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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 8, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news this morning. two terrorists on the run. wanted in the deadly attack on the french satirical magazine. a third man turning himself in overnight. being questioned right now along with several others. france this morning in mourning. the terror alert raised as investigators try to figure out how this tragedy happened and who is responsible. live team coverage starts right now. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. welcome from around the world. >> breaking overnight. several people in custody in the worst terror attack in france in recent history. 12 people killed on the french satirical magazine "charlie hedbo." 11 more wounded. the attack was carefully
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planned. suspects jumped in a car and drove away and sparking a national manhunt from the city of paris to the city of reims. >> the interior minister of france announced several detentions in connection with the shooting. one suspect named earlier by police is also now in custody. 18-year-old hamyd mourad. he turned himself in according to the afp. the french press agency. police say two main suspects here are brothers said and cherif kouachi. these men are believed to be heavily armed and still on the run. for the latest let's get to the ground in paris. turning to "new day" anchor chris cuomo. good morning, chris. >> reporter: john and christine. we have developments for you to discuss.
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obviously the two main suspects still at large. a massive manhunt now. a lot of manpower brought in to france with intelligence resources. there was another shooting here in south france that has drawn a lot of interest. police officers were shot and that is adding to the mix here. that is unusual in france to have police officers as the targets of violence. there is no knowledge at this point that there is any connection with the shooting in south france and what happened here at the offices of "charlie hedbo." here are points of curiosity. it was a police checkpoint. two officers had been injured in what was an open gun assault by a man in his mid-50s. a point of curiosity, he was dressed in similar fashion to the two terrorists yesterday. black garb and similarly equipped as yesterday. we have jim bitterman who raced
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to that scene to see if we can report on that. some other developments. first of all, this is a nation in mourning and understandably so. it has been decades since they lost lives to terrorism and has never experienced anything like this. the way this was done cannot be minimized. we have to take a close look at it. the people who wereinvolved and how they did this and what training they had. we will take you through different parts of the video this morning on "early start" and "new day" to show you why there is concern. these were not maniacs or disturbed people drawing the call to jihad. now at noon local time guys which is 6:00 a.m. eastern time in the states there will be a moment of silence here. it will be observed because of what happened just behind us.
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on a side street just down from where we are now are the offices of "charlie hedbo." at 11:30 in the morning, right around lunchtime, here is what we know happened now. they went and did a frontal assault into the office buildings. these two heavily armed gunmen with a rocket propelled gun launchers. they had to ask for directions for which building. what does that mean for investigators? two possible things. it was more confusing they thought and they did not scout it. maybe these were mercinaries. anyway they wound up shooting one of the two maintenance workers. the other escaped. they went up and created the carnage we are aware of now. they did it in the middle of the day, john and christine. they would take on three
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different batteries of police in making their escape. they got into a car, which may or may not have been driven by the 18-year-old kid who turned himself in. he said he had nothing to do with it. he learned his name was out there on social media. they would take on police three times. one on patrol and one on bike patrol. the other officer was killed was a security detail for one of the cartoonists of "charlie hedbo." the way they do it i hear in my ear, you must be showing the video. when people commit acts of violence like this there is a franticness to what happens. it is very he disorienting to be around this kind of violence. it is difficult to use weaponry like this. when we look at the bullet patterns in the windshield john and christine, they are tight bullet patterns. the way they move up to execute the police officers the way they move to get in the car and
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talking to each other. there is an ease. a coldness that goes hand-in-hand. one would say with being a sociopath, but with training. investigators right now are very focused on the manhunt. they are distracted by the shooting in south paris. we don't know there is any hard connection to what happened to the offices at "charlie hedbo." one thing that is important for reporting. memorials have popped up. one over my shoulder here that is a point of media fascination. in many ways this was an attack on media and attack on freedom of speech. a second memorial where one of the officers taken down. a lot of people are there. they are showing remorse and somberness that you expect in a situation like this. this is also a point of resolve. people are going there. they are going to say this is wrong and holding up copies of "charlie hedbo." they are saying that this is something that can't be
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tolerated. there should be more satire now. there should be more cartoons of this nature. this is a very interesting point of resolve. on the government side interior minister was reported as saying this morning, maybe we should reintroduce a death penalty. that is a lone voice right now of calling for an enhanced violent reaction to this. most of the people we spoken to john and christine, are calling for calm and understanding and tolerance beats terrorism. >> so interesting to look at thoughs those pictures chris. you are right to talk about the bullet patterns and the way they move and confidence in which they move through the streets and executing a police officer down on the ground. one thing that is different and really troubling about this these men had their hands covered and their skin was covered and face was covered completely. they were not wearing suicide vests as far as we know.
