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tv   State of the Union  CNN  January 11, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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"charlie hebdo" and we also know that there wasçó e1 reprint ww3ñokfá also done. >> and that cartoonist is someone i interviewed, and i asked him at that time a few years ago where what he was doing, because he was criticized by the white house and others for provoking and pouring the fuel on the fire, and he said, you know what, i am not smocking anybody who does not want to bw3e shocked. and we are looking at the eiffel tower as we speak and it is lighted up for three full t(
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minutes. >> what a beautiful sight. >> and this past week thursday during the national day of mourning the eiffel tower dramatically went out. it is now four straight minutes of lighting. >> that is beautifule1 image. brian stelter, just to share with you, after having arrived here over the weekend after having talked to a frenchman about5a "charliepuhebdo" he remembered one ofok the men who was ae1 cartoon istist, he remembered himu because he was a host of a children's show, and these individuals and it might be be tough for people who int( some places where cartoonists are not as revered in france and in europe, but theset( were not just
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stafferse1 at a newspaper, and staffers at a tv station, but these were celebrities these cartoonists. >> they were. they were part of society e1here a ndnd that is why peoplelp are so much feeling sorrow because they did feel like they were as you s were knownq to society here. and brian, i am sorry i interrupted you, and i stepped lp in, because jake does that to me for some odd reason but that is what you get when you are stand sog close to each ofáther, i felt he was talking just to me, and so france does not have the same irreverente1 tradition as london, and going from monty python to "charlie e1hebdo" andfái] spark ing axd sparking a e response from jews and muslims, and this is something that the newspaper
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does not want to give up. i don't know, brian, ife1 we will ever see these types of cartoons published in the united states or indeed reprinted on american television. >> i think thate1 at compareison there, and we might say "the1w3 daley show" or "the onion" bq nowfá thanks to the e1internet everybody can see what itfá was and will bee1 publishing of the "charlie hebdo" it is important to see that many of the foreign leaders there have history of persecuting jou' opinion they have not liked, and it is important that the group opinions without borders is have come out to talk about predators withoute1 freedom from turkey and egypt and algeria and all of tj?j=5have
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assembled there but they don't have the greatest track record of press freedom and weñmm!=u countries where in somee1 cases journalists are behind bar ss. >> that is and can excellent t$3kd8point, brian. just to take a moment where it isñrok just after 6:00 p.m. on the in pairs and welcome to the viewers around the world and in the united states. i'm jake tapper and this is an amazing amazing unity rally has take en place, and people all over the world have taken place, and citizens from all over the walks of life from paris france have been walking together and marching together talkw3 thing about the need for the liberties and the freedoms enjoyed in this country to continueñiñr in the face of threats from t< xd tapper in parisq with my
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colleague christiane amanpour. >> and perhaps nothing says more than that fully illuminated d- toweri] that we are looking at. this is going to be illuminated to mark these rallies and e÷ nothing says france more than the home ofe1 liberty, equality and fraternity pouring out this tidal wave of humanity today. a really historic day for france and a resounding response the terror of what has happened here and what has taken place over the last several days starting with the wholesale assault and the slaughter of journalists, cartoonists, ande,kñ simply for doing their honest job and being able to do and enact the freedom of expression that we all take for the granted, and thenu turning their guns and their wepe1 weapons on jews in the jewish kosher supermarkets on friday. >> the rallye1 started this
