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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  January 7, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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christians in france will stand together against extremism from all sides. jake? >> frederic pleitgen for us. that is it for us. i'm jake tapper. we now turn it over to wolf blitzer. happening now, breaking news -- [ gunshots ] >> terror in the streets. shots ring out along with arabic cries of "god is great" as gunmen stormoffices of a french magazine killing 12 people. france is now on the highest state of alert. the top paris official now telling cnn the suspects have been identified. and can it happen here in the united states? security is being stepped up amid concerns. the terrorists have come up with a game-changing strategy. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." --
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captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. [ gunshots ] the breaking news france is now on its highest security alert after gunmen attacked the paris office of a satirical magazine killing 12 people and wounding 11 triggering a massive man hunt. among the dead the editor and cartoonist of the publication, charlie hebdo which had drawn threats from jihadists for for ridiculing islamic extremism. three suspects have now been identified including two shooters who called out names of their victims as they killed them. president obama has pledged all possible help to france in investigating what he characterizes as an attack on freed am but the carefully orchestrated attack has sparked deep concern here in the united states. in new york security has been stepped up at very sensitive sites including the french
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consulate in manhattan. congressman mike mccall and peter king are both standing by from the homeland security committee along with our correspondents, and our analysts and our guests and cnn's atika shubert reports the very latest from paris. >> reporter: tonight, investigators are looking carefully at this amateur video of the attack where masked gunmen dressed in black stormed the offices of a french satirical magazine and opened fire killing 12 people. among the dead at least four cartoonists who lampooned islamic fundamentalist and the prophet muhammad. witnesses heard the gunmen yell we have avenged the prophet. militants linked to the militants praised the attack. france's president declared it an act of terrorism and it was raised to the highest level. >> translator: we need to find the actors of this terrorist act. they must be arrested and brought before judges and condemned as quickly as
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possible. france is shocked today. >> reporter: in washington president obama vowed to work with france a close ally in the fight against terrorism. >> we see the kind of cowardly evil attacks that took place today i think reenforces once again why it is so important for us to stand in solidarity with them just as they stand in solidarity with us. >> reporter: investigators say the gunmen asked two maintenance men at the entrance of the building where the magazine was located and then opened fire killing one of the workers. the gunmen fired at police guarding the building and moved to the second floor where the magazine's editors were meeting. witnesses reported seeing a rocket launcher. after the massacre in the magazine's office the gunmen were captured on video walking down the street firing as they went and the gunmen ran to a wounded police officer lying on the sidewalk and shot the officer in the head.
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they cried allah akbar in arabic meaning god is great, before fleeing in a vehicle. they encountered police exchanging gun fire three times and while heading to the northern part of paris, they led them to abandon their car and then carjacked another vehicle. investigators found a similar car to the original getaway vehicle and took it away for testing. the magazine had previously been the target of a terrorist attack. it was bombed in 2011 after it published a carric chur of the prophet muhammad. no one was hurt. among the dead stephane charbonnier known as charb. >> one has the impression that everyone is driven by fear. that's what the small handful of fundamentalists that doesn't represent anyone wants to do govern through fear. >> reporter: charbonnier has been targeted by the al qaeda affiliate featured in a wanted dead or alive poster inside the
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english language magazine. >> atika shubert reporting from paris. hala gorani is joining us now live. give us the latest. what are you hearing? you're there on the scene. >> reporter: right. well i spoke just a few minutes ago to the deputy mayor of paris, patrick klugman who confirmed that three suspects have been identified by police and they're aged 18 32 and 33 that's according to the information his sources are giving him, however he stressed that there have been no arrests. in other words, that these gunmen at least two gunmen and perhaps one acting as a lookout, are still on the loose in paris or beyond in fact. what we do know as well according to the general prosecutor wolf is this appears to have been very much an organized attack with gunmen entering the building of the headquarters of charlie hebdo, the satirical magazine asking a building employee where is the newsroom of charlie hebdo and
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executing the individual going up to the second floor and then murdering ten people later executing a police officer in the street. there is also a development concerning the car that they used. there was a getaway car and according to the prosecutor's office there may have been an accident at one point and they switched cars after carjacking an individual in paris. there are various reports right now, wolf about whether or not there have been arrests. several organizations are naming the suspects right now. we are not going with that to be extra careful to get that information very much as accurate as we can, but we can confirm identification has taken place and the ages of the individuals, wolf. >> they haven't released photographs, police in searching, in asking the public to search for these three individuals, right? >> reporter: right. indeed. right now we are not getting official confirmation of the names. what we do know is that there is a massive man hunt going on.
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we are talking thousands and thousands of police and security officers trying as hard as they can right now. it's a race against time to find these individuals, the three suspect, but it also has to be noted, wolf that while this security operation is ongoing that there is a huge show of support in france. this is a country traumatized today. tens of thousands of people in very cold weather in the middle of the week are out en masse to show support for the murdered journalists and cartoonists charlie hebdo. they're not just seeing this as an attack on their country. they're seeing this as an attack on their freedom to mock and their freedom of expression that is so dearly held in this country. >> hala we will get back to you. hala gorani in paris for us. president obama has offered all possible help to france following this terror attack even as concern grows the well-orchestrated slaughter could be a game changer in the
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struggle with terrorists. let's bring in our chief national correspondent jim sciutto, he's working his sources. what are you learning. >> u.s. counter terrorism officials are following this closely because of the cloes relationship between the u.s. and france on these issues and also because of the level of u.s. concern. i am told by a u.s. counter terrorism official that the u.s. was not aware of any warning of the paris attack before. officials saying quote, that it is true that charlie hebdo has been the subject of extremist threats over the past years, none have been reesent and nor can they immediately be linked to this attack and they continue to say we are working with the international community and our foreign partners in identifying the perpetrators as well as monitoring any threat reports that might warrant of a sub sequentes attack. despite the fact that they were not aware of any specific warning related to this attack and you can and i talked about this earlier in the day, the u.s. is examining all of the
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names it has in the database to see if it missed warnings about a plot like this or possible suspects involved in this including sharing information back and forth with the french including the identities of possible attackers. that is one thing, but i can tell you this as well. in terms of groups beyond the individuals involved in this in terms of groups that may have been involved the u.s. looking at the gallery of the worst terrorist groups you can imagine, including core al qaeda and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the tie to isis as well. why those groups? because those are groups that have threatened in publication, before "inspire" magazine the magazine tied to al qaeda named this magazine in the most ceaserecent issue that is on the target list. i've talked to a number of people who have been briefed, classified briefings on this attack. as they look at the details of this attack they notice the
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skill of these attackers and how they handle their weapons and how they move together and how they were equipped et cetera that gives analysts that look at this an indication that not only they have train, but the possibility that they have combat experience and that points to the possibility of returning foreign fighters from syria and iraq. they don't know it, but it is a great concern in europe and the u.s. as well. they're looking at it closely. >> if it's just three or may be connected to some broader cell if you will. those are critically important issues that they have to figure out. >> that's right. in light of the fact that they're still on the loose do they carry out other attacks. >> massive man hunt. jim sciutto, thank you. new york is boosting security at key sites and stepping up its counterterrorism activities after this attack in the heart of paris. evan perez is in new york and he's joining us with more. what are you learning evan? >> there are things seen and unseen being done by police here in new york and around the country. i can tell you that the nypd has
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increased some of its counterterrorism units and the presence of the counter terrorism units in some of the key locations around the city including you mentioned the french consulate. they want to make sure that if there's any issues these people are ready to respond. as far as things that are unseen wolf we know that the fbi has received the names of these suspects these three suspects that the french have identified and we know that within the next few hours we expect that there's going to be quite a bit of information that will be assembled including any information that the u.s. might be able to piece together on any contacts between these individuals and anyone else that the u.s. knows about. you can bet that in the next few hours they're going to know who they've been emailing and who they've been talking about on the phone and that is something they'll share with the french officials. >> if they have the names, evan, why are aren't they releasing the names and pictures?