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these men were intending to escape to do more harm. different than before radicalized people who blow themselves up. >> reporter: that is a strong point. ordinarily, we are used to suicide bombers. somehow the fulfillment of their zealotry will be found. we know here and john knows from his war reporting that the higher and more trained warriors are, the less likely they are to be used as suicide bombers. so maybe there is a nexus in that understanding there. let's not give these gentlemen too much credit for one reason if not many others. there was a bone-headed enough move to leave identification in and around the office place. that is the big reason they found this lead to finding these gentlemen. they left an identification card behind. they don't think it was intentional. maybe it was just an accident. certainly they were not perfect
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in what they designed to do. >> chris, we know one of the kouachi brothers served time eight years ago because he wanted to fight in syria. do we have officials confirming these these brothers ever made it to iraq or syria? >> reporter: i have not heard that. our reporting right now, john is that he was a middleman. the older brother. he got arrested and got half a sentence. he served 18 months. sentenced to 36. wound up doing 18 for being essentially that middleman. there has been speculation that they did make it a broad return from syria. we have no confirm on that. we know they were not just known for law enforcement. one was being watched. that raises a familiar issue in
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the states. how much manpower can you devote? a similar issue is the security of "charlie hedbo" because of what happened in 2011 and the fire bombing here. there had been extensive presence here. a van was known to be outside all the time. it supposedly disappeared in recent weeks. there was a body man of one of the cartoonists. these are all things for the investigation. this was not something that would have been easily thwarted john. these men were heavily armed and had a specific sense of what they wanted to do and how to do it. >> remember they are on the loose right now. chris cuomo. we are lucky to have you there in paris. let us know if you hear anything. >> french journalist martin boudet was on the roof of the building. when it was over he entered the
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office. he described the scene to cnn's anderson cooper. >> it was a massacre. could see the bodies on the left and into the meeting room. the other people from "charlie hedbo" who were spared or hiding and they were just standing like not zombies, but standing and didn't do anything. we tried to help the very first one, but actually to be honest they were just people dead all around. >> he says he only saw two of threat suspects who stormed the office. the obama administration is condemning the attack and offering support. the white house released this photo of president obama on the phone with president hollande.
