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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 11, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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0 0. welcome to our viewers joining us from the united states and around the world. you are watching cnn live coverage. i'm natalie allen. in a few hours up to 1 million people are expected to gather in the heart of paris. it's being called a unity march. a response to three days of terror that started with a massacre at a french satirical magazine. 1900 police and security personnel are on hand for the three kilometer walk. police are already on alert
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after word that terrorist sleeper cells may have been activated with orders to attack law enforcement. police have been ordered to stay alert with their weapons ready. they have been told to stay off social media. in addition to average citizens the unity march is attracting an impressive list of world leaders. let's go to paris now where preparations are well underway. isa suarez has the latest from the french capital. >> reporter: good morning. on my way in it was still dark this morning. you could see a lot of police on the streets and the barricades stacked and ready to go. there were some million plus people expected to take to the streets today in a show of unity and defiance. the message is that unity is the biggest weapon against the terrorism we have seen here this week. as you said natalie, as we have been saying there's going to be
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a lot of security. public transport will be free for those who want to come to the center of paris and protest and to really show make their mark on this unity march. you know the french police have a lot, a lot on their plate. not only have they got the million plus people they have so many dignitaries from around the world coming here in a show of support. let's take a look at those who will be coming here today in about five hours. that's when it kicks off, five hours, 3:00 p.m. local. we are expecting the u.k. prime minister prime minister david cameron, german chancellor angela merkel, king jordan abdallah netanyahu, as well as italy's prime minister the eu president and spanish spain's
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mariana. the list goes on. it is impressive. on top of that you have 14 interior ministers who have arrived and meeting in the next half hour to talk about security intelligence and how to tackle the rise of young fighters who are coming from syria and iraq. who are fighting jihad, how to tackle that. today it is all about not just a show of unity and defiance but all security measures. we have heard from france's interior minister. he was talking about the measures put in place to make sure the people feel safe when they take to the streets. take a listen. >> translator: 150 policemen in plain clothes will assure the security of the distinguished persons and there will be an attempt, there will be sharp shooters on the roof and drains will be inspected. >> the drains inspected, sharp
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shooters on the roof. there will be plain clothes police. we are told 1900 troops will be deployed throughout the city and they have been told they have been told to keep weapons on them at all times. they have also been told to stay away from social media because you and i and a lot of viewers know if you are on facebook or twitter f it is gps enabled it is easy to track where you are. one of those world leaders i was mentioning is prime minister david com cameron. he's already making his way here in the last 20 minutes or so. he had a tweet if you can bring it up so you can see it. he says i'm on my way to paris to march with the french people. the "charlie hebdo" murders will not crush our spirits or our values. it's wonderful to see the world with leaders will be here showing their support and solidarity with the attacks this week. natalie? >> you will be covering it for
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us and we look forward to seeing the video when this rally begins. thank you. authorities are trying to track down the companion of the man suspected in the attack on the kosher supermarket in paris. we have more on that and are joined live from paris. it is interesting. they thought at first this woman may have been part of the attacks. now it is unclear whether she was even there. >> reporter: that's just it. police had to really consider all of the options when these attacks first began. anybody who might be involved in carrying out and planning this attack. that means they have to look at every possibility and all possible accomplices. when amedy coulibaly gunned down four people and took hostages at the kosher supermarket police issued a warrant for his arrest and his partner suggesting she had been alongside her husband
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for the attack. police said she was armed and dangerous. france's public prosecutor linked the couple to the attackers of "charlie hebdo." >> translator: it appears from the investigation, especially from phone taps that his spouse called hayat boumeddiene that shows links between the couples. >> reporter: this is where they were living. a ten-minute drive to where amedy coulibaly is believed to have gunned down the police officer. police are still inside the apartment investigating. their names are clearly printed on their mailbox and armed police still stake out the apartment. photos of h hayat boumeddiene surfaced showing her armed with a cross bow. court records show she and her boyfriend met with a top al qaeda recruiter.