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morning christiane a been here all day, and the sun has set now on the city of lights here in paris, and we have been here all day and thexd crowd fáundeterred no matter the rain or the cold or the wind ande1 it started here beginning with with a few dozen and then hundreds and then thousands and then tens of thousand and then maybe up to a million and certainly unprecedented crowd marching andfá starting out here at the plaza xdderepliquñifáw3w3ñie, and looking out over the plaza, and we go down there to our colleague hala gorani and what are you seeing? >> well, this is certainly at
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capacity, and i have not seen is a demonstration like this, and we havexd not seen a cross section of the frenchñi population and all saying we are charlie, and we are the world, and we are here from cnn and international media and they say come here to tell the world we are not afraid. i am joined here byu)q who is here to participatet in the massive rally, andxd tell us why you felt thñl neewá to come here. >> well the first reason is because i am french and it is very significante1e1 for us to be here and share and to also the muslim people who are victimxdlp of it it, and the jewish people who are a victim of it, and basically one nation under one flag is very important to be. >> all right. now, when the attack on charlie hebdo happened and the attack on thexd kosher market happen ded and one after another, and your
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city, and you are parisian, on ta happened? >> people could not imagine, and they felt it was the french 9/11 and my reading of it, and we felt the feeling ofe1 be being at war suddenly and the images at tv wereçót( definitely of war and a great concern, and a great worry, and also a feeling thatq something had to behbm done to be fightingok against those people. >>e1 and beyond this march, which is an inspiring look of unity and say ing toing to the world we are not afraid, how should france respond? >> well, france definitely needsjdtq)qpto be implementing a strong policy, and they know who the people are, and they need tocjf make sure they can't do it to us again. >> there were concerns and scares, and bomb scares, and theñi
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5 i= when we were coming here, and system of the stations, and did youe1 have any concernok for your safety someis. >> i have concerns, of course and there can be a bomb anywhere, and of course here. but ifw3 wee1g feelings they will have won, and this is no questin at all. they are not godoing the win. >> and jake, one of the questions they have been asking, and christiane, the questions out there, and these men who are suspected of committing these acts and most likely qhaveht and they are not foreigners but they are born inside of france and so they are your compatriots,uand why do you think thate1 this happens in some of these communities and why some extremism that takes place in these areas? >> well, the strong worry is a that the man who didq the supermarket shooting wast( in prison until short weeks ago,
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ande1 so he has been trained to do war against us and what on earth to releasing this guy? that is what i ask. >> you are seeing a failure of the police org surveillance or the intelligence or where? >> my reading is that the threat is no longer m/'ething that we are used to ande1 we need to adapt ourselves to be able to fight it. and when we are identify the people, we need to do something about qthem. >> all right.e1 thank you very much louie, and thank you tofá talking to us on cnn and the viewers around the world and in the u.s. are giving us a picture here of what is going on and this is the end point hereñr of the ralxdly. and jake and christiane, the plaza is absolutely full. i am being told that we have some activity there with all sorts of displays really of signs saying that we are all jewish, we are all e1cops we are all muslim and ite1 sis impressive and touching display of unity many this country today. ba#i o you.okjñ
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now, that's progressive.
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giantok inflatable puppet that is part of the incredible e1 outpouring and incredible site ase1 nightfall is here. this is humanity as the prime minister has called for a tidal wave to come outw3 the night, and at this hour, the minister of interior says that the crowd is unprecedent and so much so that they cannot evenkkájjrj @&hc% many people have come out on the this day yet, jake. >> i'm jake tapper here with christiane amanpourw3 at the republique, and what is e1that? is that thee1 puppet from the
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woman of theñr famous phrenfrench qaoáeu jìc% >> i don't know or ite1 is a fay -- maybe just a pup p pet. >> well it is the defiant joy of the hundreds of thousands of people if not a million of people who have come here to not only protest the terrorists, but to say defiantly you can't shake us. >> and you heard what the gentleman said, they will not win. we will not lose.qt(ñi >> and really quite amazing, but i want to go to fred lick pleitgen who is in the crowd talking to people in the crowd, and fred you have introduced us to one of the remarkable images of the day the french muslim woman holding up the sign saying that je suis jewishñi mean inging
