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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  January 7, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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continue here on cnn now at the cnn center in atlanta. i'm don lemon. thank you for watching. >> terror in paris. ethree gunmen attack the french magazine "charlie hebdo." dozens of people massacred. and now we're learning the gunmen asked for some victims by name. >> we have more information about the attacker, their possible ties to terrorist organizations and their possible training. >> watch them right there, there, he raises his arm once then twice. and we believe that's signaling some type of lookout. >> we'll look into what we can learn from video of the attack. >> plus -- >> here in europe we believe in freedom of expression, freedom of press and freedom of thought. it cannot be silenced. >> people across the globe stand
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in solidarity with france as fellow cartoonists pay tribute to the victims. >> well, hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. we want to begin with breaking news out of paris. the three suspects in the terror attack on a french magazine has reportedly surrendered. one of the three, that word coming from a french news agency. >> here's what french police are saying. they actually released two photographs of the two suspect, brothers. we know they're both brothers in their early 30s. they open fired at the offices at "charlie hebdo" wednesday at around 11:30. we're being told they're armed, on the loose and extremely dangerous as well. >> because they are still on the loose, police are searching for these two men in a suburb about
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90 minutes northeast of paris. our senior national correspondent jim bitterman is following developments. and he joins us on the line from paris now. jim, we're still within the first 24 hours of all of this happening. what can you tell us about the tanler who has reportedly turned himself in? and the two brothers who are still at large at this hour? >> well, they're a little bit different. we lump them together but it appears the teenager has an alibi for his whereabouts yesterday. and so the police are not as focused on him as a suspect. however, he may be able to provide a lot of information. i think what we're seeing right now is that they're going to be pumping him for as much information as they can about the two brothers still on the loose. they are in their 30s and do have, affording to some, police records that police know about.
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and the younger man did not. as a consequence, they are the chief suspects. and the police are warning everyone that they're very dangerous. they've shown how dangerous they can be. we've seen the video of how dangerous they are. >> and the video, jim, at this moment, is all the evidence we have to work from. reportedly u.s. officials were aware of one of the brother, because french authorities have been watching one of the brothers for some time. it's unclear what the exact details are about that. but the footage of eyewitnesses is stunning, it is chilling. these three suspects all are wearing black masks. they seem heavily armed, well prepared. according to witnesses, they specifically targeted this satirical magazine, asked for people by name, split them up by men and women before executing them. what else do we know at this early stage about the remaining suspects? >> well, i think it's clear, it was a very well planned attack. no question about that.
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they had enough information to know exactly when this meeting was going to take place at the newspaper. the possibility that they would find the people that they were looking for, the editor and others at this meeting. one path they may be looking into is how they got this information from the magazine and this information about this meeting that was going to take place. i'm sure that's one of the questions on their mind, is there someone else, not necessarily the perpetrator, but providing information. i think there will be a number of leads they'll want to pursue. of course, the most important thing is to find the two men that are on the loose right now. >> jim bitterman is on the line in paris. jim will serbly reconnect with
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you. you know, as and when is needed. if these suspects were under authorities, how did he get access to weapons? how did this unfold? that will hopefully spin out the nekts few weeks here. >> we want to go through what we know about this attack. this happened in broad daylight. 11:30 in the morning local time. they had enough information as you mentioned to know when the morning meeting was taking place. they walked into the magazine offices, asked for the victims by name and began to execute them. >> they also shot and killed a police officer at point blank range as they fled his chief u.s. supreme court correspondent jim schuto. >> this remarkable video shows attackers just moments after the slaughter. it was can 11:30 a.m., an ordinary winter day in paris. these two masked nen, police
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say, had just killed the editor and three prominent cartoonists who worked for the french satirical newspaper "charlie hebdo." in all, the vicious attack left at least 12 dead, at least a dozen others wounded. they seemed to show purpose, but not outright haste. they executed in cold blood an already wounded policeman. seconds later, one of them stopped to retrieve a shoe dropped from the waiting car. then they make their escape. a. >> from a second camera, you hear the gun fire. the man who took these pictures says he was one of the first to call for help when he realized what was happening. this woman says she and her friends heard the shots. chaos and the wreckage of lives was the order of the day in central paris. wounded were carried to waiting ambulances. police cars showed the ferocity of the gun battles. according to authorities, the gunmen and the driver sped through the streets to the city's northern edge.