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we have michelle kosinski with more from the white house. >> reporter: the president called this attack horrific, evil and cowardly. we know they are on this and monitoring it closely and offering france whatever assistance it might need. what we are not hearing from just yet from the white house or national security team is any detail on what the white house might have known about any of the suspects. anything about any chatter that might be going on in the background leading up to this. it is just too early for them to weigh in on that detail. also they did not want to give detail on the kind of assistance that the u.s. is offering. several times we heard from the homeland security secretary jeh johnson. he would only say the u.s. is doing a number of things to help france. we did hear from the fbi saying they were combing through databases to try to help the french gather information and look for connections and they did say top security officials
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are in open and constant communication with the french counterparts. we also heard from the white house press secretary saying he knew of no specific threat or credible indication that any attacks are being planned in the u.s. he emphasized the importance of vigilance especially when u.s. officials are concerned about lone wolf attacks and how hard they are to prevent. john and christine. >> thank you, michelle kosinski. we are following the latest on the paris terror attacks. two gunmen on the loose. several police detained by police and questioned. the terror threat across europe. experts warning about the rising risk of attacks. we are live in london. hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about americas favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes
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you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, all printers are on sale. plus great deals on hp ink and toner. office depot & officemax. gear up for great. we do have breaking news just in from france. an officer shot south of paris earlier this morning. that officer has now died. that's according to the union spokesperson speaking to cnn's jim bitterman. this happened overnight our time. early morning paris time. apparently this police officer was shot by someone also wearing black, heavily armed. we are not sure if it was connected to the assault in paris yesterday. a copycat killing. we are not sure. one man is in custody for the
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attack. it has caused a great deal of alarm. we are working on more reporting for that and bring you the latest. we are following the breaking news from france. several people in custody in connection with the worst terror attack in memory. the attack yesterday on that satirical magazine. france's interior minister is not specifying how many or why they are being held. there is a manhunt under way to track down the gunmen who stormed the paris office of "charlie hedbo" targeting their victims by name. they sped off minutes later leaving 12 cartoonists and others dead. the youngest suspect, 18-year-old hamyd mourad has turned himself in. was he the driver? he claims not to be connected. we will get more information on that. the two brothers suspects said
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and cherif kouachi. these are still on the loose. police efforts are focusing on the northern city of reims. >> european terror expert claude moniqut saying the gunmen were well trained. he said the "charlie hedbo" attack attack proves that the terrorism is increasing in europe. >> today, we have a few hundred of those people in each urban country. that means thousands of people in europe and thousands of people willing to kill people and willing to go to wound. in syria and europe. >> all of them with passports allowing them to move freely. one sign of the heightened anxiety is the announcement that
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spain raised its terror alert status to level three. joining us with more on the situation in europe, cnn's max foster at 10 downing street. max, you have home grown people french nationals who could get on a train or get on a plane easily and travel around the european union. >> reporter: so many things that are worrying about this. home grown terrorists. a military-style operation. that sort of thing can happen in any country in europe. governments have been warning about that as well. you have that situation with spain and the terror alert increased. they are now concerned something could happen there. whether it is coming from france or again home grown. this hour as i speak to you, the british government emergency cobra committee is meeting in the building next door to discuss how prepaid paired the
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u.k. is. this is an attack on civilized society. they united here yesterday. i saw angela merkel and david cameron working together. they had a briefing from intelligence to show how countries are working together on this. >> translator: working closely together in situations because this is not something that a single country can solve by itself. >> we have to all be vigilant. we have to try to address problems of radicalization. we have to invest in our agencies properly. we have to deal with the problems at source. >> reporter: so we wait to see whether or not u.k. raises the terror threat level after that meeting. also today, in the next ten minutes or so police across the united kingdom will all hold a moment of silence in solidarity and support for those killed in paris. this really is an international
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story today. not just a french story. >> max foster in london. thank you. international story developing by the minute. we just got word that a police officer was shot and has now died south of paris. we have the latest on all angles of the story coming up.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we do have breaking news. a new development in all of the