9:17 am
that i am jewish standing in solidarity with e1 brothers and sisters who were killed in that &@a 5i- i have author with me hereq and come closer to the camera t(here, and don't be shy.xd and tell me why you came out here today. >> well shgs i, i think that we need to altogether for the the events of the wednesday, and we must show that the world and est(pecially terrorists that we are not afraid and we wille1 keep fight ing for freedom. >> and itw3 seems that the nation is thinking about itself a lot, and how ite1ok want os be in the future. >> i think that we have been -- sorry. can you repeat the question. >>xd what do you think has changed
9:18 am
in france since "charlie xdhebdo." >> and the people and the nationalities don't matter, and nothing, because everybod here to fight togetheri]5a to showt( the world that we are fighting together and we will never ever give up and we will never ever give up, and we have to show this and we have to hoe show that that we are uéived a n it is a really great feeling w3today. >> how do you feel that so many people are coming here today, because more than a million people have showed up here today. what does that say?fá what do you think that says about france? >> the power. thee1 power again of the unity of the people. i think thatq i dont't know, i think that 2 million is amazingt( and a lot. and in paris, you can'te1 move, you can't walk fast because there are too h many people, and it is really amazing, don't you
9:19 am
agree? >> of course i agree. and don't you think that perhaps in the past that the majorityxd of the people in france might have been too silent on the issues that maybe this is a debate that france should have hadñi a long time ago? >> i don't think that we have toe1 wonder about the past, you know like we just have to focus on thee1e1 future, and what is many in the pawñhráhr' the past, and we have to learn from the mistake, but we have to act to change the future y1actually.e1 i did not wonder about the past, but now i am young, and there are many young people here. we just wantçóei >> and the unified country of course. okay. jake that is the vibe that you get here, it is people fighting for unity and want understanding and instead of division. and one of the main things that we would extract from what we see here today as a reactionxd of the terrible events that have happened here overi] to the past
9:20 am
couple of days, and the frenchmen and the people of all f( here have not allowed themselves to be divided and the majority have come outiñtoday and shown the world what france is really about, jake. >> all right. fred pleitgenuthank you, and christiane? >> the puppet is maryanne. >> maryanne the goddess ofok liberty( shed that the puppet. and now i wanti] to go down to the director of the ameri# here in france joining us now. and thank you for being with us. i guess that the question that i have is what does today's demonstration mean for the jewish committee inñr france? did you see the many moderate muslim voices standingok here xd saying, and holding]kk thee1 sign ssq saying je suis charlie, andfá
9:21 am
certainly theu community the jewish community certainly has been under attack. >> it isi] certainly terrible events ta have happen and thet( country seems to have been waking up. we are this in fear for a long time. i'm the po ther of young children, and we think of the future of our children in this country and the fewuture of the country of the values that it is trying to upholding, it should be upholding, and lpyes, indeed, it is heartwarming, and the very question that we ask ourselves is the day after now we are in some sort of excitement ççá sense of unity and the solidarity, but the the question that needs to be asked ist( what
9:22 am
happens tomorrow. the necessary e decisions will be taken,e1 and will the government confront this very, very difficult radicalism that we are facing. >> it is christianee1 amanpour and the prime minister has said that there is no france without french jews and there is no place in the nation fort( anti-semitism, and he says but we know it exists butxd is the answer for jews to leave and go elsewhere like they have been doing for instance going a backçó to israel or is this a place where jews can live and be a part of the important society here? here? >> simone i'm not sure if you heard the question, but christiane was asking about whether or not --
9:23 am