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they carjacked another vehicle, police say. a black truck was taken away if examination. francois hollande promised h ewould do everything to catch the attack. freedom, he said, would always be stronger than barbarity. those skments echoed by the president at the white house a short time later. >> the values we share with the french people, a belief, a universal belief, freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced by senseless violence. >> among the dead was the jup's editor and one of its leading cartoonists. also killed were cartoonists george wolinski.
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the after a fire bombing in 2011, he said it may sound pompous, but i would rather die standing than live on my knees. cnn, washington. >> and as we were just reporting there, this is not the first time that "charlie hebdo" had been targeted. tey were targeted back in 2011. issa, this magazine in its current version has been around for about 20 years. they've been on al qaeda's watch list. we also know that they lampooned pretty much everybody. i mean, muslims, jews, christians. nothing is offlimits. also the editor, he refused to be silenced. what else can you tell us about stephane and also "charlie hebdo" as well, the magazine. >> good morning, zain. "charlie hebdo" has a very long
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and rich tradition, which is very long tradition in france really of using satire and insolen insolence. it dates back to the scandal sheets of france where the they denounced marie antoinette in the run-up to the french revolution. they've taken that rich tradition and continued it. they're constantly using satire to poke fun at politician, at public figures, at religions, and not just islam, might i say. also christianity and judaism. and poke fun from popes to prophets. this weeken colluded a mock debate about whether jesus exists. but the trouble they've faced is the fact that their satire has really landed them in hot water in regards to the prophet mohammed and has made them a
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target of various attacks including hacks. "charlie hebdo" is well known for courting controversy when it launched in the 1970s, the magazine quickly became known for its flippant treatment of politicians and public figures, often poking fun at religion, all faiths and at the french political right. but it was its decision to publish a cartoon of the prophet mohammed back in 2006 that landed "charlie hebdo" in hot water. it courted further controversy in 2011 when it published another cartoon of the prophet on the cover of the magazine. the depiction of the prophet mohammed is strictly forbidden in islam. that provoked fury among many muslims in france and indeed those around the world. before that issue hit the stand, the magazine's offices were fire bombed. but the cartoonist said he would not back down.
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>> impeachment speople say okay make everyone happy. we know that. we say okay, let's move the line more further. but it was not completely -- it was not a point to make provocation. >> there were no deaths in the 2011 bombing, but the latest attack was devastating, with the editor among the dead. two years ago, he talked about his decision to run with that controversial 2011 cover of the prophet mohammed. >> translator: it's been 20 years since by' been doing provocation and it's being noticed only when we talk about islam or this part of islam which raises problems in which is a minority. >> also killed on the attack is two of france's vet reran cartoonists. the french president is now
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appealing for national unity as the country and the families of the dead mourn. and zain, back in 2012, "charlie hebdo" published a cover showing an orthodox jew pushing a figure in a wheelchair wearing a turbin. now there's a lot of controversy relating to that. and at the time, the editor, had this to say regarding the question he was asked. he said if they're not amused by our cartoons they don't need to buy our magazine. the right to protest needs to be protected as long as they follow the law and refrain from violence. >> you know, satire itself, not just the tradition for "charlie hebdo" but it's part of french
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culture. and hebdo, shortened for weekly. how does this magazine continue its satirical trend without putting journalists lives in danger? >> well, this is something that "charlie hebdo" has always stuck with. it's part of the french tradition. and really, the feeling is that that won't change. i was reading yesterday within the french media that many companies are backing 'charlie hebdo" financially to keep them afloat really because it's such a strong part of the french tradition. and "charlie hebdo" is not the only magazine, as you know, zain, having been in paris that covers this. otherings focus hely on these topics. not so much the cartoons but on these topics. so there is a feeling that among -- especially among french media this is something that
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will continue. but this is probably at the moment the time to reflect on that, on whether they want to continue with this kind of provocative tone as some would say, zain. >> i'm sure either way this magazine is not going to be silenced, especially in the face of terrorism. >> absolutely. thank you. >> now, two suspects in the paris attack have been identified, but one of the questions is, who do they answer to? if they are, in fact, following directions. we're going to discuss that and other aspects of this in a live interswru a counterterrorism expert after this short break on cnn. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it. but when i started having back pain, my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long.