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presumably that can help in the man hunt. >> because the fbi and because the u.s. is playing a supportive role and they're assisting the french they tell me that one of the things they want to make sure is that the information comes from over there because this is something that's obviously been a traumatic day for paris and for the french people and it's incumbent upon them to release the information that they need to release, wolf. >> i was wondering why the french aren't releasing that information. it could help the french in finding these guys and we'll go back to paris in a while and try to find out what's going on over there. evan thanks very much. joining us the chairman of the house homeland committee republican congressman mike mccall of texas. thanks for coming in. does it make sense why they're not showing the photographs? usually when there is a man hunt and law enforcement knows who these people are they're looking for and they post pictures and put them all over the media and want the public to be worried, but to help in the search. >> remember the boston bombing, we had an investigation ongoing
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and they want to protect integrity right now. we have identified the three individuals and running the databases right now. it wasn't until releasing the photographs of the boston bombers did people come forward, that we were able to apprehend and arrest them. i think it would be a positive thing to do. >> so you can confirm that the united states government has been informed of the names of these three suspects. >> we are rung the databases, terrorist databases right now. >> can you tell us anything about them? have you looked into their records? are they affiliated with any specific terror group? >> until they've been properly vetted through the databases i can't answer that question at this time but if there is any question rest assured we'll find out. one thing also i confirmed a report that the witness at the scene identified themselves as aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. "inspire" magazine had the cartoonists on their most wanted list in their latest publication.
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>> if these guys were sent out to kill these journalists and these police officers by aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen, what does this mean? >> this is a very sophisticated, professional assassination or professional execution, if you will. we've seen a lot of lone wolf attacks and they call it the radicalized individuals. this one seems to be well thought out in advance, very professional and a well thought-out execution that took place. and so that signals to me it's not someone over the internet getting radicalized, but rather one of these foreign fighter types, wofrl,lf that we're so concerned about that have gone to join al qaeda and going to western europe as they did today in france or possibly getting into the united states of america. >> because it certainly looked like they had pretty sophisticated military training wearing these black uniforms if you will their faces covered. they knew presumably, was there
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an editorial meeting of the top editorial the cartoonist and the others going on in this magazine as they stormed the building. >> the trade craft and the way they used their weapons and the escape vehicle. this is not some isolated event. this is well thought out in advance, pre-meditated, if you will. and i think it is one of these foreign fighters trained in the middle east that's come out to hit western europe and we know that when they hit western europe and also the united states and that's my greatest concern as chairman of homeland security. >> because there are reports, eyewitnesses saying and i'll read exactly what they heard in french, on accented french we have avenged the prophet mohammed we have killed charlie hedbo, and allah akbar. >> it's a classic tomorrow nol gee and they say allah akbar, praise god and that's a classic jihad terminology. what i am concerned about also
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is the french accents, right? this is no longer some middle eastern person and a french accent like what we saw with the bomber and that we talked extensively about and thanks a french citizen that joined al qaeda. >> and obviously, there are a lot, there are hundreds if not a few thousand europeans that have gone over to work with isis in syria and iraq but in this particular case you're leaning toward al qaeda and the arabian peninsula as the core group that may have been responsible for this terror operation? >> i think it is way too early to determine that at this point in time. some of the undocumented reports seem to confirm that. remember "inspire" does come out of yemen out of aqap and it could be one of the foreign fighters trained in syria and we know people have left france and gone to syria or iraq and trained and gone back to france. the numbers are increasing as well. one thing that's concerning to me is in spite of the air strikes the numbers joining the
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[ gunshots ] we're following the breaking news. a massive hunt now under way for the gunmen who burst into the office of a satirical magazine in the heart of paris killing 12 people. france is in the highest state of alert and the united states has offered all possible assistance even as deep concerns are growing about similar attacks right here in this country. we are back with the chairman of the house homeland security committee republican congressman mike mccall of texas. are there any credible threats, terror threats in the united states right now? >> the not right now, but you know there weren't any credible threats in france prior to this happening. that's my greatest concern and we say there was no specific and credible threat but the threaten viernment are very high with these foreign fighters that i believe were responsible for the terrorist attack in paris and foreign fighters that have returned to the united states that can pull off the same
2:22 pm
terrorist attack that we're watching on television right now. this is precisely what keeps me up at night. it's a small-scale tactic that goes undetected by intelligence. the large attacks 9/11-style would be detected by intelligence right now. these are very hard to detect det err and disrupt. this is by "inspire" and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and isis. this is a pretty well coordinated attack. you have three terrorists and maybe there were others who were supports them. >> it's a very different style of attack like in sydney and the new york incident with the axe that were inspired by the internet. >> and the canadian attack. >> in ottawa. this was very sophisticated and very professional which leads me to believe they received training. the dual threat is a homegrown violent extremist and also the foreign fighter that can travel
2:23 pm
overseas and be trained and come back. in this case france it could be american and that's where we want to stop. >> is there any sense that there was intelligence failure in france and missed a clue and i know they were going back and looking at everything. the sense that you think they missed something there? they did. >> we always do a postmortem after the fact. i think that again, these are so hard to detect and so hard to stop. that's what keeps counterterrorism officials and people like myself awake because they are hard to stop and it can happen at any time and they're very easy to pull off, but i will say the level of sophistication concerns me greatly because this is really one of the first, what i concede to be one of these foreign fighters now returning and pulling off a major act of terrorism. >> like these guys may have been french citizens and may have been born in paris or whatever and they may have been somewhere in the middle east and they learned how to use a weapon and learned how to fight and they
2:24 pm
committed an act like this. that's your concern. >> it is a strong possibility because they had a very distinct french accent. it wasn't -- it wasn't middle eastern just like we saw the executioner with the british accent. so we have these western europeans joining the fight in iraq and syria that come back to western europe and we also have an increase in americans going back to iraq and syria. >> how many? >> i can't really get into the number but the number is increasing. >> give us a ballpark and that's what concerns me. >> it's been reported around 150. >> u.s. citizens who have good-bye over there to syria. what does that mean? individuals who may be residing -- >> the united states traveling. >> but they may not necessarily be u.s. citizens. >> the difficulty here is identifying these individuals as they're over there and stopping them from getting on airplanes to return to the united states or get on an airplane with an explosive device that they can blow up either western europe or the united states. remember a lot of these
2:25 pm
countries in western europe are on what they call visa waiver countries so they can have free travel once they get into western europe. my committee has launched an investigation into these foreign fighters to determine how can we more properly identify them both over there and stop them from getting -- >> one final question jay johnson, the secretary of homeland security will be with me in the next hour. his agency the department of homeland security has only funded through february. will they get the money they need to protect the american people? >> this afternoon we had a good meeting. our goal is to keep the department open and we've shut down the executive action. >> on immigration reform. >> precisely. >> you're not going to fund the department of home landz secureland security unless the president backs away on immigration? >> our leadership just got out of the meeting and had discussions about how to proceed forward and we want to stop this executive action and i think
2:26 pm