>> no shgs, i d did. >> okay. sorry, you want to try it again some. >> simply to say that the prime minister8 m uir" that france is not france without jews, and we havee1 known for months -- >> okay. something is wrong with the microphone, christiane, but if so, simone, what christiane is to israel as has been happening in the last year and jewish emigrationw3 out of france and emivbq%=9 french jews can continue to be be part of the society and live in safety and security? >> well from, first of all, it is difficult for me to be5a ablee1 to the say or tell jews what to do. from my perspective, i can
9:24 am
understand the jews who aske1 themselves the questions the if theyu should be leaving or and i can understand the jews leaving to go the israel or elsewhere, but from my personal perspective, i would say, let's stand the and fight. jews havelpe1e1 live md this country for thousands -- they have lived in this country for thousands of year and tlhere have been many, many spots in the history, but let's stand up and fight, and( e1 not only fourr our future of the jews in the country, but for the very values that we love this country for. i really hope that this is a wakeup call for the entire nation that this incredible event of today is historic and it will serve as a wakeup call for thei] entire nation. only then the jewish community will be able to feel protected andxd we will able to feel valued
9:25 am
withinçó theçó nation and maybe then next year instead of havingt( 10,000 people leaving to israel out of fear there might be people leaving to israel4&!ecause out of ideology because they want to go live in israel, but maybe next year or the year after there is far less who are leaving to israel because of fear. >> all right. simone, thank you so much. good luck to you and your children and stay and fight the force the semitism the, and indeed, all of the bigotry here in france. >> and now, welp will turn to a performer and writerr and advocate for reform joining us from the u.s. we have talked a lot about the twin attacks e1irshad that have taken place here in the press and on the jewish community, aped when it comes to t% @&hc% freedom of the press and the expression, how do you see thise1 long longfá tradition of the
9:26 am
freedom of expression continuing in a bold way as it hasl á given what has happened hererand given the present attacks that are even nowt( under wayfá in hamburg and brussels? >> well, christiane, i will say that among the new generation of muslims, there is a great commitment to freedom of expression, because these kids know that their ability to express individuality and their diversity depends upon letting other people have that freedom as we well. what i am more skeptical about is institutions schools, governments and even companiese1 self- self-censoring out of fear that their students or staff orçó employees will be in jeopardy.
9:27 am
so a full-on commitment to the free expression isi] going to need an understanding on all sectors of society thate1 bullying and intimidation are no longer acceptable.e1e1 >> you rare absolutely right. she is absolutely right, absolutely that the new generation is much more amenable point that the extremes of faith simply do fotçóqi] want-- do not want to have any other expression other than the one they wantko out there. there. >> and i justb. jeáwonder irshad most of the muslims are peace loving and they want what everybody else wants, peace and security for their family, et cetera, but there is also a new generation of muslims who are becoming radicalized, in europe
9:28 am
especially, but throughout the g+s". it is a minority, and it does not speak for the vast majority of muz p limbs, but it is a serious problem and how can g:q!jjñ muslims, and it is a serious problem, and how can the common person watching the program do? >> well they can be get more uncomfortable questions, and asking them out loud and asking them of muslims, and inviting conversations that are taboo, so whether it is at school for examplei] instead of merely celebrating é@multiculturalism day, having dances and food and costume"((j uá days where we actuals what it means to become gutsy global citizens, tot( bexd ethical global citizens, and stand for something even if ite1 means
9:29 am
risking being told that you are offending me.t( >> irshad, i introduced youçóe1 as being a reform advocate of islam and where doese1 this >> i don't know if the reformist movement that is emerging is going to have one e1leader but what i can tell you christianelpe1 is that more and more young muslims are embracing the r-word, reform. you and i have known each other for year, and you knew me at a timejfe1 whene1 the wordfá reform was dirtyçó and was not acceptable. qéy$vá)jj 9/11 happened, and more than axd decadei] e1ago, and the kids who were only toddlers at a that age are now in their late teens and some in their 20s.
