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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  January 11, 2015 3:00am-5:01am PST

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france on high alert. details of a new attack. >> and warnings about the terrorists. why did authorities drop them from the radar? >> all this is happening as close to a million people start to gather in paris for a massive unity rally. >> we want to say good morning and welcome all of you here in the united states as well as around the world. we're so grateful for your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. let's go live to paris and jake tapper. he's where the rally will begin in a few hours. jake? >> reporter: hello, chrissy and
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victor n three hours, up to a million people if not more are expected to join if a massive unity march in paris. it begins where i am at this sp spot. dozens of world leaders are coming to paris to walk alongside french president and they include the german chancellor, palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas, russian foreign minister and turkey's prime minister all expected to be here. so are israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and jordan's king abdullah. security, of course, will be very, very tight. a french police source tells cnn that terror sleeper cells have been activated in the last 24 hours in france. obviously, something, some information of grave, grave
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concern. french officials are planning to use what they're calling exceptional measures to protect everyone. thousands of police officers have formed, plain clothed, detectives, all being deployed across the french capital. french snipers, anti-terrorism officers stationed along the route. law enforcement enforcement officers are ordered to erase all their social media presence. they also must keep their weapons at hand at all times. that is not standard operating procedure here in france to have weapons on you at all times. the french police woman killed on thursday did not have a gun with her is my understanding. let's bring in cnn's reporter who is also here in paris. there were top level minute steeral talks here in paris ahead of today's march planning
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for it, talking about going forward. who was there? what did they discuss? >> reporter: good morning, jake. those meetings are still underway. gathered around 10:30. they've been meeting for about an hour or so now. it's really mostly foreign ministers. about 14 foreign ministers and u.s. attorney eric holder all meeting. and they're all talking about one subject and that really is discussing counter-terrorism, how to tackle that. alongside that topic, we're also hearing, they're talking about how to tackle foreign fighters in europe. so those fighters were leaving to go young fighters were going to go to really to fight the middle east. there are about 600 young men have left france waging war, jihad really and then coming back. those are the concerns. they'll be discussing about the topics and it will be what
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happens once they're here? because we've seen this week, jake, they come prepared. you know, they have weapons training from the two brothers kouachi brothers were trained in yemen. they are also very organized. and obviously the tactics all very important. these are all questions they'll be discussing. and alongside us, jake, the question of how do you talk? how do you counter this without uprising the muslim community and creating an environment of islam phobia. let's take a listen very quickly to what -- go ahead, jake. >> no, go ahead. i want to hear. >> i was going to say today what we have the attorney general eric holder is here. also representing the united states we have the u.s. ambassador to france. she's here. she is actually jane hartley.
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i want to take a snippet of what she said. they said as we pause to mourn the loss of life, i'm reminded how the people of france show their support to us in aftermath of 9/11. so a lot of support from world leaders. alongside that, obviously concern over security. the french government says they have a handle on this. take a listen to what the foreign minister had to say. >> translator: 150 policemen in plain clothes will assure the security of the distinguished persons and there will be an attempt. there will be sharp shooters on the roof and the drains will be inspected. >> so not taking any risks. sharp shooters everywhere. i came in this morning, there was already a lot of security. so i think we'll see a show of unity, a show of force not just from world leaders but from pretty much everyone coming in today to be alongside all those who lost their lives, jake.
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>> all right. obviously, everyone here hoping and praying that will be a peaceful event. thank you so much. america's top diplomat says that no act of terror will stop the march of freedom venl. john kerry is in india right now. he says they will stand together with the people of france not just in anger and outrage, but in solidarity and commitment in confronting extremism and in the cause that extremists fear so much and that has always united our country's freedom. we also want to tell you about an arson attack at the offices of a german newspaper in hamburg. police say an incendiary device was thrown at the building setting the archive section on fire. fortunately, no one was inside the building when the attack happened earlier today.
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the hamburg post had reprinted the charlie hebdo cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed after wednesday's deadly shootings in paris. police are investigating to see if the two are related. we now have reports that the fourth victim was perhaps not in france during the terror attacks. unlike what police initially believed. she is now believed to have arrived in istanbul in, turkey, on a flight from madrid, spain. she was reportedly last seen in an area near the turkey-syria border. let's bring in our cnn military analyst to talk about this. general marks, thanks so much for being here. french officials appear not to have known that boumeddiene was
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not involved z this suggest a failure of intelligence at the very least? >> no. not at all. thanks for your coverage and good morning you to. no, what it really tells you is that french intelligence knew immediately of her association with this group of terrorists. that's good news. the fact that there was not immediate forensic evidence of her presence in any one of these particular incidence or at least there is a supposition she was not there is simply after the fact. so the good news is they knew about her. they were immediately into the network and into the enterprise of all their associations and she immediately popped up as hot. so that's good news. >> so better to have too much information than not enough, i guess. better to think this individual, if she's with this person if, this person carried out a terrorist attack, she's likely there better to overbelieve that somebody is there than lack the
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information, i suppose. >> yeah, absolutely. what allows you to do is immediately you now thickened this enterprise of associations and how it works and what those linkages are. so, again, if this can come up and you start to paint the picture, she comes up as one of the very key figures. good news now is you're into what her enterprise and her associations look like. so, jake this is really good news. and they put it together as we go forward. there is an absolute certainty that there's a lot that we don't know right now that the intelligence officials do. >> all right. i should also point out, general, turkish officials are saying that french intelligence did not pass on information on hayat boumeddiene until more
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recently. >> yeah, that's a problem. the challenge we have is that the intelligence enterprises in different nations tend to be organized somewhat differently. france just in the past couple years took their analytical arm and their collection arm and nested them together underneath their ministry of interior. now that's a design that kind of exists in many places throughout europe. it's different from how we do it in the united states. so turkish intelligence and france should be working well together not only through the european union but through their affiliations and associations that they both have within nato. so the fact that that intelligence was not physically passed is one thing. the second thing is that turkish might have been able to pull that intelligence without getting it directly. in other words, there's a sharing mechanism that exists that could have been used to give the turkish or the turkish could have probably been able to have better clarity on what that picture looks like and her specifically. >> just very interesting all the information that is now coming
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out about boumeddiene, where she was and return ticket and the information that french officials were not sharing with the public until now. general spider marks, thank you so much. the fourth terrorist suspect on the run. what are french officials doing to find her? last known to be at the syrian-turkish border. we'll have details of that hunt. plus, the rantings of a terrorist. new audio recordings offer a chilling look at a terrorist explaining his crimes to his captives, accidentally recorded. we'll have that for you just ahead.