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now as the investigation widens it appears hayat boumeddiene was not in france at the time of the shooting. turkish officials say she arrived january 2nd in istanbul most likely destined for syria. french security forces agree. that's not the first dead end. initially police named three suspects in the "charlie hebdo" attack including an 18-year-old but friends insisted he was innocent in school at the time of the attack. more than 100 miles away. an alibi police later confirmed after he voluntarily turned himself in. on saturday he was released. french police cast a wide net to find the attackers but investigators are seeking answers from anyone who may have been involved in france or abroad including hayat boumeddiene. now as you can imagine, as that investigation continue s, there's also concern for security today.
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not only is that march happening, but inside of the kosher supermarket, where the attack took place, we know that amedy coulibaly made several calls urging friends to carry out more attacks. for that reason police have been put on very high alert today, told to carry their weapons with them at all times. just now we seen several more heavily armed police arrive with riot gear. this is very much a city on edge. natalie? >> certainly. even with this rally coming in a few hours, we understand the absolute tension in that city as well. we are also hearing word of some sort of attack on a german newspaper. what can you tell us about that? >> we are still getting details on that. it appears a newspaper in hamburg that decide to reprint some of the controversial cartoons of "charlie hebdo" has had some sort of an independent
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sunday incendiary thrown at the office. we don't have details yet but with it shows it is a concern, especially satirical magazines publishing these cartoons could be i subject to further attacks. it says this is a wider issue. how to address the concern from people who clearly want to still target these kinds of media. that we could see it not only in france but other cities across europe. >> all right. thank you. she was talking about the gunman who took over the kosher market. in a moment we will play audio from the moment. he spoke with the parls radio station about why he was doing what he did. we'll play that in a moment.
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terror suspect amedy coulibaly apparently took a call from a french radio station. the station said they called the score's land line as the hostage situation was unfolding. the station says the gunman took the call tried to hang up but the line stayed open. in a recording of what followed the gunman can be heard trying
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to justify his actions to his hostages.
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>> chilling there to hear him, and especially hearing that hostage who sat there trying to engage him and talk to him. let's bring in chair of the department of middle east study at the london school of economics. he's joining us live from london. thank you for joining us. i guess you are with us many times. i want to ask you listening there to amedy coulibaly, just before he was killed what's your take away from what he had to say and ending there with a quote from osama bin laden? >> there was nothing surprising about what he said. it is a template of grievances deeply held grievances by young muslim men who live in western
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societies, who believe the west is waging war against their culture, against their religion, against their identity. their deluded. they buy in to this utopian ideologies. the ideologies held by various groups that promise heaven heaven on effort that is the establishment -- that you die you also go to heaven. some charismatic recruiters like the yemeni american cleric killed by forces or osama bin laden. or the chief of isis or the so-called islamic states. the identity is conflicted even though they live in the heart of the west they feel that
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basically they have to defend their identity as muslims. and this conflict of identity basically sometimes takes the shape of joining militant groups like al qaeda and exacting vengeance against their own society, societies that embrace them and give them home here. >> so we have seen this coming. what happened in paris. >> yes. i mean this has been going on, as you know -- they have several ways as you know for your own viewers, it started with the end of the afghanistan war. the first way the afghan generation culminated in the attacks on the united states in 2001. this was the first way. then the second wave, the iraqi invasion the post 2003 wave after the united states went in to iraq and destroyed the government and helped establish a new government. again, a new generation of young
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muslims went to iraq to fight the united states. now what we have is the syrian generation as a result of the syrian war. you have between 2500 and 3,000 young muslim men from the heart of europe, including the united states as you know. so these men, who basically have a conflict of identity disadvantaged, they live on the fringe of european and western societies, what these militant groups like al qaeda or isis give them a bigger purpose in life. important identity. and we are seeing that where he himself -- he said he swore loyalty to isis the so-called islamic state. these men, like him, have joining various ways and the reality is this ideology. the ideology of jihadism or al qaeda has found home among small segment of muslim men, even in the united states. >> what voices need to be heard