9:30 am
and they don't ha m the defensive baggage that their older brothers andwsisters, and their parents and aunts and uncles did as muslims who wanted toe1 shield themselves from the islamophobia islamophobia, and so this new generation is operating with a much open mind and much hungrier heart, and that is where the oure1ñi reak shun reaction is to from on january 1st, when the president of egypt general general general called for all of the radical islamists be be rooted out. what you felt about that and is the general the right person to
9:31 am
lead the movement? >> no, he is not absolutely the right person to lead the charge however every voiceko helps. what i would say though is that itt goes back to my boknt to christiane is that the clerics noé@ longer matter. they have not actually mattered for many, many years. especially in countries likei] france, very few5a muslims go to !u- mosques and very few consider im imams and muftis to be a ground swel.ççjdtq- so the next ground swell will be like the girl jake that you saw with the young girl holdingxd up the signlpe1 je suis jew. 4]) tju
9:32 am
me to get all of theçóe1 messages i am receiving around the world now, we didn't need thisu@)vent to show that a new?; generation is capable and ready for pluralism. >> well i hope that you are right irshad. thank you for joininge1 uu > and we will getxd a sense of where the intelligence community is headed in its attempts to try to resolvefá ome of the issues. we will have much more when we come back. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping
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welcome back tolpw3 cnn's coverage of the unity rally stand g standing with france. i'm jake tapper here with christiane amanpour, and with we are live here at the place de laoke1
9:37 am
re republique, and the news today is that president francois hollande isrgoing to be going to the grand synagogue of paris with presidentq netanyahu. they did note1 hold the sabbath services friday after the attack on the kosher supermarket, and it is thee1çót( first time that the synagogue had not held services since world war ii, and symbolically very depressis+ nd fearful moment or the jewish community in france. we are moving beyond thexd event of the unity rally today and c to be talk ging about tomorrow, and what are the french officials going to be talking about tomorrow and there is a rising chorus of the french authorities, e1especially because theqe1ñr -- kouachi brothers
9:38 am
would not been able to fly. >> and we are joined by the professor of the john jay college, and also an adviser to the new york police department and to jake's point, is there an after-action report andu does france dook that kind of thing well, and does there have to bewñ ister said that first there was failures in the system. usually when a politician of this level says that you haveok consequences, and secondly franceñr does not like what we call region oflp experience because it begins by who is responsible responsible? who was the guilty part of the failure. this is not a way it will work. the way it will work is to say it was a failure, and how do you fix it.
9:39 am
and this part of the job is the most difficultfázv to achieve, because the french intelligence system is under a big turmoil since thee1q ten years since the grand opening of what we arexd looking at nbtoday -- >> the shooting at the louvre. >> and the french military and the jewish schoolt( can -- and theok ministry. and so there is not the cultural revolution that is necessary. >> and you ñ have laid out what is necessary but describe what is necessary, because you cannot q8q+ent 100%, but at least keep the people under surveillance stillñi under çósurveillance? >> yes, the most important decisionis not what is under surveillance but for a long time. they smoked the investigator the, and they showed no activity, no nothing,ñi and then
9:40 am
after a e1çófáfáwhile, the cuiloulibaly is pa&hc% much more because he was aa+l terrorist who was in jail, and maybe everything haph he was the leader of the group and not the kouachi brother,ñi and what we know now is the isis video and now that isrwhat i put onxd yesterday, i think that it is to be proven right by himself. so the big issue is how did we fail between the judiciary and the penitentiary and thee1 intelligence of not looking at the guy ss at the top of the list and not lost in the bureaucracy. >> as we aree1 talking, we+o are looking at the sign charlie jee1 penceñixd donc i think, therefore
9:41 am
iw3 am. >> i want to ask ymgxttááj they smoked youqe1 meaning the kouachi brother, and you told cnn that theñr kouachi brothers seemed to be more interested in the counterfeiting anz( the more pettye1 crimes and lessxde1ñi of the kind of terrorist activities that were carried oute1 wednesday. doe1 the french authorities now know that the terrorists are now capable of fooling them because i don't know, and there is a commission to set up for determining blame and it is notms &hc r me to say so but if you are convicted and put in jail for recruiting the terrorists likezv
9:42 am
one of thetofof the kouachi bro lrs was,!u you v you have to befá on the radar. >> yes. and you look at coming back from syria, zero coming back frome1 syria try died to commit attacks. and f' stions we got t(fb wrong answers. >> and that is interesting, because of the mi5,ñr the head of the british intelligence said they have detected 14 or 20-plus in the last 14 months anezthey believe that the syria-related terrorism of the mass casualty type is coming. >> it is true. we have a lot ofe1 riske1q but what we don't look is what raymond