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>> i want to show you some reaction to the brazen attack in france. one magazine, you can see it, reading like a scoreboard. freedom 0, barbarism 12. that's reference to the number of people killed. in another newspaper, a simple statement reading translation, obviously, they will not will kill our freedom. and this phrase gaining traction on social media and in rallies, we are all charlie. >> wednesday's attack comes weeks after warnings from french officials. they said the terror threat in france had risen to levels never seen before.
9:18 pm
>> the various groups that may have played a role in this attack. and analysts thing it differs from other attacks in the past year. take a listen. >> one possible suspect -- isis. tweets believed posted by a person familiar with isis point to the potential of isis' involvement in this attack. that's accord to the security website flash point which can't verify the authenticity of the tweets. they did call for lone wolf attacks in france. >> translator: if you can poison the drink of an enemy of all a ah, do it. spit in their faces, run them over with their cars. do whatever you can. >> other suspects, al qaeda and their affiliate in yemen.
9:19 pm
aqap in a march 2013 edition of its magazine "inspire" ran a wanted dead or alive poster which included stephane charbonnier. he was killed in the paris attack. >> they had called for sharp e aye -- charbonnier's death previously. the australian hostage siege which left the gunman and two hostages dead. the attack in ottawa, canada, where a gunman killed a soldier, a man yielding a hatchet wounded two new york police officers. a man with a gun wrapped in an isis flag killed four people in n a museum in brus sells. what do they have in common? somebody or an organization that they believe has committed
9:20 pm
some form of blasphemy. >> many of those other instances came after a call for isis for lone wolf attacks on civilians in any u.s. allied country, but does paris fit that pattern? one analyst says no. >> the way they were holding their rifles, firing, grouping their bullets. that suggests they have received some very, very sbents military training. also the way they escaped, we saw two people running towards a car. >> and yet the planning wasn't perfect. the gunman had to ask two maintenance men where the offices were. but at the same time, they seemingly knew the day and time the staff held its editorial meeting with the highest number of targets in the building. and because of the coordinated nature of this, the intel jengs community is monitoring any threats which might worn of another attack on the way.
9:21 pm
we're seeing 2014 was the year of the lone wolf attack. numt ber of foreign fighters going from france to fight in iraq and syria underscores the struggle with radicalization. >> you see, there are 930 or approaching 1,000. a fraction of france's muslim population of 4.7 million. only countries in the middle east and africa on this part of the map have sent more foreign fighters to iraq and syria. >> let's talk to clark jones
9:22 pm
about all of this. what do you make of those numbers? do these numbers suggest the nation needs to do more to combat this type of terror? fighters have traveled to syria and iraq. we see some of the problems in us a frail yeah. this is slightly different, the level of sophistication. some of the attacks seen over the last six months are very amateurish. this is something that takes a lot more organization. these agencies in france, they're monitoring a lot of the brothers, it surprises me that
9:23 pm
this level of planning could have gone unnoticed. add to that that one of the brothers had a terrorist con jiks and spent some time, 18 months in prison for three years. sending french fighters in iraq. what concerns me is the number of foreign fighters not just in france but around the world in australia in whichever country is involved. it's a concern. how are we going to prevent some
9:24 pm
of these terror attacks. >> and the question question is how. because if it is, in fact, true that these individuals were known for officials. we have every indication that they did have at least one of the brothers under surveillance. how is it possible that someone who may be sending off red flags and may be under surveillance is still somehow, some way able to plot, prepare and pull off what is really an horrific attack. how does that happen? >> well, i mean, the fact that they had two crifles, they knew their targets. whether there's some tie to 2011 fire bombing i'm not sure. they've been under protection. it really surprises me. but one thing i can say is the
9:25 pm
larger the number of perpetrators, the harder it is for police. if they have a cell for example, they need to come under the spotlight by security they can put under surveillance movement, but in this case, you have two brothers. they're probably not going to communicate with others, which makes it harder to get involved to detect the chatter. talking to other people, it's very hard to predict this type of activity. these two brothers could have been planning very much on their own, they had to supply the weapons, undergo training without the attention of security. >> approaching 4:30 there in canberra, australia, we appreciate your insight. thanks very much.