the responsible individuals like myself have no desire to shut down this department. it's too important to the national security interest of the united states. >> if you don't fund the department of homeland security and all of those agencies there americans will be at risk. >> the incident today highlights why that's necessary. >> you'll make sure it stays in business? >> yes. >> thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> good luck. >> there is a clue about who is behind the terror attacks and who could be calling for more attacks on the west. as security is beefed up in new york city other u.s. cities as well we'll get an update from another u.s. congressman, peter king a member of the house intelligence committee and he's standing by live and he'll join us in "the situation room." hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading
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today's massacre in paris
2:31 pm
may be a response to the constant propaganda from isis and al qaeda calling for attacks on western targets. we are getting new clues about who may be behind this latest outrage, this terror attack in paris. brian todd is here in "the situation room," he's working his sources. what are you picking up? >> with suspects being identified intelligence officials are scrambling tonight to find out if they worked on behalf of a terrorist group and if so which group? they're looking for patterns, history and motive as they track the forensics of this attack. >> as far as terrorist groups go there are a number of prime suspects who could have carried out the massacre in paris according to a u.s. counter terror official. one possible suspect, isis. tweets believed posted by a person familiar with isis point to the potential of isis' involvement in the attack, that's according to the security website flashpoint which can't verify the authenticity of the tweets. less than two months ago, french
2:32 pm
nationals fighting with isis did call for lone wolf attacks inside france. >> translator: if you can poison the drink of an enemy of allah, do it. kill them. spit in their faces, run them over with your cars. do whatever you can. >> other potential suspects al qaeda and their affiliate in yemen. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. aqap in a march 2013 edition of the magazine "inspire" ran a wanted dead or alive poster which included stephane charbonnier from charlie hebdo magazine. he was killed in the paris attack. >> "inspire" had called for charbonnier's death previously and that fact is potentially significant. it also means that he was a target for other groups not just for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> 2014 was rife with isolated terror attacks. the sydney australia, horstage siege which left the gunmen and two hostages dead. in ottawa canada, where a
2:33 pm
gunman killed a soldier. a man with a gun wrapped in an isis flag killed four people in a jewish museum in brussels. what do they have in common with the paris attack? >> this is an islamist-inspired attack focusing on somebody or an organization that they believe has committed some sort of blasphemy. >> many of those other incidents came after a call from isis for lone wolf attacks on civilians in any u.s.-allied country, but does paris fit that pattern? one analyst says no. >> the way that the gunmen are holding their rifles the way they were firing and the way they were grouping their bullets. that suggests that they have received some very very intensive, military training and also the way that they escaped, we saw two people running toward a car. and yet the planning for the paris attack wasn't perfect. the gunmen had to ask two mint nance men where the magazine's offices were but at the same
2:34 pm
time they seemingly knew the day and time the magazine staff held the editorial meeting with the highest number of potential targets in the building and they knew the names of the victims, yelling the names as they shot them and because of the coordinated nature of this a senior intelligence official tells us the community is monitoring any threat streams that might warn of another attack on the way. wolf? >> if at least three terrorists are affiliated with the terror groups the question is where were they? where did they travel? where did they learn the techniques that were clearly used? >> that will have to be ferreted out in the coming days wolf. if they're affiliated with isis did they fight in syria or iraq? if they did that intelligence officials and analysts tell us that that is the worst news they can get. it means they're french nationals who may have returned to france with french passports and it's the realization of every terrorism analyst's fear that a jihadist can return to their homeland with a passport. >> if you have a french passport
2:35 pm
you can travel almost anywhere in europe without a visa or fly to the united states. you don't even need a visa to fly to the united states if you're a french citizen with a french passport. let's bring in a key member of the house homeland committee and republican congressman peter king joining us from capitol hill. congressman, what are you hearing about these individuals? they've now been identified and the u.s. government knows the name of these three terrorists. what are you hearing about any formal alliance or connection they may have had with the specific terror group? >> wolf all of that is still being looked at and my understanding from talking to people in the community and i got a briefing earlier today is that there are no definite answers to who they were with and there was information that points to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the type of training indicates it could be isis. also wolf sometimes we make the mistake of believing that there's a definite line of separation between the groups
2:36 pm
and often it's cross-pollination. it doesn't have to be one or the other or it doesn't mean somebody that is affiliated with one, joining another. i would say the main suspects right now would be al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or isis or a com bin airgzkom bincombination, someone who fought with one and is now fighting with the other. >> it seems like a sophisticated operation, right? >> this is extremely sophisticated and i heard it mention several times and the way they carried their weapons and the way they calmly when something was dropped they would take the time to pick it up and the way they horribly executed that police officer was dieing on the street who was wounded on the street. no sense of urgency. no sense of panic. these looked like professional soldiers or professional hitmen. they could have been in the fresh army. they could have been trained by isis and could have received training in the arabian peninsula in yemen and these are not the self-starters and homegrown terrorists by all
2:37 pm
indications. this is a trained operation the way they carried it out and the level of sophistication having a car or getaway car and knowing the names of the individuals exactly where they'd be. this is a clearly a well-planned operation which is not the product of just some local -- i don't believe some local homegrown apparatus. >> even though french authorities have identified the terrorists. as far as you know they're still at large. they have not yet been arrested. is that right? >> that's my understanding. i know there have been reports that they were captured. we have not been able to confirm that at all. you mentioned the names, once those names are given to the u.s. i mean we can contribute a lot. we'll go through our database. the nsa will be able to track down hopefully any phone calls, and where they traveled. there could be so much information out there and that could lead to any number of other suspects and any other information and any other
2:38 pm
potential plots. in many ways this investigation could be the beginning. >> so they strengthened security in new york. you're from new york and you're from long island. should this be going on all over the country? in other words, should the u.s. all over the united states raise the threat level? >> i think it's up to the individual look at government. i can tell you new york is always at a high level of alert and now it goes higher after something like this and the nypd has been at the forefront. they have an officer stationed in paris, for instance and he was immediately on the scene and he would be reporting back to new york as to anything he saw or heard and any indication as to how new york should increase its level of counterterrorism its defenses. this is something that nypd has down. bill bratton is doing it now and john miller the deputy commissioner of counterterrorism they were on this from the start and as far as other cities listen i would say certainly any urban area
2:39 pm
any large city has to be on a higher level of alert if you want to call it that or just doing more than they would otherwise because any city -- first of all, anyone could be a target but certainly if you're in a city that has any type of landmarks or any known targets they should be -- they should definitely be increasing their level. whether it's a formal increase is one thing, but they should be doing more. >> we heard from mike mccall, the chairman of the house homeland committee, he called u.s. persons, u.s. citizens or u.s. residents may have gone over to the middle east or north africa. they may have trained with isis or al qaeda and then they come back here to the united states and there presumably could be a hundred or 200, i don't know if there is a specific number that you want to share with us but there could be a bunch of these guys they represent potentially a major threat. >> as mike mccall said there were published reports of about 150 and 200 and that number is
2:40 pm
