. >> all this as we learn that the pilots of the ill-fated flight never picked up the paperwork, the weather report before taking off. meanwhile, another body has been pulled from the water bringing the total number to 40. and cnn learning that the victims' families will receive roughly $100,000 in compensation per passenger. we have the developments covered. so let's begin with anna coren line on the ground in indonesia. good morning, anna. >> hi alisyn. as you say, a major breakthrough in day 11 of the search for airasia flight 8501. with teams discovering the tail
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of the aircraft upside-down, deep in the mud. at the bottom of the java sea. now, the tail as we know contains those two vital black boxes. which is hoped will hold the answers as to why this aircraft crashed. with 162 passengers and crew on board. now we've learned from officials they have deployed a sub salvage vehicle. it will retrieve the tail put it on to a ship so that investigators can get to work. breaking overnight, these are the very first images of what top indonesian search fwishls are saying is the tail section of airasia flight 8501. airasia's ceo tweeting i am led to believe the tail section has been found. if right part of tail section, then black box should be there. officials say the logo is consistent with the back portion
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of airasia planes. >> even if they are actually inside the tail it would be similar to removing a hard drive from a damaged computer. something you want to do very carefully and very slowly. >> this major breakthrough comes as reports raise questions about airasia's handling of weather information on that fateful day. according to indonesia's official weather service, no one from the doomed plane came to pick up potentially crucial weather information in person as other airlines did that day. this climate report from the day of the flight sent by the meteorologist, climatology and geophysics agency contained a satellite image showing storms in the area wind speeds and a forecast that showed the flight would go through an area with occasional embedded storm clouds up to 48,000 feet. >> it's the pilot's responsibility to make his or herself aware of the conditions and the weather in advance of a flight. that's what pilots do all the time. >> airasia's handling of weather information is now being
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investigated by indonesia's transportation ministry. >> now, all assets in the area have been deployed also to this specific search area where they found the tail. obviously they're hoping to find more debris also the bulk of the plane, which they do believe will have the passengers still strapped to their seat amongst the wreckage. alisyn? >> anna coren, thanks so much for the background. we want to bring in david gallo cnn analyst and director of special projects for woods hole oceanographic constitution and david soucie safety analyst and former faa safety inspector, the author of book "malaysian airline flight 370: why it disappear and why it's only a matter of time until it happens again." david soucie we have one of the so-called black boxes, obviously not the one that they're looking
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for. but a version of it. it's interesting because i've reported on dozens of plane crashes, but i've never actually seen one of these black boxes before in real life. it's much heavier than i ever imagine with all the equipment inside it. how confident are you that the black boxes in the airasia flight at the bottom of the sea are still in the tail section. >> the cockpit voice recorder is further forward, it depends where the tail broke off as to whether they're together or not. typically like on the 777, the boxes are co-located. in this case one is a little more forward than the other. so depending where it broke off it could be a very very difficult task trying to find both boxes, we have to have both in order to get really good information. >> david soucie can you explain where the tail section was located? it wasn't in the primary search location it was in a secondary search location. >> yeah -- david -- i'm sorry,
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david gallo. >> yeah it was in the secondary zone in the secondary area, and that's okay. that's great. but this is a huge step forward in the search. and you know they've made up a lot of time by finding that tail section first, especially if the black boxes are still there. >> david soucie how hard is it going to be for them to get the tail section up from the bottom of the java sea. >> well that may not be necessary yet. the first thing they want to do is get through it and find out where the black box is. they don't want to disturb too much yet. they need to look for the black boxes, see if they're open first, secondly then they'll start bringing it up. at this depth. i don't think it will be too big of a task. david gallo will know more about how to do that. since we're not bringing it up from a very very deep area i think it will be less difficult than we thought it might be before. >> david gallo explain that
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you've been involved in other crash recoveries how hard of a task? >> well the shallow depth certainly will help and it seems like visibility was a lot better than zero and currents not so bad. they're already under way. from what i heard, to retrieve the tail section, so they're moving fairly quickly, that may be good that may be bad, i'm assuming they've done their homework as david soucie suggested. so it's not routine, it's very dangerous, and we'll see what happens later today. >> david soucie can you explain why this black box here on our table is so heavy? what is inside this? and what do they do to extract the information from this? >> well most of the weight of it is to protect the insides and to protect the electronics that keep and record all the information. so the inside of it there's a very very heavy casing within that there's silicone rubber that protects the devices from moving. inside of that there's foam.
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the actual piece that the information is stored on is no bigger than an integrated circuit board so that's what they're actually protecting all the weight all other information and components in there are for translating the information so that it can be recorded. just in 1's and 0's on the inside. so the hard part now is finding out how much damage has occurred to the box. if the underwater locator beacons, which appear not to be working right now. which unfortunately has become fairly typical in these accidents, that the ulbs don't work. but if it's not, that indicates to me there's been a very abrupt and violent upset of the box. so at that point taking it apart is very very, very detailed and you want to be very careful not to put any static electricity in. you have to protect it and keep it in the same environment and the saltwater environment until you have a chance to rinse that out. it's a very tedious process. >> last david soucie we understand that the families are
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being offered by airasia $100,000 to compensate them for the loss. i mean how can you ever put a pricetag obviously on a loved one's life. but is that a customary amount? >> it is a customary amount to start. it doesn't mean that's all they will receive. but it is customary, it's actually a little bit higher than the customary amount that's given up front to the families we'll have to wait to see what the final settlement amount is. it would be more along the lines of $150,000 if they comply with all the regulations. >> david soucie david gallo, thanks so much gentlemen, great to get your expertise. over to chris. we have a three-word story for you, it tells you everything you need to know. bitter cold everly where. that's it that's what's going on right now. a deep freeze is affecting 240 million of us. take a look at the map. it is everywhere wind chills in green bay, chicago, wind chills hovering about 20 below zero.
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minneapolis? 30 below zero. so cold roads so treacherous, public schools in the midwest are closing. kansas city minneapolis, chicago, des moines indianapolis omaha, check your local listing in terms of whether or not your school is going to be affected. let's get to meteorologist jennifer gray. on the ground in chicago. the wind chill i am told makes it feel as bad as 30 below zero which is why for once i am happy i am not you, jennifer. >> i bet are you happy, and yeah temperatures are expected to actually get colder right now the wind chill, it feels between 10 and 20 degrees below zero. a lot of you may have one of these at home. we bought one, it doesn't do you any good. it only goes down to zero we bought the big daddy. so we could tell you what the temperature is like out here. i'm telling you right now where we are, it feels like 10 degrees below zero it is 10 degrees below zero and feels like 14
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below. last check at the airport it was about 2 degrees. you can see the river behind me starting to freeze over. in fact you can see part of it not frozen yet and then the very slick part frozen solid. so it will probably continue to freeze throughout the day. because guess what this is not the worst of it temperatures are actually going to be even colder tomorrow. you can see the flags blowing in the wind. the wind chill is what is so brutal. this is a dangerous cold. you can get frostbite within minutes. and if you don't dress warm enough you can develop hypothermia. schools are closed all across the midwest. the other concern, today here in chicago, will be public transportation because those rail lines have trouble operating when it is so cold. so do expect delays today. but chris, it is going to be cold. let's look at the weather map. highs today are only going to get up into the single digits. we're expecting temperatures 1 degree below zero today in chicago. you have to get as far south as dallas to get above freezing.
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back to you. >> did you a very good job with ice mouth first of all. continuing to talk. despite -- i stink at that and i like the new cnn gear with the hat, the earmuffs and hat in one. i know i'm going to be wearing it at some point. i'm liking the pom-pom. if you're going to be freezing you might as well look good. thanks jennifer. hate when your lips freeze you can't talk. >> nose too far from my face needs a lot of blood. meanwhile, the 114th congress officially in session with the gop now controlling the house and the senate president obama insists he's looking forward to an exchange of ideas, when he meets with the new republican leadership at the white house next week. but he's already vowing to veto the first bill that they're expected to send him. a measure greenlighting construction of the keystone oil pipeline. let's bring in washington correspondent joe johns live from the white house, what's the latest? >> good morning, alisyn. it really is a sign of things to come here in washington.
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the white house essentially welcoming the start of the new republican-controlled congress by issuing a veto threat. white house press secretary josh earnest saying the president would not sign the keystone excel bill if it reaches his desk. now what's going on on capitol hill? it is pretty clear republicans with the help of some democrats do have enough votes to pass this bill. the question is whether they will be able to muster enough votes to override a presidential veto if it comes to that. the administration has said it wants to complete a review of this project. but the review has been going on for six years. as you know environmentalists are opposed to the keystone project. this bill came up last year at the very end of the united states congress. and was not able to pass. so a sign of things to come alisyn. >> all right, joe, nice to see you. let's get a look at other
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headlines that we're following. >> we're beginning with breaking news there are reports of a deadly shooting at the office of the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" "reuters" is reporting that multiple people have been killed. it was burned several years ago, in response to scenes of a comic depicting the prophet mohammed. the fbi is taking over the investigation of a deadly shooting at a va clinic in el paso texas. a gunman shot and killed a doctor tuesday and died after turning the gun on himself. authorities are not releasing the identity of the shooter or at this point a possible motive. that clinic will be closed today. as investigators debrief staff and patients. the pentagon says it's gaining ground in the battle against isis but still a long way to go. officials say coalition airstrikes have slowed the terror group's momentum.
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some tribes have turned against the group. but extremist manpower remains largely intact. most of the battlefield losses are mid-level operatives. disgraced former virginia governor bob mcdonnell says he's sorry, but plans to appeal his prison sentence for corruption. mcdonnell was convicted of trading access to the governor's office in exchange for $165,000 in gifts and loans. mcdonnell's wife maureen, who was convicted along with him, will be sentenced next month. and a final farewell to a three-term new york governor mario cuomo, remembered as a crusader for the little guy, a powerful orator and a friend by someone who knew him best one of his sons and our current new york governor andrew cuomo. take a listen. >> at his core at his best he was a philosopher. and he was a poet. and he was an advocate and he
3:15 am
was a crusader. mario cuomo was the keynote speaker for our better angels. >> the elder cuomo died thursday a hours after his son was inaugurated for a second term. it was a beautiful moving moving tribute to your father chris. >> it was very nice of you guys to be there, thank you for that. i of course had exclusive access to the funeral yesterday. which i wish i hadn't. but we're all going to go through it we're going to lose our parents and it's a terrible thing. but it made it so much easier on my mom and on the family you guys have been so amazing how you've reached out. people came here locally waited in the cold. my tv family was amazing to me all the people you don't get to see who matter the most. who make the show possible came out and that's all that matters in a time like that. we knew who pop was, it's nice to see a new generation of people kind of being introduced
3:16 am
to him and i have in typical male especially cuomo male fashion, not dealt with the situation of losing pop just by allowing the process to kind of dominate. i don't know what it will mean to me my father was such a big part of my life. he was such i never had to look outside my family for a male role model. you know i had my pop, i had my big brother, really did us proud yesterday. that was a hard thing to do. he was talking about somebody who means everything to him. and i think acquitted himself very well. pop would have been proud. >> when it does hit you, lean on us we're all here for you. >> i'm sure i'll be a mess but i'm surrounded by people who love me. so is my mother and she is the strength in the family now. so thank you very much for how you reached out to me. >> you have such a beautiful family. it's been great to get to know your father through this process and your whole family your mother is a doll your sisters, your wife -- >> dozens of nieces. >> mom is the best.
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the only thing that was untrue yesterday by the way, back to being a journalist i did not name mario, my son, after my father to curry favor it is the italian -- tradition. >> you get to say it. if are you able to have a boy, you're supposed to name him after the father of the man's parents and then the mother's parents. that's how it works. back to what you do best breaking news we have some right now for all of you, there's been more on that gunfire erupting at the office of the french satirical magazine we just told but. you might remember this was the target of an attack several years ago in response to the cartoons of the prophet mohammed. for more on the breaking news and what's going on we go live to paris. what do we know jim? >> basically this is the third attack on this magazine over the last ten years. and we're not sure on the details. what's apparently happened is
3:18 am
that this morning two gunmen masked and wearing black, broke in to the headquarters of the newspaper located near the bastile district in paris and started firing with automatic weapons. the firing went on for about five minutes. we don't have confirmation of this. but according to a police union spokesman, there may be as many as ten people who are dead. we don't have any confirmation of this. but the police union spokesman said it was a real butchery in fact the shooting went on for a long time. some of the employees and some of the editors of the newspaper went to the roof to find sanctuary there. and the shooting went on like i say for about four or five minutes. prosecutors, the paris prosecutor is on his way to the scene now. as is the interior minister. so i think it's a fairly serious situation. we should have more in coming hours, alisyn? >> were there threats against this magazine this time around?