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chaos in france. a day after 12 people killed in the office of "charlie hedbo." we just got word a police officer south of paris was shot and killed. that officer has now died. you can see a large presence there on the ground. this is videotape from shortly ago. we have our jim bitterman on the ground there near the scene. jim, give us the details. >> reporter: john and christine, about 100 yards away from where this took place. according to the eyewitnesss this morning, in fact there was a routine traffic accident. police were out directing traffic. municipal police officer among them and shot by a gunman who got out of a car and shot the police officer and another police officer and the one police officer has now died. police now are taping this area
2:25 am
off. about 20 officers or so who are in bulletproof vests and wearing masks and they seem to be surrounding an apartment, which is very close to the scene of the original traffic accident this morning. they also have tracked down a car that they believe was used and they sent out a bomb squad around the car. now, the car is not right here. it is a different location. some confusion about what happened. the witnesses say the person who did the shooting got out of the car as the police were investigating the traffic accident. got out of the car and confronted the police officers and fled the scene. he was dressed similarly to the attackers yesterday. to say all in black and automatic weapon and wearing a bulletproof vest. that is what the eyewitness is saying. the minister of the interior was
2:26 am
here a while ago, he has now left. this is clearly being taken seriously. it is not known what the link is with yesterday's attack. >> we don't know the link may be or may not be. quickly, the person who got out of the car and shot the police officers. that person fled or that person is in custody? >> reporter: no he fled. there was somebody taken in custody. a 53-year-old man taken in custody. we are not sure why. he may have had some connection with this. they are also surrounding the apartment building which indicates, i think, that they believe there is somebody that is a person of interest they are trying to track down. like i said it brought up considerable reinforcements including an armored car and medical personnel. they are not busy at the moment. i assume it sounds like they are perhaps preparing for some kind of assault. i don't want to be committed on that. it looks like it has the
2:27 am
appearances of that. >> clearly, jim, a lot of activity there south of paris where an officer was killed. as you say, an apartment building now apparently surrounded by police. there could be some action. we will check back in with you and let us know if you hear anything. thank you, jim. >> a dramatic 24 hours in france. breaking this morning, the manhunt for the men behind the attack at the french satirical magazine. new developments next. you pay for you data every month. so why does your carrier take back what you don't use? it's your data. now at t-mobile, all your unused data rolls forward to the next month. and we'll even get you started with 10gb of free 4g lte data. so you're looking for a loan? how's
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news this morning. the manhunt for the gunmen behind the massacre at a french magazine. 12 people murdered and 10 more injured. this morning, several people questioned by police. the search continues for the two gunmen on the loose and now we have new breaking news. an officer shot and killed south of paris. we are live on both scenes with team coverage from all the developments. welcome back to "early start."
2:31 am
i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. >> breaking news at this hour two police officers shot in the suburb of paris. one of those officers has now died. the deputy mayor patrick klugman held a press conference. jim bitterman said one person was taken into custody. we are not sure why. he said there is an apartment building surrounded near the scene. a suspect clearly still on the loose there. we will get a chance to check in with jim from that scene in just a moment. at this point, it is far too early to connect that shooting with the one at the french satirical magazine "charlie hedbo." yesterday, 12 people killed the biggest terror attack the country has seen in decades. 11 more were wounded. one eyewitness called the scene a massacre. after the attack that seemed very carefully planned, the
2:32 am
suspects jumped in a car and drove away. there has been a manhunt ever since stretching from the scene in paris to the city of reims which is 90 miles away. >> overnight, the french interior minister announced quote several detentions in connection with the shooting at the magazine. one suspect named by police is in custody. 18-year-old hamyd mourad. two older suspects brothers said and cherif kouachi, still on the run. with the latest we turn now to "new day" anchor chris cuomo live in paris. we have jim bitterman at a separate scene. chris, you are there where the magazine attack happened yesterday. >> reporter: exactly. as were you saying christine, they are trying to see if there is a nexus between the recent acts of violence. the one you were referring to
2:33 am
where jim bitterman is in south paris. there is a point of intrigue there. the man who is the suspect in the shooting. although older in his 50s. he was dressed similarly with a bulletproof vest on. the attacks on police are relatively rare here. investigators are taking a look at that. here at the main location of the dismay right now is the offices of "charlie hedbo" where again you said you had 12 people killed. 11 of them the cartoonists and writers and workers there. a police officer assigned to protect one of the cartoonists there. there are big questions in the investigation about what is the nature of the threat that we saw hatched here. these are not suicide bombers. these were not madmen. these are not someone who are mentally ill who just caught on to the idea of jihad. they seemed to have been skilled. the nature of how they carried out the operation and the