close enough and chairman mccall is very concerned about this. he as far as this whole foreign fighter issue. say the number is 150. they're the ones we know about. there could be others we don't know about. there could be someone from the united states who traveled to europe for vacation ostensibly and worked their way down to syria. so there's at least that number we know about and we try to follow them as best we can and it doesn't always work and they have instances where they come back into the country without being detected. for the most part i think we do have a good eye on them and there are others that we do know about and as mike mccall mentioned and you mentioned under the visa waiver and if you were a citizen of the european country, besides 150 or whatever the number is that we have to worry about from the u.s. there could be thousands of europeans who have gone to syria who have come into the u.s. without having to get a visa. we have to be consider
2:41 pm
concerned. the number i've heard from france is at least 600 alone, and i know the brits have it out and certainly well over 1,000 who can come into the u.s. without having to get a vase. >> you want to change that regulation? do you want europeans to be required to get a visa after this? >> we have to look at this. we don't want to interfere with tourism or the fact that they're close allies there, but i think we may have to -- again, there is something we'll have to look at on the homeland security committee and under his direction as to what we should do about these foreign fighters and i think we do have to take another look at the visa waiver program to see if there's anything else that we should be doing and also we'll have to see how carefully the europeans are monitoring who goes and how much they're sharing all of that intelligence with us. this requires a full i believe, a full-scale investigation. >> congressman peter king of new york. thanks very much for joining us. >> wolf thank you. we're following the breaking
2:42 pm
news here in "the situation room," the urgent man hunt under way in france. there's also tighter security here in the united states. the homeland security secretary jay johnson, he's standing by and he'll join us live right here on "the situation room." that's coming up right at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ ♪
2:43 pm
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2:46 pm
we're following the breaking news. the police operation is under way in the area around the french northeastern city of reims. three suspects have been identified in paris. the gunmen killed a dozen people and wounded 11 others. it raises new concerns of terrorist striking inside the united states. police in new york city are already increasing security including the french consulate in manhattan. with us in the situation room, the former u.s. congresswoman jane harmon she is now the president of the wilson center. peter bergen and our law enforcement analyst tom fuentes and joining us from paris guillaume debray.
2:47 pm
to all of you, thank you very much for joining us. guillaume, first to you, what can you tell us? the latest information about these three terrorists? >> reporter: well these three gunmen have been identified by the police. two of them seem to be brother age 32 and 34. they were born in paris. they live nearby the head quarters of charlie hebdo where the killing happened. the third one was much younger, 18 years old. he could have been a lookout this morning. they're on the run right now. the police seem to think they're in reims now 20 minutes eefrtast of paris and there is an operation with the s.w.a.t. team in an area inside reims and we don't know exactly if they know for sure that's the three gunmen that are there. what we know also is the killing happened this morning at 11:30.
2:48 pm
the gunmen knew exactly where they were going, who they were targeting and they knew exactly that on wednesday morning they were a weekly editorial meeting and that's where they could kill the target that they had. after, was there a car chase inside paris and they swapped cars and they carjacked and without killing anybody else just fled outside of paris and that's where the man hunt started. 3,000 cops are trying to chase them. this is one of the biggest man hunts that france has had in recent history. >> and we'd heard, guillaume, and i assume you heard, as well that the terrorists called out the names of these cartoonists and these journalists before executing them, is that right? >> yeah. they knew exactly who they wanted to target. there's 12 dead as you know eight journalists, two cops but very very very little collateral damage. they knew exactly the cartoonists that had cartoons
2:49 pm
drawn mohammed a few years back and that was published by charlie hebdo and when they left after the executed the cop on the sidewalk they said allah akbar, god is great. we avenged mohammed we killed charlie hebdo. what is striking also is that they left after the car chase and they swapped car, they carjacked and held at gunpoint an elder man, 60-some years old and an eyewitness told me they were extremely polite. they were extremely calm. they were speaking french without a trace of foreign accents, and when this old man which was being carjacked asked if he could get his dog back that had been left in the car that the gunmen would take him, they actually took the dog and gave him back to him without killing him which says they absolutely wanted to kill the cartoonist at charlie hebdo and they didn't want to kill innocents,
2:50 pm
>> peter, you studied terrorism for a long time. what does it say to this operation, who was responsible? >> we don't know, but it's important to recognize a lot of americans watching the show we would think americans could never do this. we've had two american citizens who also planned and attacked and killed cartoonist in america and we had two other american terrorists who incited murders because they had a show with the prophet mohammed being lampooned. so we've had four american citizens who have done forms of this already. >> jane you've seen probably that 2013 ad run in al qaeda paper, saying wanted dead or
2:51 pm
alive. here's the question to you -- could al qaeda have been responsible for plotting and organizing this operation? >> yes. but we don't know definitely that that happened. as to what peter just said let's remember the people he was talking about were apprehended before he could cause the harm that he intended. >> not in this case. >> not in this case but we've had real intelligence successes and in france too. we can't always talk about those successes because they reveal our sources and methods. so we're baseically ahead of this. these folks attack where we don't expect it. we can't protect every single building. but this was in the middle of downtown paris, very effective. the goal now here is to use the competent people at the department of homeland security and very competent secretary,
2:52 pm
jeh johnson, and do our best. but it's not going to be risk free. now that they've identified these three terrorists and the u.s. government has the names of these three terrorists how long will it take to figure out if they were involved with a specific terror group. >> i think they already know if they were communicating with people in the united states or other cells in europe. there have been other attack plans thwarted by the french and other european services of related al qaeda plans. the plan to blow up the u.s. embassy in 2001 involved al qaeda cells in seven european countries and was thwarted by the collective police and a number of arrests were made. unfortunately, it didn't get much attention because it was the week of 9/11 and our focus was on what happened here. >> guillaume, we know that the french shorts have raised the threat level to the highest terror threat level in france. what is it like in paris right
2:53 pm
now? you've seen police and law enforcement all over the place. has the atmosphere dramatically changed? >> reporter: not really, wolf. this is not a society like in the u.s. where you see cops, the presence of cops is very visible. we don't see many cops in the street. there is certain location where is the security has been beefed up in front of some schools and media, televisions, in front of some public buildings that could be targeted. but the life in paris is quite normal. there's people out in cafes, people talk about this of course. it's been highly traumatic for french people. but the mood you can't see that it's changed. >> jane if the u.s. the french, the allies if they determine a specific terror
2:54 pm
group, isis al qaeda, was responsible, what do you do then? >> i don't know what we will do. i'm sure there will be a firm response. but we don't know who it was, and let's put out another fact wolf and that's this sign here. the backlash against this. there have been thousands of people in the street in paris and all over france. there were demonstrations in berlin. the government of jordan and good for them has condemned this attack from the middle east. i think the backlash against them, the fact that has become a so-called meme and it's gone viral, these folks may have lost this battle. yes, tragically a number of people died but we may have citizen vigilance and a response here that ends up protecting journalists. >> is this a game changer, this event that happened in paris today? >> no. this is just part of the continuing war on terrorism that's been going on for
2:55 pm
decades. it preceded 9/11 and it will go on for many more years. even right now, we can't tell is this from the al qaeda groups in north africa because there are many immigrants in paris from north africa and they spoke french and arabic at the crime scene. is it from yemen, the middle east syria? there are so many -- >> you agree, peteer? >> i totally, agree? >> it's all not negative. we have to win the argument with these folks. they're recruiting folks because their arguments are better than ours. let ours be better. >> we have to leave it right there. much more coming up. a massive manhunt under way for the gunman who attacked the offices of a magazine in paris and killed 12 people and how big is the threat to the u.s.? i'll ask the u.s. homeland security secretary jeh johnson. he'll join me live, coming up next. sheila! you see this ball control? you see this right? it's 80% confidence and 64% knee brace. that's more...