3:19 am
>> well there have been for some time. this newspaper is known for its very daring kind of satiric humor and they've had all kinds of covers that have been very controversial. it's anti-religion of every sort. they've made fun of catholics and jews but also most notably, islam. and published several photos of mohammed or drawings of mohammed and that over the yoorsears has gotten them into trouble, including a firebomb attack in 2011. police surveillance had been tight around the newspaper until recently. but a journalist said this morning that some of the police surveillance had been withdrawn in the last few weeks. so it's not clear that there were enough there were any policemen around when the attack happened this morning. >> it's also important in understanding why this may have happened. the evolving situation, you have in france with islam,
3:20 am
especially the extremist factions of the community. not just in the country, but specifically in paris, north paris, and any connection so far to that? >> well no connections so far. but the fact is yes, i mean in fact about 10% of the population in france is is of the muslim religion and there's been a problem over the last year or so that's been noted by authorities here about young muslims being drawn in to the conflict in the middle east and being radicalized. we saw video just fairly recently a couple of weeks ago, that showed some of the young muslims from france who were involved in the beheadings that were taking place in the isis areas of iraq. so it's something that authorities have been quite concerned about. and it should be said too, that they're quite concerned that some of those folks who had been trained up in the middle east might come back to france and perpetrate attacks here.
3:21 am
we don't have anything to connect this morning's action with that but that's the kind of thing that authorities have been worried about. >> jim, we know you don't have confirmation yet of how many people were killed inside. you know how many people were at work there today? >> well it was a normal working day. it's a weekly newspaper, they were apparently in the middle of their editorial meeting this morning, conversing with the various editors and cartoonists involved at the newspaper. it's unclear at this time how many people might have been there. but one can imagine they have a staff around 50-60 people all told. that a good part of those people were there for the meetings this morning. >> to be clear in terms of what we're dealing with here this wasn't just an open assault on this office where they were all victimless. we understand that police were also involved in this and it turned into a firefight, is that true? >> well in fact apparently there were again we have no confirmation of this. there may have been two police officers who were wounded while they were trying to pursue the
3:22 am
gunman. but as i said mentioned earlier. one journalist told bfm, our sister network here, that in fact police surveillance of this newspaper had been somewhat drawn down in recent weeks. so it's not clear how many police may have been in the area. up until that point, the newspaper had been under 24/7 surveillance with a truck load of police out front every day. so it's not clear how many police might have been there this morning. but according to one journalist who was across the street from the newspaper, he said that in fact recently the number of police surveilling the offices had been withdrawn. >> we're getting the latest bulletin from the police there, they say that at least one journalist has been killed. three police officers they say were wounded. during this shooting at the newspaper as you're saying. two heavily armed gun men entered the newspaper's headquarters opened fire inside the building paris mayor's
3:23 am
office says at least six people were wounded. those are the latest numbers that we're getting, unless you're hearing something different. >> no i think that's probably the latest that we've got. and in fact we have the prosecutor and the interior minister of france on his way to the scene right now. and i suspect once they get on the scene we're going to see some announcements coming that will clarify the situation. until then i think it will probably trickle out a bit by bit. as i mentioned, police union spokesman was told our colleagues that bfm television here in france that in fact he thought that as many as 10 people may have been killed. and it was a real butchery inside. the gunmen were firing for about ten minutes. >> we're starting to get the latest round of reporting on this. we'll let you get back to work on the ground and we'll round up the details. this is obviously a developing situation. there's been a gun assault in
3:24 am
france on a literary magazine there, a well-known satirical magazine. people were at work. the latest numbers we have, it involved two heavily armed gunman. a journalist has possibly been killed. three police officers have been injured in trying to deal with the situation. there was pursuit involved. we're getting details and we're going to come back to you after the break with the latest on this situation in paris. police across this country on high alert right now after this disturbing incident inside a baltimore precinct. can anything be done to ease tensions between law enforcement and the public? we'll tell you about it. in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current
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reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. breaking news to update you on now. there's been a gun attack on french satirical newspaper in paris. the same newspaper that was the target of a bombing back in 2011 you'll remember after they published a cartoon of the prophet mohammed. we understand there has been one journalist killed at least. this is coming from french police three police officers were killed in this gun battle and we also understand that
3:29 am
french president -- three police officers wounded. three police officers wounded. one journalist killed. the latest numbers that we're getting. the french president is heading to the scene we're told. we will be monitoring all of these developments and staying on them. we have live reports there for you coming up. so stay tuned to that. meanwhile, back at home we want to tell you what's happening this morning, because there's been a warning from police here in baltimore, they say that they've sent out a warning to law enforcement across the country and have them on high alert. after a man walked into a baltimore police station armed with a gun, apparently on orders from a street gang this was some sort of security test. they believe. meanwhile, the nypd has now arrested two people in connection with the shooting of those two city cops in the bronx on my night. cnn's jason carroll is following all of these developments for us and joins us now with the latest. >> those two suspects from new york expected to be arraigned today, possibly as early as this
3:30 am
morning. also expect police unions to continue to speak out about the need to support their officers. this morning, baltimore police urging other east coast police agencies to be on heightened alert. after a frightening incident involving a local gang. on tuesday, a 29-year-old man brought a loaded handgun into a baltimore police station, saying it was a security test ordered by the gang black guerilla family. >> that is alarming for us and i'm going to send a message along those lines to understand that we're not going to cower. >> commissioner anthony bats calling a meeting with the fbi, atf and dea as the incident comes amid national concerns about violence against police. in new york city two men under arrest a third in custody, for the shootings of two police officers at a grocery store in the bronx monday night. >> shots fired,.
3:31 am
>> this new surveillance video capture the alleged rock robbery in progress minutes before both office ers officers are shot and are now in stable condition. the mayor commending the officers for their bravery. >> we depend on them to keep the whole city safe. they do it with extraordinary skill and professionalism. >> despite the mayor's public praise a rift remains between some in the nypd. critics charge he hasn't shown enough support for officers helping pave the way for fatal attacks on their police force. officer dosie's father weighing in sharing his son's perspective. >> maybe he thinks the mayor should give them more respect. >> at the funeral for former new york mayor, mario cuomo. his son talked about what his father would call for. >> it's time for the city to
3:32 am
come together it's time to stop the negative energy and to move forward. >> this divide underscoring racial tensions between police and the communities they protect. stemming from the deaths of michael brown in ferguson and eric garner in new york and both grand jury decisions not to indict. >> members of the black caucus are requesting hearings into the issues raised by the deaths calling for broader police reform. house speaker john boehner did indicate last month the house might hold hearings on the deaths of garner and brown. the black caucus expected to keep up that pressure to see that that happens. chris? >> well jason, the obviously concern is that you have to understand the entire scope of the problem beforic figure out the solution. so let's get a little deeper on this before. we have errol lewis, cnn political commentator and political anchor at new york one news. and dan bongino, former secret service agent and former nypd
3:33 am
officer. thank you for being with us this morning. yes, we see what's happening in new york ferguson. but now let me start with you, dan, what we see in baltimore, what we see in colorado springs, colorado? they had a different type of threat there. what do you think about those situations? are they related to emerging racial tensions in your opinion? >> well i can't comment on the racial tensions so much. butky comment on the general ecosystem out there of anti-police anger. that i think a lot of police officers feel has been fuelled by people leveraging comments for political gain and not necessarily for improving relationships between the community and the police. and that's where the anger between the police officers and mayor de blasio is really generating from. >> when you see in baltimore, a gang allegedly trying to target the police surveil their security by sending in a dummy with a weapon in colorado springs, this allegation that there may have been an explosion
3:34 am
outside the naacp that was deliberate. you know would that be seen as retaliatory? do you think that's part of our concern here is watching what's happening? >> yeah i think your analysis there is accurate. i think it could be it could be seen as retaliatory. and i think the fact that bats from baltimore, the police chief, felt the need to put this out nationally. i think he has some more information there that they might, they might not be they may not be saying to the media i think there may be some more intelligence there. >> errol, when you're looking at these situations i could be connecting dots falsely here hopefully they have nothing to do with one another. that would be much bet anywhere terms of what we're dealing with nationally. what is the level of concern you believe in terms of an american issue? >> i say it a little bit differently. i think there are sort of two contending national movements that are kind of going at a it over policing. so you know we've seen all of these black lives matter and a lot of these things pushing for
3:35 am
research of police departments. and there's been a less-reported string of spontaneously organized protests everywhere massachusetts, utah washington state, people coming into the streets and saying look we support our police there are two different sort of groups that are out there. saying very very passionately they want something to happen. the need for change though is simply undeniable. i think about a dozen different police departments around the country where there's federal oversight. you know there have been findings just recently in cleveland saying that the police something aggressive it's not professional. it's not necessarily even constitutional. it's got to be changed. and then against that backdrop you have everyday dangers that police face here in new york baltimore and other places. >> while you say that it's undeniable that we need change isn't it also undeniable that things have gotten better over time that policing today is better than it ever has been?
3:36 am
>> this is the peace dividend. keep in mind in new york city this is the safe we just completed the safest year in history of the city. and yet, people are in the streets and fighting. well one of the reasons they're fighting is that there's a need to sort of focus on where we go next. this shooting is tragic as it was, where the two officers were shot in the bronx this week 20 years ago, that happened five six, seven times a day. that as far as just hop sides, 2,000 homicides a year in the early '90s, a different era now, thank god we have the room to sort of fight over the fine tuning of how we keep the city safe. >> now dan, it's not a mistake that i've glossed over what we've been seeing with the officers turning their backs here in new york city i think it does have to start to be ignored. you have to move past it and get to where it's just unacceptable. you know you have to have your officers on the job respecting the mayor. you know you have to have your communities respecting the police the question is how do we get there? when you see the new crime stats, what seems to show a
3:37 am
precipitous drop not in crime, but in police action arrests down 55%. year-over-year. summonses from parking, traffic, criminal transit, all down about 90% year over year it seems to suggest inaction. are you concerned about this? >> of course we all should be concerned about that. two points here on the summons front, cops in my opinion having been there, police officers have always seen that as kind of a revenue generation measure there are a lot of informal quotas for summonses, i think the public generally suspects that anyway and sometimes when they want to speak out they'll slow down in writing parking tickets and moving violations i don't think you're going to have a lot of public uproar about that. on the criminal front, you're not going to see a police officer out there who is being summoned for help god forbid in the middle of a robbery or some kind of assault that's not going to respond. as a matter of fact you've seen quite the opposite. two of the off-duty officersy
3:38 am
off-duty and responded to the robbery. >> they don't feel like the mayor is going to back them up. >> final word? >> so much of this is about respect and the good part about that is that something can you give it's something that you can figure out, it's something that's political. it's something that people of goodwill can work out. >> key word is leadership. we have to see it that's what will move this forward. we'll be looking for it thank you very much. back to you, alisyn. >> chris, we're following breaking news we've just gotten an updated bulletin at least 10 people have been killed in this shooting in paris at a satirical newspaper office. these are the very first pictures that you're seeing. this is the first video outside the scene. again, this is a french satirical newspaper. it is significant because it is the same newspaper that was bombed in 2011 for publishing a cartoon of the prophet mohammed. again at least ten people have been killed this morning. we have all the breaking details for you straight ahead.