2:34 am
equipment they had. maybe a rocket propelled grenade launcher. how they are used. the tight bullet patterns in the windshield of the police cruiser. calling out people for massacre. the deliberate execution of the police officer. the non chalance. the coordination of movements. that is not to give a nod of congratulation to the killers. it is to think about who is doing this type of terrorism. is this the big threat? is this the threat of people being sent abroad and learn how to become warriors and fighters and come back to the countries and creating havoc. the deeper level of the concern is found in the suspects themselves. the brothers were known to police. one of them was caught and
2:35 am
convicted of helping to traffic people into jihad war zones. he served time. 18 months. reduced sentence. he was then supposedly sur veiled by police which gets into the issue of man power and how much time you can spend on the watch lists of people. similar to what we deal within the united states. the youngest of the three suspects. the 18-year-old who turned himself in. he said he did so because he had nothing to do with the event and heard his name in social media. today, this is a nation in mourning. a day of mourning designation. there will be around the time of the actual shooting which deserves mention. 11:30 to noon here in paris. that is lunchtime. it is congested here. there is foot traffic and there is car traffic. these men knew what to do and had the confidence they could escape anyway. that speaks to the preparation and training. working against that assumption
2:36 am
of the professionalism, they did not seem to know the right building. they asked maintenance workers. they wound up shooting one of them. the bone-headed move that is the key to the investigation so far, one of them left an identification card on premises. without that who knows where they would be in the investigation. we will have a moment of silence here about the same time of the shooting. it leads to a lot of big questions here john and christine, about what do you do in the investigation and the posture toward terrorism going forward and what is the nature of the response. i want to bring in two really seasoned journalists who understand the situation. we have chris dickey from the daily beast did i come close to saying it right? >> wonderful. >> reporter: to more important matters. we are looking at the situation, the desire chris, to see if there is continuity of the
2:37 am
attacks. taking on police officers and killing one at a police check point. that is rare. >> it is rare in the political sense, absolutely. one of the things that is interesting about the case is the question of whether there is some link with organized crime. not that organized crime is behind it. if you look at the history of who gets into firefight was the police. often it is people involved in drug trafficking and organized crime. there was an issue in 2011 and shootings in marseilles all the time. we will see a connection there. >> reporter: it does get you to the point of the main an sail assailants. these people seem too know what
2:38 am
they were doing and that leads to their escape. were they foreign trained fighters and come back home to create havoc. that is the concern. >> of course. how does any democratic society face that new kind of threat? isolated individuals or people who look like many many people in this country. as you said one of the two brothers suspected to be the murderers, it is not proved yet, did serve jail. can you put police surveillance behind everybody who served time in jail? i'm struck with the boston trial right now. when you think of it the tsarnaev brothers proceeded pretty much the same way in the sense that you had two guys who sort of came out of nowhere and just decided to strike during
2:39 am
the boston marathon. of course in this particular case our friends who were murdered at this very time of the day, 11:30 a.m. paris time they were very precise hits. their names had been already designated as targets. dating back to 2006 when they decided to publish the danish cartoons you remember. this time around these two guys and individuals are really absolutely freezing because it's very cold blooded. >> reporter: and methodical, chris. that shot pattern on that windshield is not easy. >> chris, this is the great mystery. this is the thing we don't know. let's assume these two guys said and cherif kouachi, they were
2:40 am
the guys who did it. let's assume that for the point of argument. what we don't see in anything we know so far about their record is where they learned to handle weapons like that. there have been some reports they may have been in syria. those are unconfirmed. there were reports that cherif had gone to iraq. that turns out to not be the case. thinking about the park here they learned how to handle those weapons like that. i think that is the big mystery of the case at the moment about these guys. >> and killing a cop in cold blood after wounding him. >> reporter: walking up to him, kill him and walk away. >> and pick up a shoe because one of the two guys had lost a shoe and just putting the shoe back in the car. at the same time for getting his i.d. card in the car. it is that mix of you know, typical amateur stuff and the
2:41 am
cold bloodedness. >> reporter: you have to investigate about how did this and why and how. you get into the difficult questions of what do we do to prevent? one of the things you dealt with here which is a fundamental question to us in the media is the criticism around the right to publish, but should you publish? what will this do to the resolve of the hopefully future staff of "charlie hedbo?" i hope they reinvigorate and come back stronger than ever. what do you do that is seen as provocative? do you give leeway to extremists factions? >> it is a complicated issue here. there is a lot of guilt or hangover from world war ii. a lot of things you are not supposed to say here. it is illegal for instance to