9:43 am
kelly in the nypd in 2003 when he reformed the entire intelligence police for the the u.s. showed thati] home grown fá terrorism radicalization in the west and the home grown threat - and what he said is that we average, and they don't belong to anymore places where we put them before, and they like the think small cases, because it is comportable, and easye1q and what we have is a nebula, and it is moving and spiral and different and we have a lot of difficulties adapt oging to the terrorism with with the nest and not the good older the errorism that was a singulare1 jfplot. >> professor, legal for the french citizens toxde1 go to iraqok ñ÷ze syria to fight one1 behalf of
9:44 am
al qaeda? >> until january, it was not any crime to get to any other destinationxd including istanbul or madrid which is the case of the girlfriend. >> hayat boumeddiene. >> yes. and now you have to update the i.d. >> and the fighting, is going to the another country to fight, is that against thejf law? >> yes, that is against the law. >> and so there are hundreds of frñ and return and the intelligence knows who they are and where they are, why are they walking around lpfreely? >> because they first, a lot, and the history of the frenchw3 fighters in thejf civil war 20 years ago show thousands came in and out of chechnya and bosnia and afghanistan and everywhere
9:45 am
and most of committing attack, they are home and not traveling. >> how do you monitor the home grown ones because one of the great sort ofi] great statements this week is too many of them anmó not enough of us. >> did you look at the the size? did you see the size? it is so difficult to monitor, and obvious, and easy totsay it after, but honestly when you thing s things, over the last 50 years,5a w3 first weu almost knew everything pe9s) to 9/11. and we did not connect the dots!u to not have it happen again until the next commission. and the!u problem i3iru to find
9:46 am
them, because we knew them, but it is to understand them. >> and very interesting. very interesting. >> w break and there is a historic meeting coming up wq(z n netanyahu5a who shut down sabbathxd services in the community after a defiantud"ct.5a we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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night hasé@ truly fall even and we are here at the place de la republique.e1 thousands have come out the atika shubert who is at the marketplace which is the scene of the hostage taking and shooting. what more do you know? >m( christiane, you can barely see the market ñihere, because there are sook many people here. with we are about a block away, and people are slowing over here to pay the respect to light candles, and put downe1 flowers, and we have seen the jewish
9:51 am
community come out to play, and we have seen so many people come out to pray and talk to the community, and not just the jewish community, but people from all walks of life coming here fromñi paris to show their support with thee1e1 rallying cry that you have been seeing how so many are showing their solidarity with the jewishokçó community here. that is the scene adds we have it here. the crowds are buildingr1áq every moment. ite1 is so much busier here and siti >> very interesting. we are waiting right nowñrxd for president hollande of france to go to the grand synagogue of paris with the israelwd prime minister benjamin netanyahu,xd andv0aq!%mj5
9:52 am
á ok ewish men were killed at the kosher supermarket right near you, atika, the grand synagoguee1 in paris shutdown and did not haveñi sabbath services for the first time since world war ii since the holocaust, and the fact that netanyahu and hollande are going there right now is meant to showe1çó solidarity and it is meant to symbolize that it is safe to go to that synagogue once again. is that right? >> well e1yes. hugely symbolic, of t(course, and c@2 to see president hollande going there with prime minister benjamin netanyahu is showing that solidarityññiñi and the factxd that this attack was carried out inñie1 a kosher supermarket in the heart of the jewish community is what has hit theu parisians so
9:53 am
hard. and the fact that peoplex.viìc% doing their ordinary shopping just before shabbat, the holy day of the week, and it has hit so many people hard, but especially the jewish community, and that is why so many people have come out in solidarity including president hollande together with the5a prime minister. >> you are looking now at live pictures from inside of the grand synagogue in paris, and the synagogue tru was forced to close its doors5a on friday and not hold is a bath service pors the first time since world war ii because5a of the terrorist at attack attacks at the wn because of the attacks on jews in france. and here people are preparing for the arrival of president hollande, and prime ministere1 benjamin netanyahu.q
9:54 am
)6f christiane hollande and netanyahu are allies in the the traditional sense, but theylp are not buddies. fra+ñ in fact, recently took an action when ite1 comes to the palestinians that israel was very much opposed to. >> well it did indeed and like many european countries, there areñr symbolic european states whether it is france or other parliaments, the eu decided to go against thatxd and it sis the against the israeli brain, but today is qdifferent, because it is a frontal attack on the jews here in france and the french president and the israeliçó president have decided to stand at the same time that this attack has sent such shutters through é jewish community, it is also knocking the government for a loop as well.