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an attack at a french newspaper has left at least 12 people dead. two heavily armed gunmen stormed into charlie hebdo's newspaper office which was firebombed two years ago. about cartoons of the prophet mohammed. jim bitterman is in paris with more. >> according to the prosecutor's office it could actually be higher than 10 dead. we're still waiting for confirmation there are numbers reported as high as 11 killed in the attack and a number of people injured. basically the gunmen according to eye witnesses, went into the offices during the editorial meeting this morning. as editors and reporters and cartoonists had gathered around and started shooting. and an attack that went on for about five minutes, and according to some eye witnesses, the attackers also were armed
3:44 am
with a rocket launcher as well as submachine guns so it looks like it was a very well prepared attack. the men were dressed in black, two men dressed in black. police gave pursuit and a number of police officers have been injured. one as you mentioned may have been killed. pursuing the gunmen as they were running from the scene. that's about what the latest is from now. but we're expecting as the hours continue we'll have a lot more confirmation confirmation. the interior minister and the paris prosecutor on their way to the scene to look at things and see, make their own assessment of what exactly happened. michaela? >> thanks so much. a lot of details coming in. stay with cnn, we'll bring you more information as it arrives to us here. meanwhile, an important find in the search for airasia flight 8501 crews have found the plane's tail at the bottom of the java sea. this discovery is extremely
3:45 am
important because that section could carry the plane's critical black box. another body has been pulled from the water. bringing the number of recovered victims to 40. leaders of the new republican-led congress will have to wait until next week for a sit-down with president obama. the 114th congress got down to business tuesday. john boehner was re-elected as speaker of the house for a third term. surviving a challenge from tea party conservatives. fallout from dissenters came quickly, two republican members who did not support him were removed from the influential house rules committee. a funeral service will be held for the first of the four victims of the plane crash in kentucky from which 7-year-old sailor gutzler managed to survive. her cousin will be laid to rest in nashville, illinois. funeral services for sailor's parents and older sister are scheduled for friday. >> still amazing that anybody walked away. we're going to take a break, but we'll stay on this
3:46 am
developing situation in paris. the numbers getting more and more frightening. it is the middle of the day in france right now. it's seven hours ahead, six hours ahead, it's 12:45. two heavily armed gunmen automatic weapons, maybe a rocket launcher entered the offices of the satirical french magazine and opened fire. high dead count now, as many as ten killed. police officers had to come in they had to pursue. they may have been injured. as many as three so far. the numbers are changing. this is a situation that totally caught french authorities offguard. the president is on the way. the interior minister the prosecutors office it's a developing situation with huge implications. >> we understand from our reporter that this newspaper used to have a heavy police surveillance outside it because it was targeted in 2011. for publishing a cartoon of the prophet mohammed. it was firebombed and then somehow in the past few weeks he says the police surveillance faded away a little bit and now today during their editorial meeting there's been this gun
3:47 am
attack. we'll keep you updated on all of that. also we're going to be talking about chris christie as you know he's taken some criticism for this hug seen round the world. he has been of course getting the royal treatment from the dallas cowboys owner jerry jones, critics are calling for an ethics investigation about all of this. is his relationship too cozy? [ high-pitched ] nailed it! [ normal voice ] you're right, that was really easy. i know, i told you so. on you can compare our progressive direct rates with our competitors' rates, so shopping is easy. you don't sound like flo. [high-pitched] yeah, i do. [ clears throat ] who you talking to? [ normal voice ] what? what's on your hand? noth-- my wedding ring. [chuckles] symbol of our love and understanding. comparing rates for you. now that's progressive. [ high-pitched ] nailed it!
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i would. switch to comcast business and get the fastest wifi with the most coverage. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. it was the hug that went viral this was the hug between the governor of new jersey chris christie and dallas cowboys owner, jerry jones, after their playoff win over the detroit lions. i never get tired of watching that hug actually. there are big questions about the business dealings between the new jersey governor and a company that he was promoting and the cowboys owner had a stake in. joining us to discuss whether this hug has ethical implications is new jersey assembly minority leader republican john bramnick and democrat new jersey assemblyman and speaker john wisneski. co-chair into the state
3:52 am
legislative investigation into the george washington bridge scandal. is this hug-gate? is this more than just the expression of a bromance between the three men? you see a problem with this hug? >> well i see it was a very awkward moment. when you look at the video, i kind of felt bad for the governor he didn't seem like he was part of the hug. >> you see him being cozy with jerry jones as a problem? >> his company with jerry jones in which he's an investor. for the government to receive this kind of benefit, to be flown down his entire family for the game is really questionable. >> john flying on private planes being in the luxury box, getting free tickets. this for a man of the people chris christie. >> people are very emotional when it comes to football. chris christie is authentic. he's always been a dallas cowboys fan. he's somebody who is gn gg to stand up even for his team. that's why he's been so successful in new jersey.
3:53 am
the fact of the matter he had no influence over the process in new york. they had a vetting process for years to determine who was going to tab that project. >> so no quid pro quo. you don't see any quid pro quo, christie is getting all this free stuff, he's not doing any favors for his friend jerry jones. >> what you're see something a football mania. this is a typical overreaction. >> beyond the football main yarks you don't think there's any one hand washing the other, he's doing favors for jenny jones? >> there's been a partisan attack on chris christie for a year and they found nothing with respect to bridge-gate. this is a popular national republican who is authentic people want to be around and i can understand why people would attack him. >> john it's simple they're just friends. >> it's the hypocrisy, when the governor was the u.s. attorney he admonished new jersey local
3:54 am
officials, he said if someone is offering you a ham sandwich don't take it it looks bad. here you have the governor of the state who has operational control of the port authority, who has the ability to award the contracts, taking not just a ham sandwich but a plane ride back and forth to a game. not a lot of people in new jersey being invited and this notion about personal friendship. they're personal friends because he's the governor of the state of new jersey not because mr. jones was looking for somebody in morris county to invite down do a football game. >> john is saying he's a likable guy, he wants to be friends with the governor of new jersey. are you saying that the governor chris christie should reject any sorts of free plane rides, any sorts of free football tickets and sorts of invitations to a luxury box? >> it's a double standard. we could not under our code of conduct as legislators take a gift even from a personal friend of that magnitude. but a governor of the state of new jersey who has the ability to put his signature on contracts has the ability? there's something wrong with
3:55 am
that system. >> the governor followed the letter of the law. he's absolutely above board. john had been the chairman of the democratic party, that's his job. partisan attacks, trying to find some fire where there's smoke. that's what he tries to do. >> gentlemen, thanks so much we'll see if hug-gate has any legs after this. back to chris for breaking news. we have developing details on this situation in france. it is now being called a terrorist attack by the french president, people entered into this magazine in france maybe as ten or more have been killed. we have the latest. financial noise financial noise financial noise
3:56 am
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3:59 am
is changing how energy works. is your network ready?" welcome back to new day, i'm alisyn camerota with chris cuomo. we want to video game our viewers in the u.s. and around the world, we have breaking news. there are two major stories we're covering this morning. there's been an attack in paris, france 11 people have been killed. after two men with automatic weapons stormed into the offices of a french satirical newspaper. the president of france is calling this a terrorist attack. >> we also have overnight a big discovery in the search for airasia flight 8501.
4:00 am
the tail section has been discovered at the bottom of the java sea. remember that's where they keep the black boxes, so that will be very important. let's get back to what is happening in france right now. we have jim bitterman in paris, jim, this has been a developing situation throughout the morning. we know that this took place at the satirical magazine. they've been in trouble with muslim extremists in the past. do we know what the provocation was? and do we know what the latest is? >> we don't know the answer to that we're going to hear more i think in coming hours here. but the fact is the president hollande went to the scene. he calls it a terrorist attack i think we are safe in calling it a terrorist attack. exactly which terrorists might have been behind this is not clear. except what you mentioned before "charlie hebdo," the magazine has been the target of
4:01 am
terrorist attacks before. from islamic extremists largely because it has targeted in its cartoons particularly but in its editorial as well the prophet mohammed. it has provoked a lot of ire in the islamic community here. and of course should be remembered that in fact this is not an isolated attack. we had just before christmas, had an attack by an islamic, an avowed islamic fundamentalist against two police officers with a butcher knife. he was killed at the scene. we're not sure what happened to the assailants this morning. but 11 dead according to the french president, and four seriously injured. there may be two police officers among those dead. >> jim, it's alisyn here. as we understand it this newspaper did tweet out a cartoon depicting al-baghdadi, the head of isis.
4:02 am
here is the cartoon. they say in french they have him saying "and above all, health" as this is his new year's message to his followers. and then they tweet out their messages and also best wishes, we have no idea if this is connected to the attack today. but this is an example of the types of satirical cartoons that this newspaper has stood up for. as you were saying they had a cartoon of the prophet mohammed back in 2011 that prompted the firebombing on their offices, were you telling us jim, what you know about what was happening inside the offices at the time of the attack. >> they were apparently in the middle of their editorial meeting, their morning editorial meeting, discussing what they were going to put in the newspaper for this week. when this attack took place. and if that's the case then there would have been all the upper echelons the management of the newspaper there, the
4:03 am
editors, reporters, cartoonists. probably the very people responsible for the kind of satire that has so irritated the muslims. but other people as well. the magazine has been just absolutely merciless in attacking religions in all forms, made fun of the pope. it's made fun of jews. it's targeted religions of every stripe. but i think it's the, it's the islamic targets that have provoked the most response especially the firebombing in 2011. the other thing is of course is that the french have been fearing exactly this kind of attack. because of the fact that so many french young people up to 1,000 according to some estimates, have gone off to the middle east to iraq and syria, have been trained by isis, and military means and it was clear from eye witnesses this morning, that this attack was pretty well planned. the two assailants were carrying
4:04 am
clish kalishnakov kalishnakovs. >> let's remind people what we're dealing with in terms of scale axt cord together french president, this is a terror attack. that's how they're terming it in their investigation. the numbers disturbing and early. at least 11 people have lost their lives, police officers have been injured in pursuit of these two heavily armed gunmen who came in. jim bitterman reporting from paris, that they had kalishnakov rifles and also an rpg, rocket-propelled grenade launcher and the bullet patterns on the windshields of the police cruisers and the
4:05 am
>> it means they were well armed. one of the things we've seen over the last few months is the french investigators, intelligence officers rounding up gangs of people they think were planning these kinds of attacks. and in that process, they have come across weapons caches and they've foiled attacks, they believe, up until now, anyway. they've foiled a number of other attacks that were in planning stages. as many as a half dozen over the last two or three months. but the question now is you know, what went wrong here? why didn't they detect this? why weren't they able to spot this in advance? the early signs. on the other hand if you're dealing with people who got french passports and french identity cards because they're french young people who have been radicalized, it's very very difficult to sort of spot them unless they use something like cell phones or talk about
4:06 am
planned actions over the internet or something like that. it's a very difficult problem for authorities and it's the kind of thing that they've been concerned about and have been talking about for the last couple of months here. >> jim bitterman, stand by for us if you would, we'll be back to new a moment. we want to go to barbara starr at pentagon to see how u.s. officials are responding to this attack in paris. barbara, can you hear us? >> yeah good morning, alisyn chris. this is grabbing the attention of u.s. law enforcement, counterterrorism and intelligence officials quickly early this morning here in washington. for the very reason that jim was just talking about. this has been a major concern. just yesterday counterterrorism officials were telling me the newest estimate is some 3,000 westerners have gone to iraq and syria to fight. and the concern has been about them coming back to western europe possibly even coming back to the united states. of course we do not know exactly what has transpired here in paris and who is behind this. but this is the underlying
4:07 am
concern. these types of radicalized young people perhaps going to the region coming back into europe and launching these types of attacks. we've seen the lone wolf attacks before. generally u.s. has come to believe that many of them are self-radicalized people with long histories of criminal violent behavior. that has been something that they've been watching. but the u.s. security services have very directly in recent months been working with the french because of the concerns. and in fact the counterterrorism officials i was speaking to just yesterday, said they've been having greater success in trying to identify these people and trying to catch them before they come back into europe. so this has been a huge concern. the forensics of this attack as jim and chris were talking about, is going to be something that the fbi, u.s. counterterrorism officials are going to want to look at. how was it carried out? what type of weapons were used?