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right now? people are taking to the streets in paris. we have benjamin machine netanyahu, angela merkel king of jordan they are coming to paris. what voices need to be heard as far as the world stage and the west and what voices from the muslim community to try and overcome take over these voices of fanaticism? >> i mean this is -- you are really asking a question that flies at the heart of how do you deal, how do you tackle how do you preempt, how do you deny this ideology, the ideology. there are no easy solutions. these men, whether you talk about the two brothers, cherif and said they are revolting against the societies and communities but against their
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parents. in my interviews over the years one lessons i have learned is most of the parents the close-knit families do not know about their own children point one. point two, when we say what can be done this is complicated. you need different tools. you need a broad coalition. in france a, there's win particular point now it is a march of unity. that's the way to go. it is against racism it is against terrorism. you bring in all as opposed to saying oh look. this is part of what islamic religion or islamic culture, political islam and what have you. you need a broad coalition of all kind of societial aspects in order to come together to try to isolate and minimize and ge besiege this ideology that has taken some roots in some small segments -- not just in western
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societies. i mean when we say 2500, 3,000 western men we are talking about 15,000 fighters are coming from saudi arabia jordan lebanon, this is a very, very serious phenomenon that will have implications to come probably a decade to come until the so-called syrian end. >> it started in '99 and we have a ways to go to tamp this down after so much has happened. we appreciate your incites as always. thank you. next here, boko haram reportedly steps up its violence in two separate attacks in nigeria. one of them involving a little girl is chilling.
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another islamic militant group carried out a massacre in northern nigeria on a horrific scale. reports say boko haram militants have destroyed the town of baga and nearby towns burning some 0 to the ground and killing hundreds possibly thousands of people officials say boko haram is likely behind the assault of a young girl. we are joined live with the
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latest from johanns in aesburg. it has added up to terrible losses for the "people" who live in the region of nigeria. >> absolutely. let's start with the latest which was saturday for a market in the regional capital of borno state where a 10-year-old girl had explosives strapped around her waist and they were detonated as she was trying to get in to the market at these controls which had been set up to screen people going in and out of the market. there have been four attacks since july of last year in that a market. the local vigilante groups who control the check points say they believe that this device was remotely detonated by someone watching the girl as she went in. it is possible she had no idea
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what this was that was strapped to her chest. any way n that attack 20 people at least, lost their lives according to though police, scores more injured. it pails in to insignificance almost when you look at the numbers of people who were possibly killed over the last week since january 3rd. as many -- some reports say, as 2,000 people killed in a wave of attacks on the town of baga and surrounding villages. apparently there are bodies still littering the ground. security forces haven't been able to go in there to make a proper assessment a head count of the dead. refugees have fled. there are some 1,000 refugees according to the unhcr, stranded on the island of lake chad an economic point along the border of chad and nigeria and key trading post there. thousand refugees on this island in lake chad.
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7,000 more have fled in to chad itself in to western chad and 20,000 people have fled south toward maiduguri the regional capital. there was a military base there where niger and chad had troops but they pulled out toward the end of last year leaving nigerian military in control and they had no effect whatsoever in trying to stop the boko haram militants from storming the town and elsewhere. in the nigerian military says has put out a statement, saying it is taking on boko haram forces in baga but according to refugees they say they didn't see a single soldier on the streets. it is very difficult to find out what is going on there because of the security situation, very, very dangerous. this of course all comes not three weeks before the nigerian
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presidential elections set for february 14th. natalie? >> just unone horrific story after another about boko haram. somehow continues to carry on and is well armed to do that. thank you, diana for us. as we mentioned an enormous crowd expected to walk through the heart of paris in a few hours. ahead the high expectations of the million-american unity march. blam
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. welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world with. i'm natalie allen.