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>> on you're screen right now is what's been posted on "charlie hebdo" website. a simple statement, i am charlie, posted there in seven languages including farsi and
9:29 pm
arabic. and for now, anyway, this is the only thing you'll find on their website. >> a lot of people are talking about the editor, the brave diof the editor, stephane charbonn r charbonnier. >> we have a closer look at their work. >> stephane charbonnier was no stranger to death threats. he was named as one of al qaeda's most wanted pu but charb never backed down. >> translator: one has the impression that everyone is driven by fear. that's what the small handful of fundmentalists want to do, govern through here. >> georges wolinski one was on
9:30 pm
france's most famous cartoonists. he also put his pen to paper for a more outrageous effect. and jean cabout was one of the highest paid cartoonists in the world. he told a french magazine that sometimes laughter can hurt. but laughter, humor and mockery are our only weapons. >> manhunt for two of the suspects in this attack.
9:31 pm
plus, details on the history of increasing tensions between the growing muslim population in france and the rest of the country. stay with us.
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built for business. >> thanks for staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm zain asher. we doo want to bring you up to
9:34 pm
date on the news out of france. one of the suspects in the terror attack have reportedly turned himself in. police have released pictures of two other suspects of the brother brothers. they say cherif spent stom time in prison back in 2008 for recruiting islamists to go to iraq. >> and what has stunned everyone is this attack took place in broad daylight. around 11:30 in the morning as the gusman walked into the offices of the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." he asked people by name and shot them. 12 people dead, two of them police officers. 11 people are wounded. four of them are in serious condition at this hour. >> first thing i saw was the doorman, this grumpy guy that we
9:35 pm
liked and appreciated, he was lying down and his blood, he was dead, he had been shot by the gunners. they wanted to go inside as quick as possible. they weren't fast enough to open the door of the building and they shot him. the next thing i saw was the stairways were full of block. one of my friends, he got two bullets in his legs in each leg. then i got up to the office and there were a few survivors. some of them were trying hysterical hysterically. one of them were frustrated and not capable of saying -- of saying anything. it was a very heavy moment of tension.
9:36 pm
>> our senior international correspondent joins me lye now from paris. we know that an 18-year-old suspect did surrender to police, but earlier you mentioned that he, in fact, had an alibi. can you just sort of explain and elaborate on that for us if you could? >> well, this is what we're hearing, zain. it hadn't been confirmed by police, but according to press reports, and also according to social media put out by some of his friends apparently, he was in class at the time that the shootings took place. so police are now looking elsewhere. that's just based on reports and social media, what his friends are saying. one of the most chilling things i heard this morning has been the testimony provided to a
9:37 pm
newspaper here of a doctor that was first on the scene. he was in the neighborhood and rushed on the scene. and he reaffirmed what your eyewitness just said. he reaffirmed that the gunman called out to the victims one by one by name. and it was not just a random shooting. they knew who they were going after when they got the newspaper. it's declared a national day of mourning. there's going to be an 11:00 moment of silence, 5:00 a.m. eastern time moment of silence. it's going to be a sad day today as the day continues here.