4:08 am
what was the planning behind all of this? because they're going to be looking for clues that could potentially lead them to other situations. chris, alisyn? >> barbara, stay with us on this let us know what you hear as it's going forward. nobody gets information sooner than you. as you said the forensics, the bullet pattern on the windshield is a very tight pattern. usually suggests some level of training or really close proximity. let's get somebody who understands what's happening in frons specificallyfrance specifically. that is peter bynard cnn's political commentator, contributing editor to "atlanta media" and works for "haaretz." in france you have an exploding population of islam, which is fine. but within it there are extremist elements specifically in and around north paris, which is where this is going on right now what do we need to understand about the threat
4:09 am
there? >> i think people predicted this when the war against isis started. that france in particular was the country most vulnerable. france has a very large muslim population. larger proportionally and in raw numbers than its neighbors, it's done a relatively poor job of integrating its muslim pop ration into the larger society there were riots several years ago in largely muslim and immigrant areas around paris, you have this combustible mix of this very toxic global jihadist ideologist'dgydeology ideology. with people who are poor, unemployed feel some degree of racism. so it's that toxic mix that we've seen itself play out in france over a number of years. >> barbara starr was talking about how officials are worried about lone wolf attacks in people returning from the middle east. how do we know that's what that
4:10 am
is? al-baghdadi just today, the satirical newspaper magazine put out a cartoon of al-baghdadi. they make fun of leaders, regardless if they're christians or jews or muslims and they often have to take the brunt of these retaliatory attacks. >> or possibly it's a hybrid you had someone with some training it's suggested they had some military training here. they were operating on their own initiative. but they had gotten more training. the idea of lone wolf attacks, they're very hard to stop. but the damage is not as great as a coordinated attack because the people don't know what they're doing so much. the frightening thing here is maybe it is someone working on their own initiative but they've had some military-style training sewo they can do more damage. >> the bullet pattern on the windshield could be one of two things one, you know how to fire it's not easy to control an automatic weapon. or two, were you close, the weapons, if jim bitterman's reporting is correct at this
4:11 am
point, they were using kalishnakovs as we know one of the of the easiest to get, most commonly favored terrorist weapons because of its ease of use and low maintenance level, that's very suggestive. and when we're talking about why this would have happened. al-baghdadi is the head of isis they make fun of him. this happens in the middle of the day. it is six hours ahead from the east coast to the u.s. into paris. this is 1:00 12:00 noon this happened. ha does that mean to do something so brazen middle of the day? >> we've seen isis is nothing if not brazen. they've been boasting around the world about these horrific things they've been doing in the middle east. you know in a strange and sick kind of way this reminds me a little bit of the attack on sewny. you've got the mocking of a figure. and then you've got this attack on a totally soft target. 9/11 was at a pentagon and yes, the world trade center these were symbols of american power. what's so frightening is the idea of a global battlefield that extends to utterly soft
4:12 am
targets in the media. because they're considered to be mocking you know again it seems to me this is part of a larger pattern of an assault on freedom of speech from various totalitarian actors that is very frightening. >> no suicide component here either as reported to this point. it seems that the gunmen involved two heavily armed gunmen fled the scene. took on police officers. so no obvious suicide component, unusual as well. >> let's find out more about this. peter stick around. we want to go back to jim bitterman, live on the scene. jim, what do we no about the assailants? have they been captured killed? >> well prishs little alisyn. i'm taking it from the fact that we don't know that the malicious have not captured them. i think if they would have captured them we would have gotten word right away that they were in custody or they were dead. the fact that they're not saying anything suggests to me that if fact they're still in pursuit of
4:13 am
the people involved in this we saw the interior minister himself going out to the scene as well as the president hollande they've been out to the scene and i think we're going to hear more from their various offices when this clears up a little bit here. but at the moment we do not know what's happened to those assailants. we do know that among the dead may be as many as two police officers there are 11 confirmed dead and four seriously injured. so the police did give pursuit. were chasing them. but what happened at that point, we don't know. >> hey, jim with, the assailants on the loose as we believe, it makes us here i mean certainly our ears perked up when we heard that french officials were racing to the scene. including the french president and the interior minister. i mean that seems dangerous for, perhaps they're laying in wait. perhaps there's a second wave of attack. that's not something we would do in the u.s. is send barack obama to the scene of a terrorist attack. this is what are they doing in
4:14 am
paris? >> well i think, i think that both the president and the interior minister want to show that they're in charge here. that they're in control, that they're doing something. this is going to upset the french in a way that previous attacks have not. this is going to be something that's going to be very startling and shocking for thempeople. and as a consequence, i think the politicians want to know that they're on top of it despite what risks they may be taking. but i think the risks are probably minimal. as you can imagine after this took place this morning, the place plaiswas swarming with police. so i don't think there was too much risk. in any case i think the two leaders wanted to show show they were on top of the situation baurks it's the kind of thing people are worried about, anyway. >> it's so brazen clearly caught off-guard, the middle of the day, paris time. two heavily armed gunmen walk into the offices of a satirical magazine. that had just put out a tweet
4:15 am
about the head of isis named al-baghdadi. they're referencing him saying "and above all, health" making some new year's gesture and on the bottom they tweet -- and by the way, you know something best wishes by the way. something satirical, which is what they do. now france has just elevated its terror level to its highest. so jim, clearly, they were caught offguard by this and they are reacting in a very defensive posture. even if they are coming down near to show control. the question is what will it take to get it under control? who did this? and what's going on right now? and as you're saying we just don't know. >> i think at this point we have to say that you know just to point out a little thing that above all, health is sort of standard french post new year's greeting to each other. you know happy new year and above all, have good health. and the magazine was clearly drawing attention to that. it seems to me, however, it should be pointed out that while
4:16 am
that came out this morning, the fact is, this attack was in the planning for some time. one could assume. because it clearly, these gunmen knew what they were doing. they knew what time they wanted to attack. when there would be the maximum number of people around the newspaper. and they knew exactly what the security situation around the newspaper. so i think that there was some planning that went into this. and it's not surprising because the newspaper has a tradition of doing this. going all the way back to 2006 was one of the very first, very satirical attacks. they committed on islam. and they've had problems ever since then. off and on over the years. this of course the worst. >> jim stick around we want to go back to peter beinart who is here. we're getting word that there's some chilling video that exists of this attack. it shows the gunmen with weapons in their hands. we're not sure who took it it was posted online. it was quickly taken down. that would be a hallmark of isis
4:17 am
if there were some sort of publicity. who knows if it was just a neighbor or surveillance video that caught this. but obviously they like to publicize their attacks. >> absolutely. right. it's been a form of recruiting for them. it's kind of hard to imagine, but it has. i think the other thing that's worth noting about today is there were also attacks today, huge attack in yemen on a police academy and a suicide bomber in istanbul. i'm not saying these things were connected, they probably weren't. but it reminds us we're in a kind of a world war. we saw australia recently the terrible incident in australia. this is having ripples across the globe as people who are supporters of this movement are fighting on a whole range of flanks it's really remarkable almost mind-boggling how many different kind of ripple effects this military campaign is having at a time when a couple of years ago, the obama administration was talking about the war on terror really being over. >> the change is on isis it's
4:18 am
one organizing principle by any other name. it's the call for lone wolf attacks, that's what you saw in australia, somebody who was certainly self-radicalized. and now we don't know who these people are that's the concern that reverberating here in the united states. you can have people these are two men did this. heavily armed, but just two men wound up taking almost a dozen lives, at most recent count and now we don't even know if the police were able to get them. they took on the police as well. it doesn't take many people to do a lot of damage. >> it's worth noting that the united states has suffered fewer of these attacks recently compared to countries in europe and elsewhere. i think maybe partly the skill of our law enforcement. and also a testament to the fact that the united states has done a better job of integrating our own immigrant and muslim population into the country. which is part of the reason that we don't have some of the social fissures that you have in france. >> we have a still frame of the video that i'm looking at now. we're not showing it to you
4:19 am
because we don't know where it comes from. it does seem to show someone with an automatic weapon apparently taking on someone on the ground. who seems to be in similar psuedo military dress. and we also don't know who took the video. so there are obvious two possibilities, this is the still of it the video was taken offline very quickly. obviously you see it we don't know who was on the ground we don't know who took this video or for what purpose. it could have been surveillance video that was faken or it could have been that there was somebody else involved that was trying to capture the event. >> we want to go to harris rafiq now, the outreach officer for a think tank dedicated to reducing extremism. live for us in london. harris give us your thoughts. >> this is a who end ushorrendous attack. we don't know who has undertaken the shootings. we know some of the details in terms of there were at least two people. and they're on the run now and they're being chased down by the authorities in france.
4:20 am
there are indications and there are facts that suggest this may well be an islamist-inspired terrorist attack. but it is still a little bit too early. this magazine has been known for satirizing people of the far right. other denominations, et cetera. so it could really be anybody. but there are facts and evidence that do suggest that this may well have been an islamist-inspired terrorist act at this time. >> harris in fact there was a tweet that this satirical magazine put out just this morning of al-baghdadi. he appears to be giving his new year's greeting to followers, it says "and above all, health." is it mine this just happened this morning. but it seems as though the attack was better planned than this. do you think that they're connected? >> not at all. this attack has been if you look at the groupings of the shots that have been fired, if you look at the way that these perpetrators came in. the weapons that they had, the
4:21 am
tactics that they used and the way they made their escape. during the middle of the day in busy paris, this has been planned for a while. this has been well coordinated. these are people who knew what they were doing. these are people who had been training to do this they had had some training with weapons and ammunition to carry this out so i don't think it's possible that this tweet was sent out and then all of a sudden two guys happened to decide they were going to pick up some weapons and go down and carry out some shootings. this cass coordinated and planned for a while. >> harris let's find another piece of the puzzle here which is this video that was taken off the internet. here's what we've been able to get so far. let's see what it shows us. let's watch and listen for a second. [ gunshots ] [ speaking foreign language ] [ gunshots ]
4:22 am
[ speaking foreign language ] >> they're going to recue that one more time so you can see it again. what is it? it's obviously the assault in action. it seems to have been taken by somebody who is obviously living nearby. i don't speak french, i don't know what they were saying. you saw one of the gunmen moving along. let's watch it one more time and we'll discuss. [ gunshots ] [ speaking foreign language ] [ gunshots ] >> i don't speak french but obviously they're talking about someone is using an automatic weapon. we don't know whether the person there, peter, alisyn harris was one of the victims running away but you hear a flurry of
4:23 am
gunfire, it took some time. you were referring to what the tactics were and how they did this harris. what do we know we heard from jim bitterman, they came in with kalishnakovs and maybe an rpg to do something like this. what do we know about how they did this? >> well at the moment we know very little. i mean these guys are certainly people who had been trained for a while and some people talking about self-starters, some people using the terminology of lone wolves. we don't know yet who they are. and what type of tactics they actually used. but if you look at the images we've seen certainly i saw before we came dmoot studio. images of gunshots on screen of a car. the bullet holes were very, very closely grouped. this means that these guys knew what they were doing and actually had some very sophisticated level of training and were good marksmen. the shots were very closely
4:24 am
grouped. so certainly they knew what they were doing. they had received some training. and the way that they made their escape. because it's very very difficult to certainly, with cc cctv monitoring and everything it's very difficult to escape. but they seem to have done that for now. we still need to wait and see what more comes out what more images. what more video we see, et cetera. >> we have a little bit more information. "reuters" is reporting that the words "we have avenged the prophet" were shouted during this attack and during the shooting. that's from "reuters," we haven't been able to confirm that. but "we have avenged the prophet" that would fit into the history of the attacks on this satirical magazine. >> absolutely. i mine this particular magazine as is the culture in europe to poke fun at religious authorities of the establishment, et cetera have been satirical in the past and
4:25 am
posted images published images of the prophet mohammed. and if these reports are true then certainly this is a much deeper attack than just isil. this is something that individuals have taken to heart. and this certainly would indicate this is islamist inspired. >> so let's take a look again at the video we've been able to get here harris let's start at the beginning and tell everybody what we know at this point. we're going to show you right now video of what is being called a terrorist attack that happened in paris, middle of the day. take a look and a listen and we'll give you the details. [ gunshots ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> you're looking at a repeat of moments of progress in what is being called again a terrorist attack that is from the president of france this is what we know at this hour in the middle of the day in paris, two heavily armed gunmen attacked
4:26 am
the satirical magazine called "charlie hebdo." which is been in trouble with islamist extremists in the past. they had once done a satirical cartoon about the prophet mohammed. this morning they put out a tweet about the leader of isis al-baghdadi. and then this happened. the latest count, 11 people have lost their lives, the two heavily armed gunmen are still on the run. three police officers have been injured in trying to get them. we're told from reporting that they may not have even entered the offices. this may have been an outside assault by trained gunmen attacking the people inside this windowed-off office area. >> we know they were in the middle of their editorial meeting. reporters, cartoonists, executives at the meeting, in the middle of the day when the gunfire opened. 11 people as chris just said at least have been kill and we believe gunmen are still on the loose. breaking details on the terror attack in paris.