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you are watching cnn continuing live coverage. we are following the news out of paris after multiple acts of terror this past week. today, as many as 1 million people are expected to march in a unity rally in the french capital. officials say they are taking extra security precautions, as you can well imagine. that will include snipers and plain clothes officers. france's interior minister will meet with world leaders to discuss the resent cents and official says terrorist sleeper cells have been awakened in the last 24 hours and they warn law enforcement to stay vigilant. for more let's turn to cnn isa soares. she is live in the french capital has you have been for several hours setting up what we expect today and it is not just people taking to the streets but many world leaders have come as well to show their unity. isa? >>. >> absolutely. it is a show of force and unity and also a show of defiance.
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in less than five hours from now more than a million people are expected to take to the streets to protest what has happened here. in the last week or so both "charlie hebdo" and also at the store, incident we saw on friday. french police are not taking any chances. they are not taking any risks. they have got every aspect covered. on my way in this morning it was still very dark i could tell you i saw already a lot of police on the street. i saw a lot of security. so clearly, we know they are taking it seriously. we know 1900 police officers are deployed. that number came from the french interior minister. we know there will be snipers on the roof. in fact you are looking at some of those pictures of the preparations underway on the screen. snipers will be on the roof, as i was saying. there will be plain clothes
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policemen and policemen have been told to carry guns with them at all times and also to switch off, stay away from social media. as you and i know gps is enabled in twitter and facebook and they can track you. despite those security concerns and despite the fear we have seen here this week many people will take to the street. public transport is free. we are expecting million plus people to take to the street. it is a sunny day but rather cold. as long as it doesn't rain i think you shall see full force of unity here in france. natalie? >> that will be good to see. you have been reporting in the past week of this terror the fear that went out through paris and france. what have you been hearing from the people as you have talked with individuals who were near that grocery store and just about their business in paris
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about what took place this week? >> yeah having been here and seen events unfold, it's gone from a mood of fear anxiety, sadness to one of unity and it is great to see, despite given the fact this has happened, the pargs parisians are not angry. you are not seeing that at all. it is really a show of unity and defiance. we have seen plaque cads je suis "charlie hebdo." i am a jew. it is great to see all aspects of french society coming together. yesterday when i was standing outside of the kosher store there was a moving moment from religious leaders walking hand by hand side by side with flowers saying je suis charlie. we have seen people taking to the streets in huge amounts of
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numbers. it has been absolutely amazing to see these numbers, these large crowds and also really thinking of of everyone who has died not only "charlie hebdo," but the four individuals, four civilians who died at the kosher store. i think today we will see perhaps a march that is done in silence, but one that will no doubt be very defiant. >> it will be nice to see them come together. i want to point out there was a muslim who worked in that kosher store that really helped police with texting. put an end to that situation. thank you so much isa soares. we will certainly cover that rally. we are learning more about said and cherif kouachi. we look at the brothers and their apparent journey to jihad. >> reporter: around a decade ago
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in the 19th district of paris, two orphaned brothers begin their journey to so-called jihad, said and cherif's path seem to have differed. little is known about said other than the travelled to yemen meeting terror groups there. cherif went from rap loving hipster to radical. this video was made in 2004. not long after, his life changed course. it was at this mosque. now under reconstruction. he met and studied under extremist who recruited him as a foreign fighter. cherif is said to have trained for his mission in iraq in this park jogging and building up his strength but he never made it. he was arrested and convicted as he was trying to leave france to fight in iraq. but despite links that later
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emerged cher cherif was released for time served and fell off the intelligence radar. this main stream mosque in northern paris is where cherif last wore shir shipped with 2300s. he wasn't even among those particularly devout. for the big prayers an events he preferred to come here one representative says. five minutes away cherif's residence. this building apartment 143, the one neighbor who answered the floor in no mood to talk few are. >> another resident who lived on the third floor did not want to appear on camera but he said he saw cherif on a number of occasions with his wife and she was dressed in the full islamic gash with only her eyes showing. on a few occasions he heard loud voices if from the apartment.