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happening now. breaking news. terror aid. police closing in on the gunmen.
2:59 pm
they slaughtered a dozen people on a paris office. we're learning new information about the mass killers. extreme alert. france raises its security status to the highest level, while new york and other cities around the world, they're bracing themselves as well. the homeland security secretary of the united states jeh johnson, is here. new terror tactic. the gunmen, the weapons, the attack itself. different from anything we've seen recently. why are officials call thing a game changer? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> this is cnn breaking news. [ gunfire ] >> we're following the breaking news. a police raid unfolding near paris right now as the manhunt unfolds for terrorists who carried out an attack that left a does people dead. officials say the three men have
3:00 pm
now been identified. two of them are brothers. the gunmen escaped after storming the office of a french satire magazine. previously threatened after publishing controversial cartoons of the muslim prophet muhammad. some of france's best known cartoonist are among the dead. the terrorists called out the victim's names, one by one, as each was assassinated. we're covering the breaking news with our correspondents and guests and jeh johnson. but first, let's get the latest from our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. what are you finding out, jim? >> reporter: the focus of french authorities right now very much on catching these attackers before they can again. i'm sold by senior counterterror officials, there was no warning
3:01 pm
of this attack. u.s. intelligence now going over this once again all past signals of reports to see if they missed something about this plot or about the alleged attackers, and including sharing information with french authorities, including names for what was a very brazen and unprecedented attack in the west. the deadlyiest terror attack in france in decades, unfolding in a few minutes in broad daylight on the downtown streets of paris. an attack yells "god is great" before they
3:02 pm
one member was hit and shot to the ground. >> reporter: the grim results, 12 people killed, another 11 wounded. among the dead cartoonist
3:03 pm
steffen charbonnier. paris' deputy mayor says the three attackers have been identified. two brothers age 34 and 32 and an 18-year-old man. france's president wants immediate action. >> translator: we need to find the actors of this terrorist act. they must be arrested and brought before judges. france is shocked today. >> reporter: in washington, condemnation and concern from nance's close ally. >> a lot of things i'll be discussing with secretary kerry today to make sure we remain vigilant not with just respect to americans living in paris but americans living in europe and other parts of the world. >> reporter: a senior official tells me there are a number of groups linked to this attack including core al qaeda and isis. one of the attackers said "tell
3:04 pm
the media this is al qaeda in yemen," but it is hard to establish ties to any of those groups. experts, when they look at this video, they see signs of possible military training, as well as possible combat experience. those are very important to possibly telling details. >> looks like a very sophisticated operation. jim sciutto, thank you very much. let's go to cnn right now. what's the latest over there, what are you picking up? >> reporter: jim sciutto was discussing the sophistication of this operation, and that is of great concern to authorities here. the notion that this isn't a lone wolf attack similar to the one we saw in sydney, that appeared to have a rather random target but this was an operation with a high degree of organization with three individuals, two it atiers acting as gunmen the other acting as a lookout, barging
3:05 pm
into this building. and essentially murdering ten people at a meeting, and after that making a getaway, switching cars. at this point, we're hearing points from the press that there's a police operation underway. this is about 150er kilometers away from paris and it may involve some of those suspects who have been identified by authorities. the deputy mayor of paris told me earlier this evening that the suspects have indeed been identified but there have not been arrests just a few hours ago. at this stage, it appears there is a police operation well under way, outside of paris and
3:06 pm
another city all together. it means these suspects have driven about 100 miles outside of paris and that's where this is unfolding, wolf. >> 150 kilometers or so outside of paris, which means if these three terrorists are there in that area they managed to get pretty far away from paris in the hours immediately after this attack. this is the video just coming in from one of our french affiliates. what is it like in paris right now, hala what is the mood like? >> reporter: it has to be sad. this really is a country in shock. i've only been here a few hours. i haven't seen an increased police presence, although the high alert plan is in place right now, as thousands of police officers are involved in the manhunt. certainly sensitive locations are being protected, embassies, government buildings, synagogues, other areas like that around paris are getting more security. but i'm not sensing right now from my vantage point anything out of the ordinary. people were in the train stations when i took the euro star from london to paris. in the metro, it was pull.
3:07 pm
i'm seeing people on the street right now. but the mood is one of grief, truly. we've seen demonstrations. it's a wednesday night middle of the week. it's freezing, it's midnight and people are out and there are tens of thousands to show solidarity with the murdered cartoonist. they see this as an attack on what they hold so dear which is their freedom of expression and the ability when they want to satirize and to mock which is something so precious in pa democracy. >> hala i want you to stand by. i want to stay in paris. atika scubert is right near the attack scene where all this went down. what is it like over there, what you are you seeing over there? what's going on? >> reporter: it's still cordoned off, but we've managed to get closer to the scene of the attack. there are some of the police vehicles including one which
3:08 pm
will be taking some of the victims that died outside out to the morgue. as you can see, still quite a police presence here. forensics teams were here earlier in the day, combing through, trying to look for any clues as to who these people who these gunmen are, and where they are going to next. we're also getting some reports about the gunmen themselves. we do have details that have been identified by the french authorities, that one of them is 18 years old, another is 32 and 33. the 32 and 33-year-olds are brothers. but french authorities do not want to name them at this point. we have also heard various reports from french media that they may be now under arrest or that an arrest is under way. we are still waiting for more details on that and confirmation. it has not been confirmed at this point. it's a very fluid situation at the moment. >> there's a vigil going on
3:09 pm
where you are. what is it like over there? >> reporter: you know, we heard from hala earlier about this incredible surge and feeling across paris and the country and internationally in support of this magazine. what i have seen in the streets here is sort of spontaneous memorials. we've seen people laying flowers as close as they can get to the scene, trying to lay messages of support and sympathy. i think it just goes to show this tremendous outpouring of support and condemnation of this attack. also from the muslim community, the muslim council of france saying they condemn this in the strongest possible terms. so there has been a unifying of public opinion here in the capital and i suspect in the rest of the country, as well. >> atika we'll get back to you as well. let's dig deeper. joining us here in "the situation room," the u.s. homeland security secretary jeh johnson. mr. secretary, thank you very much for coming in.