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welcome back to cnn's coverage of the unity march in taker is. i'm right here where the march will begin. it will go down to the place national. many people are here to march in solidarity. the french president and benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, mahmoud abad, tabad
3:15 am
bass -- mahmoud abbas and a massive crowd of a million people or more all marching hopefully in harmony. there is intense french security, fear on the ground in the buildings above the french snipers and french intelligence warning that sleeper cells -- [ no audio ] go to our reporter out amongst the crowd talking to some of the people about why they are here, what brought them out on this beautiful day to march alongside their fellow frenchmen and french women. are you there? >> i'm actually at the site of one of the attacks of that kosher supermarket. as you can see, there is a make shift memorial here that is just growing by the minute. people keep streaming here to put down flowers and light candles.
3:16 am
it really is people from across different sections of the paris community have been coming here to show their support for the victims of the attack and to condemn the attacks as they happen. now we've also had just now a visit by the head of the jewish home party from israel. a very well known right-wing figure. he came here to shake hands with members of the jewish community. he actually went near the market checking out some of the bullet holes and what's left of the attack. so as you can see, people have had this outpouring of emotion here. you can see a number of signs that say i am jewish. it really just goes to show how this is united the communities here in paris. people want to come out today to show not only that they remember the victims but that they support all of those who have
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been affected by these attacks and utterly condemn the violent killings as they happened here on the streets of paris. >> a couple remarkable stories that have come from that horrific incident at the kosher supermarket. one, anicdotally we're told, and it's a story relaid to the prime minister of israel who also shared it with reporters. we're told that one of the four jewish men killed on friday was killed when he tried to rest the gun away from the terrorist. a remarkable story. then there is the story of the muslim immigrant, the young man from mally who helped 15 of the shoppers at this kosher market and took risks himself to staep and bring people with him also harolded as a hero just very
3:18 am
interesting and telling that in all this terrorism, you have a jewish hero and a muslim hero emerging from this horrific act of islamic extremist violence. >> exactly. we've seen some extraordinary stories coming out of this. everybody tried to run for cover. he actually helped them get into a refrigerated room for storage inside the kosher supermarket. and then they were told if they didn't come out, they would all be killed. he actually told the gunman there is nobody left down stairs. that's what police believe saved many of those trapped inside. so there's some extraordinary stories that are coming out. i think it's important to remember that not only are we seeing, you know, a number of people with the stories, but also many of the victims are
3:19 am
cross section of society here in paris. you know, we have, of course, the muslim policemen who was gunned down in front of charlie hebdo. that is support of him and his family. we have the jewish victims that were here, of course. and we have the police woman, you know, just a regular sort of police woman who was gunned down by kouachi. >> thank you so much. we'll come back to you in a little bit. i want to go right now to samuel lee on. he is an expert on counter terrorism and terrorist extremists in this part of the world. good morning to you. thank you for being here. i guess the first question i have for you is we're being told by the french government and french intelligence authorities that a sleeper cell, they --
3:20 am
[ no audio ] -- how sure are they of that warning? >> one more time? >> actually, yes. sleeper cells have been activated a couple days ago. this is something to which the policemen has been briefed. actually, we're not sure of the number of people involved. the only thing we know some calls made during last hours of his life have been traced in and indicates that he gave some instruction to other people. the positive sign, as i was saying previously, is that obviously these calls are traced and those people are most likely identified and already on the spot. so, therefore, police and security forces are on their way to act and probably to neutralize them before they start action and are being able
3:21 am
to target some policemen in france. >> so this is information known from that phone call that the terrorist that attacked the kosher supermarket. he put down the phone. it is after talking to the french television station, i believe. it stayed on. he didn't hang it up. and they heard him talking on the phone to other people and other witnesses heard him talking on the phone to other people at a separate time active ating the sleeper cells. that is where this information comes from, you believe? >> well, actually, he passed phone calls even prior to the hostage taking. and there was like a consensus in which the operations would start and i'm talking about charlie hebdo and also the killings of french policemen, police woman and then hostage ag and then other cells were
3:22 am
deactivated. those phone calls, because we don't know what is said during them, were seen as confirmation. actually, the subdirectory, director of terrorism in france has been warned and is currently working on that and trying to track them and make sure that no policemen can be targetted in the short term. >> all right. samuel, thank you so much. appreciate your time. victor and christie in atlanta, back to you. >> still to come, police say the unthinkable happened when a 10-year-old girl walked into a crowded market strapped with explosives in nigeria. we'll tell you more about this. we come by almost every day to deliver your mail so if you have any packages you want to return you should just give them to us i mean, we're going to be there anyway why don't you just leave it for us to pick up? or you could always get in your car and take it back yourself yeah, us picking it up is probably your easiest option it's kind of a no brainer
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ok, well, good talk
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breaking news coming from nigeria, a 10-year-old girl strapped with explosives detonated at a busy nigerian market. >> this attack happened yesterday. it lies in the heart of the insurgency. the explosives strapped to the girl detonated near the main entrance. is this unprecedented? we've seen some attacks in the past. but a 10-year-old girl wearing these explosives?
3:26 am
>> shocking, isn't it? it does seem to be a new tactic to use children, a child as young as 10. we've actually seen the taliban use child suicide bombers in afghanistan in the last few years. but this certainly does appear to be the first time that the nigerian militant group has strappediv explosives to a child. this group that is running the checks of people going into that market and doing the metal detection, say they believe that she may not even have known that this device, what this device was that was strapped to her. and it was probably detonate red motely. but it did cause a great deal of damage, 20 people killed. and this follows a week of gruesome violence. the estimates of the dead is a result of a rampage that boca haram made in this town and the
3:27 am
surrounding towns. the estimate of the numbers of dead has gone as high as possibly 2,000, victor. >> is there any indication that we might know who that child was? are there fears it might have been one of the children that they had kidnapped? >> there's no intelligence yet as to who this girl was. we're hearing that she was so badly damaged, ripped apart as a result of the blast that it was really quite difficult to detect anything beyond her -- beyond the fact she was a very young girl. but it is very possible she is one of the hundreds of children that had been kidnapped, abducted by boko haram in the rampages over the last months. >> diane, we appreciate it so much. thank you. coming up hours from now, up to a million people are expected to fill the streets of paris. you see some of them here ahead of today's national unity march.