4:27 am
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feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out knock it out, fast. abreva. we want to get to the breaking news we've been covering all morning, 12 people are now dead after two men, with automatic weapons stormed the offices of a french satirical magazine. the president of france has called this a terror attack we know that some police officers have been killed in this attack. this happened in the middle of the day at this magazine. they were having an editorial meeting. there were reporters,
4:31 am
cartoonists. the magazine is significant, it's the same magazine firebombed in 2011 for publishing a cartoon of the prophet mohammed. they're well known for satirizing christians and jews and muslims and now they've been the target of the attack today. >> the president of france says the country is at the highest terror alert level in response to the situation. and says there have been several terror attacks that have been thwarted in recent weeks. is the question is there an ongoing threat there? it was the middle of the day in paris. when this happened. two two heavily armed gunmen. maybe a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. they left maybe the attack happened from outside the offices on the street in through the windows as you're seeing right now. police officers responded to the scene. they were fired upon. they took casualties and the two gunmen have fled. there's no word of their being be a rehended at this time or if
4:32 am
there's any third or accomplice involved. there's video coming out that shows the assault and process, we'll show it to you as we have a discussion about why this might have happened. >> we have peter binert and bobby ghosh, let's set the scene for people. it's not a surprise that this happens wildfire it happened. in paris, two this magazine. now that we hear that the shooters supposedly said we have avenged the prophet, bobby, let's bring you in here what is the dynamic that's being revealed in this violence. it's a satirical magazine. often the target is religion or religious people. a lot of the controversy around it has centered on cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed. >> very recently. >> let's talk about this. let's bring this up for people and show you on the screen this was the cover of their magazine in october and it does show the
4:33 am
prophet mohammed. it says if mohammed came back and then you see, it is the prophet mohammed who is down on his knees and a isis fighter about to behead him and you have the prophet saying i'm the prophet, you idiot. and you have the fighter saying -- shut your trap infidel. >> yes, and so that's the point. it's satire it's not against religion per se. >> why is it offensive? >> well to these people the people who seem to have conducted this attack almost anything is offensive. i don't think their sensibility is particularly interesting. now to a lot of perfectly peace-loving muslims, any depiction of the prophet is offensive. they wouldn't resort to this. there's a huge gap between saying look this is offensive to all muslims and these are people who are willing to kill on the basis of the offense. i think we need to be careful in
4:34 am
separating what the vast majority of the population feel or what a small minority of essentially lunatics. >> that's what we're dealing with here. >> you had these two heavily armed gunmen who were supposedly firing from the middle of the street in. we showed you video earlier of the assault in progress there's more video to show you, supposedly the gunmen while making their escape took out a police officer, we will not show you that. but this is video, these are supposedly the gunmen escaping from the scene in that car that you see waiting in the middle of the street. >> this was taken as we understand it by an eye witness. a a moment after they shot one victim outside and they got in the guettaway car and took off. we're not showing you the moment of the shooting.
4:35 am
that was moments after killing someone, it's very graphic. we're not showing you the most graphic part. it's incredible to watch this unfold in real-time. one interesting thing we learned from our reporter at the scene is that the magazine has been under heavy police protection since 2011 when they were the target of a firebombing after the attack of but in recent weeks, police sort of backed off. they let their guard down they backed off and now this happens today. in paris, it seems hard to believe that anybody would let their guard down. >> it's tragic. and i'm sure we're going to learn a lot more. as in australia, there will be a lot of soul-searching in france about how this was allowed to happen. so brazenly in the middle of the day. especially with a magazine that had a long history. had not been backing down.
4:36 am
>> >> you can't have surveillance 24/7 outside your media outlets, it sends a bad message in terms of what you're worried about. but two trained, let's assume the best for them. two trained men can do a lot of damage here that you really can't protect against. >> it's true but i have some other question which is this is france not the u.s. it's not easy to get your hands on planning stage, that's been a hallmark of french intelligence something slipped through the cracks here surely.
4:37 am
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you're watching "new day." we are twhaching breaking news out of paris this morning the deadliest attack in france in two decades, at least 12 people are dead after two men you see them pictured here armed with automatic weapons heavily armed stormed a french magazine office carnage on the streets of paris. let's get in to jim bitterman with the latest in paris. what do we know at this point, jim? >> reporter: the latest is that the prime minister's office issued a communique saying they'll raise the terrorist alert in france to the highest level possible. it means there will be tighter security around transportation hubs train stations and the like around places of worship around schools and the department stores just about everywhere we'll see more security on the streets here because this is being taken seriously. as you mentioned, the most serious attack in decades back
4:43 am
in the '80s there were a series of attacks that killed a number of people here but there hasn't been anything seen since primarily because the french intelligence has been very good about detecting the kind of plots that it would take to carry off something like this. they have foiled any number of plots along the way but clearly this morning something went wrong and they weren't able to detect this ahead of time, michaela michaela. >> jim, we'll stick with cnn as we get more developments. few quick other headlines. search crews found the tail of flight 8501 the discovery is critical. the hope is it could hold the jet's black box recorders. another buddy has been pulled from the java sea bringing the total number of recovered victims to 40. the airline will offer family members roughly $100,000 in compensation per passenger. here at home we're experiencing a deep freeze affecting most of the whole nation. in green bay and chicago,
4:44 am
windchills hovering around the 30 below zero. minneapolis about 40 below. public schools in kansas city minneapolis, chicago, des moines indianapolis and omaha are all canceling school today. those are your quick headlines. back to breaking news in paris. >> we are following all of the breaking developments out of paris. there's been a terror attack at the offices of the french satirical magazine. at least 12 people have been killed. some police officers have been wounded. we understand there are also four wounded victims in critical condition. the president of france says that at sailants are on the loose and will be chased far and wide until they are arrested and brought to justice. >> we have live video of the scene right now. we have video from people who were witnessing it as it happened. we're going to show it all to you right after the break.
4:45 am
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welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you're watching your "new day." we'll take to you paris. they have had the deadliest terror attack in two decades in the middle of the day, literally during lunch hour. 12 people have been killed after two armed men with automatic weapons and maybe a rocket-propelled grenade attacked the offices of a french magazine. it may have been done from the street or in the offices. it say developing situation but we do know as many as a dozen people have lost their lives. police officers have been injured. the two gunmen are at large.
4:49 am
they heard "we have the prophet." >> four in critical condition. we want to bring in christian apan mormonoring this. what are your thoughts in. >> the french palace tweeted president hollande will give a press conference 3:00 p.m. eastern time today. he called it a terrorist attack. 11 people dead four seriously wounded. we understand 12 are dead. the prime minister of great britain david cameron sent out a message this is shameful and that we stand with france and with freedom of the press. this is a deliberate attack not on random civilians but on the press. an interesting analysis by a
4:50 am
french senior political analyst who said unlike previous attacks in the city of london in july 7, '07 n madrid a few years before that those were civilians attacked. this is directly targeted on journalists. europe now according to all officials faces the highest terror alert in many many years since 9/11. the french prime minister said even before christmas that france faced the worst terror threats ever and this follows several terrorist attacks in france just before christmas, all in one week. there were attacks by people on a police station into a market a car driven into a group of people with many injured. so this is a very,er have serious situation. france has a huge number of people who have gone to join isis. as you know there was this whole talk about jihadijohn the chilling english royce on some
4:51 am
of the isis beheading have you had yos. the latest is a frnch national identified as a murderer on an isis video. there is no information about these particular attackers and they are still at large. it's a dangerous ongoing situation. >> we're not flying completely blind. there has been video and stills come in taken by eyewitnesses. unfortunately, this attack with as not quick and because of its duration it did give an opportunity for people to wind up capturing some images. this is a still. we're not going to show you the video of one of the attackers going past a police officer after shooting him and putting him down he then runs by him and executes him. we'll play a couple of different clips of people catching this attack. watch and listen to them. [ speaking in foreign language ]
4:52 am
>> what language is that man speaking? french? arabic? was he calling out to an accomplice a third or more shooters? we don't know. was that where the shooter allegedly screamed out "we have avenged the prophet"? this is more home video taken. you'll hear frenchmen saying "get down get down i hear automatic weapons." listen for yourself. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ]
4:53 am
re the different samples of what we've seep going on. we don't have any reason to believe anyone taking the have you had yo was involved in the attack but you can observe things. we have bobby goshen and peter beinart here. you know how to shoot or you were very close, and the movements of the men, how they're moving around and dealing with what they're doing suggests they are comfortable in that element which suggests
4:54 am
training. fair analysis bobby? >> it certainly looks like they know what they're doing, whether they're actually military people or they've been planning and training for this particular attack is hard to know but they certainly know their way around weapons and they're moving around in a very distinct pattern. it's designed to make themselves hard to shoot at as well as take up multiple positions from where they can attack. >> we're getting it offline posted on facebook and twitter, these are just eyewitnesses who happened to see all of this the worst terror attack in decades in france unfolding unfront of their windows. it's chilling. it's chilling to watch this and chilling to watch the brutality the seeming ease with which they pull it off. >> the reports around that several among the dead were several of the cartoonists themselves fairly prominent cartoonists in france some who had done some of the cartoons. the fact that a particular publication, perhaps particular
4:55 am
individuals seem to have been targeted in this attack makes it different from the random lone wolf attack particularly chilling especially to journalists. >> we'll watch this facebook video again, this is an eyewitness we're going to play it for you in full with the sound, so you can see what one of the eyewitnesses saw. [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] sly we have every reason to believe the gunmen were exchanging fire with the policemen. we know at least three plirz have been injured. we know the gunmen are at large. the french president has said they'll pursue them any way they have to and obvious he will they will but the big questions this morning are why this happened and who did it.
4:56 am
very brazen attack obviously this is the kind of potential lone wolf activity that is a big concern here at home in the u.s. let's go to barbara starr at the pentagon. they're following this closely. what is the latest barbara? >> good morning, chris and alisyn. across washington this morning security agencies are looking at all of this trying to gather information very quickly. there is one big difference in this attack if in fact there were multiple gunmen as initial reports are indicating then that means a pre-planned conspiracy and that raises the level of concern considerably. one u.s. official telling me a short time ago that the feeling is the french of course are going to want to catch these perpetrators as quickly as possible and if they cannot find them right away then the expectation obviously is the intelligence the profile information, anything they do have on the possibility of identifying these people will be shared with united states
4:57 am
across europe possibly even with integral. they are going to want to find these people as quickly as possible. for the united states this attack is something they had worried about for a long time. there had been warnings to americans flaflg europe about the possibility of islamic militant attacks the u.s. has been working with france and other european countries to try to identify islamic militants leaving france in particular going to iraq and syria and trying to come back to europe and possibly even the united states to carry out attacks. the u.s. estimates there are 3,000 foreign fighters in iraq or syria or who tried to go there who have come from 90 countries. this is a big concern. the french have been active in trying to track these people down get to them before they can launch attacks in france but
4:58 am
today apparently something went wrong, somebody slipped through the net and we are seeing the tragic ruls in paris. >> we've been covering terrorist attacks around the globe sadly for the past couple of months but it's hard to underscore just how important this is and significant this is in france. this is the worst in decades. are u.s. officials telling you what level of magnitude they think this means for the global fight on terror? >> i think they don't know that with any precision at this morning, very early on here with the intelligence here in washington this attack apparently involves multiple gunmen heavily armed, who had some level of planning and capability to carry this out. these guys didn't just walk up
4:59 am
to this office in paris today on a whim. there was planning. there was organization. it's very clear from how they carried it out, how these people were armed and how they moved. is there some sellout that the u.s. doesn't know about? let me emphasize very early on these are all initial reports. we don't any of us have the solid information about how many people were involved but it is looking like multiple gunmen and that puts a very different profile on this. >> barbara thank you very much for the reporting. let us know what you're hearing down there and let's reset right now. we have major breaking news to tell you about. -- captions by vitac -- welcome to our viewers
5:00 am
around the u.s. and around the world. chris cuomo and alisyn camerota here on "new day." in france an attack 12, killed the president of france calls it a terror attack that would make it the most deadly in two decades. two heavily armed men at least, semiautomatic weapons, maybe a rocket-propelled grenade, attacked the offices of a french satirical magazine. why? this magazine had a history of doing things with respect to islam that were seen as provocative. that's what the magazine does. it does religious and political sapphire. it had been fire bombed in 201 by islamic extremists because of that. today at lunch time it was having its editorial meeting when the attack happened. alisyn this is what eyewitnesses picked up while the shooting was going on. >> the suspects remain at large at this hour.
