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tv   CNN Spotlight  CNN  January 9, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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proportions never seen before. >> day after the car attack, shoppers returned wearing white arm bands in solidarity with the victims. >> we must come back. we have no choice. a sentiment shared in paris now as massive crowds turned up in support of those killed at charlie hebdo. cnn, atlanta. >> we'll take a very short break. as police scramble to track down the remaining suspect, we are digging in. at this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees.
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a warm welcome back to our viewers joining us from the united states and all around the world. we are following breaking news at this hour. three suspects were killed friday in two different police raids. the two brothers behind the charlie hebdo attack were killed outside a print shop northeast of the city. a third suspect amedi coulibaly was killed at a kosher market during a hostage stand-off. he was suspected in the shooting death of a police officer on thursday. the search is now rug way for the woman he lived with. she is also a suspect in that police officer's death. there were reports she was inside the market during the raid but that is now unclear. four of the hostages were killed but a french prosecutor told cnn, that may have happened before the police raid.
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two officers were injured. and we are learning more about the 26-year-old female suspect now on the run from police. she was apparently the girlfriend of the hostage taker at the kosher market. cnn's alexandra field tells us more about hayat boumebiene. >> she may be the most wanted woman in france. the only suspect standing after a three-day reign of terror in paris. her alleged accomplice, amedi coulibaly killed when police raided the kosher grocery store when he took more than a dozen hostages, killing four of them. new photos reveal more of their shared past. published by the newspaper, the pictures appear to show them in the region of southern france. she was in a burqa and wielding a cross bow. the man in this photo next to coulibaly identified as djamel
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belhal. authorities say coulibaly had known ink are wills to jihadist grooms and to the shooters, both killed during a separate police raid. according to prosecutors, she has had over 500 calls with cherif kouachi's companion. >> are there any other co-conspirators out there that she may be trying on link back up with. >> "le monde" reports she was interviewed by counter terrorism police in 2010. the newspaper said she started a relationship with coulibaly the same year and that last spring, she met him outside prison when he was released, following a four-year sentence. the two reportedly lived together and traveled to malaysia. >> she does not have much to lose. if her romantic partner has been killed, if her life as a free civilian is likely over in france, or she can access
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another attack. >> french and u.s. authorities are now sharing intelligence, hoping to track her down. cnn, new york. >> many people within the muslim community including the leader of hezbollah are outraged at the acts of terror in france. a group of supporters was on the friday that acts of terror in the name of schram are causing more harm to the religion than any cartoon ever would. >> and those through their actions, words and shameful, heinous, violent practices offended the messenger of god. prophets of god, the book of alaw and the muslim nation more than his enemies did. even though who have attacked messenger of god through books
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depicting the prophet, or making films or drawing cartoons of the prophet. >> very powerful message there. as muslims gathered before their prayers across urt, many held their support of the people of france and condemn the terror. this was taken in eastern france. the man's sign says not in my name. at the same mosque you see muslims praying next to a sign saying, i am charlie. many people are asking what role slam could do that. sebastian is a senior reporter for pro publica. he is also the author of the convert song. a novel about a man.
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you have written extensively about the terror cell that the kouachi brothers belonged to. tell us about that cell and its role in pushing these two brothers to carry out such extreme and brutal behavior. >> thank you. it's a pleasure to talk to you. it is a very interesting story. this is a cell that forms during the years of the iraq war, 20033, 2004, 2005. the brothers were quite young, in their early 20s. the youngest member of the group was only 14. as water temperature groups in france, it was a very chaotic, improvised, dangerous group of people. young men, who, you could call
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him a leader. he was not a veteran of afghanistan or other conflicts in these cases. a group of young men who meet at a mosque. start having their own prayer sessions. as often happens, distorting islam. having grievances, their anger focuses first on the laws banning the veil in french schools. when french intelligence first notices them doing protests and prayers in the street. then quickly, when the iraq war happens, they begin going in iraq with very little training. their training was jogging in the park around the mall which is a neighborhood with some tough areas and housing projects but also in some ways a very diverse neighborhood with a big
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jewish population as well. and one even had a jewish girlfriend, believe it or not them start traveling to years. i can't they go to a core annic school and make their way to iraq. some die, some are captured. the brother who died of after these attacks was, didn't even make it. he was arrested. he had a plane ticket to go to syria. there was some sense that they wanted to go fight and they were kind of scared. the french who looked at him them made a big distinction. it is amazing to see the evolution that has happened in this decade since then of what hardened trained jihadis they became to carry out the attacks in their homeland.
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>> fascinating background. it is important in the wake. these attacks to point out these suspects in no way represent islam. is that message getting lost in the mix? >> well, i think there's a lot of anger and concern right now. i think there is an understanding of the distinctions. certainly the leaders of the french islamic community work closely should are very effective and know the threat very well. the problem is the side of the radical community has grown rapidly. that's one problem. the second one is that sort of represents that there is a mix going on of criminality and gangster imand terror. you have a big population who
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are young, they are involved in criminality for whom extremism is always temptation. they edncounter in prison. they encounter it on the streets. there is a seductive cover of gangsterism. and that is very difficult to follow. you have people who are clearly extremists. you expect the kouachi brothers to be western, liking thing like rap and thing like that, i think that's the real problem getting a grip on this. the circles that are around it and hopefully by understanding it. something can be done to stop some of these young men in their tracks from moving in that direction. thank you so much.