3:28 am
we're going to take you there live and talk about the enhanced security preparation lrz under way. plus, shaken and on edge, this morning the jewish community is trying to recover from that kosher grocery store attack. here's the big question, could it happen again? well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem, your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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3:32 am
the world. a german chancellor afrpg ngela merkel and the president president, the prime minister there. they're wrapping up for the events. more than 2,000 officers will be deployed in the city streets. >> we know police snipers, anti-terror officers will be in place as well. in the meantime, french law enforcement officers are being told erase your social media presence. carry your weapons with you at all times. this is a grim reminder that the threat still exists and a source now telling cnn terror sleeper cells are activated there in france. we want to take through with jake tapper who is in paris now. good morning, jake. i want to take you to where the unity march will begin. obviously, this is meant to be a
3:33 am
warm embrace of individuals for their fellow french citizens as well as you mentioned all the world leaders coming here to express solidarity. there is intense security. and people are a bit nervous, i have to say. this has been, of course, a city, a country since last wednesday on edge. and perhaps no more people are no more on edge than the jewish community here. obviously that attack on the kosher supermarket has many members of the jewish community here in france very, very worried. >> we now know the names of the four people murdered during the attack on a kosher grocery store. during the standoff, we spoke to a french television journalist
3:34 am
and he said he went to the kosher market for a specific reason. >> translator: he explains yes targetted the kosher market. he said it's because his target was jewish people. >> reporter: that kint of anti-semitism has france's jewish community on edge. this weekend paris' land mark grand synagogue closed doors for the first time since world war ii. >> i was really upset when i heard about this. it is difficult. there are a lot of people going there, of course, all the time. >> reporter: but last night at least 1,000 people braved the cold and rain to show solidarity are france's jewish community, gathering outside the market that was the screen of the ugly hostage standoff. >> we are not going to stop going to kosher restaurants and kosher groceries.
3:35 am
we're going to maintain our jewishness and our freedom and we're not giving up to violence. of course, some people may decide to leave france as some have already done which is understandable. >> reporter: this man is a leader of the jewish community here in france and has spoken with some of the hostages who survived. >> i've spoken to some of the survivors, yes. they are traumatized. it's very tense situation to have gone through. but tsz evit's even worse for t families of the four men that died. >> reporter: anti-semitism is on the rise across europe and felt here if france. last year a number of jews left france and moved to israel. ♪ those who remain mourn alongside
3:36 am
all of france, trying to come together during this tragedy born from division. and i'm joined right now by the vice president of representative council for jewish institutions in france. thank you so much for being here. our condolences for the losses of the members of the jewish community and recent days. i guess the first question i have for you is do jews in france feel under siege? not just in the last week but in general? >> you know, we have the feeling as a jewish community in france to be in the middle of the battlefront between democracy and the jihadists. and jewish grocery was tacked to two days ago. but it was not the first time that jewish targets were targeted over the last years. i want to remind you about the attack of the jewish two years ago.
3:37 am
but today, we are united with the world french society to show that all the victims of the victims of the attacks and we know we have to be united together for this mourning. >> explain for our viewers in the united states and around the world what is the significance of that grand paris synagogue closing and not having sabbath services friday night for the first time since world war ii, since the holocaust? >> yes, this very symbolic event. we have to say that the police are in a moment of panic decided to close the synagogues. not all are closed, of course, but the big synagogue was closed friday night. we have now given instructions to all the jewish leaders, leaders of the jewish schools to open all the jewish institutions in the next days, next weeks,
3:38 am
months. we will not accept that we have to close any jewish activity due to terror. this is very important to say that we will not give this victory to the terrorists. >> and we heard of two heroes at the kosher supermarket. one of them -- one of the jewish men that was killed, he was killed when he tried to confront the terrorist. he tried to get his gun. coulibaly killed him. and they got 15 people and hid them from the attackers. there seems to be some symbolism in that. that we have this horrific terrorist attack and yet there are two heroes, a jew and a muslim. >> yes. this shows it's not a clash between civilization, it's a clash again people that want democracy and human rights and want to live together and people with hate, with violence.
3:39 am
and this is very important. all the people who want to defend democracy have to be here today during the march in france in order to show that we need to defend this common value. >> all right. thank you so much. we appreciate your time. best of luck and hope you have a peaceful day not just today this unity rally but also going forward in france. thank you so much. please stay with cnn for our continuing coverage of this unity rally in paris where world leaders from netanyahu to mahmoud abbas to angela merkel to david cameron will all be marching in solidarity with the people of france. we'll be right back after this. (woman) caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr® to his current treatment for moderate
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it is a chilling look into the mind of a terrorist. at the kosher supermarket terrorist siege when he was on the phone with a local radio station, rtl radio france, amedy
3:43 am
coulibaly forgot to turn off the phone. the terrorist later killed by french police was talking to his hostages and telling them what he thought about what he was doing and why. take a listen.
3:44 am
3:45 am
>> the chilling words of amedy coulibaly who was killed in the kosher supermarket after killing four innocent french citizens, all of whom were jewish men. i want to bring in the cnn law enforcement analyst and a former fbi assistant director to talk about this. tom, your reaction to this audio
3:46 am
of this terrorist discussing why he thinks -- a number of things, really. but he started off talking about taxes, how the people there were responsible, the french hostages, the innocent citizens that he was kidnapping and that the four of whom he killed were responsible because they paid taxes and that tax money funded the french military which in his view kills innocent muslims. >> jake, my first reaction was that this is your typical jihady rant or what they view as justification. and they always come up with some rationalization why they kill innocent people, men, women and children or why they enslave girls to be brides or war brides for their soldiers or why they do all the various things they do. and i think that, you know, citing taxpayers as the reason that anybody is fair game to kill is just one more extension
3:47 am
of what they're already taking a saying all the time. >> he also said that the citizens of france could come together and refuse to pay taxes. i didn't completely follow his train of thought. but either refuse to pay taxes or stop french military intervention and muslim countries in the same way that french citizens came together in solidarity with charlie hebdo. that was an interesting and twisted observation by him. >> right, jake. one of the main purposes of terrorism is to intimidate the people, intimidate the government of the people to alter policies or do something differently. and, you know, we always say we're not going to give in. but if you recall in march of 2004 the tremendous al qaeda attack and the train station in madrid and the later gun battle, it was in protest that the
3:48 am
spanish, you know, to keep the spanish out of the coalition and change their policies. and so, you know, it has an infect. it has an effect on elections later on and can go the way they want it or it can go even more extreme in a different direction. so in this case, when the french have their next elections, they want a government that cracks down even harder, that's even more stringent which is one thing the terrorist want. they want an overreaction by the government. or will the government back off and, what, pull out of being in the coalition, stop sending troops to mali, for example, and africa to fight terrorist organizations there? you know, it will remain to be seen what the french do in the long run and what their reaction is and what the western world's reaction is. but that's the idea of terrorism, to get governments to change their policies and people to change their support for those government policies.