5:01 am
president francois hollande raised the country's terror system to its highest. all will be beefed up with much more security. we're on top of the story. jim bitterman is live on the ground for us in paris. what do we know at this hour jim? >> reporter: this is quite a dramatic situation. there's a crisis meeting going on right here at the presidential palace. the top ministers of france have been called in to decide how they're going to handle the situation. clearly this has gone over the heads of the security forces here and their ability to control things. they have in the past foiled a number of plots like this and president hollande pointed that out when he went to the scene this morning, they had foiled attacks in the past but this one clearly was not foiled. the gunmen were well armed, they had kalashnikovs and a rocket launcher said an eyewitness and they attacked this newspaper
5:02 am
at a time when the reporters and cartoonists and editors would have been all around the same table at their editorial meeting and so they clearly had done some planning on this. they knew what was going to happen at the newspaper, and they knew when the time was to attack from their point of view. according to some reports the editor of the newspaper is among the dead as well as one of the cartoonists who was responsible for the famous mohammad cartoon that got the newspaper in trouble in 2011 in fact got a fire bomb back in 2011. >> there is speculation this may have been more specific in its targeting than we know at this point, they may have been looking for specific individuals, not confirmed yet. let me rely on your expertise about something. we know that the french government says they thwarted some recent threats of attacks. but we haven't seen something like this before. this isn't a one-off. this isn't a suicide bombing as
5:03 am
we're looking at live pictures now as they're doing their after action investigation. this to have two people in a coordinateed atack who seem to know what they're doing, this is not just unusual in paris, this would be unusual anywhere isn't it? >> reporter: absolutely. this took a great deal of planning on their part. they had to get the weapons, not as easy to get as it might be in the united states for example but they had to assemble the weapons. they had to plan this thing out. they had to look at the security around the newspaper, because up until recently there was fairly tight security 24/7 police cars at the newspaper. they may have detected as one journalist told us that in fact the security had been scaled back in recent days and they may have detected that and chosen this moment for that reason but in any case they had a great deal of planning that went into this and also the key people at the newspaper were there at the meeting this morning, so they were able to,
5:04 am
if we understand correctly, the reports are correct, kill the editor and one of the cartoonists involved in the famous mohammad cartoon. it's something that i think is going to jolt a lot of french and as i said earlier the president himself has canceled all his appointments today and they have a crisis meeting going on over the presidential palace to decide what further the government may be able to do. >> jim, quickly, we understand it that the gunmen were still at large at this hour. do you have any other information on them? >> reporter: none except what president hollande provided himself. he said they'd be chased until the ends of the earth until they're captured. there's no indication that he's been able to make good on that promise. the fact is that they got away. they were seen in the video very calmly getting into a car and driving away. they apparently according to one report hit a pedestrian as they drove away and also it's been reported that as they drove away
5:05 am
they said "this is vengeance for the prophet" meaning the prophet mohammad and "we have killed charlie hebdo" meaning they killed the magazine. >> joe johns is at the white house where we understand the president has just been briefed on this attack in paris. joe, what is the latest? >> reporter: that's about it quite frankly, alisyn. the president is aware of the situation. i spoke with white house press secretary josh earnest just a few minutes ago in the briefing room. he said while the president has been briefed, there is limited information at this stage of course because it just happened. it's not clear whether the president is going to address this issue on departure. he's supposed to go out to the midwest in advance of his state of the union address and we do know of course that josh earnest is telling cnn he's not aware of any eminent threat to the united states at this time
5:06 am
but it's morning here and all the briefings at the white house and in other places in washington are just getting started right now, alisyn. >> joe johns, thank you very much for that update. >> let's bring in christian ae amanpour joining us from london. obviously all eyes on paris but let's talk about what's going on there right now. tell us about how quickly the islamic population is rising there, what the concerns are there about extremist factions within it. what's going on there right now? >> well for a long time france has been the country which proportionately percentage wise has had the biggest islamic population there. however, that does not mean to say that france has been the vanguard of islamic terrorism. we saw it in britain in 7/7, we saw it in madrid. this is a very very severe departure from the usual attacks, because this isn't random as a senior french analyst has just said. this was directed absolutely at the press. to that end, we heard if it's
5:07 am
true if it's true and it's bared out that these people apparently said as they fled charlie abdo is dead the magazine attacked today and has a history of poking fun at all of life's absurdities, including the absurdity of militant islam. that is what it has been doing and it has had around-the-clock police protection over the years. it has been attacked and fire bombed before. it tows a dangerous line the brave journalists. right now in france they have raised their terrorist alert to the highest in recent memory. the french president has called this obviously a terrorist attack. the attackers are on the loose. he vows to chase them. hopefully they'll get them and find out what this is all about but also in the rest of europe there is a very very heightened terror alert, worried about the threat because of these safe havens that have as we've seen emerged from syria and iraq with the rise of isis. so this is very very difficult.
5:08 am
the prime minister of great britain is meeting with german chancellor angela merkel in london as we speak. he already tweeted he's stood in solidarity with the french but also said we stand in solidarity with the efforts to defend the freedom of the press. again, this is a clear attack on the press and everything else is around the rise in islamic fears and terrorism because of the rise of isis and so many europeans going over to fight for isis. as we've seen hundreds from france alone. >> christiane stay with us. we want to bring in bobby goshen and peter beinart standing by to give us context. christiane said this is an attack on the press and symbolic on this satirical magazine because they had the bravery to attack religion of all stripes. they were firebombed after
5:09 am
satirizing the prophet mohammad. the roneporters say it sounds as though the cartoonists who did the famous cor toon of the prophet mohammad in 2011 have been killed. >> it's important to make this distinction and make the point often, this is an attack on free speech. it is not a response to shall we say as we've seen in britain, france's participation in the war in afghanistan or in iraq. this is not a military target that these people have chosen. they've chosen a very specific target and that's a message. it's a very chilling message. if they did indeed say we have killed "charlie hebdo" will this magazine survive. given a longstanding tradition of france's sapphire robust sapphire in the public space, it is to be hoped that the magazine can survive. >> let a's get to what we're
5:10 am
talking about in terms of what was so bad that was done. because the implication is that well if you put a representation of mohammad put up the cover, today's publication date of "charlie hebdo" if it they're not able to get their messable out, this does. this is a satire of someone about to get their head cut off. the victim is mohammad he says "wait, i'm the prophet you id yoet iot." the caption "if mohammad were to come back." there's a notion if you show him or say his name it's insulting to all muslims. this is what they'll do. that's not true. explain who is offended by what and what this is about today. >> the first and most important thing need to be said. for the vast majority of limbs killing in the name of their relimgon is a great offense. we've seen lots and lots of
5:11 am
muslims coming out on twitter who say that. you do not depict a human form and certainly not the form of the prophet that is considered that's not allowed. it's hard to go from that to satire but the people who did this and the extremists who sort of who froth at the mouth when something like this happens, they are people who are sort of taking offense at a bunch of different things and are going far beyond what the vast majority of ordinary muslims are willing to do. >> it's important to remember islam, like any great religion has all interpretive traditions. in judaism they say gossip is not allowed therefore you can't practice journalism because it's gossip. it is all in how you interpret these things and what your value system is and this say group of people who do not value human life or liberty and it's important to say that an imam in
5:12 am
france the imam said these journalists are martyrs for liberty. it's so important that journalists, because we have an obligation to them in our profession and muslims because although they are not to blame, these people are speaking in their name unfairly. come out and say that for us our principles are life and liberty. >> there's also an important thing that's happening right now, timesimultaneously with the investigation of this attack on social media people are retweeting the cartoons of this satirical magazine some of the most offensive, outrageous old cartoons they're retweeting them to send the message to isis or whoever these extreme is are, you can't stamp out satire. you can't stamp out free speech. in the age of social media you can't. >> it shows how counterproductive, not only is it horrific but like the attack on sony it's counterproductive. magazine most americans have
5:13 am
never heard of images arer in seen now being seen around the world just like the movie with kim il-sung. >> what went on in the days after 9/11 in the country i'm curious your thoughts of what's going to happen in the coming days and weeks in france in the coffee shops, among the people that live on the streets of paris and around the country in terms of their thoughts about muslims and thoughts about extremists. >> france has the most population 5% and 8% the exact number is hard to come by. one of the consequences of that if you're french chances are you know a muslim person and familiar with the discussion of islam. the hope is there won't be a knee-jerk reaction. there are i said earlier there are right wing parties in france that prosper when something like this happens that take advantage of these kinds of situations and stoke up anger and hatred the
5:14 am
anti-immigration parties as well which there's an overlap between the two. and i have no doubt there will be people in france who will be if not beying for blood, certainly speaking in angry tones. >> we had the riots a few years ago. you had the burgeoning population of islam, the second biggest religion in france. france is a very secular country but behind catholicism you have islam and in the northern part of paris you have a largely unpoliced population of a burgeoning islamic community that's raised a lot of concerns about why isn't there police presence there, why aren't these people integrated into society and there's concern this extremism will take root in place of franchising of these people. we bring in cnn international correspondent fred pleitgen on his way to paris, he's in london right now. what do you have for us? >> reporter: first of all you're absolutely right in that when you look at those pictures from
5:15 am
that attack many analysts are doing so right now and the french police doing so as well you will see the people who did this must have been accurate marksmen. i spent a lot of time on battlefields in iraq and afghanistan. i was in the german military for a while. the first thing they teach you when they teach to you fire a weapon you put it on semiautomatic and try to place three shots in close proximity of one another and that's what the people did when you look at the car window. what we're hearing from the french authorities, they're after the gunmen. er this still at large. the thing that the french authorities have been saying they believe it's somewhere between four and five gunmen that appear to still be on the loose. they're trying to track them down. it is something that's very much an ongoing situation but certainly when you look at those videos when you look at also the aftermath of all of that you can see these were definitely people who were certainly well aware and knew what they were doing there. chris? >> all right, thank you very much fred. be careful on your way over
5:16 am
there. we're going to need the reporting from the ground that's are for sure. >> let's let you know what we're talking about if you're just joining us there's been a terrible gun attack in paris, france on a satirical magazine. 12 people have been killed four people are grievously wounded. some of the wounded are police officers. there were eyewitnesses to the attack and some got home video. let us show you how this attack unfolded. [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ]
5:17 am
[ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] >> three different vantage points on what has happened. we're trying to get more information about who did this. i'll tell you, it is very frightening to watch the lack of excitement between those shooters. again we're trying to get a picture of who those men are. heavily armed kalashnikov, maybe a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. how they're not frantic, the calmness when they assassinate, execute the police officer hit in the melee with them. it suggests calm in the circumstances which suggests training. that is one of the threads we'll follow along as we stay on top
5:18 am
of this recent terror attack in paris, just happened at noontime there, lunch time there. christian amany pour is in london following the event for us there. christiane you hear what we're discussing here the specific context of this attack of who would have done this how well trained they could have been. when have we ever seen two men, not a suicide bomber not a car bomb two men going in maybe even more going in and launching a coordinated attack like this. this would be a new wave of threat. >> well look it certainly looks like that. if you see the pictures that we're just showing, we don't know what order they're in. we don't see the full picture but we see snapshots. the form the way these people are standing suggests the way they're dressed, the way you say they are fairly calm and cool and collected and going about their deadly business there suggests a level of experience and training. we'll see, we just don't know and we can't jump to conclusions. the president of france is going to be giving a press conference
5:19 am
at 8:00 p.m. french time which is about 3:00 p.m. eastern time i believe today and we will obviously see what they have discovered in the next few hours, if anything but compare that to what happened in england not so long ago, several months ago when two people wielding knives rushed an off-duty british soldier. you remember they did so outside his barracks and basically beheaded him. this is a completely different type of attack even though that was a multiple person attack as well. this looks so much more different and they have aescaped. those two were still bumbling around at the crime site and arrested when the police came to get him. there are a huge amount of questions as to who and what this is. security officials have been warning for months now, since isis really reared its ugly head and started capturing territory in syria and iraq there was going to be blowback. we know that france has many
5:20 am
many people who are going over to fight with isis. we don't know whether this is isis related but there is also a history of attack against these satirical magazines. we saw it in the early 2000s when the danish cartoons started and lots of people were killed in the melee after that in denmark and other parts of europe and the middle east. charlie hebdo re-printed some of those cartoons and charlie hebdo continued this satirical attack on the absurdities of the extremism in islam and seemed this was a direct counter-attack against that. so this is something that the europeans have been incredibly worried about. france raised its terror alert to the highest in recent memory. it has had random we thought, but certain number of attacks by people shouting "god is great" just before christmas, a car drove into a group of christmas