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>> reporter: at the shop down the block they said they were shocked when they saw his picture on tv, describing him as polite kpiblting no signs of radical views. one man remembers him helping elderly women with their groceries. the brothers are the exact kind of jihadis western intelligence fears. one that doesn't look or act like the stereo typical terrorist, perfectly concealing a murderous mind. cnn, paris. >> again, france remains at a heightened security alert level today as we learn from a police source that terror cells may have been activated in the country. earlier, our jim skew toe sciutto asked if they could pose a legitimate threat. >> we have seen varying incidents of people going from
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syria to france. the largest who travelled to the syrian conflict them british government estimates 700 have gone. not clear which groups they have joined. i saw in today's "new york times" an estimate of 1,000 to ,000. the point is that is a very large number. as you have been reporting, jim over the last couple of days for each one -- in the case of these suspects, you have 20 individuals that will need to monitor a particular individual. [ inaudible ] people deemed to be dangerous because of a large group of people who have gone to syria, including it seems now -- people who pulled off the "charlie hebdo" attack. it is basically, i think, an almost impossible thing to do. it is somewhat simplified by social media, electronic surveillance.
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you don't have to monitor physically all of the people and presume you have phone numbers and e-mail accounts and that sort of stuff. it makes it easier but it is impossible to look at everybody who might be a suspect. >> a number of tightened security measures are planned for the rally as we mentioned and they believe the march maybe a target if sleeper cells in the area are active. >> the difficulty of course now is that after the incidents of this week many french people want to come out in defiance. as we have seen with all of the rallies and marches and parades. they want to show the terrorists they are unafraid and unbowed and you can understand that impulse, the determination to noe show they will not be frightened in to locking, staying behind locked doors. at the same time you have a heightened risk. for security this is a difficult moment where where if the cells
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we sat down to eleven the difference between islam and islamism. >> islam, i'm a muslim and i follow islam. it is a spiritual, a code that we follow about praying, charity, fasting, maybe visiting mecca if we have enough means. islamism is a man made 20th century construct. it is politically totalitarian in ideology and at the center is vehement terrorist jihadism. it's not any kind of jihad that might be written about in the koran, and it has centrally deep anti-semitic intent. they regard islamists, jews or anything of jewish identity, jewelry, israel judaism as a cosmic enemy. and hezbollah subscribes to that. let's not forget they launch adwar in the northern border of
1:46 am
israel in 2006 and they anticipate a future war with the same ideology. it is laughable they would make a comment. >> hezbollah is trying to differ itself from fwhapd france. >> they are an islamist movement and iran is a islamist so pseudo -- it is a proponent of a lot of violence. islamism came out of 20th century egypt in 1928. it has all of these qualities that i have talked about. it was not -- it's not constructed from islamic doctrine revealed doctrine. it is man made. >> yet many people struggle to make the distinction that you are making. >> yes. >> how do they do that in a way to better understand what is going on? >> first of all, i think you are doing the initial steps, which is we are having a conversation
1:47 am
about islamism versus islam. just as at the beginning of the post 9/11 era there was difficulty understanding shia and sunny. similarly we are in an era where people cannot understand that islamism is not true islam. we are enabling that confusion. i'm talking about the united states western democracies by not exposing islamism. the way we can dib distinguish it is learn -- scientists have written about islamism and explained the differences. much of the scholarship out of the muslim world by muslim scholars. >> searching for understanding is the key here. to wrap around what we talked about at the beginning. the head of hezbollah saying terrorists have damaged terrorists more than cartoons. >> i see. he is obviously not considering himself a subscriber to a terrorist ideology. >> someone would look at that
1:48 am
and say that's rich. >> their ideology inspires and practices terrorist actions. >> you don't differentiate. >> i don't. i think -- there have been terrible barbaric outcomes because of isis which we recognize to be jihadist and islamists but one of the worst outcomes of isis existence is it makes groups appear legitimate because they fall short of a degree of barbarity. >> we are hours away from a million people march. a rally for the people of paris to come together and support one another after the events of this week which we will recap for you after this.