3:49 am
>> well, it is early, the initial reaction by the people of france seems to be completely in solidarity with the people of charlie hebdo and the people of the kosher supermarket. and behind me you see this massive unity rally. so it does not appear that the terrorists have won in any sense of the word. tom fuentes, thank you so much. i appreciate your time. we're going to have more coverage of this unity rally which is expected to be massive, at least a million people, world leaders ranging from benjamin netanyahu to angela merkel to mahmoud abbas. stay with us. cnn will continue to cover this incredibly important event. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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welcome back. i'm jake tapper in paris at the
3:53 am
plaza de la republic. can you hear the kroundz behicr me. there is a chant going on, you might have heard it during the previous block whether the leaders of the chant say who are you? and the crowd yells back, charlie. obviously an expression of solidarity with the slain cartoonists and staff members of the french magazine charlie hebdo who were so viciously tacked by terrorists on wednesday. sending off a cascading of events including four other innocent people killed in a kosher supermarket in paris on friday, a police woman, a french police woman murdered in cold blod blood on thursday. all told, 17 innocent victims so far and three dead terrorists. i want to tell you also about some breaking news we have about
3:54 am
a video released by the terrorist group isis. it purports to show one of the three dead terrorists. this one is amedy coulibaly. displaying his weapons and pledging allegiance to the leader of isis. we'll have more for you as that develops. but we can report that isis has released this video showing one of the terrorists here pledging allegian allegian allegiance. this is unprecedented in the sense that the other two taker ists, the kouachi brothers were said to be linked with al qaeda. and up until this week, this last week there has been no known collusion between these terrorist groups, between isis and al qaeda. in fact, there had been
3:55 am
reportedly some tensions between the groups because al qaeda did not like some of the methods that isis would display, especially when it came to the public slaughtering of fellow muslims. but now, and it's unclear whether or not it's because just freelancers working together or something larger, whether now it appears that isis and al qaeda are working together. we'll have much more on this rally and the continued developments in this investigation, into the terrorist attacks coming up right after this break.
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
you're looking at live pictures there of paris. we are two hours away from this unity march beginning and look
3:59 am
at the plethora of peopwaving t flags in solidarity against terrorism. >> we'll chem back back there i just a moment. we want to look at other stories developing now. a few days away, that's how much the chief investigators say it will likely toy to find the black boxes from the crash of airasia flight 8 8501. they lifted the tail section of the plane from the java sea yesterday but the black boxes were not inside. they're hoping the pings heard nearby will lead them to the flight data and the cockpit voice recorders. >> also, senators john mccain and lindsey gram say the investigation into former cia director david petraeus was grievously mishandled. just department prosecutors recommending now charges being filed against petraeus. officials say the fbi has evidence that general did pass on classified information to
4:00 am
former mistress paula broadwell. >> as paris gears up for the unity rally, cities across the u.s. are coming together to show their support after those terror attacks that killed 17 people. dozens participated in a silent march in charlottesville, virginia, yesterday. they carried signs that said show of solidarity. rallies are planned in boston and also in chicago. >> so glad to have you with us on this sunday. take a look at these live pictures from paris right now. >> yes. you're looking at what is the collection of what expected to be up to a million people today for this unity march. >> i'm christi paul. we're so glad you're with us. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> again, we do want to continue to show you some of the live pictures out of paris right now.
4:01 am
the massive turnout already two hours before this march begins, this unity march. the message that they want to send, terrorists who put this country in foear for three days will never win. this march is unbelievable to see the sea of people there already waving their flags ready to go. the marchers are going to wind their way from the plafrom plac republique. >> david cameron, germany's chancellor, angela merkel, russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and mahmoud abbas. there is the potential new threat. a french police source says that terrorist sleeper cells have been active a iive yated in the4
4:02 am
hours. >> french officials are going to use exceptional measures to protect everyone. thousands of police officers are being deployed across the french capital. there are police snipers, anti-tak anti-terrorism officers. let's take you to paris with jake tapper who is there live now. give us a tense of what you're feeling and seeing there this morning. >> well, it's just a massive crowd. obviously greetings. i'm here at the place de la republique. you can see add midst the giant statute of liberty -- that's is not the statute of a liberty but a woman symbolizing liberty, thousands and thousands of frenchmen, women and children have gathered holding signs saying je suis charlie. but as you note in addition to
4:03 am
this massive demonstration of solidarity and unity and multiculturalism, there is also great concern in terms of a right target for an attack. french intelligence authorities have talked about how a few days ago sleeper cells in france were activated. let's go to our reporter who has more on what french law enforcement and french authorities are doing to protect the massive crowd as well as the gathering of world leaders ranging from benjamin netanyahu to mahmoud abbas from the palestinian authority. >> reporter: hi, jake. yes, more than a million people, more than 40 plus world leaders coming today rallying against the atrocities we have seen this week and really the french interior minister has been saying this week that all necessary measures have been taken to secure everyone who
4:04 am
will take to the street. this is what we know so far. we know there are going to be 2,300 soldiers deployed throughout the city. there are soldiers as well as police. there will be snipers on the roofs, the gutters are all being checked. there will be police dressed normally throughout the streets. we also know that they've been told, the police have been told to keep the weapons on them at all times. they're also been told, jake, to erase all the social media traces. so because you know you and i know, many viewers know if you're on facebook, if you're on twitter, if you have gps enabled, they can track you down. we heard from the french foreign minister about those security measures. let's have a listen to what he had to say. >> translator: 150 policemen in plain clothesal sure the security of the distinguished persons and there will be an attempt, there will be sharp shooters on the roof and the drains will be inspected.