9:38 pm
>> cherif and said kouchia. there's a massive manhunt under way. tell us more about what we know about their backgrounds and were police aware they may have had terrorist links? >> they were certainly aware. one in particular had been mon norred for some time and had done jail time. they were certainly aware. they were very good about trafficking people and wiretapping. they don't have to go through quite the same procedures you would have to go through in the united states or other countries.
9:39 pm
it's pretty difficult to keep track of all the suspects they have on their rosters. keeping track of them all is a huge job per the intelligence agencies. it could be they just slipped through the net. the president said yesterday and, in fact, we were told by intelligence sources even before christmas that they had foiled a number of plots over the last few months. they rounded up weapons and rounded up people. >> the big question is, how does france respond to this? jim bitterman live in paris,
9:40 pm
appreciate it. >> the nation has been here before. once again, the world witnessing a brutal attack in france in the name of islam. >> and cnn's jonathan mann reports it only adds to the anxiety in a nation where western europe's largest muslim minority. >> vengeance for the prophet mohammed, indelibly reinforcing what many french citizens have seen before -- extremist islam bringing bloodshed to their streets. just last month, a man shouting god is great stabbed three policemen in central france before being shot and killed. the next day the driver of a man also said to be shouting god is great ran into a crowd injuring 12 of them. attacks that help fuel the kind of anxiety that's helped the national front, a once marginal party make dramatic gains, in part because of its open,
9:41 pm
unapologetic open opposition to immigration and defense of france's historic culture and institutions. after the paris attack the front leader said islamic extriemism has made france too frightened to speak the truth. >> translator: it was a terrorist attack committed in the name of radical islam. the time for denial and hypocrisy is over. the absolute refusal of islamic fundamentalism has to be declared loud and clear. >> politics in france are changing. because the people of france are changing. france now has western europe's largest muslim minority, roughly 5 million people. almost a tenth of the population, a largely law abiding community, still trying to find full acceptance. one measure of how france feels about muslims. a 2013 poll which found that 7 of 10 respondents believed that islam is intolerant. and 8 out of 10 say muslims want to impose their way of life on oth
9:42 pm
others. with that kind of resistance on a more muslim france, the government has taken a variety of steps to reinforce secularism. among them, a ban on face coverings, such as those fra decisional for many devout muslim women. in july of 2013, hundreds of muslims in a superb 30 kilometers southwest of paris rioted for three days after police tried to check the identity of a muslim woman wearing a full face covering in public. islam and violence in the headlines again. muslim leaders quickly condemned the paris attack, even before police could answer some of the most basic questions about what happened. but once again, for french muslims, a barbaric and subversive version of their faith will be part of the explanation. jonathan mann, cnn. of. >> as jonathan mentioned, inclusion does seem to be a problem, inclusion and acceptance for muslims in france. meanwhile, francois hollande is
9:43 pm
goi going to be holding an emergency meeting. in a speech to the nation earlier today, he called for national unity. take a listen. >> able to block with these value, unity, uniting with all forms, that is what our response must be. we must unite against this, and we will win because we have all the capacities to believe in our destiny and nothing can make us move away from this determination. let us unite, long live the republic, long live france. >> now, hollande met with religious leaders wednesday, hours after the shooting. two prominent muslim clerics strongly condemned the attacks.
9:44 pm
>> in the name of prophet? their prophet is satan, unfortunately. >> truly islam condemns assassination, condemns murder, condemns taking the lives of those around you. truly. and we are absolutely horrified. we are stunned. >> "charlie hebdo" printed depics of the prophet mohammed. you'll find an explanation as to why they forbid such a practice and how global media organizations including us here on cnn came to a decision on whether to republish those controversial images. you'll find all of that on >> in the meantime, shock and sadness across the world. it was clearly a day of mourning after the worst terror attack in france in several decades. reaction to the devastating news after this break. ♪ ♪
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comcast business. built for business. >> translation for you here, without journalism, there is no democracy. people chanting that in madrid, showing their solidarity with the victims of the "charlie hebdo" attack in france. supporters carrying signs that say i am charlie. a phrase that's really trending on all aspects of social media right now. but madrid is not the only city showing its support. in london, noless than queen
9:48 pm
elizabeth sent her condolences to the wounded and the victims' families ufring her thoughts and pray yers. about seven hundred people asked why a journalist pen could be considered such a weapon. >> i feel like it's an attack on freedom of expression, freedom of speech. i'm shocked and disgusted. >> i amex treatmently angry because here in europe we believe in freedom of expression, freedom of press and freedom of thought and we cannot be silenced with these cowardly acts. >> i think tomorrow i'll be really, really sad. >> this has really struck an emotional court with many people now. as many as 15,000 people gathered in central paris to show their support. you can see a breakdown of some of those gathering. but all around the country, supporters showed up in droves defending the cartoonists and their freedom of speech.