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three day s of terror attacks in and around paris have ended with 17 innocent lives lost and three terrorists killed. here's jim sciutto on what has been a horrific week with for france. >> reporter: during this ordeal i assure you we will get out even stronger. long live the republic long live france a call for unity by president hollande after three days of terror rock france. 17 people dead two sieges a country in mourning. it began on wednesday, two armed gunmen stormed the offices of "charlie hebdo" in paris.
1:52 am
this amateur video taken of the attackers as they fled just shortly before noon. they escaped by car, stopping to execute a police officer laying on the sidewalk begging for his life. when it was over 12 would be dead and the suspects on the loose. as police descend on the crime scene, they find an a i.d. card belonging to one of the gunman that and their abandoned getaway car. the starting point in what would be an unprecedented national manhunt. 80,000 french police and military join an all-out search for two brothers, cherif and said kouachi. news of the attack spreads and the world responds in solidarity on soishl media. je suis charlie, i am charlie goes viral in numerous languages and across france thousands gather to condemn the attack and mourn the victims. president hollande raises the country's terror alert to the
1:53 am
highest level. on thursday more terror as a policewoman is shot dead in a paris suburb. it would later emerge her killer was connected to the "charlie hebdo" suspects. heavily armed french commandos move though countryside searching iffer the brothers. a gas station attendant reportedly said he was threatened by the brothers stealing gas and food and then driving off. police set up check points as air and ground searches are concentrated in a wooden area some area tens of thousands of acres large. the two brothers take refuge in a print shop. heavily armed police put the town on lockdown. residents told to stay inside. children in nearby schools shelter if place. police surround and negotiate the brothers who vow to die as martyrs. three hours later, another siege
1:54 am
in east paris. amedy coulibaly suspected in the killing of the policewoman holds a dozen people hostage at a kosher supermarket. >> as soon as he got inside he started shooting. he scared i us because he told us i'm not afraid to die. >> reporter: several hours later, explosions and smoke. a move by security forces to storm the print shop ended with two brothers dead and minutes later, back in east paris, police stormed the grocery store in an attempt to free the hostages. amedy coulibaly dies in that attack. 15 hostages make it out alive, four do not. investigators still trying to piece together the web of connections between the suspects and after more than three days of terror on french streets, the country begins mourning the loss of those killed and tries to cope with the shock of what happened. jim sciutto, cnn, paris. those gunmen obviously did
1:55 am
very little to quell the voices of "charlie hebdo." they held their first meeting since wednesday's massacre. already it was an emotional moment as you can imagine for the team as they discussed plans for the next issue due out on wednesday. they said they just wanted to get back to work. >> we are also here to work. we are going to forget about the craziness outside of this room. we are going to forget about the video cameras. we are simply going to work on our next issue. those who are here will make it work. >> and now their next issue will be much larger. 1 million copies of the next edition will be published compared to the magazine's usual 60,000 per week. authorities in paris are expecting up to 1 million people as we have been saying on the streets today for that massive unity march that's happening in just a few hours. world leaders converging on the city to show their support as well. you can watch coverage of the paris unity march as it happens
1:56 am
right here on cnn. the rally begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. that's 3:00 p.m. local time in paris. of course, you can always keep up with the developments on our website. just simply head to you will find much of our extensive reporting from the ground in paris and learn how you can get involved in the global conversation. again, thank you so much for watching. i'm natalie allen in atlanta. stay with us for continuing coverage on the paris attacks and today's peace rally. we'll return to our team there and my colleague is joining you for that in just a moment. you are watching cnn.
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm robyn curnow. a massive display of defiance is coming together. a response to that massacre and manhunt that began wednesday. in just a few hours up to a million people are expected to walk a three-kilometer route through the heart of paris calling it a unity march. government ministers from 14 countries are meeting right now ahead of that march and they're discussing the global forthreat. meanwhile, police in paris say terror sleeper cells have been activated and intend to target