4:05 am
>> reporter: so it's a three kilometer route. the french government saying they have every single angle covered. in the last hour or so the french foreign minister had this to say. this is a twitter comment. "the reaction of the world is unprecedented. this afternoon paris will be the world's capital of the resistance against terrorism and side by side they're all be showing unity from the u.s. we have two representatives. we have u.s. attorney eric holder who has been in a meeting an hour or so with foreign ministers talking about counter terrorism and cyber security. we also have the u.s. ambassador to france jane hartley. she wrote a very moving editorial this week, jake in, one of the main newspapers her,. le monde. as we pause to mourn the loss of
4:06 am
life, i'm reminded how people of france showed support for us in the aftermath of 9/11. a show of support, unity and defiance here in the streets of paris as police and the french government tell us that they have everyone possible on the streets keeping an eye and keeping it safe. jake? >> thank you so much for that report. obviously there is concern about continued terrorist attacks in france as well as concern among american authorities about what the sophistication and execution of the terrorist attack, particularly the one on the offices of the french magazine charlie hebdo on wednesday but also the other attack on the kosher supermarket. what that might mean for american counter-terrorism officials going forward, what lessons can be learned? how can attacks like that be prevented going forward in the united states? let's bring in our counter
4:07 am
terrorism expert with more on that. joe, what we saw in france last week, the training, the execution of the diabolical evil terrorist plans by the kouachi brothers, why would that create new concerns if it does at all among american counter terrorism officials or is this just what confirming what we already knew was possible? >> you know, i think, jake, a little bit of both. sleeper cells exist and we can be sure they exist in the united states as the united states remains number one target of al qaeda. and i think what we're concerned about is you never really know how many sleeper cells there are, what their instructions are or when they are going to be activated which is why vigilence among the american people as far as homeland security goes for us is so critical. you know, the department of homeland security has that saying, if you see something,
4:08 am
say something. and after events like this, when we're reminded there are sleeper cells out here and well trained people that are intent on doing bad things, it's very, very important to heighten our awareness and our alertness. and i would think that every media organization in the world now should be looking at their crisis response plans, should be thinking about lockdown plans and should be thinking about what are we going to do if god forbid a gunman enlters our facility? you know, a lot of the sleeper cells, a lot of the lone wolves, even though our intelligence and law enforcement community does a great job of thwarting the plots, there are unknown that's get through and do things like this. and it's absolutely critical to understand that this thing could happen even though rare at any time. and we just need to prepare now and be pro active. >> joe, one thing i always
4:09 am
wondered about and heard from viewers about this as well is that if the french have an estimate of about 1,000 french citizens have gone and fought for isis, other rebel or terrorist groups in iraq and syria and return, i think they have an estimate of 400 have returned to france, if the united states has similar numbers, a smaller numbers but around, i think a few dozen have rurnld to the united states, how do they have the numbers if they don't know who the identities of these individuals are? and if they do know who the identities of these individuals are, why are they not in custody fighting for a terrorist group as against the law? >> jake, that's a very good question. i always question these numbers. i always ask the same thing, how do they know? i think when it comes to law enforcement and intelligence in this country and the job that they do, every day citizens like you and myself are not going to really know all they know. there is an old saying, you don't know what you don't know.
4:10 am
i have the greatest confidence that they know more than they're able to tell us. having said that, though, the numbers to me really don't make that much of a difference. i keep hashgenning back to 9/11 when just 12 men and none of them without a fire arm brought our nation to a stand still. so in my opinion of whether there's two that come back, whether there's 50 that come back, whether there's 1,000 that come back, it's do we understand the ones that are going to come forward and do something bad and are we giving our intelligence and law enforcement communities the funds and the resources and the support they need to do their best job? it's not a question of numbers. it's a question of the capability and the dedication of those people coming back and what they're going to do. >> joe, counter-terrorism expert, thank you so much. we appreciate your time and your expertise and sharing it with us this morning. we're going to have much more coverage of this massive rally, this unity rally that is being
4:11 am
held here in paris, france, with world leaders ranging from british prime minister david cameron to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, massive security. a very warm feeling of solidarity. all of that is when we come back. only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. i'm 55 years old and i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain was terrible. my feet hurt so bad. it felt like hot pins and needles coming from the inside out of my skin. when i did go see the doctor, and he prescribed lyrica, it helped me. it's known that diabetes damages nerves.
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4:14 am
welcome back to cnn's continuing coverage of this massive unity rally in paris, france. i'm jake tapper. i'm at the place de la republique where the unity rally is set to begin in an hour or so. obviously, they're expecting about a million people if not more world leaders are here ranging from benjamin netanyahu to prime minister of israel to mahmoud abbas, the president of the palestinian authority to david cameron to german chancellor angela merkel and
4:15 am
many, many more. security here is very tight, very intense. there's a lot of concern that terror cells have been activated in france. obviously, this all started on wednesday with the kouachi brothers attacking the offices of the french magazine charlie hebdo and killing 12 innocent people. ten individuals who were there at the magazine, the newspaper that day as well as two law enforcement and security officials. on thursday, amedy coulibaly who is the third terrorist killed a french police woman and then on friday he took hostages around 20 or so at a kosher supermarket. he killed four innocent individuals, four french men, all of whom were jewish. there were 15 at least hostages who escaped.