2:42 am
deny the holocaust. it is illegal to deny the armenian holocaust in france. i'm not saying one should go around denying it. these are the kinds of laws put in place in order to protect different groups. should "charlie hedbo" be allowed to completely profane the prophet muhammad? frankly, it should be. >> reporter: they profane everybody else? >> i believe in absolute freedom of speech. it is a complicated issue in this country and society. >> there is another dimension which needs to be taken into account. this is a secular country. >> reporter: strongly secular. >> the tradition in our way of being secular is that you can attack the catholic church which is still, you know, the predominant religion in this country and that's what our friends here did. the pope would be ridiculed every other day. so i think that secularism also
2:43 am
explains the need to maintain not only the freedom of expression but the freedom for satire. satire is very important and satire of religion. whatever the religion. satire of the establishment. satire of all of the politicians and businesses and all of the establishment. that is i think, runs very deep in our culture. >> reporter: uniquely french. you do it as well. chris dicky and christine, thank you for giving us context. one of the things that buoys the spirit is one of the memorials of the officers was taken down and executed. people were gathering and of course they are upset and remembering the tragedy of the situation. they were holding up copies of
2:44 am
"charlie hedbo." they are saying they want to be a cartoonist. i want this. the strongest way to fight against terrorism which is trying to inspire fear is to not be afraid. to show you will have greater resolve than you even had before this attack. we are seeing signs of that already a day after the horrible situation here. that is what we have from paris right now. little bit of rain coming down in this beautiful city. >> thanks chris. we want to go back to the scene south of paris. there was a police shooting this morning and a police officer was killed in the suburbs. right now, heavily armed police officers seem to be gathering in the neighborhood of the shooting. they appear to be surrounding one building there. one person is in custody. it is unclear who that person is. as our jim bitterman is reporting, it seems the shooter is on the loose. we have jim bitterman on the scene. he joins us live by phone. >> reporter: john the way it stands now, the police have
2:45 am
brought up an armored car and as well have called in what is i don't know roughly equivalent to the navy s.e.a.l.s. the brigade force that is used rarely in hostage situations. these are heavily armed guys who have bulletproof vests and assault rifles within their mask. they are bringing up forces and as well medical personnel up to the scene. it has all of the appearances of building toward some kind of assault. they surrounded this apartment building which is not far away from the routine traffic accident occurring this morning. in the process of directing traffic around that accident two police officers were standing there and a guy got out of a car who is dressed in black and according to eyewitnesss had
2:46 am
a bulletproof vest on. got out with an assault rifle and shot the two police officers who were directing traffic around the accident. one of the officers has now died. so this is another very serious incident. understood what connection there may be but the method of operation and the gunman was dressed in black and mask like "charlie hedbo" leads one to believe there may be a connection. maybe not. we don't know at this point. >> huge, huge police presence there. some confusion over the last hour, jim, is there is someone in custody. do we know the distinction between the person if custody? someone who is older and someone on the run? >> reporter: we heard the person in custody is 53 years old. that would put them out of the age range of the shooters involved in "charlie hedbo."
2:47 am
we don't know why he was picked up. it may be they thought he was involved and they may have information they need. could be said here police routinely round up people for information and put them under lock and key for a while to question them. overnight, we heard from the prime minister in connection with the "charlie hedbo" shooting they rounded up six or seven people who knew the shooters to see if they can provide them any information. it could be this man was arrested on the south side of paris this morning was someone who had knowledge of the shoot shooter or it may be something else. >> jim quickly, the "charlie hedbo" shooting. we assume the brothers are the suspects because of the i.d. found in the get away car. has police said there is other corroborating evidence that
2:48 am
those are the suspected shooters? >> reporter: if they know it they have not said it to us. we don't know if they have more corroborating evidence. the fact they released these photos and named them and then put out an all points bulletin basically, indicates they are pretty sure these are the two involved. i don't think they would not have done that without assurance. >> jim bitterman for us on the scene where there has been a new shooting. a police officer killed south of paris. police officer surrounding an apartment building. jim will bring us any information as we get it from there. 48 minutes after the hour. a show of support for victims of the massacre yesterday. that show of support coming from around the world. also online. the president of france has declared today a day of mourning. how people are paying tribute everywhere right after this.