3:10 pm
tell us about these three terror suspects. first of all as far as you know have they been arrested? >> wolf, as your show points out, events in france are unfolding rapidly as we speak at this very moment. i'm confident that these individuals, the killers will be brought to justice. the u.s. government my department the intelligence community, the law enforcement community, our government is doing a number of things to support the french government in this manhunt and i'm confident these individual also be brought to justice. >> have they been arrested yet as far as you know? >> like i said events are unfolding rapidly in france right now as we speak. you had a report that suggested that they might be. i believe they will be brought to justice. >> and the suspicion is that this manhunt has moved out about 150 kilometers outside of paris, that's where we're showing our viewers live pictures.
3:11 pm
is that where these three terrorists are suspected holding out? >> like i said, events are unfolding rapidly and i believe they'll be brought to justice. >> you know the names of these three individuals, right? >> like i said the government of the united states is doing a number of things to support the french government in this investigation. >> we heard from the house homeland security chairman early that the u.s. government has been informed of the three names by french officials and the u.s. is now going through its database to see what information can be picked up. can you confirm that? >> one of the things that is common in a situation like this is allies and partners in counterterrorism efforts share information about suspicious individuals. what we may know what another government may know. so that is something that is typical in this type of manner and we are doing a number of things to support the french government. >> so if you have the names you're going through, you're checking and trying to determine are just these three individuals
3:12 pm
or were they linked to some sort of terror organization, whether core al qaeda, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, isis, what can you tell us? >> well i think we'll know that very soon. i think these individual also be brought to justice. i think we'll know what these links, what their motivations were. one point i would like to make is we see the terrorist threat to a number of countries is evolving. the nature of homeland security needs to evolve as well in that we're in a situation now where, through the internet, through social media, through propaganda that is online groups can reach individuals in countries, in homelands, in commune 'tis that are lurking about and motivate them and inspire them to commit acts of violence. we don't know what happened in
3:13 pm
this circumstance, but it is something we've been focused on. >> i assume you do have the names, you don't have to give them to us right now if you feel that's inappropriate, but just confirm that the names are known to the united states government. >> what i would like to say, we are doing a number of things to support the french government right now as events are unfolding rapidly in france. >> this was not -- >> these individual also be brought to justice. >> and soon. >> and soon. >> within hours? >> i couldn't say, wolf. >> this was not a lone wolf type of attack. this was a pretty sophisticated operation. >> this was very definitely a very sophisticated, precise, and lethal operation. we don't know yet exact hi what motivated these people whether
3:14 pm
they received direct orders from a terrorist organization in a conventional command and control structure, or whether they were inspired by something they saw and read. i believe those facts will become known very very soon. but our government here in the homeland needs to be agile in responding to these various different type of threats and potential attacks that we are seeing more and more of. >> are there any credible terror threats here in the united states right now? >> well, look we look at a number of different al qaeda affiliates al qaeda adherence, and look at their earliest stages potential plots and attacks on the homeland. but the point i keep stressing, that i've stressed now for some months is that given how the terrorist threat evolves and is evolves, sometimes when an individual is lurking within a community right here in the homeland we had little notice of
3:15 pm
a potential attack which is why it's important for the u.s. government to work with state and local law enforcement, first responders people who are in communities, people in community organizations. i personally do that around this country, to try to get at potential terrorist threats that may be lurking here in the homeland. >> what keeps you up at night? >> well definitely a terrorist attack by a lone wolf is something i'm very concerned about. given how these troupes are becoming more sophisticated at reaching people through the internet, through social media. shortly after the ottawa attack for example, we raised the presence of our protection service at federal buildings back in october. >> is that threat level still raised? >> what we have very definitely is a visible protective service presence at federal installations around the country. >> that continues right now? >> we are doing a number of
3:16 pm
things in that regard to raise visibility and to raise our capabilities. but we need to continue to engage constantly with state and local law enforcement as well and we get out information on a routine basis. >> as you know, mr. secretary, there's a battle under way between the administration and the republicans in congress over the funding of the department of homeland security. you're going to run out of money at the end of february unless congress appropriates funds. that could put a lot of lives in danger if you guys are out of business. what are you doing right now to make sure that congress appropriates the necessary billions in order to keep the department of homeland security operating and their complaint, the republicans, is the president went too far with his executive action on immigration reform. >> that's an active under way to defund the executive actions we took on immigration. one of the executive actions was to prioritize those who were
3:17 pm
apprehended at the border and not make so much of a priority those who have been in this country for years who have committed no crimes. how do you defund apprehending somebody at the border? the other point the president has made it clear he will not sign a bill that defunds our executive actions that fixes our broken immigration system. so we should not be playing political football with the budget of the homeland security capability of this nation. so what i've been urging today, all this week to members of congress, is there are things that need to be funded in the homeland security department. new starts new funding for border security counterterrorism the secret service cannot wait much longer. i cannot continue to operate on a continuing resolution. for the homeland security of this nation we need an appropriations bill and we need it soon. >> i spoke to the chairman of
3:18 pm
the house homeland security committee and he said he wants to work with you, to work out a fair compromise that will meet some of the objectives of the republicans on immigration reform while at the same time making sure the department of homeland security has funds. do you believe you can work out a deal with the republicans? >> chairman mccaul and i had that very conversation today. he shares with me the concern that the budget of the department of homeland security should not be a political football and that there are things that we must fund in the name of homeland security for the protection of the american people. >> so you think there will be a deal. >> i believe we will work this out. but i do not want to see the budget of homeland security used as a political football. >> you can't wait until the end of football. you need a teal soon to make sure your department has the funds to keep on operates and protecting the american homeland. >> that's why i oef been
3:19 pm
spending a lot of time on capitol hill this week. >> thank you very much for joining us. we're following the breaking news. these are live pictures from french television. a police operation under way in paris. we're going to get the latest on the manhunt following the attack, with the man expected to be the next chairman of the senate intelligence committee. he's here in "the situation room." we'll get his thoughts when we come back. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back.