5:21 am
shoppers. there was an attack in a police station. there was an attack on a christmas market. all of this cause the terror threat to be raised and in europe as a whole because of what's happening with syria and iraq because of the rise of isis there has been a heightened terror threat and alert higher than at any time since 9/11 which is under way right now. >> christiane we know a little bit more about what was happening with the victims of this attack. they were in an editorial meeting we understand from jim bitterman bitterman, in their editorial meeting, it was cartoonists, it was the reporters, it was the bosses and somehow 12 were killed. it's hard to tell from these videos that we're watching whether or not the gunmen even got inside but jim bitterman was reporting that the very cartoonist who was responsible for the prophet mohammad cartoon back in 2011 that was the target of the fire bombing that he has been killed in this attack. it's hard to know from these eyewitness videos how they were
5:22 am
able to have that level of carnage, when we only see what's going on outside but you, christiane have been talking a lot recently about how dangerous the world is for journalists right now. >> well look it clearly is. the worst things we've seen in broad daylight on videotape around the world is the slitting of the throat and the beheading of a number of journalists, james foley, steven sotloff, three western aide workers as well were assassinated executed publicly beheaded like sheep in a desert by isis. we've seen mass executions by isis of civilians, of minorities of syrian forces for instance who they've captured of people inside iraq as well. so yes journalists and others are being targeted. this particular attack according toer who is watching it and according to what we know obviously, what we know and we can report has been directly
5:23 am
targeted against journalists, against a magazine against freedom of speech but really against what they don't want against, you know they feel their sensibilities have been offended and that is what is going on right now and this is how this group right now is fighting this fight, and it is also attacking the right of people to speak and express themselves. these are not military targets. they're not random civilian targets as we've seen in european capitals in the past. this is a direct tack to inspire not just death and closure of the magazine they probably hope but huge amount of fear and to cause others to stop using freedom of expression and using sapphire and interesting as i think you've been saying the reaction to that has been many many people around the world posting on social media the very magazine covers the very cartoons that apparently have caused offense, a sort of social media resistance. look we've also been reporting
5:24 am
on what's been going on in germany over the last several weeks, the anti-islamic demonstration there is and the counter demonstrations that are going on to try to push that down. there's a huge amount of unrest in europe right now between islamist islamists, radicals and what's going on in the middle east. >> stand by we have more developments. >> joining us is jean-charles broussard, a terrorist expert in france and written a lot about islamic extremist. thank you for joining us. you're watching this unfold as we are here. the offices qualification charlie hebdo" have been the target of attack before and france has had a great concern about returning jihadists coming back to france and coming back to europe. do you draw a direct line to this attack? >> no it's too soon to drive to conclusions, but what we can say is a terrorist attack coming
5:25 am
from the syrian operation in syria and iraqs from return yes. we have probably the first european contingent of young people fighting and training there. we're also fearing radicalized individuals from inside france. several terrorist attacks have been thwarted in the last year at least five terrorist attacks have been stopped and so this was something we're fearing, not on that scale, unprecedented scale in france but enduring the actions that have taken place today. >> the fear is understandable. talk about the preparations in terms of how the police there are trained and prepared in counterterrorismerts that is obviously ongoing. has it been sufficient in your mind? >> well we have very important laws and abilities also from the intelligence and the police to
5:26 am
track down groups and individuals who are tracking these services are tracking thousands of individuals. it's always difficult because terrorism has moved from a form of terrorism from groups to a form of terrorism carried out by individuals or very small groups so it is much more difficult today. protection measures have been taken in the past regarding public sites, tourist sites in paris and other cities in france because of the threats, because of at tacks also that were carried out a couple of weeks ago. so the measures have been reinforced today with the protection on various sites including religious sites, the press and also commercial centers, but what we're experiencing has been and under way in other countries, plots
5:27 am
have been thwarted also in the uk. we've seen what happened in canada and australia, that type of threat existed and we knew it was about to come to france. >> you talk about this moving foe and the morveg organism that is terrorism. you mach a very good point there. speak directly to the situation that we saw brutally unfold at "charlie hebdo." did we lose you? oh okay that was jean-charles oh he's still there with us. can you hear us? >> yes, yes. >> okay the speaking of that particular site of this attack today, the brutal killing of 12 people there, among them journalists, we understand a couple of police officers have been killed among those critically injured. this has been targeted before. we also have learned from our reporter on the ground that the protection of this facility has lessened in the last few days. what do you make of that? >> well it has been targeted in the past has been targeted by
5:28 am
actions including fire bombed a couple years ago and also by threats, repeatedly. it was under the protection of the police. at what level, it is still unclear at that stage, whether it lessened in the days before we don't know but we knew it was under the protection of the sur surveillance at least of the police. it is difficult to say, again, at what level it was. we knew it was a symbol it was probably targeted as such including the police forces police forces were also targeted and executed for one of them a video has beensirk sclating about the execution of one police officer so it was clearly intended to target symbolly target. >> some tough days ahead in paris to be sure. jean-charles brisard, thank you. >> let's get to a witness on the phone, marie tourcant a french
5:29 am
journalist istist and she was only 200 meters from where this took place. can you hear me? >> yes, thanks hi. >> thank god you're joining us and you're safe. tell us what you know? >> we are safe and we kroesed everything from our newspaper because we have like you said we are close to where the building where it happened. so it's another medics car is going in front of the "charlie hebdo hebdo" building. some people are being evacuated, some journalists who are safe outside of the building and now like you said we know that there are ten journalists who have been killed and two policemen. there is a police car completely with the windshield completely in pieces. there has been a broken bike and
5:30 am
a broken car in front of the building where the two men car and the scene. >> there's been a lot of speculation about how many attackers were involved. do you have any sense of that? >> i have always heard only two people, and i think that's the right number. police just confirmed it to me. two people who came with kalashnikovs heavily, heavily armed. what we don't know is if there were wearing masks. some say they were hats others say they were masked. >> that's details that the authorities will want to get straight. >> we don't know how they wear when they entered the building. >> i understand but you're saying when they entered the building that was another important point here about whether or not this attack was done outside the offices or
5:31 am
actually inside the offices. you're suggesting that you believe that there was a breach here, that the gunmen went into "charlie hebdo's" offices? >> yes, nothing happened. they came to building six and number ten. it's not the same building not where the journal is were meeting. they went in the number ten which is when they went directly inside the newsroom where it was a kong gallon how do you call it when journalists gather and talk about what they're going to do for the day. they came at the right time and then they started shooting inside the building. then they went out and that's where the police car started chasing them two policemen were shot. >> we're hearing from reuters
5:32 am
four cartoonists were killed including the editor of "charlie hebdo." are any of these people your friends? >> i did not. everybody knows them when you work in journalism because they're really famous and they have marked themselves forever with their drawings and with the cover stories, so everybody knows them and that's probably what's going to stay in everybody's mind is the terrorists do things that you can bet everybody's going to be talking about for a very long time. >> marie, thank god that you're safe and we know that the men are still on the loose and we'll be following the story very well. thank you for telling us what you know and please get back to us if you have new details for us. marie turcan thank you very much. >> krissor dickey foreign editor for "the daily beast." where are you? >> reporter: i'm stand inging above
5:33 am
the champs d'jelyysses in paris. the big question is what we don't know. bedon't know who the two people were working with or for, we don't know the extent to which they were inspired by propaganda online or trained someplace overseas. probably they have had training. it is very possible they fought in syria or iraq or elsewhere, maybe mali and have come back to france knowing their way around the country at least, if indeed they're not french citizens. there are all kinds of huge questions and everything we're saying about who is behind this is essentially speculation, informed speculation maybe based on the history of "charlie hebdo" and the history of these jihadist movements. still it's speculation and we have to leave open the possibility that we can be surprised that when the people are caught when the details are
5:34 am
known, they could come from some other source of violence than the ones we're talking about. >> we have a few details what happened inside this attack. i want to know if you've heard any of these things. we just heard from marie turcan that ten journalistists were killed two police officers and it seems as though the journal is who were killed were specifically targeted. this wasn't just a spraying of bullets. they perhaps knew exactly who these people were there are four cartoonists, one was the famous cartoonist behind the prophet mohammad cartoon, why this magazine was targeted in 2011. we even heard some reports that somehow the gunmen gained access to the loud speakers in the building and were calling out specific names of journalists. do you know anything about what happened inside that office? >> reporter: well it isn't clear to me that they knew the exact names of every journalist they wanted to clear and clearly they were killing everybody they possibly could. i think it's important as one of
5:35 am
the previous guests mentioned that they went into the wrong door first. they went into the wrong place. it's an almost if it were not just such a tragic event but ludicrous scene. they go in to kill people and go in the wrong door. they go in the right door they want to be sure they're killing the people they came to kill and that is exactly what they did, using automatic weapons. remember that in france automatic weapons are not impossible to get. lot of criminals have gotten hold of them but it's not like in the united states where a lot of people have kalashnikovs and have ar-15s and m-16s. it's just not that kind of environment here. so that they were so well-armed andrally speaking so well organized says that this was definitely not a random act and whoever it was planned it carefully to do maximum damage. you can hear the sirens right now. there's a sense right now even
5:36 am
here of a city on alert and i can tell you that people are holding back. i came through what's normally a crowded tourist area to get here underneath the arc de triumphe. there were a lot of sales today but i bet a lot of people stay home. this is the kind of violence people were not ready for. little terrorism here and there france is used to that. this kind of terrorism they haven't seen for a long time. >> christopher a couple more details about the gunmen. they're still at large, the latest information we have the president of france said they will be hunted far and wide until they could be brought to includes. our christine romans who speaks french has been listening to the home videos we have been showing the viewers that were taken during the attack from eyewitnesses. she can hear the gunmen speaking perfect french.
5:37 am
they speak beautiful french and in fact the newspaper "le monde" says they speak french with no accent whatsoever. what does that tell us? >> it tells you they are probably french. they're probably not immigrants they were probably born and raised in this country, and i think the next thing that people will want to know and they can probably begin to identify listening to the videos closely enough to what extent the particular regional or urban accents are that are identifiable but there are about 10% of the population of france is muslim and a tiny percentage of that is attracted to jihadist violence but even a tiny percentage of 6 million people is a significant number when you're talking about terrorism. we know that there have been hundreds of europeans and certainly scores if not hundreds of french people who have gone to fight in syria. some of them may come back have
5:38 am
come back. we thought they were being watched closely but if it turns out the people were trained in syria, fought in syria and brought their violence back then that is the nightmare that all of europe has been worried about coming to fruition. >> krissorchristopher dicky from "the daily beast" thank you. >> no question the situation cannot be ignored. just because it's in syria, doesn't mean it can't bleed into everywhere else. the immediate concern, who did this. we have word from the pentagon our correspondent barbara starr, what are we understanding here barbara? they're always going to work as an alliance with the french but now we believe this has been stepped up a little bit. what's going on right now? >> right now a senior u.s. official tells me they are going to start working with nair french counterparts on this situation. the u.s. right now is looking through every piece of intelligence it has for any signs that this threat might have emerged in paris this
5:39 am
morning. the official tells me looking through all their files, all their data right now they have nothing that matches this. they have no indications, no warnings of this attack they tell me but they're going to continue to dig. the big concern is finding the alleged gunman as fast as possible because of course in europe they could jump on a train. they could get in a car and drive across international borders. the urgency is of course for the french to find these people as quickly as possible and the u.s. will help with any information it can. the official also telling me what raises the u.s. concern level when they look at this this morning, is this notion of multiple gunmen two or more. that means preplanned possibly conspiracy. that's where the u.s. concern lies right now. >> barbara, one quick thing. we understand that isis had been telling people who were going to act in their name not to be masked to be unmasked to show
5:40 am
themselves. these men apparently masked in the videos we've seen. relevant? >> well that's very interesting. the u.s. is looking at that very point right now, when they saw the masks on the video it caught their attention because they had intelligence indicating isis leadership told its people not to hide behind masks, have the courage of their convictions and show their faces. these guys were masked. the intelligence community working very hard right now to figure out what that may mean. it's this notion of the multiple gunmen the preplanning, the heavily armed. they knew what -- they may have gone into the wrong building at the beginning but they knew what they were after and this is the question, how could some kind of preplanned conspiracy like this have been missed? the u.s. says as it looks at everything it has, they had no indication they're continuing to dig and urgently working with the french. the top priority right now is to find the gunmen.