4:16 am
today there is word that isis, the terrorist group, the islamic state, has released a videotape of coulibaly, the terrorist who took hostages at the kosher supermarket. in it he is described as a soldier of the group. he identified. he pledges his support to the head of isis. he exercises and gives speeches in this video. it is chilling and fascinating. let's talk about it with samuel who is an expert, a counter-terrorism expert. samuel, this seems remarkable that here we have an isis soldier, an isis terrorist working hand in hand with the kouachi brother who's pleds who
4:17 am
allegiance to al qaeda. i believe this is the ffrt time we've seen any collusion between these two evil terrorist organizations. >> yeah, well, actually, it's not a collusion. it's rather a drift. it's a gap. what we saw is original cell that was created in 2005 from 2005 to 2008. and that was entirely loyal to al qaeda. actually, what we see is the same pattern that the one we see all over in which old cells are basically getting a rift between some members staying loyal to al qaeda and some others pledging allegiance to the kalif in isis. so what was so basically is a replication of the pattern that we see elsewhere with groups
4:18 am
that were formally and 100% loyal to al qaeda and with some members now shifting towards the isis which is getting the upper hand into global jihad. >> correct me if i'm wrong, there have been times in the past when al qaeda expressed concern and even disgust with the methods of the islamic state. originally al qaeda, there was that tension back when the islamic state was known as al qaeda in iraq and headed up by zarqawi and they sent that letter chastising zarqawi. and then al qaeda in iraq became isis. and even recently al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, i believe, or maybe it was poor al qaeda in pakistan and afghanistan that said that they disagreed with the methods of
4:19 am
isis because of their methods of brutal slaughtering muslims in public places, right? >> let's put it this way. al qaeda disagrees on the methods for the public show. but actually al qaeda is using exactly the same methods. the al qaeda branch in syria, for example, never hesitated to claim to basically request the health of the islamic state prior to its own creation for logistics and so on. so the two have been intertwined in times of need. and after that, they started to become rivals. but we saw that until september this year, for example, in syria the two were enemies and this is only the start of the coalition that put them back together. so what we can say is al qaeda on some occasion become open opportunistic and basically
4:20 am
blames the methods of isis. but they also practice beheadings, would it be in syria or iraq in earlier time or in afghanistan? so, therefore, even nowadays you speak about yemen, once isis started to basically gain the upper hand this summer, we saw al qaeda and yemen capturing 12 soldiers, 14, i'm not sure and beheading them exactly the same way that isis did in front of the camera. the footage was shot and put on youtube. so, therefore, we cannot give credibility to al qaeda when it is saying that isis is too brutal. this is purely rhetoric and this is among the competing interests of the two. >> a fair point. and, yet, the fact that we have now evidence that the terrorist
4:21 am
attack in france in the last week was a result of working together, cooperation between two terrorists who were allegiance to al qaeda and at least one who had allegiance to isis is chilling and rather disturbing. samuel, counter-terrorism expert, thank you so much for your time. we'll come back to you. we appreciate your time. we're going to take a quick break. as can you hear from me in the place de la republique in france, the crowd is getting excited about this unity rally. people are chanting. they're very happy. spirits are high. we'll have much more on this unity rally come willing forward right after this break.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
welcome back. i'm jake tapper in paris, france with, our continuing coverage of the unity rally here in paris. i'm standing at the place de la republique, you're looking at live pictures right now at the palace. you see french president. you see david cameron there. he is one of taller guys there. and other world leaders are
4:25 am
coming, are expected ranging from benjamin netanyahu to palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. they're now going inside. german chancellor afrpg angela merkel and jordan leaders and turkey. it is a dave unity and it is a day of mourning here in france as well with 17 innocent individuals having been brutally slaughtered by terrorists in the last few days. obviously, it started on wednesday with the murder by terrorists of 12 individuals, one policeman, one security officer, ten others in the offices of the french magazine charlie hebdo. on thursday police woman, a french police woman was murdered in cold blood by one of these terrorists. and then on friday that, same terrorists, amedy coulibaly took a hostage at a kosher
4:26 am
supermarket here in paris, killed four innocent people, other hostages managed to escape. coulibaly was ultimately killed by police as they stormed the supermarket and rescued the others. let's bring in susan johnson-cook. she is former u.s. ambassador on international religious freedom. ambassador johnson-cook, thank you so much for joining us. this is a day of unity, of solidarity and people here at the place de la republique seem optimistic and happy. it is also, i would think, for someone like yourself who focuses on religious freedom, this is a disturbing and worrisome time in europe. >> it really is a disturbing time. i think first of all, our condolences go out to all of the families and to france as a whole. but it's very disturbing. religious freedom ambassador, we saw so many issues and evidence
4:27 am
of extremism and we found that there was religious freedom, there was less extremism. what we're seeing is, you know, i was also on the front lines of 9/11. what i can say is life will never be the same for france for things will change. but what is very enlightening is they're bringing tligtlight to y dark situation. martin luther king said, you know, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. what they're seeing is exceptional members of light coming to a very dark situation. i'm glad that people are marching not just in france but here in america and all around world displaying unity. what we have to do is cross ethnic racial lines because terrorism affects all of us. and so it's very important. congregations today, you know, in the christian faith, we'll be praying all over the world for france. and so it is our prayer that all things will work together for
4:28 am
good. >> yeah. people are hearing the chants behind me and wondering what is being said, it's a lot of who are you? charlie. who you are? charlie. and charlie, liberty. charlie, obviously, the name of the magazine, "charlie hebdo" whose members were slaughtered by terrorists on wednesday. it is a chilling time. you talked about 9/11. there was a headline on friday i believe in le monde newspaper in france that referred to the [ speaking french ] meaning this is france's 9/11. i think a lot of people in the united states don't understand that because 17 people while horrific is not 3,000, but explain if you would madam ambassador why this is seen in france as their 9/11? they seem to see the date of january 7th whether this all started happening as a demarcation line.
4:29 am
things are now different than they were before. if you could, explain. >> yeah, because they hadn't had to deal with this terrorist attack as we did, we were not prepared for it to happen here. and so when i was in nigeria also right after the bombings a few years ago, they talked about with boko haram, that was their 9/11. it means life is not the same. we have to deal with counter-terrorism. but we have the best security leaders in the world and they are partnering with france to let them know that we're with them and teach them the lessons that we learned in terms of that. life will not be the same. we will remember the day after 9/11 that we were able to go back to a new normalcy, you know, airport security change, the way that we live changed, going in and out of public structures. and france is going to have to deal with that as well because post today, they're going to have to live a different way. but what was exceptional was the force of law enforcement and the troops that came out as they
4:30 am
were looking for the terrorists. and what trance france is showiy is we're putting on a full-court press to let the terrorists know we'll not tolerate it. as the mayor said in paris, we'll not tolerate this. we're not going down like this. so with this being the new 9/11 for them, i mean that means they have to live life a different way than they expected. no one expected this to happen. and so on the other side of this, life will have to be different. >> susan johnson-cook, ambassador for international religious freedom, thank you so much. cnn's continuing coverage begins right now. today up to a million people are expected to attend a national unity rally here in paris, a show of defiance. you see thousands, tens of thousands of those people right now who are gathering just before it begins.
4:31 am
reminder of the lives of 17 people who were lost during this week's terror attacks. the march will be there at the place de la republique and from there protesters take two routes through the city. the french president will be joined by leaders from around the world including british prime minister david cameron who is already with him. we have german chancellor angela merkel, sergei lavrov, officials ramping up security for today's events as well. here is the president as he greets some of the world leaders who are coming in as they are an hour and a half now away from the unity rally. but we do know at this rally as well more than 2,000 police officers are deployed in the city streets. police snipers, anti-terror officers are also in place. most likely even in this picture somewhe somewhere where you see the sea of people who are there to tell terrorists that they will not win as they wave their flags.