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we're following the breaking news. the intense manhunt underway for mass terrorists who killed a dozen people in a paris office office of a magazine that had satirized the muslim prophet muhammad. you can see live pictures coming in. this is about 100 miles outside of paris. that manhunt is moving along dramatically. we'll continue to show you these live pictures from our french affiliate tv station. richard burr is here elected the new chair of the senate intelligence committee. thank you very much for joining us. so how close, based on
3:24 pm
everything you know i know you've been well briefed r the french authorities to capturing these three terrorists? >> clearly, they know the individuals. they know them by name. and i'm not sure where they are operationally right now. but i think it's important that you stop and think that there may be more people tied to this. >> beyond the three. >> the operation that might be going on in france right now is the result of having learned the names of the individuals. they may have had individuals under surveillance that might be connected to these. that might be the operation. we're not exactly sure, but as secretary johnson said over the next hours and certainly by tomorrow we're going to know a lot more but clearly, this was a very well orchestrated terrorist attack. >> so it wasn't just three lone wolves operating on their own, inspired by some al qaeda magazine to kill these
3:25 pm
individuals, this was a coordinated terror strike that was affiliated with a specific terror group? do you know yet? >> if you do by witness reports, there were some accounts that they stated al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> do you accept that? >> you've got to put that into the equation. there's one thing that i think chairman mccaul pointed out. >> chairman of the house homeland security. >> the fact that they carried weapons, had their faces covered, they were there to commit murder, to get away not the typical lone wolf i'm going to die on behalf of allah. >> this was not a suicide operation. >> you're exactly right. that leads us to believe they had a significant amount of training but also knew exactly what they were there to do and how to do it. >> do you have any clue where they were trained was it iraq syria, yemen, north africa? >> we don't. i think that clearly the french
3:26 pm
may have had these individuals spotted, maybe in loose surveillance. they were able to identify them and name them pretty quickly. we'll have to see as this unfolds what is entailed with connections. our intelligence folks are strubing everything we can find to figure out whether we can go back and see anything that might have indicated this attack. >> it sounds to me the suspicion is these three terrorists had accomplices. they weren't on their own, they were working with other individuals and a more sweeping manhunt is now under way for them. >> that would be the case. clearly something of this preciseness would suggest they're more involved. where the directions came from where these folks were trained, they may have been foreign fighters in syria and connected that way. we don't really know. but it really does point to the
3:27 pm
importance of our security mechanism here in the united states. >> the u.s. and france have very close counterterrorism cooperation. >> we do. we're close partners but we're reaching out to all of our partners trying to help the french. but they will be the lead country and agency on this. >> what does it say to you, mr. chairman that the french have not publicly released the names of these threes terrorists? >> there may be value to their investigation by not making public exactly who these are in hopes that they can connect some more dots. >> but the u.s. government has been informed of the names, and the u.s. is now going through its database, the fbi, the department of homeland security whatever looking for any tidbits of information, social media, contacts phone conversations, anything along
3:28 pm
those lines that might help france in this investigation? >> it is my understanding those names have been shared with us and it's those names we're running through the database. >> what is the most important lesson the united states should learn in terms of counterterrorism from what happened in paris? >> that the face of terrorism in the future is going to be very different every time it happens. we've seen the lone wolf attacks. now we've seen something in between that really will challenge our intelligence community as we look at how we end domestic threats and how we as a global intelligence community thwart these attacks. >> what worries me is this was a soft target and there a lot of targets in europe and in the united states, as well. >> post 9/11 the number one concern we had on the house intelligence committee at the time is when this turned to an
3:29 pm
effort to go after soft targets. we're now there. >> mr. chairman thank you very much for joining us. good luck in your new job as the chairman of the senate intelligence committee. >> thank you wolf. >> we'll stay in close touch with you. more breaking news just ahead. more on the manhunt under way right now. it is massive for those terrorists. plus how the deadly attack unfolded. we're also learning new details. stay with us. ing a shrimp? that, my friend, is a big shrimp. it's red lobster's big shrimp festival. i get to pick my perfect pair from six creations for just $15.99. so open wide for crispy jumbo tempura shrimp with soy ginger sauce, and make room for creamy shrimp scampi linguini. yeah, we're gonna need a bigger fork. unless i eat those spicy sriracha grilled shrimp right off the skewer. don't judge me. join me. but hurry, because the big shrimp festival ends soon. [container door opening] ♪
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we're following the breaking news. the massive manhunt under way for three terrorists who killed 12 people at the office of a french magazine. the suspects have now been identified but they are still apparently still on the run. our cnn counterterrorism analyst phillip mudd retired lieutenant colonel jim reese. you guys have been poring over the video of these terrorists fleeing the scene of that
3:34 pm
magazine. jim, what can you tell our viewers? >> to be clear, wolf this is what u.s. officials are doing as they try to learn more about the plot. one of the first things you notice, they're dressed in till military style uniforms and they have extra magazines here. they move together and fire as if they are trained fighters. >> right. what we're going to see here this one is covering the second subject here. this subject will move on to the sidewalk behind a truck and start going down the sidewalk and shoot a police officer, who is further down the sidewalk. >> so we'll play it here. cover fire he moves behind the truck. this is an eyewitness just recording this on their phone. they'll come around the side. again, moving together. i'm going to play that again, just so you can see them again. but as they move with their
3:35 pm
weapons, as well jim reese, who you'll speak to they carry their weapons in such a way with a level of confident and confidence that indicates not just military training but possible combat experience. i want to show you the next picture. this is the most gruesome image i imagine some have seen. it's the moment when one of these attackers kills, murders, executes a policeman on the ground. what did you notice tom? >> you have the cover person here with that tactical vest that has the extra magazines. he's standing by to cover his partner. here we see the most grewsome scene of all where the terrorist has the police officer down on the sidewalk. he has his hands up. we understand that he's trying to say i'm a muslim and pleading with the terrorists that he's a muslim too, to no avail. what we're not going to show you is the terrorists point blank kills him. what you see in the clothing of the terrorist, the all-black uniform, covered face covered
3:36 pm
head the automatic rifle he's using, he's holding it in a professional or trained style. and from a series of sequences, it looks very professionally done by the two of them. >> one point i've been told the gunmen used single shots. he didn't have it set on automatic, which shows a level of discipline as he killed. and we understand from translating what this police officer said in french he says something to the effect of there's not a problem, brother. something to establish a connection there. but that ignored by the gunmen. >> and the police officer is not armed. as many police officers in france are not armed. >> no way to defend himself. i want to show the last video. this is the blurred image of the policeman who was killed. this is the gunmen as they're leaving the site of this killing. tom noticed at one point here he raises his hand, obscured a
3:37 pm
bit. >> you can see here he's waving to somebody. we were told there's two shooters two people that went into the magazine office and killed everybody. two people on the street gunning down the police officer. and later the authorities said there's a third person involved in this. and -- >> there's one here to be clear, one of the attackers is here. and then one attacker at that point. >> watch him right here. he raised his arm once then twice. now later we hear the two subjects were brothers and an 18-year-old accomplice who may have been the lookout. >> there is here on the ground a shoe which the last attacker before they drive away has the presence of mind showing that calmness, perhaps experience he has the presence of mind to pick it up before they drive away.
3:38 pm
wolf incredible details here and we know counterterror officials are studying. >> that's the video we have. i'm sure the authorities have a lot more closed circuit tv they're going through, as well. thank you very much. phillip mudd does this attack have the markings of a larger terrorist organization like al qaeda or isis behind it? >> i'm not sure yet, but this is different from what we've discussed over the past few months. we had the hatchet attack we had the attack in ottawa. those are lone wolves. wolf, as soon as i saw this i said this is not lone wolf, this is a cell. that means people who are organized, people who are trained, people who are not psychologically unbalanced they're working as a team. very calm cool, collected. this is a game changer from a
3:39 pm
counterterrorism perspective. >> colonel reese, do you agree? >> sit a game changer that they had some trained people out there? yes. i truly believe this is our new way of life out there, and this is just one of these cells that popped up. i think we are going to see these cells in places and in the u.s. in the future. >> phillip, what are you hearing about the search right now for these thee terrorists? >> there's a police operation ongoing in northeast france around 100 miles away from paris. that means the suspects could be in that city. what we don't know with this police operation, this is an anti-terrorist unit working there. we don't know whether they're hooking for the actual suspects or other accomplices, maybe just family members. they appear to be moving from one apartment building to the next. they are in the streets where people are going about their business.