5:41 am
>> barbara starr, thank you for the latest reporting. president obama we understand has been briefed on the terror attack in paris. let's bring in white house press secretary josh rnest. josh what is the president saying at this hour? >> good morning, alsin. the. the is aware of the tragic events we've seen in paris early in the morning u.s. time. the president does have the presidential daily briefing on his schedule this morning as usual so the president will be meeting with his national security team this morning and i'm confident this will be on the agenda. i can tell you the united states condemns in the strongest terms this horrific act of violence that we've seen in france. i can tell you also that the thoughts and prayers of the president and first lady and everybody here at the white house are with the families of those killed or injured in this attack and our thoughts are with our allies over in france right now. senior national security officials here at the white house have been in touch with their counterparts in france and
5:42 am
we have made clear to them something that's not particularly surprising which is that the united states stands with the people of france as they confront this threat. we're going to use our resources to work with the french to investigate exactly what happened and to bring the perpetrators to justice. this is something that we have seen that the people of france have been stall wort allies with the united states and other countries around the globe as we take the strategy to destroy and degrade isil. i can tell you that we have worked closely with the french in this effort to degrade and ultimately destroy isil and we are confident that the people of france will not be cowed by this terrible act of violence. they'll take the fight to isil and we'll be with them every step of the way. >> something like this will make the french authorities recalibrate what they're doing in aiding the war against terror but in terms of what it presents
5:43 am
as a threat we're used to seeing lone wolves meaning oner. maybe mentally unstabld lightly trained, self-radicalized. this may be something very different. you've been making the rounds this morning but what are you hearing about the idea of two potentially trained gunmen in a coordinateed atack, maybe more people involved. we haven't seen this before. >> chris, we are trying to determine what happened. this only happened a couple of hours ago now. one thing that we have been keenly aware of is the risk that is associated with foreign fighters. so these are individuals who have traveled from countries around the world to the region. they've taken up arms to fight alongside isil. the concern harbored is those individuals could return back to their home countries or like france or the united states and use that training and equipment, use the willingness they've already shown to give their
5:44 am
lives for their cause and carry out acts of violence in places outside the region where isil is having a terrible impact. you recall chris back in the fall the president chaired the meeting of the u.n. security council where the leaders of the world came together and raised standards and vowed to work together share intelligence that we're properly monitoring the movements of individuals that traveled to the region to combat the threat and the people of france and the nation of france has worked closely with the international community to try to confront this threat and that's something that we're going to continue to do because we do understand that there is some risk associated with that. now i don't want to leave people with the impression we know that's what happened here. this is still under investigation. we're in the early stages of determining what happened who is responsible and what their motivation was but this is in general a threat that we are keenly aware of. >> josh you are talking about isil or isis as we refer to the terrorist group.
5:45 am
bobby goshen remindses you the editor-in-chief of the magazine stefan charboniere was on al qaeda's 2013 most wanted list. how do you determine whether it was al qaeda, isis, which way are you leaning now? >> we're in the early stages of what happened and who is responsible and we have to figure that out before we can dig into what their motivation had been. we know there are strong ties between al qaeda and the rel nantz of remnants of al qaeda and isil. it is one of the reasons we take the threat seriously and that we remain concerned about the threat emanating from the leadership in isil. the other thing isil has demonstrated an ability to do we're carefully monitoring is demonstrated a sophistication using social media tools to radicalize people around the globe and encurrently people to take up arms in pursuit of their
5:46 am
cause. that's something we're monitoring closely. the other thing we've tried to do is work with the leaders in the muslim community here in the united states and around the world to try to counter those violent messages that we see isil distort the name of a peaceful religion and the tenets of an otherwise peaceful religion to inspire people to carry out acts of violence why it's important that we see leaders in the muslim community stand up and speak out about what the true teachings of islam are. >> josh when you talk about countering the message, you keep using the word violence. this is an act of terrorism, what the president of france called. you're referring to isis and other bad actors. you know you're fighting a large group of people of somewhat similar concern. do you see this as an act of terrorism and is this something that has to be condemned on that level? >> based on what we know right now it seems that's what we're
5:47 am
confronting here. this is an act of violence that we certainly do condemn and if paced on the investigation it turns out to be an act of terrorism, we'd condemn that in the strongest possible terms, too. look this is again paced on the preliminary information that we have this isn't just an attack as you point out, chris, on the people of france and on innocent civilians. this is an attack on some of the basic values we hold dear in this country and basic values of freedom of speech and freedom of expression and the free press that is also held dear by our allies in france. this is something we take seriously and condemn in the strongest possible terms. i'm confident in the days ahead we'll work closely with our allies in france who have shown tremendous courage in facing down the threat from terrorism to make sure we're doing erg we can to investigate the incident and bring to justice those responsible for carrying it out. >> the president will be dealing with this today. he was supposed to go to michigan to a ford plant. is that still on the table?
5:48 am
>> it is. the president is not planning at this point to change his schedule. the president is planning to travel to detroit. he's going to talk about what is a good news story, the tremendous progress that the american auto industry has made over the last five or six years. you recall when the president first took office the u.s. economy was on the precipice of a second great depression. thanks to the policies this administration put in place we didn't just stave off the second great xlegs, we laid the groundwork for a strong recovery we're seeing in the auto industry right now. that's something the president will have an opportunity to talk about today and looking forward to that opportunity. >> josh earnest, thanks for taking time for "new day." >> have a good day. >> you, too. we want to bring people up to speed on what is happening. manhunt is under way for the gunmen that perpetrated this heinous attack on the offices of "charlie hebdo." jim bitterman we talked about the president of france being on scene there, so different from how things would be done in our nation. we also know he has called this
5:49 am
a terror attack and says that we will chase these, the gunmen will be chased as lock as necessary. what is the latest? >> reporter: the fact they're still chasing the gunmen. there's no indication the police caught anybody. the president is back in the presidential palace having a crisis meeting with his ministers to try to figure out what the response should be. the prime minister has already announced that the response from his point of view is ordering the highest level of terrorist alert so far in france and in that alert level in fact they're going to put out additional police protection around schools, transportation hubs like plane terminals and train stations around places of worship, and basically anyplace in the country that might be a soft target. this one certainly was this morning, this attack which left 12 people dead four critically injured, and as the french press
5:50 am
puts it queen life and death so there may be some more people added to the fatalities here. the gunmen clearly aware of what they were doing, know that the timing of this was such that they attacked at a moment when the maximum number of reporters and cartoonists and editorialists would be around in the morning and among the dead according to reports are the head of the magazine the satirical magazine as well as the cartoonist who was responsible for that controversial cartoon back in 2011 which depicted the prophet mohammad that was a cartoon that got the magazine fire bombed back then. >> so jim, we were talking about this of the information sort of being difficult to gather here in terms of the death toll and the number of those injured. we understand there are several people that are critically injured. can you give us more information on the number of people hospitalized that have been taken in for medical attention? >> no we don't have a full
5:51 am
count on that. it sounds like from what we hear the shooting went on for some time. there was also apparently a pedestrian who was hit as the gunmen made their way away from the scene, so it's not clear. we don't have a total picture yet from authorities. they're still investigating themselves. one of the things we have seen though michaela i should say is something that your guest josh just reported there about bringing in moderate islamic voices. we have seen at the scene just in the last hour or so two very moderate imams, the highest islamic spiritual leader in france speaking out at the scene saying that they might not agree with what the magazine was doing but they certainly weren't going to take it to the lel of hate that we saw this morning or spill blood over their disagreements. >> a man jnt hunt of this magnitude going on within the nation of france give us an idea of how the system works in
5:52 am
terms of borders, airports. we know how it works here at the united states with all of the agencies working in conjunction with one another. talk about how that works in france. >> reporter: i think that they would be working quite closely with each other. they have an experience of doing this thing in the past. there have been several decades ago, 20 years ago a series of attacks which ended with the culprits being rounded up eventually. they've been good about tracking down other terrorist attacks about tracking down the people behind them. one of the things that i think was most striking to me and the eyewitness testimony that we heard coming out is the fact that the two gunmen were speaking perfect french. that says to me they may be hard to identify because it means they probably were born here probably were educated here and probably have french passnessports. this is the kind of thing the french government feared for so long the young people attracted
5:53 am
to the cause of fighting against syria and the government of syria and fighting iraqi authorities out of the middle east would come back with their french passports, slip in under the radar and go undetected the french police have said they've broken up a couple of these rings but clearly this morning it didn't work. >> clearly it did not. we understand the terror level has been raised there in the nation. now we've been updated from the office of president hollande that the terror level or from the minister there that the terror level has been raised across the nation with focus on religious institutions and houses there, the temples, et cetera, around the nation of france. this is unprecedented i would imagine. >> reporter: it's unprecedented. i don't think that sensitivity about the terrorism though is unprecedented. there have been moments here in the past where particularly religious institutions have been targeted. there have been a number of serious and deadly attacks
5:54 am
against synagogues for example and there were attacks back in the '80s against a major train station here, major department store. so there have been attacks of this nature before. it certainly sends chills up and down earn's spine, and i think that this is going to have a really devastating effect and on public opinion here. i think they're going to wonder why the authorities could have let something like this happen, although they may not have had much ability to stop it. >> questions to answer down the line. right now the need to find the gunmen is urgent. thanks to you, jim bitterman. alisyn? >> we bring in evan perez our justice correspondent with more on the investigation now. what do you have? >> alisyn the fbi is offering assistance to the french authorities at this hour and right now what they're doing, the u.s. law enforcement and the intelligence agencies are combing through any internet e-mail telephone traffic, anything that they have in their
5:55 am
system on people that they were watching people that was on their radar to see if there's any involvement in this because obviously this is something that had to have been planned in some way, and whether or not someone that the u.s. had knowledge about was involved is something that they want to know urgently. the other thing they're concerned about at the scene, reports from the scene is the number of gunmen. it ranges from two to four. so people on the scene often eyewitness accounts are very they vary a lot. >> and they were dressed similarly to the police. >> it's sketchy what they're able to share between the u.s. and the french authorities and the final thing was the concern about when this attack occurred whether these attackers knew that this news organization was having a meeting to maximize the effect of the attack or coincidence. from the look of the scenes there, you see the shots appear
5:56 am
to be very good. whoever was doing this had some kind of training with these weapons, and that raises an additional concern. >> thanks for the latest information. >> christiane amanpour our chief international correspondent joins us from london. you're working your sources. i hear from so many in the intelligence community on the u.s. side saying the concern is that this is the real deal that this is trained fighters who have come back home to do domestic assaults on hallmarks of freedom. this would be an obvious target in paris, the satirical magazine that has a history of infuriating extremist islam. what are you hearing? >> this is what all law enforcement in europe have been worried about, the blowback from isis from the vacuum in syria and iraq. over the last year or so this has been everybody's big, big fear. at this point it's important to
5:57 am
point out that as we've said "charlie hebdo" has been deliberately provocative for a long long time and proudly so. over the years it has printed some of what many muslims find veries onnive depictions and it has been criticized. now the white house is defending freedom of speech and this and that but back in 2012 the white house criticized the cartoons. back in 2006 the french president jacques chirac criticized him. the editor said i am not here to shock or offend. this is what we do. we are trying to satirize the absurdity of who is going on in the extreme corners of this religion. it's interesting to close out the program with a reflection of what the editor recently said. he basically said this will only
5:58 am
shock those who want to be shocked and told a newspaper, i don't feel as though i'm killing someone with a pen. i'm not putting lives at risks. when activists need a pretext to justify their violence they always find it and this on this day, these activists found their targets and their targets were journalists. this was a clear attack on the freedom of expression on press, and on satire. >> it's so profound to hear the words now that we know ten journalists inside the office were killed including the editor-in-chief and we heard that the gunmen upon leaving said "charlie hebdo" is dead. >> it's a very sad day not just for terror and law enforcement and the loss of human life but it's a very sad day for what this means to freedom of expression to freedom of the press and for the ability to operate in a responsible way in this incredibly difficult climate that we all find ourselves in right now.
5:59 am
>> it's just hard to sort of get your arms around everything that is happening there with the amount of carnage the gunmen were able to affect going into the offices and opening fire during this editorial meeting and again outside of the offices as we have seen from the eyewitnesses. >> christiane thank you very much for the reporting. we'll be following up with you throughout the morning and the day here on cnn. the details are light but the obvious is something we've been reporting to you. france just suffered its worst terror attack in decades, right at lunch time in paris, a magazine there with a history of doing political and religious sapphire attacked a dozen people killed. the shooters heavily armed, perhaps trained, still at large. the united states is cooperating with france to try to bring these terrorists to justice. cnn will continue its coverage throughout the morning. we have a special edition of
6:00 am
"newsroom" with anderson cooper and it starts right now. >> chris and alisyn thank you very much. welcome to our viewers in the you its sustain watching around the world on cnn international. thanks for joining us. we're following breaking news out of france. this as french police right now are hunting for masked gunmen who stormed the offices of the satirical newspaper, opened fire in the french capital today. an eyewitness took video you're about to see, as the attack unfolded shot from a nearby rooftop and you can hear the gunfire ringing out. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] >> you can also clearly hear the shout of "allahu akbar" "god is


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