4:32 am
amongst those are some of the law enforcement officers who are going to be trying to keep everybody safe today. >> we know that those french law enforcement officers have been told to erase their social media presence. they're being told to be aware and it's a reminder of the threat that still exists. the source now telling cnn that terror sleeper cells have been activated in france. >> jake tapper is live there in paris at the site where the rally is to begin. jake, what is it like there at this hour? >> well, it's moving and inspiring. i'm here in paris at the place day la republique where you see this massive crowd chanting who are you, charlie? who are you, charlie? charlie, obviously, the name of the magazine "charlie hebdo" thats with so brutally attacked by terrorists, 12 innocent people killed setting off a chain reaction of events
4:33 am
including the cold blooded murder of a french police woman on thursday and then a third terrorist emerging having killed the police woman to take hostages at a kosher supermarket here in paris, killing four innocent french people, all of whom were jewish and taking others hostage. thankfully, those other hostages were able to get away after a french police raided and killed that terrorist. we now know that isis, the terrorist group, released a video in which that terrorist amedy coulibaly, swears allegiance to isis. he's given a name and is identified as a soldier of the group. this is disturbing news not just because of the brutal acts that he perpetrated but also because the other two terrorists, the kouachi brothers had sworn allegiance to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula.
4:34 am
so this would be the first known operation in which isis and al qaeda were working hand in hand. i want to go now to aaron mcpike who is at the white house. president obama is not here, is not one of the world leaders that has shown up alongside the leaders of the uk and germany and other european countries and middle eastern countries, erin mcpike. but he did send attorney general eric holder, erin. >> jake, that's right. and also, of course, the u.s. ambassador to france is there as well. but also eric holder is in france as well as the deputy homeland security secretary for this meeting that the french interior minister is holding for european liters and other world leaders so they can discuss new counter-terrorism initiatives in order to combat these attacks that are harder to detect. that is what we heard from the
4:35 am
director general of security service in great britain, andrew parker. he said the attacks are really hard to detect. they have to find a new way to gather intelligence and come together so that they can combat them. now also, jake, i also want to tell that you we just got word from the white house that they will be hosting on february 18th a summit on countering violence extremism. i want to read part of the statement that we got from the white house this morning just moments ago. it says "our partners around the world are actively implementing programs to prevent extremism and foreign terrorists fighter recruitment. the summit will include representatives from a number of partner nations focusing on community engagement and the role of the private sector and tech community." back in september, the white house announced they would be holding the summit but they didn't say when and it has sort of gone under the radar for the last few months and they just announced this half an hour ago. so obviously it's taking on new
4:36 am
urgency here in washington, jake. >> all right. erin mcpike, thank you so much. we're going to take a very quick break and continue with our special coverage of the terrorist attacks here in france as well as, of course, the massive demonstration of solidarity and courage. you hear people chanting right now we are not scared. we'll be right back after this break. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose
4:37 am
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4:39 am
i'll jake tapper live in paris at the place de la republique. now those that are left at "charlie hebdo," the french magazine that was so brutally attacked by terrorists on wednesday with 12 people killed, i believe nine of them were staffers or editors or cartoonists with the newspaper. the publication is trying to move forward. they're holding their first editorial meetings now after the attack. i believe on friday it was at the french newspaper is where they held the first meeting. they're pledging to release a new issue on time, wednesday, i believe, is the publish date. one million copies will be printed. it will be a collector's item. to discuss this all i want to bring in the senior immediator correspondent and host of "reliable sources." brian, obviously a lot of journalists rallied around "charlie hebdo" even if they published the kind of commentary
4:40 am
cartoon that's most of us would not. how important is it for the cause of journalism, do you think, even if the cartoons and commentary was offensive to many, how important is it for "charlie hebdo" to live on? >> it's really become a rallying cry, jake, in much the same way this unity rally today will bring many members of the country together and many foreign leaders together. publishing this magazine again is a sign of unity for french media. because now other newspapers and magazines are helping this magazine get back on its feet and get ready to come out again. they are, as you said, in editorial meetings continuing this weekend up until that wednesday publication date. they asked for some privacy. they say we don't have, frankly, we don't have many staffers left. we need to take all the energy we have, put it into this eight page edition that they're working on but we'll see the finished product on wednesday. >> and there are a lot of
4:41 am
individuals that i've heard if over the last few days talking about the decision by most american media organizations to not publish the cartoons. you've been covering that intensely. explain to our viewers in the united states and around the world why it is a more difficult decision than some might feel? every ounce of my being as a journalist is people were killed over the cartoons, we should show them. but obviously people in positions of power in media organizations see things in a much more nuanced and complicated way. explain. >> that's exactly right. and some of the cartoons the magazine published over the years, you know, have been seen widely. these are cartoon that's make fun of various religions, various public figures. some of them, however, are lewd or some cases pornographic or some cases racial lly tinges.
4:42 am
and another subset of them are depictions of the prophet mohammed. and cnn and other news organizations for years now have chosen not to show those images because they are so offensive to so many muslims. because we've seen sporadic acts of violence against journalists and against these organization that's do publish these cartoons, what i've heard from cnn and other big television networks and wire services is that safety comes first. and that as you said, even though journalist tickly there is that instinct to show the cartoons and to show the ones on mohammed in particular that managerially safety concerns and sensitivity concerns about members of the audience have to come first. but i have to tell you, jake, we have seen these published online on a number of web sites, a number of news web sites in the u.s. and elsewhere. they have been seen much more widely than they otherwise would have been were it not for this attack on wednesday. >> brian, as a reporter, how
4:43 am
many of the publications that have published the cartoons have foreign bureaus with employees in harm's way as it were? in other words, it might be easier to do if you are strictly an american publication than if you are, say, the bbc with staff all over the world. >> that's exactly right. the big difference i've noticed between outlets that have published the cartoons and those that haven't are the what you're saying. the ones that are established and old media that have been doing this for decades that have staff physically located around the world, they are the ones that are taking this position that it is not worth the risk. and that they're thinking about the sensitivity of their audience versus in you some media outlets, some new popular web sites that don't have the physical offices in bureaus and
4:44 am
workplaces around the world. that has been the dividing line on this particular issue. by the way, we don't know what kind of cartoons we're going to see in wednesday's issue. we heard from the staff that they don't want to have obituaries. they don't want this to be a tribute. they want this to be a new issue with the unpublished work of the dead cartoonists. that will be a tribute to those who died. >> i know "charlie hebdo", the car hootoons will offend some people. thank you, brian. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we have new images of the killers, of the terrorists that we will bring to you. we'll be right back after this.
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4:47 am
welcome back to cnn's continuing coverage of the aftermath of the terrorist attacks here in paris, france as well as today's unity rally. i'm jake tapper. i'm in paris.