2:49 am
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remarkable show of solidarity for the victims of the terror attack in paris. a lot of it happened online. there have been more than 2.2 million tweets featuring the #je suis charlie. the english translation is i am
2:52 am
charlie. people are expressing outrage that the terrorists should know free speech should never go away. we have isa live in london with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, john. people have been expressing shock and horror over what happened. the hash tag you mentioned has been a rallying call around the world. je suis charlie. look how many tweets. it has grown exponentially. mostly tweets in europe. we have seen the #wearecharlie. in the last 24 hours, john we have seen famous cartoonists putting pen to paper as a tribute to the cartoonists killed. many tributes have been posted on twitter. this is popular from david pope. among the first to tweet. shared 67,000 times. even marie claire depicting a
2:53 am
picture of pen to the pencil. no matter the language john and christine, the sentiment has been universal. drawings should not have led to violence. back to you. >> thank you. we are following the latest on the french terror attack all morning long. the search for the gunmen. the manhunt is on next. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh.
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the world is standing with victims of the terror attack on "charlie hedbo." solidarity rallies held in french cities and europe. like so many others they are holding signs with the phrase "i am charlie." they were lighting candles in switzerland to remember those killed. around the french embassy and madrid was organized by reporters without borders. this is an attack on journalism and free expression. people in boston were surrounding with signs not afraid afraid.
2:57 am
in washington, d.c. people rallied outside the newseum. there is breaking news this morning. the manhunt for the gunmen responsible for the attack in paris yesterday. a new shooting. police officer killed south of paris today. we are minutes away from a moment of silence in france. "new day" starts right now. . a massive manhunt still under way. >> the deadliest terror attack in france in decades. >> just down from where we are now, are the offices are "charlie hebdo." >> bodies on the shore. people were crying out for help. >> this was more organized than what i expected to see. >> freedom of expression is something that cannot be silenced. >> it won't schedule by killing us. >> this house stands united with the french people. >> shocked and confused. >> we stand squarely for free speech and democracy. >> there is no right or left
2:58 am
there is french people saying no to terror. all right i'm chris cuomo here in paris, right down the street from the offices of the magazine "charlie hebdo." the area is now flooded with people who are getting ready for a moment of silence, this is a population of journalists and locals ready to come together in the name of freedom and remembering what "charlie hebdo" was all about. to you in new york. >> i'm alisyn camerota along with michaela pereira here in new york we're covering all angles, let's go back to paris right now and start with chris, who is live at the scene. you'llor hearing the bells of notre dame and you'll see the
2:59 am
people here remembering those who were lost in the offices of "charlie hebdo." and remembering what that magazine is all about -- which is the core of freedom, to say what it is you believe without fear of any type of reprisal. however, there's a massive manhunt under way right now, for people who wanted to take away that freedom. two terrorists are still on the loose here this morning. brothers a third suspect turned himself in 18 years old, he says he did so because he had no connection to the event and he only heard his name being used on social media. that remains to be corroborated. there is also a second shooting in south paris, no known connection to what happened at the offices of "charlie hebdo" yet. here's what we know about that and we'll get to you jim bitterman who is on scene. but just for the headline of it someone showed up to the traffic checkpoint and wound up taking on police officers.
3:00 am
the man who did it was in his mid 50s. the suspect allegedly and was similarly dressed to the men who created the terror act here. we're getting ready for a moment of silence, let's observe it ourselves. [ speaking french ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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