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for joining us and sharing with us some of the fascinating background to how they get on this point. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. >> let's turn now to senior correspondent jim who joins us with a look at the mood there in light of the attacks. muslims across the world and particularly there in france have been very outspoken in the wake of these attacks. talk to us about what they've been saying. >> i think here in france there has been a great deal of condemnation of these attacks by the muslim community. not only the modern muslims but also some of the more fundamentalist muslims as well. and i think that the moderates here are caught in a bind. they wanted to address the concerns of their believers and
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their followers. but they also want to, on the side of good and on the side of integration in the french community. so when the authorities come to them and say can you put on a message condemning these kinds of attack and hopefully steering young people away from any further radicalization, they tend to cooperate. does it do any good in you have to say, would these terrorists we saw in action the last few days, would they be put off in probably not. they were so radicalized at that possibly that they were not going to do anything else but commit an act of terror. that's the way the mindset had changed. as sebastian was saying, it is something that took course over years. it was deeply rooted in a
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society. you have disaffected youths who don't feel part of france. they can't find jobs here. unemployment, the heavily suburbs up to 40%. as a consequence, they don't fit in in france. they don't fit in from where they may have come from. that's to say north africa, algeria, they're born in france. their parents came from there. the young people are now second or third generation immigrants and they no longer speak the language. they're not part of their parents' homeland either. it is a difficult problem for french society to face. >> it certainly is. but we saw such unit on the streets and wanting to get that
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message across. that this is just these young men. many thanks to you for joining us there. we appreciate it. they were young french citizens and radical jihadists. we expect to see similar attacks in the future? analysis from a terrorism expert after the break.
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welcome back to our special coverage on cnn. authorities are looking into the back grounds of the suspects and the relationship between them. earlier my colleague spoke with samuel, terrorism expert and author of al qaeda enfrance about the surge in radical islamic recruitment and strategies to combat it. >> reporter: your thoughts today. basically observing these last three days. >> obviously sadness first. secondly, i would say confusion because of the series of attacks. a very disturbing question. who are those people? the three people we saw. actually, all of them are known from the security services. all of them has a past of being jihadi activists. one has been training to yemen. the other has been convicted into a network that was transferring fighters in 2008. the third one has been involved
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in jihadi activities. >> it appears as though the three men knew each other. had a relationship with each other. whether it was operation or simply social is unclear. they did know each other they knew each other. they share the same ideology. basically what i mean is that it is very disturbing to see those people thought of them. at least two were in the no fly authorization from the u.s. and they should be monitored by the french but still they have been able to travel to yemen, to basically prepare this operation. it was very sophisticated. to gain some war weapons. and wondering if the french intelligence service is less able to monitor jihadi threats in france than tuesday intelligence service. >> and the younger of the two brothers suspected of having taken part in the massacre, according to this phone conversation that they said they
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conducted with him, signaled that he was kill in a drone strike and this operation was revenge for his death. >> it is. that i was with the islamic front, a different group. when you speak to them, charlie hebdo drawings are a big grievance. >> a couple of things whumpl french, this is coming very often. another one is considered, i wouldn't say a god but at least a reference. so yes. a big grievance all over the place. i find that quite fascinating. that they would know the name of the magazine all the way in syria. all these years later.
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>> syria and iraq is among the best connected places. you go to the circles. it is the most insulting thing that you can get. is this the new face of the threat in terrorism in western countries where you have instances of french born, western born muslim young men? generally speaking? traveling to the middle east and coming back with some operational knowledge. >> exactly. forming some cells. acting in small scale cells that can be easily destroyed. it is dead. there might be some other ones, totally independent that can strike tnl. the point is that france is
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extremely now weak to protect its own country. >> why is it weak to protect its own country? is it because of the sheer number of potential jihadi fighters coming back? >> yeah. we have a very toxic mix of basically lack of political will. 10% in france. it is a huge issue to touch the muslims in terms of debate. >> the big mistake that we can already point is that those people were not among the new comers that were popping up literally day by day. these people were well known, coming from structured sales. and this should have been monitored from the start. which is dating back for years. >> with our reporter there. paris is often referred to as the city of light. but the mood darkened this week and now the healing process begins. after the break, the homes and fears.
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people all around paris have been lining the streets and showing their support for charlie hebdo magazine. many are expressing their passion for freedom of expression but also their fears.
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>> because today it is very strange for all of us, the young people and everyone. because the targets of this attack were artists. they are aware, people who always fight for peace and for values that are very important for everyone. >> if i'm afraid about something, it is in which way everybody will understand what is up and it is not about a war. it is not a fight between people. >> what you see in the place. >> when i think about the people. i don't know how to describe this. i don't think there are people.
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