4:48 am
i'm at the place da e la republique where this unity rally is set to begin. there are world leaders here in france from all over, benjamin netanyahu from israel, mahmoud abbas from the palestinian authority, german chancellor angela merkel, the attorney general of the united states eric holder is here, british prime minister david cameron. i want to turn to new images that we have of one of the three terrorists who was killed last week. this is amedy coulibaly. these are stills that i want to show you from a video released earlier today by the terrorist group isis. there are stills of coulibaly proclaiming allegiance to the leader of isis, posing in front of the isis flag, exercising in a different part of the video. these are stilz frls from that
4:49 am
video. giving a speech about his allegiance. coulibaly, this man, this terrorist whose images you're looking at now, this is the person who murdered in cold blood the police officer, the french police woman on thursday and then went into a kosher supermarket on friday, killed four innocent people in cold blood, took other hostages. thankfully french police were able to get into the supermarket before anyone else could be killed and they killed coulibaly. it is rather chilling that we have this evidence released by isis of one of these terrorists pledging allegiance and being identified by isis as a soldier, not just because this being a long time fear of counter terrorism officials, that sleeper cells radicalized by isis would start carrying out terrorist attacks not just in iraq and syria but also in other
4:50 am
parts of the world. but because the but because the kouachi brothers, said and cherif kouachi who attached charl"char hebdo" wednesday, they pledged allegiance to al qaeda, a rival, if you will, terrorist group, and the idea that isis and al qaeda terrorists are working together is one that many counterterrorism officials said would not happen, because of the rift between the two groups, but it is also one that has concerned so many people. people are chanting here at the plas de la republic, they are chanting we are charlie, who are you? i am charlie, who am i? liberty charlie, singing the national anthem and i also want to share some reporting from our own nick paton walsh who says
4:51 am
according to a french source close to the french security services at this time it's not believed that amedy coulibaly actually went to syria any time recently. he pledged his allegiance to isis but according to the source who told nick paton walsh he did not go to syria but the sources did tell nick and cherif kouachi is thought to have gone to syria last year, seen near the turkish/syrian border, that is the last location according to intelligence sources tell cnn of hayat boumeddine, the woman who was the girlfriend of the terrorist, amedy coulibaly. when we come back, more coverage of the terrorist attacks in france, more coverage of this unity rally which is starting to get really exciting here with a lot of people very inspired. we'll be right back after this.
4:52 am
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--ocaptions by vitac -- . welcome back to cnn's continuing
4:55 am
coverage of the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in france. this massive unity rally being held in paris. i'm jake tapper standing at the plas-de-la-republic. people are chanting expressions of solidarity, expressions of support, who are you, charlie? who are you, charlie? charlie, of course, standing for "charlie hebdo" the french satirical magazine whose members were so brutally slaughtered in a terrorist attack wednesday which set off this aftermath of events. 17 innocent people have been killed this week in addition to three suspected terrorists. earlier before the break you maybe heard some chants, in case you were wondering, it was when i turned there was a helicopter they weresation merci a la police, thanking the police helicopter up above. i bring in philip mudd, former cia counterterrorism official to talk about the images we saw before the break, images of one of the now dead terrorists,
4:56 am
amedy coulibaly, talking about from still images from a video released by the terrorist group isis, and in the video, we're not showing you the video but we are showing you stills and telling you what's on the video, cool wally pledges allegiance to al baghdadi. philip, are you surprised that we are now seeing terrorist takts carried out by two individuals who pledged their allegiance to al chida, the kouachi brothers who carried out the "charlie hebdo" attacks and one individual who pledged allegiance to isis, does that surprise you? >> i don't think so. this is a numbers game in terms of isis in iraq and syria. we've heard for months or maybe more that the estimates of people who have gone from north america, western europe to join sympathizers number in the thousands.
4:57 am
guess one-half, maybe 5% of the people make their way home. you're already talking into the dozens or many dozens of people who potentially are coming home. some of them may reintegrate into society and you have to judge some of them are going to have been trained to attack here. second and finally in the case of yemen, we already saw the yemeni organization of al qaeda having the capability and intent to train somebody to attempt to take down an airliner over detroit. to me it's not surprising six years after that event they might find somebody to stage an attack in paris. >> of course not a surprise that we're seeing sleeper cells and not a surprise we're seeing individual terrorists carrying out their nefarious acts pledging allegiance or having been trained by groups like isis or groups like al qaeda. i'm wondering if the fact that these individuals, these different terrorists work together is a surprise to you at all. >> i think we have to parse this
4:58 am
for just a moment, jake. this is not about isis in al qaeda in yemen, what we call al qaeda in the arabian peninsula formerly integrating to train a team. i think what you have here is both of these organizations providing training to independent groups of individuals. when those individuals come home, when you use the term sleeper cell, i wouldn't believe at least from the outset that they are in sort of daily or weekly communication with their home organizations in yemen and iraq about how to staining the attack. they might have come home, in other words. they have a fuzzy affiliation with the group to train and meet each other and then they decide months or years about an attack. it's curious and a lot of intelligence work to do. i don't take that isis in al qaeda and the arabian peninsula are cooperating. i take it there's a fuzzy group of people in france who met there, received training overseas and came back and staged an attack. >> all right, fair enough. philip, i'm wondering what you
4:59 am
make of the fact that apparently american law enforcement officials are describing the attack on the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" last wednesday as sophisticated and efficient enough while obviously evil and brutal to merit extra vigilance by americans both in the united states and abroad. was the attack on the "charlie hebdo" headquarters the editorial offices more efficient? were those terrorists better trained than intelligence and law enforcement in the united states would expect such an attack to be? >> if you look at what most of what we face in the united states, and i'm going back 10, 15 years, jake, i'm going back to hundreds of plots that i watched, this is at the higher end of the scale. let's be clear here. i've seen a lot of misinformation in the media. there is a difference from
5:00 am
people showing a high level of capability in a basic level to people who are professionals. these are not professionals. they're simply n my world, probably top five, top 1% of the unprofessional sometimes trained people that i saw at the head of plots. for example, a kid trying to blow up a christmas tree on the west coast during christmas a couple years ago, not well trained. you saw that plot, that attack in ottawa. so sophisticated, not professional. >> all right, fair enough. thank you so much, philip mudd as always providing some context and expertise to this. we appreciate your time today. cnn's continuing coverage of the aftermath of the french terrorist attacks and today's massive unity rally begins right now. >> again let's take a live look there, look at all of the people


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