3:40 pm
it's not a lockdown situation in that city. that's where the misomispolice operation is going on right now. >> they haven't publicly released the names right now, for whatever reason. maybe they're hooking for other people as part of a broader sweep under way right now. but do you know anything generally about these three suspects other than the fact that the two older guys are brothers, i assume they were french citizens. >> there are some documents that have filtered through. one of them says the two brothers were born in central paris. what we don't know is whether they left paris or whether they left france and went somewhere to get this kind of training as we just saw what looks like military type training. certainly they knew what they were doing. the other person didn't have a fixed address. so we don't know whether that other person is from. two brothers, one other member
3:41 pm
of this group or gang. >> colonel reese, your explanation where they might not want to release the names in the pictures at least not yet? >> the bottom line is it's an ongoing investigation. this might be driving to something else especially the manhunt situation. i think by the time it hits midnight we'll have a good idea who these people are. >> i suspect you're right based on what we heard from jeh johnson and mike mccaul, and others. colonel, as we look at what's going on let me bring back phillip mudd into this conversation. does it make any difference whether they were affiliated with isis or one of the al qaeda groups? >> absolutely it does. if you remember back years ago, over detroit we had an airliner that was threatened by an individual trained by al qaeda in yemen where there was a
3:42 pm
bombmaker with highly technical capability. let's assume these guys as has been suggested, were affiliated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen. there might be other people out there who are connected with the same cell who have received the same kind of training we saw threaten detroit five six years ago. so it makes a difference who may might have been connected with were they connected with people recruited to go into syria or iraq? if we find out what that connection is we might find other cells out there in different stages of executing an attack. >> i want all of you to stand by. we're following the breaking news. when we come back, we'll take a closer look at who might have been responsible for this deadly terror attack. there's new information coming into "the situation room." what the role the united states is playing right now to help track down these terrorists. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
3:43 pm
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we're following the breaking news.
3:46 pm
a manhunt under way right now for three terrorists who killed 12 people in an attack on a french magazine office in paris, and police have now made an identity of these three men. our pentagon don't is work-- our pentagon correspondent is work thing story. barbara? >> reporter: wolf an expert warns there could be blended responsibility here. we don't know yet. we don't know if these attackers were loyal to isis if they were loyal to al qaeda in yemen. but there's a very interesting marker out there. i want to show you a photo. this is a picture from the al qaeda in yemen's magazine "inspire." they have been calling for the killing of a number of people, very sadly including the editorial director of this french magazine. one of the men who was killed today. so it's a clue perhaps that this
3:47 pm
man had a target on his back and there were people out to get him. were they loyal to al qaeda in yemen? did they have isis loyalties? it may have been a very blended operation and it may have had multiple loyalties, training in one place, operating somewhere else in the past. what we know is that when you look at the video, they were experienced, they were well trained, they controlled their weapons. they controlled their fire. they operated in a very deliberate very brutal manner. and they had a getaway plan. this is something that has caught the attention of intelligence services more in the united states and across europe. these were not suicide bombers. they did not plan to die. they planned to live to get away. and that is what is raising concerns that there could be other attackers, that there could be other threats out there. not a suicide attack wolf. this was an attack where they plan to get away and perhaps
3:48 pm
carry out more attacks. >> barbara starr, thank you. i want to go to tom foreman. he's taking a closer look how the terror attack unfolded. what are you finding out? >> if you look how this played out in paris, you see what barbara is talking about. four times they encountered police. the first time is when they came from theest estast end of the street here they killed one of the maintenance workers, went inside you can see the video it produced. and exactly what barbara described. they get out from the street and start shooting into the street commanding the area. and then they start moving this way, wolf as they do a different camera picks them up pointing in it the opposite direction and when it does you see an example of that
3:49 pm
discipline and that steely nerve. because, look they stop with their car facing a police car and they stand on either side no cover, firing away at the police car and look at the result. from that distance under those circumstances, they put 15-16 shots right in the middle of the wind sleeld-- windshield here. this officer, remarkably was not hurt. they saw a bicycle patrol officer and they tried to attack him and he got awe. and then if we move back to the swath, look at the yellow dot. that is where they encountered the last officer and again look at how they went about this attack. in that location they emerged from the car and they moved up and split apart so you couldn't target one -- you have to pick one or the other. they moved in and executed this man on the sidewalk wolf. and you see no sense of real hurry or urgency, even though it is a busy part of paris.
3:50 pm
they go back to the car and start rushing but we've noted all day, one of them stopped to pick up a shoe kicked out of the car here. and then they went driving away. and the point at which we wrecked this car, wolf from the original point in normal driving conditions would be about 12 minutes away. so they really had a plan of going some distance. and they did wreck the car it. got towed away and they hijacked another one and disappeared. bottom line wolf what barbara was talking about, four times -- four times they encountered trained police officers an not once could the officials stop them. >> good report tom foreman, thank you very much. we're following the news. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back.
3:51 pm
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we're following the breaking news a manhunt for the three terrorists who killed 12 people at the office of a french magazine that satirrized the prophet mohammed. the suspects have been identified but they are still on the run.
3:55 pm
our experts are here. including fill mudd-- philip mudd. what do you expect the law enforcement to go through right now. >> you have to go through a checklist. where is the money coming from? where was the travel? where did they call where did they e-mail? where were they on social media? because i want to prove the negative? did they have connectivity travel friends, associates and family in the united states. the one thing i would look at is travel. travel would immediately indicate to me if they went somewhere in the past few months, that they are connected potentially with a large organization. that tells me how they got the sophistication and tells me what is of deepest concern and that is if they are connected to a broader group, who else did that broader group sent to southern california -- south america. >> and bruce, what do you think
3:56 pm
law enforcement should look for. >> just like philip said one of the pieces is the training and what the link analysis is with these three folks. if there is a sell there is a bigger cell and a bigger cell supporting these guys. and that is the next piece. we have a piece here and we'll see if we can knock down the network and see who is out there. philip you work for french television why isn't there security at this location because it was a target previously. >> well we don't know whether we have the security in place today. there was no security around the newsroom itself. that is party because of how the satir cal newspaper works. they are proudly aggressive in what they do. they've portrayed the prophet mohammed many times. and when you look apt the video, we have heard from the perpetrators once and there was that shout saying this is
3:57 pm
revenge for the prophet mohammed and that points us toward the cartoons of the prophet mohammed that have been published in saudi -- not once but three or four times. most recently in 2012. so maybe the motivation that goes a little bit further back and we are talking about possible isis affiliation. it might not be the case. that appears to be the motivation. because the only thing we've heard from the suspects so far, that one shout saying this is revenge for mohammed. >> yeah we avenge the prophet must ham he had and what does that mean? >> they're avenging the cartoon. and we've had that here and where there have been plots to go there and do the same thing.
3:58 pm
even the plot from an american woman here who named herself jihad jane to go over there and do that. >> a developing story. cnn will stay on top of it. stay with us. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, breaking news a major police operation underway right now. a manhunt for three gunman who killed 12 at a paris magazine. we have the latest and we'll talk to two eyewitnesses of the deadliest terror attack in france in decades. plus hoodies, dressed in black, heavily armed, speaking french. who were the gunman? and the victims. editors and cartoonists for a weekly magazine. why were they targeted for death? let's go "outfront".."
3:59 pm
4:00 pm