9:55 am
because there have been so many of these attacks on the jewish targets and jewish people that over the last several months there has been many e1çóreports of the jewse1 moving to ñiizsrael, and to that end, the israeli prime minister said that israel is your home and youre1 refuge. to that end, the prime minister of france said that jews must be able to stay here. france is not france without frenchñr jews. again, the "i am charlie" refrain shout eded loud and clear has been expanded by the prime minister to includee as well. >> yes. >>xdñi very, very important. >> and let's go outside of the grand synagogue of paris where this event is taking çóplace, aá,ñ our arwa damon is keeping a post ofq this.
9:56 am
>> security has been fairly tight. we saw that especially as with we werew3ñi trying to get here. there were also large crowds of the faithful really pac dignitaries to show up. we did see the vehicles belongñi belonging to the israeli ambassador the france arriving. we also saw former president nicolas sarkozy to cheers as one woman screamed out "we love you." that is continuing in the ongoing fight of defiance as people are afraid to come to this area. these5a attacks are horrific but really underscoring the not only unity we saw today, but the divisions that france and thee1 entire world have to deal with. a lot of peoplef3 stage, this is very much a wakeup call and that as a
9:57 am
global community, we should look at what is happening here in france. the unity that we have been seeing throughout the entire day, and really try to find the momentum frome1 that to move forward to bring aboutçó an end to the religious hay are tread, and bring about an end to the type of violence that we saw taking place here'c over the last three days, and the type of violence that the extremist orgin&zations like isis have been bringing not just to syria and iraq but to the other regions of the world.q!%m y here and experiencinglp a significantxd rise ioke1 the e1 anti-semitism, and double number of jews here leaving france for israel in 2014 compared to 2013 but alongside wxq1 hren, no don't go. a lot ofe1 what gives france the uniqueness is the diversity of the ñipopulation. of course the tensions an÷( the concerns and not justoke1 confined
9:58 am
to thee1 jewish community, but the muslims that we are speaking to expressing the concerns of the potential for the growing divisions between them and the nonmuslim members of the frenchçóe1q community, and most certainly, the message of the entire day reporting one of unity, ande1 at the same time, a lot of people saying that we really need to look at what has taken place here in france over the last few days and learnñie1 from it and try to come together in a cohesive ]e ews in this country felt be besiege and attacked and in fact, jews leaving france to move to israel have increased so much that france shot up on the emigration list in israel toe1 the top of the list where new israelis were coming from because they had felt so attacked and so at risk for their lives.
9:59 am
we heard from simone earlier who talked openly about her fears for her children. it is one of the reasonse1 why this visit of francois hollande andlp benjamin netanyahu to the synagogue is so importak are told that hollande is on the way, and should at the end any minute, but simultaneous lyly, christiane, as you have noted and others have noted, it is not just the jewish community here who feels under siege, becausee1 the immigration commune5aity including muslims are feeling attacked. there is a far right group who has at(ñp)q" innocent muslims asc pictures outside of the grand synagogue as you said we have word that the president has left the palace, and presumably he sis with the prime minister netanyahu, and there he is. he is getting out of the car.fá
10:00 am
the president arrived fairlyi] earlier than we had expected, and there he is. we thought, we think that he has invitedlpwbçquugñ the iz rasraeli prime minister as well or the israeli t)ime ministerg visit to the synagogue and visiting some of the peoplelp who have lost their loved onesu at the jewish supermarket,i] the grocery u d polarized u society. europe isok facing very, very heightened anti-immigration anti-foreigner anti-foreigner, anti-islamic wave right now. it is very interesting to note to this point that one of the e keyñrd