9:49 pm
he didn't detect any anti-islamic sentiment. in several cities people chanted tocy am charlie. one of the most prominent writers says the attack is a defining moment for the country. earlier he spoke with cnn. >> it is again very similar to what happened in america after september 11. there is no blue and red america after september. there was united states of america. today in france, after this form of september 11, there's no right or left. no muslim or jews.
9:50 pm
there there's french people standing firmly with their own values and staying no to terror. we spoke with some of the protesters voicing their support for the slain jury roomists and talked to them about how that ear getting their message across. >> thousands of people have come here to protect against the killi killing of the journalists and the cartoonist of the magazine "charlie hebdo." people are chanting a lot of slogans but also people are sometimes silenced and simply holding pens into the air to show the pen will not be silenced by violence. they compared them to some of the worst krift attacks in history.
9:51 pm
>> i'm in the same as the day after 9/11. it's a symbol in the heart of our live, our democracy. it was important to just go out there. all of us are charlie hebdo which means the entire nation stands behind the satirical. it's a very respectful protest.
9:52 pm
there's absolutely no anti-muslim sentiment here. people realize this is not in the word of islam but these are simply terrorists. the reason why you can, i can, it's a question of saying no. no to violence. some kind of religious imperi imperialism and say no, no, no. they say these values are going to remain strong, but they also realize these values are very much in danger. also from the radical islamic side are going to try to use these events for their purposes. that's one of the reasons why they came out here to make their statement that a civil society in france will not be brought down by what happened here.
9:53 pm
>> not only did people respond in the streets, but people around the world are responding on social media as well. [contain♪r door opening] what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility, there's no going back. having a perfectly nice day, when out of nowhere a pick-up truck slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom!
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9:55 pm
from his daughter. she posted this photo of his empty desk. there you see it there on instagram earlier today after he was shot and killed. ing see, the caption reads it's daddy who's gone, not wolinski. she saw him as a real person, not just a name. >> people around the world are turning to social media to express their support for the magazine. >> people certainly had a very visceral response to this attack. what were were they saying in social media? >> pretty much across the board on twitter as well, people expressing their horror on social media. >> i want to show you this
9:56 pm
tweet. the #je sois charlie have become a rallying cry. 7:00 in london in paris. 400 tweets a minute. the brighter it is, the more intense it is. and you see europe, really parts of the middle east and north and south america, really, really heating up. they're really expressing themselves. this is the famous hashtag and drew his own expression of how he sees what happened. and we had a second one for you. this is a piece of paper with two bullet holes and blood
9:57 pm
really pouring down that page. and no matter the language, the sentiment was really universal. this is from our jake tapper. he uses the same hashtack and he drew that picture. tom foreman has also put pen to paper with this picture of with a pencil. he says thinking of our friends across the pond. i mentioned briefly facebook. facebook was also a rallying call. people really going to facebook and saying let's all meet in these certain parts of europe to show our support and solidarity. so these gathering took place across france and beyond. people mourning those who have died. it really just goes to show it
9:58 pm
was a somber night and a very poignant one. >> the next hour we're going to be speaking to a cartoonist about how his community is responding to the paris attacks. i am zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. we'll also have a live report on the ongoing manhunt for the suspects. introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with efficiency? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you, it's everything to us.
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>> this hour, new details on the men accused of slaughtering dozens of people. hear what


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